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Love Don’t Run ch 2

interracial HisAngelBeauty

“Please look at me, baby girl,” when Joy did not respond Joe took her closest hand and placed it on his still hard cock to prove a point. I will try to understand if you want to call this off right now,” Joy said rushing her words, waiting to hear Joe explode or hop out of the bed to leave again. As Joy reached under the shirt to pull the boy shorts off, Joe stopped her and told her to go slow and to lift the the shirt up some because he wanted a show. Joy pushed her firm ass back against Joe’s hard cock gr

Daddy's New Girl

bdsm Perimedes

We went into the house and she said, "I need a drink Po...Daddy, got any liquor?" I looked at her and said, "I'd like you to bathe first, come here and I'll show you where the shower is." I walked her to the bathroom and set her up with a towel and washcloth. When it was empty I said, "Now Daddy is going to take out the nozzle and I need you to hold your water like a big girl, OK? I knelt by the tub, rubbed her belly gently again and said, "Yes, Princess, let me help you up and over to the toilet." I helped her ge

Surprised by his girlfriend

group MelonHead

He could feel his cock start to strain against his jeans and then even more as Hannah pulled off the other girl’s top revealing her large perky tits encased in a lacy white bra. As his mind turned back to the scene in front of him he saw Sarah sucking on Hannah’s clit as she slid two fingers back and forth in her now extremely wet pussy. Tom ran his hands over her tits and began to pinch her nipples; he forgot Sarah was there until he felt her mouth on his still hard cock. Tom could see Hannah’s tongue on Sar

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Sunday Morning Interlude

anal MahlerSymphony 2017-12-05

I walk up behind you, my hands firmly on your hips, my wet and shower gel-lubricated cock sliding between the furrow of your delicate pink lips. You quickly scramble to place your hands on the tile wall, and I begin ramming my cock home in your snug ass, the second of your three sexy orifices that will give me such pleasure. I scream out, "Yes, Susan, suck me. Swallow me." You feel the cannon blasts of my come against the back of your throat, some of my seed sliding immediately down your throat, until your mouth is full, and the secondary thrusts remain on your tongue, where you can taste my sexual flavor.

Full Package with Jan

fetish alexcarr 2017-12-05

The gentle, so wonderfully gentle tease of my masculinity with the touch of a finger tip as she kissed me deep - then the feel of her hand grasp me so tight and wanting as, finishing the kiss, she would progress down over my chest and garnish with crushed black cherries, smothering and sucking in the juice all there time, then the crescendo and I always knew without looking, my eyes closed and taking in the moment, the gentle feel of her teeth just gently nibbling the head of what was now a very large and capable erection, she bending back to pronounce my balls and push it firmly against my naval as she progressed to deep suck and lick its length with a fervour so wanting, her eagerness displayed by her hard deep suck and the feel of her cupping and squeezing my balls like she needed to squeeze every drop of my pre-cum into her mouth.


Secret Insemination Clinic, Ch.2

voyeur Capricorn5 2017-12-05

"Flip over, baby, let me get used to your body," said Andre as he was already directing her shoulders backward until she was laying on her stomach.  He then climbed on top of her naked body, squirted more lubricant on her luscious full ass, and then slid his penis into the crack, sawing his length up and down her bum while he reached underneath her to rub her breasts.  The students could see that she was starting to be aroused as her hips were bucking back toward him ever so slightly, but her sedated state had left her mostly still and moaning jibberish. 

Island Girls - Part 1

lesbian Letoria 2017-12-05

Sarah didn’t lift her head from my chest, so when the girls shyly looked our way, they clearly saw we were a lesbian couple. Finally, Sarah raised her voice and said, “You girls look cold.” At last, the blonde girl said, “Oh. I’m Stephanie, and everybody calls me that or Stephie, and she’s Carrie, just don’t call her stupid.” Both girls broke into laughter, and they poked at each other playfully. Stephanie turned a little, using it as an excuse to push closer to me, and said, “My Aunt Cindy owns some cottages she rents out at Miller’s Cove, she’s lived there about six years and she’s been after me to come over and visit, since we’ve never been.


Wonderful first time

first-time ashflower 2017-12-05

He came up to my lips letting me tasting myself, as he placed his fingers inside me. Capturing my lips again covering my moans, my hand reaching for his pants, feeling something very hard. When he knew I was ready he let me open his pants. The feeling of fullness, I tried to climb away. Capturing my lips making love to them muffling my moans as he moved. That night we tried every position. Helping my ride, placing his hands on my hips moving me, when I could take no more he left my body. Muffling my moans with his tongue as he went deeper I grabbed onto his shoulders digging my nails in biting his wrist as he came.


mastrubation _illustra_ 2017-12-05

A few week's had passed since my first acquirement and i found myself in mist of summer heat wave, I continued to masturbate regularly using Diane's knickers and wondering what other delights she had in her draws and what she looked like naked and the size of her tits as they were a mystery too me as I never got to see them due to the very loose fitting clothing she wore while i watched her work in her backyard making it very presentable in her homemade daisy duke style demin shorts.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

group Goldeniangel 2017-12-05

Kneeling between one of the guys legs, she started sucking on his dick, feeling the thick meat moving in and out of her mouth. Behind her someone got into position and started to push his way into her ready pussy, hands were moving all over her body and making her shudder with delight. Lily moaned around the dick in her mouth as one of the guys spanked her ass, she did like her sex a little rough. After all of the guys were completely spent, Lily just lay on the bed, panting and moaning a little at the wonderful soreness of her body.

A Girls Encounter

lesbian little-whore 2017-12-05

"Dean asked me to do something the other day, I wasn't sure what it was..." I said, looking down at my hands. Her hand which was steady on my hip traced down towards my pussy, her fingers softly pressing onto me through my panties, as she continued kissing my stomach. The kisses becoming more frequent and more pressured with each one, tingles becoming alive all over my body, the occassional gasp parted my own lips. Other times, my lips parted so fast and a moan almost a scream escaped me without any intention. Leaning her body across mine, she pressed her chest and legs onto mine, placing a tight kiss against my lips.

There is always another train. Part 3. Saturday

lesbian DoctorBlue 2017-12-05

My new master told me to lay on the bed with my head hanging over and as soon as I was in the position he offered his cock back to my mouth which I greedily accepted. Faye moved into the sixty nine position with Chantel whilst Adam sat up and rubbed his cock around my pussy. Adam was meanwhile pleasuring Chantel with his tongue, and as soon as Faye had cleaned me, she moved to Adams cocks and licked all the residue from it. This time we went into the steam room and lay there chilling until a couple of guys came in and, after touching us to see if the way was clear, proceeded to eat both of us.

Saga Sex In The Gambia

mature ahgoudie 2017-12-05

It was an event Mex avoided, dancing not being his favourite pastime, but on this particular evening, having got his work up to date, he carefully shaved again, changed into a clean shirt and went back down to the bar. Thus, while Mex was just the latest in a long line of vacation lovers, he had managed to arouse long forgotten sensations his predecessors hadn’t reached and Anne Waring intended to make the very most of the five remaining days of her holiday. She resolved to raise the matter with him when she realised that it was already Tuesday morning, Mex had long since left for work and that night would be their last before she returned home the following evening.

Caught on Tape

mastrubation Nerdygirl 2017-12-05

I followed her movement between screens until she stopped in a back corner of the room, and began rubbing the handle of the whisk between her thighs. Next, she took the handle of the whisk and ran it up one of the leg holes. She looked very shaken and quickly reassembled her attire and walked across the store to my office, with the whisk still in hand. You want it bad…Can I help you finish?” I pressed the heal of my hand against the top of her clit and tentatively hooked the tip of my middle finger inside her. I took her shoulder with one hand and the whisk with the other and started violating both holes.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Two

gay-male Man4Married 2017-12-05

One of my regular online chat dates told me he lived close by and would love to see those round hot ass cheeks up close wearing the same red sexy thong. The horny guy who loves to pound real pink tight pussy but also loves the feel of strong male ass cheeks squeezing every last drop of his baby making juice from his balls. Martin had his oiled hand over his thick cock as we typed to each other and slowly moved his hand up and down, while he told me just what he planned to do with my tight ass cheeks when he got his hands on them.

Dominique Ch. 03

bdsm SirNathan 2017-12-05

Even shocked by how intense my feelings have suddenly become." She turned in my arms, pressing her cheek to my chest and whispering, "This girl doesn't want to get ahead of herself, Sir. She just wants you to know she feels like she would do anything for you. When I returned to Dominique, I smoothed over her heart-shaped ass with my free hand and she moaned in pleasure. Sliding my fingers out of her, I leaned into her ear and whispered, "You are so fucking beautiful." Then I slowly slid the plug right up her ass. The words coming from Dominique's mouth as I fucked her with the butt plug took my breath away.

James and Lauren

first-time Carlo42 2017-12-05

His cock gets hard within a few seconds as he looks at the picture he has chosen and he slowly begins to stroke his shaft as thoughts of having sex with the woman in the picture run through his mind. As James begins to feel his excitement build he is suddenly interrupted when the door to his room is opened and Lauren walks in. He doesn’t want Lauren to feel bad like she didn't look good before, yet she, in his opinion, is not a raging beauty either. I will.” With that James bends forward and kisses Lauren on the lips as his cock grows rock hard again.

My first Sapphic love

lesbian rebus 2017-12-05

My arousal levels skyrocketed as our tongues explored each other's mouth and our hands quickly mapped the upper areas of our bodies. Whilst my body wanted to continue, my brain craved comfort, so I broke our decidedly lustful embrace and led her to my bedroom. I couldn't take in the rise of her breasts, her hard nipples, the curve down to her hips, and the shadow of hair surrounding her vulva. Soon, we were exploring each other's breasts, stomachs and between each other's legs. She rubbed herself against the hard muscle of my thigh whilst her tongue explored ever deeper inside my mouth. Feeling the rising passion, I broke the kiss, lifted myself on my elbows and sucked on one of her hard nipples.


Daddy's New Girl

bdsm Perimedes 2017-12-05

We went into the house and she said, "I need a drink Po...Daddy, got any liquor?" I looked at her and said, "I'd like you to bathe first, come here and I'll show you where the shower is." I walked her to the bathroom and set her up with a towel and washcloth. When it was empty I said, "Now Daddy is going to take out the nozzle and I need you to hold your water like a big girl, OK? I knelt by the tub, rubbed her belly gently again and said, "Yes, Princess, let me help you up and over to the toilet." I helped her get to the toilet, telling her, "Hold your water until Daddy leaves the bathroom.

Lana 5

lesbian monica3 2017-12-05

Sophie kissed me again and this time her tongue came deep into me and her hand caressed first my breasts and then slid under my skirt. I looked up and watched as Sophie stood and walked out of the room, returning a few moments later with a small black bag in her hand. Sophie came and stood on my left, her arms stretched out to touch both twins and she kissed my face. The voice to my left said, ‘She understands, Lana, of course she does.’ I was, at that moment, looking at the twin to my right and watched as her face broke into a wide smile. Sophie moved to Lana and pulled her nightdress gently away from her left breast.

Annie and the Exchange Student

first-time sunshinegal 2017-12-05

Looking down, Annie nods solemnly and only looks up once Kelly has walked away, heading down the corridor towards David and unceremoniously wraps her arms round his neck. The kiss starts as tentative and gentle, but as he coaxes her lips open and strokes his tongue inside her mouth, Annie quietly moans and her eyes roll closed. David moves his hand to Annie’s thigh and as he begins to slowly stroke it, she suddenly catches his fingers. Closing his eyes at the pure sensuality of her voice, David slowly pulls down the zip to unveil Annie’s alabaster white skin. Completely embarrassed, Annie moves to sit up but David pins her down, his hands moving to hold her wrists down with a wicked look on his face.

A Strange Place Called Florida

interracial Writingguy 2017-12-05

This time Dr. Jensen started to suck it more aggressively, and almost a minute later, Raul blew a massive load in her mouth. To make the ten minutes pass, the powerful Raul wrapped his hands tightly behind the blonde's back and started to kiss her around the neck area. Raul was showing a lot of improvement, he was finally able to last over ten minutes in all of the exercises and no matter how hard the blonde would try to make him cum he could hold it in. With Dr. Jensen laying down on the bed, the horny Raul grabbed both of her thighs and started eating her pussy, except this time it was a lot more intense.

Summer pranks on the Subway

lesbian pentup47 2017-12-05

Tina and her Russian partner Tamsin had been living together for a year in Stepney, one of the few 'un-gentrified' quarters left in central London. Having to cross London underground each day to get to the translation agency where they both worked was tiresome and exhausting this particular summer, when even at street level, temperatures were hitting the 80s; on 'the Tube' most evenings, it was frequently ten degrees more. "Hey, I had the wierdest experience ever," confided Tina to Tamsin, as they rounded the corner of their street on the way home. Tamsin's observation about Tina's horniness proved correct, as her partner's snatch was positively oozing lovely cunnie cream by the time they'd climbed the stairs to their attic flat.

Tea and Empathy

bdsm MrLosAngeles 2017-12-05

He continued to sip at the tea and felt her switch her pace and style to five or six long strokes all the way to the root of his cock and then a similar number of short strokes of her lips just on the head of his cock. As her wet lips slipped from the head of his cock, she stole a quick look at his face. Slowly licking her way down the shaft, she again engulfed the head and then his entire cock into her mouth. After the third, she slowly drew his cock from between her lips and rubbed the head over her mouth and cheek.

Cat’s Meow ~ Ch. 02 ~ Bad Girls Don’t Cum

bdsm BareLeAWriter 2017-12-05

She moaned as my lips pulled her into my mouth, my tongue ran circles around her nub and her hands suddenly found my head, clasping me tightly. As she obediently spread her legs, I opened my hand and gazed at the pink C-shaped vibrator, smiled and teased her moist lips with it, then slowly eased it inside. As I released the button, she withdrew her mouth, then pushed again, slowly thrusting my cock deeper, confident that she could take it all. Leaning over her back I reached around her and pulled the chain, stretching her thick nipples, I continued to thrust, each deeper and with each thrust she moaned louder.

After the Art Class - Teri

lesbian monica3 2017-12-05

I said that, yes, I’d love a drink and picked up my large portfolio bag and coat and followed her down the stairs from the art class. Isobel was, as she often was, exploring the erotic and had posed her on her knees, looking over her shoulder, her knees spread and wearing only a gauzy slip. She was so tall and slender – almost coltish long legs, and her face was an artist’s delight with its contrasts of dark hair, pale skin, clear white eyes with dark blue pupils. The new suspender belt looked lovely I thought and a couple of times before I left I lifted my dress to see what Teri might see if the fantasy that I’d run through my mind that morning in bed came to fruition.

A litlle Vody Never Hurt Nobody... Yea right!

gay-male bigd44 2017-12-05

He lubed up and thrusted it into me!  Without hesitation he grabbed my hips and went all out.  I could feels his balls smacking against my ass.  After about 1 minute he came inside of me.  I thought I was done, but another guy jumped right in and slid right in another one got in front and made me suck his dick.  This threw me into a frenzy and I busted every all over the stairs.  (that cum stain is still there to this day)  After about 5 minutes they both came in both ends of my body.  It was crazy!