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The Malaysia Option

anal TransitionalMan 2018-11-29

I don’t deserve it, not with all the attention I’ve been able to give her lately.  My dream job has become a nightmare; long days, power lunches, Chinese delivery for dinner, midnight oil, when I come home she’s usually asleep, or doing crosswords in my old flannel shirt. I get to see what they really make before the profits are shuttled to other, foreign subsidiaries.  But Wes thinks we could make more in Malaysia.  Making more is what matters, not the workers who make the money for us.  But I don’t get to decide.  He’s CFO. Jackie heads for the wives, I’m pulled to a group of execs, all talking about Malaysia.

I could do this all day...I knew she liked it!

anal ImaSteal1124 2018-11-24

I started to rub my index finger over her sweet little asshole because I knew she liked it even though she wouldn’t admit it to me. So we kept going and I decided I wanted a little more so I stuck about half my index finger in her asshole and rubbed it around a little bit while she rode me. I knew at this point that she was starting not too mine because she had a cute little smile on her face and everytime I took it out she pushed back on my finegr a little bit so I decided to go for the whole thing and I stuck my whole index finger in her ass and fucked her with it slowly.

Christmas in April

anal seeker4 2018-04-23

That’s what I want more than anything,” he said quietly, holding April’s hand in his and lightly kissing it, “That night when we went to the hospital, I was afraid I was going to lose you. “I feel so much better,” April said softly, resting a hand on Ross’ thigh, “I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse.” “Sometimes I thought about more pleasant times with you as I stroked and that made me feel good,” Ross said, watching her hand intently, “Like that first night you seduced me. “It is behind me, Ross,” April said softly, fingers stroking her boyfriend’s face, “You’re my present. “That was really wonderful, Ross,” April said as he sat down beside her, “Best sex since our first time, I think.”