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Close your eyes

anal bigben8920 2018-11-14

I simply smile and begin to kiss her neck, while fondling her breasts. After a few moments, I tell her to close her eyes. I begin to suckle her breasts and play with her pussy and clit. Then i gho down and begin to lick her pussy with deep long licks, ocashionally licking her ass as well. As she rides my cock, I thrust hard and deep into her until she cum hard and screams out loud in ecstasy. After a few thrusts, she begins to enjoy me deep inside her. I begin to pull her hair and thrust harder as I get really close to cumming. One final thrust and then I deposit my load deep inside her ass.


Would you like to hear about my weekend?

anal charliefoxtrot 2018-11-08

I reached out and pulled her to me, my mouth finding her luscious red lips. As she began unbuttoning by shirt, I slid her out of her suit coat and managed to start unbuttoning her blouse. I didn’t have long to enjoy the view, because she dropped her head down and started kissing my chest and sucking on my nipples. I began to suck and lick her erect nipples as I caressed her breasts. When I felt myself about to come I pulled her off of my cock. I put the head of my cock against her ass and gently began to apply pressure. “Oh, yes, fuck me!” she moaned as she reached down and began to play with her clit.

Black men in the kitchen

anal Anitaslut44 2018-10-16

Then the realization of why he wanted Vaseline came to my mind as I felt it being smeared on my anal entrance, his finger spreading it inside me, followed by his cock pushing into me, the tears continued to roll from my eyes more with the indignation I felt rather than the actual pain. This continued for a few minutes until he started to twist my nipples until it really hurt and f***ed me to say that I wanted to suck his cock, I said I did of course to stop the pain, he pushed me to the side of the bed forcing me to sit down.

First Experience As A Gigolo

anal bava12 2018-10-16

She was in some kind of trance in her own world, I slowly removed every single cloth from her body and I too got naked, She suddenly stopped me and told me take her nipples in your mouth and put your cock in her cunt and fuck her. She smiled and said now its your time, saying that this sexy hot lady started kissing my face, neck, chest, nipples and then directly went down licking my balls which were cleanly shaved, she was rolling her tongue on the balls and then pulled the foreskin of my cock.

Jasmines wake-up surprise.

anal JasmineCS 2018-10-04

The lips on my thighs pressed up towards my swollen sex, breathing warm and cool air against it at the same time, before one set moved directly over my sex. I lost track of time, thrusting and hammering inside of me, soft and gentle pressing to long, hard thrusts that sent my entire body shaking, until finally the cock in my sex began short quick thrusts, hammering inside of me as orgasm after orgasm raked my body. Strong hands reached up, two fingers pinching both of my nipples before tugging down gently, my cries of pleasure drowned out by my swallowing, and the other womans mouth as I feel my bottom filled with thick ropes of warm, gooey seed.

Black Friday Titty Fucking Rimjobs with my Cuckold

anal snowman888 2018-10-03

Turn the other way so I can eat that ass and suck your balls." He turned around and I fucking ate his ass right there in the changing room. You like French kissing that black mans ass juice off my tongue? His face was buried deep in my ass while hubby rubbed his bald head on my pussy. There dicks got so hard as I rubbed my sexy feet on their faces and nipples. I was rubbing their balls with my feet then would run my big toe down their ass crack. I started to rub the creeps asshole with my big toe. Hubby was sucking my big toe that was just inside the creeps ass.


anal satinexinhose 2018-09-28

Tracey tried to struggle as Lucifer held her tight with his cover her breast, but Lucifer kept slapping her hands away. "Look at that bush," Lucifer laughed as Tracey tried to cover Tracey felt her legs being pulled open and a fingers Tracey tried to twist away and slapped at Lucifer's crotch Suddenly, Tracey felt hands on her breasts, her nipples Tracey felt the hard head of Lucifer's penis in her mouth. Lucifer cried out in pain and slapped Tracey so hard the point Tracey thought her breast were going to be pulled Lucifer had sat at the bar and watched his men have fun "Now, let try it again," as Lucifer pushed Tracey onto her

World Piece

anal dewmywife 2018-09-25

When we got upstairs we say around on the floor, having another beer, with the three guys staring at her tits. I stripped and joined her in the shower as we washed each other with me paying particular attention to her tits and pussy and her to my now hard cock. The crew chief was the first up, since he was a born leader, and stripped displaying his huge erect cock and stepped into the shower with May. She cleaned him up and dropped to her knees to take that big black cock into her tiny asian mouth. There was by beautiful asian wife riding my hard white cock, with a huge black cock in her ass, and a hispanic cock in her mouth.

Brian Owns Me Ch. 04

anal stacey_lynne 2018-09-25

Brian laughed, pulling me closer against his strong body, his cock throbbing deep up my ass. I could not go all the way over my head with my legs: Brian's cock was too deep inside my ass and the lubricant had long since dried up. Again and again, I played with my body and my neck and my ears and my nipples and my thighs, masturbating and in the process masturbating Brian deep up my ass. Fortunately I have maintained a slim figure and through my belly button could feel Brian's perfect, beautiful, and enormous cock throbbing deep up my ass! Brian felt it and his perfect, beautiful, and enormous cock responded by throbbing very hard, deep up my ass.

In the Darkness (take2)

anal 2018-09-18

He slaps my ass making the clip on my clit shimmy and I scream in passion. He places a clip on each nipple and I can barely contain the moan as the pressure makes my nipples start to tingle and burn. He tweaks the clamps on my nipples and I moan at the pleasure/pain it causes as it travels down my body making my clit throb harder and harder until I cum in a bursting orgasm. The pain and pleasure tear through my body making me cum so hard the juices pour between the clamps and onto his hard throbbing cock as he pushes into me over and over again.

Dinner time, Cum, from My Man

anal SissyCharlie 2018-09-13

We arrived at the party and You whispered to me, in my ear, to wait for You, here, outside the Men's bathroom, with my bare arms folded behind my lower back, looking down at the carpet, with my legs close together, just like Your Friends Submissive Girlfriends have to do, till You got done in there. I kept looking down at Your Man Hands on my boobies and I wouldn't move, from the Pleasure from my stinging nipples, as You Rubbed Up on my back side, in front of Your Friends. I'll rub Your Wet Cream onto my white cotton Hi Cut Hanes, size 10, granny panties, till my skirt is clean and dry, but Your Man-Scent will still waft around my body, when Men smile and step up close to me, when You are away, Please?

Submissive in Suburbia

anal love-fist 2018-09-09

Matt moved behind her, and began to touch his wife's soft buttocks, massaging and kneading the fleshy mounds, periodically giving each a open handed smack, and occasionally giving the base of her butt plug a prod He pulled out, and smiled at his wife, sitting on her heels, her breasts tied into torturous purple/red globes, her face covered in messy cum, and her mouth forming a beaming grin, he couldn't help but feel great pangs of love for her. Matt slowly pulled his hand back, watching his wife's arse stretch around his wrist and heel of his hand, he got about a third of the way out, before working it back inside.

End of Exam Rewards

anal TheProtagonist 2018-08-18

She moans and groans and I feel her juices start to flow, her orgasm is coming, it shudders through her body and I immediately pull my fist out and reach for both her nipples twisting them while she orgasm on all fours. I stand before her, my 7" at her mouth, I trace my uncut head around her wet tongue, spreading my precum onto it before I slide my cock slowly down her throat. I can feel my cum coming and I yank it out pulling her legs down and grabbing her hair, I bring her face to my cock and I start to jerk over her face.

My Wife Adores Anal

anal solidlyalpha 2018-08-02

As she continues to suck on my cock with me towering over her, I use my thumb to gently touch her by now over sensitive clit, keeping my four fingers deep in her cunt, rubbing the lining and walls and twisting my fingers into a half grip to clutch the vicinity of her G spot. Taking her harder anally and squeezing both nipples rythmically, I lift her body up off the sheets, releasing one breast and clutching her gorgeous red hair, pulling it back harshly. Taking my hand still on one of her by now painfully sensitive nipples, I alternate between her tender breasts and her cunt, pulling her further over towards me so her body is now lifted off the bed and three quarters on top of me facing away.

Four (4) in 3 days, no wonder my jaws ache

anal antoniaf 2018-07-26

He arrived on time and as soon as we met his tongue was in my mouth, he was so horny and the good thing was he told me when he asked to meet that he was 'viceaux', well he didn't know the difference between rough sex and vicious, he does now. Having denied him several times I decided it was time to finish him off so he got a very slow, long wank, lots of tongue and mouth and suddenly he went very quiet, pushed my head down hard and told me to swallow.


anal 2018-07-15

you feel they eyes on you and your nipples are hardening they open hand cuffs of legs and transport you on a table your hand is touching a cock of one of them and you pull it close to your mouth : he gets out it from mouth and slaps your face hard ... at the same time you feel 2 cock close to your mouth one guy is whipping your pussy with the electric cable... you just feel something pushing in your pussy the last guy is squeezind tits so hard they leave you seated on cone and one of them is pushing his cock deeptrhoat you feel your pussy wide opened... one guy fill your mouth with his cock

The Pharmacist

anal 2018-06-26

Our first sexual experience took place at her Pharmacy after closing….I satisfied her orally as she sat on the counter where she put the scripts together. Many encounters took place there. I after I came and withdrew she turned around and said “You know you just fucked me in the ass? That took me totally by surprise! She said “Don’t apologized, I liked it”. Her nipples not being that sensitive she added wooden clothes pins to them while making love. My fondest memory is the clothespins on her nipples, her sitting on top, with me in her ass. I would tug on the clothespins as I fucked her ass into kingdom cum. She said no….she liked the way if felt.

car park encounter

anal jupiter65 2018-06-23

Before I knew it his dick had slipped into my cunt and was hard as a rock and within 3 mins he had pumped me full of cum. He then left me on the bed and got some towels from the bathroom after he put them under me as well as a pillow ( I felt his dick even harder and more rigid as he entered me) Apart from moaning and screaming I had not said a word he had only growled and said he wanted me more. This was the first time I had been taken like that and when my hubby returned home The following day we had a session that lasted several fucks.

The MILF Next Door 2

anal xDeutsch18 2018-06-23

Don't tell her that I'd kill to share a bed with her, because I will never be able to look Mrs. Emmaline Coleman in the face again without wondering what it would have been like to experience that body. I licked one of the rubbery nubs, and her hand came up, pulling my head against her chest, and my mouth to her nipple. Her hands went from pulling my ass down, to pushing my chest up, in an instant, and she ripped her blindfold mask off. Oh, my god, the things we've said..." Her eyes dropped for an instant to my still hard cock. "No, Mrs. Coleman, I swear, I've never touched Amy," I replied looking her straight in the eyes.

week of school directions

anal samij55 2018-06-22

While sitting in class Mistress Sami texted me and I had to wait to break to see what she wanted. I got dressed and then added nipple clamp and a vibrator in my thong against my balls then I put on my guy pants and shirt grabbed my coat and before I left the room I turned on the vibrator so as I walked I could feel it. When back in the room I removed my guy clothes and set up the strap-on and get the rest of my things out so when I got directions from Mistress Sami I would be ready for what she wanted.

Home Invasion to Anal Invasion

anal LickerLicense 2018-06-14

I enjoyed her sitting on my face, but I wanted to lick deep in her ass. I grabbed her hips, and began fucking her ass with long, hard strokes. Sally started humping again, so I held her upper hip, and banged her cute little ass again. As much as it should have been longer before I came, Sally's ass sent electric pleasure all the way to my brain, which sent back the message that it was time to cum. Sally felt this, and moaned in extreme pleasure, and said, "Fill up my ass with your cum." Hearing those words, I stopped my orgasm, and started a fresh one. Your cock felt so good in my ass, that I didn't want to take it out.

A Quickie...

anal pcghost 2018-06-12

you tell me that you want me to strip and to let you see that i did what i was told; i reach down and slowly pull my shirt over my head, I’m not wearing a bra and my nipples are already a little bit hard. By this time they're hard as a rock, but before i can play with them again, you tell me to turn around and pull the string of my thong aside. For the first time, i can see that you have a glass nearby; you pull out an ice cube and start to run it up my stomach, making me squirm. I can feel your balls slapping against my pussy, as i reach down to play with my clit while u fuck me hard and fast.

Brian Owns Me Ch. 01

anal stacey_lynne 2018-06-07

The string of my tampon hanging between my parted legs feels like the huge and thick rope at the end of the bells of the college carillon sounding the hour from afar. My ass, which up until a few hours ago had been totally virgin, now feels strangely dilated. You branded my ankle with your monogram like you branded my ass with your enormous cock like you branded my heart with your words. My husband, kind and loving and serious looks at me and asks me if I feel OK. There is a full-color, high resolution picture of me on my hands and knees sucking a man's cock, eyes wide open.

Following the White Rabbit. (Part 1)

anal fuzzywhomp 2018-05-29

Two aisles away from me and I could still make out that her nipples were getting hard through her bra and top...... Eventually our eyes caught each other again and this time neither of us looked away. Next thing I know i'm in the carpark and i'm loading my shopping into the boot of my car. Her voice sounded 10 years younger than she looked. "You know what I mean, the harder you stare at my nipples, the harder they'll get....." I felt my face flush. "No," i replied "what makes you think i'm shy?" I could tell she was toying with me and I knew it showed all over my face. "Oh,nothing" she replied,"can I ask you something?" Here it comes.....