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Wank meet success story: Carmen Electra

gay-male 2018-02-10

The thought of it was getting me fully hard, I guess a mixture of doing Carmen with my bud but also the short notice of everything got me aroused. When my bud mentioned he was wanking naked to slideshow pics of Carmen that engorged my cock further, I knew he was trying his best to entice me. Once in I noticed he was fully naked and hard, he said Carmen has had him wanking for the last few hours and he didn't want to stop until I arrived, he apologised for the short notice but was pleased I came. I was naked within a few minutes and getting hard, I joined my bud on the sofa and could feel my bud's pre-cum dampness when I relaxed back.

The "room"

anal 2018-01-27

Split tongue to lick both sides at once, Torture is only a shelf away, Red marks of love buried in the cut leaves only more arousal, Open mouth gags, Waiting patiently for the tube of meat to be swallowed from the tip around, Tongue wild fully plays as if it doesn't have a choice. A gargling sound could heard from her voice, The sticky sounds keep echoing throughout the room, Frantic struggling proved to useless as he tortured her "tiny mushroom" Dropping candle wax onto her skin dissipating her fear, The candles are blown, And the continuous drips out bodily,leaving a shady spark (yes..use your imagination ;)..and sorry,I didn't included much on anal on it..wait for part 2 xD)

FInal Tributes Part I

mastrubation 2018-01-27

I couldn’t help but noticed the flushed look on Shirl’s face when she came back with a list of tasks for mne to get started on and I spent the next several hours with my head down, proof-reading forms and making correctiosn for the girls in the typing ppol, but the desks were positioned in the perfect way. I was wrong about taking the edge off, because it seems I am even more turned on than I was before…I am relevied when 5:00 finally rollsa round and I am able to leave for the day, but Shirl stops me, closing the door to her office as the girls from the typing pool scurry by “the best part of being my assistant, Tessa….starts after five…”

His semen in my wife-cuckold story

voyeur 2018-01-27

Though not homophobic, Stu never actually encouraged any gay acts from me, but Sandra wanted me to promise I'd co operate fully, helping, assisting even preparing them for their lovemaking! I kept at it, sniffing, lick their 'fuck' (sorry, should not use that word!), & when his cock slipped out again, I grew bolder; this time I took it in my mouth & gave it a couple of good sucks. Yelling out, "Have my baby you hot bitch, take it", as he pumped his love DEEP inside my wife's fertile womb! Commanded my wife, "Lick him clean" I wrapped my mouth around that sweet tasting love-organ, & licked & sucked it in an attempt to lick it all nice & clean.

The magic toes of a young women

fetish 2018-01-27

She unbuttons my pants, unzips me and pulls my cock out with her toes. While holding my cock she bends and suck the head, while stoking the shaft with her toes. Pretty nice and my sexual pressure is going nuts, I am imaging some great sex after dinner. first time I give oral and feel toes working my head in position and speed. I mount and she arches her ass up to me, legs wrapped around my body and we fuck like no time in my life. her leg over me like an arm as she runs her toe over my mustache. To allow me on top she wraps her toes around my cock.

My adopted mother, b*****r, s****r, and me. (Par

interracial 2018-01-27

Later that night as I was about to get ready Christina had just got out of her shower and had called me for my opinion on what she should wear. "I got clean up this mess." I said and stood up and then put my dick back in my boxers. Christina laughed so hard she dropped her hands and her breast looked so delicious. "Well like wrestle quietly it'll be fun, let's just try it for a minute and if you don't like it I promise we'll stop and I'm gone." I said purposely stumbling to her bed. At the same time we both then heard Diana's door make that squeaking noise and we knew she was coming for Cristina's room.

The Gay Nuru Massage Dare

fetish 2018-01-27

'Well if a guy says it then I guess it must be true,' Sandy replied, enjoying the feel of Adam's hands now working down to his lower back. Sandy could sense straight away that his hands were no longer in play and before he could say anything else, the undeniable sensation of his new friend's warm and slippery naked body sliding up against the back of his thighs and butt engulfed his senses and attacked his consciousness. 'Oh about fifty minutes,' Adam guessed, now riding the small of Sandy's back and applying more gel, just so that his cock and balls could really work themselves in.

teen fucked

anal 2018-01-27

I fucked her friend and went back into the living room in time to see the last of the guys shoot a load of cum over her face and into her mouth. I continued to feel her tits with one hand and I lifted her skirt up with the other and was looking at her teen pussy in her tiny little thong. I continued to play with her pussy and started to fuck her with one finger. As I was fucking her I put my hand round to the front of her pussy and was able to get a finger up her at the same time as my cock.

Wife Watching in Memphis

hardcore 2018-01-27

Then came the day when I decided to begin letting Lynn in Greg out a little regarding what he thought of Lynn. "Greg, if I took some nude or semi-nude pictures of Lynn "Man, I'd loved to look at Lynn's tits and pussy..." he find Lynn lying on the bed nude gently touching herself first look at Lynn completely nude with her legs spread. In a tight voice that Lynn could easily hear Greg said, "Oh, man I'd like to fuck Lynn right now - you are such a Looking at Lynn I asked Greg, "Are you jerking off?" passes out completely and I let Greg pull her panties In the end Lynn allowed Greg to cum on her breasts (I was

A massage

mature 2018-01-27

My hands rubbing your shoulders and chest, my tounge flicking your hard nipples. Seeing the smile on your face encourages me to run my tounge over them too, sucking them into my mouth one at a time. I lean forward to let you rub your face in them as I slide your hard cock easily into my dripping pussy, feeling you fill me makes me want to cum already. Your breathing quickens as you feel my pussy muscles clamp around your cock, slowly raising and lowering myself on you. I moan as I feel your balls slapping against my clit, your cock deep inside me, your hips banging against my ass.

Coming of Age

group 2018-01-27

'I dont like this Fay,'lamented Sharon, 'I thought it was only going to be us?' 'Seriously Sharon, how nieve can you be!' fay puffed becoming more annoyed.'Do you want real money or dont you!' Fay sat on the bed flanked by all ten guys and Sharon sat on the table. As soon as she got there one of the guys bend her over and ram his cock hard up her pussy, which began to pulsate and grab his cock. He rammed her hard without mercy and she moaned with pain and pleasure.Taking his cock out he f***ed it in her asshole and met with little resistance.Soon he was pounding her ass hard too.

Girls showering, and I had my camera ready for him

mature 2018-01-27

I popped a morning after pill into my mouth and swallowed, taking my heavy woolen coat off and noting the thick cum on the inside, my eyes looking down at my naked crotch, as I peeled off several feet of toilet paper, wiping inside my labia and anal region, 'Fuck this was quite a load', I thought, feeling proud that I could empty a pair of balls in such a manner.

Grandad of love 9.

group 2018-01-27

I rammed it deep into her several more times until finally she suddenly clenched trapping my cock deep in her pussy and then she groaned hard, her head rolled back and i felt a little gush of juices hit my balls. "It's okay i wont say anything, if you don't" she smiled before she pulled my still hard wet cock from Leia's cunt and then gave it a big suck. I then pushed my cock back into Leia's pussy again and lifting one of her leather clad legs up so Faith could see, i began to fuck her again.

Mother in law helps out newly weds.

hardcore 2018-01-27

Just want you to know there are no major problems, just would like more active sex life. She tells me what Star said, sex and she is sore for several days. "I know you love her, just want to make sure you get what you need" The room is pitch black, I hit the very dim light to see if we are alone. you can touch and kiss them, you can not give me oral sex like you do for Star. I do not stop and do not cum, I keep stroking faster and faster, she finally lets loose. You need to understand a man should last long enough to let the women orgasm. I did not know women could orgasm while having sex.

My favourite niece! (Part 2)

anal 2018-01-27

I started pulling with my lips on her clit and the rhythm built which lead to a glorious climax for Lucy, not a huge gush from her pussy this time but a nice gentle stream of sweet juice flowed into my mouth. She started to suck harder and deeper on my cock, I was going to shoot more cum in her mouth again! Then several savage thrusts of my cock and I was cumming, my hard blasts of hot cum shooting into Lucy's tight arse! She pulled herself off my now softening cock, bent over and give it a good suck to make sure she had all of my cum, both in her arse and in her mouth!


Celebrities 2018-01-27

I was trying to keep my composure but she read me like a book a green book at that, but you can understand I was only 18 years old, sex for me was 15 minutes, this was something different, I heard the words in a sweet voice come to me, taking your two index fingers, place them on my nipples go in a circle round and round softly she had beautiful nipples about a half-inch long, after about a few minutes she asked me to kiss them softly she said, now lick them in a circle, around and around softly.

The Analyst - Chapter 5

voyeur 2018-01-27

And, you really don't know that much about Dan. How can you be so sure you won't get hurt?" Jan placed her other hand on top of the doctor's and looked into her eyes. Dr. Stevens was quiet for a few moments, then said, "Would you be willing to let me see the tape?" She wasn't certain that her curiosity was entirely professional in nature, but she found herself wanting desperately to see what Jan had described and, perhaps it would help her to provide better guidance to her patient. Despite all her efforts at maintaining a professional aloofness, Dr. Stevens felt the sexual stirings within her vagina and knew that her own fluids were starting to flow as she listened to her patient and alternately watched her patient and the highly charged action on the screen.

A knight in his arms

first-time 2018-01-27

Her face, her breasts showing through her white shift, so fresh, sunlight making them surreal, and those eyes, deep pools of blue where he had lost his way many times before. At the same time he was pressing them hard as if he wanted to milk her and he could tell how much she like it. He then knelt before her and took her clit fully in his mouth, exploring that lovely valley where men want to live. “Your vagina is sooo tight that one finger is having hard time, but the wetness is helping to get it inside.” The attention her clit is getting was so intense, so I increased the pressure and pace a little every time she moaned.

Time with my Boss

mastrubation 2018-01-27

I told him that I love to see his cock get rock hard every time he checks me out and that I have always wanted to see him stroke his cock to me. I know he strokes his cock while thinking of me behind close doors so I told him to do it in front of me as I guide his stroke. He took his rock hard cock out began to stroke to the sound of my sexy voice. I removed my g-string to give him teasing bare up-skirt views and I opened up my blouse just enough to expose my tits so he could stroke to the view of my rock hard nipples!

Amanda's First Time Masturbating At College

mastrubation 2018-01-27

Now, between all this events, as well as the excitement of meeting new people, I had absolutely no "me time", let alone enough energy to get horny during the day. The last two night of welcome week, however, I would get pretty horny in bed. Things got really bad for me the last night of welcome week. I felt my pussy dampen with horniness, and I got lost in the music. I moved my hands to my knees bent over just slightly, and began rolling my hips. Almost immediately, I had two fingers buried deep in my pussy, curved up to meet my g-spot. Immediately my hips came to life, moving back and forth to meet my fingers.

Cage Dancer

fetish 2018-01-27

Yes, it was embarrassing to step out of the dressing room like this, but it was also very arousing and I caught myself squirming just a little at the thought. That part of the door reached up to my mid thighs, leaving me no room to step up out of the cage. The two other portions of the door then closed to seal me into the cage and I quickly found that the narrow confines of the top prevented me from lowering my arms. You’ll notice that the small size of the openings between the wire bars of the cage are small enough to prevent a man’s whole hand from getting in there with you, but don’t be surprised if my friends reach through with curious fingers.

Andrew’s Angel

anal 2018-01-27

After a minute the foam began to burn his body and the girls left home there for what felt like ages. I’ll be sure to video everything for later but in the mean time, I need to get our little sissy ready for coach.” All girls left leaving just Katie and Angel. Despite Angel’s greatest attempt to hate to moment she eventually came all over ground and the coach finished not long after leaving Angel lying in the locker room floor in a puddle of her own sissy cummies unable to move from pain and half undressed with cum dried on her face and her pussy filled with fresh warm cum leaking out in a small, steady stream.

Pool Time

first-time 2018-01-27

He said ok and as I was stepping out of the hot tub he bent me over the edge, and said "we are going to need this slippery when we get in" He started licking my ass, shoving his toung inside, swirling his toung on the rim. We got in the shallow end, and he was immediately behind me, and soon forcing his cock into my tight hole, I bent down and grabbed the edge of the pool and moaned at his cock slidding deep in me, ramming my prostate. I let his cock slid out of my ass, I licked all of my cum up off of his abs, before working down to sucking his cock, deep throating him and licking the tip of his cock, until he was about to cum, I took his dick out of my mouth, and stroked his cum out onto his abs.

Wild Calls

mastrubation 2018-01-27

After the beep, I put on my best sultry voice and said, “Hey baby, I know you’re sl**ping, but I wanted you to know I’ve been thinking about you all night . “Are you stroking your cock?” I ask, my voice sultry with excitement, wanting to hear you say it. I’d hover at the top for a moment to circle my tongue around the head of your cock and then back down to the base of your shaft. With your hands all over my ass, I lean forward slightly so that you have a perfect view of your cock as I slide the head into my wet aching pussy.

Fantasie... Teil 2

group 2018-01-27

Mein ganzer Körper zitterte - seine Stimme war einfach wahnsinnig erotisch, er roch auch gut und ich hätte gerne seinen ganzen Körper gespürt. Auf ein Nicken des Meisters begab sich der Mann ans andere Ende der Streckbank und kniete sich zwischen meine Beine. In mir kribbelte alles - ich war so geil wie noch nie, andererseits schämte ich mich, weil der Mann nun sehen würde, dass ich schon klatschnass war. Ich spürte, wie mir die Tränen in die Augen schossen und ein dicker Kloß im Hals nahm mir fast den Atem. Während ich noch mit mit mir beschäftigt war und mit geschlossenen Augen versuchte, die Tränen zu unterdrücken spürte ich plötzlich etwas zwischen meinen Beinen.

86% mein

HOW I MASTURBATE - Wet jerking

mastrubation 2018-01-27

I first began jerking off wet about 15 years ago, at a time when I wanted to try different ways to masturbate to my magazine pictures. I remember that for a long time afterwards, the first thing I did when I got home from work each day was to get out my mags, drop my pants, get some paper towel to use as a cum rag, grease up & go to work on my cock while paging through the magazines. When I'm ready for a session I drop my pants, make sure my shirt is out of the way & commence greasing up, using a finger to dab just the right amount of oil on my knob & shaft.

My Friends Hot Daughter

anal 2018-01-27

I know sweetheart, I know you want to fuck your Dad. That is what all the little f******n year old sluts want. I tell you what, cunt, why don't you call her over her, but first I want to see you fit that big butt plug up your ass. Little girls like you should not even know what astroglide is. Whats that cunt, normally your little friend helps you? Your little cunt has already asked me to fuck her up the ass with this butt plug, I know what a slut. Listen to your Dad cunt, reach around and spread those tight ass cheeks for me. I love to watch little whores like you gag on cock.

The Party

mastrubation 2018-01-27

While all this was going on, I had a middle aged lady on here knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth while I tried desperately to think of my football team to stop myself cumming. When the music started, the girls would walk around the outside of the row of guys which gave us a great view of looking up at their cunts but when the music stopped, the 11 girls would have to fight to lower themselves onto 10 cocks. She had to put her legs up the wall behind me to get in but before long I had my mouth licking out the first lady and my cock stuck in the face of the second and I could just about reach behind me to stick my fingers up her cunt.

Countess Xotik's Erotic Stories - Sea Nymph &

hardcore 2018-01-26

Looking down she sees that her pussy is completely open, ready for any and all… The Nymph is beyond the point of no return, she knows it, and loves this feeling. Both men howl as they cum inside the little Sea Nymph, as the four others watch, certainly with their cocks at full attention! The first two sailors remove their drained cocks slowly and respectfully and the Sea Nymph opens her eyes in time to see the OIC use his finger to order his men to move clockwise one position. Suspended above the deck for over an hour, the little Sea Nymph received all of them, twice each, equating to six cum shots in her pussy and six down her throat!

His control

anal 2018-01-26

His body jerked and he filled her with his cream then he went down to her pussy and pushed his tongue into her cunt and tongue fucked her as he shoved two fingers in her ass and gave both holes a hard workout. His cock was getting hard again and he put her on her hands and knees and shoved his big meat into her asshole and began fucking her then he pulled out and rammed her cunt and then back to her asshole again. He and his wife each sucked on her huge tits as they each shoved two fingers in her cunt and fucked her hard.

A special night on Chatropolis - Part 1

first-time 2018-01-26

"She looks like mom" he then said, "I mean her tits do". Images of more big chested women, images of people fucking, images of naked teen girls and even some occasional younger looking guys with hard cocks, touching or sucking or fucking each other. Looking down at his wet hard PJ-covered cock I replied, grinning "well I guess you do too!". The moment I reopened my eyes and realized I was not alone I could see his disbelieving look, his ajar mouth and his even harder and more dripping t*** cock. "Do you want to touch it to know what it feels like?" I asked, my heart pumping hard as the veins of my cock increased even more in size...

A Journey to Depravity Chapter 2.

mature 2018-01-26

As I shuddered through the denouement of my climax, Mistress Maria removed her hands and Master Lionel relinquished the clamps attached to my smarting nipples. “Excellent,” said Master Lionel as he took in my f***ed pose, before adding, “I want you to look deeply into my eyes as I torment and punish your big bound tits, do not alter your gaze from mine until I say you can.” After what seemed endlessly f***eful fucking with four fingers digging into me deep and then pushing out against the muscular walls of my cunt, Mistress Maria informed Master Lionel that she would be able to get her fist into the subject.

Ultimate fetish dressing

fetish 2018-01-26

She took a deep breath, as deep as she could with a stretched rubber neck around her belly, and then continued to pull the thing over her breasts, then after a while finally managed to get one arm inside the body, the other arm wasn't that hard anymore after that. It was rather tight she noticed trying to close it behind her neck, and as she finally managed to do so she felt how the layers of latex around her neck were tightened just little enough not to squeeze the small tube that went from her mouth down her back.

A strange encounter. Must read if horny

voyeur 2018-01-26

She swam naked, enjoying the freedom of expression, oiled herself and lay in the warm sun, soon feeling the effects of sun and wine, she started masturbating, failing to notice another sail boat creep quietly into the cove, from her right side. The mother reached in and fingered Helen's pussy, 'She's wet and ready', she exclaimed, 'Fuck her son' and the boy lay down and slid into her and started humping. The mother f***ed her finger into Helen's vagina and felt around as her sons penis ploughed into her furrow, it was a tight fit and as she said she could feel Helen coming, her pussy clamped tight and Helen let out a blistering moan as she convulsed in an uncontrollable orgasm.

Nothing Like A Granny

mature 2018-01-26

I want her to hold me by the legs while I slid my fat cock inside her mouth and watch as her saliva wets it. I hold her head to feel the more intensify movement which nearly makes me cum so I quickly throw her on the bed and spread her legs to eat her pussy, the fat wobbling and jiggling makes me even more erected. Her weight hardens me and the way she rides my dick with that warm, fat, wet pussy cumming on my dick makes me moan and my eyes roll to the back of my head.

Walk in the woods

voyeur 2018-01-26

My wife was now naked in the middle of a forest clearing with a complete stranger feeling her tits and rubbing her pussy, I was so turned on I didn't care my cock had never been so hard. She grabbed it and began wanking him with long fast strokes that seemed so intense in their need for his cock.It was his turn to moan now, 'suck it for him' said a voice that I quickly realised was mine, Suck him now.She didn't need telling again and quickly went down on all fours and took him into her mouth. She rode me hard and fast as I watched her sucking this guys cock, what an amazing turn on this was, I never realised I'd feel this way.


mature 2018-01-26

I want you to cum all over my face." She slammed her mouth down on my cock again, pumping her head up and down wildly, her little tongue flickering across the underside. I pulled my head back and admired the view I had...her dripping wet virgin pussy, thick, deep red pubic hair matted with her juices and my saliva and down below her perfect little asshole. I breathed deep the scent of young, wet pussy as my other hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and f***ed her mouth all the way down onto my cock. I reached out one hand and pulled her to a seated position on the edge of the bed, her head slightly bowed she looked up at me adoringly through her tussled hair and my cock ached.

First time Anal Fucking - True Story

first-time 2018-01-26

Basically, from practising with the toy and having it in while Im fucking, I've been starting to enjoy anal stimulation more and more. I could feel his cock get hard and push against my ass cheek. So I moved a bit and with him lying behind me, he pushed the tip of his cock into my ass. I started pushing against him, making his cock sink further into my ass. I was moving the bunny vibe and he was pounding like mad. I pushed back on him as hard as I could and came like a crazy woman. He waited until I was finished and then pulled his cock out and came all over my ass cheek.

a hot night with a hot G.I.L.F

Celebrities 2018-01-26

"i bet a nice strapping young man like you,"she says with a pause looking at my absent shoulder,i become insecure,she resumes her sentence."could make a gal laugh all night." "I SAID!!,YOU'RE IN FOR A GOOD NIGHT!!BABE!!."yelling in the parking lot.i subdue myself,not wanting to ruin the mood.we make it into the hotel room.i rent only places of class. "i need to take my vitamins."she says.i hand her her wine.she takes her pills.and swallows the wine.i get close to her,she smells old and distinct.i think of her holding me,cradling me.i make the first move and kiss her.her mouth taste of poligrip.i unzip my pants.she smells of gold bond medicated powder.

The icing on the cake

mastrubation 2018-01-26

We sat down to eat it when I said to my boyfriend "It's a bit dry without icing" It might taste a bit funny" He said with a smile on his face. I held the cake plate close and said " I want a nice big load ok. I licked it off the table and let it run off my tongue onto the cake. I dropped a bit" I said, rubbing the cum in, as i pulled my top down to reveal my nipple. I put the plate on the table and licked at the cum on top of the cake. Suddenly he got closer to me and let out a moan as he came again on my cheek and onto the cake.

Living in Cockington part4

mature 2018-01-26

She was moaning with pleasure and pinching her little brown nipples as she rode the old guys tongue, all the while the older woman was still sucking his cock eagerly and after a few minutes the young girl let out a little gasping cry and her pussy squirted a little juice all over the old guys face. The older lady then climbed up onto the guy and lowered her self onto his face and once again he started licking pussy, while that hot young teen continued bouncing up and down on his cock. By now i was tugging furiously on my cock through my trousers still as i watched this hot threesome and it only got better as the older woman suddenly cried out, plunged her pussy hard on the guys mouth and started squirting her juices all over him.

My record

hardcore 2018-01-26

As early as age six, I clearly remember lying on the floor with images of female models from advertisements I found in magazines or store fliers from the sunday paper and grinding my stiffening cock into the unyielding floor. (It was the very first time she appeared in the magazine and it contained her account of being sexually assaulted by Jim Bakker.) I traded my Playboy for a more hard-core mag that got taken away from another student by the shop teacher at my school. One night, I was stroking my cock and pressing it against the images of those wanton wenches, like I had been doing for several weeks when the most pathetic smear of semen trickled from the tip of my dong and onto the spread-and-waiting hairy bush of a nightgown-clad brunette.

A visit to the ABS part 2

interracial 2018-01-26

With a black cock buried in my soaking wet pussy and my tits being played with I had failed to notice that we weren't alone in the room. I did as I was told and he shoved his cock into my cum filled pussy with one push and immediately started fucking me hard, and I wanted more. The guy fucking me said he was about to cum and grabbing my hips hard he shoved his cock in, balls deep into my pussy and added his load. I came a few more times before the guy fucking me buried his cock in deep and unloaded his sperm, giving me my third load of hot black man's jizz.

For My Lanny

group 2018-01-26

As Lanny tells her to get on her knees before me, and begin to lick and suck and eat my pussy. Pulling out of my mouth he goes to my Cindy, laying on the floor under her, he begins to eat her pussy, licking, sucking, probing wildly, she moans as his tongue probes her making her grind on to his face. They kiss and suck on my clit, and my spasms begin as I cum, Lanny and Cindy lap up the nectar of my pussy juice. He gently moves Cindy aside; stepping between my thighs pulling my ass to the edge of the chair Lanny places the head of his cock at my wide open pussy.

My love for Hairy pussy

voyeur 2018-01-26

I'm a little fuzzy on the circumstances, but I remember that she was going to stand up and she pulled her one foot out of the water and placed it on the dock then stood up, This allowed me a long glimpse at her pussy as her bikini pulled away from her inner thigh. She had a jungle of black pussy hair behind that bikini. As she walked away she turn to me and said, "are you coming with me." I knew I couldn't go with her as I had a rock hard erection, so I said to her, "Nah, I think I'll stay her for a while." From that day, I was hooked not only on her, but my love of hair on a pussy.

From Shame to Game

first-time 2018-01-26

Instead of going around the block to the front I had helped my s****r, with the long thin legs, blue lace panties, and blond hair to her bum, slip over the brick wall. Aunt Heather, or Hed as mum used to call her, would usually have been in the kitchen on days like this preparing pie and soup for an early dinner. It had been after May had seen mum engaged with the plumber that she had started to change things to make her happy. With my cock still hard and covered with May’s slobber, I got up onto my knees like the man, behind my s****r, and started looking for where to put it.

Awesum Flight to UK

bdsm 2018-01-26

When I started taking out my cloths all of sudden door open and alley comes in with another super blonde. I too like good girl or bitch got up from bed and started to wear it. Two girls comes up and started to tie my hands n legs spread eagle to bed corners. Then she got some dildos same time man fucking my mouth started grunting loudly. Alley started to fuck me with both dildos as same time. Then alley ask other guy to fuck my pussy till I cum. I already started begging her to fuck me real hard in my pussy. Same time alley make some room for her hand below my legs n started ramming that thick dildo in my ass.

Circle of Friends

group 2018-01-26

Over the course of our conversations and exchange of pictures online, he had soothed away most of my fears, so effectively in fact that I told him that it would be ok to bring a friend, if he liked. I began to suck with real purpose and the most delightful sounds filled my head as his cock slipped to and fro over my lips. Like a blind man, I held out my open hands and was immediately rewarded with a pair of hot thick cocks. I love the taste of fresh semen and the sensation of having it pulsing over your lips, splashing over your tongue and being smeared all over your mouth by a nice hard thrusting cock is pure ecstasy, better than any d**g out there.

My Fat Belly Gay Theater Wild Night

hardcore 2018-01-26

There is a seating protocol in east coast porno theaters for men looking for strange cock. Also of course the men's room but I like the open theater seating area so others can watch. I stopped to join other guys in watching seated men sucking cock and sucking nipples. He was standing and jerking off as he watched two seated guys getting it on. While he stood in the aisle watching the seated guys I dropped to my knees and started blowing him. I stood up and wanted him to rub my belly so bad but he just nodded thanks to me and walked away. Some men were standing around jerking off like crazy as they watched a tranny take it in the butt.

Caught Again by s*s

fetish 2018-01-26

I apologized but I couldn't stop peeing, she came right over to me and told me not to and she grabbed my cock and started aiming the pee around in the toilet exclaiming "it's just like a little fire hose". I didn't say anything, she just leaned over and started to lick it all up,she cleaned all the cum off me before looking at me with a grin and said "actually it tastes pretty good", then she added, "can I have more this weekend?" I asked about staying at her friends house, and she said she never planned on it, she wanted to be here with her naked b*****r.

My shemale fantasy....continued

fetish 2018-01-26

I throbbed and groaned as the warm smoke flowed over me...."mmmm your a dirty boy huh..mmm I like...what happens if I put you in my smokey mouth..." Taking another drag and quickly sucking my mushroom head, then just at the right moment opening her mouth letting the smoke slowly escape and pour over my cock..I let out a gasp as she kisses the tip and says "mmm you really do like it, gets you nice and hard..." She continues sucking and smoking till she's got me hard enough to fuck.

Femdom Strapon

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As I hadn't had a good filling in many weeks, my lustful thoughts of Mistress Alexandra began to creep in - all five foot eleven inches of her dominating Ms. Gere. Ms. Gere easily placed the large red candle firmly into my ass while Mistress Alexandra struck a match and lit the wic. Without permission, Ms. Gere removed her mouth from Mistress Alexandra's cock, and begged: From my awkward vantage point, I could only see Mistress Alexandra's ass furiously pumping Ms. Gere full of cock, and I could only hear Ms. Gere begging. Mistress Alexandra removed Maximus from Ms. Gere's sopping wet pussy, and then slid it slowly into her ass. Mistress Alexandra slid the head of her cock inside Ms. Gere's ass.

Two young girls and the old man

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Bundeled into the cab with all of us in the back seat and daddy in-between us we drove back to our flat, I noticed how his free hand was working Pias' crotch, but as he was getting some refund on his nights expenditure, I chose to let him enjoy his moment. Pia was lying comatose on the setee, her head to the side, eyes closed and gently snoring, in a femine way, and I say comatose, because our daddy had parted her long slender limbs and was sticking his tongue into her soft flesh, licking and drinking her estrogen laden juices, only stopping to push a couple of fingers into her swollen cunt and rub the sensitive flesh behind her pubic bone, known as the 'G-Spot'

Our MMF Fantasy That's Gonna Cum True...Part

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Slide that thong down past her ass…yes use your tongue all over her tits…” he realized only after he had put his hand between his legs that nick was stroking himself while he watched Jordan wriggle with pleasure under Dan’s touch. She almost looked like she was ready to squirt all over again so nick leaned over and started licking her the same way he felt Dan’s tongue on him. Nick made sure she was nice and wet and although it was the last thing he wanted to do, he slid Dan’s mouth off his cock and gently guided their very good friend into his wife’s waiting wet pussy…

Sheer Maintence

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Well, instantly or perhaps subconsciously I opened the door wider to look towards my neighbors home he was pointing to. As I did he looked back at me, and there I was in just a mini-shirt with my silky smooth nyloned Legs shinning in the afternoon sun, not to mention my painted toe nails sparkling thru the sheer pantyhose! I let the door open fully and sun light engulf me and allowed myself to feel and become more feminine! The next thing I know is we were in the entry way, and he bent over and started rubbing my legs! I don't know way, I was enjoying every inch, and I wanting him to continue.

Her Pleasure

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Ray was naked and laying on his back with his legs spread wide as Sue sucked his cock. Ray also loved how good Sue was at sucking cock. He liked fucking Sue's cunt then eating her for such a long time that his face would be covered in her sweet cream. Today Sue got her second load of cum and she then turned Ray onto his hands and knees and kissed and licked his ass cheeks. Ray loved getting his ass fucked and Sue always did a great job for him. They both laid on their sides facing each other and Sue took two of Ray's fingers and pushed them in her cunt.

Blackmail Blowjob..

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Kathy moaned as she felt and tasted it, squeezing Jeff's flowing dick tightly and making his cum spill out all over her tongue and in her mouth. Slowly, my s****r tilted her head back, letting Jeff get a good look as his cum slid along Kathy's tongue toward the back of her mouth. The startling realization that my s****r had cum while sucking my dick triggered my own orgasm, and I arched my back, driving my cock into Kathy's mouth. She jerked back until just the spurting head of my cock was between her shiny wet lips, and sucked hard, making faint little grunting noises as my thick, creamy load filled her mouth.

Seattle time

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as soon as we enter my my place i turn around "i want to fuck your big black cock right now" drop to my knees when you shut the door behind you and undo you pants to see your big curved dick in my face and i start slowly licking your cock from base to tip getting it wet. now that its wet i take my top off and your hands go straight to my huge white tits but i grab them "you cant play with them till later" so you put your hands on top of my head and guide my mouth onto your hard curved black dick.


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After about five minutes I felt Beth take my hand, the Mack, my b*****r, had been f******n when Bill went to Obviously, the answer to my great need was living right Having fucked me once, d***k or not, Mack left me with Mack, for his part, fantasized that I wanted him as Taking advantage of their absence, Mack went out "Hey, honey," Mack slurred, I told ole' Jim bedroom, but Mack and Jim followed me in. Now, Mack and Jim were in my bedroom, all three of us Jim couldn't stand it anymore, and got up on the bed I could feel Mack coming and almost as soon glass of cold water and went in and poured it on Mack's

Wife's First Black Experience

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Neither one of us really spoke of that night and I was kind of apprehensive about asking my wife "so would you like to fuck a black cock?" The topic never came up and I didn't push the issue. Michael explained to Katie a little about the Erotic Massage, but left out the part about possibly getting to fuck her. I think Katie liked his work since his touch was a little firmer with such large hands, compared to the small girls she is usually with. Katie now had one hand trying to stuff black cock into her mouth and the other gripping the sheets on the table. I got a little excited thinking about how you would look while being fucked by a big black cock.

New Years Eve at the Local

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Her pussy was surprisingly tight, and as I worked my fingers in, savouring the sound of the wet hole giving way to my searching digits, I noticed her plump teenage body trembling and her dripping cunt beginning to pulse. As I looked at the mess I’d made, cock in hand and inches from her wide open, pink hole, her cunt let out a gasping slurping sound and once again, a torrent of warm piss gushed out of her, soaking my cock and it continued to spray from her pussy, I pushed my cock deep inside again and let the warm fluid cover my still achingly hard rod.

18th Birthday Party

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I got a little horny thinking about him in my room and just as I knew it I see a cock slide in through the door. I got hard right away and he said wow you have a big dick and he said do you mind asking if he could pull my pants down and I said no not at all.. Once I finished we both pulled up our pants and we kissed for a little bit and when downstairs. before I fully got out of my room he pulled me back and said I want to fuck that ass next time and kissed me one last time.

the Best Boss

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I want that enormous cock balls deep and fucking me hard before you fill me with cum." He slapped her ass lightly and said "Good choice baby. Let me suck those big hard nipples as I fuck that tight cunt and feel you cum." He then pulled his cock out of her cunt and put her on her knees and told her "Next I need my cock licked clean and sucked to get me hard so I can fuck that sexy ass. Get me rock hard so I can shove it in your fucking ass." She sucked him getting the cock harder and he then pulled her back up as he wanted to cum in her ass not her mouth at this time.

My Big Mature Lover

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She keeps her pussy groomed, with just a little soft hair around her lips and her ass, and a small but thick mound of hair just above her clit. She loves to get on top because she knows she can control me, and she knows that when she rocks her big hips I want to fucking cum so bad, but she won't let me. When I put her big sweet ass on a couple of pillows and hold her legs in the air, she goes insane and cums quickly. I love to do that to her, because we've always had hours of foreplay and fucking before she cums and when she's done she'll take my cock in her sweet soft mouth and finish me.

Beer VS. Pussy

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It is time to do a comparison between two things treasured by men, beer and pussy... A pussy tastes better served hot. Having an ice cold beer makes you satisfied. Having an ice cold pussy makes you Hillary Clinton. Beers have commercials making fun of skunky ones. A pussy is a box you can come in. If you come home smelling like beer, smelling like pussy, she will definitely get mad. You are a legend if you have a pussy in the stands at a football game. If a cop smells beer on your breath, If a cop smells pussy on your breath, Pussy can make you see God. Beer can If you try to snag a beer at work,

Yes, Daddy…Thank-you Daddy Ch. 01

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But you are not asking like a beginner, no you little black nigger, you have had some time being a leather boy. He would rather have his little black leather boy (god, he loves calling you this) blow him or taking his dick up your chocolate ass. You spend a few more moments looking and damn near inspecting all of his floggers and whips and plugs, before he says, “Why don’t we get started.” You don’t have much time to think on it before he grabs you by your hair and you feel your body make contact with the wooden St. Andrews cross. Maybe if you would stop raising your ass every time you thought the blow was coming, he might believe you.

Bodybuilder Bestie

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This man truly trained HARD cause I was unprepared for the strength and beauty of his massive, muscular quads and diamond-shaped calves...more like cowz. Those briefs was starting to bulge a bit more, he was like around 6 inches soft and he was enjoying all this attention and he let out a nice "mmm" while I was all over his body in admiration and playing with his big dick a little. I wanna make love to you like you've never had before."I stop giving him head and got up, looked at him in his sexy, mesmerizing eyes and said "Q I'm all yours. Q felt it ready to blow and he said "Here I come...Here" He pulled out cause he wanted me to see that big load he was about to let loose.

Are you gonna leave me now?

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Long story short, because I'm being completely in love with him, I believe in giving one nice, unforgettable fuck, that would left him senseless and remember me. I let play the song for stripping that I really like "Criminal" by Fiona Apple blasting thru the stereo. As he playing with my wetting pussy, he ejaculated a little. As I was moaning with pleasure mixing with pain, I ask him to slide his cock in between my thigh, and inside my pussy. As the song approach the end, it also the end for his humping, he lets out his wet soaking dick to my tits, and smack it. He try to stops me by grabbing my hand.

welcome back

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and he had his hands on her hips as they kissed. gently kissing her neck, which he started slowly kissing her lips again. slowly, starting at the top button, her hands run up and down his chest as she continued to kiss him. He stopped kissing her and looked nipple, making her start to breathe and slowly pushed all the way in. into her again, and he started kissing into her again, and he started kissing slowly stroke her clit, and she started moaning, but nothing came out because he kept kissing her. brink of orgasm, and it felt amazing. He stopped pumping into her, and let her vagina pulse around He pulled out of her, and kissed her

My oral lust and secret sperm swallowing sessions

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He held my head and began to pump his cock in and out of my throat as i coughed and my spit was getting all slimy on his cock and I kept slurping it up and loving every minute of it when he pushed me to my knees and told me to open my mouth as he place his cock tip on my tongue as i looked into his eyes and he began shooting thick juicy loads into my mouth, filling it up and then told me to swallow it like a good little slut.

A Man, Two Women, and a Cuckold

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I was actually having a great time helping Suzie and enjoying her company when she turned to me and said "should we check on those two k**s, we don't want them doing anything they shouldn't!" Suzie pressed into me from behind reached around and squeezed my obviously hardening cock and said, "it seems you are not only going to let him seduce your wife, but you are enjoying the show!" Suzie whispered in my ear, "when was the last time she kissed you like that?" She made me realize the answer was 'not in a long time.' As I was contemplating this truth, Steve was ratcheting things up. Steve kept repeating "Swallow it baby" and then in a shock to me, turned towards me, made eye contact and said, "Enjoy a real man's cum!"


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That image became a reality when I caught my breath and felt my cock explode with rapturous f***e – mom's finger was deeper in to my ass and I could feel it tickle my prostate, forcing an even greater flow of my come to coat her welcoming throat. Mom stared at it hungrily – the spark in her eyes somehow inflamed my passions and I flipped her onto her stomach and rubbed the length of my cock down her ass crack; I lightly poked her ass hole with the head of my shaft before guiding it down lower to touch her pussy lips – I slipped into where I had emerged from 30 years before and we both gasped at the ...

Keep Your Mouth Shut

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Maybe if you spent more time in the gym and less time knockin’ back those fruity-ass drinks, you could squeeze inside somethin’ like this next year.” She put just the right amount of sneer in her voice to let me know how much she was holding back. Orlando closed his eyes and, after hurriedly pulling me back on my feet, he threw one last look over his shoulder and held my hand as we walked into the restroom. Not wasting a minute, Orlando pushed the head of his dick inside, and we both watched as my pussy swallowed the rest of it. When I felt my second orgasm building I closed my eyes and let it come without giving any indication to Orlando (outside of my flooding pussy, of course).

My First Female Anal with a Cheating Wife.

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There she took off her panties and told him to have a good look and feel her cunt if he wished. Listening to her telling this had my cock rampant and then she said she had got the urge again and she wanted to lie down and expose herself to me. I started feeling her cunt, then put my fingers inside her and she said she felt like she was back at her schooldays. She was in ecstacy and reached round and took my cock in her hand and placed it against her brown button and said push really hard.

Borrowing the rabbit

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Clair slowly let my cock slide out again, whilst using her tongue to lick and caress the shaft all the while sucking until she got to the tip, where she gave one long suck before plunging straight back down to the base, then she did something I wasn’t expecting, She reached around and began to squeeze my ass before plunging her finger into my asshole. She suddenly glared at me and said “stop fucking around and ram that big fat cock inside me you bastard.” At that moment I knew I had her, I slowly slid inside of the warm folds of her pussy, each inch that slipped in sent new waves of pleasure through us both.

Me a whore for black gangbangs

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The room was crowded as I was led through, my heavy tits swinging as I crawled behind Ben, people both men and women, touching me, stroking my bum, fingers between my legs touching my wet pussy, others crouching down to feel my tits, one guy knelling down, sniffing and licking my arse and pussy, pretending to be a dog. The last time he was home, he said he'd like to meet Ben, suggesting I invite him around, to a dinner party we had arranged for the weekend just past, none to subtly intimating he wanted to watch us fuck afterwards.

Just for fun

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It only takes moments and you are cumming, shooting hot gobs in an arc up to your muscular chest, grabbing fist-fulls of my long, blonde hair, your head snapping back against the cushions and your ass grinding onto my 'cock.' As we come back down from the high of the moment, we both know we have entered new territory. I can feel an orgasm building as the base of the dong pushes against my clit with every movement of your blowjob, your finger stroking my pussy, and in moments, I am grabbing your head, holding you as I fuck your face, only this time I have my cock thrust down your throat as I cry out, "Oh, God, I'm cumming, Baby!"

First time beauty

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As I pulled down her panties she licked her fingers and rubbed them up and down her pussy before putting them into my mouth, her pussy tasted nice and I said I couldn't wait to put my cock in there. So I pulled my cock out of her ass and got her to suck me off again, but she was so horny that while she was sucking my dick she fingered herself and eventually came, so I decided I'd do the same so I told her to open her mouth and I creamed all over her face and in her mouth, she then swallowed whatever was in her mouth and rubbed off whatever was left over her tits.

Cross dressing adventures

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I have always wondered what it would feel like to be fucked; being bent over or on my back with somebody driving a hard cock in my ass. Thinking back to Carl and rubbing my ass on his cock makes me hard, damn getting fucking in the ass could be fun. I can feel the pressure and the wetness of his tongue as he goes back and forth between my right and left legs, his hands gripping my hips, slamming his cock into my ass as hard and deep as he can. Pulling his cock from my ass Carl stands up, looks at me, and says, “Dirty little slut,” under his breath and heads up stairs to shower.

Ensign Belle’s Personal Log Stardate 4020.01

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I felt Seven start to run both hands over my pussy, lingering just a few seconds longer on my clit each time, her metal finger tips colder than her human only ones. A whirring sound is not exactly a sound you expect to hear in a situation like this but I heard one, then felt something cold and hard press just on the very outside of my slit, my brain started to process but not time later whatever it was plunged itself fully into my pussy, making me groaning into my now sodden and most likely wrecked uniform and my hips reflexly push back towards whatever it was.

Master and slave

bdsm 2018-01-25

Oh no, Sir. I think about how your cock feels in my hands. I think a lot about you fucking me with your cock, Sir. Yes, Sir. Maybe you should use the paddle on my bottom as well. Yes, Sir. I think my cunt definitely is wet, Sir. And I need to be punished for that, too. Yes, Sir. I also have wicked thoughts about showing my cunt to you. Yes, Sir. I want you to see how hot and wet I am. Yes, Sir. My arse is big. Hmmm...yes I can tell from the way your cunt now is so hot and wet. I will begin your punishment now – 10 nice firm strikes on your arse cheeks. Yes, Sir. I think so – for now.


mature 2018-01-25

Fuck your mom hard," she yelled at him as he pumped in and out of her cunt, slapping his balls against her ass every time he thrust into her fully. It felt hard and it hurt a little but the hot cunt wrapped around my cock, took away much of the pain, keeping my mind away from what Mike was doing to me. He soon came and I felt his cock twitch a couple of times and then his hot come spurted out of him, filling my ass with it's warmth. We gradually made it to the couch again but this time, Mike mounted his mother and pushed his hard cock into her ass, making her scream out again.

My first time with a shemale

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She pulled me into the stairway and proceeded to unzip my fly, reached in and grabbed hold of my pecker, starting to give me a hand job. She asked once more if I wanted to come up to her place, I stuttered a horny "YES!" and before I knew it we were undressing in a frenzy and stretched out on her bed. Moments later the guy came on my stomach and chest and I grabbed her ass cheeks to pull her cock in my mouth until she came down my throat. So after the guy left she again got me on my hands and knees and grabbed the latex gloves. But it was the first time I got fucked in my ass and it was a hell of a ride.

Master and His friends

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i looked at myself in the mirror and my pussy quickly got very wet, knowing that i was dressed like a slut for my Master. "That's right slut and I will use you any way I want" said Master. Master slid a finger into my wet hot cunt, making me moan and beg to be fucked. "Look at you slut, you want to get used and fucked so bad don't you?" Master said. i was wet every where, from my cock sucking mouth to my cunt and my tits still dripping milk. "Go ahead **** her ass" Master said to the guy that didn't have his cock in I yet. The first guy slid his hard cock deep into my cunt making my moan against the gag.

peanut butter jelly time!!!

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She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding one in her hand held out flat, she began spreading on the peanut butter, slowly, almost sensually. Laura ran her hands over her breasts and then placed the peanut butter and jelly pieces about as far apart on the counter as her nipples were. She took a deep breath, and then slowly leaned forward on to the counter, letting her breasts rest on top of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She spread her legs and slid her right hand under the black lace of her thong to begin caressing her pussy lips covered in slippery g**** jelly.

shower thoughts for today

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My hands push your back down and your sweet ass raises into the air. I bend down and suck those lovely nuggets into my mouth as my hand strokes up your rigid cock. Carefully sliding two fingers from my other hand in back to back to the first two so I could ever so gently begin to properly pull my boy open before I fuck his sweet hole. Thumbs rubbing on the outside as my fingers feel so good up in your hot wet ass. My pussy drenching down my leg as I watch your ass opening to take in my cock. Riding that hot ass as I reach around and stroke my good boys cock.

Spiders Web

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“Where’s Adam” I asked, “Off on business trip, the project has hit a problem so he’s away for the rest of the week” and with that she put her hand on my thigh and started to rub slowly, getting closer to my cock with each stroke. Like Sally, the aroma of a wet fanny was too much, I pulled them aside and started to nibble on her pussy, sticking my tong into her wet fanny, eventually I covered her hole with my mouth and sucked and played on her clit. Sally and I stayed like this only for a short while, working her fanny mussels around my cock while lying there breathing heavily, I held her on and steady with one hand and tweaked one of her nipples with the other while kissing and nibbling at her neck and ear.

Me & my teacher

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Until that point I was oblivious to his body but then I started to explore him with my eyes, imagining how toned his chest was, knowing he was muscly but in a nice way, not too big, just fit and strong. For the past 8 weeks we've been studying over lunch times and stay behind school on a tues and thurs. I start to relax and find myself enjoying it.I feel his breath on my neck and my nipples harden. he's holden me so close he must feel them, i try to pull away and he holds me telling me it's ok. He starts to kiss my neck asking if I've felt my nipples stiffen before for him.

My first fuck by Susan Shelton

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There was a long leafy road we drove down every day and that's where my sex life started. The weekend passed and all I could think about was him at home with his wife and I felt hurt and wondered if he was doing the same things to her. In the car we kissed, caressed, he fingered me and I stroked his hard cock. I sometimes felt guilty knowing he was married but his cock soon made me forget. I like him to finger me in the taxi before we get home and I guess it's a reminder of my first sex in the car all those years ago.

Groping on the train

mastrubation 2018-01-25

There was a woman right next to me and facing me so there was no way I was going to get a feel of her I thought. We were so tightly packed no one could see what I was doing and I got a good feel like that. Feeling ever bolder I eased the leg of her panties aside and got to the real thing and it felt good. The train started off again and as we pulled into the station I got my hand out before it stopped. Seeing her down there and feeling her tongue soon got me hard and she knew it.

She cheated and wished she had not after.

mature 2018-01-25

have always had feelings for authority figures and police officers got me excited the most. Worked with a man who I find exciting and sexually desirable. We flirted when all others left and worked totally alone most week nights. My panties hit the floor and I got up on the table. before he left he told me, I wll be back after this and we can finish what we started. You need to finish please I tell him, and he goes faster and much harder. Went home and told my husband a lie, told him I could feel something hurting inside me. he now tells me I feel different and act different sexually.

The party

group 2018-01-25

Jake looked at me and said " I guess your looser then I thought." I replied saying "yeah I have had my share of experiences." Then he told me to "shut up," I didnt know what to say or think I havent been talked to like that before in this type of moment, but I knew I liked it. But I was gonna give it a try so I leaned over to suck on it and I could tell that we were at the party by the music and voices so I pulled his fingers out of my ass and put them up to my mouth and slowly sucked on them slowly using my tongue wrapping it around them.

really great bang in a bus

group 2018-01-25

I had both my hands wrapped around his dick pulling for all I was worth while he was squeezing my nipple and fingering my pussy. Ashok took of his shirt and dhoti and came in with a short loin cloth that was tied on a string that he wore around his waist. As Ashok sucked my breasts I turned around and took his cock in my mouth. It felt good Ashok sucking my tits and fingering my cunt so I let it be and we lay together holding each other naked for quite a while. In a few seconds I was sitting with my legs wrapped around this guy, with my hands around his neck and with my pussy positioned on top of his cock.

My suprise.from my neighbor.

anal 2018-01-25

I went back to kissing his neck as his hand reached inside my shorts. Then he took my whole dick in his mouth till I felt the back of his throat. His dick was maybe 6 inches from his face and his feet way behind his head. I felt his hard dick pushing against my ass so I rocked back and slide it in. He came right away.i slowly bounced while I played with my dick and his hand was on my sack. When i finally got off his big cock i saw all hiss cum on it and licked him clean. I then straddle his face grabbed his and fuck his face till i came.

the final chapter of jane

mature 2018-01-25

Now here I was helping out with the grill as Jane 5'6" long blond hair and a 110 lb athletic body with nice B cup tits and her mother also about 5'6" short shoulder length blond hair and a 115lb average body both in bikinis laying by the pool glistening sun tan oiled skin causing my cock to grow in my swim trunks. Now it was just me and her mother alone in the pool still playing around when she grabme from behind and quickly shoved her hand in my shorts and as she grabbed my hard dick asked me if I liked playing in the pool. She looked at her mom and asked what she was doing and her mother answered I hear you two fucking every night and stand by your door and rub my pussy.

Jerome and Megan

interracial 2018-01-25

"Don't stop please, keep fucking that tight pussy harder!" I sped up inside her wet dripping goldmine. "I'm cumming!!" As if on command her wet pussy juices began to flood down my dick. "No daddy, I KNOW I'm in charge!" "Oh really?!" I began to tighten my grip on her small neck. I nibbled on her ear and explained, "Meg, do it for daddy." As an incentive I started to thrust harder. "Mmmmm feels so good!" I started fucking her soaking pussy harder. I grabbed her neck and started hammering her fat pussy harder. KEEP FUCKING ME FASTER!" I sped up my pace and slammed her wet pussy harder "I'M CUMMING BIG DADDY!!" she yelled. I could feel her floodgates open as cum started dripping down my legs.

Uncle Timmy takes control...Part 2

first-time 2018-01-25

He raised his hand to me again as I rose to my knees before him and I found myself face to face,as it were,with a large bulge in his trousers.My mouth fell open and my cunt gave a little leap.He saw the half smile on my face and knew what I was thinking and I saw his big cock twitch through the corduroy. "But Uncle Timmy I'd be terrified of getting a baby" I said coyly.I felt very much in control of him and knew he would put on a condom and fuck me.That thing I had wanted so long would happen...Not with Padraig but with a good hard cock anyway.

Prepped for use by a dom stripper

anal 2018-01-25

She let me take of her clothes and was soon licking my balls as her hands kept up the stroking. in response to the incresing pressure on my prodtate and spasming of my asshole trying to release I could feel cum starting to drool out. She led me to the toilet and left me to clean it all out, but first slipped a tight rubber cock ring to hold the cum drool. She came back stopped me, returned me to hands and knees and inserted a 2 inch thick vibrator into my now relaxed man hole. Iwas trying to get her an O so she'd let me cum, but she returned me to all fors on the bet and started workinh her hand into my asshole.

You are mine

bdsm 2018-01-25

He rolls and pinches my nipple hard gaining my entire attention and calmly whispers, "Do that again, my whore and Master will change his mind about not seeing how a dozen clothespins look arrayed upon your beautiful breasts." With that warning, he moves in closer between my thighs forcing them to open wider. What does my kitten want more than anything else in this world, right now?" I eagerly replied without a second thought, "I want You to fuck my pussy!" Without looking up at me, he says, "Whose pussy?" spanking my clit again, "smack!" Master looked into my eyes as he slowly rubbed his hard cock up and down my pussy lips, slipping and sliding, teasing my clit.


humor 2018-01-24

I thought maybe it was me that i wasnt as sensitive down there as other girls or something..anyway I know now that he just wasnt doing it for me because last night I had a really naughty cam session with a guy from manchester..he was really fit and in great shape especially for his age(59) He said he had a thing for school girls so i put on an old school uni that fit me when i was 14 but makes a great slutty outfit now. next thing I know i had to pull the vibtrator out as my pussy started squirting huge amounts of liquid like never before (has never happened to me before)

The Consultant and Me

humor 2018-01-24

I looked and realised that my skirt had slipped up a little from flexing by my desk and he certainly noticed that. I found I was actually catching my breath and he suddenly looked down at my lips, which had parted a little without me knowing. I hear him grunt and he pushed me over onto the desk, while his finger slipped and rubbed my clit while he parted my legs with his other hand. I could hardly breathe as he started fucking me hard. It was so carnally sexy seeing him standing between my open legs, his hard throbbing cock resting on my pussy and his head thrown back while he caught his breath.

The Beach Part 1

mature 2018-01-24

She looks around, slipping her beach bag off her arm, and pulls out her towel. Seeing me looking in her direction, she gets to her feet, and heads my way, sun cream bottle in hand. Ms Voluptuous was already turning back to her towel, and looking back at me with a smile she said "Great, I thought you might like to help!". Looking down, I said to her "your costume is nice, I don't want to splash it with this cream." "That's ok," she replied, "let me just ease it down, I want to tan my back anyway." I returned to applying lotion on her exposed back, enjoying the feeling of my cock starting to grow in my shorts, her costume now revealing the very top of her shapely buttocks.

The Stepmother

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To this day, I do not know what came over me, but I started laughing as she said that. I asked what she had planned for her day, she looked at me and said, well k**, I might go spending some of that money your dad has. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up in a violent motion, looked me dead in the eyes and said, what do you think this is, kindergarten, eat my mother fucking cunt, like a starving african getting food for the first time. She pushed my head back down between her legs and I roughly started sucking on her cunt. The saliva started dripping from my mouth as I tried to tongue fuck her cunt.

Joani's New Black Boy Toy

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Following her pickup of a handsome, young Black Man at the Scarlet Tree Bar and Grill, Joani took him to her house where they both drank far too much champagne. She then coached her young Black Man how to suspend her by her cuffed wrists from her bedroom's ceiling hook so that her feet just touched the floor. Joani also noticed her new young Black-Lover-To-Be gazing at her hot naked white body with a****l-like lust. And then," Joani looked seriously and directly into his dark eyes, "I want you to whip me - I have fifty different kinds and types of whips from which I will choose the ones you will use. Joani's new young Black Man - she had had so many over the years that she had stopped counting - eagerly nodded his head in agreement.

Chatty Kathi Part One

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I grinned, rolled my eyes and said, "Uh Huh...yeah." Kathi was telling me about problems at church. Your breathing is so heavy." I slid slowly into Melody and replied, "No, I'm fine, just a touch of a cold." My wife grinned and squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles. Do you...have you ever thought about what it would be like if we...fucked?" I replied, "Absolutely", which caused Melody's eyes to open again, we both looked down to where we connected grinning as I continued to stir the pot. Meanwhile Kathi said, "I have masturbated many times thinking about your cock going inside of me. I was drilling Melody more quickly now imagining Kathi's fingers working inside her cunt all those miles away in Ohio.

My Father encouraged my b*****rs Love to me

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This was a new sensation for her, the realization her body had on the opposite sex, ok it was her younger b*****r, but it felt both strange and nice to show, so as they were alone, she made no effort to cover-up, instead she opened her legs as she swung one out of her bed, putting her foot quietly onto the floor, then lay there, spread-eagled, 'Want to touch it?' Pushing hard on his hips she disengaged his cock from her pussy, instead turning face down and asking him to finish on her bum, and reaching back she pulled her cheeks apart so his cock lay across the open length, and it was enclosed between the soft folds as she released them and they swallowed his penis as he humped.

Finding a girl for Ben to Creampie

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"you're making her cum" I told Ben, as he grunted and made his sexy moaning noises.."I can feel her cumming on me" he said..continuing to pound on her wet pussy. He looked down at me thru his legs and said "You know when I see your face down there it makes me wanna cum AGAIN Sherry" and I swear he did, more and more cream was covering his dick with every stroke. Sitting on the sofa again drinking champagne I flipped thru my cell and told him "Really, you couldn't have slowed down a bit some of these are so damn blurry!" Ben laughed and said "I had to make her cum, you can't do that fucking slow Sherry" rolling his eyes at me.

Pass The Dark Meat

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The act of swallowing made her think of all the cock she had sucked the night before, how Tyrell and Derrick and the other black boys on the university basketball team lined-up outside Bernard's bedroom like a pack of wolves. "You should tell Tyrell to come in," Sarah said to Bernard, her left hand rubbing her clit. He was the one who was coming now, and when Sarah craned her head to look at him, she saw Bernard pulling his long prick from her white round rump and shooting his load all over the gaping hole left in her backside. Outside the bedroom, Tyrell had spread the news of his good fortune, and now there was a line of d***k, black-ass mother fuckers at the door looking to get some white stink-stank.

sex progression

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7 years old dicover my cock and the potential to feel goog 12 years old uncontrollibile erections , start to rub myself to underwear models in the JC penneys catolog\ 13 years old I move to a suburban house see a hustler mag left on a worksite and see how beautiful pussy can be and lesbianism 15 years asked by a girl i am babysitting to put baby powder on her pussy and touch it. 16 years out side my parents house i jerk the nieghbors dog, and it fucks me in the ass and it hurt and felt dirty 32 years meet the next wife talked about swinging she is Bi. got her to suck the dogs dick had group sex but we were divorced

A distant threesome 2

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The magic process of arousing lust had wettened her cunt up to a dripping state without any touch or movement, only by looking at another womens intimate, nicely excited parts.Then one of her hands went to her brest and started to stimulate the nipple. Among these informations - including size of his prick, how his balls where attached to the shaft, whether he moaned when he came and so on - Margot told a secret not even I had heard of up til now: during the extended pussy-licking the professor had offered he asked her to let go a little jet of piss into his mouth - for Margot a difficult task to be carried out and which the professor had called "un pipi dámour" .

Losing my virginity

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As the years went on he started to hang out with other girls, yeah, I did get a little jealous! He finally said, "sorry for getting hard." I told him not to worry, I'll take care of you. I started sucking again, as he was eating my warm pussy, we were sexually connecting like I've never thought we would. He said he was guna cum...I turned around, took the pussy juiced condom off & sucked him for about two minutes. Not long after, he blew load after huge load of warm cum all over my face, in my mouth, down my body & boobs, even on my floor of my room.

Meeting Mary (part 2)

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I rolled Mary over so she was on all fours, and slid my cock into her soacking wet pussy, I have to admit she was so wet, there wasnt a lot of sensation, so i decided to remove the toy from her arse and slowly postioned my cock at the entrace, Mary was quickly pushing back as she wanted her hole filled. As she pushed back my cock slowly slide into Marys arse she was moaning with pleasure, but to make it more enjoyable a picked up another toy and slid it into her pussy and turned the vibrator on.

Lost my Virginity

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Now don’t get ahead of the story, it was with a girl and wouldn’t you know it… on a night when I was expecting to have the room to myself, who should come through that door, Josh and Alex! Alex and Josh started making out and I immediately got hard, I was so distracted by watching to men make out for the first time I didn’t notice Jeff sit down next to me on the bed and move in close. I told him I truly enjoyed last night and even thought I wasn’t sure (at the time) if I was gay or bisexual, but I did know I wanted to do that again.

gay pride

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I didn't find what I wanted so I decided to go to the sauna, but before I went to the night show, Where a guy looked At me, when I cam eout , he saked me what i did, I said I going home ( Didn't want o say where aI was going) He was hot and wanted to fuck me, but where? He came into me, put my pant on and left, and whento the sauna, where i was fucked by antoher guy , the came into my face, and went to the shower,, ather that i take some break, a anther guy came to me and wanted to sucke me, good sucker , he put 3 fingers in my ass, and suck me for almost 30 min .

Test of Endurance

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While standing there, eyes closed, allowing all these things to run through her mind, she noticed her right hand releasing the edges of the gown, making it slip open and expose her succulent tits and hardened nipples, and started slipping further and further down her stomach. Knowing what impact her barely concealed body had on them, she decided to throw caution to the wind and started bending over more and more with her entire backside pointing in their direction with the excuse of offering biscuits or picking up the cloth that she deliberately dropped from the floor. All the cocks still filling her every hole started becoming too much and as it felt like she was going to pass out, one last throb from the last working penis sent her on her final orgasm.

my first time

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I jacked off thinking about what had happened and went to sl**p. Next thing I knew I felt a tug on my dick. I opened my eyes and saw that she had snuck into my room, got completely naked, sat on my legs, and was yanking on my dick trying to get it hard. It got hard fast and she started sucking it like a pro. She turned around again and in seconds my dick was slowly being shoved into her pussy. It was so tight and wet and I could hear it gushing as she started riding it hard. I had never felt my dick swell up so hard and my whole body was twitching.

Cum in my motherinlaws facial cream

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One day we were visiting her, an i couldn`t get my eyes of her body and tits. She had tight jeans and a black tank top with very low cut, so her tits were showing nicely. My cock got so hard when she came next to me and bend over the table to get some sugar for her coffee. My cock got even harder when i realised that if i cum on the cream, she would have my cum on her face every time she used the creme. My cock started to squirt my cum and i came in the cream jar. Evevn now, when i think that she gets my cum on her face every time she uses the creme, my cock gets so hard..

My b*****r's secretary takes me hostage

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Don't be boring she shouts back and in one move unzips my pants and takes out my cock. A taxi with 4 girls in the back moves along and I hear her shout something in Thai. I hear the girls scream at the sight of my dick. We want big white cock I hear in broken English. One of the girls is leaning out of the taxi now, trying to reach for my cock. Joy speeds up the wanking and I feel my load shooting up. she comes down again and i feel the bl**d shooting up my dick. It's so big that its feels like sucking a little dick. She comes down hard and in seconds I have a massive orgasm, shooting load after load up her cunt.

Invitation to a Beach, Chapter 2

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Going down on Max was a bit of a surprise for both of us. I took him out of my mouth, stroking it with my hand and said, “So what?” But before he could answer, his orgasm exploded. A third, not quite so f***eful, shot out of his cock and over my hand, which was still stroking his hard penis. Semen was all over my face and hair, his lower stomach, and covering his cock in a shiny coating. “Too late,” I said, and took his cock, still shuddering occasionally and covered in a milky white shimmer of cum, and swallowed it into my mouth. I tasted it all, each throb of glistening semen beading on the end of his cock went into my mouth.

Nasty Stripper

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Fuck me till I come then suck that cum out and kiss me with it." As he tongue fucked her his fingers rammed into her ass. She pulled the girl half on the stage and took the money before she began to suck her tits. She went to the next man and took his money and pulled his face down to the end of the dildo and let his mouth push the dildo in her. He sucked it clean before she pushed his face to her open cunt and he began to lick and tongue her. When he finally filled her with cum he pulled out and grabbed her head and pushed his cock in her mouth.

Black cock was good to fuck but had a shocking sec

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The strange thing is what happend on Sunday som hours before i was traveling home, then he took me home to his house, we went inside, had a hot steamy shower, with much oralsex... out of the shower, got picked up and into his bed, then he asked me to start riding him with my face away from him, and i did what i got told. And then he got up and closed the door to the room, picked me up from the bed and took me into the bathroom again, and into the shower, then i asked what the hell was gong on, then he smiled at me and said, that those two females was his wife and daughter...


group 2018-01-24

The two other girls were working away as well - Karen and Suzanne had changed positions, with Suzanne licking away at my dick, her fingers buried deep in her pussy, and Karen kissing Leanne’s open mouth, stifling her cries as she did so. I stood up and lifted her bodily off the couch - she felt light as anything - and I gestured to Karen to take her place.” I took Suzanne’s hand and knelt her next to Leanne, both girls poised to lick Karen’s crack, and then I f***ed my swollen cock all the way into Leannes pussy.

Sissy Boy/Girl's First Steps

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Then he smacked my bum with a paddle really hard within 3 hits i was sobbing, the pain was unbearable, as the tears rolled over my cheeks he told me to look up at him, as i did his erect cock was there to greet me he f***ed it into my mouth and I sucked it i knew what I had to do so I put all my efforts into it, it was not long before the tell tale sign of his ejaculation was close and then his cock twitched and his spunk hit my throat, I swallowed it all, there was a lot to swallow.


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When she had the whole cock in her mouth and began to suck him hard her hand left his balls and went to his ass. She licked the tip of his cock and up the back to his balls as she pushed her finger in deeper and began to really fuck his ass deep and hard. She said ""There baby, don't you like your ass fucked and stretched while I kiss that cock and balls and cheeks? Relax and i will make you cum so hard I want to hear you scream." She kept the licking and finger fucking watching his cock flinch before she saw it shoot cum down his leg and heard him scream for her.

Living in Cockington part 20

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I heard the flow of water and tried to look away, the image of her bald pussy reminded me of being with her the night before, the way I had pumped my cock in and out of her little asshole as I plunged her big red dildo in and out of that very pussy, the look on her face that said yes give more as she gasped and moaned beneath me doubled over with those long tanned stunning legs hanging around her ears. So I kissed my cousin and then carefully pulled my cock from her sticky ass and my fingers from her wet dripping pussy, my wife then took hold of my wilting cock and started to suck it clean, after a good few sucks she turned to my cousins ass and I watched her probing Zoe's asshole with her tongue scooping out all my load.

How It All Began

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That got us all asking lots of questions and she described what it looked like but said she wasn't allowed to touch it. Our friend said she would ask her dad, and she left the room, she was gone maybe five minutes but it seemed like it was a lot longer; the anticipation and excitement were building. She came back with a great big grin and said he would do it, but it was a secret, we couldn't tell our parents (to this day, I never told dad). His daughter asked us if we liked looking as much as she did and we all started nodding while staring. At least two or three times a month we'd ask her dad to watch him, he always agreed.

From Glory Hole to Fucking

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We went into one and he took off his outer clothing and stood dressed like a woman in undies. He asked me to feel him up like a woman so I started to feel his cock through his panties. He said for me to treat him like a woman and being inexperienced in this, I just put my hands round his ass and started to grope him. he was moaning with pleasure to feel my young hands over his ass through the nylon panties. I soon came to the conclusion that it would be great to dress up like that and feel the lovely soft clothing against my body.

Fantasy cum true

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Carol reached down started undoing my pants,then pulled them down dropping them to my ankles, leaving my underpants on.She reached down to cup my balls and slid her hand up my already hard cock.Her head snapped back, looked down,then reached into my underpants,grabbed my cock and said, boy you have grown up haven't you? So I started pinching and pulling at the nipples .She was right they got really hard and she was moaning in pleasure.I wanted to eat her pussy so bad but I was really enjoying the blow job. I bit on her nipples until they were red.She got off me and said follow me.She grabbed my cock hard and d**g me to the bedroom by my cock.She sat on the bed up against the head board she said stand on the bed and stick your dick in my mouth.

The Bride

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He had every inch of his thick cock in her ass fucking her hard as he then slipped two fingers in her cunt and fucked her in both holes as he heard her scream. I am going to fill your ass with cum then tongue fuck your cunt and asshole till you beg for mercy. I haven't had sex for over a year and I need to fuck all day long and I am going to fuck you and suck you like a two bit whore." He pounded her ass as he finger fucked her cunt and then filled her with cum. As he tongue fucked one hole he finger fucked the other making Kate scream and cum running out her cunt which he licked away.

Training my first pumper woman

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It was the old kind made by John Holmes--with a black knob on the top and made a loud pumping/hissing sound and was made of clear plastic with a little hole to release the pressure. I had always be solid--but the pumping took my dick to the next level and got me into thickness training levels which are now 2.5-3 + thick. They seemed to be madly in love and the last thing that I'd ever want to do--was get in bed with her...but man, long black curly hair, tight jeans, and the nasty habit of not wearing a bra did not help my dire situation. Each week, I'd find little chunks of time when the room was empty--class breaks, or off times--to pump my manhood.

Waiting For My Lover

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While she sat waiting for her lover to arrive, she began thinking back to their previous rendezvous, when her lover had thrusted so deep and came so much, that not only did she feel his cum dripping down her vagana and into her pussy lips,But it was stuck there, on her pussy lips, to be held there. stuck two of his fingers into her pussy, collected some moistness, felt warm and safe; how she told him to stretch out on the bed, passionate kiss; how, while thrusting, it was so warm that his down on his cock, and while thrusting into her, she continued to circle her finger around her pussy. She pulled back her pussy lips

The Power of Panties

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And he was right – I was thrilled he took the initiative to approach me, and as you might imagine, I was thrilled to find a guy that seemed to have some kind of panty fixation and was brave enough to admit it to me. "This will be fun" And, I have to say – he had a perfect body and a nice long, thick penis that I couldn't take my eyes off of. But, I was wrong. "Now the fun begins." It won't go on you." Evan said. "Man, that was a strong one." Evan said, still a little out of breath. "I'm not k**ding." Evan said, unwrapping my soiled panties from around his cock.

My s****r in law

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I stood beside her face as she twisted round on the table and started to suck my cock, I fingered her while she did this thrusting two finger deep indside her wet hot cunt, I slid a finger inside her ass a s well and she gasped...fuck thats nice....i continued to slide my cock deep inside her throat she gagged a couple of times and said harder, I thrust harde and grabbed the back of her head and slammed it into my balls, deep hard thrusts she gagged again but loved it her eyes watering, she stopped sucking and asked me to fuck her, I went to the other end of the table pulled her to me and opened her legs wide, my cock slid inside her beautiful pink pussy thrusting and pumping pre cum inside her fanny.


fetish 2018-01-23

She patted me so close to my crotch area it set me off; my cock began to grow inside my shorts. She paused, “I can feel your cock throbbing in my mouth,” she said. It was the greatest feeling EVER, fucking her warm fat mouth with my hard dick. I went right behind her and slowly slid my hard cock into her fat, dripping wet pussy. I can feel that hard cock inside my pussy!” “I want your fucking cum inside of me!” I was getting weak again; it was about to come out. "You're gonna cum deep inside my fucking pussy?!" I kept going and fucking her harder. Then, my body locked up as loads of hot, sticky cum gushed deep inside her pussy.

Ass Music

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Two pillows under my head, three under my stomach and my ass in the air. "I'm gonna fuck your sweet tight ass you little whore!" he replies. He slides deep into me and rests again, his sweet flat stomach wet against my ass and his thick meat filling me. I push my ass to him, bringing his cock as deep as I can, his head rubbing me deep and caressing my g spot. He starts to rock again, he abandons his previous rhythm and just fucking pounds me. I pound him back, his stiff shaft is making sweet music inside me. He's gasping for breath, his cock is throbbing, his sweet wet stomach pressed against my ass.


group 2018-01-23

This conversation was being disscussed when Tom stopped talking and came over to the settee and began pulling his cock out. I then gulped and licked my lips and took his penis into my mouth and started to suck it, Tom got really excited and started pushing his hips into my face. Tom's cock by then was bucking and shiverng and throbbing as I sucked, getting ready to cum. Then Tom came in my mouth he pulled back his cock to squirt onto my tongue, I wanked it slowly and his penis bucked and shot his load of cum into my eager awaiting mouth. Tom reached for my head held it and started to kiss me reaching his tongue into my mouth to lick his cum.

To Ctach a Predator

hardcore 2018-01-23

I'm not riding with you!" I couldn't find the door handle and heard Erin laughing as I looked away from her. Erin began to slow the truck while I was begging and crying for her to stop. Erin turned off the truck and climbed out of the drivers door. I know you want to you are a dirty slut bitch that needs to be are tool old to still be a virgin. I screamed out, muffled by the gag in my mouth as she took my virginity, as she fucked me, the first "person" ever to be inside me...even if it was just a toy...I felt the hot tears pouring down my face as she ****d me on the long driveway leading to my own house.

Dawn's 40th birthday surprise

lesbian 2018-01-23

She went to the top of the table and took Dawn’s head in her hands and kissed her full on the lips, as the totally shattered Dawn could hardly move other than to say “Oh my god Sandy thankyou, thankyou.” Dolly helped a totally spent Dawn down from the table, “You’re not done yet darling. Sandy climbed onto the very wet sheet on the table and laid on her back and opened her legs wide and Dolly beckoned Dawn to “make love to your friend.” Dawn was shocked but she wanted to thank Sandy for all this and she bent over the table between Sandy’s thighs and opened her up and started licking her very, very wet pussy.

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's X-Rated Live TV

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I've always had a weakness for black men and their huge, thick, long, hard cocks so imagine my excitement when the guest turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous big black stud! There I was, stroking and pumping two beautiful hard cocks under the desk. I didn't want to waste any of their precious seed by letting it squirt all over the underside of a news desk so I hitched up my skirt, pointed their throbbing cocks at my long golden legs and let them both unload all over them. The commercial break was over, our lovely guest had left and I spent the whole of the next section reading more news while, under the desk, I was massaging their beautiful, thick,creamy cum into my legs and pussy, making sure to not waste a single drop.

Der Test Teil 3

bdsm 2018-01-23

Ich wollte schon fragen was mit meiner Maske ist aber ich traute mich nicht, wusste nicht wie meine Herrin darauf reagiert als es Feierabend wurde tat ich auch wie es mir befohlen wurde, ich fuhr zum Parkplatz in der Nähe wo meine Herrin wohnt und wie sie es gewünscht hat, ließ ich Schlüssel stecken und ging hinten rein um mich auszuziehen jetzt saß ich da und wartete auf den letzten Test, den ich unbedingt bestehen wollte, ich wollte nicht als Versager abgestempelt werden. vor dir steht ein Holztisch und zwei Bänke auf jeder Seite, du wirst dich auf die eine Bank hinknien in Richtung Tisch, als ich mich so hinkniete wie sie es verlangt hat, nahmen sie beide meinen Oberkörper und legten mich auf den Tisch hin, der Tisch war nicht besonders groß, weil als mein Kopf schon auf der anderen Seite wieder drüber weg schaute.

The Hotel

hardcore 2018-01-23

I am going to give you this big cock and watch it disappear inside that wet fuck hole." Paul watched the young whore finger her clit and pussy for him then he pulled her fingers away and replaced them with his mouth and tongue. He kept the fingers in her cunt as he grabbed her clit and rubbed it and then shoved his tongue in her ass as he heard her scream and cum hard. Open wide baby and take that cock deep." He was surprised she could get almost all his cock in her mouth and she sucked hard as she played with his balls then slid a finger all the way into his ass and she then began to suck cock and fuck ass as he never felt anything so good before.

Ronnie's mother (Not true story)

first-time 2018-01-23

“You thought I hadn’t noticed the way you look at me when you’re around?” Ronnie’s mother smiled and began blushing even worse. Ronnie’s mother unbuttoned her tiny jeans and slowly pulled them down her legs, turning her great ass towards me at the same time. I kept going like this for quite a while, speeding up until I felt my seed was about to spew forth, then slowing down again until that feeling had gone away and so on – and every time the sensation of almost coming gave me a real thrill – until finally I really couldn’t stop myself anymore and groaning loudly I shot the last sperm from my balls into the hot, wet cunt of Ronnie’s mother.

Cum on toes Clean-up

anal 2018-01-23

I really couldn't take much more so I put my cum covered cock in her soaking wet pussy and stroked her deep. I lifted her feet all the way up and pulled out of her pussy and shoved my cock into her ass. I grabbed her feet and started sucking her toes while I stroked deep into her ass. My cock was hard as a rock and she could tell I was about to explode when she shocked me by saying "I want you to cum on my toes and lick them clean". I started with her right foot which was in my left hand, I put her biggest three toes and part of her foot in my mouth and sucked them like a cock.

His Wife

hardcore 2018-01-23

He sucked hard on a nipple as he rubbed her clit between two fingers and then moved the fingers to her cunt and shoved them deep in her and fucked her wet hole. He grabbed her head and shoved his cock deep in her throat as he felt her suck hard. He loved ass fucking and it had been a long time since his cock had been inside a warm tight asshole. She was loving it as much as he was and he reached under her and grabbed a tit and slapped it and pulled on the nipples as his other hand shoved two fingers in her cunt and finger fucked her as his cock ass fucked her hard.

biwi aur saali ki chudai

group 2018-01-23

MAine use gaali di aur fir se chata mara ''sali tu sahi me bhenchhod nikli...'' maine turand mere lund pe lubricating cream lagaya, thoda sa ungli pe bhi lagaya...mujhe uski chut dikh hi nahi rahi thi, dikh raha tha to sirf uska ass hole...maine turant meri bich ki ungli uske gaand me ghusaai aur wo aaaaahhhhhh karne lagi. me use pakad ke bed pe letgaya aur usko bola ''Darling maine tujhe maaf kiya....tereme meri jaan he...main tere bina nahi reh sakta''...usne turant uski nighty puri nikaal di aur wo puri nangi thi, fir usne mere soye hue lund ko pakda aur jor se dabake boli ''I love u too honey....aaj bahot majha aaya tumse gaand marake aaj se aap mujhe kabhi kahi bhi chod sakte ho'' hum dono lete aur kiss karne lage....

Experience when younger

first-time 2018-01-23

"No, my dick is huge." I was proud of my self for what I did in practice today, and I knew if I kept doing it I would look like Devin, but there was nothing I could do about my dick. I opened my eyes and saw nothing out-of-the-ordinary, so I shrugged and closed my eyes again as I continued to dry my head, but then the feeling came back. The feeling came back almost immediately, so opened my eyes and jerked my head in the direction of the shower. Devin looked in my face and saw my jealously in my eyes. Fuck yeah.” I just kept slowly sucking, moving my tounge around his dick, over the head and down the shaft.

Uncle Dave

mature 2018-01-23

My parents hadn't been to University so they couldn't help me. Dad suggested I ask his b*****r, Uncle Dave, for advice. Dave had been to University, travelled the world, made a fortune or two it was rumoured. In no time I was naked in his bed and almost before I knew it had my first orgasm as his expert tongue flicked my clit like a lizard. I finished him off by taking his huge cock in my mouth and letting what felt like a pint of cum gush down my throat. When he is in town I continue to visit Uncle Dave for er,,, advice. Think we should both visit Uncle Dave for advice?

Fuck Club Chapter 2: Physically Disabled

fetish 2018-01-23

I looked at the white shards lying in the puddle before me and felt my cock get hard again. She sat on the floor and looking down I noticed what qualified her for this section of the club: both her legs were missing, torn off a long time ago just below the hips. I felt genuinely bad for her as she was such a pitiful sight, not like the nigger bitch I fucked before. When I had my cock all the way inside her I looked in her face again. I took me a long time to cum and once I felt my cock tingling I pulled out and finished on her big heaving breasts.

My CoWorker Likes it Rough

hardcore 2018-01-23

Liking the way this evening was turning out I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her lips to mine. After her shoes were off she slowly turned back around and started to work her tight shirt up and over her head, making sure to squeeze her breasts together as much as possible to show off how great they looked. I held her thong to the side so it wouldn't get in the way as I slowly pulled out and pushed back into her getting just a bit deeper this time. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back towards me as I fucked her and her moans turned to screams.

message me on facebook im bored

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i am bored, got no bf for a while busy working etc. this is my facebook its boring being alone again message me on face if u want to talk and are bored and lonely like me She was easygoing though sometimes a little... But if he took the Segway? '...What's that smell?' I don't smell anything..!' A lie. 'Th-th-those are just my grandma's dull pencils from when she used to have pet spotted wolf hamsters. A few freaknasty minutes later, he gripped his iPad tightly and made a dash toward the window, diving headlong through the glass panels. Then He got in His pimp fresh, candy-painted 'Lac and blasted away with the fortitude of 200,000 Indonesian devil cats running from a little pack of 3-legged wallabies.

Giving a housewife a good fuck with a dildo in bot

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Knowing how hard it is for many women to talk about their sexual preferences I tried to give her some hints and added: "If you prefer anal, you may want to start with something smaller, when it comes to vaginal, I found that having a vibrator that's penis shaped and a little rough gives me the best stimulation, and if you're just looking for a quick clitoral satisfation, just pick one with strong vibrations, like this one." It ran all the way down her arm and covered it in cunt slime, which she seemed to treasure, because after I got dressed again and she straightened her skirt, leaving the vibrator still where it was, she giggled and licked my juices off her fingers as we walked out of the store, smiling at me and waving at the girl by the counter.

My Boss the perv

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OK now i had to decide and quick i was thinking about what panties i had on, were they clean as i could feel a little wetness already and it would be so embarrassing to pee in front of them so i agreed.All right give me the key and ill show you i said but no that wasn,t good enough you first they said so i hitched up my skirt and showed them my little sheer pink panties with a little wet patch making them totally see through.Nice they all said now shows us your pussy and you can have the key,no way i said no chance and then all hell broke loose as the urge to pee proved to strong and a gush of pee flooded my panties and the floor as i was being watched intently by the three gaping guys.I quickly grabbed the keys and went to the toilet to clean myself up so embarrassed i could have died but also quite turned on for some strange reason .I eventually came back out to a very apologetic group of bullies and threw my piss drenched panties at them picked up my bag and said id see them monday as i couldn,t possible continue at work feeling so unclean and knickerless.Well it was the bosses fault in the first place .......................

To do list 2011

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Then, in a brilliant stroke of loving cruelty, Jody casually leans over me, caresses my cheek with the back of her hand, "Honey, I was hoping that you could fix the kitchen sink for me today." At this point she grabs the covers that I have wrapped myself in and whisks them off the bed. Moving my hands from her ass, I stealthily slide my hand into the space between her thighs and immediately notice the difference in heat, moisture, and vocal sounds coming from Jody I love that I can still work her into this state, willing to do almost anything in order for me to keep going, after all these years of marriage. Jody's hand moves freely within the tent of my shorts, caressing my balls, then wraps her sun-warmed fingers around the base of my cock.

4 Couple Fun

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Babs turned to me and said what about me and I told her if she wanted to compare pregnant tits with the others that wasn’t going to stop her. She said that in order show her tits that she’d have to take her dress all the way off and that she would be left completely naked if she took her bra off to ‘compare pregnant tits.’ Nick echoed what Wade said about everyone being friends and so close for so long that it shouldn’t matter. When Nick sat down, he told Suzette it was time start comparing her pregnant tits. Once Linda and Wade were done, Bill asked Suzette if she was up to some pussy work and she literally jumped on his cock and started riding him like he was a wild horse.

Part 2 of my First Time- The sex scene.

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My body started to shake uncontrollably as I felt an amazing feeling of ecstasy.I threw my head back and shot my load on his chest and my chest. He let out a manly grunt and he bit his juicy lips as his man juice shot up my ass like a cum fountain. "Fuck me hard." He said I start started to breath heavily as I started to cum too. I could feel his cum dripping out of my as and down his dick on his ball, all over my crack and covering my round ass. He kissed me on my head and we fell asl**p on his floor, him inside of me and both of us covered in cum.

Mourning the use of her clit...... Part 1

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It wasn't to long after spending many nights hungry and cold she had learned how to use what god gave her. It wasn't long before she learned that even though the men paid for the time they used her pussy, to basically, jack themselves off, she had the best of both worlds because she got paid to get off!. If she didn't cum, because the guys dick was to small, or he came to quick, her clit would ache. Good!, she needed the money and hadn't had a orgasm yet , the last John had shot his load over her tits and got jizz all up in her hair.

Punishment Scenario Part III

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The slave’s hands being tied behind its back when it was hung by its bound tits had kept Master from getting the results on the slave’s back like he had hoped. Master was pleased with the slave for assuming the 1st position and told it to keep its hands where they were. The slave felt Master softly and tenderly wipe away the tears that had fell. Then the slave felt Master tenderly run his hands and fingers over the marks on its back. “Master has lots more planned for His slave but it cannot be all done in one day so it must all wait till later.” “Thank you Master,” the slave said as it snuggled up in Master’s arms.

Hot Stepdaughter

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I put the panties right on the head of my cock and moved the silky material lightly over my shaft as I reached the last sweet moments just before orgasm. I had just started shooting off into her panties when the door opened suddenly and there stood Connie! Connie moved her hand down to my prick and closed her cool fingers around my sticky shaft. I watched Connie pull her smooth pussy lips apart and move her hole closer to my cock. Let me take a quick shower and then I will get my breakfast and go." I watched her undress and thought about how her body must have been a lot like Connie's body years ago.


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A couple of times Julie would catch me ogling her breasts and just smile like she knew what I was thinking. I started stroking it slowly while thinking about Julie and her big breasts. Julie said, "hang on a sec I'm sweating like a pig." She reached down and with one swift movement grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. I looked down to see if Julie had noticed and could tell she was looking right up the leg of my shorts at my cock. When I started to slow down she pulled me out of her throat and took the last few spurts on her tongue, which she rolled around her mouth before swallowing.


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The camera on my phone has a feature where I can take pictures in silent mode (no simulated shutter click or indicator beep), so I could surreptitiously snap pictures of her any time around the house: a picture of her asl**p on the couch in a thin t-shirt, no bra with panties; a shot of her at the beach in a conservative dark one-piece that was a bit high on the leg; a shot of her in her underwear looking for something out of the laundry room; but my greatest prize was a full, frontal shot of her toweling her hair off as she was getting out of the shower -- she was completely blind to me with the towel wrapped around her head and she was completely 100% naked.

The Portal Part 1

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Dr Jim Smith was one year into his 3 year program at CERN and things were not going well. "Pass my safety hat Stewie" Jim asked as he grabbed his tools from the case on the floor. Jim noticed Jean smiling at him as he crossed the room to the main detector hall. Her white CERN overalls undone to show her ample bosom - which Jim realised he may have been staring slightly too long at. Dax cleared his throat and grabbed Jim's right arm. She held it over Jim's left nipple, burning it slowly and painfully like a flame. With air being restricted to him and the pain from his tortured cock and balls, Jim finally passed out.

The Fun Intensifies

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She walks to the bed, pulls her knee up and starts rolling the stocking, moving to place it at her toe. She stands up, does a little turn (with a hint of playful irony) and says "How do I look?" I can't really answer, but I notice that my cock starts stirring a bit. Sam pulls his cock out and waits for her to run her tongue hungrily along its length, then just the tip, then he holds it to his stomach so she can suck his balls. Without thinking to ask whether it would be okay or not, I reach over and tear open the toe of her stocking, contorting myself to be able to run my tongue between her toes while I slide my almost-cumming cock in and out of her.

My First Gay Time - With Neighbour

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Are you gay John?" He looked at me and said "Yes Rob i am, thats why i was watching that kind of movie." My eyes moved south for a split second and i noticed he had a huge bulge forming in his shorts that wasnt there before. He looked down at me and said "well done cum slut, that was your first taste of cum did you enjoy it?" I wiped the cum from my face and licked it and said "yes sir it was incredible" He smiled and said "your turn!" with that he pushed me back in the chair and knelt infront of me, he grabbed my aching cock and took my whole length straight into his mouth right to the hilt.

Vickers and Nylon Tarts

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“Si you have hairy legs we need to cover them up hun” I said as I picked up the 30 denier sheen tights and started to role them onto my hand. Si leant on the bed post and lifted his leg, I stared to slide the tights over his left foot and smoothed the nylon over his calf. I move my lips away and start to stroke his glistening cock as I take his covered balls in my mouth and suck them. Simon still had my panties in his mouth blouse open, skirt hitched up, cock in hand and wanking himself slowly as I once again started to finger my tight cunt.

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I flicked my tongue against her clit and she reacted, I pressed harder and began to suck it into my mouth, to toy with it as my tongue wrapped and licked and probed her flesh until she was crying out. I leaned in close and blew on her clit then I began licking slowly, she was still sensitive and the vibrator was beginning to pick up speed. She was game, I slid the vibrator into her pussy once again and pressed my tongue onto her clit and just held it there... Pressing the vibrator deeper inside her I began massaging her clit with my tongue flicking so fast, sucking so deep, she was humping and thrashing so hard....

Her First Day on the Job - Prostitute in the Alley

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My big purple cock head was now coated as she took it out to lick my balls again. She took two big gulps as I played with my cock in my right hand. Does my big ass whore want me to stop?" I said. I was getting semi erect by now and I turned to see her walk over to the big glass window. Moan!!" I rubbed my cock on the outside of her ass going down half way on her right butt cheek. She started to deep throat my cock as I turned my head to look at our refection in the glass. I know you love big hard cock." I said. She turned her head and began to lick the big load of the glass window.

The Hunting Trip Part IV

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I again imagine John’s wife, I see her as she penetrates herself moaning in pleasure, playing with her huge breasts, sucking on her own nipples, her beautiful lips puckered. Darryl walks towards John and sticks his hard cock in John’s mouth. John wraps his hand around Darryl’s cock and strokes it while sucking and fucking it with his mouth. Darryl pulls out his cock and turns around as Chris comes into the frame. I watched as John’s wife fucked her cousin with the cactus shaped vibrator I had found earlier, playing with myself as I imagine that I am there, playing with these two beautiful redheads. She pulls at my hair biting my neck, as she f***efully puts her hand down my pants, rubbing my wet pussy.

Caught In The Act Part 4 (The Preparation)

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"I think you might grow to like this, Slut," Peter said, as he let go of my balls and reached for the butt plug. Then, I felt Peter slowly push it inside of me, the gel aiding it into my tight, virgin ass. Peter slapped my bare ass cheeks, then pulled up my panties and pulled my skirt down to cover my bum. Peter let go of my hand and opened the door, ushering me to enter the dimly lit room. Brushing my soft black hair from my face, he said "I hope you're going to be a good slut tonight - Peter has promised us a lot of fun," Then he held the back of my head and started to kiss me.

Private Party

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‘He is massaging her clit with the head of his dick, her hips are bucking up and down she wants him inside her badly,’ the line went a bit quiet because I could hear him tell her, ‘aks him to push it in you, he won’t until you ask him and most women reckon he is a real treat so I would ask him nicely, he likes it when women beg.’ And I could tell the phone was moved closer to her, I could clearly make her out saying, ‘please fuck me, I’m ready now, don’t tease me, I have been waiting for ages to have a big dick like your stretch my pussy, pleeease...’

Daddy's Little Girlfriend

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I woke up and went to the kitchen and saw Sonya standing by the counter in her nightshirt that came just below her cute little butt cheeks. I noticed her smooth long legs immediately and walked up behind her giving her a little kiss on the shoulder saying "Good morning sweetie pie." "Yes daddy" Sonya hugged me again and we went to the living room to hang the pictures. "You have already looked at my butt for years; you have seen me naked when I was a little girl. I squirted some shampoo into my hands and lathered down her body, paying special attention to her breasts and butt, and then I started to wash her little virgin pussy.

An Encounter With Me

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I oblige and take a big open mouth kiss with suction all around your clitoral area followed by a gentle single slow lick making sure you feel every centimeter of my tongue rub against your clit. You reach down and spread you lips open and I go down to your hole with my tongue and lick pressing in to be sure and get my whe mouth and goteé soaked with your pussy juices and the tip of my nose is just pressing in the center of your asshole. While holding it in with a strong suction you feel my tongue tickling your clit inside my mouth with incredible speed and now with a mouth full of cock I can hear you whimpering and your pelvis starts moving in a rhythmatic motion.

A nice day for a drive and a......

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She started at her face and worked her way to her plump tits and spent a lot of time squeezing them and rubbing the slippery oil on her nipples rolling them between her fingers. She spent a long time applying oil there, or so I thought until I noticed her back arch and a low guttural moan escaped her mouth and I could actually hear her fingers getting busy in her sopping wet pussy. Her breathing was short and fast and her moans were getting louder and louder until she seemed to freeze in place and all of a sudden she collapse, standing up, impaled on the yard light with the ass plug still buried deep in her tight hot ass.

trib me pls

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She got up started sucking on ma pussy again as i went in my doggystle position and she came under me as i sat on her pussy started to feel every bit of it her plump pussy lips with her hard clit and her warm sticky juices all over my pussy as we grind together.. But fuck it i was eager to cum again so i went over her lifting both legs and sat on her pretty pink pussy and started grinding again..We both were sweating so hard and looking in each others eyes as we felt every sensitive touch.I felt my pussy lips stuck to hers pulling another orgasm outta me...I grinded even harder as she held my waist started pulling me faster and harder all of my pussy was suctioned to her withno space for air.

My Firsts

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I lost my virginity to a girl in a car. I had my first blowjob in a car (from a girl). I ate my first pussy in a field at night. I gave my first blowjob through a gloryhole. I first gave anal (to a woman) in a bed. I first received anal from a transexual.

The Basement

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A rope encircled my legs and was pulled tight so my knees were about a foot and half apart, but pushed solidly against the wood. I was getting used to the metal pole as a warm hand grasped my balls and I felt a small rope wrapped around my scrotum. My cock got hard in his hand and he had me let him know when I was getting close. When I felt the beginnings of deep in me of orgasm, I told Brent and he stopped. He continued for about 20 hits, each time pain would shoot through me and I could pull against the ropes and push against the wooded block. Brent was rock hard and he pushed the head of his 8” dick into my mouth.

"30 Minutes or It's Free"

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Stan grabbed the pizzas and his wallet heading out he decided to utilize some of the alleys that he used for shortcuts to reach the other side of town faster without getting stopped at the six red lights that dissected the town.He looked down at his watch hoping he wasn't late,grabbed the pizzas and walked up to the door,there was a light on out front he rang the door bell,waiting for almost a minute.It didn't seem like anyone was going to answer,just as he was turning away the door opened and a gorgeous red head who looked to be in her late thirty's and wearing nothing but her birthday suit opened the door smiled and said,I just hung up the phone and the manager said the driver should be arriving any second.Those pizzas are for my daughters graduation party in the garage out back,if you'll kindly take them back to her,stop back up here before you leave and I'll see what I can come up with for a tip,giving Stan a wink.

Eight Months

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His hands kept working their magic, until he pulled away from my lips and started to unbutton my shirt. After pulling my shirt off, he went back to feeling my breasts as he took his kisses from my lips down to my cheek and to my neck. He looked me in the eyes, smirked, and said, “I love your tits.” Before diving in face first to my chest. His tongue then started to wonder its way down my stomach, as he kept his hands up on breasts, rubbing furiously. He caught me looking, so he took his hand and put it on the back of my head, pushing my face down farther on his cock.

Girls and Marriages and Hen Nights, lots of Sex

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Dirty talk and sexual banter, sexy undies with the odd flash of womanhood, breasts and pussies, make us aware of who we are, so during the ceremony, and when all the drinking men dance with us, we are already aware of their needs, just as I was, when I sat on ones lap, feeling him grow under my bum, and my frock hem to rise high enough for him to remove my knickers, and nestle between my bum cheeks, aided by a small packet of butter, smeared between my bum-hole and cunny, it was the best feeling I ever felt with a man, sitting and holding his bulbous cock head in my hands, pulling him hard into my cunny, as his hot shaft throbbed along the thin fleshy line, separating my bum cheeks, into my labia.

The Summer Of "69"

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She laid down on the blanket and Jason unzipped her jeans pulling them off of her,he ran his middle and forefinger down and slipped them inside her white cotton panties he stuck them in her tight virgin pussy as his thumb massaged the hardening pink bud of her clitoris he he put his face to her pussy,rubbing his chin in her downy soft coal black bush as her young pussy grew wetter and wetter.Ooohhh Jason your tongue feels sooooo good licking my pussy!

Birthday Mom

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"That's it son, get it big and hard for mom, she loves young strong hard cock!" dad exclaimed. I placed my hands on the back of her head and started fucking moms throat while she rubbed her soaking wet slit! Dad came over and pulled moms tits out and then took some photographs of mom sucking my cock off. " Fuck her mouth son, mom loves it!" dad said while snapping more photos. Dad took more photos while I posed with my cum dripping cock next to moms bukkake looking appearance. Mom and I jerked eachother of while dad got comfortable by getting naked, his cock was huge and hard while he teased it with his hand.

T-Girl University

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“There’s my good boy,” Carla brightened, “now it’s going to be a tight fit getting my big cock into your little hole and when it hurts I don’t want you screaming out and bothering all the nice people in the library. “Hey, quit day-dreaming down there, virgin,” Morgan grabbed him by the hair and pressed her cockhead to his lips, “you mustn’t keep a lady waiting.” Jason looked up into her eyes and saw no patience there and knew that he was in danger of making her angry, something that terrified him. She laid him face down on his bed and stood back up to leave before pausing, “Damn there’s that ass again,” Jason heard her say, “you must be the biggest tease in this dorm the way you keep showing me that cute butt.”

The Hunting Trip Part III

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I then hear a familiar grunt as I look up and see John still on the lounging chair, stroking himself with vigor as cum squirts from his cock, running down his hand, his back arched as he spasms. After Darryl and Chris leave, Mike, John and I go into the hot tub, relaxing from the heat and massage of the jets against our aching muscles. Her weight holds me down as I try to arch my back to react from the vibrating sensation on my clit and the cold glass dildo being pulled in and out of my throbbing pussy. Bending my knees in the air, grabbing a pillow above my head, I pulsated and screamed as the vibrations on my pussy became stronger as Mike turned up the speed.

Stealing my best friends girl

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We sat down on the sofa and she started talking to me about the day before and how we have been friends forever and I told her he was a piece of shit and I didnt want his friendship no more. She moaned a little and started slowy moving her hips back and forth and began to tell me how she got soo wet the other day at the dock watching my cock and giving me detail how it looked so big and she could see the head and the way it was bouning up and down and I was about to fucking cum in my jeans!! She looked at me and said arent you going to fuck me and I replied not yet and I slid to her on my belly and buried my face right into her pussy.

Erin and Anneke's Corruption

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"You know what to do, girl," said Anneke's father. He ordered Anneke's mother to hold onto me, so that I could not run or turn away. When the next blow landed, Anneke's mother's hand touched my bare breast, arousing the nipple. Anneke's mother was squeezing my tits openly now, then running her hands openly down my body, stopping just short of my cunt, though I wanted her to touch me that too. While Anneke's father continued whacking her ass, her mother and I quietly fingered each other, our breathing increasing with each stroke of the cane, growing in intensity every time Anneke squirmed and cried out another number. I thought about that basement room, and Anneke's mother's fingers.

Wife Fucks My Best Friend

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She was still unaware that Danny was there, he had pulled his cock out & was stroking it as he watched me finger fuck her, I motioned for him to come over & lick her Hot juicy cunt. She was a little surprised, not knowing Danny was there, but his busy tongue, my kisses & sucking her tits had her ready to cum, so the first shock of feeling him licking her cunt sure didn't put a damper on the fire her dream had started. Soon I had Danny move into the picture & he started licking & kissing her hot cunt while he was finger fucking her.

Who will be my stranger in the night?

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I straighten myself up and take off your shirt – letting my hands wander over your wonderful arms – feeling their strength, running my fingers over your chest your abdomen down to your pants – loosening the buckle, the button, the zipper – releasing your hardness out of your underwear – letting all of your clothes drop to the floor – gasping at the sight! I lean over your cock opening my mouth - I take just the tip in – letting my teeth lightly – ever so lightly run around the edge – mmmmmm – you are shivering so I know it feels good.


fetish 2018-01-22

Well, when Martin saw Teasing Tammy in her frilly but skimpy pink so dressed, Mistress Susan appeared in the door of Tammy's room. Dressed in a black leather mini-skirted business suit and black patent leather heels, the dominant was as attractive to you to wear it: you're so soft and pink, you almost look like At that moment, Mistress Jennifer and Martin's On Martin's legs went a pair of tight black velvet shorts, The package contained a black bra and panties, garter As I sat again, Mistress Jennifer reached personality to that of Sissy Dani, Mistress Jennifer's lesbian dangling earrings with little bells, and my familiar slave ankle Dani or Daniel you will wear the makeup, earrings and ankle

Mom's church night

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It was obvious that Gerald was fucking her doggy style in the back seat and intended to pull out and come on her luscious curvy size 5 arch wrapped in those sheer dark suntan pantyhose. I had already spilled so much cum over those sex ravaged pantyhose, and that Gerald had fucked mom in her car, spilling most of it on her so sexy feet. There they are in the back seat, mom on her back with her sexy nyloned feet in the air, Gerald kissing and licking them as he humps like a wild a****l, mom moaning to his oversized cock stuffed inside her. Finally he groans with pleasure as I see his mammoth cock slide out spewing cum loads across mom's pantyhose ass seam as he takes aim for her tiny size 5 foot.

Giving Auntie a Foot Massage.

mastrubation 2018-01-22

Other than getting up close and personal with her panties and smelling all the strong aroma of her obviously hairy cunt (very puffy and you could see the black hairs) and being curious of that, I always loved playing with her feet. It was just me until Chrissy came home from work (she's a public school teacher) and it was a pretty hot day, for some reason she decided to wear boots. I knew I would cum pretty fast so I hurried up and put my cock between her feet and actually received a foot job from aunt Chrissy. I took the other sock and put it on my stick rock hard cock, zipped my pants and went on about my day with a story to tell.

Introducing a New Wife

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her husband to allow his wife to fuck a black man. becoming watching his wife kiss the black man. how he watched a black cock entering my tight white We sat and watched the black stud feeling her tits and Once she got his cock wet, the black stud made her how is thick black cock stretched his wife’s pussy. I sat and watched as her husband began licking her pussy being careful not to touch the black man’s cock his wife’s ass, the black stud held onto the wife and Seeing this huge black stud screwing a wife in front of own cock and ready to cum as he watched his wife being The black stud kept screwing the wife

A New Life

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I swallowed hard, told him I was on my way to my new house and had a few hours left to drive and asked him why he wanted to know. Tom grabbed my balls with one hand and lightly tickled and pulled on them which caused me to throw my head back and growl like a wild b**st. I lifted Tom up and laid him down on the picnic table with my cock still inside him and started to fuck him harder than I knew possible. It was lucky that Tom only lived 15 mins from my new house so we headed off down the highway together, stopping every hour so he could suck me off and swallow my hot loads.

87% cock

Our First Bi-Foursome

fetish 2018-01-22

Becky, being half d***k, said that Sophie had told her that I liked to eat creampies and that I had a big amount of cream I could put in the pie. I ask Sophie if she is enjoying Gary’s thick cock and she tells me yes and she then told me she wanted me to eat his cum out of her pussy when they were done. I kept looking at Sophie fuck Gary’s thick cock and it drives me over the edge and I tell Becky to get ready for my big load of cum. Becky starts to milk my cock with her pussy, she tells me she can feel my cock head getting bigger and she knows I'm about to cum.

s*s and Me

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I switched the computer monitor off and pulled on some grey joggers and put the butt plug in my draw and then answered the door, I asked her what was wrong and she said "have you been in my room today" I told her I hadn't (obviously lying) and she said "well something off mine has gone missing and I haven't put it anywhere and you are the only person in the house is you so I asked you" I explained to her that I have not seen anything or taken anything. I got my drink and decided to go back upstairs for "round 2" when I opened my bedroom door my s****r was standing there in her towel that she had not taken off yet with the draw open holding the butt plug in her hand.


mature 2018-01-21

Julie, being their mom, was comfortable with her body around the k**s and knew that the room was dimly lit, so if she was wearing something sheer or open, she would not cover when Mandy came in. Although his conversations were short and to the point, I saw Jason's curious gaze moving down from her face on occasion, momentarily appreciating the view of Julie's breasts covered only by sheer fabric, or the rise and roundness of her cleavage open to the waist and barely concealed by the silk wrap. Mandy on occasion came up in her nightgown or robe, freshly showered with her long brushed honey blonde hair laying loose over her shoulders, simply needing only to interrupt long enough to give a goodnight kiss to each of us.

ROTC Bootlicker Gay Authoritarian/Military story

fetish 2018-01-21

told us he wanted the boots spit shined just like our dress shoes before we fun for me, because I really was not spit-shining my boots, I was lick Bob stood up and said: "OK faggot, start licking my boots!" As he able to lick Bob's boots while they were on his feet. I swung around and began licking his left boot as quickly as I could. As I licked up the shaft on Bob's right boot I shifted my eyes upwards side of his boot again I took another look and saw that Bob's basket was Quickly I straightened up and started licking Bob's massive balls. hours spit shining Bob's two pairs of combat boots and sucking him off

s****r Sucks Best pt.7: Foursome

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Dolores gasped and climbed on the bed, her eyes on Judy. Quivering, her pussy on fire, Judy grabbed her mother's foot Darin and Tommy watched as Judy went insane on her mother's "Ewwww, Mommy," Judy panted, her cunt greasing her mother's As Judy slid her cunt up her mother's body to her mammoth tit Dolores twisted Judy's tits in her hands. Suddenly Judy brought her hot, sizzling pussy to her mother's Judy ground her cunt into her mother's face. Judy glued her mouth to her mother's pussy. Judy sucked her mother's clit into her mouth and clamped her Judy chomped on her mother's cunt, the hot syrupy cum flowing Judy's face was fused to her mother's cunt.

Filled in Noumea

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My meal arrived and after I had devoured it, and managed to order a coffee of some description by myself, the blonde Australian man came back over and introduced himself as Simon and asked if I wanted to join him and his mate Daniel at the bar later on that evening for a drink. I didn't make any objections to the suggestive whispering and perhaps emboldened by this, Daniel who had been sitting in front of me on the chair, moved the short distance to kneel in front of and started to slowly unbutton my blouse as Simon continued the wonderful massage.

Motel Fuckslut

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As he did so, he slowly sunk his hard cock into Helen's wet juicy cum-filled cunt. Helen's hubby didn’t move but just lay there with eyes slightly open to see his fuck-slut wife being drilled hard by Gordon. Her hubby could see the signs of her starting to cum.......eyes wide and looking at Gordon her hands tightly pulling his hips into hers as he pounded her. Slowly her orgasm subsided and she motioned to Gordon to lie on the bed as she rode his hips with his cock buried deep in her cunt. Gordon had Helen turn around and he buried his mouth into her cunt and lapped away at her wet cunt, sucking as much of his cum out of the slut-fuck as he could.


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She said mom wanted to know if she was sexually active, and Tracy told her that at eighteen she was old enough to be prepared for sex just in case. She wanted to stay off getting fucked until after her doctor's appointment next week, and told me a date with this girl would make our parents believe I was with her instead of Beth, when our plan was used. Beth let out a grunt, Tracy gave a loud moan as she came, and I blew a load that overfilled my condom. Tracy said she was going to stay over Beth's a couple of days more, and I could drop by anytime, just bring more condoms.

Life With s*s: Pt 12

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She asked if I'd been to the bathroom yet and I told her no, she reached for my hand and said that we should get our morning showers done before the other girls got up. When we got into the shower, I couldn't hold it, so I just started peeing on her pussy, she spread it open so I could hit her clit. I didn't believe what happened next, Steph got onto the floor and moved over to Lexie and started to lick at her pussy. It wasn't long before I heard Lexie start to moan and I saw her have an orgasm, Steph had brought her around quickly.

Ode to a Fond Memory

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I watched your hand take your cock and slide it across my pussy lips, over my clit and then into me before I was ready. I felt your body swing into mine harder and every sweet rounded muscle inside my pussy was branded with your name. Your hands took my sweat drenched face and hair and held my head firmly and still. And I closed my eyes and you said, “LOOK AT ME!!” You moved again and again, my pussy, the only voice I had, my wetness, proof that I existed to feel this moment in its naked entirety. I grabbed at your wrists, needing to move my face away, because I couldn’t close my eyes, but you kept moving wetly more hard as I struggled against your iron fists.

Aaron and Moni

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I knew that Aaron had a thing for Moni and that Aaron wanted to hang out at his place and then we I reluctantly followed Moni inside and Aaron told us to grin on his face as he took a long look at Moni. got worse when Aaron told Moni to come sit next to him Aaron stood up on to the couch and mounted my wife's Aaron's horse cock entered my wife's super tight pussy, Aaron screamed out as he pulled Moni close against him, thing was going to be over but Aaron pulled his cock good firm grip on Moni's hair and she was moaning Aaron laughed as he fucked Moni's mouth with his cum

I kissed them alternately

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Then I began to suck the two, first one then the other, to me the game was so hot that I both their tails, as far as it went, at the same time let slip into my mouth. I already tasted salty semen drops out of their small penis peaks occur, they let me delightfully melt in your mouth. I let myself sink into the grass, bent his legs apart, my, to lure the two with the sight of my openings. Tim was the first conducted between my legs, his tail between my lips, let his penis a few times at the entrance to my column and penetrated her slip, then with a sudden impact in my pussy.

package delivery

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She hung out at the pool the first morning and I went to work thinking she'd be tipsey at best when I got back to the room. She looked kinda strtled and said hi to me. I didn't think much of it and said Hi to him and asked how her day had been. She told me she had a great day and that Malcom had been very nice to her and shown her a lot of things to do while I was working. She said she would tell me later, but she'd made reservations at the casino's club for dinner. I said ok and went back to the room and jumped in the shower.

Female Perversions for something different.

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I swallowed hard, I could feel my face redden, I had to endure and audience, now two fucking men were going to make sure I coupled and fucked, and as I took a deep breath I heard my German friend say, 'Don't be embarrassed when it makes you cum, it's perfectly normal', then she was gone, no doubt into the viewing gallery to watch me perform, and as the door closed behind me, one man tore my covering from me, his eyes were all over my naked body, 'Open you legs', he ordered, and as I spread myself, he started to run an Aniseed creme deep into my pussy and ass.


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Hubby got us a couple of drinks and we sat and just watched what was going on in the club. Vic said that he had been to this club last year so he offered to give us a tour. When we finished these drinks I asked Vic if he was ready. After a couple of minutes of this and my cumming another time I told Vic that I wanted him to fuck me. I was exhausted and told hubby that I needed a drink, so we all got dressed and went back into the club, by now it was filling up. He asked me if I wanted to see Vic tomorrow night, I thought about it for a couple of seconds and said yes.

First Movie...

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After breaking up with my boyfriend/Dom I was on the look-out for a new man to fuck me into submission. The first time I sucked his cock he f***ed my head down and shoved his huge cock down my throat, gagging and face fucking me. By the time I got to his apartment, I was drenched with pussy juice and so horny and eager for his cock. He slid the dildo out of my cunt, got me on all fours and began fisting my open pussy. I rubbed my clit and came as his foot entered my pussy. He rubbed his cock as he watched my horny pussy devouring his foot.


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My marriage lasted long enough to produce one son--Jake. I pushed opened the bathroom door and there was Jake sitting on the edge of the bath tub masturbating. In the few moments before he saw me I could tell that the act was far from pleasurable by the pinched expression of pain on his face. I went into the bathroom and got the jar of vaseline from the medicine cabinet and returned to the living room. I had Jake sit of the sofa and I applied a generous amount of vaseline to his cock. I continued stroking his cock for a few minutes.

The Screwing of Emma Watson

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She moved her arms upwards, bringing the bottom of her bra cup in her hand, and slowly the sight of Emma Watson's young tits was revealed, and Jake once more appreciated how truly lucky he was, knowing that every guy in the land would kill to be in his position. Jake was only too happy to oblige, and he once more had a mental double take at the reality of fucking the girl of most guy's dreams, young, tight, with her endless legs and perfect tits, the thought almost made him cum straight away inside her eager cunt. And with that the perfect young actress started to shake, she closed her eyes and literally screamed as her huge orgasm overtook her, her made more powerful by Jake's refusal to stop pummelling her tight cunt, which clenched on his dick, drawing out his cum.

My Surprise part II

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I felt him getting hard again so played with his cock while he kissed and sucked on my neck which got me so hard. I felt a hand on my cock, then he played with my balls while we went back to making out. I grabbed the soap and started lather up his body, I started with his neck and chest then work down to his hard dick and smooth balls. He plays with my balls while fucking me, a little slower than I would of liked, but he made sure I felt the length of his perfect cock. I was turning off the water when he said he had to pee.

My new CD bitch.

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She is a very hot Cross-Dressing boy, her fascination with the feminine part of her is new… it was for a time my pleasure exploring with her this new “side” of her… the story is on going – with three chapters written so far… I will post more… and if she decides to continue this explorations, there may be more stories… On the way up to the room, I told him to give me his phone. I turned it off - I did not want any interruptions, and bitches his age are too fucking distracted... I tell him to remove his clothes where he stood. I tell him to go into the bathroom, there are instructions and an outfit I want him to wear – he has 45 minutes to get cleaned up, cleaned out, and ready. I tell her to go to the window, and pose.

Sweaty in the car and enticing him to fuck

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I was in limbo, in a shocked state, not really realizing what was happening, I somehow knew he was inside me doing the ultimate thing, but the mixture of feelings, both good and bad, were numbed by the speed in which he achieved his aim, it felt too good to want to stop, such was the physical contact between our sexual organs, but it felt like he was hitting the mark to those feelings I toiled with each night, I was being fucked and it felt good, it was what I always craved, so I raised my ass to meet his powerful thrusts, he seemed to go deeper each time, I moaned as he fucked me with my ass raised in total surrender, belying my youthful eagerness, I finally achieved my orgasm, sweeping over me, racking every nerve ending in my body, I came loudly, sobbing my thankful gratitudes, paying homage to his old cock as he withdrew from my youthful love canal, leaving deep within me his seeds, which to my horror I only realized in taking my soaked panties off, the dark white globular mess pouring from me, even then I had to revisit the feeling as I lay back and re-masturbated myself, gathering his seed and coating my clitoris as I rubbed and massaged him into my sensitive flesh.

A Cuckoldette?

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would feel like to have a cock inside my ass instead of I pushed down easing it inside my cock virgin ass. Soon I was taking Bryans 7" cock balls deep in my ass, Slowly I raised my ass of Bryan's cock and it felt so tell this wasn't his first time sucking cock, he knew his cock is, wanting to feel it deep in my ass. Knowing my ass was clean, I knew John's cock was hard I wanted to feel, his cock inside me, and eventually his down the crack of my ass like when I cum inside Kathy's I started to suck John's overly fat cock again, wanting having John fuck your ass with his big fat super hard

A Very Nasty Tale

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I can see Barb sucking her big dog's cock and having her pussy "Your Mommies love sucking doggy dicks." Barb says to the camera. "And eating hot doggy dick cum too." I say, as the nasty dog goo of her own son's pissing prick, eats nasty dog cum." I said. "Suck that big dog dick you Mommy whores! "Make Mommy suck that big dog dick Scotty! Make me suck the doggy cum from that big dog dick. "Good boy Scotty, make Mommy slurp the cum from the big, nasty "Make Mommy suck the dog dick cum from Aunt Barb's puss cake, boy wants to see his dog whore Mommy eat all of your nasty k9 my mouth was flooded with nasty dog dick cum, the thick, hot

Lindsay And Michelle After The Big Show

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I’m sure we’ll think of something,” Lindsay smiled, a wicked smile at Michelle and looked at the direction of the two guys who were now sitting on the couch. I mean you didn’t know if I was bringing some guys over with me?” Michelle’s eyes sparkled and pulled Lindsay to her. Lindsay turned to the cock in front of her face and began to lick and suck on it. “You look so cute,” she said, taking Lindsay’s face between her hands and licking the sticky come off it. Jonathan put his arms around Michelle and carried her off to the couch, while Fred took his place on top of Lindsay. Lindsay was alarmed that Jonathan had come inside her, but then felt as Michelle

fucking belt

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I stood there in my underpants squirming like a c***d. I cursed at him and told him he was being a fucking drama queen. He stood up and took his belt off and made me bend over the sofa. He swung back and the belt cracked across both my buns. That fucking belt smacked my buttocks over and over again. The underpants came down and then he began spanking me with the belt in earnest. When he finally finished spanking me he stuck me in the corner. He grabbed a fruit bar and stuck it unceremoniously between my buttocks. To finish the equation a bar of soap was stuck in my mouth. He kept lecturing me and walking behind me- swatting my cheeks with that belt.

Mother In Laws Dirty Massage

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He then he slid me toward him and gently kissed me, then with my head off the bed he took his cock from his pants. My ex son in law who I have fantasized over for like twenty years now was fucking my mouth, in about 30 seconds he exploded in my mouth. He rolled me over and slowly gently began licking my ass, rectum and all. He said he found it hard to believe nobody else ever fucked my ass before. With that I felt the head of his cock pressing against my rectum, suddenly he was in, my ex son in law finally fucking me up the ass and I was loving it.

I took my daughter to be deflowered by an old man

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I dont know why I said it, but I did, and as I looked down on my beautiful daughter my heart pounded, Bertie would be in his mid to late sixties by now, I know he was my s****rs first, my second after daddy, and now the creme de la creme, Pia, my beautiful c***d, and like a witch skewered at the devils alter, I wanted to go back and offer up my virgin beauty to this pervert, in truth I yearned for those far off distant feelings I had lost over the years, I wanted relief, some closure to the sordid sex that thrilled me, I wanted in truth to view it reenacted, only my daughter would be me and I would watch as it unfolded, seeking the final thrill, secretly and passionately, as a voyeur, my daughter cries of pain and passion, meeting the cock that kissed her during birth, I was happy when she excitedly said yes.

150 Ways to Humiliate Your Husband

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Make your husband watch as you prepare for a night out on the town with your married and/or single friends which includes dancing, drinking but mainly picking up other men to have fun with. Tell f****y or friends you fuck other men and how your husband likes it. Tell your husband you had sex in your car with one of your lovers and for him to go clean the cum stains off the back seat. Take photos and video of your husband sucking dicks and getting ass fucked by lots of other men, then store them securely and threaten to use them in court if you ever need them or threaten to show to his f****y and friends.

"true" accounting of my summer of 15 and

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Nights weekends and in the summer time I worked my ass off. I got home from work when mom said call this number collect. At this point I knew I would finish the first fucking I had started before, I just did not tell her. By bed time I have got some finger in and she has played with my cock. I guess you want some more of this old woman this morning; I knew last night I had starting something. With in a few strokes she was working her ass for me and making her already good pussy better. I look and the thick black pubic hair of hers is soaked as is the tight little ass cheeks.

No Protection

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Sun tanned skin, brown eyes looking through designer prescription glasses. I undo my seat belt as well and recline in the passenger seat of the car. I break our kiss and peck at her ears and neck, giving her nipples playing tugs and twists (she loved that). She gets up on her knees and slides her track shorts and panties down. She gets them completely off, taking off her shoes and socks as a result, then lowers her pelvis until she can grab me with her hand. She then gets off of me and sits on the other side of the car. She props her legs up, spread eagle, and we just watch as my semen runs out of her, leaking onto the car seat.

husband fucking s****r part 2

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slowly into my closet get my bags of toys i want to feel a big cock in my pussy as i enjoy viewing my s****r geting fucked by my husband. i finally got it cracked open and i begin to watch my s****r is maoning so load i can see my husband is enjoying the little sluts pussy so much. that little slut enjoys that cock he suddenly pulls it out hers pussy and begins to press on her ass hole as she screams no not my ass. my pussy is thrbing and driping wet as im about to cum i can here her screaming fuck me as he tells her is this what you want you little whore and shes said yes.

My b*****rs treats mom like a slut

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When he tried to push Mom's legs apart, she playfully slapped his hand and said, "Michael, you are being naughty and should not let your friends see me totally naked. Mom looked at the guys and said, "I guess my son Michael is going to fuck me now while you watch us." The room was silent for a short time, then Mom said to Michael, "Honey, you have made me very happy by showing your friends how much you love me by using your cock. The last friend of Michael's pushed his cock in Mom's mouth then grabbed her head with both of his hands and began feverishly fucking her face. Michael kept taking video and replied, "Relax Dad. They were just friends of mine that wanted to watch Mom and Melissa have lesbian sex.


first-time 2018-01-20

Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss, If you are my friend, please answer me this: Are we friends, or are we not? You told me once, but I forgot. So tell me now, and tell me true, Of all the friends I've ever met, You're the one I won't forget. And if I die before you do, I'll go to Heaven and wait for you, I'll give the angels back their wings And risk the loss of everything. There isn't a thing I wouldn't do, To have a friend just like you! xxxxx

My fantasy

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MY fantasy is to be fucking used and humilated on tape by a bunch of men, I mean a FUCKING lot of guys doing anything they wish to me, while they filmed it, making me show my face and answer really personal questions like my full name, city, etc. Then them doing ANYTHING they wish with the video. I know some ppl will think this is wrong, but fuck it makes my pussy soooooooo fucking wet.

My Other Daughter Part 4

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"But this time I want you to tie me up and fuckme with this and your big cock." In her hand she held a 10" dildo that looked amazing. Soon she was in it with her hands cuffed to the top of the door and her legs suspended and help open. Kneeling under her I licked her pussy through the very thin thong until she was moaning and panting. I now wanted to taste her asshole so I again kneeled below her and pulled the thong up to her knees. I licked it until her pussy juice fowed down onto her asshole so make sure it wos wet enough. I took the dildo and slowly pushed it in to her dripping pussy while I slowly stroked my cock in her ass.

your cok my mouth

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Your tongue licking my wet pussy, your hard cock fucking me. My mouth is aching for your cock wanting to taste you're hot cum shooting down my throat. Your cock so hard leaking pre-cum, I look at you licking my lips. I pull you into the shower with me; you smile at me your eyes telling me that you need my mouth around your cock. Feeling you hard cock rubbing on my leg, my hand begins stroking you. You begin to moan, as my tongue baths your hard cock the hot water rushing over us. I take your head just in my mouth, my tongue running all over it licking up your pre-cum, moaning onto your cock.

A Mother Knows Best 3

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The swollen head of my cock pressed into Mom's tight hole. Still fucking her ass, I leaned forward over Mom's curvy body and reached under her, cupping her gigantic, jiggling tits. "I need some more of that monster of yours" Mom said as she grabbed my cock and guided it back into her gaping asshole. Yeah...I bet you like your cock in my ass don't you, baby?" Mom groaned. "Do you like fucking the shit out of your Mom, Jake?" I had fucked all of Moms' holes, brought her to countless orgasms, and formed a special bond between us that very few sons get to have with their mother's. Mom gave me that now infamous naughty smile filled with lust and responded, "Like I said, a Mother knows best."