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When Love Comes To Town

anal RavenFox 2018-03-05

You think I have gotten weak?” Tadeo spun her around and kissed her, pressing his chest against the gentle swell of her young flesh. Tadeo released Aileen and allowed the thought of asking her father for permission to marry her to soften the erection that was straining against his jeans. Tadeo took Aileen into his arms and held her against his bare chest. I’m setting up on top of this sharp rock if you don’t come tell me where you want the tent, babe!” His grin was visible at a distance. It took a while, but Tadeo felt his cock soften and slowly slip from Aileen’s ass. “I love you, Tadeo, “ Aileen murmured against his lips as she kissed him.

Inhibitions, Master Clara

anal naughnukk 2018-03-05

Come with me into the van,” the woman said pulling her long penis out of my anus. Come to me, my slave,” Clara said as she stepped around me and started to grope the woman who was standing immediately behind me. The woman thrashed and squealed as Clara skillfully sucked the previously flaccid penis to its full eight inches long. With a quick up and down slide of her pussy she slid my entire penis inside her hot vagina in one motion. I relaxed my anus and soon felt a hot thick penis slid deep inside me. The slave was thrusting harder and deeper now and Clara’s pussy contractions pulled my penis deeper.

The Very, Very First Time

anal hellacute 2018-03-04

It was as if Nick could sense that because he began to kiss and gently bite my neck as his hand ran over my body and brushed against my now hard nipples. Responding to my body, Nick began to rub circles around it with the tip of his dick, spreading the juices that he had leaked in excitement all around it. In response to having more access to my little rose, his circles became more concentrated and he began to gently push the head of his cock against it. Acting under the influence of a reflex I didn’t know I had I leaned forward a little, bending at the waist, and then began moving my ass away from and back towards my boyfriend.

Wedding Gift

anal ClarkRoberts 2018-03-03

While Ken waited for his friends Derek and Tito to join us, I took my bride’s maid and my best friend Bonnie to look for a wedding dress in the chapel’s bridal shop. Looking in the mirror, I spun around and said, "I don't know Bonnie, this dress is more slutty than sexy.”  Her blue eyes flared with licentiousness as she reached beneath the short hem of my wedding dress and slipped her hand inside my soaked thong. Turning to Derek, I explained, "A bit risqué I know, but I wanted to be a sexy and somewhat slutty bride for Ken. He wants guys to envy him because he gets to nail me and they don’t.” Smiling, I took the wedding band that Bonnie handed me and slipped the ring on my groom’s finger, saying, "I do."

Michelle's First Anal Adventure

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-03-03

I have had anal sex with other past girlfriends and I love the feeling of a tight tunnel hugging my cock like that. Then they started talking about what they liked in bed and that's when Michelle learned that Jessica loved anal sex.  She looked up at me as she hovered over my hard, erect cock pointing at her soft red lips Smiling a little "I know what you want" look she took the head of my cock between her lips and slowly slid down the length of my cock, her eyes never breaking contact with mine. She said she never knew how much fun anal sex could be and she loved that I took it easy and was so gentle and caring about it. 

Breakfast In Bed

anal MrAvg 2018-03-01

"I think you are ready Bill, I will be gentle, and once we start you will enjoy me inside you, I promise," says Sam, he sucks Bill's balls and spreads his ass cheeks for easier access. Sam says, "You like my cock up your ass, you are a tight one, I am going to breed you hard." Sam pushes slowly but forcefully thrusting with a long smooth gliding movement of his cock impaling Bill's asshole with grunts of pleasure coming from Bill. Sam dips his two fingers in Bill's ass and begins to massage his prostrate to the sound of shallow grunts of euphoric pleasure as precum oozes out of his cock onto the bed, he felt like he was going to blow the prostrate massage felt so good.

First Night Together

anal starbelliedboy 2018-02-28

Nina rolled over so that she was lying on top of me, her hair covering the lower part of my face and filling my mouth, and then by lifting herself up with her legs and one arm she used my hard dick like a dildo, lifting her rear up and down with the help of my hands on her buttocks while she fingered her clit and rubbed her dripping wet pussy. The beautiful Indian princess writhing close to climax beneath me; her tits shaking whenever I stopped sucking them; the brown fingers of one of her hands fucking her pussy while the other clutched at my buttocks to pull me into her ass; not to mention the unbelievable feeling of her until recently virgin sphincter was producing as it squeezed my shaft with every movement I made.

Amy's Five Star Aruban Adventure

anal EricandAmy 2018-02-28

Amy heard the clunk of the soap bar as it fell to the floor of the shower before feeling a pressure on her backside as Eric gently pushed a slippery finger into her ass. Amy's head tipped back as she pressed her ass back against his rock hard cock as the dawn light now glowed brightly red through the window of their five-star hotel. Eric circled his target lightly with the head of his cock, letting Amy acclimate to the sensations. Eric let Amy slip back to the mattress, her legs spread slightly as his hands wrapped the sides of her ribcage, fingertips touching the sides of her breasts. As his orgasm subsided, Amy slowly pulled away and let his cum dripping cock slip from inside her.

Where's My Article?

anal AvaMarie 2018-02-27

Siobhan slowly sunk into her chair and placed her hands over her face. I want the article on my desk by eight o'clock tonight." Daniel slowly began to walk off. Just as she was about to gather more things to pack away, one of Daniel's personal assistants popped her head into Siobhan's cubicle. The door slowly opened, Daniel ushered Siobhan in with his arm. Daniel rose up from his chair and walked around to Siobhan. Daniel pressed himself against Siobhan and kissed her deeply. Daniel did as Siobhan asked and gentled eased his large cock into her hole. Siobhan brought one arm behind her, and began to rub her swollen clit as Daniel fucked her.

Bottoms Up

anal tadgh64 2018-02-27

I do the same with my left hand on her other cheek before gently lifting and parting them, revealing the long pouting lips of her pink pussy, drooling slowly, and in desperate need of a passionate kiss. Pressing her cheeks together around my dripping cock, I slowly slide back and forth along her ass, making my body shudder as shivers of pleasure shoot up and down my spine. I don't know whether it is the unrelenting pressure, unstoppable slipperiness of the lubricant, or sheer force of will, but I feel the powerful muscle around her anus gradually yield as the tip of my cock slowly slides into her ass.

Screams of Joy: Part II

anal scarlet 2018-02-26

“I want to see your face, Baby” his hands leave mine and I watch as he drops his jeans and boxers, my hands continue to grope my breasts, my eyes lock on the sight of his large black cock standing hard out from his body. Moving away, thrusting me against the wall, my breast bouncing, catching your gaze, making you fuck me harder, bumping against my cervix with every powerful thrust, I cup the underside of my breast before moving my nipple into reach of my willing mouth, sucking it into my mouth looking at his face through hooded eyes biting down on it, bordering on the pleasure pain as my pussy starts to contract around his cock.

I could do this all day...I knew she liked it!

anal ImaSteal1124 2018-02-24

I started to rub my index finger over her sweet little asshole because I knew she liked it even though she wouldn’t admit it to me. So we kept going and I decided I wanted a little more so I stuck about half my index finger in her asshole and rubbed it around a little bit while she rode me. I knew at this point that she was starting not too mine because she had a cute little smile on her face and everytime I took it out she pushed back on my finegr a little bit so I decided to go for the whole thing and I stuck my whole index finger in her ass and fucked her with it slowly.

First time

anal AnalFucker44 2018-02-24

Soon I felt my cum building, and she sensed it too, cause she pulled off and told me to shoot it deep inside her, I had never fucked her before but I wanted her pussy wraped around my cock so bad. As I started to fuck her she started to really talk dirty, telling me how great my ass looked and how great my dick felt deep in her pussy. Then she started to slowly pull the dildo out of my ass, and right before it came out, she shoved it all the way back in. This caused her to cum all over the bed again, after she calmed down I took my well lubed cock and shoved it to the hilt into her ass.

Sarah - Part Five

anal mike8253 2018-02-24

Sarah, in her eagerness to get right to some anal play, left out certain key points that an anal virgin like me should know; even when the lady is relaxed, if it is here first time, her asshole will likely shut closed when you try and insert your cock. Sarah climbed on top of me and while holding my shaft on one hand, positioned the head at her wet slit and slid my cock into her love hole. Holding Sarah’s hair, listening to her telling me to fuck her harder and faster and desperately trying to control my own need to cum, I slid my thumb into Sarah’s ass and listened to her moans of pleasure.

First Time Anal

anal allfours 2018-02-24

Look, she seems to be enjoying it," I said, pointing to the tv screen where a lovely blonde girl was squealing and moaning with delight as she slid up and down a large, well veined cock. Slowly, I started to push my dick a little deeper each time, so it was a while before I finally managed to slide the entire seven inches of my cock into her ass, and Mel helped by reaching back to spread her ass cheeks wider. I could feel the need to explode building in my balls as Mel started to push back into me a little, so I went hell for leather, slamming my cock hard into my girlfriend's arse.


anal jhmik_88 2018-02-23

I move down and stick my stiff tongue inside your pussy and fuck you with it before closing my entire mouth around your lips and suck for all I'm worth. My load comes pouring out deep inside your pussy, your inner walls milking my dick of it's cum. "Fuck my ass, baby!" You moan out as I notice you're rubbing your clit. I begin fucking you for a few minutes until I feel like I'm lubed up enough to penetrate your needy ass. "How bad do you want me to slap your ass?" I ask as I thrust as deep as I can while pulling harder on your hair. I want to feel your cum deep in my ass.

Turns out my girlfriend loves anal

anal pmike820 2018-02-22

I would look down and see her tight, glistening puckered hole and try as hard as I could not to lick from her clit right down to her backdoor. In all the time we had been dating, I would have never pegged her as the type of girl that would watch porn on her own, much less know a site like that. Emily lifted her head to look back but I pushed her back down into the pillows. With that I stopped playing with her clit and started rimming the asshole that I have wanted for so long. I then reached one of my hands underneath her and started to play with her clit while I fucked her ass.

The Class Reunion - Part Two

anal Boss01 2018-02-21

“He slapped my naked butt a few times, then started running his finger up and down my slit. But when he started trying to slip his finger into my pussy, I realized what was about to happen and told him in no uncertain terms that absolutely nothing was going in my pussy until I was married; and that he would have my Dad to deal with if he didn’t stop right now. I started moaning again, and was starting to get lost in the feeling when I felt something greasy push up against my ass-hole. Alice started pushing back, so that every time I achieved full insertion, my abdomen would slap up against her ass, causing her cheeks to ripple in a thoroughly intoxicating manner.

Surprise ending to the evening..

anal stickyvix 2018-02-21

I really wasn't that into him at first, he was a little too preppy for me, but we ended up kissing on the dance floor at a club called Dirty/Pretty. There was a part of me that wanted him to stop, I wiggled a little to let him know I wasn't comfortable....but there was another part of me, the drunk side of my brain, that was telling me to relax and enjoy the ride. It felt very tight and I thought he was going to rip me at first, but I relaxed a little and tried to enjoy it.

Olivia's Rosebud Blossoms

anal Perimedes 2018-02-21

I thought for a moment and finally said, “You know, Olivia, now that we’ve met, if you have any second thoughts about all of this, I’ll understand if you don’t want to go through with it.” “Well, isn’t this a nice treat,” I said, smiling like a Cheshire cat.” Why don’t you try the little, red, halter top one?” I said, and reached out and gently flicked her left nipple, teasingly. “Okay, I really felt like your little girl today at the mall,” she said, rubbing my arm and looking up at me. I looked into her eyes and smiled like a Cheshire cat and said, “Welcome to the wonderful world of anal play, Beautiful Girl.

We met on a plane ... Continued... I want to try anal sex

anal Fastrunner325 2018-02-19

I was definitely into it but it wasn’t so much about wanting anal sex as much as it was that I was so turned on by how bad she wanted it and how much I loved her dirty talk. I took some soap and rubbed her clit and then worked my hand over her pussy and then took a soapy finger and put it in her ass. I took the other hand and kept rubbing her clit as I worked my finger in and out of her ass, further and further. I kept going, working my two fingers in and out of her ass while I rubbed her clit. She clamped my hand down onto her clit and kept the pressure on and I held my fingers in her ass.

From Jazz to Jizz

anal ignominiousme1 2018-02-19

But I find hope in her eyes, her demanding body and probing, flashing thoughts and tongue... I’m demanding, hungry, eager to please and know exactly what I want, and most of the time I get it. Two wet fingers in a girls pussy while two more in her hot, dark, damp tight little bum hole. My hands spread her lovely soft white cheeks apart, no sign of any hair, just a glorious tight little hole peeping back at me. The feeling of her soft arse cheeks in my hands, the sight of her wet pussy from behind as her finger rubs her clit through the folds of those huge wet lips nearly an inch in length.

Out of the Blue

anal mingemuncher 2018-02-19

“Enough of all this talk, I need to get to sleep, but I am not finished with you yet.” She rolled over beside me, and as my hand came free, she grabbed it and guided it back between her legs. But I was very aware I had to behave myself, as it was going to be hard enough to call a stop on our affair, without my pissing Lynette off even before we got to the end of the night. After midnight Lynette came back to join us and said she wanted to go home, as again she was on early mornings and needed to get some sleep.

A Day to Remember (Sequel to A Night to Remember)

anal Phantomrose 2018-02-18

I arched my back, wanting to feel more of that pleasure.It felt like someone was licking my already wet vagina. I was a bit surprised by this move, and even squirmed when he did this, but soon got used to the feel of his wet finger moving inside of my ass. I wanted, no needed it inside of that hole now.Without another word, he gently shoved his slippery dick into my ass. I tried to focus on how full my ass felt with his lovely, throbbing dick inside of me. He gently kissed my neck and whispered, “It’s ok hun…god, your ass feels good around my cock.” I felt his cock throbbing deep inside my ass, and loved it.