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Investments control

anal AndreaDetroit 2018-12-02

"Well we've been here almost three and a half hours," I said, casually, "and it’s so fucking hot in here, I can hardly breathe." She gave me a knowing and maybe it was just my imagination but I thought I detected a wistful look. "Ah ha," she said triumphantly, "I knew you were looking." Her eyes shone like beacons and her mouth formed a knowing smirk. Seeing her standing like that, her glistening pussy winking at me from between her widely spread stocking clad legs and her pert little bum ready to receive my cock was one of the horniest things I'd seen for a long time and as I stood up and moved behind her I couldn't help tugging at my manhood.

One Chance part 2

anal lafayettemister 2018-11-28

"I guess that note doesn't say what I thought it said." I say while turning to greet her as she pulls open the shower curtain. I turn as she brings her hand to her mouth and licks off the last bits of cum from her fingers. Leaving her ass, my hand finds it's way between her legs which she quickly opens for my probing fingers. With my other hand I pull her hair until our kiss is broken, holding her head so I am looking in her eyes. Before she has time to recover, still breathless, glassy eyed, and trembling, I turn her around and press my now fully hard cock against her ass.

A Treasured Memory, Chapter 3

anal oceanrunner 2018-11-24

Her legs spread a bit and my cock's head slid against her lips, and almost between them -- it took every ounce of restraint I had not to push myself into her virgin pussy at that very moment. But if she really wanted me to stop, she’d say “avocado.” So all that was really happening was that the reality of my thick, large cock going up her ass was bumping up against the idea she’d had in her head, which was not as immediate or real as my all-too-present erection. It was a good thing I had to wait, because the situation and the amazing tightness of her ass would have brought me to orgasm far too soon after having been on the edge for so long.

Inhibitions, Master Clara

anal naughnukk 2018-11-13

Come with me into the van,” the woman said pulling her long penis out of my anus. Come to me, my slave,” Clara said as she stepped around me and started to grope the woman who was standing immediately behind me. The woman thrashed and squealed as Clara skillfully sucked the previously flaccid penis to its full eight inches long. With a quick up and down slide of her pussy she slid my entire penis inside her hot vagina in one motion. I relaxed my anus and soon felt a hot thick penis slid deep inside me. The slave was thrusting harder and deeper now and Clara’s pussy contractions pulled my penis deeper.

Rachel Fucking the Tourist

anal Scorpio2015 2018-11-11

I started to suck Peter's cock cleaning it off of my cum and pussy juices. I soon started to cum and Peter somehow found the energy to make me fuck him faster, I continued to cum in a massive, powerful, explosive, double orgasm. As I started to scream in passion, Peter fucked me harder making me cum again in a minute. Peter started to fuck me very slowly, a minute later, Peter started to fuck me a little harder, I told him that his cock in my ass felt better than I thought it would. Soon he started to fuck me harder, and I told him that I was starting to like this feeling of his cock in my ass.

Samantha's Night at the Pool Party.

anal Road_Runner 2018-11-07

Jenny immediately started taking off her top and Samantha just stared at her like she had just grown an extra head. He started tonguing and sucking her clit again bringing her to the edge ever so slowly. After what felt like an hour Samantha started shaking so hard as she came all over poor Franks face. Frank was too close to cumming for this, so he placed his hand on her head pulling her forward, ramming his cock in her mouth and half way down her throat in one motion. Samantha pulled back a little to keep from gagging, but took him right down her throat again while reaching out to play with his balls.

How It All Began Ch.04

anal TheTravellingMan 2018-11-05

As Jack looked downward to see Tanya slowly sucking his cock, Fay's fingers pulled at his hard nipples. Tanya smiled wickedly and looked into Fay's eyes as she fed in his cock into her mouth and took as much of Jack's length as she could. Idly, Fay placed her hand between her legs, poked one finger into her cunt and looked hungrily upon Jack's athletic body and his hard thick erect cock. Looking to Jack's face and his eyes screwed shut, Tanya pushed her cock into him deeply again and leant forward to grip his cock; wanking it firmly as she fucked his arse. Gasping in surprise, Jack felt Tanya withdraw the cock from him as two fingers, cold and slippery slid into his freshly fucked arse.

I didn't know I was such a Whore

anal Stagman 2018-11-01

I fucked up.“ I began to think of the consequences of my drunken night and realized I had no idea how I was going to pay my tuition much less fix my car and repair the damage to the home I was renting. I knew it was coming and I found that I wanted to lick his asshole on camera so he could complete his degradation of his little white whore. I thought he would face fuck me and cum down my throat, but he pulled his dick out and forced me to turn back around. You’re going to need all of the lubrication you can get, because this isn’t up for discussion, I’m fucking that tight little white ass.”

Camping with Katie

anal LarsKaiden 2018-11-01

When Katie got up to go to the bathroom, I asked Sarah if she’d noticed what was going on, to which she responded that Katie was just being polite with the waiter and that she didn’t really fancy him. While I got undressed, she turned on the shower and stood beneath the hot water, letting it flow over her lithe young body, her hands held over her chest, her long legs twisting coyly. I stepped into the shower to join her, upon which Katie handed me a tube of shower gel, pushing the shower head aside so that the water wouldn’t wash away the soap.

Acting out Fantasies Ch. 05: After Work

anal revolution1776 2018-08-29

After a minute of Heather sucking my cock I pick her up and took off her skirt exposing her panties that were soaked with her wet pussy juices. She explained that she felt guilty cheating on the man she loved but at the same time I gave her a thrill that he never could and she thanked me, I interrupted her and told her not to thank me yet and rolled over so I'm on top of her and started fucking her again going a little faster every time she moaned. After a few moments Heather has the most powerful orgasm I have ever seen, her cum and juices flowing out of her pussy like a sink that lasted for what seemed like a good 5 long seconds making a puddle on the bed.

Trumpet Lesson

anal Brown32 2018-08-08

I heard the trumpet case zip open, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear my new student breeze through the chromatic scale. Let's hear you play the first few bars of this piece," I said in a half-assed attempt to sound professional. Instead of just letting my hands limply sit on her ass, I slid them down the back of her thighs. "Looks like you're ready to get fucked, missy," I said as I drug my finger over her wet pussy. She turned around and faced me suddenly and brought those cum drenched fingers up to her swollen lips and rubbed as much on them as she put in her mouth.

Cruise to Alaska Day 02

anal LaPatitMort 2018-03-25

I'd send all those old fogies back to their rooms hyper ventilating and trying to stop thinking about that beautiful wet body of yours rubbing all over me." Carrie was getting into the thought. As I blindfolded her with another stocking and gagged her with the last one, I leaned close and whispered very softly, "Carrie I will never hurt you but I am going to scare you a little." I stepped completely away, giving her a moment to struggle against her ties and realize she could not scream or see what was going to happen. I slapped her ass hard and said, "Relax for me Carrie." She did and both fingers went in about an inch and stopped.


anal AliSaintRose 2018-01-09

"I just want to feel the air on my legs." She said, giggling, "Wow, that was some good wine." She sat back on the couch, pulling Jerry down with her and tossing her legs over his lap. Jerry happily complied, pulling her shirt up and shoving her bra out of the way, he tugged gently on one of her nipples, rolling it between his fingers, "Ah!" She cried out in pleasure as she started grinding against his hand that was still nestled snuggly between her legs. While she was thinking, Jerry pulled her in tight again and reached thumb to pinky to push and shake both of her nipples at the same time, "I know you want it baby.

Ms. Morgan's Dilemma

anal bhanover 2017-12-06

Professor Smyth's big cock inside of me was starting to feel amazing. But Professor Smyth's finger felt so good in my ass that I was definitely changing my mind. I'm going to get your little asshole ready for my big cock." I felt him rubbing his finger all around my asshole before he stuck it in, slowly stretching my ass with his finger. He pulled away, removing his fingers from my ass, and I heard him open and squeeze the lube bottle again. The pain receded as I rubbed, and I started liking the feeling of him inside my ass. Cum on my big cock, all the way inside that tight ass."

Touch Me, Baby

anal Aurora Black 2017-11-23

Caleb's breath picked up slightly at the sight, and I continued to watch him from beneath my lowered lashes as he leaned down and kissed the insides of my thighs. I could tell from the look in his sexy eyes that he wanted it too, and that he was having a hard time doing the right thing. I felt something brush against me, and I opened my eyes to see Caleb sitting at the edge of the porcelain tub, holding my sea sponge in his large hands. Under the water, I felt his fingers rub against my labia, gently opening them to expose my pulsing clit to his loving fingertips.

A Frenchman's Sexual Journey 01

anal walterio 2017-11-14

Pierre, Amelie's son, was standing behind Julian with his impressive uncut cock shoved up Julian's ass. "Wet your finger in my pussy and stick it in my ass," Maria whispered excitedly. Julian kept fucking her as stream after stream was fired into her ass as his cock kept twitching and spurting inside the impaled Maria. Maria felt so full of cum and there was no where for it to go as it was blocked by Julian's swollen cock buried in her ass. Then he felt Maria stick a lubricated finger in his asshole and it was the first time that anything had been in Julian's ass. Julian never did get to fuck Maria's pussy as she only wanted his cock in her ass.

A Chill in the Night

anal phunmaninphx 2017-10-17

Knowing that you had complied with my instructions and not worn panties to bed, and anticipating how soft and warm and silky your skin would feel, I continued my journey, luxuriating in the erotic brush of your skin under my hand, following the contour of your luscious butt cheek until it ended at the crease where your upper thigh began. As my palm covered the planes of your thigh and began the ascent of your right buttock I allowed my fingers to trail lightly over the lips of your labia then brush a light-as-a-feather whisper up the crack of your ass.