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Wank meet success story: Carmen Electra

gay-male 2018-06-07

The thought of it was getting me fully hard, I guess a mixture of doing Carmen with my bud but also the short notice of everything got me aroused. When my bud mentioned he was wanking naked to slideshow pics of Carmen that engorged my cock further, I knew he was trying his best to entice me. Once in I noticed he was fully naked and hard, he said Carmen has had him wanking for the last few hours and he didn't want to stop until I arrived, he apologised for the short notice but was pleased I came. I was naked within a few minutes and getting hard, I joined my bud on the sofa and could feel my bud's pre-cum dampness when I relaxed back.

controlled by him

hardcore 2018-05-21

Then the dancer spread the girls legs and showed the men her shaved pussy. Next the dancer shoved the girls head down to her pussy and she began to lick and suck her as the men cheered. The dancer got on her hands and knees as the young girl put on the huge strap on and moved behind her and shoved the strap on into her ass. She began to fuck the ass as her other hand brought a dildo and rammed it in the dancers cunt. Filling her with his cum he told her "Tomorrow you and the daughter will entertain a college faternity and then you will fuck each one any way they want." He was going to go home and count the money his slut would earn him.

First Experience - Part 2

mature 2018-05-21

My balls were touching the top of Mary’s head and my stiff cock was pointing at John. He stopped fucking his wife but stayed inside her as he moved his mouth up and down on my dick. Mary reached up and placed her hands behind me, feeling my arse and my balls as her husband worked his tongue on me. I couldn’t see Mary anymore but soon sensed that warm, wet feeling as my cock entered her pussy. I knew she was cumming so I placed my thumb fully into her pussy and rotated it slowly. I looked up to see John place his hand behind Mary’s head, holding it in place, as he pushed his cock into her mouth deeper.

Wank meet success story: Holly Valance

Celebrities 2018-05-21

After replying to his ad looking for DIY wanking over a chosen celeb target, we exchanged online messages a few times, then decided to have a chat on the phone. I was hard immediately and began to rub my cock through my jeans, I noticed my buddy was doing the same, which we took as a cue to begin stripping off. So there I was, half nude on his leather sofa and stroking my hard cock over Holly with my bud next to me. We began with taking a few pics of holly posing with our hard cocks, then lined up our choice pic to both cum on. As I was cumming it felt like time had stood still, all that wanking and shared pent up lust over Holly furiously came out.

Fucking Pinky

interracial 2018-05-21

She had a fantastic body and I’d been getting a good feel of everything and boy was she hot, I only had to stroke her pussy and she got wet giving plenty of lubrication when I started fingering her. I’d let go of her hands now and began stroking her pussy again, whispering in her ear how hot she was and she should give her b*o a wank as it wouldn’t hurt anyone and he obviously needed to cum. I don’t know if she thought it was still me but she was screaming again: “Yes, yes, give it to me, fuck my cunt, do it, do it harder.” Moksh carried on drilling it into her until she came again and then he pulled out and finished off by hand, cumming all over her back.

Josh's Adventure

mature 2018-05-21

“I love your little cock,” the guy suddenly said. “You like my cock,” the guy said and stood directly toward Josh to give him a good view. “That feels great, you are a natural cock sucker,” Sam said but moved back. “Oh my wife Judy would just love to see your little cock,” Sam said as he reached down and squeezed it. He began to face fuck Sam’s cock and could feel it beginning to swell. Josh felt Sam’s cock began to deflate but kept in his mouth. Josh stood up and Sam immediately lean over and took it is his mouth. “Oh that feels good,” Josh moaned as he shot his load into Sam’s mouth.

The Field Trip

interracial 2018-05-21

in the pitch black night as naked chanting warriors With the oil that the village women had applied to I body glistening in the eerie light, it crossed my mind cavorted their hard oiled bodies with their huge black women, leapt to their feet, and began running their feeling that was coursing through my body, the raw lust village, I could see right away why this warrior stood began masturbating wantonly as the chief danced in a The chanting warriors now pounded the butt ends of their eyed as the native women allowed their men to take them wave of lust coursed through my jerking body, I screamed again began to float away in a sexually tinged fog, but

Risking Death for a Piece of Ass

hardcore 2018-05-21

Curt’s throat was so dry he couldn’t speak, he just nodded his head furiously and she smiled and took it between her generous red lips and just held it at the end for a moment before plunging it all the way into her mouth. Curt was dying to fuck her mouth and she knew that but she kept hold of it just licking the end and taking just enough to tease him. As she got closer to cumming she took a lot more of his dick into her mouth and when her body began to vibrate violently and she went into a massive orgasm she moved up and down it seemly determined to make him cum again.

Flashing the Maid During Her Interview

mastrubation 2018-05-21

I asked her if it bothered her touching people’s “dirty” play things and then with a blush, and a look on her face like a little girl who had gotten caught doing something wrong, she said no and that it actually aroused her a bit. I moaned out loud then flopped back down in the chair leaning my head back then looking back up at her I quickly said, “I’m sorry, I didn't mean to do that…!” She stood up like she was going to leave but instead came over to me and said, "Let me show you how good I am by cleaning things up right now." and with that she knelt down in front of me. Throwing the pillow to the floor she grabbed my still throbbing cock and stroked it making me feel like I was cumming a second time.

This is a brief account of my sexual history

hardcore 2018-05-21

My arse felt used and abused i reached down and fely my anus which was quite open which worried me, Keith spread my cheeks as if to look at his handy work, my current husband does the same thing after anal to, the kinky bugger. It turned out she had taken 3 guys that way already, what a slut :0 The whole experience was sexy depite the initial pain and I did like being owned, and It began to be a regular part of our love making over the first 2 years of our 5 years of marriage, we probably did anal once a month.

The Woman

hardcore 2018-05-21

She added a third finger to his asshole and fucked him harder as she squeezed his balls tight and now took his cock deep in her mouth and sucked him hard and then she felt the cum blast from his piss hole as he filled her mouth and she began swallowing every drop. It was a good forty five minutes of ass fucking him hard and deep before she could tell he was ready to burst and she then grabbed his cock with her mouth and sucked as he rammed the metal rod in deeper and he gave a yell and cum shot down her throat.

Me and my sexy teacher part 1

mature 2018-05-21

I then went a head and told her how I felt, that she was a sexy, beautiful and perfect teacher in every way and that I couldn't have got through the year with out her. Her mouth gets so close to my cock I can feel her breath on it as she stairs up at me with her blue eyes, she knows she is teasing me. Finally her red lips go around my cock and her tongue swirls around my head the sensation makes me moan as she goes all the way down I can feel the back of her throat with my cock.

You must read this, before wanking.

mastrubation 2018-05-21

Ella was left out cold in the back of the limo, naked and covered by a tartan blanket, Frank the colored chauffeur, parked at a safe distance off the side street, remained in the back with Ella, doors locked and lights out, with strict orders from his employer to make her last free night memorable, something I was jealous of, as we all had to fondle his oversize penis, a price we paid for his continued silence, and I watched as each one descended on his organ, kissing, squeezing, sucking and bum rubbing, I sucked Frank briefly, the mot lucky cock in London, twelve women paying homage, before he disappeared into the Limo, and gave Ella something her husband to be might have to rear as his own, Black men can be so fertile, my own pussy twitched at the thought.

An orgy for women where anything went

fetish 2018-05-21

Listening to a woman release her pent-up frustrations, on a high note, that only can be done with the sex that she aspires too, is contagious to other females around, no wonder the Romans had the right idea of throwing orgies, old men and young boys, ugly women and beautiful girls thrown into the mix of cock cunt interaction, the way all sex should be carried out. They are deep into their fuck, their mouths locked as their tongues lick each others tonsils, but I feel the urge to feel their passion internally, so I push my recently cleaned finger up her ass, and feel his cock assault the fibrous inner workings of her tight cunt, it's times like this when I wish for a cock to mount her myself, and get a sense of wonderment that man must feel inside a female.

Master's Birthday

bdsm 2018-05-21

"Where you told to help her undress me!" They fell to here knees and look down to the floor, and at the same time said, "No my master, I have been naughty please correct me." With the look of saticfaction on his face, I knew I had done well and he was please with me. No hiding your eyes, if you do you will regret it, do I make myself clear?" Nodding my head and trying to hide the tears, I said,"yes master, I will do as I am told. Doing so the master slowly place his cock deep insider her while looking at me with an evil grin.

Wife fucks my friend while I'm out of town.

hardcore 2018-05-21

He pulled her clothes off and sucked her tits then stood by her head sobshe could suck his cock good. As she spoke on phone he sucked her pussy good and she panted saying she had to go. Then she told him to fuck her good so he rubbed her pussy with the tip of his cock and pushed it in deep. He fucked her hard and good fast and watched her big tits bounce till he came all over her tits. They had more drinks watching porn and she sucked him for 20 minutes and then bent over the couch looking back at him. He stood up behind her and fucked her good and hard grabbing ger tits and came all over her ass.

A Quickie in the Woods II....We Finally Meet (All

gay-male 2018-05-21

I was enjoying the body contact, and as we hugged I could feel his cock tenting in his shorts. I loved the way he would stop at times, touch and taste me in various parts of my body. He grabbed my legs and pulled them apart and went straight to my cock. He put his hands under my legs...lifted them up rolling them forward on my chest and while still looking at me he moved farther down and I felt his wet tongue tip touch my boi pussy. I then remembered that he had not cum yet so I rolled over facing him, moved my hand down to his cock and wrapped my fingers around it.

Summer Holiday

hardcore 2018-05-21

I could hear him moving chairs to mop under the tables, I peeked around the menu and saw him bending down and looking up my skirt, he stayed there a long time. "You want to suck them?" "Si", was all he said as he put his head to my left tit and licked the nipple a few times before he sucked it into his mouth. I sucked his tongue like a cock and moaned into his throat, this got him to start moving in me. Looking at his dark chest on my white squashed tits, and the feel of his body rubbing on my nylons as he pulled his cock in and out of me was ahuge come maker for me.

Me and my cumslut in MF action

anal 2018-05-21

When the tip of my tongue brushes against your clit, your head rocks backwards and your eyes close to savour the intensity of your most personal pleasure Then I'll stand in front of you, watching as you slowly remove my briefs and un-curl my pulsing length and draw it towards your mouth. As I shaft your wet cunt we kiss, I suck your nipples, you run a hand through my hair and pull my head down between your breasts. I push to more extreme depths and with your tits still squashed on the table you turn your head to look at me and say "!" Then your eyes close tight shut as my balls touch the tight skin around your anus.

Tricked wife into wearing teen Sarah's pantie

fetish 2018-05-21

I rang my wife to give her the heads up hat I had her gift waiting for at home so she rushed home as she knew she was going to get a good fuck when she tried on her new lingerie, she entered he house and came upstairs where Sarah's panties and bra were on the bed, she really liked them and said my taste in panties was amazing, little did she know that Sarah had purchased these and wore them so it was Sarah's taste she was complimenting, she got undressed and picked Sarah's panties up, removed the tag and slid her legs through the waist band, my cock was throbbing in my trousers as she pulled them up and hitched them into her pussy and arse crack, omg my wife's pussy was touching where Sarah's pussy was unaware of the situation, she took the bra and snapped it on to her small but firm titties, I nearly shot my load as smy wife was dressed like Sarah, her private pars rubbing against Sarah's, I just wanted to fuck her there and then, I unzipped my trousers and told her to keep the panties on when I fuck her, I wanted to feel Sara's gusset rubbing on my cock unaware to my wife what I was thinking of,

My b*****r Treats Mom Like a Slut

first-time 2018-05-21

When he tried to push Mom's legs apart, she playfully slapped his hand and said, "Michael, you are being naughty and should not let your friends see me totally naked. Mom looked at the guys and said, "I guess my son Michael is going to fuck me now while you watch us." The room was silent for a short time, then Mom said to Michael, "Honey, you have made me very happy by showing your friends how much you love me by using your cock. The last friend of Michael's pushed his cock in Mom's mouth then grabbed her head with both of his hands and began feverishly fucking her face. Michael kept taking video and replied, "Relax Dad. They were just friends of mine that wanted to watch Mom and Melissa have lesbian sex.

My Horny Neighbour - ROMA

interracial 2018-05-21

In the evening when I came home at 7pm I had my bath and got ready the bell rang when I opened the door I was surprised to see her at the door she was wearing denim jeans color and red color printed T shirt she was looking dam sexy she told me to come for dinner .I told her I had planned to go out with my friends she was upset said o.k. And went back I felt bad and called up my friends and told them I am not felling well and we will plan it some other time.

One fucked up f****y

hardcore 2018-05-21

Mom screamed and Lou went up on her toes, I stood and buried my cock in my mothers very wet pussy and not a moment to late. I knew just how good Mom's pussy felt as I withdrew my cock and walked to Lou. What a sight, my naked wife lying on my naked mother, her legs open and ready with Mom's hand ready to guide me home. Somewhere, in the back of my mind I hoped Mom was right there with us as I shoved my cock as deep as I could into s*s and sucked as hard as I could on Lou's clit.

A f****y Friend 6: A Way Out

gay-male 2018-05-21

I was stunned beyond belief that he couldn’t identify me, and I hesitated and squeaked out “Kelly, my name is Kelly.” As I sat there on my fathers lap, he began to rub my legs and continued talking with Artie. “Oh fuck that was good” he said “she is one hell of a cocksucker Artie, don’t you let go of her.” “Hahaha believe me, I’ll do everything it takes to keep her in my possession” Artie said, “now hon, why don’t you go back upstairs and leave us men here to chat a little bit more, but don’t go to sl**p, my cocks aching to you know.” I went upstairs and heard Artie and my father talking for a little while longer.

The Unwitting Porn Star

mature 2018-05-21

For years, I have sent nude pictures of Bonnie, my wife, Jack had been my best man, and Bonnie was move star going posing nude she was like a spaniel to water. Bonnie never wondered where I got the big In the end, Jack came back from the war with a Bronze Bonnie even posed for Jack occasionally, including some thought the time was ripe to let her know that Jack had Jack had often dreamed of photographing Bonnie himself letting Jack see Bonnie and I having sex. Jack could sit in our den when he visited and see that when Jack visits she wants sex every night. Bonnie looks great. Jack and I love seeing her tits slapping together as she

Mistaken Identity

humor 2018-05-21

It was dark, we had the running lights on, and when we reached the pass, he turned them off and turned right and said there is a party down the lake, and I want you ot meet this Nympho, and get laid real quick, and we can come back home, and jump in the lake, and she won’t be able to smell the pussy on you. After about 20 strokes, I pulled out and jumped around in front of her and shoved it in her mouth, treating her like a whore, she licked and sucked it as I shot a full load down her throat, and held her there until she swallowed. I went up to the beer truck, got a frosty, and saw my wifes’ cousin, he asked me where I had been.

MILF gets what asks for

bdsm 2018-05-21

When he is done, he runs his fingers through your hair and gives it a slow, loving pull. You feel lips close to your ear and he says, “No hands, just your mouth”. You find his cock with your mouth and slowly begin to suck. You start to suck faster and harder determined to make him cum. He stopped occasionally to admire his work and rub your ass cheeks and tickle your clit. Slowly a finger rubs you like hole as you moan. You feel the head of his cock being rubbed on your wet little hole. You feel him tense, and you know what is coming next. He removes his cock from your pussy after he is convinced all his seed is gone.

Life With s*s: Pt 14

fetish 2018-05-21

They stopped for a minute and looked at me, Lexie gave kind of a silly smile and started to get undressed, Terece chose to follow and pretty soon they were sitting across from me totally naked, and looking really good. When the table was moved, Lexie got on the floor between Terece's legs and slowly started to work her way up first one thigh then the other licking and kissing as she moved. I didn't want to climax right away so I was going really slowly on my clit, Jeff was going really slowly on his cock, we were both enjoying the show, I know this because we looked at each other and smiled, then went back to watching.

My Neighborhood Delight

mature 2018-05-21

As we are walking into my backyard all I could think is that I’ve admired Vicki for a few months, but she showed no interest in anything except her dog. We were almost at the gate when Vicki bent over a bit, “Jeff, you’re going to go blind if you don’t stop staring. Vicki turns around and says “Jeff, I said GIVE IT A SQUEEZE,” Vicki then proceeds to grab my cock, which was already, admittedly erect. I got up from my kneeling position and went to wipe the cum off of my cock and she said “No leave that on.” As I go to insert my cock, she quickly grabs it and starts inserting it for me.


group 2018-05-21

To the outside of her dark chocolate nipples contrasted with mocca latte extra cream skin tone then I finnally kissed her long and deep face glistining with her juices..she sucked the juice out of my beard..I nibbled her jaw line the out side of her ears while I was doing all that..I was rubbing my dick head against her pussy as you can imagine her pussy lips were dark against the rest of her skin tone:)an had labia that looked like a cobra with the hood spread ..I was rubbing her and she began to swell again and I put my dick inside her .and had her kegel muscles snapping over my ridges I asked zu if she felt them she said yes!!!!!I asked her if she s ever been with a man that had ridges like mine she said no but she told me she liked how they felt againt her tounge and the way I reacted to it...the whole time I was strokin her slowly but deep my dick he'd found her cervix and I pushed on it.

Jamaican Girls love ass-fucking too.

voyeur 2018-05-21

I got up and slowly f***ed the head of my cock in her pussy,then i took it out and put it in her mouth so she could taste her own juice. She sucked my cock furiously and left some white cream from her pussy on the corner of her mouth, of course, i licked it off and gave her a nice deep kiss.. I sucked up all the juice and cream and then i licked her asshole and slid my tongue inside her tight little batty. I began fucking her slow and nice until she got a little loosened and she told me two women were watching through the window.

So My Wife Wants Black Dick

mature 2018-05-21

My wife, Sarah, has been very loving for the huge black man pausing his fuck to glare angrily at me. As I watched in silent rage, Sarah and the two men who "'Coal Burner.'" I said, and Sarah looked as if she'd Saturday, after all." Sarah said, her face pale and "NICK!" It sounded like a black man, and my God, I'd Mikey got up in Chain's face pretty quick after that because she wants to fuck black men." "Oh, I know daddy!" Jessica said happily. Sarah began crying, and Jessica moved to defend her "I'm going to miss mom and Jessica." He said, his face In the background, Derek and I saw Wallace, Aron, Sarah,

The Aftermath of Initiation

first-time 2018-05-21

I looked down at my groin, the stretch material of my boxer shorts was being pushed to its limits by my stiff pole, a small damp patch had formed where the head of my cock was rubbing against the inside. “No, stop” I pulled her hand out of my boxer shorts, “I really need to pee and you will be late..we can leave it until later.” She look bemused, it wasn’t in my nature to refuse a bit of hand relief, especially considering the way she was dressed. The house was quiet but I thought I heard a door open and close, I went out into the hallway, shower gel in hand, and made my way to the bathroom.

The Affair pt 2

anal 2018-05-21

"After a few licks I took the head of his black cock "I think you know," she moaned as the dildo started feel that big, long, thick black cock inside me. You've been asking me forever to fuck a black cock." Fuck that cock deeper into me, dear." I told you this was a black cock in your cunt?" Fuck me with that black cock. Just like that black cock in your hand As I moved that black cock in and out of her cunt, I I continued to dildo fuck her while she kept cumming. well lubricated cunt and started to fuck her with it She began to moan as the giant black cock resumed hard, unprotected black cock into my beautiful wife's

sold part 2

bdsm 2018-05-21

"Yes, master," Gina said meekly, feeling the sting of cunt." Gina immediately assumed the proper position, her tits woman, the captain flicked at Gina's ass with the whip while today it's your turn to lick their pussies." Gina obediently Ben amused himself by whipping Gina's upraised ass, second girl had reached her climax, Ben told Gina to lay on fuck hole." Gina approached the other slave from behind and cried out but Ben told her to whimper like a dog while Gina face, Tits, and put your hot little cunt right on her mouth." called Hot Tongue," he said to Gina, "is because she face Gina knelt, he said, "Show us how good your tongue is,

Its not gay if you like it! ;)

hardcore 2018-05-21

The big cock, probably the thickest and longest ive ever taken, in my ass, was just thrusting in and out, the guy moaning, and soon, I felt it start to throb, and he got louder, his cum shot like a jet out of his cock, his warm load felt so good deep in my tight man pussy. They rolled me onto my back, and lifted my left to let another guy fuck me when they noticed my rock hard cock, I felt a hand stroke it. It was soon I felt three hard slaps to my face, along with a man yelling "shut the fuck up faggot" and shoved a limp dick in my mouth.

SEX life

bdsm 2018-05-21

I lock my car and slip the remote into my jacket, turning to head to the library for some study before my first lecture of the day. Looking up, I notice a woman walking across the car park, through isles of cars a few metres ahead of me. Just as I wonder what her face looks like, she looks over her shoulder, a pair of light blue eyes scanning her surroundings and falling on me for a brief moment. Thinking nothing of it, I begin slip the book back into place in the isle when I freeze, noticing a pair of blue eyes directly in front of me. With my eyes shut, I give myself over to the feelings of lust circling through me, letting my self-restraint slip away.


group 2018-05-21

I felt him roll on top of me and his big thick cock rammed deep into my cunt and he began fucking me hard as she moved my hand down to her pussy and I took no time rubbing her clit before I pushed two fingers in her cunt and shoved them deep and gave her a rough finger fuck. But he did not pull that big dick out he kept it in my mouth and I kept sucking as the wife now had three fingers in my cunt and her tongue in my asshole fucking both holes. As I fucked his ass I grabbed his dick and began jerking it hard and fast and the wife took the time to finger fuck my cunt as she rammed my ass deep with the fake cock.

Cuck, Chastity, Femdom/Feminisation. Part 1

voyeur 2018-05-21

Finally, she slides her engagement ring over one of my toes; if I try to stand, I will tear my piercing and split my cock-head in two (if this happens, she said I will have to be sounded with her finger instead of milked, and I so love my milkings). I have a key too, but if you try anything I’ll crush your balls into paste’ she says, taking my swollen, blue testicles in her outstretched hand and closing her fingers around them. ‘Model for me,’ Julie says, ‘play for me like an innocent girl would.’ I follow her instruction, daintily hopping around the room with the hem of my dress in my hands, tossing my hair around and stroking my legs to feel the beautiful caress of the nylons she made me wear.

my first gay sex with young guy

first-time 2018-05-21

that was strange and good feeling...he pushed his dick harder and harder...i felt less pain and more pleasure...i took my hand away and he started slamming my virgin ass more god he was big...i starded to stroke my cock...i was very horny..and it felt very good being fucked.then i sat straight on his dick and started riding it, so this way i could control how deep he was inside me :).

A kinky session for a kinky girl I love

anal 2018-05-21

I start caressing your face, lick your lips, kiss your neck while my hands tease your nipples. I start teasing your asshole, using my tongue and your juices to lube it. I grab the enema tube and insert it in your ass, inflate the balloons so that you'll keep it as long as I want and the 2L or hot water flow in you. I put gloves, take medical lube and start rubbing your peehole. I let you cum twice, you even squirt when I remove the sound just before I cum in your ass... Then I remove the gag and free you and let you clean my cock covered in piss and cum with your mouth and tongue.

Live cum tribute

mastrubation 2018-05-20

The not cumming for a couple days, the build up, fantasizing looking at her pic and stroking for hours til you can't hold back anymore and just unload all over the pic. "Show me that cock put the head right upto the cam, mmmmmmmmmm look at that precum leak out" "Put that cock right over my pic and grab the base and I want you to slowly stroke up and down and when you get to tip I want you to rub that precum over it" Damn she had me slowly stroking for a few mins and it felt incredible, the head of my cock and shaft were soaked.

Body Swop

mastrubation 2018-05-20

He felt his face and he had a beard, just like Arthur, and then he looked over to where Layla sat and there he was – Mitch Robertson! Mitch didn’t answer, he just looked over at the other him sitting next to Layla and noticed that he too was feeling his body. Mitch wasn’t sure how this body he was in was supposed to perform but looking down on Jodi’s bouncing tits, and generally gorgeous figure just drove him to ram it in. He took a long look at his other self before he going into meditation, mumbled goodbye to Jodi under his breath, and the next thing he knew there was a strange sense of peace embracing him.

Amanda the teacher

voyeur 2018-05-20

My "friend" Amanda is a big bitch. Well, when I went on vacation for a few weeks I found out they had sex. Instead of getting mad and yelling at my bf and her I decided to keep my cool and act like nothing happend. I decided to offer "my cheating friend" her room. Why would I do this to someone who fucked my boyfriend? I wanted to catch her naked and post her on the internet. The funny thing is she did not have sex with many men, maybe only 3. Very few get to see her naked. However, she fucked the wrong guy out of those 3 she decided too! Hope you enjoy her body and remember not many people see this bitch naked so charish it!

Meeting a guy from X-Hamster!!

first-time 2018-05-20

When I first joined XHamster several months ago, I chatted to a sweet man who told me I was beautiful inside and out and that despite what my ex said, that I should get my confidence back up and feel sexy in myself. I felt his fingers slip under my bra strap and he pulled it down my arm, allowing him to kiss my shoulder and neck as his hand traced its way down my back and rested on my hip. I was on my back, my breasts free for him to pull at and nibble on, my legs were slightly parted and his hand found my pussy, slip his fingers down to my dripping wet hole and parted my lips to feel inside.

KAREN- s****r-IN-LAW

mature 2018-05-20

Karen bent over letting her robe fall open enough to expose one as she took my cock in her hands and then extended her tongue to begin Karen's mouth fucking my cock. As my cock sank into her Karen gasped and scratched my back. a towel and began drying Karen's perfectly smooth skin. tion and as my hands moved over her ass my cock began dancing up and Karen reached behind her took my cock "Now fuck me again!" Karen's words were all I needed. took my cock and rubbed her now exposed pussy lips with it. Karen began moving her hips forward and then from her hip around and down to begin rubbing her clit as my cock slid

Truth or Dare

interracial 2018-05-20

Slowly, Tina became aware of the size and girth of the man's cock as she watched as the woman struggled to keep it in her mouth, while stroking it furiously with both of her hands. Tina rubbed her pussy hard while she watched the woman struggle to swallow it all, and then came violently when she saw his thick white load start to ooze from between her lips and his enormous black cock. Fuck him, she thought, as she reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him forward forcing about another inch of black cock down her throat. Each time he f***ed her mouth further around his cock it made her think of what it would feel like forcing that much inside of her pussy.

Seeing too much

first-time 2018-05-20

Just as she felt her own panties getting wet she realized that Mike was staring right at her as he continued to impale Jill with his massive cock. Sarah lowered her voice despite the fact that no one else was around, "I couldn't help but notice how big Mike is..." With both hands on the shaft she closed her eyes and recalled seeing the real thing attached to Mike before she watched him fuck Jill. He was fully erect when Sarah said, "I can't make love to Tom without thinking of you and your cock." After admitting this she began to cry and Mike reached out, his erection and all, and tried to comfort her.

The Exhibitionist In Me

voyeur 2018-05-20

My eyes were closed and I could feel the breeze on my hard nipples as he bent me over and lifted my dress up. Near a big holly tree in our front yard I could see the shape of two men standing in the shadows, I couldn’t see their faces but from the movement of their bodies I could tell they were both stroking their cocks. As Tony cried out in orgasm, the other man gasped and came. Tony grabbed my long red hair and pulled my head back so that the man could see my face as we both shuddered the last of our orgasm.

"Aunt Rita" by zarzo

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she backed away and said,how would you like to stick that hard rod in my pussy?She wiggled out of her shorts and bent over placing her hands on my foot locker,ass high in the air she spread her legs wide apart as I kneeled and inhaled her intoxicatingly musky pussy fumes and began licking her from behind,ooooh oooh that feels sooooo nice she exclaimed as her sweet pussy juices dripped onto my tongue...

Risky Business

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A sex scene came on the programme we were watching and I could feel my cock starting to stiffen so curled my legs up to hide my burgeoning erection as my shorts would definitely give the game away. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Susan had started to rub her legs through her tights and could tell she was getting turned on by what she was seeing too. I started to rub myself through my shorts and Susan looked round at my gf. At this my gf started to wake up so I quickly shoved my cock back inside my shorts and curled up so she couldn't see my hard on.

s****r Sucks Best pt.2

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Tommy squeezed her tits, his eyes watching as his fingers "Ummm, Tommy." Her hips rolled as the heat of his mouth made "My pussy, Tommy," she begged, shoving his hot, sucking mouth mouth as her warm pussy-cream washed over his face. my pussy!" Her tits jiggled, the pink swollen nipples aching. her clit with his tongue then sucked it into his mouth. Judy rolled her hips, bathing her b*****r's face in cunt- "Oooo, Tommy," Judy squealed as she worked her hips in With his face drenched with pussy-juice, Tommy destroyed his "Tommy!" Judy screeched as she ground her cunt into his face. Judy thrashed on the counter, her ass humping, her cunt Tommy twisted his head and beat her clit one last time.

what to DO!!!! cuckold..

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Steven took his condom off and with one final hard push put his big black cut cock deep inside her and filled her up,,at the same time Jane said she was cumming she was holding him tight with her legs so it went right in,,they then both just flopped on the bed knackered,,Jane with her legs open and Steven with his semi hard cock just flopped on his belly,,to round the night off Mark just stood up and went down on Jane he started to eat her pussy out with Stevens cum just dripping out and he was lapping it up,Jane was holding his hair and telling him deeper with your tongue i want you to clean me down,,he got off her then they started kissing and saying thank you to each other and said they loved each other which was great to hear..Steven stood up and started to get dressed and asked will this happen again..we will see Mark said if she wants it Yes but not for a while

Hot & Heavy

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I guess that fearful moment sent a signal to my tits because the wet spots started growing and I thought my nipples were going to poke through the satin on my nightgown. Thinking about him and my nipples being hard rubbing against the satin of my gown and the heat building between my thighs made me want to scream. My right arm pressing against my dripping tits with my hand pulling on my left nipple. He then slid the straps of my gown down my arms and apologized into my chest as placed his mouth around my left nipple. I reluctantly pulled back and his mouth broke contact with my right nipple a stream of milk went over his shoulder.

she craves big black dicks

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fantasized about being fucked by a big, black cock. the thought of having another black cock makes me cum black cock sliding into your white pussy! it as his big, black cock slid into her white pussy. plump pussy, making me cum as I thought of a black cock a black cock, as he would rub my pussy at night as I white pussy with that big, black cock." "Think about me being a big black cock fucking your hot answered, "Do you want this big black cock in your tight I was getting what I wanted, a Big, Black cock! with both his big black cock and his hot cum! inches of that big black cock and have grown to loving

Allyson the Sissy Whore 2

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As he started to come to terms with what was happening he saw the door of the jail building open and in came a man he had never seen before who proceeded to wank over a bowl of what could be loosely described as porridge as he passed it through the jail cell door and told Allyson to eat up. Well you know this is Allyson's booth and you know what happens to whores who take customers from other whores...' The poor guy getting a blowjob had no idea what was going on but was told that Allyson would finish him off as this masked red head whom Allyson now knew was called 'Laura' was handcuffed behind her back and read her rights.

Blowjobs: Every Mouth is Different.

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I enjoyed it so much that I'm stealing the idea and publishing my own recollection of oral pleasures, here are four memorable women (in no particular order): We did it a few times in a parking garage where we nearly got caught. Funny thing is, at home in bed she wasn't into oral at all. I came in her mouth on the first date (only time that ever happened). Liked to come to my office at night when only the cleaning crew was around (nearly caught by them, too). On her knees naked, as I sat in my big swivel chair, she worked her mouth like a cunt on my cock. She held my cum in my mouth until I gave her permission to swallow!

Fun with Aunty & her Daughter

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Next day I brought sl**ping pills and gave it to my aunt as painkiller after dinner.She took it and after while she came into my room and said that she is going to sl**p as she feel some un easyness (I know the reason but she doesn’t)then after half an hour she started sounds I know she is in deep sl**p.I saw the opportunity and decided to touch Aunty’s breasts when she is sl**ping. I cummed once and again and again she just didn’t wanted me to stop so she came on top and started kissing my whole body and went to my pennis again she starting to suck it mean while my aunty daugther is standing at door watching us she too got horny rubbing her nipples moaning for that we saw her my aunty afraid first but I called her dauther to bed come on monica "name changed".

The Anniversary Gift

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The blonde began to work in earnest, teasing and tickling Jeannie from head to toe, running light fingers or harsh nails over every inch of her beautiful skin, with special attention to her nipples, pussy, and ass. The blonde used the clenching of Jeannie's ass around her thumb to gauge when to back off with the vibrator, bringing my wife right to the very edge of an earth-shattering orgasm over and over again, but expertly denying her the final push. The blonde stopped with the Hitachi, put a ring gag in Jeannie's mouth, buzzed her clit for ten more seconds, and then turned to me and said "She's ready, Sir."

new city and women looking for a husband.

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She dries me off and when she gets to my cock she stops, looks up and ask “how you want this dried?” I smile and point to the bed. After a food and a beer or two Debbie wants to get away, we take a ride and talk, She tells me how she loved the sex we had but wanted me to know she also enjoys sex with women. In no time she has hit orgasm, its soft and sweet, I feel the soft tender legs and the so soft ass in my hands. She ask, “are you going to finish?” Not right now, let me enjoy how good you feel inside.

My First MMF Experience

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Day one was scoping the area and I found out that the first of March is College Spring Break time! Ted was still licking away and began to finger me when Seth laid me back giving me better access to his balls and dick. Ted moved up and stuck his dick in my mouth as Seth pounded away at my pussy. After he exploded I got on all fours so Ted could do me doggy while I told Seth to come on over so I could make him hard again. I moved down to the end of the bed with my head hanging over and sucked and licked both their cock and balls until they came on my chest again.

My son fucked my wife

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His step-mother (my wife, Tina) finally took him to the His step-mother, (my wife, Tina) was a little perplexed on night, Tina went down to his room and tapped on the The next night just before King went to bed, he masturbate tonight." "I don't think that will help much ," said King. Tina gasped as King pulled off his underwear. little slower" said Tina. King's huge cock in her mouth. bobbing up and down on King's huge dick, getting only Tina swallowed all of his come and King's orgasm "Well it sure feels good Mrs. Tina, I've never seen you Mrs. Tina, couldn't I do it a little? "I will Mrs. Tina, I've just got to fuck you." I was

Suhasini - The Sex Worker Discovers Her Art

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I’m about to share some experiences of Suhasini, a sexy 20 year old [her true age] sex worker from Aurangabad district. On one hand, we see Indians staring lustily at our bodies, particularly boobs and giving vulgar gestures. My boobs, my slim waist, my thin arms, my lovely thighs and sexy legs were all sketched in erotic ink. Normally, foreigners would pull away my clothes; remove their clothes and push their cocks inside my soft pussy. He told me to make use of senses of touch, seeing, smelling, licking, sucking, nibbling and ultimately enjoying sex to the fullest. He asked me to keep breathing well and feel the warmth of his cock while it entered the opening. His warm and hard cock hammered and stroked me like wow.

Dorm Room Fun

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Now, let me preface this by saying that I had, in the past, made out with Haley a couple of times while we were out at the bar dancing and grinding but her b*****r, one of my decently good friends, had no idea and I intended to keep it that way. Maddie then turned around and pulled my head down to say something to me, as you could only hear from yelling to each other very close by, and she said, "you and Haley are turning me on so much, I'm really getting wet with you two grinding on me." This completely took me by surprise, because I know she had been drinking, but here was this gorgeous girl who I barely knew, telling me how turned on she was and how wet her pussy was getting just by dancing with me.

I Love The Taste

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My wife finds it a little weird but she's cool with it, we've been married 5 years, over the past year she has helped me experiment with s**t; me watching her poop, her shitting in my hands and a couple times on my chest, she has always refused to go in my mouth. Her big yellow ass right over my face, she releases a few smelly farts and then I see a pretty brown turd peeking at me, I open my mouth immediately and a rush of poop fills my cheeks. I gulp down whats in my mouth and then she releases another mountain of poop, she now has my c*ck in her hand using it to hold herself up and squeezing it every time she pushes out a turd.

My first xhamster date

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She was a new member and was therefore pretty chatty (she hadn't gotten sick of all of the pests yet) She was so friendly that I actually thought that she was a fake or was going to try to sell me her knickers, I called her bluff by asking her to cam, to my surprise she accepted and we played together for a while, she loved to watch me spit on my cock and rub it in while she fingered herself, she used to lean in close and whisper that she wanted me to cum in her mouth, it always made me explode. She was feeling horny and after weeks of watching my cock getting harder for her, she said that she really wanted to have it in her mouth...


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thirty people who usually show up." Finally able to speak, Jenny asked, "Do you have to, you know....," "You mean do it in front of everyone," finished Charlie? "Well Charlie was right about one thing," she thought, "every man there had a huge cock "Jen, this is Frank Elliot, a good friend of mine," said Charlie. and said, "Nice to meet you, Charlie said some good things about you!" Shaking Franks hand, talked, Frank's cock began to slowly become erect, and Jenny by now was starting to feel that "I love big cocks, Frank," Jenny said, " nothing else could, and while Frank was driving hard to his orgasm, Jenny was in the throes of a

The Portal Part 1

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Dr Jim Smith was one year into his 3 year program at CERN and things were not going well. "Pass my safety hat Stewie" Jim asked as he grabbed his tools from the case on the floor. Jim noticed Jean smiling at him as he crossed the room to the main detector hall. Her white CERN overalls undone to show her ample bosom - which Jim realised he may have been staring slightly too long at. Dax cleared his throat and grabbed Jim's right arm. She held it over Jim's left nipple, burning it slowly and painfully like a flame. With air being restricted to him and the pain from his tortured cock and balls, Jim finally passed out.

Wife Pleases - IX

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With the regular fucking she was getting, I was able to enjoy a lot of cum from 4 different nuts. I could not tell exactly what was happening, but later she said: "The doctor came in me, his friend came in me, the doctor repeated, and the friend repeated twice..."..a total of 5 loads of cum in her pussy in one session. Visual observation would agree that this was an unusual cum drinking opportunity for me (10 nut emptyings). Later she told me about one position where the friend was lying underneath with his cock in her pussy and the doctor was fucking her at the same time from the top....I said: "How did that feel?" She said: "You don't want to know, or else you might think I am a wanton woman."

Part One: Her First Gloryhole

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this seemed to send through the man's cock, Misty began Misty felt the man bucking against her mouth, which the hole to grasp Misty's cum-covered breast. As Misty watched the man through the hole, he unzipped big as the first man's, but Misty wasn't going to face, the man plunged his cock deep into her mouth and Misty did as she was told, rubbing the man's cock all two men's cum spilled out the sides of Misty's mouth, The man's cock continued pumping out cum and it coated As the man withdrew his cock, Misty could As she felt the man orgasm and pull out, Misty quickly get plenty of cock and men always want me." Misty

Our Monday

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Her hand drifts across my chest softly and slowly lower. I unhook her bra letting them hang free taking them in my hands heavy and large.Pulling them to my mouth sucking and tongue flicks . Nipples erect now like my cock throbbing in her hand. I replace her hands with mine and pull them together licking both nipples back and forth. She slide between my legs takes my cock in her right hand and swallows. She sucks and licks slowly down my lenght.Sucking just the head jacking my shaft. Her eyes looking up at me as she again takes me deep into her mouth then slowly pulling back tongue licking the head then down to my balls.

Great Days

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I went down wearing that and while having the lunch, Jeena told me that we are going for an outing for two or three days to Jenna’s farmhouse nearly 2 hours drive from their and to get ready after lunch. She booked me air ticket and by noon we went back to Jeena’s house where I stay and took my passport and all needful things and removed my tshirt and wear a noodle strapped tube dress and my fav black thong. My body was covered with full of cum and piss and we sat their for some more time, iwear my thong and Rovan told me that he wi;ll drop me at my house.


first-time 2018-05-20

But I have never done anything like that. My husband followed me into the huge tent, with all the windows and door wide open. People were everywhere. He knew I was going to shut all the windows and zip up the door before undressing. Instead, he pulled my shirt up over my head, leaving me in my bra. I didn't protest - probably for the first time. Next he unhooked my bra and let it fall off. I don't know how many people walked by and watched for a few seconds. My heart raced the whole time. I have been nude in front of many people before, but in a professional setting. I didn't feel like they even noticed my nudity.

Bathtub double

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I slapped my nipple roughly with the vibrator, this only caused the intensity in my pussy to quicken. My body became ever more alive and I enjoyed watching myself fucking my own pussy roughly with the thick blue cock. I let the thick blue slip from my pussy on his own accord, he bobbed and floated in the bathwater as I opened the container of lube and tantalizingly drizzled it over the pearly slim. His face came to mind once again and I exploded as I pictured myself riding him, his cock in my ass and my blue vibe in my pussy. I looked down at my body, my huge tits, my nipples tiny peeks, my pussy and ass filled to the brim with not one but two dildos.

Dirty Dirty Dogging Slut........Pt 1

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Sitting on my bed after a bath my hubby walked in our bedroom, told me to dress up in my slutiest outfit and slick red lipstick on my plump lips.......of course i did as i was told he was my master.........walking down the stairs in my black basque, red fishnet stockings and red crutchless knickers with thigh high boots i entered the living room to see what he had in store for me....... Judging by the big bulge in his trousers i knew i looked i sank to my knees....unzipped him and started sucking his throbbing hard cock.......he didnt let me finish him off he just told me "good things come to sluts that wait"........ i could feel the dampness of my pussy against the inside of my legs at the i couldnt fucking wait...........

Crushing Cousins 2

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"Me and Janet know you like it when we sit on you and we can hear you playing with yourself when you are in bed, do you want to go on another picnic with us" ? She continued, "we know you really want to see us with no clothes on and will let us do anything we want to you, so tomorrow you are going to say you are not well and me and Janet will offer to stay here and look after you". Kathleen laughed again, "we have the caravan all day so we won't need clothes on, Janet and I are going to sit and bounce on you, stand and jump on you, make you lick our cunts loads of times and wank you silly.

Chapter 4

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The group just laughed as Mistress Dee said, ”Oh poor baby, we have only just begun.” The man reached between my legs from behind, firmly grabbing my cock and balls lifting me up and guiding me to the saw horse. Once the end of the saw horse was between my legs, he pushed me down, sliding me forward and back mostly using his grip on my cock and balls. Apparently satisfied, he slapped my ass hard, grabbing an elastic band he clipped to an attachment next to my cock, pulling the band tightly just above my cock and balls as the hung down at the edge of the saw horse.


bdsm 2018-05-19

Almost without thought he walked back to the bathroom and strapped the belt round his waist, picking up the tube and slipping it, with difficulty, over his cock. His mind reeling he suddenly found resolve and stripped off the belt, dressing quickly before walking out, head high, into the kitchen. By 7pm he was in the bedroom, locking the belt round his waist and gathering up the keys. Before he could say a thing She stepped forward and f***ed a large rubber gag between this teeth, buckling it tight behind his head, the harness straps running under his chin forcing him to bite down onto it and preventing any attempt to expel it from his mouth. Before long he was fully open, unable and unwilling to resist as Her strap-on pushed mercilessly against his prostate with every stroke.

Cuckold part 1

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I could only guess what she was saying but I had no doubt that it was something sexual, she had that look on her face I’d seen so often when she was excited by a man.I felt relieved that I had d****d a towel over myself earlier (had I subconsciously guessed what would happen?) as my penis started to respond to the sight of my wife’s surreptitious flirting with another man.It was such a strange sensation, almost like it was me who was the interloper, the transgressor, for secretly watching the illicit episode playing out in front of me.Certainly it was Julie who was making all the moves, her mouth so close she was almost licking his ear, standing with her body right up against his, I could imagine her pressing her mound against his thigh under the water.Of course, Dave wasn’t protesting.

Do you love me?

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His hot tongue running along the lobe before he bit harder; Upon hearing her yelp, he pulled away and pulled at her hands; placing one on his still erect cock and held the other above her head with one of his. His other hand trailed a finger down his jaw line to her neck; it felt very satisfying as he watched he close her eyes, and heard her breathing grow heavy and raggered. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and tugged her up so she was on her hands and knees before his cock slowly out, watching as her breathing evened slightly and then pushed his way back in her hard.


mature 2018-05-19

my dad has a chemists shop and i go to help sometimes, there a lady there that helps too. one i went to see my dad and he was out .and i was loo king at the lady serving someone and shock ! see put the cash in her bag .i did not say anthing that day but i had a plan . the next day i ask here to meet me nin a country pub .she just look at me shaking her head no your to young . then i ask her about the cash and how i may tell my dad .a look of horr on her face .no no dont do that ?so you go for a drink then i ask with a a hope full hart.

pt 2 of me and my mother in law

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She grabbed my leg and started to rub my semi hard cock through my jeans. After 5 minutes of getting a great blow job I stopped her and started slowly rubbing her breasts. I slowly pulled her panties off and started kissing and licking both her pussy and ass. I could feel her body tense up as she had an intense orgasm that tightened her pussy lips around my cock for over 30 seconds as I slowly kept fucking her. She screamed in pleasure more and yelled, “FUCK ME HARDER, I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” Seeing her orgasm a third time drove me nuts and I told her I was about to cum.

How To Make A Sale

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I’m just excited to do whatever we need to close this deal and start doing business.” Brian grinned and said, “Me too…me too.” He then continued with, “Well Rob, basically the reason we are still talking is because of your plead to do anything to get our business and the fact that you offered to come by often, to make sure I’m happy in order to keep our business.” I thought to myself, “Wow, begging worked!” Brian continued, “So as long as we can work out these final details, you can come by in the morning a pick up your purchase order.” “Oh yeah, we’re gonna do a lot of business you little cock whore!...You ready for my cum?” I pulled his cock from my mouth and said, “YES!

My first teaching job

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Lucy pointed the tip toward her open mouth and took first the head, then the rest of my cock, gulping down my length to the back of her throat. She f***ed her mouth down to the root of my cock touching her nose to the short pubic hair on my tight belly, gagging herself in the process, and then pulled back to the tip, letting a thick strand of saliva run down my shaft and heavy balls finally dripping onto the rug at my feet. With her legs spread wide, Lucy was driving three fingers into her soaking wet pussy and twisting and pulling her clit ring with the other hand. Suddenly Lucy pulled her hands away from herself and pushed hard against my thighs.

My best friend and I part 1

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as a joke i said suck my dick. so he started sucking my dick. then i was sucking his and thats it and that went on for a few days. one of the times i wanted more so i jumped on top of him and started makeing out with him. and started sucking his huge dick. he just started moaning please fuck me in the ass so i was like hell ya nd turned him around bent him over the couch and slowly put my dick in as he was in pain. so i pulled out and started fingering his ass and tounge fucking it. then i tried to shove my dick up his ass agian and it went in.

Daddy's Skripper

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My hand was stroking my hard cock when that tight piece of ass took of her mask to reveal the face of my own young daughter. I don't know what bothered me more, the fact that my little girl was a slut, or the fact that my cock was throbbing at the thought of fucking her. You made your daddy whack off and cum while you were fingering that tight little pussy." A small gasp left her lips. "I think that if you are going to be anyone's little slut, you should be daddy's." I took her arm and led her toward the living room. Daddy's cock is gonna fuck this little pussy so hard."

My fat ugly slut wife

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After being on Xhamster for a while now and having posted several picture's of my wife, i have been ask to put up a few stories about the woman and what she/we get up to, so here goes: When i first time i saw her i knew i had to have her, this may come as a bit much to some of you because she isn't the best looking woman out there, in fact she is pretty ugly. Then the guy to her left who she was still wanking said that he was going to come so she took her mouth off the black guys cock and put her mouth over the other guys, seemed like seconds after he entered her wet mouth that he too stiffened and shot his load into her throat.

multiple orgasms

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“Note how open her anus becomes, making the required rectal examination easier.” He pushed the remote again, her ass slowly lowered again, but this time as her legs moved outward, her pussy lips began to spread open. “Now for the rectal exam, Joanna.” Michael pushed the control panel, Joanna’s ass rose higher until her tiny anus was fully exposed, the spread of her legs already opened the wrinkled hole. As the snake withdrew, they increased her masturbation, Dr. Steve rained blows on her upturned ass cheeks, unprotected and vulnerable to the sexual spanking, Dr. Michael played her body like a fine tuned watch, his fingers clipped the dangling hemostats, ignited sharp painful nips on her labia as his other hand played over her clitoris.

The Toy Party's

group 2018-05-19

Beth pulled the Dildo out of Joni and said that it was time to see what she tasted like. At this time Beth removed herself from her action And came up behind me, reached around, un buttoned my pants and pulled them down to my knees as I knelt forward and was kissing Anna while she was still touching my breasts. Anna moved her leg over my shoulders and there was her pussy and pert little asshole right in my face. I wanted to dive in and burry my face in her beautiful place but instead I slowly licked between her thigh and her left labia, then I moved to the right to do the same.

Campfire Cookout

group 2018-05-19

Caroline and Beth started to make out and bid us goodnight - at this point my balls were about to burst Nicole seemed disappoined as well but just before Beth entered the tent she gestured towards us by curving her finger to invite us in. Beth started to go for Caroline's small nipples twisting them through her shirt. Nicole started to stroke my cock while simultaneously taking off her shorts. She slid over beside me and I could feel her breathe on my neck- I swear I was ready to cum right then and there but I held back...Beth moved toward Nicole her head down but her eyes upturned to suggest a bad girl look.

my first gay bathhouse

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I walk by very approving eyes on my way to a small lounge with a couple of couches and porn on a television, so I sit and pull off my towel and start to stroke my cock. I wrap my arms around his smooth muscular back, I couldn't believe I was doing this, pulling off his towel I start to grab his firm ass, and kiss him deeper. my hot ass mature stood and started to rub his cock on my asshole, he just barely put the tip in and pulled out manys times. with my ass hanging off that stool I was taking every rock hard inch, I even started to wiggle my hips a little, this just made him fuck me harder and faster!


hardcore 2018-05-19

“No it wasn't,” said Bumfelt, shrugging off his holstered weapon, dropping it onto a chair. Bumfelt knelt before her, pushed her back against the table and slipped the black panties aside. “I'm going to fuck your beautiful cunt,” gasped Bumfelt, standing, unbuckling his belt, dropping his pants and shorts. Fuck my tight pussy,” hissed Roxanne, opening her legs, her wet lips an open invitation. She had already cum once as Bumfelt pounded her pussy whilst she lay on the table, fingering her own clit and bringing herself to an orgasm. “Cum for me, Eddie,” Roxanne rasped, pushing her ass back to meet his forward thrusts. “I wanted that,” smiled Roxanne, taking Bumfelt by the hand as he struggled to pull up his pants.

A 21yrs old white Canadian girl i met in Vienna, A

interracial 2018-05-19

It was a very cold winter time in Vienna, i was out because i had a date with a girl i met a day before so i was waiting for this girl to come and meet me in a particular place, but unfortunately/fortunately she wrote me that she would be coming late. When we got into the hotel room we couldn't even wait to take off our clothes, we started kissing for some seconds and then she turned for me, i fucked her "Doggy" until she cum more than once before she could even think that she has a bed in the room.


hardcore 2018-05-19

“That hard cock feels good on my ass” Glenn smiled and replied “Baby you have no idea how long I waited for this how many times I dreamed of making love to you.” “Sweetie we have a lot of time to make love but I want you to take that big cock and fuck my wet pussy as you have always dreamed of fucking it.” She was looking him in the eye and felt his hands moving down her stomach. “I am going to fill that pussy with my cum my sweet slut.” Kewanna felt him swelling and knew he was close as she was, she wanted to orgasm together to feel the ultimate high from what was the best night of her life in a long time.

the girls i fucked one afternoon

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it wasnt long before pam c was on her knees taking my cock down her throat, the other encouraging her, to teach me a lesson, ect ect. 2 more awesome BJ's from them that night, and during a break, i fucked pam c in the backstage dressing room. at the end of the night when we were packing up, pam c introduced me to her husband, as they left she told me she was gonna make him clean up the mess i'd left in her panties. i asked her to take them off, and leave them with me, and on the way home tell her new husband that she had left her panties in the dressing room after she got fucked.


voyeur 2018-05-19

I stand in door way as you take your top off and wipe the sweat away... I walk up to you from behind and wrap my arms around you and kiss your neck and shoulders as my hand begins to stroke you slow ... As you pull away I blush as I say "don't stop" and pull you back to me and kiss you fiercely not wanting the moment to stop... Kissing,licking,nibbling, biting and caressing each other driving each other wild leaning on your car... You stop and smile at me as you open car door ... Kissing, looking into each others eyes,caressing as we move as one till we cum and then lay there in each other's arms.

My wife is my band's groupie.

anal 2018-05-19

Jim was now fucking Sharon as she sucked on Mick and Ben. Stan was still carrying on like a dickhead. "Fuck my pussy first and then start on my arse." She then took hold of Mick's cock and licked underneath the head as she looked up at him smiling. "Remember lads she wants us all to cum over her all at once so we need to keep control." As I said this Dan pulled out of her arse and looked at Jim. You guys are making me so fucking horny" She rubbed her open pussy as she looked up at us with lust in her eyes and Stans cock in her arse.

Loren Housesitting Adventures

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"Mrs. wants to by me those black stiletto Jimmy Choo's, you know the slutty looking ones." Tish was having a hard time focusing because at that moment she was getting a full on view of my very swollen shaved pussy. Uncle Bob promised me that he was going to teach me how to use a woman like you and show me how to tie you up and bind your tits so that they swell up and get real sensitive." "Don't worry, Tish will be eating your pussy the whole time and once we are done with you you can do anything you want to her, including punishing her breasts if you like." I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and increased the pressure as hard as i could.

Fishing Trip - Part 1

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I stand in front of you glistening in the midday sun and you ask me turn around so you can apply some sun screen which you warm in your hands first before applying to my tender skin, applying generous amounts to my shoulders and back making sure you get under the straps of my suit Instantly cooling them, I let out a soft sigh and wriggle in my swimsuit backing into you. I moan slightly as your hands massage my breasts under the tight top, kissing my neck and shoulders, I cant resist and push back into you. as I throw my head back in passion, your head goes forward enough to look over my shoulders down to where your hands are under my tight suit, massaging my hardening tits.


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I had two pair of her dirty underpants and started fucking my fake Mom. My ass and pelvis and prick were grinding in and out like a machine. Then I will let you touch it and kiss it." She spread her legs wide open with one leg over the arm of the chair and started rubbing her pussy with one hand and fondling her tits with the other as I continued to slowly jerk my prick. Then she opened her legs as wide as she could and positioned my prick at the outer lips of her cunt with her hand and said, "I want you to fuck me just like you did the pillows.

My first experience... Accidental Flashing

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I finally got into a stride and decided to get serious, so I went back to my bike, dropped to my knees and started pounding my throbbing cock. My cock jumped at their touch, and they giggled as it did, so I grabbed it again, got up on my knees, situated myself in front of them, and let it get harder and grow more before their eyes. Finally, the girl to my right, reached her hand up and grabbed the shaft, I moved my hand and she just held it, stroking it slowly, I could tell she was nervous, and that she'd never done this before, and I moved my cock through the hole her hand made for my cock and finished cumming.

A Night with Britney Spears

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young Britney, wearing nothing but a tiny, see-through teddy taking pictures while Britney rolled around on the bed. hands would roam over her young body, squeezing her breasts, My cock was rock hard as I watched this young girl finger her “Put that camera down, Troy,” Britney moaned out. I tossed the camera aside and walked over to this hot little little girl was so fucking hot! Britney’s hands went around to my ass, pushing me deep inside I began giving this little girl Seeing this little girl writhing, cumming “Oh fuck Yes little girl!! I exploded deep inside of her tight, hot pussy as Britney out of me, fucking me back with deep, long thrusts. Britney and I fucked and sucked all night long.

Facial Faux Pas

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Being younger at the time, I got this bright idea in my head to make a bet with her. The bet was that I would cum on her face and if she broke out, I had to buy her shoes, if she did not she had to give me a lap dance at some point. So we had an agreement, the next time we saw each other and did something sexual I would get to cum on her face. So rather than my normal load of cum hitting her straight in the face, I pretty much exploded on her. I was cumming like crazy, she had been surprised how much came out of me, and kept saying stop.

The demise of s happy marriage part 2

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He sat her on the desk again and thought ' fuck it another few minutes won't matter' he slipped 3 fingers into her orgasm wrecked pussy and found her G spot with his fingers, and, even though she was still in a state of shock, from the fucking of her life, he then got her through his expertise as a womaniser onto a level of intensity she would never see the like and would never find from another man. "Sylvia, you have made an old man very happy today., I feel as if there are good kind people left in the world. Jackson thought the only think I'm going to be eating is your young cunt you slut.

My mom's best friend- part 2

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Having been given the orgasm of my life by mom's best friend Lisa night, I felt the day drag on at college towards my invitation to go over to hers after college. "OK Lisa..." I started but she interrupted again "I mean it Sam. You could be at the cinema with your friends or on a dinner with some slut from college but if my text comes you leave everything. She knew after a couple of strokes I was very likely to cum there then so she let go and looked at me smiling "we're going to have to work on your control aren't we?" She walked out of the room leaving me there butt naked with a raging hard on fighting the urge to stroke it to completion myself.

The Cumslut Cagney

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I didn't want to make things tense with questions or demands so I just started to slowly edge my hands up her arms and inside the back of her shirt. "there you are, sorry about last night Cagney I guess I went too fa-" I couldn't finish what I was saying before she stepped forward and put her hand over my mouth. She nodded her head up and down slightly as I pulled my hand out of her mouth. I put my hands on each side of her head and slowly inched my cock into her warm mouth. I slowly pulled my cock out but kept my hands on her head. "....ok" she said - her hands slid away from me and she headed for the door.

Scott's Granddaddy part 2

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After a long awkward talk and a comforting hug, he actually said, "if you want to finish then go ahead because going to bed with blue balls is the worst" but I ended up just going home because I was still so embarrassed. I received a call from Vern out of the blue telling me that his pool heater is working again and that I can train at his house. He also said that he missed me coming over and the house is lonely now that Scott is gone. Scott pretty much went his own way and I hardly ever heard from him. I went over to Vern's house the next day and we just sat around chatting and catching up.

Mind Fuck

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Eventually, the conversation would be directed to my friends sexual exploits from the night before. Again, Chris was celebrating his birthday when Tom helped hook him up with a female friend of his that he had known for a few years. She wanted to know if Chris was going to be out and Tom said, "Of course". She was about to introduce herself when Chris came up and said to her, "You need to take him to the bathroom and suck his cock". I knew she was going to want me more than anything at this point. She and I both knew we were going to fuck, but how and why was more valuable to me than just the cock in the pussy.

White sluts first bbc's

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With that all the other guy's took their clothes off, there was some fucking big thick cock's, hard and ready to fuck two young white slit's. Annie was turned over onto her hands and knee’s; one guy got down in front of her and rubbed his big cock all over her face. Another guy got down behind her, he grabbed her ass cheeks and then just rammed his cock into her, she screamed and was told, shut the fuck up bitch. Annie was enjoying it now, I think her slit had been stretched wide and she was more comfortable having those big cock's inside her and she kept shouting yes, yes as they were fucking her.

My Fantasy.....part 1

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We make some small talk for a few moments, until you look and me and simply say "we can talk later but right now I need you to fuck me" and "you can start but getting over here and licking my pussy, it has been dripping since this morning" Well the driver now forgotten I bend over and kiss you first before dropping my face in your lap, it takes no effort to slip your skirt off and you came prepared without your panties on.

First Time Being Fucked by Two Men, Part Two

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All of my storied are 100% true. I was just enjoying being the center of these two men. He had gotten hard once again....three times in one day....lucky fuck!...and was now adding something extra to the fun that was taking place at the entrance to my pussy. Mel stood up after finishing me, and then leaned over to John who was still buried in my ass....remember I love feeling a man stay in my ass after he gives me his seed....and he f***efully fucked Johns mouth...coming in a few minutes in a growling orgasm. We agreed to do this again, and those other encounters are times for others stories. Hope you enjoyed this. Remember this is all true.

The Dark Room

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He pulls at my ass cheeks as if determined to plant his seed as deep as possible up my butt hole. Then without saying a word he pulls his drained cock from my used hole, leaving me with a sore ass hole coated in hot cum. He utters not a word as he slowly pulls his cock backwards until only the cock's head remains stretching my butt hole open. He delivers one last mighty thrust of his manhood before pulling out his cum drenched cock from my butt hole and wiping it clean across the flesh on my backside. The hot cum buried deep up my butt, could have been planted by any of the cowboy's cocks in the bar.

Bath House Fun

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Then I felt something warm and wet against my hole and realized this guy was licking my ass while I continued to suck the black mans cock. The licking went on for a while when the guy behind me stopped and a couple of seconds later started rubbing my ass and hole again but this time I felt something wet being rubbed around and figured it was lube of some kind, assuming he was going to start fingering me. I tried to continue to suck that black dick in front of me but the fucking I was getting felt so good, I concentrated more on the cock in my ass then in my mouth, rocking my hips back and forth, thrusting back with each of his thrusts.

Sex On the River Boat

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It was getting dark, we were a bit d***k and I knew that they wouldnt hire us a boat so we left it for the next day and went back to our room. He slowly went down and started sucking my cock head until I got stone hard. We went to hire a river boat and they also gave us a navigator. I started rimming the guy whom I fucked last night and the other guy was jerking and sucking my cock. My cock head was swollen like a small apple as I was lying down and I was still being sucked by two mouths although I knew there was nothing left in my balls to inject.

The Punishment of Amy & Larisa .........

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i then went to a drawer & took out some narrow silk ribbon, i returned to the girls & wrapped the silk around their erect nipples & tied it off, both girls had big ripe nipples that stood out a good inch, they both moaned & groaned as i tied them off, & left about 5 feet of silk hanging down off each nipple.....i wrapped it around their body's & tied it off at the front, i then bent my head & gently licked the ends of their nipples & flicking them hard with my fingers, making then squeal out loud.......... i then stood in front of her & took a big handful of her soft shiny black hair hair & wrapped it around my wrist & pulled her face close to my pulsing cock, her eyes were wide open i looked in to them & smiled, & said just wait till its Jim's turn you fucking whore!

The Beach House

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I break our kiss and begin nipping, down her cheek, her neck, all the way to her breast. I peck my way up until I reach her vagina, I stop again and the same with her other leg. I tongue play each and every part of her beautiful pussy. She takes the kiss and positions me between her legs. I bury my face into her pussy, taking in both her and my juices. I suck on her clit, tongue fuck her and lick at every individual pussy part. I made her cum twice switching between her pussy and ass with my mouth, fingers, and tongue. She takes me out of her mouth just in time for me to spray a mini load onto her face.

Nice surprise from a date site...

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She had been married for 20 years, was bored as hell with the relationship but, like a lot of people, did not want to rock the boat at home. I fucked her so hard and so long (I have practised ejaculation control for years, thanks to being taught how to do it by a porn actress 25 yrs ago) that she had the most massive orgasm a woman could have - she was screaming, crying, laughing all at once. After we had finished, we lay back holding each other and she told me no guy had EVER fucked her so hard or so long - not even the well-hung black guy!


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She fucked his ass with the long dildo as she jerked his cock. His cock now was semi soft and she got between his legs with the dildo still in his ass and began to lick his cock. She licked and sucked his cock as she still pushed the dildo in his ass. He loved fucking her cunt and the dildo up his ass made him want to fuck her hard and deep. He felt the walls to her cunt grab his cock and then he wanted to fuck her so hard she would scream. His cock still buried in her cunt he then began to fuck her ass hard shoving almost all of the dildo in her.


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Mary knew what she would be doing before bed, but she wanted to relax and watch a movie first so after putting on her nightgown she finally headed back toward the living room. Rebecca watched in amazement as her daughter's hips quivered, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip as she shook in orgasm. Rebecca raised her arms as Mary pulled the nightgown over her mother's head. Mary lowered her pussy down onto her mom's face and she quickly managed to get her tongue inside her only daughter. Rebecca reached up and held one of Mary's ass cheeks in each hand, pulling them apart hoping it would allow her deeper access to her pussy.

Fantasy to Reality.

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I was thinking of the fantasy – get a black man into the house and close so my wife Donna would fuck him in front of me. She told me that she knew I was setting her up to fuck Kenny and while we both enjoyed the fantasy of her getting laid by a black man, that the reality of the possibility was something completely different. The vaginal juice was literally running down the crack of her ass leaving a damp spot on the bed matting her thick dark pubic hair and coating his black cock, lubricating it and leaving a sheen that made it look even darker.

the barlady...

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I start pumping her from the bottom as I feel my balls fly up and down and pussy being tapped by them every thrust or so.. I thrust in slowly as I tell her to watch her pussy swallow my cock.. I thrust my cock in deep resting my balls on her pussy lips. Then using hard and slow thrusts I pound her pussy with some white cock.. I keep pumping feeling that my climax is done my cum dripping from her pussy and running down my shaft on my balls dripping.. she pulls me out turning around as I stand on me knees she sucks and licks the cum from my cock and shaft moaning looking up at me..


group 2018-05-18

Copying us, Mark freed his cock and Sara took it in her mouth as Vicky and I watched. Vicky was sat on the couch between me and Mark, Sara was on her knees on the floor, still sucking hard on Mark’s cock whilst running her hand up and down his shaft. Vicky then started feeling my bulge through my trousers whilst watching Sara work on Mark’s cock. Sara and I looked on as Vicky stroked Mark’s cock into her mouth and licked the pre-cum from his helmet. Sara then leaned over towards Mark and Vicky and, placing her head right next to Vicky, she then took over sucking Mark’s cock.

The Day i met Amy the cum Queen.............

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i said you know what daddy does to bad girls Amy......& i took her head in my other hand & turned it towards my cock, she looked me in the eyes & parted her big thick fuck me lips & pushed her tongue out, i placed my cock on it & turned her head back & forth so she could lick my shaft, one of the other guys had got a vibrator & was just sliding it in to Amy's ass, she moaned out load & started to suck me real hard & lots of whimpering.....two old guys had ripped holes in her socks & were sucking her toes, others were running their hands & cocks all over her, pinching & pulling her body......

Cindy has a sailing lesson

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As we reached the room, Cindy sat on the edge of the bed, and asked me to help her undress, wasn’t about to refuse, I slid her shoes off slowly, and rubbed her feet a little, then she asked me to unzip her dress, she stood up, turned round and as I slid the zip down she pushed her bottom towards my crotch, I slid her dress down and she stepped out and turned around, looked at my cock and said “I think you need some help undressing as well” with that she pulled my trousers down and grabbed at my cock.

Eating His? Creampie

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The woman then says “Clean them both up!” So the guy on the floor takes the cock in his mouth, bobs his head up and down on a few times, but the woman quickly grabs his head and pulls his face down to her pussy. To break the silence I said, “Well, that was certainly different; not quite the creampie is was expecting to see.” To my surprise Laura said, “Wow, that was a big cock and a lot of cum for that guy to eat.” Laura said, “You know I don’t think I need to eat anymore of your cum until I decide you’ve ate as much of it as I have… That’s only fair, right?

The night my friends s****r snuck out.

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I started texting her and after awhile It seemed like I was talking to her more than her s****r Amy. Tracy lived in a town about a half hour away with her grandma. I slid her panties off and started licking her shaved tiny pussy she put her hand on my head and pulled my hair while arching her back as I sucked her pussy lips and her little clit. After awhile she laid down on the bed, I climbed on top of her tiny body and started kissing her as I slid my cock in her tight little pussy which was very wet.

Nelson’s hot mom!

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I don’t know anything about boats, yachts, especially big ones and Janette and Nelson were planning to stay for a couple of days. When we arrived at the place, where there were no divers or boats, Janette and Nelson went to swim. “Easy, guys, let’s talk it out, no need to fight!” as she tried to push Nelson away from the guys, she removed her hands from her boobs, and her wonderful tits exposed. My fears disappeared when my cock stood in erection looking at Janette while 3 guys took turns fondling her boobs and nipples. I could tell Janette was d***k when she started talking about her life with my uncle being so busy on his work, and that he couldn’t give her time.

A Short Story for a Quick Wank, by Mariel

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Finger on my clitoris as you, my dear reader, hold your fabulous cock in your hand waiting for my dirty mind to unleash my sexual thoughts and perversions, and as I look down my naked body, well not fully naked, my black panties are at me knees clashing with the starkness of my long soft white thighs, I close my eyes and open my mind, my tongue slowly moistens my dry lips, my finger starts moving in slow circles, rubbing the swollen head of my clitoris, I let my index finger slip between my wet labia, and draw some of the silky fluid back up across its deepening red head, 'Oh Fuck', escaped my lips, long drawn as my ass raises from the hard wooden seat, and my finger dips deeper into my heat, I love my cunt, especially as it gives me so much pleasure.

Student-Teacher Relations

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Yet, there was always something about you that intrigued me, something that led me to stay after class and ask for extra credit assignments to make up for my poor test grades. I flicked on some mascara and lip gloss, let my hair down, and practically floated all the way to school. "Sir," I began, brushing my fingertips along your arm, "I'm sure there's something we can do to help me graduate." "I've had my eye on you all year, Sir," I said, "I think you're very handsome." I put my lips around the head of your throbbing cock, and slowly let it enter my waiting mouth. I began letting your cock deeper and deeper into my throat, until your public hair tickled my nose.

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears's Secrets

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Britney moaned softly as Jamie kneaded the lovely boob and her other hand caressed her s****rs face. Jamie let out soft moans at Brit's touch, as she reached down and played a bit rougher with Britney's jiggling tits. Britney went back to showing love to Jamie Lynn's belly, lathering it up with soap as she stood behind her and kissed her neck. Sliding a finger inside of her, Jamie went back and forth licking Britney's asshole and her pussy. Jamie was relentless, sliding a third finger in her and sucking on her pussy harder, wanting so bad to return the favor to her big s****r. Britney being the big s****r helped Jamie out of the shower not wanting her pregnant sibling to fall on the slick floor.

Warehouse Whore - part 2

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'Yes Sir,' Kim replied, excited at the thought of Bill pushing his cock into her wet cunt. He entered her quickly, fucking his cock into her sloppy cunt hard. “That well fucked hole going to fit on my cock slut?” He said. “No my little slut you may not, if you want the next cock you work for it, time for you to fuck him”. She could feel the head of his cock parting her sore pussy lips , she had just enough slack in her restraints to move, she tilted her hips and pushed back , felt him enter her , oh fuck this was a big cock!

first time with retracted foreskin

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I was suddenly hugely embarrassed and asked what am I doing, June said it was quite OK, we were both adults, we would not be disturbed, and with that she started to examine me she was straining the foreskin foreward then slowly back as far as it would go, there was a bead of precome emerged as she strained the skin down with her finger she made small circles at the tip of my cock massaging the precome in, with the tip of her finger she probed the hole at the tip. June had returned her attention to my cock, and was holding the skin down as well as putting her finger between the head and skin, then she pulled the foreskin up and with both hands put her two little fingers into the skin and held it, stretching it open It felt amazing By now I was lying back just enjoying the sensation, a mix of pain and exquisite pleasure.

A Private Workshop (the amazing sequel to "He

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We made out for a bit, before I slowly strutted over to the table, removed my clothes as I seductively looked at the man, not unlike my initial audition, and then proceeded to apply the body grease all over my chest, ass and finally my hard, throbbing cock. I continued to slowly suck his cock, letting him gradually thrust it deeper down my throat to where I could taste the drops of his pre-cum, his cock thickening in my mouth as my lips continued to caress his awesome cock… Suddenly, I felt a wet tongue up my asshole… “Mmmmmmmmm….”, I moaned.


anal 2018-05-18

John then removed his own clothes and placed the tip of his cock on the red headed girl’s lipstick covered lips, without even thinking she opened her mouth and took him inside her, she sucked and licked him hungrily, she wanted to please him as he had her. Simi knew there’d be a little pain, there always was, but it was lovely pain, here she was naked, on her back with her legs open for a man who was also naked and lay on top of her, she gasped as her ass allowed the full length of his cock to enter her body and fuck her.

Clare's first black cocks

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This time I tried another approach and tried to see if she would suck my cock but again nothing and I could tell I was affecting the atmosphere and that I wasn’t wanted. He then stood up and got her to suck his cock and I had to watch as she took him in her mouth and her hands cupped his balls. She looked me right in the eye and as she came all over again said to me “Oh my fucking god, he’s good. There I was sat on the sofa now with my cock in her mouth watching as he stuck his fingers up her and made her cum real hard.

Those BIG Cock Avatars

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Boys and Men Please Please dont tease me with those massive cocks in your Avatars. This morning I masturbated looking at them fantizising you were inside me. I know they are not real, but, please regardless of age, colour, race, or distance, if you are that large, prove to me and I will do everything in my power to meet you and surrender to whatever you want to do, this I promise, and everyone on here will know I have an extremely dirty mind, webcam, skype and car so are you man enough for me. I will fuck you anywhere, your home, my home, in a car, or wherever you choose, this is my challange if your cock is one of the big ones in your Avatar Mariel the cock slave.

crossdressers first blowjob

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so , deep breathe , I got out and walked down to the car , the full moon and clear skies lit up the layby , and the sound of my high heels clicking away was a turn on . he said sorry lots of times , but I stood up and walked back to the lorry , suddenly thinking , what the hell have I done there , thank god no-one saw me ..but the lorry that was parked in front of me suddenly flashed his headlights a few times , making the layby very bright and me in the middle of it dressed up like a cock sucking slut .

Mrs. Fletcher & Me

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Ellen pulled her finger from her asshole and tried to push my face from her cunt, as she felt her body become over-stimulated. Ellen took her mouth from my cock and said, " I wanted to fuck you tonight, but things have changed. Ellen stopped pushing on my ass, and I was able to pump my cock rapidly in and out of Lilly's flooded cunt. A wet, sloppy sound came from between Lilly's legs, as my cum-covered cock, created a frothy mixture inside of her cunt. "I want to see David's cum drip out of your cunt Lilly," said Ellen. I took my hard cock from Lilly's cunt and lay on the bed as Ellen had said.

me and my aunt

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As the night wore on my friends started dropping out and passing out when it was finally just my Aunt and myself I told her I thinking its time to get some sl**p and that I was going to bed. She was also blushing now and I felt terrible feeling I caused this by touching her so I sat up next to her and gave her a hug and told her everything was going to be ok and I offered to spend the rest of the night on the floor. This caused my cock head to hit her g spot and when I started rubbing her clit at the same time she went crazy and almost screamed but covered her mouth knowing all my friends were right downstairs.

wife fucked on huby's fault

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Any way i reached my house and ask my wife to make suit case ready as i am leaving to-day night for head office, he was not happy and said that she has to stay alone in the bungalow as our neighbor was away from town. Both guys started kissing and pressing her it was clear from the sounds in the room my wife’s voice “haye haye uuuui uuuuon” i was able to see 3 pair of legs one of my wife white slim soft smooth other 2 thick strong hairy rubbing each other.

Frankie 3

mature 2018-05-18

All the way home all Frankie could think about was her next orgasm, she was quickly becoming insatiable and couldn’t wait to feel Bob’s cock inside her again, she stroked him very slowly till they pulled up outside her house, thankfully today of all days there was room to park outside the door which meant she didn’t have to do the embarrassing no knicker walk for too far. Bob walked round and opened the car door for her and gave her his hand to guide her out, Frankie pulled at her skirt trying to pull it as far down as she could though it was only 19” in total anyway there wasn’t much pulling she could do, so she walked to the door with Bob close behind her, no sooner had she closed the door then Bob’s fingers where back inside her pussy punching away at her g-spot while she tried to walk in the house, she gave in to him in the hallway and just let him do what he wanted.

Control Chapter III

mature 2018-05-18

Supper was good and Josh smiled when his Mother said, "That seasoning tasted odd but good. Deep within the dream Julie felt like dancing and began to swirl around feeling light and free. Julie’s dream changed and she felt a rush of erotic urges flow through her body. Julie’s erotic dream continued and she began to talk all the things she was feeling. Julie in some forgotten dream had a tremendous urge for a large candy cane and it appeared to her growing out of the trunk of a tree. Josh watched as Julie slid off the couch and moved to kneel between his legs. “Oh mom, eat my cum,” he said as he began to shoot his load into her mouth.

Offering my ass for beach sex fun

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I am the second top writer of sex in here and I masturbate, like I am doing now, every time I recall past events, letting dirty old men have their wicked ways with my young body, the most memorable, being the day I had to bite hard onto my dirty knickers, the first old man cleaned his sperm with them, while his partner fucked my virgin ass, without cream, it hurt but only lasted as long as it took him to get in. He started to talk and at the same time touch himself, his cock thickening and his ball sack regressing, 'What do you think' he asked, and his fat wife laughed at his comment, 'You are too big for her', she teased, and put her hands on my knees and parted them to show my small tight line, that served as my entrance to heaven.

My First Lovers, Mother, Daughter - part th

lesbian 2018-05-18

"Oh, God, yes, I loved it when she slipped her tongue in to my pussy, and licked my clit. I cried out as her tongue slid between my pussy lips parting them and continued upward to my clit to lick it. She pulled her hips back to give my hand room I cupped her pussy and, slid a finger into her wet slit. I kept licking her clit and finger fucked her until she grasped my hand and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. While she was kissing my pussy a couple of times, I thought of Lori and wondered if I should make love with her again.

Bird watching

voyeur 2018-05-18

Are you sure you don’t want me taking the pictures I said, realising by this time that the rings on fingers meant they were probably husband and wife. Her left hand pumped faster and again her finger slipped between my cheeks and this time pushed in a little way. The feel of her cool buttocks clamping on my face got me up and hard again and I stood up and slid straight into that wet inviting pussy. I wasn’t going to last long but thought this is my best chance of tasting the delights of anal so I pulled out and knelt down again licking and soaking her ass with as much saliva as possible.

my girlfriends fat mom

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im now 25 but since i was about 14 i've been masterabting over older women 50 plus sometimes even 70 plus, anyway i've been with my girlfriend for 2 years now but i cant help but get horny when ever moms about, most guys wouldnt even look at her twice but shes my kinda women and i wanna fuck her so bad. shes 57 years old shes got short brown hair size 16 and got massive saggy tits, and a lovely fat arse. i've got a pair of her dirty knickers that i got out of her washing basket a while ago and cant stop sniffing and wanking over them.

Proving a Point

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“He damn sure did” my wife shot back “he got first go at me that night and blew his first load right here” pointing to her crotch. “I still don’t believe this” said one of the guys playing CoD, never taking his eyes off the screen. “Damn, she’s big!” said a guy on the right side of the couch. “Don’t knock it until you’ve fucked it.” she said as she slowly walked over to him, straddling his lounging legs so her brown fur trimmed pussy was less than a foot from his face “Do you know what it’s like to have thighs like these wrapped around you while your puny little dick is deep in a wet…..

First time

fetish 2018-05-18

I'm confused." "I want to watch you covered in tights playing with yourself as I rub my cock and enjoy the show" I said. returning my hand to my throbbing dick and let her pull the tights over her head and enjoy seeing her trying to contain She then got off, and started to kiss my cock through her mask, rubbing it against her cheeks and head and then easing my bellend against the nylon that covered her mouth. She found her composure and knelt in front of me, rubbing my cock with her pantyhose clad hands until I felt the spunk rush from my manhood and cover her purple face with my manjuice.

How I was exploited by Helena Aunty...

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went out in the house opposite, a little later I heard the aunty calling out time passed, when I felt something warm on my penis I opened my eyes. had pushed aside my dhothi and had my penis inside her mouth totally. When I opened my eyes I got the shock of my life, aunty had opened Aunty came with thermos flask and zandu balm bottle looked at me, laughed and placed my hands on her waist and asked "Want more milk?" with a face up kissed me and asked "Want to become a man?". said to relax grabbed my butt and pushed my penis totally inside her vagina. One day I came from school, I saw uncle and aunty distributing sweets

A Sense of Adventure

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Jake brought his unoccupied hand down, underneath Lena's tiny skirt, and pressed his fingers against the damp fabric of her panties. His thumb joined the finger and he began rubbing slow circles around the sensitive nub, delighting in the little noises pouring from Lena's mouth. He slid his hand back from it's position at Lena's clit and pressed two of those long, callused fingers deep inside her. Lena ripped the condom packet open with her teeth and quickly slid the sheath down over Jake's cock, giving him a tug on the way back up. They walked out together, Lena heading back to her friends and Jake to the dressing room.

Work Facial

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One day, I noticed a note on the door of the teacher's lounge offering free facials at Julia's home for the ladies of the faculty. "Weren't you going to finish my face?" I asked pulling my ball sack free of my fly and giving 'Mr. Happy' a few quick strokes. For the next minute or so, I ravaged her mouth and throat, my hands holding her head, by dick pumping away down her gullet. I short stroked near half a dozen times, firing as many jets of white cum on her face and into her open mouth. She gave me a triumphant smile and began to wipe up the globs of cum on her face that missed her mouth, sucking the remains her fingers.

When Billy became my full time lover part two

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We met on many occasions ,but never often enough for my liking .I wanted to be with him constantly but soon realised he wasn't ready for that kind of relationship.I was always at the end of the phone and always ready to play ,it's what he wanted ,even then what he wanted he got .When I was with him we not only had sex ..........he introduced me to the art of being submissive lol ......but we chatted for hours.Out of the domineering role he played he was gentle caring and just very special.I of course couldn't tell him this ,I kept theses thoughts to myself ,I was so scared that he wouldn't want me if I told him .It was obvious we wanted different things when he told me he wanted to play with other people as well,and he wanted to do that with me.....I was gutted!i thought I had for filled everything that a man could wantb,I thought I would be enough.

all about this dream on sex

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While I massage your penis in my one hand, you are so close we have a 69 ' is where I can licking your nice dick, while you are playing and mass produce my clitoris until I come, asks you to take my from behind slowly, that I can how is, and it's just mark the inside, and you drag it out and in again, sometimes, to see your beautiful cock ...

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 07

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Mrs. Garth, the gray haired English teacher saw Brittany coming down the hallway and couldn’t keep her eyes off Brittany’s lightly bouncing breasts that bob inside her tight tub top. Mr. Stanley stretched her right breast from her chest by pulling it with his mouth, sucking and slurping on her hard fat nipples at the end of it. Mr. Stanley lifted his sweaty head up and looked at Brittany’s face as her eyes were rolled in the back of her head and her mouth open beneath his hand, mustering small moaning noises. The Plumber started his assault on her mouth by thrusting his cock deep down her throat like James did.

Two cute student chicks

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As I looked more, Rebecca’s pretty shaved pussy was also all shiny and wet. I got it all wet licking Rebecca’s juices, and began rubbing my own pussy with it. I inched over to Rebecca, being careful not to wake her up, and softly placed the head of my toy on her wet pussy lips. I moved in with my mouth and engulfed those soft, floppy, wet pussy lips, savoring that wonderful taste! Soon I parted her lips with my tongue and got my first taste of her red sweet flesh. I sucked it in to my mouth and with in seconds Rebecca moaned out “Oh my God” and her pussy gushed out a spurt of her juice.

A little about us

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"If you like, black if you want," he said. So I wanted to have sex with a well-hung black man and Jamie wanted to watch and join in. There was a new one from someone calling himself Mr Fit. I opened it and saw the most gorgeous black man I have ever seen, slightly younger than me, really fit looking, muscular, clean, handsome, bit of designer stubble and the biggest fattest cock I have ever seen. The message read, "Hope you are looking forward to Sunday as much as me." We were going on the Friday night and coming home Monday and I did not stop asking questions about the arrangements.

Girlfriends new strapon

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I has been going out with L for a few weeks and one night after a couple bottles of wine, we started sharing sex stories and I soon found out she was not the innocent girl I first thought. Very soon she was rubbing some more lube on my bum and on her strapon and I could feel her slowly pushing the head of it in my ass. Slowly she pushed it deeper and deeper and I could feel it filling my tight hole and as soon L had pulled it in and out a few times, she started to fuck me hard and fast and It felt amazing.

Sandra the Ponygirl, wanting to be Sired

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We were both old enough to know what was going on and as I have mentioned in several stories before, we became sexually active with the old man, but this incident is about something with a slight twist to it, Sandra, who was slightly more developed than I was, had a fetish, she wanted to be a 'Pony-girl', and sent off to the UK for a bridle, reigns, plumes, and crop and the man over there sent a tail, with real horse-hair connected to a butt-plug, asking her to send him some photos with it inserted.

Wet Dreams to Crossdressing

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On the front cover of “Club”, was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen: reddish blond shoulder length wavy hair, bright green eyes, innocent smile, arms crossed over her smallish breasts as if to hide them, and wearing a pair of sheer, white, lace paneled nylon bikini panties! She later became the wife of tennis player, Jimmy Connors, but I loved her panty-clad photos (white, lace, side bows, sheer), and masturbated over her many times. I went back to the Fraternity house that night, and took the yellow panties into the bathroom with the “Club” magazine, and jerked off in them. I loved looking at myself dressed in colorful panties, fantasizing about being a woman, and watching as my hand pumped loads of warm sperm out of my manhood!

wednesday.... small cock humiliation

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She held the vibrator up from her pussy, "i told you to tell me before you were going to cum from playing with that tiny thing, didn't i?" She laughed, and said "no, you have arm syrength left, I want you to do 100 reps with your weights" i did, althoughbit hurt. "Yes princess" I said battling not to cum. "your pathetic weak little cock is inferior to a vibrator, you are cuckolded to a vibe! You little cocked loser, you are just soooo tiny!" She laughed and said "oh, very well, cum in your glass". "yes princess" I said, my now flaccid cock retreating under her gaze. Now say Thankyou vibrator for doing what I cannot and making my wife cum, and drink your juice down!"

My Young Sissy b*****r for Men's Cum, today.

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Last Saturday, I heard there were thirty Men lined up at your video booth door, waiting to Pump Their HOT FLOWING CUM into your Sissy Throat and Fuck Your Face! you have puffy nipples, my favorites send sadie a tribute condom filled with Big b*****r Cum i pull sadies balls down hard to hide in his pussy you will get cute titties the boys will love looking at you and want to get you alone with them, Sadie you vacuum, do dishes scrub floor with out panties i kiss you you will tie twine around your ball sack and send me pics of you pulling hard.

A hot summers night with Mum pt 2

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"Good" she said, "Cos so do I." and with that she turned round, got on all fours, her hands went to her bum cheeks and she pulled them apart. "Now, I am going to lube YOU up, and you can do me in a moment" and her hands went straight to my cock and started to rub it all over my shaft - I struggled to stop myself cumming as she was getting me sooo aroused. "Oh baby!" she exclaimed as she felt my cum shoot inside her arse "That feels sooo good...." I carried on thrusting until my cock started to slacken and I could do it no longer.


mature 2018-05-17

"Because you agreed to spend a little time with me before you went off to college." He replied pushing a stray strand of brown hair from his daughter's forehead before planting a gentle kiss on her brow. Slowly he turned his head to face his daughter and started to speak open his mouth. "Not nearly as beautiful as my baby girl." Mark replied staring back sliding his hands up along her thighs and pulling her farther up on his back. "Daddy." Lila breathed into her father's ear nipping at his shoulder leaving a light red mark behind. "Let me swallow, let me be a naughty little girl." She kissed the tip of his cock still stroking as she looked up into her speechless father's eyes.

emotions run high

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Nicky was lightly stroking my hair and then running her hand down my side sliding just under the comforter to my hips were my t shirt stopped and skin began, and then up my back to my neck. I instinctively slide my head back to keep the feeling going, Nicky slide an arm across my naked tummy and pulled me closer to give my ear a little nip. Nicky slid out from under me and grabbing the vibrator got between my legs and started to rub my slippery pussy juices all over the toy and then she bent down and kissed me deeply as she pushed it inside of my quivering pussy and gently worked it in and out.

Daddy's Little Girl pt.4

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Mom was still asl**p next us but I figured she would wake soon once she heard the noise going on and felt the bed creaking as I slipped my father's hard cock into my cunt. And no one could compare to the feeling of Daddy's cock buried in my cunt and my mother sucking on my tits. It was a hot sight to see me down on my knees with my mother fucking me from behind and my father's fat prick down my throat. I could almost feel my mother's cunt throbbing thanks to her strap on buried inside me and I could feel and taste my father's succulent come spilling out of his cock and down my throat.

First Date

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"You know I'm not ready for that," stating what he already knew was pointless, but it gave me a chance to re-lock the door while I thought of ways to keep him around, "I bet I can think of a way to make that problem less important for the moment. With my tongue pressed to his cock's head and my mouth poised to take him, I glanced into his pleading eyes. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath to calm myself; then took the head into my mouth. "Hey, why don't you take all of it?" Joe breathed, "I know you want to." Now impaled half way down he let me breath for a moment before beginning to press me again.

My Mums friends Panties.

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My mum would just laugh and tell her good things come to those that wait .These sorts of words would run through my mind and i would have to play with myself i would shut the bedroom door and stroke my long 7 and half inch cock my cock is so nice its non circumsized and has a curve its not too thick around 3 inches in grith but its long i would lye down on my bed and whilst the two of them chatted i would close my eyes i would imagine all the naughty things i would do to Julie.I would imagine just ripping her clothes off and sucking her big juicy nipples and grabbing those huge 38EE breasts i would rub my cock slowly whilst thinking of these thoughts i knew i could be caught so i wouldnt have long to masturbate i would try and end it quickly i would toss my cock furiously and i would spurt my cum all over my belly and up almost to my chin .

Best friends

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Susan ran one finger along Helen's slit, parting those Helen smiled broadly and Susan began to giggle Helen lay down on the floor, behind Susan, on her front Helen's finger made it's way into Susan's rectum. bowl while Helen had one finger firmly up Susan's dirt Susan was pushing and pressing against Helen's inserted Helen gyrated her finger up in Susan's hole and hooked at Helen's wet and stinky bum hole and cunt as both brink of orgasm by finger fucking Susan's shitty bum Helen and Anne trailed behind Susan into the bathroom. Anne and Helen laughed and stood astride Susan, over Anne and Helen obeyed and soon Anne's cunt and bum hole girls and Susan gave Anne a deep open mouthed kiss,

Rachel and Stephanie (part 6 - The Phone Call)

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“Sure, its fine here, Stephanie made it to bed pretty much on time but we have had a massive rain storm in the last 40 minutes or so, really very dramatic.” As I was talking to Joel, Stephanie had slipped off the sofa onto her knees in front of me and was parting my dressing gown and was starting to play with my flaccid cock, not that it remained flaccid for long. She doesn’t normally like thunderstorms.” Stephanie was definitely alright, I was sure of that because at that moment she was kissing her way up the inside of my right thigh heading rapidly towards my now erect cock.

MILFs on the Prowl

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While I love a good ass spanking and hair pulling session I like it to be a little gentler than the way he was playing with Eden. After all the pussy fucking, cock sucking, ball licking was over and I thought we were finished, we left Eden’s room and L came into my room. The way he fit into my pussy from on top all I could think about was he was about to make it rain and my bed was about to become a hot wet mess. He was grinding good into me with my hands on that fine ass of his and then out of nowhere I came and just as I predicted I squirted all over his cock and my bed was now soaked.

Karishma: A One Night Bride

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I was about to enter but they stopped me and closed my face using the gunghat and then pushed me inside and told me to sit like a bride in the bed as their boss was coming to fuck me. After, half an hour we completed our bath and I came outside covered myself in a turkey towel and asked him for my clothes as I wanted to get back home. We both moved towards the door and we had a long kiss and I opened the door and was about to leave when he called his men and told them to fuck me as much as they wanted and then hand me my clothes and bag and then leave me at my home.


fetish 2018-05-17

She told me she dated a black man one time but she said they didn't have sex. Now I told Jennifer I want her to be honest with me and if and when she is able to get fucked by a long thick black cock I want her to tell me how good it is and tell me while she is being taken. I told her I realize that its possible to be more sexually satisfying especially since we were looking for long thick dicked guys for her. One night while on the phone and I was out of town working she told me she was chatting online and one conversation was with a black guy she'd told me a few things about and she said she was getting bored and was about to go to bed.


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I looked down and saw her delicious little tits, her nipples so hard, my hairy chest and her lovely slit with the head of my cock just inside. Just so you know, I don't want this to be the only time." I kissed her mouth gently and said, "With care we can do this again sometime." She giggled then and said, "So I would be mistress the right word...I looked it up once because I saw the word in one of my Mom's books." I laughed and said "Yes Halana, you would be my mistress. "Right now Halana, my hard cock is going to fuck your juicy little CUNT." With that word I slammed her body down my cock.

Fire and Ice Part One

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She waved her torch in front of the mouth of the cave in anticipation. So here she was, looking thoughtfully into the dark mouth of the ominous caverns. She walked around the room, looking more closely at her surroundings in curiosity. A small, melodic chuckle came from a dark corner of the cave. "Hello?" she called towards the darkness, "If you mean to rob me, I have nothing of value." "I do not wish to rob you of anything, pretty one," a fluid tenor tone answered back, "Nor do I wish you any harm." "Then why don't you show yourself stranger?" she called to the voice again. The melodic chuckle echoed across the open cavern towards her.

Lesley part 17

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She just sat there, in her old car....snippets of orders and instructions going through her mind....over and over in her mind of photographs....photographs of her smiling face, as she held her pussy open for the camera...holding a photograph while pulling her knickers aside....and a blowjob on face time...oh what a fucking god damned awful mess.... The voice message said...."hi sexy Lesley....your late....I was looking forward to stripping you naked, and maybe getting the baby oil out and having a little anal fun tonight...been thinking of you fucking all those youths at the weekend, and I have a real urge to do your arse...haha..hurry up girl...I need some FUN". She deleted the message and opened the picture of her sucking the Scottish cock again....'WHY AM I SUCH A FUCKING SLUT' she sobbed and wailed....tears uncontrollably running down her face again.

My first GILF

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Fast forward about 10 or 12 years and I'm walking out of my office in DC when a very mature (she couldn't be younger than 55) thin blond lady walks out of her gym in a pair of jeans, sandals (I'm a foot man) and a yellow tube top with her nipples standing at attention. I opened her teddy and started to caress her ass while I kissed and licked her belly. then I pulled the strings of the teddy and opened it and began to kiss her tiny perky breasts and eraser head nipples. She got into bed with me and I began to use ALL my senses on her.

Became my neighbours toy.

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I glanced up and saw him standing there, I don't know how long for, but when he saw that I notice he went inside (my window faces his front door and living room). A:(laughing) Don't worry about it, you leave the curtains open more then you think, from what iv seen you've got a nice little collection of underwear you look good in, I like the black silky ones. I got into position as he pulled my panties to one side, pressing his dick against my ass. My cock got hard again, and after another couple of mins I came a second time.

Fulfilling a Need

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So it was that early on a Saturday morning during my senior year in high school (when I would have been 18), I was headed over to my mom's friend Anita's house in the pick-up to help her pull up a carpet then haul it over to their mutual friend Lucille's house. I finally set the beer down on top of the wad of cash on the countertop and slipped both of my hands into Anita's red hair, pushing my hips slightly toward her face. To my relief, Lucille didn't pull away; she turned her mouth toward my neck and began to kiss it, moaning softly as my cock continued to grow. Raising my head from her tits, I sat up straight and pulled her down hard on my cock while slipping my finger down lower to collect some juices from near her pussy.

Me My Girlfriend and My Ex-Girlfriend I set them u

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next Angel's grabbing my cock and making comments to Janine she said check out what you did to him! her soaking wet pussy Angel stretched a big stretch and began moaning Janine said to me aren't you going to do one cause you Angels Sopping Wet Pussy touched my lips and she moaned as I tasted her Pussy lips Janine said "You better save some of that and get busy " We all three laughed It was time I was going to cum Angel wasn't even close to cumming but her pussy was steaming and dripping and I was just loving every second of this shit. Pumping my cock in and out of Janine's Mouth and at the same time Banging that beautiful wet pussy on my face!

the cruise

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behind us turn looking at them both smile hello I am Mrs.T reaching out my hand Ron noticed me looking him up and down smiles winks, blushing turning as I feel the slide down his cock ,Ron spanks my bum causing me to moan ,spreading my legs with his knee slides his cock in to my swelling wet pussy gasping moaning Ooooo Fuck me yes hard spanking me again as I am sucking Mr.T causing me to bite down he moans grabbing My hair pushing me into him opening my throat taking him in ,Ron pulls .out spanking my bum pulling me down spreading my legs to straddle him lift your bum so Ron and I can Fuck

The Cafe

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As I licked the cum soaked cock he rubbed my ass then found my asshole and began to finger fuck my tight ass. He soon had three fingers in my ass fucking me hard as I deep throated his long cock. We got on my bed and he put me on my hands and knees and began to push that big cock into my ass. That man could fuck like a stallion and I loved every minute he was in one of my holes or I was sucking his cock or fucking his ass. I love this man with the big thick twelve inch cock and can fuck like a maniac and eat pussy like he is starving and loves his ass fucked as much as I want.

The Analyst - Chapter 4

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Jan felt her vagina starting to seep a little and wanted to encourage Denise to continue her manipulations, so she slid the covers down to free her breasts and Denise allowed her hands to roam freely around the firm globes, pausing on occasion to lightly pinch the distended nipples, as she spoke. I've never seen a new member turn on an audience the way you did and when Kevin started coming in your mouth, I think there must have been about twenty simultaneous orgasms in the audience." Jan felt slightly embarrassed, recalling the semen shooting into her waiting mouth and falling warmly on her face ("I HAVE to see that tape.", she thought), but Denise was kissing and licking her breasts, now, and she was having difficulty concentrating on her memories or the conversation.


mature 2018-05-17

Standing in the doorway of my house, Suzi pulled my head down towards hers and whispered in my ear, “You can have me if you want me.” She gave me a little kiss on the cheek, and turned to walk down the sidewalk towards her husband and son, who were getting settled in the car. I figured that it wouldn’t do at all to let her know that I’d been starting to have libidinous thoughts again, and some of them even featured little Suzi. “I won’t tell Brent what we were just doing if you can shoot a full load of hot cum into my pussy before he gets here.” As she said this, she pushed her pants down around her knees and bent over at the waist, leaning on the counter.

s****r In Law's Panties

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for a couple of day's of fresh panty sniffing. pairs of pink low cut panties and a couple of thongs. sniff the panties she was wearing. thong she was wearing that I had seen on the day she arrived. Dirty panties are fantastic but smelling my tongue up and down her wet cunt lips savouring the smell as it shot up She stopped, pushed me back and asked me to fuck her. off her by now sopping thong and handed it to me and told me to sniff it while slippery wetness as I pressed the thong to my nose and started to pump The rest of Karen's weekend with us was pretty uneventfull save for her leaving her panties out for me when she went out.

Walking Naked and getting cock

anal 2018-05-16

Of course as we chatted he started to show an interest in me, would I like to go for a walk down one of the many quiet waysides within the grounds, he openly asked, to which I replied, 'Amber first, then we shall see', the smile on his face said it all, I was offering a shot at my pussy if he succeeded to screw my best friend. As girls we had witnessed each other having sex, so watching her with John was not a problem as far as she was concerned, in fact I susoected she knew I would like a fuck from him after she had been satisfied, so when sha asked me to make sure to coast was clear of anyone watching, I knew she wanted to start ASAP

Day 1: Miley's Adventure

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The Goddess had caught me being "too flirtatious" with one of her man friends she had ordered me to serve. She told him she was thinking she may need a new bitch, and that he could actually keep me as long as he liked. "I heard from your former Goddess you love to eat ass... At first, I was disgusted, but realized if it wasn't the Goddess's ass I was worshiping, then I'm glad it is someone she had chosen for me. I began to worship T's cock, balls, and ass, as if he were my master all along. In a way I was still serving my goddess, but he had what looked like a large dick to me.

My First Real Boyfriend

mastrubation 2018-05-16

Most of them were really nice and when word got out it was four girls that moved in, well we started to meet a lot of the boys. The next night at work started a little awkward, Tom was a little shy about what had happened. We wer kissing and sucking on each other's tongues and darting them in and out of each other's mouthes when Tom started to kiss me on the ear and work his way down my neck, I didn't even try to stop him. He asked if I wanted a ride in the morning, I smiled and said he better not dump me, there was a lot more of that to come.

strapon to the max

fetish 2018-05-16

I can still remember the first time we did this and how surprised I was at how good this looked and how turned on I got watching the dildo as his anus opened up to receive it. Each time my pelvis hit his ass I felt sensations rush through my body as the dildo continued to vibrate my clitoris. The combination of my thrusts, the vibrations, and the feeling of control that I had seeing him strapped to the table with his ass in the air had me approaching orgasm after only a few minutes and I really increased my thrusts. I held it there for a second but then started moving slowly out an inch or two and then pushing back into him so that my pelvis hit his ass each time.

Dirty Santa

first-time 2018-05-16

I said no, so she said, “Well, how ‘bout I give you a 'present' on the way home?” Of course I got us the hell out of there. But then in the car she decided she wasn't going to do it so I got mad. When I brought her home, she told me that she was sorry she didn't perform, and said, “If you beat me upstairs I’ll suck your dick, but if I beat you, then you have to eat me out.” We raced and she beat me, so I ate her out and about 7 minutes later she came all over me. About 15 minutes later I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of it.

Muslim woman banged by BBC

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The first time I saw Fadheela-Anisah, I knew she was good to get the business. Every time I came into the store, Fadheela-Anisah got really flirty with me. I've fucked a lot of big Black women and chubby white chicks in the City of Montreal. Fadheela-Anisah sucked my cock and licked my big hairy balls. After licking Fadheela-Anisah's hairy pussy, I put on a condom and shoved my dick inside her gentle folds. I admired Fadheela-Anisah's big round ass as I fucked her from behind. For a mature Arab woman with such a loose pussy, Fadheela-Anisah certainly had a tight asshole. The next time I saw my friendly neighbourhood big-booty mature Arab slut, she kind of walked funny.

An unexpected suprise part 1

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I could feel my cock getting hard and already poking her. As we separated, she already started working on removing my pants, thus revealing my hard cock. Man, I got to say she sucked that thing like a pro. I nearly howled like a wolf as her shaved pussy came into my face. Rebecca then asked if I could just fuck her good and hard. Thankfully, the coach wanted us to sit down and stop moving around. After we arrived and got off, I pulled her aside from the others and asked, “Why me? You, out of everyone on this team treat me like I’m somebody and encourage me to strive for their best.

A Cheating Spouse's Vengeance p2

hardcore 2018-05-16

replied to Rick and said, "I’m just too busy today. Rick was hurt by Megan’s answer as he replied, "Megan. Rick replied, "Did I interrupt something?" Megan said, Megan walked back into the bedroom and looked at Robert Megan took Roberts cock down her throat several more Robert moaned as Megan put his cock back into her mouth Megan set the time for eleven that morning and Rick Rick knocked on the door and waited for Megan to open Rick sat there waiting for Megan to make her point as Megan looked over at Robert and than back at Rick and Megan pointed for Sue to take the chair next to Rick Sue looked over at Rick as he finally said

My Husband and our cuckold relationship

group 2018-05-16

By that time John himself was d***k, he was high in the knowledge he was going to have me, and his behavior was becoming more emboldened the more he drank, at one point hubby suggested we sit together for him to take a photo and John kissed my full on the mouth, while hubby sat with the camera, watching us freely give to each other, that moment cemented the evening, John genuinely believing me to be the architect of out liaison, and I feeling the release of sexual tension, suddenly realizing that John could possibly be another dark secret to be swallowed into my loins, I could feel a warm gush was felt between my legs on this realization, I stole a look at hubby, he seemed oblivious to all, I suddenly wanted to fuck, just for the sake of it, and reached under the table for Johns hand, guiding it onto the bared warm flesh atop my stockings, inches from my womanhood, which was open and wet, Johns fingers were inside me as hubby took the photo, I assumed, blissfully unawares John was possessing me under the table, my fattened clitoris being squeezed between his fingers, the pub seat being flooded by my lubrication, all I wanted was to get home and be fucked every way conceivable to man.

A weekend to remember.....

mature 2018-05-16

A moment later you felt someone climb onto the bed near your head, you opened your mouth and extended your tongue to search for the cock you knew was near. I rubbed my cock across your lips and you knew that I wanted to put my cock into your mouth, but you turned your head away, not wanting anything to take away from the feelings in you were experiencing between you legs. I began to rub your ass with my hands, you moaned loudly and he slowly sank his cock back into your pussy. Your mind drifted back, you had rubbed up against their cocks several times that night while you were dancing and your hand had even brushed across Donnie’s cock but you could not be sure.


Maureen's Sweet Treat

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maureen laid on her back as i took my throbbing purple cock and put it all in her her eyes almost popped out of her head, i held her under her knees and fucking her hard and fast, oh tom fuck me hard you asshole fuck me hard, i was tearing that pussy up she was hot and wet, i kicked in and fucked her harder now,oh my god tom,jesus thats hard, yeah you like hard you old fuck i told her,i kept going faster and faster

the night I took hur

lesbian 2018-05-16

Once I have removed the final bead from your ass I reach up and begin to fuck your asshole with my fingers while I listen to you attempt to scream out in pleasure, once I have felt your body finish quivering from your second orgasm I pull my dildo out of your pussy and remove it and as I walk around to where your head is I take off your ball gag and lay down in front of you with legs spread I lift your head, slide under you and push your face into my hot and wet pussy and make you eat my pussy until I have cum again and again and again.

Sarah Michelle Gellar And Britney!!

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Sarah Michelle Gellar and Britney Spears fall head over heels in love with Britney turned away with a look of lust in her eyes and left Sarah Britney plunged at Sarah, their lips met and passionately began to Britney’s hands began to roughly roam Sarah’s body, massaging her tits Then Britney pulled away and sat on top of Sarah. hands held firmly onto Britney’s tight, firm ass as Britney pulled her Sarah began to suck with vigour and Britney was loving it. Britney began to ram her cunt into Sarah’s face and fuck her mouth and Sarah held onto Britney’s calves as Britney held her cunt hard against Britney began to tongue fuck Sarah and she started to moan loudly.

Reversing the process.

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Bill visibly tensed expecting some instrument of corporal punishment to come crashing down on his ass , but instead Kim pulled out a leather contraption she held in her hand and she came back to him to place it on. “Oh Kim for fucks sake I’m not going to need a safe word, you promised nothing I couldn’t tolerate.” Kim began to lick, she teased his puckered hole and pokeed her tongue inside. Kim spread her cunt lips with her fingers, slid the fleshy hood form her clit and then moved so the bud of her clit was in direct contact with the flat of his tongue.

In the park

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I was walking through the park and saw you ahead of me .You were wearing a short thin summer dress and heels.When the sun hit you just right I could see your panties through it .Following you closer I smelled your sweet prefume in the air as the wind blew your hair back towards me .You sinced I was behind you and stopped bending over and caressing your legs teasing me . Once we were a safe distance off the walk path I stopped and smelled your hair then kissed you as I lifted your dress and grabbed your ass with both hands pulling you closer to me rubbing my hard cock against you .your hard nipples were rubbing my chest I knew you were as horny as I was .

K & J

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A guy sitting near me was scrutinizing the reckless couple as intently as I, and he whispered excitedly to his girlfriend, "Looks like that bitch is going to get a right hard fucking tonight, he's already got a finger stuck up her pussy, and the little cunt is loving it!" Todd and Brad continued to gently prod Kathy and Jackie's tight pussies and sensitive clits with their cum covered tongues as the women slowly came down from their orgasmic crests. I stroked my stiffening cock slowly as I listened to Kathy moan into Jackie's hot gooey cunt, "Ohhh yesss, Baby, eat all up all that hot cum, suck my pussy dry for me.

An Affair with my Friend's Mom

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Also in the room was Jon’s long time girlfriend Sara (who played sax in the band) sharing a bed with her mom Jackie. We’re going to eat at Dukes at 7 if you want to join us” “Sure, I’ll see you guys there.” “Sounds good buddy, seeya.” I hung up the phone and decided to head back to the hotel to catch a little bit of a nap before dinner since I would have the room to myself. She smiled at me and said “In good time baby.” She pushed my shoulder until I was lying on my back, my dick still making a tent out of the bed covers.

Amsterdam sex experience.

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She got up and spoke to the compare and told him what she wanted. The wife then went back stage to get ready for her show. then hustled five large naked men with rather large cocks onto the stage. At that moment the music started and my wife walked onto the stage Then leaning right back flat on his chest she then took the other guys big cock whare the wife's fanny was gapping open and stuck my cock right up her. What sight for all to see here's my wife taking a cock in her mouth arse and fanny He took his cock in his hand and gently placed his bell end against my arsehole.

sunbathing sex orgy

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Yes baby fuck me with your finger, ohhh yum yum nice babe.Then daddy was keep going on rubbing my tits. I rub my clit and then you pull out my pussy babe and i feel your cock touch my arse hole,, Ohhh yes baby fuck my arse please. You shoves it in babe and i moan it with pleasure.Daddy rub my clit again and fingers my cunt as you fucks my arse  hard and fast. I lick and suck your arse then you shove your cock inside me and fuck me hard and fast as daddy and his friends wank over my face and i lick it up as you fuck my hot wet cunt hard.

Half Lit Room

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At this point my cock is throbbing and I grab your ass so hard with one of my hands pressing my face further still into you. Instantly, feel you drive both fingers hard into your ass and in response you let out a guttural moan. I press against your body and you feel a painful burn deep inside and try to pull away. I can feel my balls begin to swell with cum and pulsate as my veined cock abuses your ass. bury yourself deep into the pillow rubbing your hard clit, grunt and then I feel your whole body shiver as your own orgasm hits and your pussy explodes in wetness and sprays all over me.

College Party Girl

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I lose all control over my body, mindlessly pounding her wet pussy as fast as I can, planting my hands beside her shoulders as she comes back to life, clinging onto my biceps and trying to wrap her legs around my waist to slow me down, instead merely hitting my ass cheeks with her heels. She wraps her lips around my shaft, sucking and rolling her tongue around my deflated stick in her mouth, her arms sprawled above her head, her face red and chest moist from exhaustion. I straddle her shoulders, cradling her head with my left hand, rubbing my red tip on her moist lips, her mouth open and still fast asl**p.

the hitchhiker

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Each time her finger touched her nipple she felt a physical shock deep within her vulva as the muscles around the entrance to her tight little hole contracted in their need for something to be inserted up into her wet depths of her vagina and relieve her of this incredible sexual tension and her need to cum. Once she was sure that he had climbed down off the rig she again opened her legs and slipped a hand between her burning thighs and slowly rubbed the back of her thumb against the swollen lips of her fully aroused vagina, teasing the soft folds, feeling her own wetness where it came from the deep warm depths of her open vulva.

s****r in Law calls while wife and I are fucking P

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Before walking down the stairs I pulled off my tee shirt and shorts and let my hard prick show me the way to Cathy's room. I felt Dee's warm fingers move from where the sl**ping shirt was bunched against my chest and then slid up to pull it over Cathy"s raised arms. I pulled my cock out of Cathy and sat on the bed looking up at the two naked women knowing I was in for some real fun. Dee started,"That day you and Cathy met she told me later that night as we talked late into the night how fucking gorgeous you were. I knelt on the floor by Dee's head and kissed her forehead as her tongue moved along Cathy's slit.

Invitation to a Beach, Epilogue.

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I guess most of the guys were a bit sexed out after the cluster fuck, because I didn’t see any stiff dicks until Luke started getting a hand job from Sandra. I’d stood next to a lot of campfires to keep warm, but never experienced how nice it was to feel the heat on my entire naked body. In the parking lot of my building, Max said, “Can I help you carry your stuff?” Now, coming from any other guy, I’d have thought he was trying to get an invitation for a hook up. “Shoulda dumped out that ice, I guess,” Max said. “Well then, do you want to come in and fuck for a couple of hours?” I asked with a naughty smile.

Busy at Work 3 Late late!

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“He looks like a horny fellow” I thought to my self and jiggled my ass for the driver and made my tits bounce for the man that was already smiling a devilish grin. I did my best to make like I didn't see, at least to the rest of the bus, and turned my self around to place my bag on the seat, and of course give this guy a little show. I went over to the file cabinet and opened a middle drawer and rubbed my pussy on it...not very good for humping so I got impatient and leaned back on the cabinet and grabbed at my pussy...I slid my fingers along the wet lips and shoved my panties up in there the way I like it.

Camping with Stepdaughter 9

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Her face turned red and she said that she didn’t know how to ask. We sat there in silence for a while and then Lesly said it was Susan that had finally convinced her to come on this trip and seduce me. Susan said that if Lesly didn’t when she went away to college she was going to do it. Lesly said that she couldn’t bare the thought of Susan making love to me if she hadn’t. She then lifted the hem of her skirt up giving them a close look at her little red muff and he smooth pussy lips. She told me to wait till they got their bikes loaded and then head down the trail like I wanted to kick their asses.

The Trip

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I had watched the porn vids with the girls like Sherri and Bambi taking it up the ass and loving it, but I thought they were just acting. "It's Hannah Fucked Up The Ass Montana!" said Bruce. The next thing I know, Sheila is on her knees and has pulled my cock, sucking it in front of Bruce. I spread Sheila's ass cheeks and looked at Bruce and nodded. Sheila moans and falls on my chest with my cock in her pussy and Bruce's cock in her asshole. We're lying on the floor of this expensive hotel room with Bruce's cock in her ass and my cock in her pussy.

My girlfriends mom

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I used the opportunity to rub up against her legs and ass a couple of times, which she seemed to try to ignore, but i could see she became more and more nervous, her eyes darting around and her voice slightly shaking.I decided to go for it and under the guys of guiding her hand to the skimmer tray to replace it, i leaned full into her from behind, my rock hard cock pressing between her bikini clad ass cheeks with my other hand on her hip for only 3 or 4 seconds, but what must have seemed like 5 minutes. I went for it, with one hand I took the towel from her, I took a step toward her pulling her from the waist to me and let my cock slide between her legs as I felt the head brush by her pussy, coming to rest right past her hot, tight asshole.

First Bi Threesome

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I loved the idea of having my dick sucked while she was getting fucked, I wanted to fuck her while her man sat there and watched, something about having my cock buried deep in another man's woman just gets me going. Right as I ran out of breath she came deep and long, I could feel her pussy squeezing my chin as I stopped licking her clit and switched to slowly, gently sucking. I went back to licking her clit, I love eating a woman out, but it is so hot to know that shes getting fucked at the same time, and feeling amazing as a result.

Gang bang whore

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When I do one of the Spanish guys sticks his cock in my mouth and starts fucking it. Finally I stop moving and he thrusts really hard into my ass I thought it was going to hit the other guys cock in my mouth! Suddenly the black guy in blue fucking me from behind is moaning loud and says he is going to cum! The other black guy puts his nice size cock in my pussy I start to scream and shake as both fuck my holes screaming I say “I’m going to be split in two!!! I pull the Spanish guys cock out of my mouth and say fuck me till you cum!

Tied up and spanked before a hard fucking

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Licking tiny circles around your tight little hole slowly I push my tongue in it you push back to my face and moan don't stop babt your really squirming now and squirting all over my hand and the floor .I move up behind you and rub my cock on your pussy teasing your clit . Slowly I push a finger in your tight ass and fuck both holes at the same time you moan deeply and push back to meet me .Soon you cum all over my cock I pull out and rub it on your asshole ad slowly ease a little in then I stop .

What An Experience

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“Suck it” he said, moving forward so his dick was about an inch from my face. As he face fucked me his left hand was stroking his chest and squeezing his nipples. He also pulled a bottle of poppers, a couple of condoms and some lube from the bag. I took a hit from the poppers and he applied some lube to my hole working it into me, first with one finger then two. I took another hit from the bottle and as he pulled a condom over his shaft and lubed himself up I turned around on my towel and assumed the doggy position.

My Dentist had a Boner

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He began to rub her soft skinned cheek with his big cock while I resumed to play with her clitoris, 'Dip your finger in your pussy and wet hers', I smiled ironically, I wanted to masturbate too as I was so fucking horny, rubbing a girls tight cunt and her soft inner thighs atop a pair of stockings, does not just excite men, women enjoy the same thrill, so raised my leg and rested it on hers and began transferring my vaginal secretions to her younger pussy, its warmth and lubricating qualities, soon got hers flowing and my fingers soon had her open as they glided in and out her soft pussy.


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I nod my head slightly and whimper out a “Yes, Sir.” The hand in my hair begins to pull me toward my bedroom. Your hands in my hair while your hips thrust your cock deeper and harder till you spill your cum down my throat forcing me to swallow or choke. I feel you pull my head toward you as you thrust your hips driving your cock into my eager mouth. Both hands in my hair pulling my head onto your thrusting cock. Your hands suddenly tighten in my hair and your hips pump your cock into my mouth one, two, three more times before your back arches and you fill my mouth with you cum One or two more thrusts as I milk your cock.

My Daughter Amber Sprung a Surprise on Me.

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'I think I'll go give him a show', she suddenly said, 'watch and learn mother', she challenged me, and I sat as she got up and walked away, saying nothing to stop her, I was in a state of fascination, when Amber handed me her phone, 'Film it on here', she said, and I took her phone. I shook my head, still in shock at the realization of what had just transpired, 'I can't believe this', I said, and as I turned to Amber, she was holding up the short hemline to show me she was commando, her near perfect cunny, was a dream to behold, 'Look Mother, see what the dirty old man saw', and at that we both burst in a raucous laughter, I was seeing my daughter as a woman in her own, even though she was still 16.

Stripper Story Part 2

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You take the soap from him and begin washing his chest, rubbing your hands over his pecs and down his arms as you feel him flex them. You run your hands across his abs and feel his ripped stomach and let a hand graze across his cock which is beginning to get longer and thicker. You start moving your hand faster, fucking his ass with your fingers and you slide your other hand around to grab his cock which is now rock hard again. You cum so hard you see stars and he holds his cock inside you, as he lets your body drop just enough so you feel his big cock all the way in.

me and mom 3

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I saw my mom lying on the bed and closed her eyes. I shot my mom was ready to come and sit beside the bed, pulled down low Shlvartv said why? Suddenly drew himself up and said come on Lay. I did the arithmetic right, I got my head Pillow. I would like to turn Ayndfh Gshnh Trfm wolves will attack.I was really crazy was that I felt the earth or water Khv Avkhm it comes to weather. Slowly took over my mom and my mom come Let earth or water. My mom took immediate Kyrmv Dhnshv and earth or water, and Mick said. When I saw the earth or water coming back feet and sat on my chest Krdmv Kyrmv I drew his face.

Quietly Watching

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I didn't care about anything but sliding into my girl's pussy, so I rolled us both over, with me on top, tore down her shorts and teased her clit with my cock. I looked up to make sure everyone else was still asl**p, and just at that moment my best friend rolled over with her eyes wide open. I kept fucking my girl harder and harder but never took my eyes off my friend... I started to imagine that I was on top of her, pushing her legs back to her chest and driving my cock into her waiting pussy. Pulling out I got up on my knees and in plain view of anyone watching released three huge loads of cum onto my girl's chest and stomach.

Leah Jane's Moonlight Moment

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Leah Jane put the phone down on her dressing table, left her room and walked down the hall to the front door, whispering to herself "I can't believe I'm doing this... Mani stood his ground and even when she was reached him took a step back and said "Was it good Leah Jane..?" teasing her as he looked her over in the moonlight. He didn't want to but being a man of his word he reached into his bag and with a wicked grin, handed Leah Jane a plastic raincoat. "You look good in that Leah Jane." said Mani, and no longer concerened with her nakedness she stopped and kissed him deep and hard...

Living in Cockington part 2

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They thrust deep and hard making her groan and gag as they fucked her some more until the guy in her mouth pulled out and gestured to his mate. They hammered her ass and pussy for several more minutes making her groan louder and louder as they fucked harder and deeper and then finally they thrust hard and deep together once more and Hilda let out a big scream as her orgasm hit her. I hadn't taken my cock out for anyone else since before I married Veronica, so at first I was kind of unsure but as Hilda crouched smiling at me covered in cum, I just couldn't resist so I quickly pulled out my hard cock and me peter quickly rubbed off in front of his wife.


mature 2018-05-15

“Well you can feel that I enjoyed it,” I said with a grin placing her hand on my hard erection. I had to admit, he’s put on a good show for the old girl I think I’d only seen him that hard when I’d popped Gill’s cherry as a fifteen year old schoolgirl. Finally we separated and she lay panting on the table like a cheap whore, her clothes up, her hair all over the place and her legs wide. “Yes,” I said as I ran my cock head up and down the wet slit, feeling her hard clit on it at one end, and her deep well at the other end.

enjoying the bride of another.

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Told if you will suck each others pussy you will let a boy fuck you. Her spread legs shows a tight little pussy. Looks like a split roll and almost as tight. She reaches for my cock and spreads her tight bun pussy open. I hold her tight and make her little body orgasm. I kiss her tight little ass cheeks and right back to the clit. Work my self in and out her feeling a glove tight pussy around me. We changed positions that night and as hard as I wanted I did not cum in her. Each time coming back climbing on me like a pet. With more lube and time I managed to bury my cock in her.


anal 2018-05-15

The buttons popped and exposed her lacy bra, which they tore open, leaving her bare breasts on show. The second clip was some of the scene I had seen part of from the barred window. This clip was of course closer and clearer, to mine and Mom's eternal shame. Was it a love bite there too, he wanted to know! He went on, "Tell me where you think we are going to apply this device on your body." Short flashing clips followed of her being alternately whipped, and tortured with the device, in all of those places. I don't know how I kept up the facade when Mom came in, all chirpy and full of jokes about her day.

I offered niece's virginity, to an old man

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I looked into her eyes and saw the woman in her screaming to be free, she was young and inexperienced, enjoying the thrill of pleasing and teasing, but not really getting anything in return, 'Are you a virgin', she nodded in the affirmative, she studied my face, somehow knowing what I was about to propose, she clearly wanted to, but was afraid, all this girl needed was encouragement, and I said, 'I have some condoms in my bag, go fuck him'.