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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Biker Babe, Chapter Three

anal AmericanDreamgirl 2018-11-20

She came up to Bear, "Sir, I want you to fuck my ass in the stock room. Bear moaned as he placed his hands on the back of her head, gripping her hair which Leah loved.  Bear's other hand grabbed hold of Leah's hip as he rammed and slammed his cock deeper in her ass. Bear lovingly said, "Peanut, I'm very pleased with you and I loved watching you fuck yourself on me." He bent down, kissing Leah on the lips.  Bear said "Peanut, I'm going to tease you for a bit, then I'm going to fuck that wet pussy of yours." Peanut just smiled and nodded her head in agreement.  Bear loved seeing his sweet and dirty little Peanut beg to be fucked.

Sheila's Training

anal CeliaisAliena 2018-11-20

And I know you’re gonna need all your energies to wrestle with all those Great Thoughts, and the last thing an intellectual hero like you can afford is to have his nasty little cock trying to intrude upon all his Heavy Thinking. I remember vividly how I felt when I read “The Secret History” at that scene where (this isn’t really a spoiler, unless you just don’t want to know ANY DETAIL before you read it for yourself, but still, “spoiler alert” if you’re so inclined) those guys were telling Richard about killing the farmer in the woods and about how they had to spend all night and the next morning trying to figure themselves out and clean up the evidence and they finally crash and sleep for like twelve hours straight?

Mrs. Ofelia, my neighbor

anal marcosurbina 2018-11-20

It's hard to figure out the woman's face, with her eyes twisted white.  Her pleasure was so great that tears had begun to run down her cheeks with each time my dick went in and out grinding that hole.  Perhaps she was feeling a tremendous stroke inside, for each time it plunged she screamed aloud like ever for a woman. I obeyed immediately.  I saw as she spread wide her big asscheeks and asked me to suck the black hole.  It looked  like stupid to do this and didn't get the point until she said it was a big surprise for me: I began to suck the hole and I felt then the taste of shit and strange juices, unknown to me, while she was happy enjoying.  No doubt this woman had everything prepared and said: "Now, put it inside me!!"

My maaster Part 2

anal sexy_biatch 2018-11-20

You slowly insert a well lubricated finger into my hole, and hold still waiting for me to get use to the new feeling. I hear you pour the cold oil onto your huge cock, which is now rock hard after laying with my ass, you put me in doggie position and add more oil to my tight hole. With you fucking my ass, and that toy in my pussy, I soon began to feel the affects. You tell me you want to cum in my ass; all I can reply with is the moan of how good it feels. We kiss each other into the New Year and than fall asleep in each others arms, your dick still embedded deep inside my ass.

Better late than never

anal Rubz 2018-11-20

After a few minutes of pretty frenzied, drunken fucking Andy pulled out and again began to tease his cock along my pussy lips, this time carrying on up to my arse. This time I managed to stay quiet as the pain began to heat it's way through me, Andy moaned quietly behind me as most of his cock head entered me. However, my frantic rubbing and deep fingering had me begging to cum, I deliberated for a half second before speeding up and allowing myself to surrender to an amazing orgasm, my legs spread wide and bumped into Andy's back, my back arched off the bed and my moans hit a high pitch, I sounded a bit porno to my own ears, and I knew it would of turned Andy on.

Making Milk for You Part 2

anal JuicynSweet00 2018-11-20

You'd never shared me, but I often wondered what it would be like to feel two mouths sucking on my nipples, or to be fucked in both holes while I sucked off a third cock. Arousal spiked through me; I could feel the milk leaking out and soaking into the thin fabric of my dress. I heard the sound of zippers being released, and looked up to see the remaining men pulling out thick, hard cocks. I loved sucking cock and feeling your hot release fill my mouth or splatter my face. My hunger must have shown on my face, because one of the men knelt in front of me and dragged his cock across my lips. My udders tingled from over-stimulation, though milk still leaked from my sore nipples.

Black Man Sodomizes White Woman

anal Samuelx 2018-11-20

The sexual powers of the black man continue to thrill white women's dreams and make white men wake up in cold sweat. Today's black guys are either fucking white women or they're sleeping with other men on the side. Leslie told me she wanted to experience my big black dick inside her. I love making both women and men squeal as I fill their assholes with my long and thick, uncircumcised black super cock. I slammed my cock into the big white woman's booty hole, enjoying the feel of a tight asshole around my dick. It was fun getting my cock sucked by a rich white bitch in a business suit downtown.

Getting wife to do me. (Chapter 1)

anal Vacheron58 2018-11-20

Also read about female masturbation with vibrators, dildos and the likes. And what I am about to tell you is my sexual life after this discovery of my "g" spot (prostate). And many times she just would go "how good hon, fuck me hard" and the likes. "Fill my cunt with that big dildo". She became a real slut in our bed. But one day I began telling her that I wanted to try anal sex and that the male "g" spot (the prostate) was a center of explosive sexual pleasure. It would bring me many opportunities to tell what was happening and to give you all an opportunity to comment or to be sexually exited.  We, my wife and I, fuck each other constantly and we, many times, have her three holes filled and my one hole filled.

Little Minx Ch. 05

anal Goldeniangel 2018-11-20

Bridget bit her lip as pleasure flowed from her breasts to her confused groin, her ass tightening uncomfortably and making her very aware of where his dick was, but feeling good too. As he rubbed her wet pussy lips with his fingers, gently tickling her clit, Bridget could feel the tingling fire starting, helping to alleviate some of the strange sensation his dick was creating. When she started to cum her entire body shook, her ass tightening over Josh's thrusting dick and rippling with pleasure. Bridget could feel every single pulse of cum forcing its way past her tight entrance and into her body, pushing against the ring of flesh that enclosed the base of Josh's dick.

Black Anal Sex in the Hood

anal Samuelx 2018-11-20

I pressed my long and thick black cock against Shaniqua's asshole. The big black woman howled as I rammed my cock into her asshole. Plus it's always fun to shove your dick into a black bitch's asshole. Shaniqua was screaming like a woman possessed as I rammed my cock into her asshole. Every time the belt fell across her plump ass cheeks, her body shook and her asshole actually tightened, albeit involuntarily, around my cock. I rammed my cock into her asshole like anal sex was going out of style. The big black bitch strapped it on and pressed the dildo against my asshole. Damn it, I knew exactly how she felt when I slammed my ten-inch black cock into her asshole.

I could do this all day...I knew she liked it!

anal ImaSteal1124 2018-11-20

I started to rub my index finger over her sweet little asshole because I knew she liked it even though she wouldn’t admit it to me. So we kept going and I decided I wanted a little more so I stuck about half my index finger in her asshole and rubbed it around a little bit while she rode me. I knew at this point that she was starting not too mine because she had a cute little smile on her face and everytime I took it out she pushed back on my finegr a little bit so I decided to go for the whole thing and I stuck my whole index finger in her ass and fucked her with it slowly.


anal Delphi 2018-11-20

“My mother. “Your mother is an amazing artist.” His body weakened. “Yes, of course.” “You appreciate quality, and you are classy in every way I’ve come to expect in a man and in ways I’d never dreamed. His wife had never taken anything for granted, was as resolute about him getting a seat in politics as he was. Get on your knees.” It’s about you. “That was expensive couture!” It’s wrong.” His knees weakened. As if she could button up the memory of their time together, the sins they’d committed. Her lusty, sexual appeal was gone in favor of the cold and collected version of Tamara Coben, winner of the Congressional seat. “That seat is yours.”

Maximum Security

anal Samuelx 2018-11-20

Marcy is a six-foot-tall, chunky but sexy black woman who works as a corrections officer in the county. Marcy Jade met Jonathan Maximus when she was nineteen years old. Marcy had been in a relationship with a young man named Jason Teller, son of Theresa Teller, the college president, a very wealthy and powerful woman. Jonathan Maximus wasn't interested in Marcy Jade, or anyone who worked for him. A six-foot-six, 240-pound, good-looking black man who owned his own business and at forty one still had the body of a college football player. There were two things that she loved, her work as a police officer, and Jonathan Maximus, the man she considered to be the love of her life.

Veterinary Vulva

anal Cheekymonkey2516 2018-11-20

Pete couldn't help himself, he reached over and squeezed hard on Katie's right buttock.  Come on!" Pete replied, pulling Katie by the arm and leading her to the storage barn. Soon they were getting into a steady rhythm and the sound of Katie's ass slapping against his thighs, soon made Pete reach his peak. Pete didn't need to ask twice, and released his warm sticky cum into Katie's agonising hole. Katie looked puzzled, but Pete just picked up the bucket and began to pour its contents into her gaping hole. Pete held in the last mouthful in his mouth, got up and spat out the ass tasting breast milk all over Katie's face.

James and Rachel Chapter 04

anal KingOfMaor 2018-11-20

I swear, if she teases me much more, I'm going to wind up stripping and fucking her right there in the shower!" He continued watching his lover shave up over her knee and start on her thigh, her razor strokes steady and methodical; slowly moving closer to her pussy which was there, open and inviting him to fill it with his big dick. He very slowly pulled back out, letting his cock feel the hot water of the shower wash over it as he took a deep breath and plunged his pole back into her. James pushed his cock deep into her pussy and stroked in and out a few times to coat his dick in her juices and cum before pulling back out and gently pressing it to her ass.

OHGirl's Daughter Velvet: Pregnant Again

anal ohgirl1 2018-11-19

Even though I had been physically put off by some of the men, whom I had fucked and sucked off the night before, I had been wet the entire time, cumming two or three times that evening as I was pumped in the back seat of a car or held up against an ally wall and filled with jizz. I would have loved to fuck him again, but my asshole was a little sore from both him and Gerald that night, so I sucked on his dick afterward, relieving him of another load before we fell asl**p, my head on his thigh and his prick lying against my cheek. Three days passed and my mom and I shared my father in bed, making love to him and each other, licking one another’s pussies as we came multiple times while he fucked us.

The Urinal

anal Pearl_Necklace 2018-11-19

"Please sir," I said, my voice cracking a bit, "please fuck my hungry ass with your big cock." He thrust into my ass a few times with his fingers, scooping all the cum out and making sure he didn't leave much behind. When he was adequately satisfied that I had licked all the cum from his fingers he pulled them away from my face and began cutting the black electrical tape that held me in place. He placed two fingers in my dripping pussy, one in my ass, and his pinky rubbed against my clit with each slow and steady thrust of his hand. I moaned with each thrust of his hand, I cleaned all the cum off the bowl and started licking the back wall of the urinal.

Missy's Naughty Night Out Part 2

anal MissCarmelle 2018-11-19

My pussy instantly clenches and I give a light moan as Ethan clasps my hips in his large, strong hands. Ethan puts a finger inside my tight wetness and I moan as he teases my g spot. One hand grips my hip while he fills my pussy with his three fingers again and begins to hammer them into me. Ethan glides his length in and out of me, his breathing is deepened with desire as his hands continue to grip my hips. Ethan takes my ankles in his hands and raises them up to his hips with my knees pulled back towards my chest. Ethan leans down and kisses me gently on the lips, my knees pressed against my chest as he takes advantage of my flexibility.

Their Fantasy, My Pleasure

anal SweetDesires 2018-11-19

Would he also enjoy being blindfolded and completely open to the will of a stranger?, Would he succumb to that kind of power, to the enjoyment of his body being pleasured by someone he could smell, touch and taste but not see? He held them there,iI'm sure knowing what was coming. I gave him one big cow lick all the way from the top of his arse crack to the base of his balls and continued up his balls and to his shaft and then continued to circle his date with my tongue and every now and then slide it in just a millimetre or to for the thrill of it.

Office Visit

anal enjoysex52 2018-11-19

You have everything open and in no time and reach up and pull my pants and briefs down to my ankles and return your wet mouth to my manhood. I take long slow licks the length of your slit from ass hole to the top of your wet slit, stopping to take your clit into my mouth and gently suck it between my teeth. You grind your ass back into my mouth as I reach one hand around to finger your hot wet cunt and tease your swollen clit. You let me know you were going to tell me to pull out before I had my orgasm because you wanted me to cum in your mouth.

White Grandma For Black Man

anal Samuelx 2018-11-19

I'm a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Toronto, Province of Ontario. There's Lois Janet Anderson, this chubby, blonde-haired and green-eyed, sixty-something White woman from Great Britain who lives near my apartment in the town of Brampton. Like a lot of fat White sluts, she can't resist Black men. Yes, a lot of these seemingly prim and proper White sluts like to grunt when I fuck them in the ass. I gripped Lois wide hips and thrust my big Black dick deep inside her tight White ass. Especially old White sluts like Lois Anderson. Like a good White slut, she cleaned my Black dick with her tongue after I fucked her in the ass.


Big Black Women Beg For Anal Sex

anal Samuelx 2018-11-19

If you look at the men's and women's Basketball teams, they're mostly or exclusively Black. This five-foot-nine, pleasantly voluptuous young Black woman with the booty from Hell first came to my attention when I went to Brockton to visit some friends of mine. I'm talking of course about my pal Joey Shantell, a young Black man I've known since my days at Boston University High School. The thing I like about a club like Maxis is that it's a cool joint frequented by moneyed or relatively well-to-do young Black men and Black women from the Boston area. What did you think, that rich young Black men and Black women went to the White clubs?

88% bbw

A Battle of The Sexes

anal Samuelx 2018-11-19

Evans was a big guy, standing around six-foot-three and weighing 250 pounds. Evans wasn't too keen on my idea but I told him that he would definitely like it. To his credit, Evans didn't scream when I began to fuck his ass with the strap on. I got down on all fours and shook my big sexy black ass in front of Evans. I think I love it as much as I love shoving a dildo up a man's ass. Evans fucked my ass hard. He slammed his cock into my ass for a long time, then he finally came. This boxer was a real fighter and he would never hold back against anyone, man or woman.

Accidental Love III

anal 3262 2018-11-19

"What if I told you I was going to kiss you from head to toe, lick every inch of that big cock of yours, suck those huge nuts and stick my tongue so far up your ass you're gonna have two tongues in your mouth?" Ben moved to the nice tits he loved so much, kissing and licking them and sucking the large nipples into his mouth. It's gonna make me cum, darling." Lori was meeting every stroke now as Ben, unable to control himself any longer, was fucking that beautiful, tight ass like a madman. Sara, sitting on the side of the bed, applied more oil to her hands as she began massaging Lori's neck and shoulders.