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A Prize at the End of the Hunt

bdsm Beast5 2018-09-22

My wife could easily reach the combination lock and the key, but there was no way she could reach over her head to untie the rope that held both objects in place. Unfortunately, my wife surprised me by getting into a squat position that just barely allowed her hands to reach her ankles and use the key without my help. Sure enough, my wife was able to use her newly accessible key on the hanging lock, and discover the number six written on the inner edge of the hasp. Finally, she got the bag open and retrieved the key that kept her right wrist locked to her left elbow.

Movie Extras

bdsm Beast5 2018-09-16

When the assistant turned back to her duffel, Annie thought again about trying to loosen the plate over her mouth, before realizing that with the armbinder in place she had absolutely no way of loosening those straps herself. As Randy straightened out the front-left pony and reconnected her to the lead pole, Annie was surprised and thrilled to watch the week-willed woman slam her knee into the assistant director's crotch. Annie wanted to at least resist the pull on her reins that guided her right up to the rope, but any misstep on her part would just trip up her fellow ponies and make them all look even more foolish.

Kitty Costume

bdsm Beast5 2018-08-06

Carla considered bailing from the whole situation, popping the carrier's door open and getting out before her ass could be memorialized by the host's camera. As the whole party applauded the picture of her ass, Carla knew that it was definitely time to end this little photo-shoot and get out of the pet carrier. The witch let out a loud cackle, then announced, "Hey everyone, it turns out that our kitty here is actually trapped inside her carrier. Maybe it was all the beer that had been consumed at the party, or maybe it was the way the witch framed the situation, but to Carla's dismay the whole group agreed that it was funny that the kitty was trapped within the pet carrier.

Booty Pop

bdsm Beast5 2018-07-09

But I would just play an announcement that said that only Booty Pop girls were allowed inside, then I'd shock all the Poppers waiting between the outer and inner gates and they would in turn quickly throw the offending dude right out. Instead, I let them pound away for a while, then turned on my microphone and posed a question to the crowd over the loudspeakers that I had placed around the court: "Attention spectators, this is up to you, should these late-comers be left outside at the whim of their Booty Pop panties, or should they allowed inside to play. "As you know, when one of these girls gets spanked on her Booty Pop Panties, she receives a long thrust up her ass by a dildo built into those panties.


bdsm Beast5 2018-07-01

This time she was either too engrossed in the sex to notice, or her brain interpreted it as an integral part of the ass fucking that was supposed to be "greatly enjoyed." Whatever it was, my increasingly hard slaps and thrusts were met with loader and loader moans and groans and shouts of pleasure. I mean, I still loved Liz to death, but I wanted to be able to give her cute butt a good swat when she walked by, and I wanted to squeeze those healthy boobs of hers whenever/wherever I felt like it. Like the ass fucking command, I gave her this message a couple of days early so that it had time to fully sink in.

The Pro-Form 9000 Treadmill

bdsm Beast5 2018-06-21

By connecting the wires from the button to the wires from the light, Amy's treadmill would send a shock to the collar if the perfect running form was not maintained. Amy's original plan was to strap the collar around her neck, set a half-hour jog program, and let the machine shock her if she tried to stop. For the first couple minutes of her first collared workout, Amy jogged with the perfect running form to avoid unnecessary shocks. With the crotch strap tightened and the vibrator buzzing away at its lowest setting, the man asked Amy what kind of workout she wanted while he was away - marching, prancing, or running.


bdsm Beast5 2018-06-14

The MRI technician introduced herself as Amy and handed Michelle a hospital gown to change into. "Hop up on the table, lay on your back, feet towards the machine," Amy instructed when Michelle entered the MRI room. Amy ratcheted a plate down over each set of posts, holding Michelle's legs very firmly in place. "This final part is usually the one that people like the least," Amy said as she inserted posts into the table on either side of Michelle's mouth. As the test dragged on, and it became more and more obvious that no one was coming for her, Michelle realized that she had started thinking about the MRI machine differently. As the table continued to roll Michelle out of the machine, the plastic held firmly onto her gown.

The Shy Model

bdsm Beast5 2018-06-06

The next morning, Mary thoroughly read the contract she had signed. Mary also got another reason not to take up the cause with the law. That very morning, she received four offers from different companies for her to model their products. There were apparently lots of other manufacturers of bondage equipment in the audience, and they thought she would be great to show off their gear. Mary initially threw the offers away in disgust. But then Mary thought about her previous lack of success. Her shyness certainly hadn't been a problem for the bondage company. There seemed to be plenty of money in the bondage industry. Maybe, just maybe, bondage modeling wasn't such a crazy idea.

Psychological Research

bdsm Beast5 2018-05-02

As in any psychology department, the professors and grad students that Heather studied under were constantly looking for test subjects for their various research projects. She glared down at the belt from her spread eagle position and was forced to notice the way her tank-top was being tugged downward over her breasts, exposing more cleavage than she liked and stretching the fabric tightly over the parts that were still covered. It also made her upset that the researchers might assume this was another sign that she was getting sexually aroused from the bondage, when in fact she knew it was just a physical response to the fabric being pulled over her buds.

Personal Trainer

bdsm Beast5 2018-04-04

He then placed small pads on either side of her cheeks and let her know that they would stimulate her glutes to flex and relax so that the machine could take its measurements. Jenny had no desire to get her rear hole violated by this machine and tried to squirm out of the way the next time the impulse hit. what more is there..." Jenny started to ask when another impulse hit her ass. She wasn't sure exactly what she was going to say, but it turned out that James cut her off before she said anything and simply told her to take the shoes and think the offer over.


bdsm Beast5 2018-03-11

Linda tried to marshal her senses to make one more effort to mask the pleasure she was feeling in her ass, but at that very moment Rocky's cock started vibrating. Mark said that his final suggestion for now was that Linda would likely get great pleasure out of having another human own her Rocky-unit, so that in effect she herself would be owned by both a human and a robot. Immediately after mark exploded into Linda's pussy, Rocky asked that he would also fuck her in the ass, since that always served to maximize the woman's pleasure. Mark then took his time giving all of the necessary instructions to Rocky and making sure that the robot understood them correctly.

Beta Test

bdsm Beast5 2018-03-08

On the screen, the image of Doug handed Erin's avatar two flimsy looking garments and told her to change quickly into the clothes they had found on the slave, and no underwear underneath. This took a moment to register, because it felt like she was still standing in Tico's bedroom with him and Mistress H, but slowly her brain realized that if she stepped away from the game box, it could not drag her back. Hours and hours of pointless dusting later, Tico finally appeared on the game screen, gave Erin a quick hard ass fucking, then sent her to her tiny room wearing her new chastity belt locked in place.


bdsm Beast5 2018-02-06

Each dream always started the same: on her knees in the tiny room, face pressed to the floor where she would have to stay until she was told to move, if she wanted to avoid a punishing shock. Three weeks after piercing her nipples, Rhea woke up from a dream in which her master had been stroking her ass and talking about how good ponygirl slaves would tattoo the word 'SLAVE' on both of their ass cheeks. All right Ms. Rhea, you can barely remember a real dream from last night, but you can recall every intimate detail of your last ponygirl episode, which happened almost two months ago.

Model Mix Up

bdsm Beast5 2018-01-22

Amanda knew that her screams and her shaking were exactly what the photographer was looking for. Onlookers could not be blamed, however, if they thought that her swaying ass started to look like more of an invitation than a real attempt to avoid Uday's hand. Amanda knew that the photographer was using that mirror to capture both her upturned ass and her lust-filled face at the same time. Amanda screamed into her gag, wanting to say that she signed the form so that she could get that dick in her pussy, not slapped across her face! Amanda screamed her frustration, but the only help Uday began to give were a few two-handed slaps to her ass.

Move Again Research Endowment

bdsm Beast5 2018-01-11

In very little time, the girl had stripped down, pulled on the thong bikini, and had programmed the computer to automatically walk her back and forth for ten minutes. She also wanted to give herself a better view of her body as she marched back and forth, so she brought in two big mirrors and set one up on either side of the long testing room. Sheila didn’t think that either of them had much in the way of programming skills, but she was forced to reevaluate as their code began to take control of her body. Sheila wanted to scream, though she could do nothing but kneel there, breasts thrust out, as Steve programmed an end to her throat contractions and came over to join them.

Fifth Vital Sign

bdsm Beast5 2017-12-01

The girls spent the first five seconds looking around at each other in surprise, then all of their pain lines jumped to level five as the first shock hit them. Each girl had a different reaction to getting shocked - some tried in vain to shake the nipple clamps free, some flexed their stomachs tightly - but it was always obvious each time who was feeling the pain. By the time Hank got to former pajama girl #10, after leaving his brand in the same place on the asses of the girls in between, the pain line for #4 was still hovering around level five.

The Gym

bdsm Beast5 2017-10-21

It looked like a second set of pads, maybe for one of the other exercises the machine could do, had gotten moved into the wrong place and were now pressed into her arms, holding them in place. Ellen knew that the multi-function machine could be used as a thigh press, but she definitely hadn't set it up that way, so it shouldn't have been possible for it to just start on its own. When the exhausted girl finally got control of herself, she found that the pads of the machine were no longer trapping her arms or legs.


bdsm Beast5 2017-10-17

You see, just like in calf roping, the pigging string has to stay tied for six seconds after the cowboy gets back on his horse. Brittany timed it so that she and Heather arrived at the arena just moments before the cowgirl roping event started. A matter of seconds after leaving the car, Heather had been hustled over to a group of nine other girls dressed just like her, all waiting for the cowgirl parade to start. By the time Heather was the only cowgirl left in the pen, she was so worked up that she almost didn't realize that when the announcer referred to Brittany, he was really referring to her.