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She Was 22

anal older-wiser13 2018-12-01

One small hand encircled the base of his straining cock--just her thumb and forefinger--and she slowly pulled the skin of the shaft up and over the rim of the bulging head squeezing tightly, tightly all the way and oh yes, there it was oozing out---more of that glistening pre-cum, now running down the head and spreading out under the rim. Feeling the wet hole where she fucked, being in her like that urged him on and he began eating her gorgeous breasts faster, rougher, with a wide open mouth, covering her with his saliva while he fucked her as fast as he could with his fingers.

The Lesson

anal Beautifullittlebaby 2018-09-10

The principal noticed this, and as the next three smacks were placed on her reddening ass, he began to rub the outside of his trousers. He took his throbbing cock out of his pants and began rubbing his mushroom head back and forth against the crack of her ass. It was painful for her at first, but she gave in to his movements and took much pleasure in the feeling of his cock deep inside her. He strolled over with his cock in his hand stroking it slowly and looking down at her soaking pussy. "Fuck me," Megan whispered, "fuck me hard." He continued to ravish her chest as he pulled her body right to the edge of the desk.