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Anal At Last Ch. 10

anal scottishmeat 2018-09-19

As I said, she let slip that she'd seen you come over my face that night, but she was so embarrassed she couldn't say anything. She bent her head, licking some of my come from my chest, then sliding her lips and tongue over my nipples, teasing them, nibbling them, still wanking my softening cock slowly. Do you know when she went upstairs she wanked herself off in your spare bed, thinking of you coming over my face?" My cock, which had been going down despite her continuing fondling, throbbed, showed signs of interest again. "Andy honey, I want you to come in me - there's been too much wanking for my liking, and all that come has been going to waste...

Neighborhood Butt Fuck Ch. 02

anal bbonz1 2018-08-23

Finally tiring of the cock and ball worship, the man reached down and grasped each of her tits in his meaty hands, pulling her to her feet before roughly bending her over the bed. With her head only inches from his own stiff and leaking cock, Tom considered pulling her face into his lap, so she could suck him while the other man attacked her other end. She was just getting to the exciting point where the phone cameras came out and her whorish behavior was captured and shared throughout the world, when she felt Raj pull his thin cock out of her ass.

Case of the Black Widow Ch. 04

anal WifeWatchman 2018-08-22

"Looks like our Black Widow is back, and has chosen to settle down in my Town and County, Detective Harlan." I said. "We have nothing." said Myron Milton, who had worked all day on the case with Martin Nash on New Years Day. "I think it'd be great if Detective Harlan works with Agent Linares and the FBI team." I said. "It's nice to see you again, Lieutenant." Selena Steele said as we sat down in J.P. Goldman's conference room, which he'd made available to us. "When Myron told me what he'd found, I called the Sergeant who'd been on duty that night." said Chief Griswold. "The bank was closed New Year's Day. Someone wanted the body to be found that night, not long after he'd been killed.

Adventures with Angela and Janet

anal trevorb968 2018-08-06

Angela slapped Janet's naked arse playfully telling her; "We haven't got time for a fuck. She was groaning loudly and a long shiver rocked her tits across her chest; "I'm coming now and so is Ken." My cock had started to jerk in Janet's tiny hand. I laughed, and hugged them both, rubbing my hands over their tight arses as I asked; "Underwear?" Angela and Janet smiled excitedly and shook their heads. The transaction completed I returned to join Angela and Janet who were still lying flat out on the bed; "Come on you two, let's get out of here, before someone calls the Police." Angela was quite relaxed but Janet was blushing furiously, telling us; "That chap sitting opposite is looking straight up my skirt."

Sacred Ice Bucket Quest

anal Lost-Boy 2018-08-05

I don't know how long I stood there with the lovely Asian chick bobbing her head on my cock but when she was good and ready she stood up faced the ice machine and bent over grabbing her ankles. She was moaning and humming while she sucked me off and I began to slowly rock my hips fucking her mouth in nice slow movements. The first slap was rewarded with her pussy gripping me tighter than ever before and so I began a nice rhythm of fucking and slapping and she was literally dripping wet and her ass cheeks which were a lovely shade of crimson by the way.

Angela's Way Ch. 02

anal Lustin Kink 2018-08-03

"Good morning, honey." said Patrick, leaning over and giving Angela a light kiss on the forehead. Patrick's eyes were glued to the screen as Jason ran his hands over Angela's tits and reached around her to unclasp her bra. Soon Jason was standing naked on Patrick's television screen and Angela squatted down in front of him and started sucking his cock. The two of them sat in silence for a while before Angela asked, "Patrick, did you watch the tape all the way to the end?" "Well," Angela started, realizing that after all these years she had spilled the secret, "Patrick and I used to...sit on the fire escape and watch you two through your bedroom window."

Anal At Last

anal zopri 2018-08-01

Angela groaned, pulling my head in as she kissed me, reaching behind her to start rubbing Peter's cock through his trousers, and spreading her legs to help Simone strip her. Simone and I took one of Angela's hands, and guided her into place, making her stand on the edge of the sofa, right above Jamie's cock. Suck me while Andy fucks me." Then she went back to Angela's ass, occasionally dipping her head to lick Jamie's balls, making him moan in response. I ran a hand under her, getting her juices on my fingers, and then started to lubricate her ass, whilst watching Angela start to move faster on Jamie's cock, obviously getting used to his size a bit more.

Angela Gets Gangbanged by loyalsock

anal loyalsock 2018-07-16

She kissed his lips and licked her way down his sweaty chest and fat belly (this amazed me because she has always been turned off by fat men) once down at his cock she licked and sucked on him until he was hard. Lee resumed fucking her ass and a third black man positioned himself at her face and started fucking her mouth. It was now that things got real bizarre and Lee produced some straps, turned Angela over on her belly, placed a large cushion under her mid section and tied her spread eagle on the bed with her ass in the air.

Wife Angela Gangbang

anal 2018-06-11

I'm so glad you could make it!" I looked over and sure enough there was the black man with the monster cock that had so totally fucked Angela five years previous. While I fuck her ass I want another of you in her cunt at the same time." He commanded her to get on all fours and straddle a skinny black man and proceeded to position himself at her rear. We drove on in silence for most of the 6 hour drive until Angela finally turned to me and said, "I'm willing to do some experimenting with our sex lives and last evening was crazy and I can't remember cumming as many times in one night and some of those black men were gorgeous but as far as I'm concerned we are even.

Anal At Last Ch. 20

anal scottishmeat 2018-06-01

Maybe we should do it with you on top, so that you can see my face as you push inside, and you can suck my tits as you pull out of my hot little cunt and ream my tight little ass..." As she said this, she grabbed my hand, pushing it down, outside her jeans, deep into the crack between her thighs. She pulled the hand away from her cunt, reaching over her back to start rubbing the oil between the cheeks of her ass, as I undid my jeans, pushing them and my boxers off me, leaving my cock straining in the air. It feels so dirty..." I reached up with both hands, grabbing her ample tits, moulding them, squeezing them, using them to pull her back against me as I pushed up between her ass-cheeks with my cock.

Double Trouble Ch. 05

anal The_Unicorn 2018-05-20

I had been about to head out to work on Monday morning and there was Angela on my doorstep telling me that Robin didn't want to see me anymore. Robin took a deep breath, looked at me, and said, "You're going to be mad at me no matter what I say. Still angry and not placated by her sweet words or her tears I asked, "So, because I passed that test I got to fuck you, is that it?" Robin looked at the carpet and said, "Okay, okay." She took a moment to wipe her face and sniffle a bit. Robin looked into my eyes and said "Well, every single guy I ever took to the club had a total blast without giving me a second thought.

Christian Housekeeper's First Anal

anal trevorb968 2018-05-17

That gave me an idea I told Angela that I was intending to buy her a gift and asked if she would accept a trip to the Beauty Parlour for a makeover and a new evening dress to wear to the Dinner Dance as a Christmas present. When I finally raised my eyes from Angela's magnificent breast I saw her husband George standing behind her with a face like thunder. I have never looked or felt this good in my life and that is due entirely to your generosity." Angela added "Oh and I also know Christine lied when she told me how much the dress cost because I saw the price ticket.

Anal At Last Ch. 11

anal scottishmeat 2018-05-15

She slid a hand down to play with her clit, as she continued slow fucking me, and I noticed she pushed her legs far apart to let Peter have a good view. I did the porn star thing of resting one hand on her ass, the other well out of the way to avoid obstructing the view, as I slowly fucked in and out, pulling out as far as possible to ensure a good view of my cock. "You love it, don't you Angela, getting fucked senseless out here in the open, my hard cock filling you up, that cute little boy next door wanking himself silly, watching you naked, watching you play with yourself while we fuck."

Out the Window Ch. 07

anal Mister_Shy 2018-05-10

Angela raised her arms and suddenly, throwing Dale completely for a loop, he watched as the girl's bare skin was revealed, her big breasts suddenly unrolled from the tight fabric. Then Katie sucked on it gently, eyes trained on Angela the whole time, who threw her head back and sighed. Her fingers sifted up into Katie's blonde curls and she leaned back on the couch, letting Katie lift a soft handful of her other breast and letting Dale drink in the sight of his daughter licking the buxom girl. "Mm," said Katie, kissing up Angela's bare chest. Dale watched Angela in that light, the way her dark hair absorbed it, glinting now and then with copper, her tan skin transformed into a healthy tawny.

A Special Introduction

anal bobbullet 2018-05-06

Angela, as usual, was acting bossy, so I slipped on a condom and fucked her immediately, cumming quickly - just the way she likes it. Like me, she could not resist licking Mia's pretty pussy, and soon I was fucking Angela from behind while she was eating Mia with gusto. That turned me on, and I pulled out of Angela and was about to to fuck Mia's ass, which she pushed up to give me better access, but Angela announced that I was pushing things too far and that I would need to pay more if I wanted anything else. Although she stopped lactating to my dismay after a few months, I continued to fuck her bareback many times, leaving loads of cum in her pussy and even her ass.

Melinda's Ass

anal fotisampini 2018-05-05

Angela had red hair and a nice ass, and watching her on her knees bobbing her head up and down on my cock always led to me blowing a huge load down her throat. "That's right Melinda, get it nice and wet because this big dick is going to be all the way down your throat when I cum." She was getting into it, moaning while I talked dirty to her and quickly sucking my cock deep into her mouth. I couldn't believe how hot she looked, leaning back on my couch with her knees mashed up against her breasts, panting like a bitch in heat as she took my cock in her ass for the first time.

Angela Takes It In The Butt

anal quietcantor 2018-04-23

There was lots of close camera work and all the time the girl talking, telling the older guy to eat her, to stick his tongue deep in her gash, to use his lips on her clit. I pushed my sweaty face hard against her buttocks, forcing my tongue even deeper into her rectum, but the intensity of her orgasm was such that she wrenched away and rolled onto her side, rocking gently with her thighs pressed tightly together, hand still in her parts. I restarted the video and we watched again as the old guy tongue fucked the dark haired girl’s arse until she shuddered into her orgasm.

Anal At Last Ch. 06

anal scottishmeat 2018-04-22

The night wore on, and that small voice kicked in again saying "go home, you've had enough." So off I went, saying goodbye to the guys, wandering amongst the hen party and giving them all a peck on the cheek or raising their hand to kiss the back of it. I then started thinking about her wanking herself whilst using a dildo in her ass, and that really got things going. Then I started kissing and licking, nibbling her cheeks, running my tongue up the crease of her ass outside the thong, whilst dropping one hand down to my cock and wanking some more.

Girlfriend ! ;)

anal daniellll95 2018-04-08

Normally most mothers would be happy that their c***dren were so studious, but Maria felt with Luke this was almost to a fault. "I don't think you'd approve of her" was all he would say, though at the same time he had a twinkle in his eye which Maria took to mean that he more than approved of Luke's new playmate. The following day Angela came over to the house and Maria saw her and Luke together for the first time. "Like you and me." Maria was unnerved a little by the way Luke looked at her. Maria felt a pang of jealousy when she saw Luke with her, holding hands and kissing, but she attributed it to the wine.

Party Favors

anal voluptuary_manque 2018-03-20

It took two martinis, lots of sweet talk, a promise that we would take turns and half a tube of KY but Mase finally gave in and let me fuck him up the ass. You didn't expect Angela to pop up the car key party idea but you got what you've wanted for a long time, and so did everyone else. The applause turned to wolf whistles, foot-stomps and shouts of "You go, girl!" "Mama mía!" and "Atta babe!" Pose followed pose, each more provocative than the last until as a finale, Shawna slithered down the line, pausing on each man's lap long enough to deliver a torrid kiss.


anal nige.lewis 2018-02-21

I tried to stop her, whispering that the driver could see her but she just pulled her lips tighter round my throbbing cock and then said “good.” Then she wanked me hard into her open mouth, looking the driver straight in the eyes via the rear view mirror, I could not help unloading in her mouth, Angela finished licking it all up just as we pulled up at her place, we climbed out of the cab and gave the driver a big tip. Angela then plucked a vibrator out of her bedside drawer and fucked herself with it whilst telling me how much she wanted my hard throbbing cock inside her instead.

Curious WM 30 Ch. 05

anal naughty_bi_interest 2018-02-20

Angela's legs covered my ears but I heard her say, "Karl makes a pretty good pussy slave, don't you think, Kate?" All I knew was that someone was fucking my ass with the butt plug and someone was holding Phil's cock, squeezing and stroking as I sucked his balls. Karl's mouth is so warm and soft and wet and he sucks like a dream; my balls feel like I've died and gone to heaven and watching Kate get Karl's butt ready is making my prick jealous!" Angela was still stroking Richard's cock as she watched Kate working the plug in and out of my butt. Angela whispered in my ear, "You've done it Karl; I can feel Richard's cock cuming in your throat.


anal dieselboy69 2018-01-19

She pulled the top of her basque down and began to rub her tits and suck her nipples. I wiped her pussy and bum hole clean with a warm towel and as I did so she grabbed hold of my dick and began to bring me off. I slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and she moaned, I knew she wasn't far off her own orgasm and and as she got closer I slipped a finger into her arsehole. She looked over her shoulder and told me to "do her bum." I pulled out of her pussy and put my dick against her arsehole. After a few moments I pulled out and saw a glob of my spunk drip from her bum hole and watched as Angela rubbed it into her pussy.

Curious WM 30 Ch. 06

anal naughty_bi_interest 2018-01-19

Using one hand to keep my cum from making my crotch a sticky mess I dashed across the open office and grabbed my clothes and retreated just as quickly to the inner office. She took the simple cock sucker that I thought I wanted to be and molded me into an insatiable sex toy willing to be fucked and eager to suck not to please them but to satisfy my deep seated need to be the center of a gross sexual orgy. She had discovered and developed the perfect cum hungry slut; willing to serve both cocks and pussies, all that was left was to see if there was anything she couldn't get me to do!