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Perfect Plan for perfect night

first-time mp888 2017-10-18

So without giving him time to say another word, I lay him on the bed, removed my dress and straddled his long legs and start to kiss him, my tongue slowly reached in and parted his lips, and we began biting and sucking. Max tongue flicked across my nipple then blew gently on it before he sucked it into his warm mouth, causing a soft moan to escape my lips and I unconsciously pushed my chest towards his face. Once I had a handle on my actions, I pulled Max up my body and into another ardent kiss, letting my tongue dance around with his in his mouth.

His Trick, Her Treat!

bdsm KymmieQuinnell 2017-10-18

Exhaling when no one is there she turns to walk a little further, when someone grabs her from behind, and she feels his arms tighten around her as a hand closes over her mouth. His anger fuels him and he growls at her as he uses his body to hold her still and takes something out of his pocket then ties the cloth around her mouth and tightens it behind her head so she can't scream through it. Then she opens her eyes to look down at her nipples, about to pinch them hard, but realizes that the attacker is watching her hands every move. Holding her hip with one hand as he begins pushing his finger into her ass all the way to his knuckle, he tickles her drenched pussy with the head of his cock.

My first time with him Part 1

first-time laylapup16 2017-10-18

So I look at you and that cocky little grin of yours, and just keep repeating in my head ‘omg, he is so cute!’ I had missed you when you went away, but I knew you had other things on your mind, other people especially. We were kissing passionately and I pulled away suddenly, I was still a virgin, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to “do it.” I looked at you, I must have given you a funny look because you cocked your head to the side and said, “What did I do? You touched me in ways I had let no other, I moaned as you slide your hand to my crotch and began fingering me.

Sheryl and her perfect life

voyeur Spenser 2017-10-18

“No, this will work.” Sheryl insisted, “Just don’t let go of me.” With that she continued her climb up the ladder, my left hand holding her leg. As Sheryl struggled to place the hat I studied the body presented before me; the way the soft cotton of her panties followed the contours of her ass and smoothly blended with the skin of her thigh. She smoothed down the sides of her dress, looked at me and smiled, “One more row to go!” With that she quickly turned her head, her blond locks obediently following and started pushing the cart to the other side of the closet. This time as she reached forward to the shelf, Sheryl clutched her ass cheeks together and I buried my hand deep into her panties, my thumb rubbing against the pubic bone and tickling her clit.

Her Sexual Escapade - Part 2

lesbian bewitched 2017-10-18

I know, I should not say this about my best friend but this is what I felt at that time. Sam and Amber have been regularly having sex but she, till now, has never been able to make her come. Yes, she does come once they use toys and once Amber too puts her fingers to use. But Sam, working alone has never been able to make Amber come. For a second, I forgot this was my best friend or weather she was a guy or a girl. As I guided her to the proper pace and position, she inserted one more finger in my pussy. The orgasmic waves throughout my body went on for minutes and when Sam looked up, her face was drenching in my cum.

Cyber Junkie - Tea

mastrubation AltaBrwnSgr 2017-10-18

“Well, what are we talking about: a Vienna sausage or a beef polska kielbasa?” Lauren probed, grabbed the teakettle off her stove, and freshened Natalie’s tea. Natalie and Lauren were sorority sisters in undergrad and participated in the same social circles during law school. Natalie, unlike Lauren, worked her way through undergrad and law school. Lauren, please,” Natalie scoffed as her mental count landed on three. Lauren flung her caramel, five foot eight-inch curvy frame on the sofa and propped her bare feet up on the cocktail table. Lauren knew what was next and she instinctively lubed the glass plug and guided it towards her butt hole, “Now?”


humor Cephas 2017-10-18

Goldie looked up into the man’s bleary, half opened eyes as she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked him into her vacuum-like mouth. Goldie hopped onto the surprisingly soft bed and placed her dripping pussy above the woman’s face (her horniness once again pushing out the possibility that the woman may not WANT to have sex) and then she herself started to get to work on the giant’s pussy. And so, tentatively, in a way that was oddly fragile for such a large bear of a woman, she gave a few weak licks to the pussy, gently caressing the clit with her tongue and mildly kissing Goldie's honeypot.

16, Naive, and Seduced

first-time PhilAnders 2017-10-18

When the date of our class dance was announced that year Ramona came over to my locker and asked me if I was going to attend the dance. We chatted a bit about school and one thing or another as we enjoyed about half of our drinks and then she asked if she could start some music playing and "get in a dancing mood". She felt my hard, and by now throbbing, cock pressing into her, stopped moving momentarily, looked at me, smiled, kissed me on my lips and said, "That feels good to me, how about you?" Then she reached over and pulled my cock out of my boxer shorts and began to squeeze and stroke it as she asked if that was how to milk, and did it feel good to me?

Lesson in Lust

hardcore Texcycler 2017-10-18

Mr. Schroeder pushes his finger into her ass a little farther, and the young girl lets out a loud groan around the hard cock filling her mouth as the larger knuckle of his finger enters her butt opening. Almost in disbelief, Mr. Corey feels the girl pressing her ass back against his shaft, wanting more, and with his hands on her slender hips, he thrusts his hips forward and pulls back on her body at the same time. The muscles around the small, elastic opening of the young girl's asshole create a painfully delicious ring of pleasure around the teacher's thick prick, while the friction of his cock sliding into her butt creates a horny warm wetness between Penny's legs.

It Takes Three To Tango

group Belthazor 2017-10-18

Placing his hand on her head again, Jesse guided her down until she knelt on the seat between Holly's legs, face inches from the other girl's pussy and her ass up in the air. "Chelsea," Holly said, her voice husky with lust, "I want you to lick my pussy while I watch my boyfriend fuck you." The redhead shivered as she felt Jesse's hands on her hips, caressing her. He smiled and continued his slow thrusting, sliding his cock deeply into her and slowly drawing it back out. Chelsea moaned softly and licked Holly's pussy even more, causing the girl to quiver and spasm as smaller, faster orgasms rippled through her clit.

There's a First Time for Everything

lesbian Raedigga 2017-10-18

She simply added more flattery, remarking of my comeliness and moved closer still putting her hand on my shoulder and her lips to my forehead pretending almost convincingly to take my temperature leaning forward in front of me giving me a very advantageous view of her cleavage then finally resting her cheek on mine brushing my shoulder with her breast and breathing lightly into my ear she said she wanted to feel my body next to hers. I lost all sense of self consciousness my hands rose to my breasts and I began to fondle myself closing my eyes and abandoning myself to the intense pleasure nearing orgasm on the edge eruption I could hear my own voice coming in husky emotional breaths while she rallied up inconceivable strength to hold my trembling thighs open and keep up her vigorous tongue lashing.

My Amazing Best Friend And Me

lesbian hotbabe999 2017-10-18

 When the secretary slowly took off her shirt and bra I just couldn't control myself, my nipples were rock hard and pushing through the silk on my bra dying to get free, and my pussy was getting wet. I glanced over to Kirsty and saw that she was obviously turned on too because her nipples were hard and she was rubbing her thigh. She stared for a moment and slowly took my left nipple into her mouth, I can't describe how good it was having my nipple suck and nibbled by her while my other one was being pressed and pulled. I pulled her face up to mine and we started making out again, she took her hand and started rubbing my pussy over my panties, my clit was getting so hard and my panties were dripping.

The Yes man part 5

group Titchbrad 2017-10-18

I ate well and have some nice red wine and around about 10 o'clock Sally said lets go inside it is getting cold, well a lot of people said that they were going and it only left 6 of us in the house, Sally and Dave, Beverley and myself and Jim and Rosie, who had recently moved in up the road,. Two can play at that game he said, pull down the zip on the skirt which slipped down my legs revealing my red panties, good job I am good with knots he said, as he undid the ties on the sides, he slipped them off and could see my pubic hair and pussy lips, I undid my bra and told him to lick me all over and then pulled down his jeans and boxers and licked his cock, I need you inside me now I said and well that is how I lost my virginity"

24 Hours With Jake Pt 2

first-time Lexy 2017-10-18

Do you really want me to stop?" He lifted his head from my mid drift and said, a devilish smile glinting in his eyes, he knew what he was doing. "Fine okay, I want you to gently spread my pussy lips, take one finger and teasingly rub it up and down my slit, then when I'm whimpering like a bitch, shove it into my tight little cunt, try two (that’s the most I could ever fit in), while you do that lick and suck my little clit; is that what you wanted me to say, is that precise enough for you?" 

Cheat On Me, Cheat On You

lesbian ChrissieLecker 2017-10-18

Nell’s eyes closed and, like staring at the movie of train wreck I knew was about to happen, I watched the woman’s mouth descend for a hungry, sloppy kiss. Yes, just like that, little slut!" The way she said it, the gloating undertone, told me that she was quite aware that the girl kneeling between her legs was my girlfriend. "Amy, I’m so sorry," I said in most regretful voice and took the hand of Nell’s ex-girlfriend, "I wasn’t watching where I was going. "Listen, Amy," I started, and my voice betrayed the panic I was feeling, "I think we should stop right now, this is all going too fast for me."

The Football Bet Part Two: Claire Finds Herself

group Shadowforce1 2017-10-18

"Who did you fuck now?" she said turning to look at me. "Never and I mean never see him again," she said her face looked like many others I had seen before. We walked out of the private rooms, when we got out to the floor I saw Tabitha she was standing close to the bar. Damien looked at me with a smile then wink as he fucked her from behind. I walked back into the living room to find Tabitha bouncing her huge fake tits up and down on his dick, while he was watching football. "You didn't tell me he was a boob guy," she said looking at me as I came closer. "We should do this every day," I smiled looking at Damien's closed eyes.

Me & Karen - Part 4

gay-male BlueEyedNick 2017-10-18

You have to understand that these dares weren't really a regular thing between me and Karen, most of the time we just screwed around, experimenting with whatever popped into our dirty minds. She later told me she came up with the dare after having seen how much I adored Molly's strap on, how I not only loved her fucking me with it, but also loved to suck it too with her riding my cock and Molly straddling my face. I thought about Karen; the excited look on her face when I had asked what she was thinking about, the disappointment when I stood over her for a brief moment between pushing her off me and walking away.

Meet My Bi Online Chatter

gay-male scotal 2017-10-18

It was amazing, the feel of his soft tongue was warm and wet on my nipples, my cock was now hard and straining at my jeans zip. He sat in front of me, my left foot in his hand, and started to kiss my toes one by one, slowly working his way over my ankle, up my calf, my thigh. He worked the head of my cock with his tongue, licking the pre cum off it delicately, savouring the taste as he then lowered his mouth back over my cock again. With deep long strokes his tongue swirled over the head of my cock each time he came up, then took me long and deep into his mouth.

The Class Reunion - Part Two

anal Boss01 2017-10-18

“He slapped my naked butt a few times, then started running his finger up and down my slit. But when he started trying to slip his finger into my pussy, I realized what was about to happen and told him in no uncertain terms that absolutely nothing was going in my pussy until I was married; and that he would have my Dad to deal with if he didn’t stop right now. I started moaning again, and was starting to get lost in the feeling when I felt something greasy push up against my ass-hole. Alice started pushing back, so that every time I achieved full insertion, my abdomen would slap up against her ass, causing her cheeks to ripple in a thoroughly intoxicating manner.

The Mysterious Man Part 2 - Wet, Slippery Fun

mature sexykarly 2017-10-18

Finding myself in a gold bikini, sitting by a heated pool, with a very strong drink in my hand is something I could get used to. What I wanted to do was strip him naked but a dip in warm water and an excuse to see his shorts plastered to his body was a good second choice. He worked my clit and dipped into my pussy, all while nibbling my lips and sucking on my tongue. I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt that long, thick cock pressing into me. His thumb pressed into my clit, making slow circles, as he hooked his fingers and found my g-spot.

Watching my boyfriend with another man (Part 2)

group DariaBear 2017-10-18

Mark's beautiful cock was pressed to my lips. He pushed my head down hard and I started to gag and tears flowed down my cheek. I heard alot of shuffling around before I was roughly pushed over the edge of the nightstand. I felt a sharp smack on my ass. Mark leaned over me, his hard cock pressing against my ass. I hear mark tell the man to use "this" on me. I was led to the edge of the bed and told to spread my legs. I felt hands on my hips and was lowered onto a thick throbbing, hot, cock. Once I was adjusted I felt another cock pressed against my ass.

Adventure Night

group Vic 2017-10-18

You look at me surprised but also when seeing me smile, can’t hide the excitement you feel and you spread your legs wider as John’s hand goes under the table and he slides two fingers into your wet pussy. I pull you close to me and kiss you as the stripper moves between your legs and licks my cum from your hot dripping wet pussy then the four of us just lay there for a minute until there is a knock on the door and a voice asking if we are finished in there as other customers want the room.


1. New York Secret Lesbian Circle - Initiation

group aristidis500 2017-10-17

I felt her breath and tongue on my slit as I pulled open Bebe’s small hard arse cheeks and buried my face as deep as I could into her wet blond pubic hair. You were classmates I guess…?” Natalie smiled and nodded but before she could say anything Sandra turned her attention to one of the older ladies; “Margaret, did you know that Natalie here was a classmate of Bebe?” The woman on the far end of the lounge came over and introduced herself. The ladies stood around the bed sipping champagne as they watched how the black girl pointed her long dark strapon dildo towards Bebe’s red open slit and slowly pushed it in between her light pubes, into her pink fleshy opening.


Strawberries, Shortbread and Sex

fetish KindOfHeart 2017-10-17

However, as I started to get up from my chair, eager to plunge deep into Angie's cunt, she looked over at me, and said "Not yet, big boy, we promised to show you just how much your naughty wife likes being fucked in both holes at the same time, and turning back to Pam, she went on, "Time to put on our strap-ons, and after we have fucked his wife, we can take turns with Alan's sexy little arse." When she asked what Pam and Angie would like to do next, it was Pam who spoke up first, "You are always telling us how good Alan is at bringing you off with his tongue, how about we all lie on the bed, and get him to lick our pussies in turn, until we cum, and then we are satisfied we will let him fuck us properly.