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anal sweet_as_candy 2018-03-01

Emphasising the deliberate swing of her hips, Layla knew her new boyfriend would be watching the sway of her rounded ass as she walked away. His eyes slowly worked their way up and down Layla's tight uniformed body. Pulling her head off him, he flinched at the sensitivity of her tight mouth pop from his saliva-coated dick. Slowly pushing against the muscles, Mr. Richmond began to build up his rhythm, fucking the slutty student harder and deeper, giving her his full length. Pulling her cheeks apart, he watched his cock disappear inside of her channel, fucking her ass without mercy. Continue with your efforts and I’m sure you’ll pass this class in no time.” Throwing her bag over her shoulder Layla headed toward the classroom door.

Boarding School

anal ChrissyDPfanatic 2018-02-24

My mouth suddenly shot open as I moaned loud and three fingers were now sliding slowly into my ass, I guess he thought this meant I wanted to suck him, because he adjusted and pushed his massive cock head between my lips. I could feel her spread her fingers each time they slid outward and soon I was moaning over his cock head. I was able to look back over my shoulder as the table shook quite a bit, to see him mounting me with her holding his rock hard cock and pointing it right at my ass as she slipped her tongue in his.

One Thing Leads to Another: Semen is Mostly Sugar?

anal Magical_felix 2018-02-23

The class quickly emptied and Christine made her way to Vasiliev's desk where he was seated going over some papers. As Christine was admiring her teachers dick she fixated on a framed picture of Vasiliev's wife and two young children. He places his hands on the back of Christine's legs, got really close and began to slowly lick up and down her young wet pussy. Christine clenched his finger tightly and Vasiliev felt like his dick was getting harder than it had ever been before. Come on Mr. V fuck that ass..." Christine sighed loudly as she felt Vasilievs dick force it's way up her tight hole. Christine continued to push back and pull away until Vasiliev placed his hands on her hips and took over.

mandy gets taught a lesson.

anal lolal_lolipop 2018-02-19

The only reason I fucked that Jensen was because she looks a bit like you." He laughed, then continued "you cannot possibly know how many times I have thought about you, how I have pictured fucking your tight little cunt, forcing you to take my cock to the hilt in your mouth, and now, I plan to" God, she thought, what it would be like to have that cock in her mouth........He continued to spank her, laughing as he did so, delighting in Mandy's gasps of pain, and, she hated to admit it, pleasure. Rafe thrust himself into her rectum as hard as he could. Mandy screamed at the invasion of his cock, it felt as if a white hot poker had been rammed up her ass………….But, she somehow liked it.

French Lessons

anal starbelliedboy 2018-02-16

Generally I didn't really like meeting my old teachers, it was always a bit odd being treated normally by people who had been authority figures for me only a short time ago, and even if Mrs. Woodcock (she was French, but had married an English guy) was far more attractive than the others with her long blonde hair, large breasts, sparkling eyes behind her black rimmed glasses, and most of all her sexy French accent, I was still not too keen to meet her. She took my glass from my unresisting hands, and as her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, she brought my right hand up and placed it on one of her large, firm breasts, squeezing it tight over it, then leaning closer, still kissing me, putting one arm around my waist while her other hand stroked the back of my head.

The Teacher's Pet - part 1

anal Forbiddenwriter 2018-02-10

I don't know if it was my shoulder-length, curly, dirty blond hair, with a goatee to match, or my blue eyes, dashing smile, or just my reputation, but every female student wanted me. She wore a white button-up shirt and had her hair in pig-tails, she usually dressed pretty slutty, but today, I swear she was trying to look like a teen pop star. “If you can make me forget about my vacation before 3 o'clock (which was in 25 minutes) then I'll give you a passing grade, if not, then you'll need to bring one of your slut friends with you for a threesome to make up for the time you're making me waste.”

He Was My Teacher PT 2

anal lauralonglegs 2018-02-06

Shouting out how much I needed him, how I needed his cum in me, but all he did was grunt and slap my ass, pulling on my hair with his other hand. His wet middle finger pushed against my virgin ass hole, and slipped in. He finger slowly pushed into my ass hole, and he just left it there, as he kissed up my back. I nodded and tilted my head back, grinning a little as I kissed him roughly, as his finger worked in my ass. He fucked me, good and proper, making me beg for mercy as he slapped my ass hard with his rough palms.

April, Cum She Will

anal oceanrunner 2018-02-03

I hadn’t done that in a long time, as I’d found it more depressing than arousing, having the bored dancer fake moan about how sexy I was and how turned on she was as she chewed her gum and looked relieved at the end of each song. I hope she’d come talk to me, though I realized that with only two girls there, it was likely that more than a few of the other men would want lap dances from her, especially since she was the most attractive woman I’d yet seen at the club.

Back to Black with Mr Kain: Chapter 1

anal sexy_story_tella 2018-01-29

"Miss Young, what are you doing loitering in the corridors." Mr. Kain's deep voice said. 1 more finger and I came furiously, thinking of Mr Kain at the same time. "Hello, glad you made it on time." And then he saw what I was wearing and his mouth opened slightly. He started to slide his hand up my leg and he reached my pussy and felt that I had no panties on. He nibbled on my clit hard, bit the pain was quickly replaced with pure uncensored pleasure. "She won't be home in ages sweetie." Then I took out his rock hard cock and started sucking on it. He gently eased his 11 inches into my tight ass and moaned as he started to fill me up.

Mr Archer Ch 2

anal Celtic_Lad 2018-01-29

Juliette pulled away but Michael still held her and then half pushed, half guided her through the doorway of his bedroom, straight onto the bed, pulling her knickers down so her buttocks and sex were fully exposed. He stepped forward to slide his cock against her inner thighs and then slowly fed his shaft inside her, roughly moving her hips until he was properly in position. Juliette was making small pleasured noises as they fucked hard on the bed with Michael standing behind her. As Juliette began to relax her muscles just slightly, Michael very slowly fed his length one inch at a time inside her arse until he was hard against her buttocks.

The Teacher

anal Stringer321 2018-01-12

I focussed hard to stop myself coming and this paid off as before long I felt Cathy thrusting down harder, her breath coming in ragged gasps before she suddenly pushed herself on to my cock really hard but didn't ride back up it this time as her legs gripped tightly around my thighs and her orgasm came. Cathy began to rub her bare pussy lips more frantically and as I pushed in to her she moved back harder on to my cock with each thrust. When the twitching stopped Cathy pulled forwards until my cock came out of her arse and she then laid on her back, legs open and rubbed herself hard until she reached orgasm a few minutes later.

A Summer I'll Never Forget Ch. 01

anal MasterRamses 2017-12-10

I clench her ass in my hands, spreading her pussy lips as I do, and churn the tip of my cock in her bowels. Pinning her under my weight and knocking the pencil mug off her desk in the process, I cum so hard into her asshole that it feels like the tip is gone when my balls are finally limp. Looking into the dark pools of her eyes, I grip her ass and stroke a slow stab into the wet, rubbery walls of her pussy. When the ridge of my cock settles behind her pussy lips, her eyelids flutter and she breaks the kiss, arching her back and clutching the arms of the chair hard enough to crack three of her knuckles.

Passing with Distinction

anal WILD_SOUL 2017-11-25

Her door is closed and I start to knock but then I hear a noise coming from inside the class. "Get your ass in this class and close the door behind you." she says and walks to her desk. "Take your cock out of your pants, I want to see it." She says and walks round to the front of her desk and sits down on. "You've got a nice cock, come closer." she says. With one hand I stroke my cock and with the other one I reach up and play with her right nipple. I continue fucking her pussy for another minute before pulling out and pushing my wet cock down to her asshole.

Trumpet Lesson

anal Brown32 2017-11-18

I heard the trumpet case zip open, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear my new student breeze through the chromatic scale. Let's hear you play the first few bars of this piece," I said in a half-assed attempt to sound professional. Instead of just letting my hands limply sit on her ass, I slid them down the back of her thighs. "Looks like you're ready to get fucked, missy," I said as I drug my finger over her wet pussy. She turned around and faced me suddenly and brought those cum drenched fingers up to her swollen lips and rubbed as much on them as she put in her mouth.

Drama 101 Pt. 01 Ch. 04

anal SexiKitten96 2017-11-10

He showed her the pics, they showed her on his desk, tits bare and covered in Cum and her looking at the camera. She smiled and slowly ran her hands over her cum covered breasts then down her bare torso. He sets his phone where it still records them and holds her hips as he pushes harder, making the head slip into her ass. He pulled out of her ass and quickly moved around the desk, he stroked himself quickly and came hard, shooting strand after strand all over her face, coating it in his cum and the camera catching it all. She gave a flirtatious smile and bite her bottom lips as she looked at the camera.


anal QuietSurprise 2017-10-13

I get to my office and open the door, dropping my notes as I take in the sight in front of me; one of the older girls -- at least 18, sitting on the edge of my desk slowly rubbing her fingers across her clit, dressed in a impossibly short skirt, white blouse and tie -- standard uniform -- and white stockings and suspenders which are clearly not endorsed by the guidelines! As I rested my cock at the entrance to her arse, she shot a glance over her shoulder: "This is the start of your punishment," I tell her as I gently push against her.

The High School Slut Ch. 02

anal PrincessErin 2017-10-10

"Fuck you look so sexy." Joel stepped in and immediately kissed her hard. You actually doing homework now?" Joel pushed up her shirt and sucked hard on her nipples through her bra. She didn't want to think about Daniel while fucking Joel, but he was making it hard to do so. He had heard a rumor that Savannah had let Griffin fuck her in the ass and wanted to see how slutty she really was. And to think they assume I'm a virgin." Savannah knelt by Joel's cock and slowly put on the condom. "Fuck you feel good." Joel grunted like an animal in heat and pushed in hard.

An After School Treat

anal kej1228 2017-10-08

As I grabbed my pencil, I turned my head back toward Mr. Breslow's desk to see that he was starring right at my ass, just as I had hoped. The feeling of being his submissive student slut was so good that when he gave me a moment to catch my breath I said "Thank you Mr. Breslow." "Looks like you're ready." he said as he pulled the fingers out of me and placed his cock right up to my pussy lips. "What are you doing?" I asked as Mr. Breslow's tongue left my asshole long enough for him to reply by saying "As I told you before, I love your ass."

Waiting on "Daddy"

anal KandyKanebbal 2017-09-22

A tentative lick along the entire length of her snatch running his tongue around her clit a few times before standing and grabbing her by the hair forcing his massive 10 inch cock into her mouth "That's right baby, suck daddy's cock. " That's right daddy fuck my pussy hard. "Daddy's going to fuck that tiny asshole of yours in just a min" as he inserts one then two fingers into her ass as he's pounding that tiny pussy. Your dirty little girl loves the way...nnngh...her daddy is fucking her ass!!" "I'm going to cum soon.....I'm going to fill that pretty little ass with a shit ton of cum baby....Daddy is going to make you feel so good!"

Susan's Son's Friend Ch. 02

anal Linda59 2017-09-20

Susan was then shocked when Jeff grabbed her ass cheeks and leaned into her pussy with his face, and began to lick her "down there!" Susan did not have to be told twice, She wanted the feel of Jeff's cock inside her again. Jeff worked his cock in her very tight hole, and when he felt he was in enough, he thrust it as far as it would go into Susan's violated ass, and she gasped again, not ready for its size. "I like watching my hard cock as it slides effortlessly into your naughty little ass, Mrs. Jenkins. Jeff sat back and stared at Susan's freshly fucked asshole, watching its quivering pucker, winking at him as if trying to convince him to put his cock back inside.

The Tutor Fantasy

anal ma demoiselle 2017-08-28

He pins me and shoves up my tank top and takes my tit in his mouth and sucks the nipple hard, so hard that I imagine it turning giant and purple, and then he's grabbing my hair and whispering fiercely, "If I take the test for you, you'll let me come in your mouth, your hair, your pussy, your ass--anywhere I want." Then Dan fucks me over a bit--as I'm slurping on a downward stroke, Dan takes his hand away, and I keep descending, searching for that elusive circle of Dan's thumb and index finger that will let me know that I can pull backwards. He is kind, and rests for a moment with just the head of his cock popped inside of my ass, waiting for my gasps and pants turned slowly to moans and whimpers.

Ms. Nolwick's Writing Class

anal nolwick13579 2017-08-16

I surveyed the room's circular seating arrangement and finally decided to settle at a desk three spots counter-clockwise from my regular seat, right next to the table that Ms. Nolwick liked to sit on during class. Today she was wearing a deep blue skirt with a black top, and her round-toed knee-high boots with the block heel. The camera pans down, passing over her short black skirt, which doesn't even reach the top of her thigh-highs, and further down to her black, round-toed boots. I reach up with both hands and grab those perfect mounds of ass through her skirt, placing my each of my thumbs in the nook where her legs begin to curve outward into her buttocks.

Two Teachers Share Anal Sex Fantasy

anal lou26 2017-08-16

"I only ask because I know that you're married, and have children, and I'm wondering if it's normal for sex to dwindle after marriage." Lars stopped smiling and looked intensely into my eyes. Reminding myself that this was my one and only chance to be as wild and sexually adventurous as possible (without it involving my husband), I took Lars's face in my hands, looked him right in the eye and said, With me still bent over his desk, Lars pushed his tongue deep inside my tight ass hole and tongue-fucked me into the best orgasm of my entire life. Reaching one hand up and finding my clit, Lars began playing with my pussy while slowly pushing his cock deeper inside my ass.

The Blond and the Professor

anal BananaAnn 2017-08-09

She sat sideways in a desk in the back of the classroom with her elbows on her knees and her chin resting in her hands, her blond hair falling forward and hiding her face from him. He leaned over her desk and pulled his finger out of her mouth. Her warm hand closed around his cock and she leaned forward to suck his tip into her hot mouth. Her eyes were closed as he slid in and she was biting her lip, her hand kneading her breast. Caught up in the moment, in the scent of sex that filled the classroom and his warm body so close to her, she encouraged him, "Please, put your big dick in my tight little asshole."