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Chasing Away the Numb

anal oceanrunner 2018-11-16

My cock got hard with every text exchange, and the idea of doing the things she wanted wormed its way into my head and wouldn’t leave. I wondered if I’d have guessed librarian if I hadn’t known, but either way, I imagined pushing her to her knees, taking a rough handful of her hair, and fucking her delicate-looking mouth as hard as I wanted. I thrust my hips against her face, making her feel my cock against her cheeks and lips, enjoying the sensation. “Do you want me to fuck your ass?” I asked, touching the tip of my cock to her clenched anus.

If I Had One Night

anal docmatzke 2018-07-22

I'm going to rub it nice and slowly and let my finger glide over it, spreading your juices all over it until I start slapping your pussy. Hearing your little moans every time another toe goes in my mouth makes me eager to finish sucking on them. I finger your pussy as I lick and tongue fuck that ass. I tongue fuck your pussy while fingering your ass making you cum so hard you don't know which way is up. I slap your ass and start fucking you faster and faster, harder and harder and deeper and deeper. Spooning your sexy naked body, you start rubbing your ass up against me making my cock hard again.

Norwegian Wood

anal norselegend 2018-05-24

Alicia looked deep into my eyes and I kissed her then, setting my wine glass on the table behind her and taking hold of her slim waist, pulling her tight against me. I rolled Alicia over so she supported her upper body with her arms on the lip of the spa and the water supported her lower body, aided by my hands on her hips, her silky thighs resting on my own as I kneeled on the floor of the hot tub between her legs. Her ass was perfect and I loved squeezing and massaging her round, juicy butt, and I hungrily tongued her asshole and licked her pussy, sucking on her clit and pulling her ass against my face like my life depended on it.


anal Spip 2018-01-11

Being an independent dynamic woman if anyone had told her she was to be spanked, slapped, sodomised and generally humiliated by her partner she would have thought them mad. She was crying like a little girl no just from the pain of the slapping she had just received but from the humiliation of it all. And docile she was now, she was about to give him head right the way down her throat and as humiliated as she felt her pussy was very, very, wet. That was a bit of an understatement as he in fact was going out of his way to make her feel like a little girl. Unfortunately it must have been obvious to him as he started calling her a dirty little bitch for liking it up the ass.