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Swiss Girls Finishing School, Part 3

anal silkpantygirl 2018-06-27

He licked and sucked on her luscious cunt lips some more, then toppled her back onto the couch. He parted her legs wide, and buried his face in her pussy, lapping hungrily up and down, and pushing his tongue as deep as he could inside her. She ran her tongue up the underside of his shaft, flicking across his frenulum, and licked a big drop of precum off the tip. With her other hand, she took a firm grip and pulled his foreskin back. He stood and slipped his cock inside her pussy again, then squeezed a little lube onto his finger and massaged it into her asshole. He slid the index finger of his other hand inside, and carefully pulled sideways, stretching her, preparing her, still slowly fucking her pussy.

Accidental Anal

anal EbonyM2010 2018-06-27

They continued tasting each other as William lifted Malika and placed her on top of his rock hard body. He pushed his hip up sending his cock deep into her pussy. He kept her breast in his mouth as he grabbed her ass, guiding her up and down on his cock as he simultaneously rocked his hips. Malika had both hands at the side of the tub enjoying the sensation of prick and suckling breast. William released her breast and rammed her hips down on his cock frantically. William had a deep throaty sound made from absolute pleasure as he ejaculated his load into Malika. Malika began to pump up and down on William’s cock. William took her cue and began to push his cock deeper into her.


Where's My Article?

anal AvaMarie 2018-06-26

Siobhan slowly sunk into her chair and placed her hands over her face. I want the article on my desk by eight o'clock tonight." Daniel slowly began to walk off. Just as she was about to gather more things to pack away, one of Daniel's personal assistants popped her head into Siobhan's cubicle. The door slowly opened, Daniel ushered Siobhan in with his arm. Daniel rose up from his chair and walked around to Siobhan. Daniel pressed himself against Siobhan and kissed her deeply. Daniel did as Siobhan asked and gentled eased his large cock into her hole. Siobhan brought one arm behind her, and began to rub her swollen clit as Daniel fucked her.

Better late than never

anal Rubz 2018-06-26

After a few minutes of pretty frenzied, drunken fucking Andy pulled out and again began to tease his cock along my pussy lips, this time carrying on up to my arse. This time I managed to stay quiet as the pain began to heat it's way through me, Andy moaned quietly behind me as most of his cock head entered me. However, my frantic rubbing and deep fingering had me begging to cum, I deliberated for a half second before speeding up and allowing myself to surrender to an amazing orgasm, my legs spread wide and bumped into Andy's back, my back arched off the bed and my moans hit a high pitch, I sounded a bit porno to my own ears, and I knew it would of turned Andy on.

Out of the Blue

anal mingemuncher 2018-06-25

“Enough of all this talk, I need to get to sleep, but I am not finished with you yet.” She rolled over beside me, and as my hand came free, she grabbed it and guided it back between her legs. But I was very aware I had to behave myself, as it was going to be hard enough to call a stop on our affair, without my pissing Lynette off even before we got to the end of the night. After midnight Lynette came back to join us and said she wanted to go home, as again she was on early mornings and needed to get some sleep.

A Day to Remember (Sequel to A Night to Remember)

anal Phantomrose 2018-06-23

I arched my back, wanting to feel more of that pleasure.It felt like someone was licking my already wet vagina. I was a bit surprised by this move, and even squirmed when he did this, but soon got used to the feel of his wet finger moving inside of my ass. I wanted, no needed it inside of that hole now.Without another word, he gently shoved his slippery dick into my ass. I tried to focus on how full my ass felt with his lovely, throbbing dick inside of me. He gently kissed my neck and whispered, “It’s ok hun…god, your ass feels good around my cock.” I felt his cock throbbing deep inside my ass, and loved it.

Today she turned 18, finally a woman Part 2

anal BikerBitchNextDoor 2018-06-22

Sophie wanted to run up the stairs and into her bedroom but Dave held tight on to her waist, making his fat cock twitch inside her tight cunt. She knelt on the bed and moved her ass seductively but before she had chance to move another inch, he was inside her, fucking her so hard. He gradually pushed his cock further in her tight ass and she began to relax, she started moaning. He just pushed the tip in her little ass and asked her if he could cum in her ass, she wanted him to but was scared it would be hard. He fucked her pussy a little longer then pulled out and stroked his cock, and came hard all over her ass, pussy, and covered her back.

Surprise ending to the evening..

anal stickyvix 2018-06-22

I really wasn't that into him at first, he was a little too preppy for me, but we ended up kissing on the dance floor at a club called Dirty/Pretty. There was a part of me that wanted him to stop, I wiggled a little to let him know I wasn't comfortable....but there was another part of me, the drunk side of my brain, that was telling me to relax and enjoy the ride. It felt very tight and I thought he was going to rip me at first, but I relaxed a little and tried to enjoy it.

We met on a plane ... Continued... I want to try anal sex

anal Fastrunner325 2018-06-21

I was definitely into it but it wasn’t so much about wanting anal sex as much as it was that I was so turned on by how bad she wanted it and how much I loved her dirty talk. I took some soap and rubbed her clit and then worked my hand over her pussy and then took a soapy finger and put it in her ass. I took the other hand and kept rubbing her clit as I worked my finger in and out of her ass, further and further. I kept going, working my two fingers in and out of her ass while I rubbed her clit. She clamped my hand down onto her clit and kept the pressure on and I held my fingers in her ass.

Olivia's Rosebud Blossoms

anal Perimedes 2018-06-20

I thought for a moment and finally said, “You know, Olivia, now that we’ve met, if you have any second thoughts about all of this, I’ll understand if you don’t want to go through with it.” “Well, isn’t this a nice treat,” I said, smiling like a Cheshire cat.” Why don’t you try the little, red, halter top one?” I said, and reached out and gently flicked her left nipple, teasingly. “Okay, I really felt like your little girl today at the mall,” she said, rubbing my arm and looking up at me. I looked into her eyes and smiled like a Cheshire cat and said, “Welcome to the wonderful world of anal play, Beautiful Girl.

My First Time - Please Pass The Butter

anal Crispstump 2018-06-20

This girl used to call every DJ, every day, flirting, talking dirty, asking the guys about their cocks, the girls about the their pussies, and generally teasing us all. I suppose that I should have been unnerved, but I didn't give a damn, I wasn't there to date her and the idea of her boyfriend being forced to talk to her while some guy he never met was slamming his cock into her gash made me all the more excited. With her asshole buttered like a Cracker Barrell biscuit, I slid my shaft into her tail hole: no fingers, no relaxation techniques, no nothing, just a guy she called on the radio sticking his prong up her choot while she talked to her boyfriend on the phone.

Maddie and Connor

anal kinkitten 2018-06-20

His cock wasn’t as hard now as before, the pain had made his erection subside a little so she stroked him for a few minutes before pushing her finger deeper inside up to the second knuckle. There was the pain again but this time he bit his lip and tried to focus on the hand wrapped around his cock and not the finger that was insistently pushing into his anus. There was pain again as the plug was slowly but surely being pushed inside him; he thought of crying out for her to stop when the plug was about half way in but he didn’t, he bit his lip and held on to her bed sheets so hard that his knuckles were white.

The Training of Francesca, Part 2

anal buttmaster 2018-06-20

She sank herself right down on my mouth and I tasted the sweet wetness, the musky tang of her juices as she moved her pussy back and forth on my tongue, two fingers rubbing her swelling clit inches from my eyes. Even her fingertips felt good - she massaged it all over the head of my cock and down the shaft, before taking my length in hand and placing the tip of me against the crack of her bottom. As soon as she felt the first jump of my cock as I began to empty myself deep inside, her fingertips flew briefly to her clit for a couple of seconds, and as if pushing herself over the edge she had been teetering on for so long, she came instantly.

Never say never!

anal Laura_N 2018-06-19

Lately, he's working weekends which cut our foreplay time during the day so I've started to look for ways to make our evening more exciting and get me ready quicker than before. The next day he used his finger for the first time and I loved it, since then he will work my asshole with his tongue and fingers every night until about a week later when he went to the adult store and bought few butt plugs with different sizes. I thought I was ready enough to take him with ease but feeling his huge head throbbing at the door of my ass make my knees go week, he lubed my ass and his cock up like crazy and he took his time inching himself inside my back.

First time

anal AnalFucker44 2018-06-19

Soon I felt my cum building, and she sensed it too, cause she pulled off and told me to shoot it deep inside her, I had never fucked her before but I wanted her pussy wraped around my cock so bad. As I started to fuck her she started to really talk dirty, telling me how great my ass looked and how great my dick felt deep in her pussy. Then she started to slowly pull the dildo out of my ass, and right before it came out, she shoved it all the way back in. This caused her to cum all over the bed again, after she calmed down I took my well lubed cock and shoved it to the hilt into her ass.

Kate's Anal Correspondence Course: Lesson 1

anal ByronLord 2018-06-18

If she had been alone, Kate would have torn the box open to see and touch the smooth steel object inside. The box arrived on Thursday but Frank was off work on Friday with a cold and then came the weekend and so it was early Monday morning before Kate was alone in the house. Unable to stop herself, Kate opened the small brown cardboard package that she had thought about every minute since it had arrived. Inside the box, on a little cushion of black silk lay a small silver colored object that looked a little bit like a strawberry with a handle on the end of its stalk.

Anal Virgin, But Not For Long

anal Poppet 2018-06-18

I can feel his tongue working the delicate softness of my pussy and clit. I feel him stiffen, and know he’s going to give me the biggest orgasm he can. I’m rocked with pleasure, I feel like liquid, and my need for him still so strong. I can’t even begin to explain it, other than I don’t want it to stop. Our kiss is full of love, and a distraction as I get use to this new foreign feeling. He takes his time, I can tell by the expression on his face, he wants to bust deep inside me already. I know I’m going to come so good for him.

Ass Fucking My Wife's Best Friend: Part 2

anal ByronLord 2018-06-17

Eve sighed and moaned as I pushed the tip of my tongue inside her, tasting the juices of her pussy, then felt her body tense as I slowly, deliberately kissed her anus. Lena had put pillows under Eve's ass and this allowed me to support her in this position and regain full use of my hands. Lena's legs were parted and my wife working her tongue between while her friend licked my semen from her own cunt. Lena saw what I was doing and started working lube into Eve's ass. I didn't have time to think about or process this new experience: As soon as her finger was fully inside me, she gave it a twist sending my seed pumping into Eve's ass.

The Very, Very First Time

anal hellacute 2018-06-15

It was as if Nick could sense that because he began to kiss and gently bite my neck as his hand ran over my body and brushed against my now hard nipples. Responding to my body, Nick began to rub circles around it with the tip of his dick, spreading the juices that he had leaked in excitement all around it. In response to having more access to my little rose, his circles became more concentrated and he began to gently push the head of his cock against it. Acting under the influence of a reflex I didn’t know I had I leaned forward a little, bending at the waist, and then began moving my ass away from and back towards my boyfriend.

I've Never Been One For Anal

anal XpinkyX 2018-06-15

My boyfriend has always wanted to do my tight ass, but I never even wanted to see what it would feel like. I then text him asking if he was up for some anal play to which his reply was ‘yes!’ and I waited patiently for him to come home. I felt a weird sensation, so I asked him to ready my tight ass with his beads. I then had an overwhelming urge to be fucked, so he slid his hard cock inside my sopping wet pussy and railed me. Although I hadn't directly had anal sex, the orgasm I felt from fucking with something up my ass was amazing! My boyfriend said my pussy felt so tight that it had made his orgasm so intense.

Double the fun on the continent

anal lucyandjake 2018-06-14

Lucy knew Jake would love to fill up her tight ass and her soaking wet pussy with this toy, but she didn’t know he would want to share it with her too. Eyes closed, she felt the amazing first time feeling of the smooth plastic pushing up into her pussy, immediately hitting her G-Spot and making her clit, pussy and ass pulsate in unison. They had both very much got used to the feeling and started to thrust into each others asses, Jake rubbing his cock and Lucy still fucking her pussy with her other toy. They then slowly pushed the dildo back into each other asses both bent over cheeks touching Lucy rubbing her clit once more and Jake stroking his cock.

First Time Anal

anal BedroomAngel 2018-06-13

Laying down on the bed she spread her legs and said “I want you to eat my pussy and massage my tits first. I wanted to take my time but Robin had other ideas, suddenly she grabbed me, wrapped her legs around my waist and fucked the shit out of me. Flipping Robin over I told her to get on her knees I was going to fuck her in the ass; I did not want her to be an anal virgin anymore. Pumping all that cum deep into her I could feel her orgasm as she fell onto the bed my cock slipped out of her ass.

Michelle's First Anal Adventure

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-06-13

I have had anal sex with other past girlfriends and I love the feeling of a tight tunnel hugging my cock like that. Then they started talking about what they liked in bed and that's when Michelle learned that Jessica loved anal sex.  She looked up at me as she hovered over my hard, erect cock pointing at her soft red lips Smiling a little "I know what you want" look she took the head of my cock between her lips and slowly slid down the length of my cock, her eyes never breaking contact with mine. She said she never knew how much fun anal sex could be and she loved that I took it easy and was so gentle and caring about it. 

Anal Cherry

anal SassySue1617 2018-06-12

I looked at my body in the mirror and brushed my breasts until the nipples went rigid; the shower was hot and I entered the steaming chamber. When I was ready for another insertion, Jessie touched the tip of the enema bottle and squeezed it, forcing the liquid into my anal cavity. Jessie pushed the entire length of the shaft into my rectum and I felt a rush as I came instantly; my pussy twitched for the heat and the girl cum ran down my thighs. Jessie was the woman who, just a short while ago, postponed her pleasure in order to provide me the pure carnal service and took my anal virginity away.