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Wank meet success story: Carmen Electra

gay-male 2018-12-04

The thought of it was getting me fully hard, I guess a mixture of doing Carmen with my bud but also the short notice of everything got me aroused. When my bud mentioned he was wanking naked to slideshow pics of Carmen that engorged my cock further, I knew he was trying his best to entice me. Once in I noticed he was fully naked and hard, he said Carmen has had him wanking for the last few hours and he didn't want to stop until I arrived, he apologised for the short notice but was pleased I came. I was naked within a few minutes and getting hard, I joined my bud on the sofa and could feel my bud's pre-cum dampness when I relaxed back.

Masturbation about b*****r (Teaser Continued)

mastrubation 2018-10-06

I layed down in my bed, softly circling my already hard nipples, as if I wasn't teased enough. Images of him in the shower were sending shocks and pleasure waves, causing my mouth to water, despite me moaning, my cheeks to burn, and my cunt leaking pure horniness. As I suspected, my panties were useless...I was so wet it you could sense it on my thighs before my hand even spread my lips. I want to moan his name, but I dont dare to say it outloud. It's no longer my hands whole body is moving towards my fingers... I ask if you want TV on and you say yes, and suddenly dont even have the curtesy of turning it off when you leave the living room?

The summer fling

first-time 2018-10-05

"I don't know why Jamie is here, I've told you, I'm going to meet some friends when I get there!" Natasha said, just as if she'd practiced saying it, a million times. "I've waited for this for a long time!" Jamie said, trying desperately to remove his jeans, "You're everything I have ever imagined, and now you've got to come here and suck my cock!" Natasha started licking his long hard shaft, moving slowly up, and then softly biting his helmet. Before long, Jamie started to get ready to Cum, and Natasha, who by this point was on her 7th orgasm, wasn't letting go. "Maybe you can fuck it tonight, if you're a good boy" Natasha said, as she giggled, and closed the Bathroom door.....


mature 2018-10-05

With the heat in that room steadily rising though and driving good, common sense into hiding, it was not long at all before Owen's hand went upwards to claim one of his wife's big breasts. Inasmuch as she was still pressed up against her husband, Polly was very aware of the fact that his cock was fully erect and she reached behind herself for it without looking - unwilling to take her eyes off the sexy scene in the living room. He would not be so quick to come back to life as his son had been, but Gwen had a plan on how to get him good and hard once more and met him with a long, deep kiss before going down on her knees in front of him.

Gay teenage heart break

gay-male 2018-10-05

There was this guy that I liked everytime I saw him he just made me want to go after him more and more. But soon after I figured that I'd go lok for him in school so guess what I found and with some gurl havin sex ive never felt so hurt ever. Later he tried to hav sex with me and so I punched him because he ussed me for sex and I feel for it I had never been so angerd I busted out in angry tears don't do things like that to me I really loved him now im lokin for a new honest someone!!!!!

Just a wee scenario

interracial 2018-10-05

As she starts to lick and lap at your pussy you can hear her slurping the juice from deep inside you and swallowing it.Then she lowers her pussy onto your face,feeling her tongue push deep inside you,you can taste her sweet pink pussy juice.Both of you lick bite nibble and drink each other's pussy juice till you both collapse in the most intense bout of multiple orgasms of the night,the feeling has you week at the knees but fully satisfied.The kind guy tells you to get dressed and fills some gas from a can into the car You thank him for the gas and he says" no charge for the gas you were worth it,best white trash we have fucked for a while now beat it before the rest of the guys in the bar come out" We both head home in silence,you thinking about what it would have been like if you had stayed till the rest of the bar came out.Hmmmmmm could have been interesting.!!!!!!!!

The unexpected Ride home

mature 2018-10-05

I do have that freedom and admit to entertaining more than my fair share of men, but add to that the men I done because I felt sorry for them, nothing romantic, not even horny, but gracious enough to relax and let them have some human interaction, and a good sexual encounter, especially when they least expected it to happen with me. Within the first ten minutes it was obvious to me, my companion in the back was feeling frisky, as he now held my head in his lap, and as my husband and front seat companion chatted, his hand was wandering casually over my prostrate body. He started to masturbate across my face and his cock head was over my mouth and under my nose, making contact with my lips and nasal orifice as his stroking was more determined and extremely pleasurable for him.

f****y of sluts

interracial 2018-10-05

She told me daddy I want you to fuck me doggy style, I got behind that big ass she had and pounded her into a orgasm, Abby kept saying fuck me daddy, fuck me and shot your load inside of me daddy, I came harder than I did the first time around. Mrs. Janice lay down on the bed for me to fuck her, when I pulled out of Kathy, she said mom don’t hog my dick, Bill is your man and King is mines. She started sucking on my dick trying to get it back hard but Kathy was at the door her face was red as hell, she told Abby that I hope you enjoyed that because that would be the last time you get to fuck him in a long time.

A Blond In Trouble

interracial 2018-10-05

I must have been there for an hour when a uniformed black man suddenly opened the door, walked in, and sat on the table 2 feet away from me. Two men led me into a building and sat me down on a bed in a dimly lit room. A few minutes later, a big fat black man walked into the room. The colonel pushed a button on the side of the table and two armed black men entered the room. One after another, naked black men came and pleasured themselves with my body. As soon as he rolled off, two more men took me onto a couch where they made me envelop the first black man's penis in my cunt.

A Cousin’s Misery

fetish 2018-10-05

Tabitha had told her that I was still needed some help and wanting company so Steph volunteered when she heard my mom wasn’t able to help me this morning. As I fingered her wet pussy with one hand the other was busy squeezing her other swollen breast until I found the nipple and gave it a good pinch. With one hand on her hard nipple I continued to squeeze the milk from her swollen breast as I sucked and tongued her pussy. As she came down off of her orgasm she started to push my head away and I lowered her back to the bed and moved out from between her legs.

Tim and Grace--Round 2

mastrubation 2018-10-05

“I don’t know, but I think that’s a fine idea,” Tim replied, reaching for her hand and slowly massaging her fingers. She took him inside, holding his cock and sucking him hard with one hand; at the same time, rubbing her pussy with her other hand. “Yessss, uhhhh, huh huh huh….!” She was clawing his chest, riding his cock with abandon, gripping his massive thighs with her own well-shaped legs, shaking from head to toe as her orgasm created a full-body earthquake. Grace surrendered to the double stimulation of his tongue on her clit and fingers inside her pussy, began to shake, rolling back and forth on the bed.

you dont know unless you try

fetish 2018-10-05

so i gently started to rub her back she looked at me and just smiled the feeling you get just before you do the unthinkable is something i think every person male or female should try in there life not just think it but really do it words cannot describe the feeling i lowered my hand un till i had her buttocks firmly in my hands pulling her towards me thinking i was gonna get a slap she just turned and kissed me to say i was gobsmacked was a total understatment she grabbed my hand told my uncle and f****y we were gonna walk home diddent get 50 yards up the road found a quiet corner and had the best sex i ever had all i imagined sex to be as i put my cock inside her i told her ive wanted to fuck her for years she said she knew that

Samantha's Email

hardcore 2018-10-05

DO NOT TELL HIM!!) I held on to his arms and lifted my legs up and he slid right in, it send a wave of pleasure up my spine and I gasped (genuinely) and moaned loadly as I breathed out (NOTE: condom was ribbed) everytime he pulled out and slid back in again I thought I was gonna cum, and I started whimpering which I could tell turned him on as he started fucking me harder, my pussy squelching each time he pushed in to me and I grabbed the pillow as I came hard on that lovely cock...

Mistress Rules: 1st time in pantys

fetish 2018-10-05

In it was an array of sexual aids- a black basque, stockings, a pvc bra and thong set, heels, dildos of varying size from 8" to 10" and different thicknesses. She instantly said, strip off, put on the stockings, the pvc bra and thong set and send a picture of yourself to me. I quickly hung up, took my clothes off, pulled on the stockings carefully, slid up the thong and fastened the bra. She ordered me 2 send her a picture of sum dirty underwear and demanded i lick the stained gusset. Desperate to cum, I stroked my cock to the point of orgasm but refraining at the last moment until I gained permission.


humor 2018-10-05

I couldn't help but pull out my dick and start stroking as Kelly pulled her panties aside and began to use Tiffany's vibrator. Tiffany said, "Kelly thought you'd like to watch her new toy's maiden voyage, so we came over here as soon as we got back." They both took several minutes to come down from their mutual peeks, and I decided to prolong their excitement as long as possible, so I moved closer to Kelly's pussy and commenced licking her tender outer lips. After only a few minutes of sucking and nibbling on Kelly's clit, she had let out another scream, and relaxed on the loveseat, watching Tiffany pull off of my slippery dick, and ask me to get on top.

JoJo Levesque Fucked

Celebrities 2018-10-05

“Want to play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to sl**p on the floor?” James asked Paul and Fred as he closed the door of their hotel room. “I’ll go first,” Fred said as they got into a circle with Paul to his right, James on his left and JoJo across from him. They kept going around, Fred and James asking loaded questions they knew had a pretty good chance of making JoJo drink. “If we’re going to do this, then we need to do it right,” Fred said as Paul carelessly led JoJo out into the hall. As JoJo moved forward to pull of Paul’s cock, James let his finger slip out of her ass almost all the way before following her.

Ravathi - My Dream Aunt

hardcore 2018-10-05

We started playing ludo then I jumped on her pawn I won the game narrowly she said she was bored and asked its night and after dinner we had to sl**p .(others were gone to other place for night) actually they went to my aunt's s****r's place . It was very hot and immediately we started sweating and my aunt said me wear Bermuda and she said "I will wear my short nightie". Then suddenly my aunt said she want to go to bathroom and she went. She then removed her nightie and slept on the bed and said now I am naked but do not dare to touch me or else you know what will happen.

Jennifer's Black Lingerie

first-time 2018-10-05

"You know, I used to have blue panties that went with this bra and I used to love wearing them," she said smiling. “Well, what do you think?” she said slowly walking up to me and laying a hand on my shoulder, looking me right in the eye. As soon as I was a foot away from her I grabbed her arm and she turned slowly with an inquisitive look on her face, but said nothing. Slowly I unstrapped her bra at which she softly said, “Byron, what are you doing?” I placed one finger on her lips and then kissed them, sucking her delicious juices as I slowly removed her bra from her body, releasing her large breasts.

The On-Line Couple

first-time 2018-10-05

He came by a time or two for our order, but I told him we were waiting on some friends and I'd let him know when we were ready to order, slipping a generous tip in his hand so I didn't come off like the asshole that I really am. I'm working on my third beer and playing footsie with Sheila under the table when this attractive couple walked up. I looked down and his cock was balls deep in Sheila's mouth. Enzo smiles at his boss with his cock in my wife's mouth. "Enzo is the reason we come back here, isn't it?" I look at my booth mates. The boss looks at Enzo as he looks at the menu.


first-time 2018-10-05

I had seen enough porn clips online where it looked rather painful, but daddy's birthday was coming up shortly and I wanted to give him something special and the idea just there and then fell into my lap---or rather up my ass. It was now endurance that had to be figured into this training and Shannon sat on the side of the bed inserting one new item up my ass after another, working it in and out over a period of time that gradually lengthened. Whenever daddy and I fucked (when the opportunity presented itself) I tried to conceal the pain is was experiencing in his ass and quickly brushed his hand away whenever he began to finger my asshole as it sparked a small burst of electrified needles that seemed to be jabbing at that area.

My wife an my boss

first-time 2018-10-05

When my wife and my boss began to make love I enjoyed the expression of pleasure and delight on her face. My wife sat facing him with her thighs spread, moving up and down, and saying, "This is so wonderful," as she looked at him with the most beautiful expression of love and desire. I told myself that I loved my wife, so I wanted her to enjoy the pleasure and happiness my boss could give her. When one of my boss's friends visited the city where we lived he would enjoy a night on the town with my wife, and an evening of love making with her. My wife would need to ask my permission before making love to a man my boss introduced her to.

Cindy at the hole

fetish 2018-10-05

I had her lean forward and put her hand up against the right wall and I started to finger her pussy real deep and rub her clit. I moved her over to the gloryhole and quietly asked the stranger if he wanted to finger Cindy. Cindy turned and bent over facing me as the stranger now fingered her hole. As the stranger moved his finger in an out of her tight ass, Cindy started to meet his trusts. I pulled Cindy away from the gloryhole until the stranger’s hand was free of her tight ass. My orgasm built and right as I was ready to cum, I pulled out and jerked, letting huge ropes of cum squirt over Cindy’s pretty face.

Master's Birthday

bdsm 2018-10-05

"Where you told to help her undress me!" They fell to here knees and look down to the floor, and at the same time said, "No my master, I have been naughty please correct me." With the look of saticfaction on his face, I knew I had done well and he was please with me. No hiding your eyes, if you do you will regret it, do I make myself clear?" Nodding my head and trying to hide the tears, I said,"yes master, I will do as I am told. Doing so the master slowly place his cock deep insider her while looking at me with an evil grin.

Young sex

anal 2018-10-05

Her dates were spent naked in the back seat of a car fucking and sucking cock or letting the boy eat her pussy. The sex got wild and she would let one man suck and tongue fuck her cunt as she sucked a cock. One night she stripped a guy naked and sucked his balls then his cock till he gave her a nice load of his warm cum then she pushed him on his back and sat on his face and rode him as she covered him with her own cum and he tongue fucked her. One night she had done a two hour show and sucked many cocks and let several men eat pussy and as she left a man grabbed her and shoved her in his car.

Out for a run 18

group 2018-10-05

She was rubbing herself raw through her jeans as she watched me sucking this giant thing deep into my throat, but I was not done yet with my show, I stood up and walked to the end of the couch, and laid stomach first over the arm rest – this let her have an even better view of my dripping pussy and my now fully exposed ass hole. I reached around with my giant dildo and started to push it ever so slowly into my exposed ass hole – I was grunting and groaning, making little screaming sounds as it started to pass deep inside, than I started to pump it in deeper and harder until I started coming again.

b*****r In Laws Whore pt.1

hardcore 2018-10-05

I'd make sure I saw every expression on your face, as I rammed my long dick in your pussy and made you scream." Christie was a good-looking woman, but by no means was she a raving beauty. Christie's pussy felt like it was pulsing so hard that surely Tom could hear her squishing. Christie felt Tom pushing the tip of his dick against her slit. I don't want to have to explain to Tony why my pussy is ripped to shreds." Tom snickered as he began to slowly stroke her cunt. "I see you have another woman at the end of my boa constrictor, Senor Tom. Is her pussy as good as mine?" Tom pushed his dick in until Christie groaned out loud.


hardcore 2018-10-05

He inserted three fingers deep into her wet cunt and began stroking her while he licked and nibbled her cunt and clit, she hunched his mouth and continued her oral assault on his magnificent cock, sucking it down her throat running her tongue around and up and down the magnificent cock as she nibbled gently on the huge mushroom head.

The demise of s happy marriage part 2

mastrubation 2018-10-05

He sat her on the desk again and thought ' fuck it another few minutes won't matter' he slipped 3 fingers into her orgasm wrecked pussy and found her G spot with his fingers, and, even though she was still in a state of shock, from the fucking of her life, he then got her through his expertise as a womaniser onto a level of intensity she would never see the like and would never find from another man. "Sylvia, you have made an old man very happy today., I feel as if there are good kind people left in the world. Jackson thought the only think I'm going to be eating is your young cunt you slut.

True Blue Ch. 3

interracial 2018-10-05

"Listen, like I was saying, I want to apoligize about the last time, Leesa began, I am afraid things got a little out of control and I want to make sure you understand that I do not normally do those types of,,,,," Before she could finish, Willy said, "Hell, don't worry none about that, I just want you to get on with my massage today cause I am really beat like I said and I need a good massage. Rocky nearly screamed into the phone, "whats going on,,, is everything ok?" Willy was pushing Leesa forward over the massage table as he pulled her panties off at the same time.

A Peon Turned Me His Whore

hardcore 2018-10-05

After that he lifted me and placed me on his toilet and spread my legs wide and began to finger my pussy and began to talk dirty like, ” You bitch, you always wanted to have my enormous dick in your slutty mouth and shitting ass and pussy hole”, ” Fuck hard, my whore”, “For how many men did you spread your legs, you slut because your pussy and ass hole is 4 fingers entering wide”,” You are my slave forever”. However, after this sexy encounter with the peons, they began to move very closely to me like lifting my skirt in front of others, kissing me in the kitchen and sucking my boobs and licking my pussy in front of my professors and college mates, etc,… This also created a jealous feeling in the mind of other girls as our hot peon had fallen for me since that night.

Something funny

humor 2018-10-05

# 4 A man was visiting his wife in hospital where suggests he should try rubbing her right breast man should go in and try oral sex, saying he will doesn't want the man to be embarrassed. opened his mouth and the man removed his A small white guy goes into an elevator, when he guy and says: ś foot tall, 350 pounds, 20 inch The big black dude picks up the small white guy asks the small white guy. The small white guy says; "Excuse me but what The small white guy says, "Thank God, I thought "Yeah," she replied, "Just think, fifty years ago "I know," the old man said, "We were probably

A sl**ping Beauty

first-time 2018-10-05

Even though I enjoyed getting some boob action and occasionally grinding up up against some ass but like I said before I was determined to get some so I know I had to make some kind of conversation with one of these beautiful girls. I pulled out my cock and began to rub it while looking at her. I slid her blouse to the ide and moved her bra then began to suck and flick my tongue on her nipple while rubbing myself. As I sat up on the bed and looked over she was laying there out cold with her wet boobs hanging out her blouse. So I stared at he little pink panties and began to slide them off.

father exam step daughter

fetish 2018-10-05

"Hi" she answered, "Do I have time to take a shower before we get started?" she asked as she took a cold drink from the refrigerator. I could see her body begin to tense up a little, and the smile on her face began to grow. "You made it through that just fine, now I need you to remove your panties so I can do your pelvic exam." This time there was no bashful look. I assured her, "You are only going to feel a slight poke, absolutely no pain." I began penetrating her with my fingers. Before she could say anything I looked down and said, "I hope you enjoyed your exam as much as I did."

A surprising invitation part two

fetish 2018-10-05

I rubbed that g-spot harder and harder as I felt her press deeper and deeper, her moans becoming gasps and then little screams as she began to squirt right into my mouth and I drank her greedily. Then I took a bottle of lube, covered my other hand in it, and began to work on her ass, one finger at a time until I had three inside her and my fist all the way up to the wrist. She was talking dirty now, telling me to fist her ass and cunt at the same time like the fucking slut whore she was, so I took my hand out of her cunt, lubed my other hand and after a bit of gentle manoeuvering, felt my whole fist gripped incredibly tightly by her ass.

Mariel, Karin, and old Jake. Santa's cumming

group 2018-10-05

Reaching between the seats I took hold of Karin's overcoat, tugging on it and asking Jake to unbutton it, telling him the heat will soon build-up and she might start to feel sick, and within a few minutes her coat was opened up, exposing her nubile figure to him. Together we continued this action and then I tried another move, by sliding my finger under her and eased it into her ass, where the entrance was swollen and well lubricated, and in this position, feeling Jakes cock move in and out as my finger worked in and out in the opposite direction, as it would be if she was having double penetrative sex, and it did the trick, as she exploded, with such f***e she woke up from her stupor, and sat in silence trying to take in what was happening in the back seat of my car.

First Story: Just Another House Party

hardcore 2018-10-05

I asked Rebecca what it was like letting a guy cum inside of you without a condom and she said it felt like you're as close and connected as you can get to that person, that you can feel him shake and melt into you and then his dick builds up with so much pressure that it feels like it is going to explode, which is followed by a warm, almost hot feeling deep inside of you - you can feel that he's cum, but you'd never be able to pinpoint exactly where it is inside you.

Split Tail #98

first-time 2018-10-04

She let her foot off the gas and started pulling over to the shoulder as she squirted all over the seat, the floorboard, and my hand. I put my head back down into the book and start reading as the announcement for boarding begins. -Come sit right here *patting the seat between us* I don't like flying much either. -I don't think your boyfriend is going to want to wake up and come get you from the airport this late. As she took her titties out and watched the guy, I started to feel her lower body convulse on my dick as she began to cum. By the time we got home, which was only 15 minutes from the airport, she had yet to make a move toward giving him head.

House party 3sum

anal 2018-10-04

i open your ass cheeks and find your little brown hole and start to lick which makes you jump, you've never let me touch your ass before but this is different your letting me do as i want ,emma kneels in front of you and sreads your legs and begins to lick the juice off your legs and pussy lips , you bend forward and back as each of us lick in turn you bite your lips ,we dig deeper into your ass and pussy. you both laugh and kiss each other an lick your lips , emma turns first and moves her pussy towards me and begins to tease me while rubbing her clit off my cock head.

Doctor Who: Amy, Captured Ch. 02

Celebrities 2018-10-04

At the far end of the map, separate from the false trail, cartoon representation of Mara, Shimizu and Sander alternately laughed at the police box, or menaced a tiny, panicked cartoon of Amy Pond. Amy rolled her eyes and made her way shakily over to sit at the far end of the bed from Sander. It was hard going at first; Amy's legs were still shaking too much to be of any use, so Sander was relying on his own strength to lift the gorgeous redhead up past the slight motions of her own hips before fucking back deeply inside of her.

me and [user]isabella28[/user]

anal 2018-10-04

I think you should get yours off too." You smiled and came down the steps into the water, leaving the glasses on the side. You squatted down in the water and let the wine run into your mouth. It was heaven watching you suck me in the moonlight, with your wet hair stuck to your face and that look of intense concentration you get when you go down on me. I ran to the other side of the pool, grabbed a floating lounge and threw it in the water. I dove under the water and came up beneath your seat, dumping you in to the pool. Exhausted, I let your legs down in to the water, and we slowly swam to the steps.

The Week Manager

anal 2018-10-04

A few minutes later Claire contacted Brooke via the speaker phone so the entire office could hear and said "Brooke when I snap my fingers you are to drop everything and come to me. Now go wait outside and prepare to greet him when he comes." Claire looked up and said "But it is 59 degree Fahrenheit I will get cold in this slutty outfit." Brooke said in a stern voice "Now march, and since you talked back, I want you on your knees waiting for him. Brooke said "Sit there in silence, keep your hands on your fat thighs, and stare at the floor." Claire shivered and did what she was told. Brooke jumped off the bed grabbed her by both wrists and told Claire to face the wall in silence with both hands on your head.

Prom Week

first-time 2018-10-04

Frank was serving Brick a large piazza when his daughter Melany came in. "I've been such a cock tease, with my big creamy tits, that it is about time you taught me to act like the fuck toy that I should be." Melanie added. After Melanie had another screaming soul sucking multigasmic explosion, Frank fill his daughter's tiny pussy with his seed as the poor young woman was fed a litre of semen by her b*****r. Frank bent Lisa over in response and shove his entire fist up the pretty piazza girl's asshole. Frank started milking Melanie's large hooters while Lou milked Lisa's firm jugs. Lou pissed on Melanie's lovely tits, while Jack pissed on Lisa's pillowy jugs.

Rida Having sex with office Prince Rohit

first-time 2018-10-04

After some 30 mins she came out of her room,wearing a body fitted t-shirt and shorts,she sat near me,looking at me she said "u workout every day" I said "yes" she replied "i can see it",she sat very close to me,i hold her waist and asked her "so what is the plan now" she replied "u tell me what u want to have in lunch and dinner,anything special u want" I said " I already got special, i asked "u have condom" she replied "just put it" I inserted my dick in one go inside her,she screamed loudly "aaahhhhhh", I bent over to her kissed her and said "liked it" she replied "hmmmm",i slowly started fucking her with a little pace,while my mouth was kissing her body.after fucking for a while, I made her stand on her leg and made her bent forward and fucked from behind,

The old man in the bus stop

first-time 2018-10-04

I closed my eyes and could feel him enter me, parting each fold of sensitive flesh as he went to the centre of my very being, only stopping as he pressed against my cervix, his cock head turning behind my belly button, or so it felt like, by now I had lifted my feet from the ground and crossed over his back, my heels nudging his buttocks to drive him inside me deeper, I was in sheer ecstasy, having never had anything so deep inside me like this, again my voice shrieked, for him to fuck me, he clearly never expected this schoolgirl from four weeks back, to be such a vamp with his cock inside her.

When Harry Met Sammy - Part 3

hardcore 2018-10-04

"First one to cum gets fucked in the ass by the other." There no verbal response from Sammy but he responded by whipping his gymnastic tongue around my cock and swallowing it whole, then raising and lowering his head to a rapid rhythm of his own. After a short while he wrapped one of his hands around my shaft and started sliding it up and down while sucking my sensitve cock head. I continued thrusting, fucking Sammy's ass harder and harder but maintaining my speed. I put two fingers into Sammy's asshole while my cock was still sliding back and forth. An orgasmic fire started to rise in my balls and at about the same time Sammy's breathing changed, coming in short rapid breaths.

Gym trainer helps wife stretch

first-time 2018-10-04

I decided I needed to start going to the gym because I wanted to be better in bed and in felt like I needed help with cardio and stronger legs. He he was leaning against my ass and I could feel his dick starting to get hard. I started feeling for a dick to rub, either one, I just wanted to hold one and rub it. Then I felt a hard fat hot dick inside my wet hot pussy. From behind I felt a hard dick rubbing against my ass and hands rubbing my tits and tongue and lips on my neck. I was bouncing on the hard dick inside me and I wanted it harder.


lesbian 2018-10-04

I joking said " got a big date tonight?" I just looked at her and she said " are you going to tell me you don't know what that means?" I shook off stupid behavior and said " no of course I know what that is I just didn't think off it. When we got to my car Rose spoke up saying " well what do you think about you and I getting together for some fun Saturday night." " Beautiful !!" she said.I felt strange standing there naked while she eyed me up. I did and she got between my legs kissing my inner thighs, caressing them moving slowly down to my pussy.

Unfinished. White married couple gets BBC surprise

anal 2018-10-04

As she came this time, Tyrone casually picked her up (he's was really fucking big and strong) with his cock still lodged in her pussy, stood straight up, and used his arms to lift her up and down on his rock hard black pole. I hesitated, and the black guy to my right grabbed my robe and shove-pulled me off the chair and onto the floor at Tyrone's feet, where I looked up to see his massive balls, coated in Nikki's spit and pussy juices. Nikki loves the whole thing, and from the moment Jon gets knocked out, turns into a complete black cock whore, begging for that huge thing in every hole, and for lots of BBC cum.

A wild night and morning

voyeur 2018-10-04

She pulls out my cock and starts rubbing and sucking it, right out in the open. After a couple minutes of that, I stand her up, and whip her dress off over her head....and throw it down the stairs. Being the gentleman that I am, I went and retrieved her dress, as she sat naked and cumfilled at the top of the stairs. This went on for a while, until the show of naked people ended. So I carefully pulled my pants down and started fucking her from behind, in a laying down, lazy doggie style. I knew without fully opening my eyes that is was the girl whose house it was.

neighbourhood obedience

fetish 2018-10-04

Cheryl grabs my wife to go sit with her and Mike while Daryl and I start talking about our jobs. Cheryl comes and grabs me and tells me to sit down next to her while Daryl and Mike continue to rub their cocks on my wife's face. Cheryl instructs me to do all of the things to the dildo she's holding in front of me as my wife does to Mike's cock. Cheryl is now face fucking me with the dildo and I try to move my hand towards my cock to stroke it but she slaps it away and tells me I'm not cumming until her husband does. "You like watching your pretty wife get pounded by two big black cocks, Little Boy?" Cheryl says to me on film.

A distant threesome affair

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This rainy afternoon we both were erotically aroused,because I had asked her not to use any panties underneath her wide swinging skirt, but to insert the vibrating Kegel-Balls into her vagina - those she used for pompoarism to strengthen her internal muscles and so to become an expert in milking motionless cocks - while she outwardly continued to pose as a normal decent women on her way to the movies, accompanied by her friend.This situation proved to be delightfully exciting for both of us. In that spirit we started to talk about our erotic fantasies we would like to realize one future day , and I mentioned my secret desire that she would allow somebody else to screw her in a nice and expert way, and that she would rush quickly to my home to show me her right now fucked pussy full of jizz and dripping juices.

First time with a couple (part I)

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I began having this naughty dream about my aunt sucking my cock, and it felt so real. When I came to I realized I was still on the float in the pool and my cock was being sucked. I called him a 'sick fuck' but grabbed the back of his tan bald head, using it for leverage, as I pounded his throat with my thick cock. Then he'd rub in that spit and go right back to work causing me to shoot a hard, thick load getting it everywhere from his mouth, face, float and pool. As I lathered my body with soap in the outdoor shower, he came walking back outside with his wife's (my aunt) bikini on.

The Reunion - Part 2

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He started to wank, his hand wrapped around his throbbing meat as she slid her manicured nails over her aching pussy lips. She couldn't stop herself, her nipples ached, her pussy throbbed, her hand on the back of his head gripped tight. Time seemed to stand still as his swollen cock pushed her apart, filled her, grazed every last milliliter of her pussy as it slid along inside her. She basked in that feeling for a moment, relaxing her grip she flopped her hands on the bed, above her head. He began fucking her, keeping deep inside her, feeling his cock pushing against her, his pelvic bone slamming against her exposed clit between them.

SUCKING s****r

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Suck it for me.' An a****l look crossed her face as she played with herself and watched Jill inhale my long, fat prick...I caught sight of Jenna sliding a finger into her pussy and finger fucking herrself...This was just too much for me. Jen led her big s*s the few steps over to the chair and slowly slipped her panties down from under her night shirt, feeling Jill's long slender legs all the way down. 'Ooooooooooh, Jill....Eat me...lick my pussy, baby....lick my cunt while he fucks you with that big fat dick...Oh, yeah....' I looked down at my glistening cock sliding in and out of my big s****r's pussy; her little brown butthole opening and closing with each stroke.

BJ At The Movies

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I was at the movies with my GF and she just kept talking through the whole thing and it was starting to make me mad, then she started baging for some of the popcorn I had so I did the only thing I could think to do. I pulled out my dich g****d her head and shoved my dick down her throat. She gagged a little but then statred sucking like a pro. It felt great and I could enjoy the movie. When it was time for me to cum I pulled my dick out and came all over the popcorn, here you go bitch have some nice cum corn.

Jeanne Does Deer Camp

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guys waiting near the beds, sippin' shine and stroking peckers is fer fun jest like you and that married lady squeezed back and the guys all had their peckers out Of course all the guys wanted a piece of the new hot She said, "I ain't never fucked more than four guys in a Billy Bob replied, "Well, half the guys go hunting and Husbands took turns like everybody else. Jeanne talked to Billy Bob, "Since I ain't hardly woman at work so Ahd like to take care of Wilbur." He was the first hunter guy she'd banged at the cabin. She continued, "He's pretty old but has a good pecker Billy Bob liked getting in the widder woman, who was

Honeymoon – Every Woman Should Have – Part 2

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“so far only one, an elderly man like Vinod has touched me, he made me fist his long and thick cock but I am yet virgin, fuck me, push your cock in my cunt and you will yourself know what I am.” He increased speed and pushed harder & harder, some more time passed and I started feeling something which I never felt or experienced eyes got closed, I tightened him in my arms and thighs, my body, my hip started moving up and up and then I loosened completely…..I felt gush of hot liquid both flowing in and coming out of cunt. Like that I fucked them thrice each and when I was fucking Vinod in that position fourth time, I bend and began sucking cock of Sunil.

Meeting A Fan 2016

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"Work," answered John , I'm a plumber from Chorley, got a big B & B job on, so am staying nearby in a hotel on St Chad's Road, means I cancrack on early and stay later if I must." He looked at me shaking his head,I still cannot believe I'm stood actually talking to A.J., A.J. her bl**dy self!" I smiled again marvelling at his obvious excitement in just meeting me, " Look," he continued, " I have to get back now, was just having a stroll in this lovely weather, but can we get a drink together tonight?"

The Bull from 72B

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He would text me like: the next time I’m home let’s fuck, all I want is that pussy and ass of yours I can’t stop thinking about it. I really didn’t text back to those, but I did once I said, “my boyfriend just came inside my pussy hole you want seconds?” he responded back something like, “Fuck that he can have your pussy, I’m gonna rip your ass hole apart”. He let a second or so past to try to let my pussy hole dilate to the size of his head the best it could to give him some more room to push his shaft in, because as of right now that cock wasn’t moving anywhere!

Interstate Quickie

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I can feel your fingers sliding along my pussy lips, making me wet. "Yes master." As I did, you dropped to your knees in front of me, your head between my legs. I feel the need to cum, but you tell me I must beg you for it. "Please master, Please allow me to cum all over you." "Yes, you may." I let it all go over you. I can feel your mucsles getting tighter and I know you are ready to cum. I can feel your hot cum spurting deep into me, your cock throbbing hard as you leave it all inside. I take the head of your cock into my mouth, sucking and licking your most sensitive spots.

the suprise

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I was dumbfounded, “Is what true?” She lightly laughed, “that they are much bigger than white guys?” Her hand was moving up and down my dick that was resting against my inner thigh, as it began to get even harder. I knelt up between her legs, my raging hard on now dripping pre-cum, “ok baby, let me know if it hurts.” She slowly nodded as I grabbed my dick and began to move closer to her. “OH FUCK, YES I’M GONNA CUM, FUCK!!!” Her ass lifted off of the couch again as I felt her pussy grow even tighter around my dick, trying to push it out of her.

First Time with TS Woman

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I moved my hand up and down her undies feeling her hard cock underneath. I felt her hands pushing my face closer so I sucked one of her balls into my mouth and kept stroking her. I sucked her cock deep in my mouth used my tongue to lick her as I moved up and down. She moaned loud and her hard cock started to pulse hard and her hot cum shot into my mouth squirt after squirt. She pulled out of my mouth and rubbed her wet cock head on my lips. I sucked her cock head again and pulled out a few more drops of cum and this made her laugh a little again.

How I fck my stepmother

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Well, she was looking noticeably bummed at the fact she wasn’t able to go to her party with my dad and since I had absolutely nothing going on last night I decided to cheer her up. When her orgasm subsided and she finally let go of the grip she had on my head, she pulled my head up by my chin and said “I need to fuck you right now”. We both laid there for a few minutes bathing in the afterglow with my cum dripping out of her until finally she said “Mark…I have never felt anything like that in my life.

camping trip...the next day!

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Don then cupped my balls in his hand as he began to suck and take each one in his mouth, he sensed that I was close to cumming and released his lip lock and stood up,as for it was my turn to go down, kissing his bare chest flicking his nipple with my tongue as I made my way down to his hard cock,his foreskin was lovingly caressing the pointy purple head and just letting enough to peek out to allow a glistening drop of precum drip onto my tongue just before I took that huge cock into my hungry mouth, I slid the foreskin back enough to reveal the precum covered head wrapped my lips around it and pushed the foreskin up over my lips to kinda dock with his meat.

Black Co-workers

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There are a lot of blacks working the swing shift, and attracted to Jeff and we k**ded all the time like that. decided to take Jeff's joke seriously and accepted his husband and I was attracted to Jeff. the two guys in the front seat would know what we were By that time Jeff's fingers were making me Jeff fucked me doggy style. likes of which I'd never experienced with my husband. my legs around his humping butt and started fucking him We both came at the same moment and Jeff quickly pulled Jeff and I fucking. In the end, they each fucked me and Jeff did it twice. But this time, all the while my husband

getting sum arse

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I would have grabbed Heather's ass and completely buried my tongue inside her asshole. "Ohhhhhhh, Fuckkk!" "Christine...fuck me." Before I could get those words out of my mouth the dildo was pulled from ass and quickly shoved back in. Christine gobbled my cock into her mouth while giving me a few last jabs up my ass before pulling the dildo out. "I'm doing it this time, honey." "All of them." "I want to feel inside your ass so badly." Heather quickly squeezed some lube all over my ass and Christine's hand. She repeated that process over and over, burying her fist deep in my ass while swallowing my hard cock. Christine started pulling easily but steadily with her arm extracting her fist from the depths of my ass.

hotel meet up (extract)

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She quickly made her way to the bathroom flipping the light switch on and instinctively moved to close the door but I place my hand on it to stop her. I had pulled the sheets from the extra bed in the room and twisted them around and tied a knot at each end, rummaged through her purse and pulled her small vibrator out, open the sliding door that led onto the room's balcony, shut the air conditioner off so the room warmed, turned the lights on and flipped through the listings of the television. At this point I pulled her thong from my pants pocket her eyes opened up wider as she watched me out it to my nose and inhaled deeply.

A Beautiful Clitoral Piercing and Public Wank

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Felicia continued to masturbate Cecil, her long finger sensuously sliding in and out, each time appearing to draw more of her vaginal secretions from her ever opening pussy. Cecil's eyes were closed tight, as if blanketing out the surrounding body of females, her head flung back, her mouth open, occasionally washing her lip-glossed pouting lips as the sexual excitement in her built, the squishy squish from the fingering building until she moaned out unashamedly loud and she buckled, with Felicia dropping with her, refusing to break the finger bond, indeed as Cecil orgasmed, Felicia pumped her harder until she squirted across the tiling, only stopping when Cecil was sitting on the cold ceramic on her bare bum, with a six feet trail of warm water reaching from her pussy to the cubical door.

A Good One Night Stand

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when we got inside he grabs me gives me a kiss he put is tongue all the way down my throat kind of whipped it around i got so hot that i had my hands in his underwear and had a hold on his growing cock i took down his pants and underwear to take a good look at what he had for me he was hung about 8" in length and at least 2 1/5" in diameter cut i went down on my knees i started to lick the tip and he says ok no you don't you take my cock now so he shouved it into my mouth and part way down my throat it was fantastic this big cock was chocking but it was great he started to push in and pull out has i left spit all over his cock he =grabed my ears and pulld my head down on to his cock so it would go all the way in.


group 2018-10-03

She will make you cum hard." Jake stood and came over and straddled her head and shoved his cock in her mouth and Lea began to suck him and take him deep to her throat. Saturday at the club Rob had opened the front of her shirt and began sucking her tits and then he laid her on her back on the table and pulled his cock out and shoved it in her mouth and she sucked him till he filled her with cum. Rob then grabbed this gal with the biggest tits he had ever seen and began sucking them as he finger fucked her as the two shemales worked his cock and ass.

The Weekend

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Jenny pulled on my shirt and got it off me as I reached up and grabbed a full handful of her hair and pulled her face towards me. As she started to vigorously blow me, Kristen sat up and swung one white freckled leg over my head, dropping her firy crotch on my face. I reached around Kristen's ass and grabbed a handful of Jenny's hair and held her head as I came. What I couldn't see, being that I had a face full of magnificent ass, was Kristen slowly sucking on Jenny's nipples. I grabbed the back of Jenny's hair and pulled her head out from between Kristen's legs.

A Chubby Shy Girl I Fucked (True Story)

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She continued making out with me as she began to moan when suddenly I felt her hand rubbing my thigh getting closer and closer to my hard dick but not grabbing it. She pulled my jeans and boxers off tossing them aside before quickly grabbing onto my cock stroking it a few times before she leaned forward and planted a kiss on the tip before letting it slide past her lips into her mouth. Amber's body quivered as she grabbed her tits and moaned as I worked her pussy in my mouth sucking on her lips and tiny clit until I heard her whisper "Fuck me" as she moaned with her eyes closed.

Revenge on Olly part 3

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I removed their collars around their necks and turned them toward Olly "This lil bastard has upset me and Mistress J. I won't stop you." The girls all grinned and squealed as i took my seat with a video camera in hand i shouted to Olly "Hey Oll, good news this is gonna go right over to all of the the porn networks." He shook his head but i just laughed "Smile! But heres the star of the show, Olly Martin!" ONe girl removed his blindfold and shok his head as i brought the camera to his face "Keep him still!" I said keeping up a posh voice. I nodded, "Good boy." I said "Now goodbye folks!

What a Day

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He came over to us then dropping to his knees taking his cock out ř.5-6" thin uncut" and started to wank us both so both of us took turn face fucking him roughly making him gag before the muscle guy shot his spunk over the scally guys face and hair (he seemed to like this) as he immediately started sucking the big fellas spunky cock before I shot over the side of his head then his face before him sucking me clean draining every last drop and milked us both for a couple of mins until our cocks were cum free!

Blown by Daddy (but not like you think!)

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I can't move my ass, he has tightened the ropes and i can only moan that it "feels so good, Daddy", "never stop Daddy", and "thank you so much Daddy", all while he's going faster and faster, and i feel him getting thicker and thicker...And then i feel a giant blow against the back of my head, i dizzy out but i can still hear him grunt over me, like a pig: "OOOwwww yes baby that's so good, i just LOVE it when an asshole clenches tight around my cock, when i smack a guy in the back of his head....Asshole always do that you know, the brain tightens the sphincter as hard as it can, and that's a very good time to have your cock in it"...

My first fisting

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I got so randy that I begged her to push all the way in and after a bit of a struggle her hand finally popped in - what a rush! She gave me a moment to adjust to the feeling and then - to prove the point - started twisting her hand inside me, rubbing my prostate in the process of what felt like finger exercises in my bowels. I begged her to fuck me with her fist and to spank my ass and thighs at the same time - HARD!! As she pulled the strap=on out of my ass, I used my fingers to push the cum on my face into my mouth which earned me her smile.

The Taxi Part 2

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"I'll never make a lady wait" I said softly, and spreading her ass cheeks wide open, slid the head of my cock in to the entrance of her wet pussy. So incredibly wet but also tight, gripping me with each thrust, then releasing me just enough to pull out, then driving in again slowly, with a pause to enjoy the feeling of invading her pussy, stretching it, wanting to drive deeper in search of an ultimate release. I was beginning to feel a slow build myself, the sensation of her sweet pussy engulfing and swallowing my cock, the smell of her hair in my hands and the "oooohoooohwoooowoooo" moans escaping from her mouth as I slammed her repeatedly into the mattress.


fetish 2018-10-03

When these two unfolding events completed, mommy told auntie to go run the bath as I was a real mess from my little accident and that I smelled. My adult cloths have all been removed from my presence, wearing only diapers, adult sized baby rompers that snap up around my diaper, and coveralls or short-alls with snaps that come up my legs for easier diaper changes by Mommy Robyn or Auntie Amber. I think I must think real hard about stuff, adult stuff to keep my mind from slipping away into this new life, but part of Billy he likes his new home with his new mommy and auntie.

I was my Husband's hooker

anal 2018-10-03

they fucked back and forth inme until I felt my ass fill with cum and he pulled out, only to be replaced by another cock, thank God, this one went in easier than the first one.They took turns until they had enough for awhile and I went to sl**p again. que debe su mierda en el culo, es muy bonito, ahora que lo hemos aflojado durante dos días." Steve stood up and dropped his pants and got behind me and slid his cock in my sloppy ass and fucked long and deep until he came in me.

Haylie Duff and Hilary Duff: A Tale of Two s****rs

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She started to get up to go to the dresser drawer where they kept the "toy" but then Hilary snapped "All fours!" Haylie complied, reaching up to open the drawer and got out their toy, a huge, leather bound strapon dildo. Hun, the only way we could have made it clearer is if we had matching tattoos saying "I Fuck My s****r And I Love Doing It" She took the dildo out of her s****r's hands and laid it on the floor then started applying lips and tongue to her s****r's breasts. But months after they had first made love their Teacher, after taking Hilary's cherry as he had Haylie's had bound them together with the Vow. Every now and then the younger Duff s****r wanted it repeated for reassurance.

First Time

group 2018-10-03

I came down the stairs and saw that it was my girlfriend on the sofa making out with a high school guy. I was so angry watching her French Kissing this guy and seeing him rub her chest. Her nipples were so erect and I knew she was going to let him get inside of her. Every once in awhile, she would look over at her friend, who was on the sofa, making out with the high school guy. I finally looked over at the sofa and saw that boy was actually inside my girl friend. As I was going upstairs, I looked over my shoulder and saw another boy laying on top of the girl I just fucked.

Round 1

mastrubation 2018-10-03

I would feel your nipples become firm beneath my hands as I gently squeeze your breasts. I continue kissing your neck, as I slide one one hand down from your breast, gently over your firm tummy. My cock presses against your tummy and I reach down to position it against your fanny lips as you stand on tip toe, this feels fantastic Kat. Your rubbing of your clit is doing it's job as I feel your fanny clench tight around my shaft as your first orgasm hits you. Our bodies are covered with sweat as we collapse together into the spoons position, my softening cock still inside your warm pussy.

I get Fucked as a Woman

anal 2018-10-03

I was thinking....where was this going...when he realized that he was pushing a little and said..."sorry....I really like my guys smooth and clean, and I always liked my boi's with their lips pouting out in front of their pussy." "I hope I didn't scare you?!" I didn't feel threathened, and anyway it felt kind of nice strange having my cock tucked up into my groin like that and I told him so. I went into my wife's panties drawer, and pulled out a few lacy pairs and after I finished my shower and shaving, I rubbed them on my cock, and all over my groin.

My first time

anal 2018-10-03

I was when my s****rs boyfriend came over and he just finished fucking her ass. I was a horrny little girl so i was in the closet watching them. My s****r fell asl**p but her boyfriend saw me in the closet and open the doors. (I never saw his dick up front only form the closet.) So he put me on my knees and pulled out his dick. He hadent cleand his dick yet form fucking my s****rs ass. he pulled my hair and shoved it im my mouth. After skull fucking me he got realy kinky. then he throw me in to my bed and i passed out form the pain. I was bleading when i woke up form the ass and pussy.

Sarah's Teen Lovers 2

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Seth loves fucking my wife's tight little asshole and Sarah told me about a friend of Seth's that they would gave Dale a quick little "hello" kiss as his hand Seth stuck his head out the door and told Dale that they "Wanna watch a movie?" Dale asked my bride as she closed Dale told my sexy bride as she continued to suck him Dale moved between my brides legs and slowly licked her brides freshly fucked pussy Dale started to raise up and play with his cock watching one of my brides fuck flicks Sarah fuck Seth, talked about sex and both agreed that Dale slipped his cock into my eager bride as she pulled know," Dale said as my bride began to recover.

summer at home! pt2

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So once I got back to the house I didn't hear any one so I checked the pool and K was out there tanning so I went to talk to her but the closer I got I couldn't help but notice K's ass in her tiny string bikini it looked so good it was kind of a turn on, so I finally got my self together and sat down beside K to talk hey I said startlingly her oh my word Dallas you scared me.

I had a great time fucking my buddy’s mom!

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I decided to use this time to go snooping around the house, looking for some sexy things of his mom. I saw that she was wearing a thong that hugged her pussy and split her beautiful ass cheeks! It tasted like heaven and I could feel my cock starting to regain life again. I grabbed her legs pulling her closer to me and pointing my throbbing cock inches from her juicy pussy. I moved on closer and could feel me cock start to part her pussy lips. Soon I could feel her pussy starting to tighten around my cock. As soon as I started to cum she took the whole thing into her mouth I could feel my cock slid down into her throat.

An Honest Lair ( w/ Jamaican dialect)

mature 2018-10-03

I knew he was not sl**ping as he continued flipping through channels, now I felt like I was being dismissed, this lead me to creep my lips down his stomach as I groped his cock more firmly. It is safe to say that by this point my pussy was following suit and found itself generously wet as well, my heart begun to race as I muffle my words while turning my head to face him, still with his cock in my mouth. My head rose from his cock with my saliva still connecting the two while I lustfully looked him in the eyes and said “Tonight yuh go have to eat dis pussy back from Joe”.


lesbian 2018-10-03

Before I could respond, June rose to once again meet Lady Bianca in the center of the soft mat, or the “ring.” The two beauties once again faced each other, slowly moving into body contact. Although Lady Bianca’s cunt was clearly the sensei here I watched in utter fascination as my wife’s sweet creamy pussy became lost in the loving, sensual embrace of the Lady’s exquisite, tawny pussy. Lady Bianca then shifted into fifth gear, locking her cunt into my wife’s so hard that I thought June would pass out. In just another minute, Lady Bianca’s lush pussy began to softly rub and kiss my wife’s cunt, which caused her to stir.


first-time 2018-10-03

You should always keep in mind what the men you are trying to attract will probably like but in general follow this simple rule when choosing what to wear: Think dress first, skirt second and pants only as a last resort. All white males, even my husband must use a condom when fucking me, and there must be no risk of a white males cum entering my cunt or ass ever unless directed to do so by a moroccan male. I also agree that I will do my best to have other white females sign an agreement similar to this one, includes my mother, any s****rs, daughters or other female f****y members, friends, daughters friends, women I just met, girls I work with or go to school with, etc.


mature 2018-10-03

Feeling as though she were somehow outside her body, looking down at herself, Lana watched helplessly as her arm extended slowly from her body and her hand approached her daddy's cock. Each time Lana's hot velvety cavern climbed up the shaft of his cock, she would pause for a micro second, twist her body so that the lips of her young cunny would caress the head and whatever length of his shaft was still inside her, causing him to tremble with the near unbearable sensation of a false cum. Marsha looked at Lana's dad and immediately sat up and dangled her legs over the bed, the vibrator still in her hand.

Love to Travel

hardcore 2018-10-02

I locked the stall door and lowered my pants down around my ankles, sat down and waited stroking my cock getting it hard. Scared at first not knowing what to make of it I tucked my cock away under my legs, leaning slightly forward I watched this man peeping at me through the crack of the stall wall door. The one who moaned first as if they were going to cum, and that was my 5'8" man he blew a load that filled up my mouth before I even had a chance to react getting the last drop the other man with the long slender cock stuffed his cock into my mouth pushing out the man.

Shelly's First All Girl Party

first-time 2018-10-02

I began to lick harder and faster, tongue fucking her pussy; moving my head back and forth, sliding my tongue in and out, occasionally sucking her clit. With my tongue on her clit and my fingers squirming around inside of her, she was going to cum, not just cum but I wanted her to squirt her juice in my mouth. I began licking even more vigorously as I deeply penetrated her throbbing pussy, moving my fingers in and out, faster and faster; her body, shaking like crazy as she let out her loudest moan yet. She began rubbing my entire body with her soft hands and I couldn’t help but squirm.

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's a Filthy Slut

Celebrities 2018-10-02

I cannot not imagine what could be more pleasurable than the sound of four men all moaning and cumming at the same time, all having their lust completely satisfied by one lucky girl - me! Every day, thereafter, she would wait by the clock for me to get home, taste-testing my pussy soon as I got through the door to make sure I hadn't been with any men. She then started finger fucking me in that special way only she knew and soon had me squirting like a fire hose into the thrilled crowd. After at least what must've been a couple of hundred loads of cum, Marie finally climbed onto the cum-filled table with and started kissing me.

Susan and John go shopping.

humor 2018-10-02

I'm meeting Les for a coffee, think he'd be more than happy if I gave him a look ant my boobs and cunny, don't you?" Sue thought john was having an affair about six years ago, and Les kept her feet on the ground and and stopped her from doing anything rash. That weekend John was back and Susan made sure they were left alone, as per Les's advice. "Dirty fucking minded more like" Les roared laughing. Les and Susan have a friendly bet every time John is home. "Sue ya a slut hahaha Johns slut.....good girl....I fucking love it when you get plenty cock." Les knew all about Susan and John taking sexy pictures and exchanging them.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 5.

voyeur 2018-10-02

I could see Eric was going to humour me, so he sat in the middle of the long bench seat running along the length of the shelter. As I stepped over him with one foot and placed it on the other side of his thigh so I was facing the shelter's concrete wall, he grabbed my knickered hips under my pinafore and held me tight. We began kissing again, his hand traced this time on the front of my left thigh and slid up to my mound. Eric began to move again, slowly out, it felt like he was pulling me inside out with him, it was so tight.

SEXY s****r IN LAW

mature 2018-10-02

As she maneuvered to wrap her massive thighs around my head, I reached around her, grabbed both cheeks of her ass and buried my face in her pussy. A few minutes later, with us both still in a sexual frenzy, Helen pulled back to separate her pussy from my mouth. This was the first time I had put my dick inside Helen and the feeling was like nothing I had experienced before. After we had rested for several minutes, I rolled over onto my side, propping my head on my left elbow so that I could look right into Helen's eyes. As Helen locked her legs around my back and her pussy tightened around me, I felt totally at home inside her.

My wife - slut

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The guys swapped my slut turned into a queen fucking, sucking with proglotikom and prokrutochkoy fingering and crumpling balls, orgy did not last long, folks quickly obkonchalas, finished first zheka neighbor nahuyariv krasotulya my mouth full of sperm, seeing it Oleg dick poked out pussy, removed condom and splashed with sperm Inuskin tummy cum wiped blouse wife, second Eugene turned my huesosochku on its side and brushing his dick and ass of my wife's saliva potehonku penis shoved into that hole where Furniture and its just me, making a couple of moves in his tight ass cock deep inside and shot pulsed filling ass sperm.


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I looked at my watch and remember that I needed to go to the bank to get the rent money. When I got to my bank I went inside and walked up to the stand where the withdrawal slips were. "Excuse me, sorry." she said softly with a smile then she started filling out a slip herself and paid me no more mind. I didn't know which direction she went so I took a little time to look around. As I made my way farther into the room, I saw what looked like a very large display on the wall. I heard what sounded like a door open behind the tarp.

mistress enjoys hotel humiliation

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i wanted to lick the head of his cock with my tongue while holding his penis in my hands. he grabbed the back of my head with both of his hands and told me to open my mouth. i couldn't believe it his already huge cock was actually getting bigger inside of my mouth and throat. i didn't have time to finish my thought because he was grabbing my head again and forcing his tool inside of my mouth and down my throat. i felt his cock getting bigger inside of my throat as he was about to make a cum deposit of which i didn't want any.

The (Pregnant) Slut Wife - Chapter 17

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I slid down Jake’s long, hard cock and I felt so much pleasure at having it inside me…I don’t know what’s going on but it’s like my pussy is super sensitive, my hormones must be going crazy. I rocked on Jake’s cock a little faster…it was hard with this belly but it didn’t take long and I felt an orgasm build deep inside then explode and I yelled as I came. He mounted the bed and put his hard cock in front of my face and said “Open your mouth!” and as soon as I did he slid it inside and began to fuck my mouth with it. Jake sat on his knees on the bed stroking his cock when hubby said “Get that big donkey dick in her pussy, let’s double fuck my wife!”

Caught by mother in law

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She moaned quietly as i began to explore further in side her cunt....juices flowed from her...she hadnt had sex for 13 years.....but wow was she ready now....she grabbed at my cock gently rubbing the foreskin up and down..she hadn't forgotten how to please a man....i slid down and started to lick her wet pussy...she tasted exactly like her daughter...her juices the amazing was that....her whole body was very was like home....i spread her legs and nibbled her lit she squirmed and began to flinch as waves of orgasm flowed through her gorgeous body....desire erupting in her juices as they dribbled down my chin, i lapped up what i could i loved the taste so divine...she asked me to fuck her....never heard her use that word before.....i penetrated her cunt my hard cock filling her tight cunt which had not seen action for so long...she pushed herself on me making my cock reach deep inside her....I thrust my cock hard into her waiting cunt filling her making her moan in ecstasy.

My First Time

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I sat down on the settee and leaned back taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, closing my eyes, I wondered what really was going to happen and if I was on the wrong track thinking Nina had sex in mind when she told me to come over. As if in slow motion her hand came up behind my head and pulled my lips to hers, our mouths opened and tongues met, my arms went out to pull her close and I felt her warmth press against me, her scent was pure delight. The sucking and gentle biting on one nipple and fingers pinching and pulling the other had me moaning loudly in no time at all, I guess she sensed my excitement and raised her head and was looking into my eyes as I opened them.

My Mature Fantasy: Being Watched.

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I was quite hard already and could feel some of the tension releasing as I applied slight pressure to the root of my shaft. I began to slide my cock through my hand, pulling back the foreskin to reveal the swollen tip. My balls began tingling and I thought of Janet bent over in the kitchen trying to cover herself up again. My breathing grew deeper and the tingling began to spread through my body. Suddenly I heard a creaking sound that came from the other side of my bedroom door. I noticed the door was slightly ajar before the creaking grew louder. I cleaned myself up and walked over to seal the bedroom door shut… Had she been watching?

Constructing New Friendships - Part 2

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Cindy moaned around Fred's shaft as Earl played with her "Oh yeah honey, just like I remembered it", moaned Earl as Cindy sucked his shaft. As Fred and Earl enjoyed my wife's mouth, Tim and Jason were Fuck her, fuck my hot, wet, white wife with your cock." Fred pulled Cindy off his shaft and then plunged her back down on it. Cindy was coming continuously, coating Fred's cock and balls with her juices. Cindy was busy licking and sucking on Tim's and Earl's cocks. Let's get down to some serious fucking!", Fred commanded, as he and Earl led Cindy to the bed. That was it for Cindy, she came again, her body spasmed violently, as Fred fucked her cunt with all his strength.

My First Older Woman

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I did what I was told and she stood over me bending down so I could suck her big nipples which I did, suck and bit both of them making her moan, she then pulled her knickers off and pushed my head down to lick her pussy which again I did and she tasted so sweet it was amazing, I eat her pussy for all I was worth until she pulled my head away an turned around an sat straight onto my hard cock until I was balls deep inside her.

My Friends StepMom - Part II

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She slowly worked her hips and said to me, “I’ve thought about you too, Jay. There have been times when I have seen you with some of your little girlfriends and I just knew that I could take care of you a lot better than they could.” I listened to her as I sucked her nipples, “Want to go into the bedroom?” I stopped sucking her nipples and grabbed her ass and hips and asked her, “I can fuck you in your bed? My hands went around her body and squeezed her tits, my hard cock pressed against her ass. I felt like I was going to cum, and I pushed her body forward, allowing me to slide out of her pussy.

Bdsm Slave Rules

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7. The slave will not speak unless spoken to and may request an opportunity to speak if there is something pressing to discuss during those periods of time when the Master/ Mistress commands silence. 2. A slave will greet visitors in whatever way the Master/ Mistress commands - this may include just taking coats and putting them away, kissing the hand of the guest or kneeling in front of them. 2. The slave must always be ready for any form of sexual service, which would mean that her or his body must be prepared in order to make it easy for the dominant or guests to use him or her.

My Papa! Best Dad In The World

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This time my eyes were to close and Payal picture came on my mind .How she was touching my boob and stomach and rubbing it. Shashi:- I was shocked hearing this but said , papa , I have been wearing this for 2 years .It was comfortable but now it was tight. i was about lifting the towel but papa said beta do not stop rubbing,i have to be office on time . My both boobs fully were touching his back .i could see his penis and it was hard and erect .Papa said could you do soaping little lower. i began doing hand were touching his penis and boobs were touching his back .I thought if papa does not feel shame why should i ?

My Son Seduced And Fucked Me Hard: Mom Son i****t

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He inserted his hands inside and started pressing my boobs and nipples. I liked it, did not realize when my hand reached his pant and I pulled his disk out, man it was big,,, he asked me” how it s mom” I said “its big nice”. I smile an d said “carry your baby.” he took me to be in his lap and loosed my nighty, he bent down answer straight put his fingers inside my pussy, ohhho I loved it, he took my panty and started licking my pussy, it was cleanly seven so he got mad.


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So, I unzipped his pants and pulled his dirty old man cock out. I knew he was about to squirt hot cum into my mouth when he started grunting and shoving his cock into my mouth. His hot dirty old man cum squirted first into my mouth, and then all over my face as I pulled my mouth off of him. He was shoving it all the way in so that I could feel one of his saggy old balls going halfway inside my pussy lips. Then, he pulled out and shot some more hot cum on my pussy lips and clit, and I had a shuddering orgasm and squirted all over him.

My Bi Fantasy Part 2

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"Er just got a bit short there mate, hmm nice day isnt it?" What a lame thing to say, I thought, it must have been bleedin obvious what I was up to. "Dont mind me mate" He said, "just carry on with your run" he then paused, looked down at my bulge and said "Unless you want to watch me having a little tinkle!" Steve took hold of mine and we began mutually masturbating each other. All of a sudden i just dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. He greedly knelt down and began sucking my dick like a fucking vacuum cleaner, before I knew it I'd filled his mouth with creamy jism. No woman had ever come close to sucking my cock like that.

School Photo and what the lens saw

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My s****r was here before, one year ago to the date, back then she had stayed behind for her own portfolio, by the same old man, and as I sat looking at him eyeing-up my class friends, I knew what was going through his head, each parted pair of legs or blouse front, each tight pair of denims, yes I knew how his mind salivated over the young flesh on display, because my s****r had willingly stayed back, seduced by the prospect of the lens, and finished up bent over his desk being fucked, while the lens digested his immoral acts, imprinting them for immortality and his own perverted viewing, she was fifteen when he popped her cherry that day, I was f******n soon to be fifteen and I could feel my own cherry tighten, as he eyed me, I smiled invitingly, letting him know I was a possibility, my loosely parted legs indicating my ignorance to the enticement they offered, he smiled back and nodded with the slightest movement of his head, he had been here before, with my s****r and many other girls down through the years, young pussy was in abundance for him, young like mine, velvet to touch, sweet to taste, and tight to penetrate, Oh yes I forgot to mention, he was big, that much I remembered her telling me, hence my interest.

A one fine dinner with Rima

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"Well what can I say, your pinky definitely enjoyed my tongue and fingers," I tell her and quickly grab hold of her hand as she pulls it back again to punch me. I hold on to her hips and close my eyes and enjoy the sensation as I feel her moist lips kiss the head of my cock. I close my eyes and moan as I feel her little hands holding on to my testicles as part of my cock's engulfed inside her mouth. "I can feel you so deep inside me," she tells me as I use my left hand to bring her face closer to me for a kiss.

The Little Black Dress

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"I'll bet Josh is hoping to get this close," whispered Scott, as he slowly stroked the silky pale hair just above Katie's plump pussy lips. "He'd love to open you up just like this." Scott used his thumbs to widen Katie's pussy folds; the young girl helped him by spreading her legs even wider. I want to tongue you." Like he did with her breasts, Scott opened his mouth wide and covered her entire cunt with his lips. Do you want me to suck you like you did me?" Scott nodded wordlessly, then put his hands on Katie's head, where her bun had come almost all the way loose, allowing her blond hair to fall onto his thighs.


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Rubbing your pussy lips my fingers don't enter as they continue to tease my right hand massages your other leg, going slowly to add more sensual tension. The feeling of your ass spreading open every time I push my cock into your pussy makes me a little harder we're certainly going to stretch that out later today for sure. As soon as I start going faster and faster and pinching your nipples I feel your legs squeeze me tightly, and you moan, and moan, as you cum again around my cock that continues to punish your pussy, now I feel myself getting ready to cum I pull out and hop up on the bed.

mature but beautiful

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I got to the chair beside her hello is any one sitting here I asked politely no your fine honey, she went back to reading I was studying her harder now I have never seen a more beautiful thing in the 28years of all my life. So from their I went to my room to get ready being it was already 5 in the afternoon so I took a shower and relaxed for a little while and the whole time I thought about Ava I wanted to know more about her it felt as I was hypnotised by the sure beauty of this woman.


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I think that ring made his cock more sensitive as well, but god, whem mom pulled cock from her mouth....dads cockhead was so big! I think I will tear you up with this tool.¨ said dad and stand up to take care about moms pussy. Dad took glass of vine and pour a little to her clit and pussy lips where he licked it. And if he's really spying us, we should make a little show to him, don't you think?¨ alcohol and dads cock in mums pussy made her mad. I don't know if she saw me, I think I was really invisible, in the shadow and behind the curtain, but I noticed that she is looking to the window quite often while riding dad cock.

Beg For It

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your hot mouth and slick tongue feel good. I pull away, and ask, “you like that?” “You want more?” A ‘yes’ escapes your lips. “That’s better, yes, fuck my dick with your mouth” “you want my cumm?” I hear you murmur incoherently. you moan loudly, but hear me ask: “do you?!” you mutter: “yes!, please!” I nod and allow you to continue to worship my throbbing fuck stick. “Does my little slut need some attention?” Then you feel my tongue dart in between your swollen lips. After you come back to earth, and stop whimpering, I tell you that you were a bad girl for cumming without permission and you’re going to have to pay.

Teacher's Beachside Gangbang.

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I pulled on Mick and James's cocks as Kurt rested his knob against my sopping pussy. "Cum over me." I said and he quickly pulled his cock out of my pussy and with a few pumps of his hand he shot an immense load of hot cum all over my stomach and up onto my tits. I swallowed what was in my mouth and looked around to see Jono standing holding his cock as Mick took his place. As James screamed in joy as he came in my arse Kurt quickly grabbed my head and spun it around to face his cock which immediately shot a huge wad of cum onto my face.

GFS Bestfriend pt.3

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Liz had just come out of there and Charmaine went in, Danny was in the kitchen grabbing a beer. When she heard commotion in the kitchen, she got up in the spare room where she lay and went in there, hoping it was Danny, pussy tingling uncontrollably. Slipping his hands into the back of her panties and grabbing her ass cheeks, Danny slid his tongue into her hole as far as he could. She broke the kiss, smiling, and Danny watched her hands undo his belt and pants. Liz pulled him down on top of her, kissing him passionately, lips smacking loudly, tongue darting in and out.

My Neighbor is a Whore

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Anne moaned while I started rubbing the crotch of her jeans. Anne moaned while I ran my hand down to her pussy. I loved the feeling of Anne's warm mouth over my cock. "Mmmm," Anne moaned as her reply with a mouth full of my cock. I love having my pussy licked," Anne moaned out Feels fucking good," Anne moaned while I licked her asshole. I placed my hands on the side of her head and started fucking her mouth. Another load of cum spurted out of my cock into Anne's warm mouth. I ran my tongue all over her asshole with her moaning and moving her ass "Ah, yes," Anne moaned while I slowly fucked her ass.

Sharing my wife - true story

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It took long to convince my wife that I would really like to watch her fuck another guy. While licking her, he was taking his clothes off too (my wife to shy for the moment to help him) and soon his hard cock was out. So, we started all over from begining.....licking, sucking, fucking etc., only this time it was ME playing with my wife......Suddenly, while we were having sex and tallking about our new experience, both very horny, the phone ring. So, in a few min he was back at our room, in our bad, fucking my wife hard again, while I was kissing her and asking her if she likes it.

The Anniversary Gift

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The blonde began to work in earnest, teasing and tickling Jeannie from head to toe, running light fingers or harsh nails over every inch of her beautiful skin, with special attention to her nipples, pussy, and ass. The blonde used the clenching of Jeannie's ass around her thumb to gauge when to back off with the vibrator, bringing my wife right to the very edge of an earth-shattering orgasm over and over again, but expertly denying her the final push. The blonde stopped with the Hitachi, put a ring gag in Jeannie's mouth, buzzed her clit for ten more seconds, and then turned to me and said "She's ready, Sir."

Watching My Wife Get Fucked At Work And Cleaning U

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Ryan lifted her legs up and began slamming his cock into her pussy making her moan loudly as he grunted "Damn she's got a tight little pussy" he reached forward placing his hand around her throat as he rammed his cock into her until Mike's cock fell out of her mouth as she began panting "I'm gonna cum" as Mike quickly began fucking her face again as Ryan fucked her long and hard until she started slapping her hand against his leg and then her body arched upward only to be pushed back down by Ryan as she screamed "Oh Fuck!!" and began squirting as he pulled his cock out of her as she laid shaking on the bed.

First Time I Went Black

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I was looking for a big beautiful woman who wanted me to eat their pussy. I crawled into the bed and gently began fingering her moist pussy with one finger and rubbed her clit with my other hand. She began moaning after a minute and I knew it was time to get to it. I buried my face into her wet twat and fucked her with my tongue. She moaned with such intensity as I started to suck on her beautiful clit. I fingered her pussy and her tight asshole. I slid my cock into her tight wet pussy and fucked her the best I could. She moaned and pitched as my cock went in and out of her tight cunt.

My first night in Bradford

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I started in a couple of bars then moved on to one of the clubs. She had been part of a big group of girls in the pub, but by the time she got to the club, there was only 4 of them left. She turned to face me and I kissed her, gently letting my tongue explore her mouth whilst her hands explored my hard on! The doorman though weren’t too impressed with us so I led her off the dance floor to one of the booths, no less private but as I sat down, Jenny straddled me and started pushing her soaking pussy onto my straining cock. When she got to the bottom her pussy tightened round my shaft and could feel by balls ready to explode.

Step s*s Fantasy

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The next thing I know I can hear the sound of her fingers rubbing her wet pussy. Without any hesitation she pull the covers down along with the front of my sweats and started licking the head of my Cock. After about 2 minutes of this and her now squirming and sucking my dick harder than I had ever had, I sucked her pussy into my mouth, including her clit while I used my tongue to probe into her hole and then back out, then days my tongue across her clit as fast as I could keeping my tongue stiff. After raising up and letting my dick fall out of her pussy, covered in both of our juices, she said, "I'll clean this up".

My First Gangbang

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Brian's friend Chris was the last one to get a lap dance and he couldn't keep his hands off me, fondling my breasts and as before finally slipping a finger into my wet pussy. I came over and over, the combination of Brian's throbbing cock inside me and the rush of being fucked in front to total strangers drove me to orgasm after orgasm before Brian finally pulled out of my dripping wet pussy and shot his cum all over my stomach and breasts. full of hair and proceeded to give me the hardest, fastest fucking of the night before pulling out and making me go to my knees where he covered my face and breasts with a giant load of hot sticky cum.

The Fanncy **Dress** Party

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The girls made space and I sat next to Sam. We had more drinks and talked and no one once asked why I was dressed up as a woman, I just joined in the girlie chat. I was sat on another sofa when Sam came and sat down next to me, put her hand on my leg above my knee placed her finger on my lips to silence me and then started to kiss me. The girls continued to kiss and cuddle for a moment and then took off my dress to reveal matching bra, suspender belt holding up my stockings and a lacy black sheer G string.

His s****r

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Julie was going to call out to him, tell him she wanted to end this, she didn't want this any more but just as she opened her mouth to speak she heard both Paul and a female voice laughing and giggling as they came up the stairs. It smelled and tasted awful from the beer Paul had obviously been drinking and as it flowed freely over Julie's face and hair she was stunned by the depravity of it yet deep down she knew that this humiliation was also the most thrilling thing she had ever done. Before she could recover too much though he had grabbed her by her piss soaked hair and dragged her on all fours into their parents bedroom where Paul's conquest for the night lay u*********s on top of the bed, naked.

My Indian fantasy with Shobah

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I laid the blanket on the ground, turned to Shobah Put my arms around her and kissed her deeply She pulled me closer and thrust her hips into my cock and stuck her tongue deep in to my mouth, I couldn't take it anymore and my hand slid up her shirt and my hand worked it's way under her bra and I got my first handful of Indian tit, Her nipples were long and hard and as I kissed her I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Finally She had another orgasm and I stopped eating that sweet brown pussy to enjoy my efforts as I watched her cunt and asshole contracting and I could hear her moaning as she took my cock right down to the base and pumped her hips as her second orgasm subsided.

In Flight Fuck

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The plane was about to land and the flight had nudged me while I was sl**ping I know I would have screamed like a little The man saw me looking at him. Turns out his name was Tommy and he was on his way back to college in As it turns out Tommy was heading that way too! After our smoke we worked our way toward our connecting flights. Tommy's reddish white skin shimmered brightly under the rest room I looked at Tommy and smiled. After we made sure we were completely closed up Tommy opened the That would have really fucked up my wild meeting with anticipation of meeting crazy horny Gail at the airport.

Shall we go out?

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" You do want to be a cock sucking whore tonight, don't you Pet?" "As you wish Mistress." I love when you call me that because I know you mean for me to take control of you. Tell me how it feels." You reach out your hand and grab the head of his cock with your thumb under and your fingers over the top. Grab it whore." You do and I ask "How does it feel ." You look at the cock in your hand and say " Warm and hard, But soft at the same time." you start to stroke it as I move my fingers inside you.

Mommy Sunbathing (Part #1)

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One I was stiff, I pulled my shorts down and really began pumping my throbbing red cock for my mother! I spit lubed my hand and jerked myself long and slow dreaming of the chance to have some sort of sexual contact with my hot sexy mother! All of a sudden my mother opened her sweet legs and pulled her bikini bottoms aside and started touching her clit with her finger, she diddled it fast and pushed her hips into her the tickles! When I opened my eyes again to watch my mother finger fuck herself I saw her laying there waving her finger at me to come to her with her legs up and wide with her bikini bottoms hanging off one of her heels!

Anatomy lesson

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She takes both hands to her large outer pussy lips, gently pulling and rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers, explaining to me these are the labia majora, the puffy outer lips that protect the precious petals that lie within. She then spreads those wondrous puffs of flesh to reveal the pink glistening inner lips, soft and delicate as a fresh-bloomed lily, and gently works them, stretching, rolling and pulling them apart to reveal the hot core in the middle. She pulls up on that flesh from the top, dreamily explaining this is the clitoral hood that protects the precious gem inside - the clitoris - and her little tiny penis pops out, sweet ripened fruit burst free from the flesh surrounding it, the center of gravity, the origination of all pleasure.

Caught Crossdressing by my wife

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I was now getting an erection so I relaxed and opened my legs a little further as I wanted him to touch my cock again…and again…oh wow, this was really turning me on and as I looked over at my wife again, she just smiled. I was well on the way to making a mess in my swimsuit…and really wanting to, even in public, I was so turned on but, the next thing I knew we all got up and were standing with fresh drinks in our hands and walking over to the beach area where they had large umbrellas set up together with windbreaks creating quite a secluded area.

Humiliated Boyfriend.

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Thinking this would be the best time to go and have a word, I get up and wander off to the loo (You have to note, this guy was one of those people that get worked up really easily and have major tantrums, you know the type of people that scream and cry, get really wound up and frustrated), walking into the toilets I see that we're alone and he has just finished washing his hands, he turns to face me and I am there, blocking the doorway. I oblige and take a handful of her hair and f***e her face down on my cock, you could hear her gagging as I slid her head back, leaving my cock slick with her spit, she started to toss me off telling me how she wants me to cum all over her face, all's I could think of was fucking this guy over and making him feel insignificant.


fetish 2018-10-01

I wanted my lips around it but the wife does'nt know about that side of She stroked the cock, not doing a very good job of it and I was like... she reached back and started fingering herself and she fucking squirted everywhere moaning and sucking that cock hard....I was so fucking turned on I was about to blow myself! She stopped sucking started jerking the cock hard and said "CUM YOU MUTHER FUCKER... I WANT YOU TO CUM" I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it on that cock and she gagged and kept going hard then I heard her little laugh so I knew the man just busted it in her mouth...

Me and my cumslut in MF action

anal 2018-10-01

When the tip of my tongue brushes against your clit, your head rocks backwards and your eyes close to savour the intensity of your most personal pleasure Then I'll stand in front of you, watching as you slowly remove my briefs and un-curl my pulsing length and draw it towards your mouth. As I shaft your wet cunt we kiss, I suck your nipples, you run a hand through my hair and pull my head down between your breasts. I push to more extreme depths and with your tits still squashed on the table you turn your head to look at me and say "!" Then your eyes close tight shut as my balls touch the tight skin around your anus.

Teshandas Face Fucking Obsession

interracial 2018-10-01

So I went to John while he was standing up dropped to my hands and knees and looked up to him and begged "Please fuck my mouth." More cheers, "fuck her mouth, she wants it." John went to his knees and whiped out his cock and took no time carefully jamming it all the way down my throat. Later I found out some of the girls didn't like the idea but gave in after someone came up with the idea of letting their boyfriends stick there cocks in there girlfriends assholes then right into my mouth. When I saw that I got so horny I took out what hair I could and sucked off the 12 guys (no deepthroat I was to sore and I love the taste of cum and I wanted to taste their sperm!) Then they took turns fucking me.

Tame story for the ladies

anal 2018-10-01

He ventured lower with his kisses, sucking her hard nipples and rubbing his hand on top of her wet panties. Pumping his fingers in and out of her faster and harder, Jess was pulling at the bedding beneath her. She felt his tongue against her asshole, licking hard and deep. She took his rod in her hand as she started sucking and licking his balls. One hand rested on his inner thigh and she pressed her thumb against his asshole at at the same moment she took his entire throbing cock In her mouth. After swallowing the results Jess took a long sip of the rum and coke that was by the bed and laid next to him.

Magic Panties Ch.06 (sissy story) by noflon - Fina

fetish 2018-10-01

Two weeks ago, I went on vacation from work, got stood up on a date, and the following day a package arrived at my apartment containing a pair of black panties with a pink heart. He dove in, wrapping his lips around my cock, I could feel his tongue work over my erect member, and I began to moan. "Not yet," I said putting hand over his lips, "Why don't you come over to my place tonight after work, and I'll give you all the satisfaction you want," I started to walk out, "Anyway, they'll start to ask questions out there if I don't leave here soon."


hardcore 2018-10-01

The idea of cuckolding is a HUGE turn-on for me, which is why I suppose I do it whenever I get the chance (my poor hubby has no clue how many guys he's shared his bed with heheh) One of my hubby's co-worker's called in sick on hubby's day off. As a result, hubby got called into work, all the while complaining about said co-worker. The co-worker wasn't actually sick, tho. While hubby was covering his shift, the co-worker came and spent the afternoon with me, and we spent the afternoon fucking like crazy. Finally hubby came home, exhausted, STILL complaining about the co-worker... having no idea the guy he was complaining about had spent the day fucking his wife silly!

The Librarian

mature 2018-10-01

Last month, however, I was lucky enough to run into a librarian at the city library who was really looking to help me with some research I was doing. While she was helping me with my research, we started to hit it off a bit. Once we figured each other out, we started sparring a bit, testing each other out, and by the time we were wrapping up all the research gathering, we were flirting pretty heavily. I told her I wanted to get her off, so don't worry about me, please tell me what I can do for you. I asked her what was wrong and she growled, "put your fucking tongue in my ass!" After a few minutes, she started rubbing her clit and asked me to finger her.

My First Gangbang! How Hell Turned Into Heaven

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Immediately he jumped on me and started smooching very hard and playing with my boobs and rubbing my pussy over my dress. He pressed it hard and i began moaning in pleasure, he kissed and softly bit my boobs over the bra. He got angry and slapped me hard on the face and i fell down on the floor from the bed. The other one in my pussy, sucking, kissing, licking, inserting his tongue into my pussy and fingering it. Everyone got very angry and hit me everywhere, kicked my stomach, slapped my boobs, ass and face, pulled my hair and hurt me. They got me on the bed and my bf started fucking my pussy. He started banging my pussy hard and one guy fucked my mouth.

The Teacher

hardcore 2018-10-01

I like that." She then pulled his head down to her tits and said "Now be a good boy and suck my nipples like you have been wanting to. You came in here like a whore and I an going to fuck you like a whore." He then pushed her deep into his cock. Even when he filled her full of cum his cock stayed hard and kept fucking her pussy. I am going to fuck you till you scream." Then he rammed his cock deep into her as he slapped her ass again and again. You have big tits and a tight ass just like I like to fuck a slut like you. He then told her "I like your big tits and that tight pussy.

The Night With A Transgendered Angel pt.2

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I pulled my semi hard cock from her ass slowly so I can watch as it leaks out. I sat in the chair naked and lit a cigarette,as I was smoking Steph got onto her knees and cleaned the pussy and cum residue off my member. I told this slut I was ready to come,she pulled off my dick and got on her knees so she can taste this load that was cumming soon. Then,I released a fat nut into her throat without warning,as she swallowed and gagged on my nut,I pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped her in the face with it to show my appreciation for the way she was servicing me.


mature 2018-10-01

Sally laughed and said "I bet you were fucking Marie and that is why you were late." Bob seemed not to notice his daughter accusation and kissed her on the cheek and closed the door. "Yes it thought so." Sally said looking closely at mother tightly wrapped mouth around Bob's well endowed cock. So with this in mind I do believe I should fuck Mother in the ass so Sally can get a good look at both the mouth and ass around a cock at he same time." I said as I moved to get behind Mother as she quickly got up on all fours indicating her willingness to take my cock up her beautiful ass as she continued to suck Bob's cock.

Wasted Beauty

humor 2018-10-01

so while shes pulling me into her mouth i start thrusting with her getting my cock in as deep and as rough as i can go, i can see her eyes watering but i know she loves it as i keep puming harder and faster shes pulling my ass cheeks apart as she pulls my thighs into her face exposing my asshole to the cold air and it feels great, but i can feel the bl**d boiling and my sack tightening at which point while im thrusting deep into her little slut hole of a mouth i grap her head and keep it f***ed onto my cock and i cum deep down her throat causing her to choke like mad.


fetish 2018-10-01

I love the fantasy of using and abusing a young teen girl 16+. Dressed in school uniform, id bind her hand behind her back and with a ball gag in her mouth...shes mine to do with what i like. Her odour and her smooth soft skin gets my pulse racing...


hardcore 2018-10-01

Yes, spread your legs for me." Beth began to suck on Lily's nipples as her fingers rubbed her clit and then down to her fuck hole. Your pussy is so wet and I am going to enjoy tasting you and making you cum so hard that you will yell out loud for me." She kept two fingers in her cunt as she licked and sucked Lily's clit. Lily was either sucking Beth's clit or tongue fucking her cunt as she began finger fucking her tight ass. Lily had her tongue in Beth's cunt as she then spread her ass cheeks and shoved four fingers in her asshole and began fucking her deep and hard spreading that ass wide open.

Panty thief part 4

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"Yes, b*****rs. "So, are they on your hit list?" I asked trying to be positive. The magnitude of what we were about to undertake was hitting me rather than her. How you define any of these is open to a lot of debate. A lot. The second pair had cum stains in them but I knew that was mine as we had sex that night and she kept her thong on as was per the norm as I sort of insist she keeps her panties on during sex. She opened her bag and gave her lover a bottle of water and they shared it together. 'Yes I'm fine. I was open mouthed with surprise. her chest rose and fell as she breathed and I marvelled at her still firm breasts and hard nipples. No foreplay needed.


group 2018-10-01

“She means that all these other young bucks around here can get some whenever they want it, but if an old man like me asks for a little piece of that ass then I have committed the all time sin.” Grandpa said. “That’s different your dad is not an old man, he can get it up and keep it up unlike some people.” Maggie said as served grandpa his breakfasts. As I sat in a chair with grandpa waving his big cock in my face I could see that Maggie was trying to hold back, but I could tell that she wanted to join in on the fun.

The House

bdsm 2018-10-01

She also loved to sit them on a big dildo with it deep in their ass and she would straddle them and fuck them hard till she had them screaming. Tonight the senator was coming and he liked his cock and balls bound tight then his ass spanked till it was beet red and then she would fuck his ass. Next she would bend him over her bench for spanking or fucking tie him up and rub his ass and cock and balls with her lotion. She would suck cocks and let them fuck her cunt and ass. After he ate pussy for a long time he then got on top of her and pushed his cock into her cunt and started to fuck her.

Meating The Hammer Man

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Nick ,Dennis and the three woman Dede,Jackie and Bella were all working on the set blocking out every scene they were going to shoot. As it turned out all three grrls, Zaza, Francesca, and Nikki could speak English fairly well. "Are you four all set?" asked Bella sticking her head in the dressing room. And with that Bella lead Zaza to hir place on the set while the remaining three of us watched from the dressing room. As soon as Zaza saw hir s/he got on hir knees and sucked Nikki's boner. Zaza was going to fuck Francesca in hir ass pussy while Nikki got blown by Francesca up front. Meanwhile Zaza resumed fucking the livin shit outta Francesca.


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The night he met her she had stripped down to nothing and she was showing her cunt to every one and let many men finger fuck her and she went to Ken and pulled his face to her pussy and rubbed it all over him. Then he told the first friend "Come over here and take your cock out and let her suck it as I fuck her ass and finger her cunt. Come over here." As the friend came over and took his cock out she grabbed it and stroked it then took it in her mouth and sucked every inch to her throat and sucked him hard as Ken fucked her ass and cunt.

A shower with that good neighbour

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My neighbour s friend asked me if I would like to go take a shower with him and I said absolutely. After we came out of the shower, my neighbour saw our erect dicks and asked me and his friend to suck on his cock. When he took his cock out, some of his cum came out of his friend s ass and into my face as I was still sucking his balls. After we had all blown our loads, my neighbous and his friend asked me if we could go in the tub as they wanted to piss on my cock and in my mouth.

The Lapdance bar ...part1

mastrubation 2018-10-01

Andy slid down to his knees and looked at the 2 pussies and puckered assholes on show to him, he moved forward kissing up Crystals legs until he had both wet sexes right infront of him, Crystal slid her legs open a little further as she felt Andy´s tongue slide along her labia. Andy´s tongue danced from pussy to pussy as he licked his way from Katie to Crystal and back again, every now and then darting a tongue into a puckered asshole making the girls giggle and squeeze their legs together, Crystal slid her hand down between Katie´s thighs and slid 2 finger straight into her very wet pussy, she also had full access to Katie´s full breasts which she kissed and sucked, pulling gently on Katie´s nipples.

Are you gonna leave me now?

voyeur 2018-10-01

Long story short, because I'm being completely in love with him, I believe in giving one nice, unforgettable fuck, that would left him senseless and remember me. I let play the song for stripping that I really like "Criminal" by Fiona Apple blasting thru the stereo. As he playing with my wetting pussy, he ejaculated a little. As I was moaning with pleasure mixing with pain, I ask him to slide his cock in between my thigh, and inside my pussy. As the song approach the end, it also the end for his humping, he lets out his wet soaking dick to my tits, and smack it. He try to stops me by grabbing my hand.

“fun with neighbour married lady

mature 2018-10-01

as i closed every thing she came close to me and hugged so tightly, restlesy she she was rubbing my back i was completely surprised never experienced this tipe hus and lst from wife in 4 years of marraige.while kissing i pushed her against wall i stated kissing her..she responded with more passion it was like she was about to eath my tongue and lips.honestly i was out of mind by experiancing her passion this continues for 20-30 minutes.then i placed my left hand on her pussy wow what a kiss and tight hug that time , slowly i started pulling her nighty up side when i placed my palm on her pussy that was completely wet..i inserted my middle finger in pussy as i instertedd she moaned heavily and bite my neck after playing from few minutes with fingers without saying anything she slept on floor it self and whisper not possible to stand and took me in her legs

Development of a pantyhose fetish

mastrubation 2018-10-01

As I write these anecdotes, they will more than likely jump around a little bit since I’m now in my mid 40’s and this is going to be stories from my adolescence where a pantyhose fetishist was absolutely bombarded with womens’ feet and legs in pantyhose literally everywhere. So much in the same fashion as my first pantyhose orgasm where I just had to touch my penis and it exploded, I just rubbed my erection a few times and it just jumped and spurted in my pantyhose; ruining the one pair I had confis**ted from his mom! In Denmark at that time, a lot of the girls were wearing shorts and sheer pantyhose.

Forbidden Fantasy

first-time 2018-10-01

"So this is all for me?” Greg was getting visibly hard and excited at the thought of making love-no fucking his wife for the first time in years. “Oh my don't have to seduce me...I had planned a romantic dinner for tomorrow ...but I like your special surprise even better " he kissed her once again, slowly backing her up to the bed. Greg slid the nightie off his wife, feeling his cock throb in the confines of his work pants, begging to be released and allowed to fuck the beauty in front of him. Sweat drying on their skin, cum dripping out of her smooth pussy, his cock shrinking, their breaths intermingling in the darkening room, as they stared into each other’s love filled eyes.

My first time: Pleasing a dominant man on my knees

first-time 2018-10-01

The place was called AdultMatch and I just wrote down that I hoped to find a man who would want to make me give him oral sex. I decided to just do it, we exchanged whatsapp and sent a few messages and I didn’t dare to tell it was my first time. Then he walked up to me and looked me in the eye and said: “ok little slut, now go on your knees, open your mouth and be a god girl, ok?” and I could just nod. And started moving faster and faster and said: “ok slut, you keep my cum in your mouth when I cum and show me, ok?” I could just nod.

Mistress June

fetish 2018-10-01

My first submission was under the direction of my girlfriend at the time, Mistress June. Bold and adoring wife she headed dominated during the first part of leg in the air during which I was attached through the night, she decided when I was riding and when I ejaculate.Sewing up new practices she found it made me suffer (prostate massage, spanking, strapon, a drink made of my sperm and urine, milking ...). All these practices gave him pleasure, so I was thrilled.One day she decided to go early with a method on long-term (4 months), this method was to jerk the subject with a time limit decreases from week to week. I respected his decision because it is women who are supposed to run and not men. She made me understand that women were the superior sex and men that we had to do all their desires.

Life With s*s: Pt 3

fetish 2018-09-30

Terece started up the bed between Lexie's legs and put a finger into Lexie's pussy, pulled it out and said that she was pretty wet, then she started rubbing her clit with the wet finger, then put it in again to get it wetter. Terece got up and got a bottle of lubricant from her suitcase and came back, smiled at us as she squirted some on Lexie's pussy then started to work the opening of her pussy with her thumbs, while still stroking her clit with her fingers. Lexie was groaning and moaning and rubbing her clit when all of a sudden she grabbed Terece's arm and started to work it in and out of her pussy real fast, then she climaxed.

Cum on me part 2

group 2018-09-30

He sat on the edge of the bed and pushed my hand out of the way and pulled my panties to one side and began to finger my pussy, one finger at first, followed by one more until all four fingers were sliding into me like a hard cock. The man fucking me slid his cock out of my pussy and spunked over my ass hole, and then slid a finger into me using his cum as lube and slapping my ass with his hand. My last fuck was the man who had organised the day for me and he slide his cock into me, it felt bigger than ever before and he abused my pussy and ass, making me cum time and again.


Boy Scout Camping #1

group 2018-09-30

I would alternate from throating him to begging for his cum as he told me what a hot slut I am and that I was a dirty whore who needed a big cock to keep her in line…all I did was serve and agree…repeatedly ;) As he was about to pop, about 10 minutes into it actually, I heard another voice from behind me. I came so hard my pussy nearly cut off Bob’s dick…he screamed, shot his load really deep inside me, and I think I told Bob I loved him. Kevin went back first and we waited another 10 minutes or so, during which time Bob and I talked about future camping trips and how he had already talked to the other dads about how hot I am.

Hooked for one week in Vegas/ Day one-first guy!

hardcore 2018-09-30

So I threw him on the bed tied his arms and legs, and curled each and every one of my fingers around his balls and I squeezed VERY HARD until he was stating to moan BC he was in pain , I said " No no you are my bitch and you need to stay quiet, I went to the bathroom grabbed a small hand towel and shoved it in his mouth, I went back to grabbing his balls, then I lifted them and started licking and I bit one, yep that's right I bit one! I started riding him and want I wanted to feel his hands on me and my body so I UN-tied him and he just went crazy on me, fucking me so hard and so long he never stopped, I came 7 times...

heavenly fuck

hardcore 2018-09-30

My moaning got louder and i got wetter and even more horny, and so he went down with his tongue, flicking it against my clit and eating me out, sucking on my pussy lips. My legs started to weaken and shake as i could feel my juices running down my legs waiting for his tongue to lick every last drop up. I got over him and started to rub his cock spitting on it until he started to moan, before putting it in my mouth and sucking it deep and fast. His cum dripping out of my pussy, he went down and cleaned me up with his tongue licking every spot, before i climaxed into his mouth.

First Time Gay Sex Part one. Intro.

first-time 2018-09-30

When I was 15 I got a personal trainer,Alec, because I was skinny all my life. On my 18th birthday he came to my party and I was still turned on by him and I was hoping that he would out of the blue come up and tell me that he was gay. He invited me inside while he got his running shoes. "I've been noticing you too." He put out his and and told me to come here. "You're 18 now, I'm 26, its perfectly legal." I told him it was still wrong because he was my trainer. He told me that he would quit being my trainer. I started by pulling down his shorts and sucking his sweat covered 7 inch cock.

my friends mom

mastrubation 2018-09-30

I was like most horny teenagers and constantly horny. Now my best friends mom we'll call her denise was the sexiest milf I knew. Now Denise had walked in on me peeing and occasionally masturbating several times and always made comments on my dick size which was around 8.5 at the time. I also knew from several times looking in her panty drawer that she like skimpy sexy panties. One day when I thought my friend and I were alone I snuck into her room and found the sexiest pair of panties I could. When she was gone I snuck over and picked up here freshly worn panties and started jacking my cock with them. Just then I heard her walk in and stop.

Discovering watersports ch 3

first-time 2018-09-30

Anna was waiting in the hall, wearing only the very sexy black bra and my thong, A little drop of piss fell from between her legs and I could see all her right nipple as her tit had come fully out of the bra and was pointing outwards as usual. I pulled out, and tucked my dick sideways into the split crotch panties, and then rubbed myself against her legs and pants to come. As she was about to come, she moved her legs over me, plunged her hand into my damp pants for my dick and pushed my soft dick into her cunt to feel the pulsing.

Lucy - Teen Slut - Part 1

first-time 2018-09-30

I couldn’t believe what he was saying and told him to fuck off, but he just kept saying ‘No money, then you suck cock,’ and started unzipping his jeans. He let out a groan and tightened his grip on my hair as I started sucking on the head of his cock. His long, thick fingers worked in and out of me quite easily as I was so wet, but he was still stretching my little pussy lips wide open and I came all over his hand and the seat almost immediately For the next couple of minutes we stayed like this: him pumping his fingers in and out of me, and me sucking noisily on his lovely big, dark cock.

The Photos

anal 2018-09-30

As he kissed down to her ass he shoved two fingers in her cum soaked cunt and pushed them in all the way and fucked her hard and fast. His face found her ass hole and he kissed and licked it as he finger fucked her cunt. He licked and sucked on her ass then shoved his tongue into her and tongue fucked her as he gave her cunt one more finger. He spanked her ass a couple more times before he spread her legs wider apart and pushed all four fingers back in her cunt and continued fucking both holes. They took turns sucking her huge nipples and then he shoved his cock down her throat as the bat fucked her cunt harder.

A Journalist's Tip *Re-upload* (For xxMadHatt

bdsm 2018-09-30

If you want that info do as I say." He said, pulling me inside. "Good girl." He said, patting my head. I moaned in pleasure and started swirling my tongue around his head. His fingers started rubbing my clit, his other hand spreading my pussy, his tongue going into my pussy. Ohhhh fuck that feels good!" I said, my body arching against the chafing ropes. "You want another gift?" He said, grabbing my hips and rubbing my clit. "You're going to have to help.." he said, putting my hands on my breasts. "Then you'll have to do a good job." he said, fucking my tits. "I want to fuck you so much kitty..." he said.

Wet n Wild part 2

interracial 2018-09-30

I need that black swollen dick in mtYy mouth. Sliding down to my knees and grasping his thick thighs i lick his nuts, sucking each for a moment and hear him release a moan of pleasure. The thick base of his hard dick throbs for my tongue and i willingly lick all around before sliding the plump head into my mouth. Tingles and pulses of pleasure alternate and I push backwards into his hard cock. I want all of him in me , thrusting in me, hard and pulling my hair My clit is so swollen, my pussy is swelling and hot and so wet with every thrust I feel it closer.

On Losing My Virginity

first-time 2018-09-30

Soon enough we were meeting regularly, calling up each other and for the first time I wondered if this is what was called love. We had gone on a long drive one Friday evening, and in between kisses and fondling, he half jokingly asked me if I wanted to go even further. It was the first time I was seeing a boy naked or touching a guys penis. It was the first time I had seen a boy fully naked or ever touched a penis. I think Mom understood how happy and accomplished I felt. The last time I wore this, Mark was peeling it off in the Hotel room.

Going Dogging

humor 2018-09-30

Certainly when we met the two guys in the bar I could see that the short skirt and cleavage had the desired effect on Alan and when he suggested we say down I noticed he steered Tom and I to a table with rather low seats while he deputised Mel to get us some drinks. To be frank I had really mixed emotions -- I was angry at the guys for taking advantage and Eileen for letting them and not a little excited at the thought of my wife having been "roasted." I felt my cock getting erect when I heard about the two guys taking her big ripe rear anally -- something I had wanted to do for years but never f***ed the issue when she said no.

My Aunt and I (The Beginning)

mature 2018-09-30

As I entered the room, I realised the doctor was a woman - I had already decided that maybe I wasn't going to mention the lump. "Yeah, please" I said, looking to my Aunt - expecting her to leave anyway, but instead she sat straight back down. I looked between the two of them and the Doctor just smiled "Okay well, if you would like to drop your trousers" she said, turning her back to wash her hands. She leant forward and examined it - I could feel her let out a deep breath against my dick - I tried to block it out, forget that my Aunt was there, but I was sure she had leaned forward too.

Punishment in the woods !!

hardcore 2018-09-30

Slowly up and down my back, carfully over my legs and arms, sweetly around my breasts and nipples, and very softly on my pussy and clit. After I had 5 needles put slowly in each nipple, he left them in and started rubbing my ass hole. He started to untie me from the trees, first w/ the arms, then legs, "We're almost done", he said. He grabbed my ankels, pulled my legs apart, got up close to my clit and said ... As I inhaled, I could feel the pinch in my clit, the needle had started through. After he made me cum, he lifted me up by the neck, said "Good gurl, get in the car".

Freaky February Part Five

mature 2018-09-30

Most of the time Daddy was looking at Mom, in my body, and making lewd faces at her. Mom and I talked about this and she wants cock...I know she needs it." I looked down then and said, "I want to be there when you and Mom...when fucked for the first time." "For instance...There have been times when I told your Daddy how much I would enjoy getting you ready for him." She hesitated for a moment and then said, "I have had sex with a woman before honey." I nodded my head and said, "I know." Both Mom and Dad looked at me a bit surprised. Daddy reached around and caressed my huge tits and said, "Jenn Baby, I have wanted to fuck you so many times.

A Show For Denise (Part 1)

first-time 2018-09-30

As Denise reached for the bath towels, I slowly undressed and got naked behind her. I quickly took a few steps back and took the towel to innocently unwrap it at arms level, so my cock was still showing but I could be pretending it was not a big deal. I got closer to where she was sitting and looking down, I saw my cock was almost probing her shoulder. - Now, click the little arrow there, I said, taking the advantage to move closer to the screen to point, now probing softly her shoulder with my cock. We made our way to the bathroom and she left my arm to open the shower curtain and start the water.

Blackmailed into having his c***dren

mastrubation 2018-09-30

I normally don't answer guests, as they could be anyone, so I answered, and not surprisingly, it was a guy wanking himself, 'Hi Love', he said, and I burst out laughing, it was my husband, 'You horny baby, I am hard for your cunt', he asked. My husband knew my love of dirty pillow talk, 'Only if you go all the way with me baby, I love to fuck men with hard cocks', I replied, as I got up and peeled everything off, and started to stimulate myself, twisting my nipples and putting the cam between my legs and spreading my cunt.

My Nephew pressed against my nude body

first-time 2018-09-30

I dropped the housecoat and climbed into bed, I really was wet and made no time in pushing my Lelo in deep and full power mode, laying back with the covers half covering my nudity and my masturbation, how much Brian Jnr saw I don't know, but he was watching me as my Lelo was being worked in and out of my horny pussy. 'Can I come in with you', he asked, as he closed down the small distance from the door to the bed, I was still exposing half my nudity, even my pubes were on view, 'Brian', I said, as I turned away from him, exposing my bum to him, as I used the opportunity to pull my Lelo out of my pussy and drop it onto the floor from under the covers.

My Husbands Mistake

interracial 2018-09-30

Every time we would sit and watch the movies Jim would comment on the size of the guys cock and look in amazement at the woman in the film sucking and fucking those monster black cocks. I was somewhat taken back but this idea but Randy said what better way to let Jim have his fantasy fulfilled, than seeing his pretty wife fucked by a big black cock in his own bed. I tried another but it broke again, I took it and rolled it down to the base of his big black cock, laughed and said ?at least it will look like it?s on?. I looked at Jim and said ?it was your idea, I could not stop once it started and I wanted you to see your wife enjoy her first BLACK COCK?

Lesley part 25

mastrubation 2018-09-30

Gotta be done, girl....his wife will shit a with the dress.....oh that's it...fuck I want you myself.....turn around, let's see that arse....ooh you little slut...the lucky bastard gonna tap that arse. I'm going to fuck your arse with three fingers...get you ready for your 'boyfriends' big that good?....yes.....I think your looking forward to holding your arse cheeks apart and letting 'Big Al' slide his big thick cock right into your slut brown I "Rob....I would love nothing more than have you make love to me all night...but...I've got to stop this man once and for know I'm sake....lets get this show on the road." She stood up....checked her appearance in the mirror...straightened her stockings, put on her high heels...."ok how do I look?"

Unexpected Pleasure

anal 2018-09-30

As I went through the intake process and was prepped by the nursing staff I felt a beautiful feeling of releasing power to others to do things to my body. I took a couple minutes to bask in the moment to be naked in a strange sort of public place before tying on the soft gown, feeling my so smooth body touching it. Later that evening as I wind down for bed and settle my smooth naked body between the sheets I reflect on what took place that day. I realize I had shaved and prepped my body and spirit for some kind of unknown sexual experience about to take place.


hardcore 2018-09-30

He then told me "Let me show you how good sex can feel." and he then began to kiss my tits and suck them while he kept fingering my pussy. i loved when I sat on his lap with my back to him and he would put his big cock in my ass and fuck it as he played with my tits then finger fucked my cunt as I would almost scream out loud. Now let me watch as I finger your ass or do you want me to tongue fuck your ass?" I would laugh and tell him "finger first then the tongue and then your big hard cock.

The Screwing of Emma Watson

Celebrities 2018-09-30

She moved her arms upwards, bringing the bottom of her bra cup in her hand, and slowly the sight of Emma Watson's young tits was revealed, and Jake once more appreciated how truly lucky he was, knowing that every guy in the land would kill to be in his position. Jake was only too happy to oblige, and he once more had a mental double take at the reality of fucking the girl of most guy's dreams, young, tight, with her endless legs and perfect tits, the thought almost made him cum straight away inside her eager cunt. And with that the perfect young actress started to shake, she closed her eyes and literally screamed as her huge orgasm overtook her, her made more powerful by Jake's refusal to stop pummelling her tight cunt, which clenched on his dick, drawing out his cum.

Dirty Jokes ReEdit

humor 2018-09-30

The proud husband says, "My dear, we are married now, you can open your robe." The beautiful young woman opens her robe, and he is astonished."Oh, oh, aaaahhh," he exclaims, "My God you are so beautiful, let me take your picture. In the middle of the night, the guy on the right wakes up and says, "I had this wild, vivid dream of getting a hand job!" The guy on the left wakes up, and unbelievably, he's had the same dream, too. The grandfather hands the little boy five dollars, grabs the hair spray and runs into the house. The little boy says, "Grandpa, you already gave me five dollars." The grandfather replies, "I know.

My First Time with Brian.

anal 2018-09-30

Now, I had sucked cock before but never in my life had I seen anything THIS big, I looked up at him and even remember saying, "are you for real?" He laughed slightly before I got to work sucking on his meaty mammoth, it barely fit in my mouth but I could taste his pre-cum and smell his sweaty balls (it was the middle of Summer at the time), it all turned me on so much and I felt myself getting hard and my knees were starting to buck ever so slightly, Brian must've caught onto this because he told me to stop and lie down on the sofa.

Feel the burn

hardcore 2018-09-30

I want to please him, I have to please him, so I push forwards taking his balls into my mouth, my jaw feels like it will break but i keep moving forward till i only see the flat plane of his stomach. He thrusts are violent and my throat is feeling the power of his motion, my mouth gagging and the sound of my voice being cut off at times, arouses the one between my legs, she looks in fascination and starts rubbing her pussy with enthusiasm. He pulls out and allows me air, he grabs the girls head and firmly places it back between my legs and she sucks with avengence.

Sexy Story

mature 2018-09-30

She came to stand over me, her hands on my shoulders, she squatted down slightly and sat down on my cock, her pussy lips curling around my shaft. When her pussy lips moved over the part of my cock just there before the head starts it felt like it would explode. My body started moving frantically needing to rub my deprived penis, needing to feel good, Oh God it felt heavenly being able to thrust in and out of her. I started moving faster again, feeling that I'm about to blow, rubbing her clit hard with my fingers, making her scream.

How to save a marriage.

first-time 2018-09-30

Two days later Mike came for the next lesson and Debbie remained upstairs while I invited him in and when he sat down on the sofa I broached the subject of the group. Her hand went to my cock and she started to wank me as she was now being pounded deep by Mike. She laid back her one hand on each of our wilting cocks as we kissed, her lovely soft flesh glistening with sweat.She smiled at both of us and I looked deep into her eyes, receiving back a delighted satisfied glow. Mike said that he didn't have any more lessons booked for the day, so they went out for the planned, albeit late, lesson and when they returned she came in alone and kissed me, snogging deeply and I could once more taste Mikes sperm in her mouth.

Walking in on Daddy

mature 2018-09-30

I lifted my free leg onto the arm of the sofa, over dad's head, if he should open his eyes, he would see me as a woman and not his daughter, a fact that had a strange excitement in me, somehow masturbating in his sl**ping presence held me on the edge, feeling my wet vagina around my inserted fingers and looking at dad's hard and swollen cock, suddenly made sense if they were as one. I eased myself down onto my knees and bent over his manhood, cupping it in my hand as if cradling a delicacy, and kissed him with my lips, my ears listening for the slightest of changes in his snoring, there were none, and I eased his glans into my eager open mouth, my cradling hand encompassing the shaft as my tongue encircled his swollen cock head, I started to blow my father, and finger myself simultaneously.

Clare's busy schedule

fetish 2018-09-30

I know my wife too well if this guy is any good and can get a hard on again asa-fucking-p its not likely to be a simple fuck and go and I really do have to be up in the morning early if I stay.  I pulled her close to slide my cock into her gently pushing while she starts telling me about what's happening this week as it seems in the short hour she was on today she's managed to arrange 3 days already this week with yet more possibles to consider. My cock was like a trusty piston thrusting into her and my balls were tightening as she then told me there was still also fri night with another guy who just wanted to fuck and go.

more than a walk in the park

first-time 2018-09-30

His hand moved from her legs up her slim body until he was feeling her small tits, she never tried to move his hand away so must have liked him playing with them It wasn't until he undid a few buttons of her blouse that I could see she had no bra holding them. He got on his knees and with both hands one either side he lowered her knickers and she worked them down till she had them completely off,her mound was covered with hair more than I expected from such a young lass but he soon blocked my view with his hand feeling and poking working her to a frenzy, not only her I might add as my hard on was letting me know.

Nighttime Lover

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Steve slowly, sensually ran his hands down Cindy’s talk to Steve, Cindy thought. Steve watched his mother for a long time. Cindy gently pushed Steve off the bed and stood up Steve lifted Cindy by the shoulders and planted another "Steve honey," Cindy said, "we have to talk." understand me Steve." Cindy put a hand on her son’s Cindy giggled, "Oh Steve, I think we’ve gone far past Steve suddenly took his mother’s face in his hands and Steve sat up and looked at his mother, "Cindy, would "Oh Steve," Cindy lamented as she turned away, "It’s Steve put his hand on Cindy’s face and turned her Steve smiled and kissed Cindy. Cindy and Steve lived out

Happy Birthday Wendy!

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"Surprise!!!!!" I turned my head to the sound of the opening door and shouted out for Wendy, my xhamster friend, as she stepped inside. I wasn't sure, but I think I hear her say she had waited too long for thei smoment to waste it on kissing...I sighed and let my head rock backwards as her lips pressed to my cunt, her tongue plunging into my wetness. Wendy lifts her head from Chris's cock and presses her lips to mine...I feel his hot sperm pouring into my mouth as she sahres her present with me....Chris stays hard....which is good...beace neither Wendy nor myself are done with this boy yet!!!!

All night

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Lucy was twenty years old and was laying with her legs spread wide as Russ who was sixty two was licking and sucking on her clit and tongue fucking her cunt. Some days he took pills to keep his cock hard and he would fuck her young sexy body for six hours straight. He loved to shove his cock all the way in her throat and hold her head tight to him balls deep and make her suck till he would cum down her throat. He then began licking her clit and sucking it and then he shoved his tongue in her fuck hole and fucked her hard and deep sucking her cum as she pulsed and lifted her hips to his mouth.

The Video Store - Part 2 of My Sex Slave Neighbor

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I looked around her wide hips to see the small denim pair of shorts riding up her big ass crack. I slapped Brenda big ass as she ran toward her house. She reached into her new big black leather purse, around her left shoulder. I gasped as her right nipples was bent to the left all the way down to her big fat pink aureole. I started to slap her big ass, which was encased in black fishnets. I then looked down at Brenda big ass starring back at me. Dragging the tip of my cock the length of her big ass crack. I heard Dan gasp as he saw my cock dripping on the floor, just under her big ass.

This is one you Studs need to read.

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'Meet Max', she said, a six foot four inch guy, jet black with a bluish cock bigger than the plastic one adorning my crotch, 'Let him have some fun', she said with a wry smile on her lips, as Max, a genuine gay showman entered to room, and mounted the bed, cameras, roll, action, as I watched absolutely fascinated, black on white, and cock right up his ass, an extra twist that I was not aware off, and then I laughed, this would be a fitting revenge, Alpha-Man gay butt-fucked by a bigger black-stud, not a tape he would want to post on the Net. Of course he got it in the ass, thinking it was me, but when the fuck was over the hood was removed and the look on his face was priceless, we had the tie-in and then I saw a piece of movie magic as the black guy rein-enacted E's whipping, so the finished product only showed him and the black guy, from start to finish.

Chocolate Pudding.

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She let me go, and still horny as hell, I held her head back as I stroked her face and dark-ruby red lips with my softening dick, tapping it on those lips and that small gap between her two front teeth, Might be awhile before I do THIS again, I was thinking (but it wasn't the last time Meshawn blew me, thank goodness.) I shook the last few dew drops onto her blouse like a nasty boy, then thanked her for what she'd done as I was genuinely grateful. I'd see her leave for work (on my day off, after we'd spent a night together) dressed fairly nice, lips and make-up carefully done, and I'd tell her how sexy she looked with chocolate on her face, and my hot sperm as well.

I remember how old I was when I put it in.

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I drew my tongue into my mouth and tried to moisten it, but the excitement left my mouth dry, whereas my cunny flowed like a small stream, and he sat on my face, his soft scrotum bathed in my exhalations, he was smothering me with his privates, I prepared myself, as I felt my tongue start to wet, 'Oh well', I thought, as my tongue darted out and began the arduous task of licking his bum crack, I hoped he wiped his ass, nothing tastes worse than shit, then again, nothing feels better then an old tongue being buried between a flowering cunny, my cunny, as I groaned and lifted my ass off the bed and feel him lick my own anus, 'OMFG', I exclaimed, now we both knew where our hot spots were.


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Her husband insisted she didn't shave, he liked the natural look; he said he loved the way it smelled and tasted when it was soaked with her pussy juice. As the spin stopped a dishevelled and breathless Clare looked at Helen and mouthed, "Oh Fucking Hell!" and then smiled. Clare's groans grew louder and as Helen felt her daughter's cunt contract around her tongue, gorgeous warm pussy juice flowed into her mouth. Helen drove her hand further up her own cunt, and used the other to massage Clare's clit as she continued her intense tongue fucking. But just before the edge of orgasm Clare suddenly switched her attention away from the clit back down to her pussy lips to allow Helen to come back from the brink.

Paul and his thick cum

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We graduated on to sucking each other’s cock but Paul had a real problem with this – he simply didn’t like the taste of cock. There seemed to be no end to his hot sperm, when I was sucking him and he would cradle my head in his hands and slowly pump away in my mouth. Finally with a loud groan his cock would start pouring out this delicious sperm treat. He also used to like watching himself cumming over my lips, tongue and face. If any one else has heard of sperm as thick as this or indeed has sperm like this I would love to hear from them and who knows they may find a willing mouth to take their load.

caught with my friend by his mum

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i said to him i would like to fuck your mum. he was like well my mum has a homemade video do u want to watch it.fine i replyed as we went into the frontroom watching the video i started getting hard and i asked him if i can go to the bathroom and wank he said no stay here coz im gunna wank aswell. when i closed my eyes i felt warm lips on my cock i open my eyes and my mate is sucking my dick. i liked it, my mate sucked me off still. when he cumed in my mouth him and his mum said swollow it so i did and that was my experince with a man and a strap-on.

Hiking & Fucking

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So i put my face in front of Mark's dick and slowly took it all the way in my mouth. But, like i said, Mark was a physical specimen and was able to keep up with me - even though he had unzipped his pants and was stroking his dick as he walked behind me. That whole night, we slept together with Mark's dick in my pussy and his arms around my tits. The next morning, before we got out of our tent, Mark again shot his cum on my pussy lips. Then i got on the ground and Mark pissed all over me to wash his cum off my body.


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Does every daughter want to fuck her father? Well, If I didn't think of something fast then this GothKitty would be asking my daughter later what was going on. One particular good one I found was called "A Son's Curiosity" I stopped reading that, I already wanted my daughter. Teenage Daughter wants to fuck her father what should I do. "Do you want to fuck your daughter Drake." I noticed how she used my screen name. "It's OK Daddy, Katrina fucks my ass all the time." I was ready to cum again just from hearing that. I got up from my chair and sat behind my daughter looking and watching as Katrina continued to lick her.

Converting an Asshole to a Cum-Slut

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"Stay the fuck away from us." Mike pulled up his knees and shielded his face with his elbows – showed us what type of 'man' Davenport was, for if he were in Bruce's position, he'd fall on his defeated victim and continue to whale on him. Come on queer, suck it dry." Bruce tapped hard on the bottom several times, making sure every drop oozed into Mike's backside, then he grabbed it by the base and fucked his hole with it. I set up a regular stroke and Mike sighed every time I pulled out to my head, and grunted like a bitch as I sank back to slam my balls against his meaty backside.

Bigger is not always better

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There were a few around that day with dark tanned bodies .You could pick the men that are regular at this beach, standing on top of the small hills between the bushes, bodies oiled cocks hard in firmly griped in hands my cock started growing. I spotted a older man about 60 years old with slim fit, untanned body, lying nude in a small clearing among the bushes.We talked about the many man around that day on the hunt with sunburnt skin, big cocks and egos just looking for a quick fuck. Its wonderful, I could take his shaft fully without choking, we spent most of that afternoon with his cock in my mouth sucking; rolling it around, Keeping it wet playing with his nearly hairless small balls.

Relaxing in the Sauna

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Thanks!" As she turned to go, though, Cassie took a second look at my face and said, "I think you've got something on your chin." My left hand quickly reawakened my cock, and little Declan soon began to shine with droplets of precum. I pulled the door open, felt the burst of hot air, stepped inside, and saw three older guys. Acknowledging this fact, I opened my towel once more and turned my body so that the older man could clearly see my little show. I felt myself being pushed along by all the events of the day: the sex survey, the admiration of the older men, the unexpected contact with the DILF.

Stories of Lizzy Chapter 2

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Lizzy turned on the tap and gave the cup a quick rinse, but her thoughts wandered; it wandered to that hard young body that was sitting at her kitchen table, it wandered to the thought of having someone adore her like she was a real woman again, to be loved and fucked like she was the most desirable woman on this planet; something that her busy husband never had the time to do, for with him, it was always 'wham bam thank you ma'am'. She turned around to find Josh leaning awkwardly against the kitchen top with a puzzled look in her eyes and then she saw it; the big bulge in his black trunks, the embarrassed smile on his face, his hands trying to hide his exciting member.

She Wouldn't Give Up

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I thought she was gonna kick my ass, Leah was 6'1 flat flooted and had been practicing martial arts sence she was 6, needless to say I almost peed myself. Not wanting to piss her off I let her know she waited too long, I was also in love with Tyrone and we had sex so she was way too late. Then she asked me if I thought Tyrone would like it and all want to do was hit in the face with a brick. Always be careful when going down on a woman with strong legs, as Leah was coming she wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed I thought my head was gonna pop off.

Day Off Pt. 1

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Nacho began to take a series of short breaths, as his Italian friend's strong hands started a gentle massage on Nacho's shoulders and chest. Rocco moved his left hand to the center of Nacho's briefs, resting it gently on his balls, and his right hand on Nacho's plum-sized cockhead, which looked ready to break through the thin white underwear. Rocco knew before Nacho, and while he continued to rub the fat cockhead and nuts, he suddenly moved his face, placing a soft, yet firm kiss on Nacho's prominent dick vein. As his hips finally stopped moving, Nacho breathed deeply, and Rocco continued to gently rub his friend's slick tool.


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As soon as i got out of school i went to my bedroom to mastrubate, it feld so good rubbing my clit and filling my pussy with my fingers.. Some dickhead thought he was funny and pushed me underwater, and i got a beam of water in my eye! every day for those 3 weeks i got my orgasm from a beam in a swimmingpool among hundreds of people in italy.. After a while of me sucking his cock he wanted to fuck my pussy, he did.. Better yet, i think al lot of woman should envy me if they knew that, knowing that the behave like little angels in the bed while there husbands fuck them while getting told not 2 do this, and not 2 do that!


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To confirm that she really wants something from me i offered her a body massage. She agreed, now i was sure that she wants my cock in her pussy. I asked her if she wants a ass massage? I ran my hands all along her upper body and cupped her breasts and without any hint, I mouthed her right nipple and she gave a loud moan as my lips surrounded her nipple. She requested she wants to suck more, I fingered her pussy while she was rubbing my cock. She said she wants my cock its time to insert and bang it hard..But still having so many movies seen, it wasn't difficulty for me to insert the cock. she shouted and said fuck my pussy harder..

Sweeta And Her s****r

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Wow, she lifted her ass with a loud moan aaaaahhhhhh…..aaaahhhuuuuhfffffff…..on hearing that shweta came near me and tried to hold my dick above my jeans…I held her hand and said…wait not now…..then I dug my tongue into saranya’s pussy and started swirling it inside…she started moving her arse backwards so my tongue could penetrate more inside her. What happened next was saranya and me were engaged in kissing, fondling …and all…and shweta came between my legs from behind and started kissing and licking my balls and penis….uuufffffuuuffff oooooohhhhhhhh that feeling is just inexpressible….what a feeling it is when a girls cheeks and lips and tongue touches the inner thighs below the buttocks.

Me, My Girlfriend and Her b*****r

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A little still in shock I asked, “You two always do stuff like this?” As I asked that she looked over at me and gave me the biggest grin then turned back, slowly closed her eyes and continued to moan and grabbed her tits and squeezed them as he continued to finger fuck her pussy. And in fact it looks really nice.” I didn’t know how to respond to that so I just kept stroking my cock watching him devour her pussy. Her b*****r looked over and saw it and hopped over her and took my cock in his hand and said, “Let’s now waste a drop of that” and sucked my cock till it began to harden again.

First MF(M) 3some (& photo session)

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She smiled after a few minutes of silence and reached out...took my hand from my drink and slipped it into the open collar of her blosue to grasp her bare breast. So I stood up and slipped behind her one knee on the bed and gingerly reached for his cock....making eye contact with him...and once again....he smiled & nodded. She teased around making it heard for me to put him in I leaned closer and pressed her ass still while getting the purplish swollen head of his cock between her cream covered lips. AS I started to lean back she whispered "play with my nipples....Jim never pays them enough attention." Again making eye contact a7 getting "the nod" I straddled his ankles and slipped closer behind her to grasp her breasts.

Roadhouse slut

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In fact as soon as Gary went to work at 6:30 each morning about 6:45 Garys dad would quietly come into the flat and crawl into bed beside Helen and grabbing her tit or a handful of her cunt meat give her a full open mouth kiss before he would roll over on top of his ...-in-law and shove his cock hard and deep into her cunt. About the eighth month Garys dad put a stop to the guys fucking her during the day as he wanted the little slut’s cunt all to himself so he could enjoy her full pregnant body.

A Walk Home...

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I was walking home from my friend's place when I saw her. Being the horny devil I am, I wanted to see if she looked as good from behind as she did in the front. "This is it," I thought, "I'm going to get shouted at, possibly smacked, for being a pervert." She asked me what I was doing. I didn't want to say "checking out your ass," so I simply said I was going home. I instantly thought I found the one good looking hooker in Manchester. She told me that her husband injured his back at work and lets her fool around because somebody needs to tap that ass if he can't. It didn't take me long to cum in her mouth and move my way to her ass.

Discovering My Love For Milfs

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My love for MILFS all started when a new neighbour moved into my neighbourhood. She said she was going out with her hubby and the sitter cancelled last min. She was very d***k whilst paying me and when I told her I tucked her son in bed she thought I was amazing. After hearing her out she thanked me for listening and said she wishes her hubby listened like that. I pulled her in close to me and began to feel those gigantic tits. I pulled her heavy tits out of her bra and began to suck them. So as I left her house horny and hard I still hadnt fucked this amazing woman.


hardcore 2018-09-29

I'm trailing kisses down your body and my hands are gently stroking your arms, your chest, and making their way to that throbbing cock that has invaded my dreams for far too long. My mouth closes around your head and my tongue circles it. It's all I can do to not suck you hard and dry right then and there, but I need to worship your cock. I need to fill my mouth with your pulsing hot cock. My fingers are circling your cock, guiding my mouth and squeezing the base of your shaft. Your cock is so fucking hard and you taste so fucking good. I swallow the first shot, but I want your cum to fill my mouth.

A Business Dinner

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Eric reached down and ran his hand over my breasts, he said, "I really love small breasts and your nipples are so hard, they're poking right through the fabric of your dress." Oh my,by all of the gods that felt so good. As he was getting himself back together I heard my boss say, "excuse me, waiter, I need something to drink when you get the chance." I looked at Eric and told him I knew exactly what he wants. Eric handed the glass to my boss, he smiled and said "how did you know what I wanted?" I heard my boss say "Are you OK, we've been asking you if you want desert?" The waiter was standing by me, I apologized and said I must have been daydreaming.

we got the wife's together..

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Claire was stood waiting for him to make a move,Gary looked lost,,so i walked over and took Claire's bra off and pants,don't be shy Gary do what you want but if she says NO you stop OK..Yes mate will do,,Gary took his stuff off and let out this monster of a cock it wasn't even hard and it was bigger than mine fully erect,,WOW mate that is some cock you have,,Claire was just gobsmacked but she went down on to her knees and started to play with it,she held his balls in one hand and started to pull his cock towards her mouth,my cock was hard already just watching her hold his cock,,i sat on the bed and watched her take bit by bit in to her mouth,,she looked great and i was buzzing that she was enjoying it already and he hadn't even fuck her yet..out the corner of my eye i could see Jane's legs in the air and Steven's bald head between her legs and Mark getting sucked off..


first-time 2018-09-29

Once Van felt David and Mark had the young Van began to slowly saw in and out of Susan's mouth Mark commented as Van continued to abused Susan's Suddenly Van pinched down hard on Susan's nipples Susan's arms were released as Van pulled his member from David and Van grabbed Susan's arms and pulled her Susan felt Mark's hands on her hips grabbing her student's cock left Susan's cunt gaping open with his her euphoria, Susan did not object when Van and Mark there," Susan begged as David pushed Mark's cum into rhythm with David driving into Susan's ass while Van Van crawled off and David pushed Susan off his cock. change," Mark informed Susan after all the students