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Easy Money- 3

first-time ColletteXx 2018-03-05

I pinched my nipples and massaged my tits as I ground my cunt into James's face I looked at Toni, mouthing obscenities as he lapped at my clit, his fingers dipping in me. "Wanna clean her up?" he said, and Toni moved up the bed, her tongue touching my skin as she licked up James's cream. He winked, and mouthed 'Good job.' We shared a deep kiss, James tasting Toni's juices on my lips and tongue. James pumped his long cock into her wet hole, her tits bouncing beneath me, and I felt behind me and grasped at her nipples, pulling them gently at first, then harder.

Victoria's Pleasure

lesbian hotsexisawesome 2018-03-05

It was a warm day in August when Victoria left her office and began walking home. As she walked, Victoria began to feel extremely horny in anticipation of what was to come, she felt her nipples become sensitive, and she felt the juices from her vagina soaking through her panties. Victoria found herself drawn into a passionate kiss; the surprise made her vagina begin pounding with desire and her hands began desperately groping for any flesh they could find on Alicia's body. Alicia undid Victoria's bra as well and began sucking on Victoria's nipples, very slowly and deliberately. Alicia began to buck wildly yelling "more, more, more, don't stop", and suddenly a stream of clear fluid came flying out of her vagina and splattered Victoria as Alicia came.

Inhibitions, Master Clara

anal naughnukk 2018-03-05

Come with me into the van,” the woman said pulling her long penis out of my anus. Come to me, my slave,” Clara said as she stepped around me and started to grope the woman who was standing immediately behind me. The woman thrashed and squealed as Clara skillfully sucked the previously flaccid penis to its full eight inches long. With a quick up and down slide of her pussy she slid my entire penis inside her hot vagina in one motion. I relaxed my anus and soon felt a hot thick penis slid deep inside me. The slave was thrusting harder and deeper now and Clara’s pussy contractions pulled my penis deeper.

One night at Hannah’s

first-time Sarah S. 2018-04-12

One of my most vivid memories of the first sensations of intense sexual arousal was when I was laying in bed with one of my girlfriends one night when I slept over with her. She told me she would alway get irritated when they were being loud like they were that night, but lately it turned her on for a curious reason, and she confessed that it turned her on now and that she masturbated almost every time she heard them. I also confessed, and I told her about how many times I’d masturbated thinking about her step-dad, fantasized often about him finding me in the hallway, or leading me into his bedroom to play with me and talk me into doing dirty things with him, both alone and sometimes in front of her mom.

A Very Special Client

lesbian asrosie 2018-03-05

“Yes,” she craned her head backwards and smiled as Nicola stopped undoing her blouse and pulling the collar over her shoulders started stroking across her neck, “and the Arc de Triumph.” Danielle bit her lip and smiled, Nicola shifted off the bed and retrieved a dildo and some oil, her eyes flickered to the younger woman as she slid the lubricated toy into her mouth. She stared at Danielle and kissed her passionately on the lips, drawing her tongue into her soft mouth and sucking gently, a finger traced along the scar beneath her breast and she moaned softly as a hand slid down to the softness between her legs, a moment or two later she parted her legs and slid her mouth to her neck as she shifted slightly.

A Blunder Leads To Bliss

group Trainman2k 2018-03-05

"I'm Wanda's sister, Wendy," she said as she slid her chair over and offered me a place between her and the lady that had just moments before been rooting for my ass to be relocated somewhere above my shoulders. With nothing to say as a response to Sue, I turned to Wendy and asked if she knew whether or not Wanda was going to be here tonight. When it came time that we had to leave, I heard Wendy ask Sue if there was any place open where we could go for some cheesecake. You remember the rule, don't ya Mister Commando Man?" Sue asked me, obviously thinking I was trying to bullshit my way into Wendy's pants.


Phone sex

first-time jpjai007 2018-03-05

It is individual for each person, but the gender difference appears to be that while most men enjoy the sound of a woman getting off, making moaning and other sounds of pleasure, women appear to like the psychological element of fantasy with their phone sex partners. Most people are at least a little nervous about talking about sexual preferences with new partners, or even established ones. Of course, you don’t have to wait for your partner to go far away before you try out phone sex! It’s also one way of getting to know if phone sex is 'your kind of thing', and whether phone sex with an established partner is possible and enjoyable for you.

Donna and: Nellie's Indiscretion, the Hat and Donna turns heterosexual

lesbian monica3 2018-03-05

This would not normally arouse my indignation but on this occasion I was surprised because Nellie was holding the front of her skirt raised above her waist and Donna was staring intently at the revealed parts. Donna enquired as to the nature of the proposal and Nellie, somewhat miffed, said, ‘To marry me, you nitwit.’ She had apparently been overwhelmed. ‘Know what, College, I think we’ll have one last dance since they seem to be playing something more to your liking, and then we’ll go home and engage in some of our more disgusting practices.’ She turned her head to David, her arms still around me.

Nurse Your Drinks

bdsm HungryGuy 2018-03-05

He raised the glass to his lips and took another sip, sucking the girl into his mouth. Jill giggled and said to Kevin, "I can't really tell without a magnifying glass, but I think he's well hung." She took another sip of wine and plucked the guy out of her glass with her fingers and pushed him up to her mouth -- pressing on his ass with her finger holding him up to her lips. Kevin took another sip of his beer, once again sucking the girl into his mouth. Woody looked around the room from his vantage point inside the terrarium tank atop a tall table against one wall. The following morning, Wendy peeked her head into Woody's tank and said, "Time to wake up, little guy.


She turned me into a nympho

first-time nightgirl45 2018-03-05

Kim laughed and said " Yes silly...This is a free experience for couples and singles" She said " there is so much sexual energy here that every thing is so natural "      Well look at the time lets get back and have some dinner and then we can sit by the fire.      Then the music muted again and Kim said that Saki was going to give me a hair cut and give my pussey total exposure. I thought about the button then l said to myself " What the hell lets have the whole nine yards."      I could now feel Kims hands on my breasts and she was treating each one ever so softly and using both hands on one at a time.

Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 13

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-05

Leonard woke up when he felt a hot, wet mouth close around his cock and began to slide in and out; "Oh Penny, I love you and your mouth, but after tonight, I don't think I can perform." He heard two women giggle and then Penny giggled again; "It isn't me Leonard, I'm good, but I still haven't learned to suck cock and talk at the same time!" Knowing it wasn't you; I could feel his cock jump and stiffen in my mouth!" She went back to sucking his cock and she groaned when she felt Penny slid between her slender thighs and began to lick at her tight lipped pussy.


OHGirl: My Turn at Porn

group ohgirl1 2018-03-05

Surprisingly, we all ended up in bed together that night and we shared Mikey with one another, both of our lips along each side of his long, white shaft, sucking him until we both rode his hard tool and I sucked the cum from my daughter’s freshly fucked pussy after he had ejaculated in her. Velvet had told me that she had fucked both Nelson and James in her last film and that they had DP’d her in every hole before filling her with cum when they both ejaculated in her asshole during an anal DP. The filming took place immediately after the wedding and my mom and I undressed each other in front of Nelson, James, Rudy and my two other male wedding members, both male porn stars whom I fucked on occasions.

3rd Chromosome: Rivalry

celebrities Grobnar 2018-03-05

Iggy moved forward to embrace her new lover; her dual dicks pressed firmly into Nicky's ass. "Shh. Let's just enjoy this." Iggy's slick hand slid down and popped off Nicki's shorts; her large ass popping into view. Nicki managed a short "Yes!" Already she was pushing back to meet Iggy's thrusts; her body betraying her for pleasure. No!" Nicki tried to struggle as she felt each cock, acutely aware of their destinations, yet Iggy held fast. "Come on, you'll like it." Iggy slapped Nicki's substantial ass; a grin forming as she watched it quiver. Nicki didn't respond to that, causing Iggy to give a hard push sending her dicks even further into the black rapper.

Homeschooled Ch. 03

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-03-05

Mr. Troy knew exactly how to stroke the sensitive folds of her pussy, how to tease her swollen clit so that she was whimpering and shivering with how much she wanted the explosive pleasure that he'd begun to teach her about. Pulling on her nipples, harder and harder, as Mr. Troy licked and teased her, Becky's hips were moving up and down, trying to rub her pussy against his face. Becky writhed, her legs kicking and heels digging into Mr. Troy's back as he sucked hard and long on her clit, forcing her to ride out wave after wave of intense climax. Mr Troy's tongue resumed the long licks up and down her pussy, making her shudder every time he returned to tease her swollen clit, as little aftershocks of orgasm trickled through her.

The Thrill of Almost Getting Caught

mastrubation Kim 2018-03-05

Poking my ass out, I reached between my thighs with one hand and spread my puffy lips open. I had never played with my ass before; never wanted to, but here I stood with cunt cream dribbling from my dark pink slit and my finger pushing past my sphincter. Seconds later, I felt a splash of warm fluid cover my ass cheek, and then ooze a path down the back of my thigh. My balls would be slapping your pussy, as I stretched your hole so wide that it would still be open,” he said, between moans. I had enough sense to put my phone on speaker, so I could hear him, before I set it on the bed, close to my ass.

When Love Comes To Town

anal RavenFox 2018-03-05

You think I have gotten weak?” Tadeo spun her around and kissed her, pressing his chest against the gentle swell of her young flesh. Tadeo released Aileen and allowed the thought of asking her father for permission to marry her to soften the erection that was straining against his jeans. Tadeo took Aileen into his arms and held her against his bare chest. I’m setting up on top of this sharp rock if you don’t come tell me where you want the tent, babe!” His grin was visible at a distance. It took a while, but Tadeo felt his cock soften and slowly slip from Aileen’s ass. “I love you, Tadeo, “ Aileen murmured against his lips as she kissed him.

Spanked to Submission: Love Story

lesbian silkstockingslover 2018-03-05

In Spanked by Submission: A Novella white intense boss Annie is manipulated and seduced be her temp black 18-year-old employee and begins a lengthy journey into sexual submission including a variety of humiliations and. For a reminder, Annie-girl is spanked multiple times, forced to get a strange Brazilian, made to orgasm with a phone inside her pussy and fuck a variety of interesting objects, made to service strangers and follow a very extreme Slave Code which is re-published here: In this finale, after getting caught in the act of submission by her a good friend, the pregnant Jane, Annie-girl desperately tries to reclaim herself one last time...will she be successful? Jane ordered, as she sat up, turned around so her ass end was facing me, "Annie, I need to be fucked.


Leanne. Cum slut

group styxx 2018-03-05

Leanne yelped as the first slap struck home on her bare arse cheek, leaving a red hand mark and a stinging sensation she hadn’t felt since she was very young. She felt her arse cheeks being pulled apart and suddenly, a hard cock was pushing against her rose bud anus. Leanne had never been so massively filled, it felt like a rod had been pushed up her cunt and was now fucking her hard, driving the breath out of her lungs at the force of his thrusts. She pulled him out, took a deep breath and then shoved him all the way into her throat quickly, knowing that he was going to blast his load straight into her guts and knowing that was exactly what she wanted.

My Freshman Year Ch. 04

lesbian pjonkml 2018-03-05

This time, I got to class a little late and couldn't sit with Nat like I normally did. The way it was situated, it looked as if they had added the bathroom after building the place. When she got the shirt off of me, she looked at me like I was a feast for her to devour. We were standing there, in the middle of the bathroom, holding and kissing each other, I could stay like that forever. Her had pressed against the front of my pants, I gave a little cry, my eyes closed, biting my lip. I started to slowly tease her and try to draw it out, but when Natalya wants something, she wants it right then.


The Way to Paradise

bdsm flytoomuch 2018-03-05

An excellent game of cards, a nice civilized fuck of a pretty young French wife, a suitably chastened subordinate husband, fine alcohol to take away all unnecessary thoughts, a calm smoke and finally a debauched ass fuck of a tight-assed honey-skinned seventeen-year-old servant girl who worshiped the ground he walked on. To Jean’s youthful amazement some of the old men would pull their cocks out of the delightful young creature they were fucking-- surely the most beautiful women Jean had ever seen-- and move next to another man and whisper in his ear. Apolline herself had never fucked Jean, always preferring a young beautiful seventeen or eighteen year old girl to take Jean’s huge cock from behind while she spread her legs and made les jeunes filles lick her soft fragrant pussy with a gentle tongue as she cried out softly in delight.

Fisting Tessa at the Burlesque

lesbian KatPissinger 2018-03-05

The spectators all stared captivated at the stage where she now lay with her legs spread while her hand was rubbing across her pussy. At first I became nervous and embarrassed, but then the light headed feeling came back and the arousal, and so I reached between my legs with one hand and spread my pussy with my fingers. Suddenly I felt her fingers against my pubic hair, looking for my clit and starting to rub. Fuck yourself, you lesbian cows!" It was a glorious moment, watching her stand in the limelight like that, from below, with my hand in her twat as she proudly spread her legs and jerked off her clit.

A fantasy shared..

group kayeleff 2018-03-05

As Michael slid down my body to bury his face in my aching pussy, Chris began kissing me, massaging my breasts and rolling my stiff pink nipples between his fingers. Stroking Chris’s smooth balls I sucked on his cock like I was starving, he was fucking my mouth as his friend was tongue fucking my pussy. I could feel the orgasm building inside me and as Chris pounded my hungry mouth and Michael sucked on my pulsing bud I started to cum. Lifting myself higher to allow Michael breathing space I was aware that he was probably sucking Chris’s balls and licking his cock as it pumped in and out of my aching cunt.


Fresh Bedding

lesbian KatieElizabeth 2018-03-05

"Get undressed Amy and come to bed," I said softly, smiling all the time while caressing my breasts with one hand and inner thighs with the other. Amy's arms were wrapped underneath my legs with her hands reaching to my breasts, squeezing and stroking my very hard nipples as her tongue circled ever more quickly and deeply inside me. I was so turned on, my hands gripped Amy's hips, pulling her hard onto my face, wanting her to ride my tongue until she climaxed. Amy was soon in a rhythm, pushing hard onto my face while my tongue caressed and circled inside her.

The Deal

hardcore Emeris 2018-03-05

Licking the head and swirling her tongue, picking up his pre-cum and sliding her wet lips down over its full length, following with her hand, masturbating him with her mouth and hands at the same time occasionally in opposite directions, feeling him build, torn between wanting to finish him and feel him fill her mouth but finally gave in to her basest desire and climbed on board. Fingers had picked up her wetness and was working from her outer lips in toward her clitoris, it really did feel like him, she used the anxiety and the unnerving sensation to push herself over the top to her first orgasm.