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Free erotic stories by ByronLord on AdultRead

Pretty Virgin in a Thunderstorm

first-time ByronLord 2018-12-04

After we had all stopped laughing, Sally took off the soaking rain jacket and I recognized her as one of the girls I have seen at the beach with Lara. I could not see much of Sally in my position on the floor of the dimly lit van but I could hear her give a sigh of appreciation as Lara's pussy swallowed up my cock. The sight of Lara's open pussy above Sally's face alone was almost enough to set me off but I managed to slip inside her and feel the warmth of her pussy around my cock and even manage a few strokes before my cum exploded into her. 

Taking Celine Properly

group ByronLord 2018-12-03

Celine looked at Eve, her eyes opened wide with desire as her hands claimed my wife's body. But Eve clasped my hand, keeping me close to her side, squeezing harder each time Celine drew a little gasp of ecstasy from her body. But Eve was not content to be passive and slid Celine round to take her in a 69, parting the girls legs to show me her virgin slit, open, wet and available. Eve came hard and rolled Celine onto her back to work her tongue on my wife's clit. Then Eve was kissing the girl as she cradled her in one arm while the other hand parted the her legs to guide my cock between her virgin thighs.

Kate's Anal Correspondence Course: Lesson 1

anal ByronLord 2018-11-29

If she had been alone, Kate would have torn the box open to see and touch the smooth steel object inside. The box arrived on Thursday but Frank was off work on Friday with a cold and then came the weekend and so it was early Monday morning before Kate was alone in the house. Unable to stop herself, Kate opened the small brown cardboard package that she had thought about every minute since it had arrived. Inside the box, on a little cushion of black silk lay a small silver colored object that looked a little bit like a strawberry with a handle on the end of its stalk.

The Beltane Code Part 1: Fire

group ByronLord 2018-11-29

As I was talking to Eve, her boyfriend Keith began kissing Sue. Eve just shrugged and said she was not the jealous type. Sue offers us Tom which I nervously decline, Eve asked if I minded and I tell her to go ahead. A few minutes later everyone but me is naked and Tom’s tongue is licking Eve’s breasts while Keith has parted Sue’s legs and is kissing her private place. Eve gives me a look of encouragement and opening her legs, parts her labia for me to see a fifth gold ring in her private place. The soft words of encouragement from Tom. But I was soon lost in the moment with the sight of arms and legs and pricks and vaginas and my fingers on my clit.

Prepare Her

bdsm ByronLord 2018-11-28

I think about the now familiar routine of a wife undressing me, bathing me, parting my legs and making me ready for her husband's cock. Over time the preparation turned into foreplay with the wife while the husband watched. As soon as Ed left for church on Sunday, I stripped naked, took some pictures with my mobile and began writing the post that would change my life. John descended the staircase and said some words that I couldn't hear to Ann. They talked for a while and or a moment I thought that maybe they were having second thoughts. After coming with loud cries, Ann began working my defenseless slit with her tongue and pulling at the plug in my rear at the same time.

Faith and obedience Part 1

hardcore ByronLord 2018-11-26

A little after dawn, Mrs Hawclough brought Faith a maid's uniform and told her that the owner of the house was called Sir Horace and she would be paid ten shillings a week. As she raised her legs to display her sex and offer herself to Sir Horace, Nell wondered briefly what it must be like to be a person of quality like the stranger and not need to worry about a place to live or where the next meal would come from. But Sir Horace would brook no resistance and pulled her head round by her hair to face his cock still wet from coming in Nell's ass.

Ass fucking my wife's best friend

anal ByronLord 2018-11-23

The argument continued on in similar fashion for quite a while with Lena giving increasingly graphic advice and Trixie and Eve taking turns to express their disgust. After I directed Lena to the likely location of the main shut-off valve, Eve decided there was only one option: I headed out to the garage to find a pump and my plumbing tools. I woke late the next day to the sound of Eve and Lena talking in the exercise room next door. Lena moaned and gasped as I licked and fingered, releasing my cock from her mouth and sitting up to rub her slit on my face.

Ass Fucking My Wife's Best Friend: Part 3

anal ByronLord 2018-11-22

Other than restaurants, the only notable trip was to a sex shop where I bought Lena a second butt plug to match the one she gave Eve. The two women would wear them round the house together, a constant reminder of the next sex session they were preparing for. Sue and I started French kissing on the couch while Ian took my wife and Lena to the bed. With this change of position I could see Ian fucking Eve while she 69'ed Lena. Over my shoulder I could see Ian fucking Lena on her back while Eve's hand worked underneath. I had already fucked Sue in the front and back and Ian had fucked Eve and was working on Lena.

Valentines Airport Delay

anal ByronLord 2018-11-21

I began to unzip his pants to slip a hand inside but Charles was too quick for me, grabbing a fistful of my hair and giving a sharp tug. I badly needed the satisfaction of being filled and felt like I might have cum almost immediately but Charles deliberately kept me off balance with sharp tugs to my hair to bring me down each time an orgasm started to build. I felt a white hot pulse of energy flowing out from my center to my breasts and thighs, then another smaller glow as Charles worked my sex and ass with his hand.

Slave Mary gets the punishment she deserves

bdsm ByronLord 2018-11-20

The bank cleared the cashiers check immediately and Henry had wired Mary the money to buy her ticket to freedom which had brought him to the international arrivals hall on a windy May day morning. Meeting Henry in person had been a huge risk but if the envelope in her pocket really held the five big ones she expected it would last a month easily and the re-vic crew would cut her in for a quarter of anything they made which would probably be a couple of grand at least. The re-vic (re-vicitimization) crew would give Henry a call in a couple of months and explain that he had been taken by a classic advance fee fraud where the scam artists get their mark to pay them money up front in the hope of a future return.

Carnival of Sluts: My Visit to Iron Henge

group ByronLord 2018-11-20

Unlike Burning Man with the vast canvas of the Nevada Desert to play on, the Henge site can only hold a few hundred people and every year is sold out long in advance. Sally is lying on her front as one of the tent peg men we saw earlier slides slowly into her ass. My legs are raised higher and Sally guides the tip of Adam's cock to press against my ass. Adam looks me in the eyes and I feel myself being slowly stretched and Sally's fingers dancing over my clit. This morning as I was finishing the full account of my trip to Iron Henge, I received a present from Gina in the post and a note to say that she hopes I will wear it this year.

Kate's Anal Correspondence course: Lesson 2 Further Study

anal ByronLord 2018-11-20

The plug was not exactly uncomfortable but it was difficult to forget, a constant reminder that Kate was embarked on an adventure, an adventure she hoped would end with a cock sliding pleasurably into her asshole and fingers dancing delicately across her clit. “So you think that ass fucking is a kind of sex cocktail?” Kate asked. “You didn’t need to send me on a shopping trip with something stuck in my ass to tell me that!” Kate replied with slight indignation.” By way of response, Kate pressed the finger tip that she had been using to tease her anus inside herself and treated herself to a long moan of pleasure.

The Beltane Code Part 2 3: Air and Water

lesbian ByronLord 2018-11-19

Inside the book is divided into five chapters written in the same hand using what appears to be a fountain pen with a medium italic nib. Chapter 2: Latin alphabet employing a substitution cipher with linearly increasing character displacement, 5, 10, 15 characters. Eve brings coffee and orange juice and sits in bed watching me as I write. Eve turns on some music, places a little oil on her hands and touches every part of my body. I ask why Eve shaves her hair and she tells me she doesn’t shave it and I will soon know the answer. Eve joined us, sitting astride Sue’s face to let her kiss her cunt. Eve held me close against her body and finger fucked my arse while Sue licked my cunt.

The Telescope

voyeur ByronLord 2018-11-19

Voice: “An admirer of the man staying in room 3711.” Voice: “Yes, you are sitting on the bed naked with an open laptop, there is something red on the couch, probably your shirt.” Voice: “Only I can see you, I would like you let me watch.” Somewhere in the city there was a woman watching me, the woman whose voice I could hear on the telephone. Voice: “I am watching a sexy man play with his big, thick cock” Voice: “My cunt is shaven silky smooth and the steel slips easily into my wetness. Voice: “Keep it going, keep it going”, she commanded, “I want to see your come. Weeks of research mapping windows to hotel room numbers finally paid off.

Trip to Mainz with Hannah and Tim

first-time ByronLord 2018-11-19

The look in Hannah's eye's said everything I needed to know: She wanted sex and she wanted it now. Hannah pressed the bottle of lube into my hand and opened her eyes wide as she had done in the sex-shop. Following the instructions from the Internet, I continued to work on Hannah's asshole, slipping a second and then a third finger inside her, working them in and out of her, trying to loosen her up. I was ass-fucking Hannah doggy style as she brought Tim's cock back to attention with her tongue. I stopped thrusting momentarily and felt Hannah's ass pressing tighter on me as Tim's cock slid into he cunt.

Airtight Goth MILF

group ByronLord 2018-11-09

The idea had only occurred to me after Adam had left, but the look on John's face as he saw me lying naked told me it was right. John's hand squeezed mine tight as we watched her mouth telling the story as the second cock entered her ass. A hand (John's ?) wrapped itself in my hair and pulled my mouth open wide to take a third cock. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her slit to my tongue only to find my lips kissing John's cock instead. Unknown hands placed a cushion under my shoulders allowing me to tip my head back to receive John's cock deep into my mouth and throat.

In The Outdoors

first-time ByronLord 2018-11-02

There was some sort of festival on (hence the large number of naturists on the trail that day) and if I wanted to meet others for walks, they tended to congregate at Mabel’s diner for breakfast. Sue asked me if I would be offended and I found I had said no before I had time to consider ‘offended at what’. “Would you like to?” Tom asked, spreading his wife’s legs to offer her come-covered cunt to me. For the first (and only) time that trip, I left the camera and its heavy lens in the trunk of my hire car. I parted her labia and ran my tongue across her slit the same way that I had seen Tom do the day before.

Ass Fucking My Wife's Best Friend: Part 4 of 4

anal ByronLord 2018-11-01

After giving a brief welcome to the guests, Lena introduced Kathy, a tall, thin blond wearing a red dress with a short skirt. Knowing what lies in front of her I did my best to come as quickly as possible and make way for the next man who turns out to be George the owner of the monster cock. Another man and then the Japanese girl ran her tongue over Lena's asshole and ass fucked her with a dildo. Bod looked puzzled at first as he saw Lena's naked breasts, then his mouth opened wide but made no sound as her belly started to come into view. "Only twenty seven darling", Lena said mockingly as she turned her ass to the camera and pointed at it, "and they all fucked me right..."

Kate's Anal Correspondence Course: 3 Finals

anal ByronLord 2018-10-31

In one scenario she was passive, lying on her back as he caressed her body with fingers and lips, bringing her to an earth shattering orgasm with his tongue and sliding forcefully inside her while she still came. Then A.'s hands were on her breasts, his fingers stroking her nipples and Kate realized that she wanted much more than just taking a turn at the lead, she wanted to be led, to be taught, to explore new sensations. Keeping her eyes shut tight, Kate felt with her hand to find his cock and acting on instinct, took him into her mouth. In this position, with her mouth and throat in alignment, Kate suddenly understood what was meant by 'deep throat': A.'s cock was filling her throat as fully and deeply as it had her pussy.

Ass Fucking My Wife's Best Friend: Part 2

anal ByronLord 2018-10-31

Eve sighed and moaned as I pushed the tip of my tongue inside her, tasting the juices of her pussy, then felt her body tense as I slowly, deliberately kissed her anus. Lena had put pillows under Eve's ass and this allowed me to support her in this position and regain full use of my hands. Lena's legs were parted and my wife working her tongue between while her friend licked my semen from her own cunt. Lena saw what I was doing and started working lube into Eve's ass. I didn't have time to think about or process this new experience: As soon as her finger was fully inside me, she gave it a twist sending my seed pumping into Eve's ass.