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Free erotic stories by Cheekymonkey2516 on AdultRead

Veterinary Vulva

anal Cheekymonkey2516 2018-12-04

Pete couldn't help himself, he reached over and squeezed hard on Katie's right buttock.  Come on!" Pete replied, pulling Katie by the arm and leading her to the storage barn. Soon they were getting into a steady rhythm and the sound of Katie's ass slapping against his thighs, soon made Pete reach his peak. Pete didn't need to ask twice, and released his warm sticky cum into Katie's agonising hole. Katie looked puzzled, but Pete just picked up the bucket and began to pour its contents into her gaping hole. Pete held in the last mouthful in his mouth, got up and spat out the ass tasting breast milk all over Katie's face.

Posh Slut

lesbian Cheekymonkey2516 2018-11-18

For some reasons my mind kept going back to Jas. As I went over what I had heard again and again, I got a strange and very confusing feeling inside. Now the moisture built up between my legs, and I was pretty sure Jas could sense it as she began to move her hands over my body. She let out a shocked mumbling noise as she pulled out her fingers and wriggled her face as she tried to come up for air. Her small button nose had pierced its way through my pussy lips and was now sitting snugly inside me, her mouth had been forced much lower down, and her chin was pushed between my ass cheeks.

My First Sexual Experience

first-time Cheekymonkey2516 2018-11-15

About forty people turned up, all bringing their own drinks to add to our ever growing collection, and some of the populars even came along to wished me a happy birthday before they joined in with the party. Holly was already getting off with a guy on top of my kitchen cabinets and Abbi looked like she was having a good time with a group of boys over in the living room. I couldn't help but laugh and feel proud of my best friend, but now it was my turn to lose my virginity so I just shut the door and took Zak into the spare room.  My blood started to spew over the pale blue sheets but I eventually got into the pattern of all the thrusting that Zak was doing.