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bdsm Bf 2018-02-10

Walking down the mall corridor, Lisa Ballard felt a steady gaze upon her, but it wasn’t the kind that she was used to. She looked around nervously, feeling more and more like helpless, stalked prey, with him as the predator, but not knowing when he would strike. Aaron Miller sat in the dark van outside the mall and watched for the woman he had spent countless weeks getting to know online. She would come dressed as the kinky cowgirl, her dark hair flowing down from the western hat, her legs accentuated in high heeled boots. It wasn’t long before she again felt like she was being followed, but, looking behind her, she could see no one.

The Kidnapper

bdsm Bf 2018-01-07

The car rolled to a stop next to the BMW and as the blonde sprung up to her feet, Lisa motioned her over. "Wow, lady, I didn't think you were gonna stop!" the blonde said excitedly as she approached the driver's side window. You scared me, girl!" she said to the stunning brunette leaning on the hood of the car she was now using as a hiding place for a bound and gagged passenger. When she got no immediate reply from the stranger, Lisa continued, "I was out driving when I came across this car on the side of the road, and thought I'd stop to help. "Not so fast." The other girl's comment had just enough force to stop Lisa in her tracks.

The Torture Ends At Dawn

bdsm Bf 2017-12-30

Due to girl's new body position, those two dark melons now stood out firmly on either side of the pole, and Aubrey made sure that they would stay exactly that way, pushing Candi's body forward even tighter against the upright so that another wire could be wound around the bases of both breasts at once, pulling the mammoth bulbs close together on the opposite side of the bar from where the rest of her body hung. When Aubrey was done, it almost looked as though Candi were impaled on the pole, and when a wide leather belt was buckled both around her and the iron at her waist, the spreadeagled female wasn't going to be going anywhere, not even when her three abductors began taking turns with their next entertainment of the evening, whipping the living daylights out of her tender flesh.