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Free erotic stories by Bill on AdultRead

A born Jack off

mastrubation Bill 2018-11-29

I knew that a man would thrust his penis into a woman's hole and I knew that It felt good to use my hand on my dick so eventually I put two and two together and I started masturbating. I could fuck women all day long and masturbate to pics of them, but I felt I would also fuck a guy with the same passion if the opportunity presented itself. Masturbation can be a very fun act to share with a partner and it is a very safe form of sexual activity with almost zero chance of pregnancy(as long as the man keeps his cum away from her vagina).


A freindly visit

gay-male Bill 2018-10-31

I got to the club early but my freind (Darren by the way) was waiting for me outside the dojo. Darren sighed and said "well are you going to get changed or what?" I gave a start and stripped off in front of him. I looked and said to him "you fuck many guys with that thing?" He laughed and got up. I started to run my hands over the parts of his body and I slowly worked my way down to his cock. His tounge was swirling around in my mouth and I thought fuck this guy is good. A fucking full cup of the stuff went shooting deep into Darren's asshole and He shouted at me, grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling me deeper into him.