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Erotic Anal stories

A large collection of sex stories about the butt and ass

Anal For The First Time

anal cumslutnicole 2018-12-04

I went down on him, sucking his cock until he took over and fucked my tits and it wasn’t long before he deposited his cum all over my face and cleavage. I wanted to get to work quickly, but I thought I could make him come another way. He didn’t even get more than the tip of his cock into my ass, but it hurt like nothing I had ever experienced before. This time he pushed harder until his cock entered my tight asshole. I wanted to experience it for myself and deep inside of me I think I liked it, not the feeling, but that I was now the kind of girl that let a guy penetrate her ass.

Flexible Booty

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-04

Leaning forward a little as he began thrusting, eyes half closed in pleasure as she gripped and spasmed around his cock, he gripped a nipple between two fingers of each hand and tugged on them as he shoved back and forth inside her. Thrusting harder, faster, Eric could feel his balls slapping off the bouncy flesh of her tight ass, her hole flexed and quivered around him as he began testing its boundaries in new ways. The steady thrusting and her own fingerwork had finally brought her body back up to the sexual anticipation she'd been experiencing before Eric took her anal cherry, and as his cock slid back and forth in her greasy channel, she'd felt a new kind of pleasure.

Veterinary Vulva

anal Cheekymonkey2516 2018-12-04

Pete couldn't help himself, he reached over and squeezed hard on Katie's right buttock.  Come on!" Pete replied, pulling Katie by the arm and leading her to the storage barn. Soon they were getting into a steady rhythm and the sound of Katie's ass slapping against his thighs, soon made Pete reach his peak. Pete didn't need to ask twice, and released his warm sticky cum into Katie's agonising hole. Katie looked puzzled, but Pete just picked up the bucket and began to pour its contents into her gaping hole. Pete held in the last mouthful in his mouth, got up and spat out the ass tasting breast milk all over Katie's face.

A Patron of the Arts Part Three - Karen

anal Boss01 2018-12-04

Karen used one hand to direct my oral assault from left to right and back, moaning as I gently bit, tongued, and sucked each tit in turn, leaving my hands free to caress her hind-quarters; occasionally running a finger up and down her ass-crack. As she started stroking it, I glanced over at the porn still running on the TV, and noticed that the girl looked very similar to Karen, and was also dressed in a skirt with no panties and an open blouse. Cum in my ass!” I worked in and out a few more times, then shoved in as far and as hard as I could, and erupted; Karen let out a growl of pure lust as contraction after contraction pushed what felt like a quart of jizz out of my nuts and up her back chute.

Next Door Neighbor - Part II

anal bunluver 2018-12-04

I started pumping her in long steady strokes, pulling my cock all the way out so just the tip was touching her ass and then pushing in to stretch her ass over my dick and as deep as it could go. Moans were escaping her lips, "yeah, do it, fuck me harder, faster." Loved to hear her talk sexually explicit and I responded how good my cock felt up her ass. When she started to cum I stopped moving and watched her fuck herself on my cock and fist as hard and fast as she could. All the time still sucking my cock and finger fucking my ass.I told Carrie how good it felt and that I was about to cum.

Rachel takes it further

anal CaptainChaos 2018-12-04

‘Right, don’t forget to lube him up or you’ll not be too popular, we use this, my boyfriend swears by it’, she handed me a small bottle, ‘it’s really good and a little goes a long way, if you get my drift’, she smiled I had let my hand drop to Dickies thigh and was working my fingers round and round in circles slowly ascending his leg. ‘I know, is it doing its job on you?’ I said shifting my hand over his hardening cock, ‘I do believe it is’ I continued to stroke him through his trousers feeling him getting harder and harder. I took the bottle and let the lube dribble over my fingers again, then slid two deep inside his ass.

Wanna Bet? Ch. 06

anal Goldeniangel 2018-12-04

Moving his hips with her tongue, he could feel his dick getting rockhard as it brushed against the pile of pillows, and his ass swayed with her movements. As she got closer to her orgasm her strokes inside his ass got rougher, and her hands gripped his dick and balls, squeezing like she meant to milk him. The way the dildo invaded his ass made him gasp and jerk forwards, pressing her hand against his groin and pulling his balls away from his body. When she came, she fell forward and completely buried the dong in his ass, rubbing her body up in down with little movements and making the rubber bounce inside him.

Using Judie

anal Bassicallybill 2018-12-04

I reach over to open the rear passenger door of the car with one hand while the tips of the fingers of my other hand explore between your ass cheeks, teasing your tight, puckered asshole. You smell so fucking good - finding your clit, I suck it between my lips, teasing with my tongue, moaning against you. I waddle in behind you and caress your gorgeous ass, ending up with a finger sliding gently into your tight little hole. Hands on your hips, watching your ass quiver with every stroke, loving the moans I hear from you and ignoring the camera nearby. As you squeeze gently, I lose it completely, the cum rocketing up the length of my rigid cock and jetting deep in your ass.

Ana dominated by a black neighbor

anal Anitaslut44 2018-12-04

On a warm Thursday, Ana told me she was very horny and willing to be fucked by one of our old neighbors, Jerome, a huge black man we had met for years. Anita grabbed the couch with both hands and moved over Jerome with each stroke of his cock in her wet stretched cunt. Ana moaned as he went deeper with his large fingers into her ass and continued to pump her with his hard cock in her wet cunt. He said smiling: “You will love my huge black cock in your ass, bitch”. Ana answered quickly taking Jerome`s cock and starting to suck his load into her mouth.

Triple Fantasy

anal Katastrophia 2018-12-04

I start to moan as much as I’m able, with one cock in my mouth, a tongue on my clit, and another teasing and nipping on my nipples. The man at my nipples pulls first one, then the other from his mouth, taking just long enough to attach clamps as he does so. The pounding continues for a bit, one man in my ass, one whose tongue is lapping at my pussy, and the third teasing at my clamped and now very sensitive nipples. The cock that had been in my pussy is quickly lined up and forced balls deep in my ass. The men groan and cuddle against me, holding me tight, while my cum-filled ass slowly oozes, completing the mess we’ve made of the sheets.

Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Girl

anal Samuelx 2018-12-04

So you can imagine my surprise when Adam told me that he didn’t feel like sticking that long and thick, uncircumcised dick of his deep inside my smoking hot Somali pussy. Eagerly Adam got behind me, and then the gorgeous stud proceeded to smother my big brown butt with kisses, and licked me all over. I smiled and giggled in ecstasy as I felt Adam’s tongue working its way into my asshole, and he proceeded to eat my ass like it was the tastiest thing he’d ever put his mouth on. Like most Somali girls, I’ve got a nice big butt but my asshole is quite tight since, well, I was an anal virgin up until that point.

Next Door Neighbor

anal bunluver 2018-12-04

Carrie knew what she was doing as she reached down and started to stroke my cock from outside my pants. After a minute or so I told her I was about to shoot my wad, she continued sucking my cock and fondled my balls until I shot my load. By this time my cock was already hard, Carrie was moaning and telling me she wanted me in her and not to worry as she was on the pill. Carrie looked at me and said we are going to do something very different as she slipped my cock from her pussy. Carrie reached back and spread her cheeks and I put my cock slowly up her ass until I was completely all the way in.

My Session with a Domme

anal SubjugateMe70 2018-12-04

She then placed clothes pins, in a row, along the skin underneath my cock and on to my balls. Next came a careful exam of my ass hole with her latex gloved fingers and lube. I want to mention, at times, she would stand at my head and whip my back and ass from this position. After brutalizing my ass, then providing for her slave, the beautiful Mistress moved me into a full body "glove" if you will. My chest, arms, legs, and yes, my poor little cock and balls are whipped mercilessly. It was so intense, my head felt light for several seconds, then hurt like crazy for a short time.

90% dom

A God Among Ordinary Men

anal Samuelx 2018-12-04

When I came along, Bruno College was a small private school with an almost laughable Sports program. Bruno College Sports Teams competed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's lowest tier, Division III. The following Summer, we set up a press release announcing that we started a Football Team at Bruno College. Bruno College now offers sixteen Varsity Sports, eight for men and eight for women. The black females were on the Women's Basketball, Cross Country and Soccer Teams. How could any of them resist a six-foot-three, good-looking and well-endowed black man with lots of money, a clean record and a college degree? I've fucked a lot of asses in my day, but Sylvia's took the cake.

Don't Tell Mum

anal starbelliedboy 2018-12-04

Lisa let out a moan of pleasure, so I pushed onwards, feeling the tight ring of muscle work its way up my shaft. Lisa clasped my hands holding her with her right hand, and moved her other hand down to pull her buttocks apart. Unfortunately she didn't feel like continuing for very long, so she slowly turned around to face the other way, with my penis still inside, producing an amazing sensation as her tight flesh spun slowly over the tip. Lisa let out one final, long, loud scream as she orgasmed and I forced my cock hard up her arse and ejaculated, cum filling her anus and squirting out the sides with each of my eight spurts.

Cheaters never win?

anal JuniperBreeze381 2018-12-04

His hand snaked up to my hair, grasping it, he pulled my head backwards so he could lick from my breasts up to my chin. Without missing a beat, I felt his hand come down hard on my left ass cheek. Next think I know, I was being pulled by my hair off of Master's lap and being thrust across the room to the wall. I felt my husband grasp my knees and pull my legs off the bed. I felt my extremely sore ass cheeks being spread and my husband's cock being rubbed against my pussy. Master thrust pretty hard in and out of my ass, but seeing me getting fucked must have turned him on a lot.

Masculinity And Power

anal Samuelx 2018-12-03

I'm a six-foot-tall and rather good-looking young black man living in rural Virginia. Division One colleges with football programs are allowed scholarships for eighty five members, by decree of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. I'm a black man, damn it, and where I'm from, we like thick chicks with big asses. The sight of Wanda's thick bubble butt caused my cock to harden like you would not believe. As Wanda undulated and pushed her big butt back against me, I knew this woman was no stranger to anal sex. Wanda squealed and cussed like a New York city cabbie. Wanda and I went at it like this for some time until I finally came, sending my hot cum deep inside her asshole.

Late Night Visitor

anal TheGulfCoaster 2018-12-03

I really got into tonguing her ass and I’m sure from the sounds she made and the juices that flowed from her pussy that I made her come that way as well. I wanted to let some time pass before I entered her again so I licked her pussy and tongued her ass a little while. I pulled out of her pussy, lifted her legs a bit higher, rubbed the head of my cock over her asshole and pushed, not knowing exactly how she was going to react.

Back to Black with Mr Kain: Chapter 1

anal sexy_story_tella 2018-12-03

"Miss Young, what are you doing loitering in the corridors." Mr. Kain's deep voice said. 1 more finger and I came furiously, thinking of Mr Kain at the same time. "Hello, glad you made it on time." And then he saw what I was wearing and his mouth opened slightly. He started to slide his hand up my leg and he reached my pussy and felt that I had no panties on. He nibbled on my clit hard, bit the pain was quickly replaced with pure uncensored pleasure. "She won't be home in ages sweetie." Then I took out his rock hard cock and started sucking on it. He gently eased his 11 inches into my tight ass and moaned as he started to fill me up.

Tight as a Glove

anal slut_alice 2018-12-03

"How was it being fucked by so many people, knowing I had you only hours before?" Whitey whispers in my ear, his hands continuing to stroke my ass, my breasts, the curve of my thigh right next to my pussy. "Did they slap you as they crammed their cock in this tiny ass hole of yours?" he groans against my ear, his rasps of desires amplifying my own wish for release. With both hands, he grabs ahold of my ass cheeks and separates them, thoroughly analyzing my hole and pussy. After only minutes of him thrusting into me, I orgasm, my cum dripping down my legs and into the water as he continues to pound me against the side of the tub.

OHGirl's Daughter Velvet: Pregnant Again

anal ohgirl1 2018-12-03

Even though I had been physically put off by some of the men, whom I had fucked and sucked off the night before, I had been wet the entire time, cumming two or three times that evening as I was pumped in the back seat of a car or held up against an ally wall and filled with jizz. I would have loved to fuck him again, but my asshole was a little sore from both him and Gerald that night, so I sucked on his dick afterward, relieving him of another load before we fell asl**p, my head on his thigh and his prick lying against my cheek. Three days passed and my mom and I shared my father in bed, making love to him and each other, licking one another’s pussies as we came multiple times while he fucked us.

The Lecture Ch. 01

anal OneSilky 2018-12-03

"So, Silky, what are you going to present on?" George asked. But it was okay, because George made us follow the stupid change drivers every hour rule, and Craig went with us, and he took a turn, so in no time we were pulling off I-165 onto Water street, and then down Government. Craig asked if we had a room for him, and I just smiled and said, "Silly Boy, you're in with us." "You think we have to like use him up tonight, Silk?" Jess asked languidly. I had to pee, and then Jess did, and finally Craig took his turn.

Ana picked up in the street

anal Anitaslut44 2018-12-03

He got behind me and began to run his cock up and down my crack teasing my now wet pussy lips and my asshole tight entrance. The tip of his cock penetrated me just less than an inch and the feeling made me let out a very light moan. I was moaning and screaming with pleasure when suddenly my asshole started convulsing and my body began to shake with no control. In the intense pleasure of my orgasm I could feel his cock start pulsating and his thick warm seed filled my anus. When he removed the tip I moaned and panted as his seed began to leak out of my asshole into a puddle on the bed.

First time

anal AnalFucker44 2018-12-03

Soon I felt my cum building, and she sensed it too, cause she pulled off and told me to shoot it deep inside her, I had never fucked her before but I wanted her pussy wraped around my cock so bad. As I started to fuck her she started to really talk dirty, telling me how great my ass looked and how great my dick felt deep in her pussy. Then she started to slowly pull the dildo out of my ass, and right before it came out, she shoved it all the way back in. This caused her to cum all over the bed again, after she calmed down I took my well lubed cock and shoved it to the hilt into her ass.