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Temp Job

anal nickitaylor 2018-06-25

Well, the queue kept on growing and the baristas were working as fast as they could, but, as it happened, Larry and my drinks came up at about the same time. Larry went to a sink and filled it with water, then started dabbing at the coffee stains on his shirt. He held my head in his hands, and started to gently rock back and forth, like he was fucking my mouth. Larry's rocking became more of a thrusting, and I was gagging on his cock--it really was huge, and it even felt like it was getting bigger. He leaned over me, his hands on my hips and whispered, "I am going to fuck your tight little arse."

My Virgin arse

anal Roxanne 2018-06-20

Then some one climbed onto the table and I could feel a cock rub my juices and then begin to nudge forward and enter my pussy. Little did I know at that time I had six well hung guys all lined up ready to stick their cocks into my mouth each having a go at each end and changing when Alun stopped the music. Another cock was then pushing at my little arse, and he went in and out until he came. The competition had decided who was the first to fuck my virgin arse and who had sloppy seconds, dirty bastards but I was loving my birthday present. Alun then climbed the table and slowly inserted his cock into my now sore and sloppy arse.

First time

anal AnalFucker44 2018-06-19

Soon I felt my cum building, and she sensed it too, cause she pulled off and told me to shoot it deep inside her, I had never fucked her before but I wanted her pussy wraped around my cock so bad. As I started to fuck her she started to really talk dirty, telling me how great my ass looked and how great my dick felt deep in her pussy. Then she started to slowly pull the dildo out of my ass, and right before it came out, she shoved it all the way back in. This caused her to cum all over the bed again, after she calmed down I took my well lubed cock and shoved it to the hilt into her ass.

Just a Girl

anal Frank_Lee 2018-06-02

She kept hoping he’d push his finger inside, but every time he started rubbing or sucking on her clit she couldn’t think of anything else. She barely realized she was rubbing her slit as she gazed at his rigid cock standing tall again between his legs until he started stroking his shaft and told her how much he loved watching her touch her pussy. The top of his shaft already had traces of wet from the way she’d been rubbing her pussy on him, but she rubbed more oil over his cock and balls than he’d ever need to fuck her ass.

Teen in the Castle -3- Teaching Alyssa

anal Spleen_Muse 2018-05-29

Not entirely sure why her dress would get in the way, if Martin wanted to kiss her pussy, Alyssa still took it off. Alyssa stroked his chest with her right hand, before going down to take hold of his cock. Gently pulling apart her buttcheeks with his right hand, gave Martin access to both her pussy and her tiny asshole. Since he had put the last piece of butter inside of Alyssa, Martin now had nothing to lubricate his cock with. Martin tried to use his right hand to spread her ass even more, as his left hand was wrapped around his cock, pushing it into Alyssa. The ass of Alyssa squeezed some of the liquid butter out off her body, along Martin’s cock as he kept going.

Claiming the Rear Entrance

anal AlexaFox 2018-05-28

Curious, I begin rubbing my foamy hands over my round ass cheeks in a circular motion until my wandering wet fingers are pressing against my untouched rosebud. The picture sends my other hand to my clit where I begin slowly stroking it in lazy upward movements; my fingers exploring my back door start moving in the same motion. I feel one warm hand on the center of my back that pushes my upper body down forcing me rest my head on the pillow with my ass in the air. James starts pumping slowly in and out of my ass letting my tight ring adjust to his size but it doesn't take long before he surrenders to his own pleasure.

When Love Comes To Town

anal RavenFox 2018-05-26

You think I have gotten weak?” Tadeo spun her around and kissed her, pressing his chest against the gentle swell of her young flesh. Tadeo released Aileen and allowed the thought of asking her father for permission to marry her to soften the erection that was straining against his jeans. Tadeo took Aileen into his arms and held her against his bare chest. I’m setting up on top of this sharp rock if you don’t come tell me where you want the tent, babe!” His grin was visible at a distance. It took a while, but Tadeo felt his cock soften and slowly slip from Aileen’s ass. “I love you, Tadeo, “ Aileen murmured against his lips as she kissed him.

Losing It

anal HeraTeleia 2018-05-25

Allowing her a moment of control before abruptly taking her face in my hands and driving my engorged cockhead to the back of her mouth, forcing my entire shaft down her willing throat.  I ran the cool metal of the clamp around one dark, rose pink areola, teasing her as my free hand played with her sodden pussy, slippery beyond all knowing, soaked and slick as it was with her own arousal and my thick cum. I began pressing the bulb of my cock forward into her tight anus, just enough to force it open, holding firm, even as I felt her trying to move her hips, to shift herself onto me.

Teen in the Castle -4- Anal in the Morning

anal Spleen_Muse 2018-05-24

Alyssa had done her best to cover as much of the restless cock as she could, but Damien didn’t give her a lot of time. Alyssa had gotten used to letting her ass get stretched like that, but the speed at which Damien was entering her was unmatched by any previous session. As she heard Damien grunt, Alyssa felt his cock exploding in her rear body. The girl wasn’t sure that there were cum stains in it, but she didn’t want to take the risk of looking. As the maester’s boney fingers started to investigate the inside of her genitals, Alyssa felt the cum slowly dripping out of her anus.

Still a Virgin?

anal meloout 2018-05-10

"Thanks, you definitely are looking good," Frank said moving a little closer to her. Nancy began to stroke Frank's cock and rubbed his balls until he started to moan. She took a step back and, with her hands on her hips, looked at Frank and still catching her breath said, "I like you a lot and I hate playing games. As his tongue moved back down the crack of her ass, Nancy slid her hand down to her pussy. Sue wondered what it would feel like having Frank's fingers in her butt. "Oh yeah fuck me," Nancy said as she moved her ass backwards to meet his cock.


anal 2018-05-07

Girl-after-girl mounted Dick's rock-hard Cock and eased herself down onto his cock --slowly wedging the thick Penis up into her tight little hole, until slowly she felt the thin membrane of skin break, and with a scream of pain and pleasure, the girl would slip down onto his Cock with a splash of bl**d and Lube as she eased down into his penetrating Dick…and the rest of the girls crowding around "ooOOOhhed" and "aaAAHHHed" in sexual excitement, as they could see her ecstasy and pain to have the massive Schlong penetrating deep up into her guts.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 09

anal jacktar48 2018-04-26

The distraction of eating her pussy was enough to delay my orgasm, and when I licked down her slit and plunged my tongue first into her hot snatch and then into her puckered asshole, she dropped my cock and ground herself against my face, her thighs quivering as she came all over my face. My cock jumped in anticipation of her hot mouth engulfing my tool, but to my surprise she tugged at my shoulder and said, "Roll over." Gingerly I rolled over onto my back, afraid that the foreign object would further penetrate my overstretched asshole, but it did not, and when she grasped my cock and started licking around the head I almost forgot about the rubber thing in my ass.

Another Kind of Romance

anal CJB1969 2018-03-23

I made no protest when he grabbed a handful of my hair and guided his cock to my lips using the wet head to gloss my lips before pushing past them into my warm mouth. I quickly became excited and began sucking deeply on the shaft playing with the tip with my tongue, sliding it out completely so that I could lick up and down and lower my head to take his balls gently in my mouth. Releasing my hands he began kneading the huge lobes, stimulating my nipples with the rough sandpaper of his cheeks and chin, then biting them and sucking on them he began to raise himself slightly so that he could place his cock between my thighs to dry hump me, allowing the thick shaft to rub against my plentiful curls.

Laurie the Dirty Virgin

anal Olibauer 2018-03-18

I continued to eat her sweet pussy to a loud orgasm before she rolled over and moaned "okay, I need it now, I want you inside me." She jumped up and grabbed a bottle of lube from the bed and as she was squeezing the contents onto her hand she said, "just so you know, I've never had anything that big, you're gonna have to go really slow." The moan turned to a loud gasp as I gently pushed the tip in and felt the head of my dick slip into her arse. I continued to push forward a couple of inches until Laurie shouted "ah fuck that's big." I stopped and asked if she was okay and she moaned back "yes, ah, don't stop, just go slow."

Flower Institute - Northern dilemma

anal petdyke 2018-03-17

One of the most delicate requests to the Institute came from sexually liberated Scandinavia. A young Swedish teen wasn´t a virgin anymore. So she wrote to the Institute in Amsterdam. The dilemma wasn´t that the teen wasn´t a virgin, of course. Well, I don´t mean it´s business. Just that it´s no one else´s business. Lovely looking Lisa - too young and pretty to be true - booked her flight. So far a very hot story, isn´t it? How lovely Lisa looks, when wet and hot, is visible for the curious eye. Sooner or later, her Mistress will show her this story. And she will loose her last virtual virginity reading my words of love to her.

Admission of a Slut

anal blooke1234 2018-03-06

His butt licking never missed a beat and I decided it was time to get a taste of his cock. I could not wait for that cock in my ass to fill my mouth with cum. The final half of his cock slid in easier as soon I could feel his pubis rubbing up against the base of my bottom, meaning my ass had fully swallowed his length. I got back on my knees, and looked at his still rock-hard cock, straight out of my ass. I slowly opened my mouth and let my tongue come into contact with his steaming cock. I wrapped my hands around his cock and started rubbing his dick all over my cum soaked face.

Nun Gives in to Lust Ch. 02

anal MrRusty2000 2018-02-03

She watched as he took hold of his own cock and then studying her open sex, stroked it up and down from her anus to her clit, until her pussy gaped and flowed. She began to cum, the painter could feel her pussy gripping his cock. The painter didn't fuck her very deeply, but it was enough seeing his cock disappearing in this nuns ass for his cum to surge forth and empty his balls into her. Sister Joanne raised one leg over a chair arm and sucked 3 inches of the fruit, then brought the green tip to her opening. Then nun then started to slowly fuck herself, wanking her clit as it was pushed deep inside.


anal nestaf 2018-01-29

We've kissed naturally from the start and I love it...our tongues play against one another and my hand slips up to the side of your face, the back of your head as I get hungrier for more...our kisses get harder...and they're not alone...I can feel my cock stir...from your nearness and from what's to come... I slip the toy out of you and run it to your clit...I want you excited, wanting my cock inside you, anywhere you can get other hands plays with your ass...and slipping a finger inside you, first just the tip, then to the first knuckle...then the second...more oil..and I press my long middle finger all the way into your ass, working it slowly in and out, working you open, getting you ready...

Steve Fucks Dana's Brains Out

anal BigDickSteve 2018-01-26

However, one afternoon, during math class, the best thing of my life happened. The first incident was when she, in math class, deliberately rubbed her ass on my arm when she walked over to grab a laptop from our class's laptop cart. The next incident was in my afternoon ELA class, and this time, I was flirting with her and joking around with my friends, and I pulled up a chair behind Dana's desk/chair combination. I pumped my dick into her extremely tight ass, and then she came, and as her sphincters contracted rapidly, I came as well, shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum in her ass.

Breaking In Our New Trailer

anal analbabe 2018-01-22

"Babe, what are you doing?" he asked in a shaky voice as I squirted some lube on his ass. "Well if that hurt," I sneered, "how's this?" I grabbed his hips and slowly pushed the rest inside his ass. "See babe I told you," I smiled, "now take a deep breath and slowly let it out." As he did, I slowly pulled a little more out and pushed it back in. That fucking hurt, but that was the best cum I've ever had!" I yanked the rest of the strap on out of his ass and he shot jizz again. "Feel good baby?" I asked and went right back to rimming him. Please don't stop baby." He begged for more.

The Anal Game Ch. 01

anal underbar 2017-12-13

As I put my hands back on the wall, I felt Jane's fingers enter my pussy. I started to lick Jane's pussy, moving my whole head up with my tongue as she moaned softly. As I went back to licking I felt the hands on my hips move to my ass, and a male voice said I felt the man's hands pull my ass cheeks apart and his cock put in place on my hole. Unable to move I felt the handcuffs restrain my arms, ropes tie my legs apart to the table then when Jane was sure I was unable to move physically, she moved me onto my side, and spanked my ass and unfroze me, although I still couldn't move at all.

The Meadow

anal KaylaStephens 2017-12-04

He jerked once more and pushed, bringing her to stumble forward, pain alighting upon her scalp from his grip within her hair before he stepped behind her, letting her feel the hardness of his cock against her backside once more. She could feel every ridge and vein of him, throbbing in the burning sensation of her impaled body, her whimpers growing louder and louder as he started to withdraw, only to leave the head of his cock in the tightening muscles of her anus. A hand in her hair once more, jerking her head back as he moved before her, the water on his cock glistening in what little light there was.

An Encounter in the Shower

anal bazzag2001 2017-11-14

No longer gentle, each thrust stretches your ass almost painfully, but the fingers working your gorgeous little cunt is enough to distract your mind from the pain, only the pleasure of the act registers, your body offering no resistance to my insistent strokes. I am overwhelmed by the sensations, I have never wanted anyone as bad as I want you now, to keep pounding my tight little ass, to thrust deep inside my throbbing wet pussy together with my own fingers, exploring deep inside my folds, feeling the softness and tightness of my most intimate part.

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 14

anal wiley4377 2017-10-22

I salivated remembering how her tight her little pussy was when wrapped around my swollen cock—her cunt lips stretched around my fat shaft and puckering out with each stroke—the feeling of her smooth wet sheath gripping and squeezing my cock—the sight of her red bush and my fat white shank meeting and mingling with my dark brown pubes. A few minutes passed when Bobbie raised her ass from my face and my eyes could see Susie's face contort and her eyes roll back—my hands pulled and pushed her hips faster and faster—her stomach contracted as her hips pistoned back and forth on top of my cock like a machine. I held Susie's small body as my cock nestled against her firm little butt and Bobbie's titties mashed against my back and her soft pussy hair firmly rubbed my butt cheeks.