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Free erotic stories by BoundBrittany on AdultRead

Brittany Gets Rented by a Sadist

bdsm BoundBrittany 2018-09-24

Suddenly she felt a hard slap across her face as Theresa yelled "How dare you try to hit our guest you ungrateful little bitch!" Kelsey just smiled and said "That's ok, it's only natural for her to be angry. "Don't worry bitch, this one is only 4 inches" Kelsey laughed as she slid it inside Brittany's ass. All Brittany could hear was the sound of Kelsey's sadistic laughter as she felt her vagina and ass getting colder and colder, she couldn't even think from the pain. "Ok just leave the video camera on while we're gone." Kelsey said, then grabbed 2 more ice dildos from the cooler and grinned at Brittany. Then Theresa, Alyssa, and Kelsey locked the house up, leaving Brittany alone to whimper and suffer, completely alone and forgotten.

Brittanys New Life

bdsm BoundBrittany 2018-06-16

I'm gonna have so much fun playing with my new tits." Brittany let out a confused "mmppphh" and Theresa giggled as she started to cut Brittany's shorts and panties off. Brittany felt Alyssa pulling the latex mask and blindfold over her face, holding the tape gag in place and only allowing breathing through her nose. Theresa laughed and kept whipping Brittany's tits, saying "As soon as Alyssa climaxes I'll stop, she enjoys your pain more than I do." Brittany was crying beneath the blindfold and letting out muffled screams, which only made the strikes harder. "Secure the slave." Brittany felt Alyssa cut the zip tie around her wrists and force her mittens around to her chest, connecting the hook on the mittens to the D-ring on her nipples.

Brittany Serves a Crowd

bdsm BoundBrittany 2018-05-16

They would take turns filling up the glass with cum, then once it was full, they would hold it up to Brittany's mouth and make her drink the entire glass, then lick it clean. Then as the 20 or so guests stood there watching and playing with themselves, Theresa would say "Go ahead slut, lick Alyssa's ass nice and clean." Then Brittany would stick out her tongue as Alyssa grinded her ass against Brittany's face. Alyssa smiled and said "Yes Mistress, thank you." Then Theresa unhooked the leather wrists cuffs from the rings in the wall and Brittany fell forward onto her hands and knees. As Brittany looked up at her owner, Alyssa kissed the tape over her mouth, said goodnight, and slid a blindfold over Brittany's eyes.

Brittany Visits Mistress Madelyn

bdsm BoundBrittany 2018-04-04

Madelyn grabbed Brittany's face and squeezed her cheeks, looked directly in her eyes, and said "Don't fucking try those puppy dog eyes with me bitch. As Brittany stuck her nose deeper in Lora's asshole, so her nostrils were completely covered by Lora's hole, Madelyn let go and started pushing Lora's ass cheeks together, squeezing Brittany's face in between the large ass. Then Madelyn walked over to Brittany and pushed her face into the puddle too, saying "This is such a good opportunity for both of you to learn a lesson." Then she felt the paddle start striking her ass too.

Brittany's Training

bdsm BoundBrittany 2018-03-24

Brittany was so shocked and without thinking just yelled "Thank you Mistress Theresa!" Alyssa slowly slid her fingers deep inside Brittany, then rubbed them against Brittany's nose and mouth while saying "That's a good little bitch." Then she heard Mistress Theresa clear her throat and say "Don't forget the other one bitch." Brittany quickly moved to her other foot and started cleaning that one as well, and felt Alyssa pull the butt plug completely out. As the blindfold was placed over her eyes, Theresa slapped Brittany in the face, saying "Stop your crying bitch, you brought this on yourself." Then Brittany felt the enema fill her ass up again, and the all too familiar butt plug shoved inside, although rougher this time.