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Free erotic stories by ColletteXx on AdultRead

After Hours 3

group ColletteXx 2018-12-03

I took the cock out of my mouth and raised my head, Tom pumping a stream of cum over my face, across the bridge of my nose and over my eye.  The two guys took turns fucking my mouth, holding my hair and penetrating my throat with their hard cocks. I kept talking to the camera, saying things like "What do I have to do to get a pay-rise?" and "You are the worse boss I've ever had, making me suck your cock." A combination of the dirty talk and the expert blowjob made him cum pretty quickly, I looked into the lens and took his cum on my tongue like a good girl, swallowing and showing him my empty mouth.

Easy Money- 3

first-time ColletteXx 2018-11-26

I pinched my nipples and massaged my tits as I ground my cunt into James's face I looked at Toni, mouthing obscenities as he lapped at my clit, his fingers dipping in me. "Wanna clean her up?" he said, and Toni moved up the bed, her tongue touching my skin as she licked up James's cream. He winked, and mouthed 'Good job.' We shared a deep kiss, James tasting Toni's juices on my lips and tongue. James pumped his long cock into her wet hole, her tits bouncing beneath me, and I felt behind me and grasped at her nipples, pulling them gently at first, then harder.

3 AM

mastrubation ColletteXx 2018-11-20

I hailed the black cab just as the rain began to fall, heavy drops splashing on the pavement, my bag held above my head in a pointless attempt to keep my hair dry, my dress already damp. Lifting my right hand, I took my fingers into my mouth, wetting my fingers before slipping them back down, this time under my thong. The driver turned and watched as I slid my thong down my legs before returning to the back seat, foot once again raised, the heel of my shoe in danger of puncturing the back of his head. As the light turned green once more, I raised my fingers to my mouth, licking them clean, wetting them.

Value Added Sex!

lesbian ColletteXx 2018-11-18

Dipping my head, I ran my tongue around the nipple of her right breast, enjoying the feeling as I felt it stiffen at my touch, and hearing Kim's intake of breath. I slowly abated the pressure on her pussy, slowly circling with a lighter and lighter touch, before moving my hand away from her groin and softly caressing her breasts, then bringing her into a soft hug, my mouth on her neck. Kim toyed with my tuft of hair, before placing both her hands high up on my thighs and began to rub me gently with her thumbs, stroking my outer lips, and pressing the thumbs together on my quickly stiffening clit.

The New Toy

lesbian ColletteXx 2018-11-16

Lucy’s legs moved to open further as my fingers brushed against her outer lips, and my tongue got busy on her clit. I shifted up the bed, closer to her, being careful not to hurt her, but she spread her legs wider, one hand holding her cunt lips wide, one finger on her clit. I gripped her just below the knees and pulled her legs up, moving my hands to her ankles, holding her wide open. Lucy’s legs buckled and I held her tight by the waist for the last few final strokes, pressing the Feeldoe as hard as I could into me, the vibrations pushing me over the edge.

Lost connection

mastrubation ColletteXx 2018-11-15

My hands ran down over my tummy, and then caressed my hips before I ran my fingers up the insides of my thighs, coming to rest either side of my pussy. With three fingers I began to rub my mound in a circular motion, pressing harder and feeling the short hair under my palm. Pressing my hand against me, I spread my fingers, opening my outer labia, showing Lucy my wet, pink centre. I started to finger fuck my pussy, thumb pressed on my clit to heighten the feeling. My right hand snaked up my body, pulling the pyjama top to one side and I started to caress my right breast, the nipple aroused and erect beneath my fingers.

The (not so little) Boy That Santa Claus Forgot

first-time ColletteXx 2018-11-07

Tell me, what would you like for Christmas?" She smiled, seductively, showing a bit of thigh, because Fairies can do that. Timmy stripped in seconds, his rampant train getting some Christmas kisses from Tingaling before she took him in hand, then guided him into her moist tunnel. Timmy was plumbing her coal hole fast and deep, when all of a sudden he cried out, "I think I'm going to leak all my engine oil, Tingaling!" I do so love a white Christmas!" said Tingaling, licking the last of the oil from Timmy's tender engine. "For fucks sake, don't tell Santa!" she said, scowling, "I don't want him calling me his ho, ho, ho for the rest of the year."

After Hours 2- the lock in

group ColletteXx 2018-11-05

My tits bounced with each thrust, Colin’s cock forcing its way down my throat with each inward thrust from Tom. His fingers found my clit again and he rubbed it hard as he pounded into me, his hips bucked as he shot his sticky load deep in me, his gutteral moaning filling the saloon. Colin took his place between my legs, the head of his cock pressed against my vulva, Tom’s cum lubricating my cunt. Colin was French kissing me, Tom had my tits in his hands, pulling roughly at them, my nipples felt like they’d be torn off, but still they fucked me. Tom, the cheeky cunt, leaned over the bar and helped himself to two bottles of beer, handing one to Colin as they went to the door, pulling back the bolt.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

group ColletteXx 2018-10-30

I wanted to taste Sara, so I pushed her gently back on the bed, her grip on Tom's cock never breaking. Sara was gagging on Tom's monster length and was on the verge of cumming, her chest flushed pink as I downed her juices and tongue fucked her to orgasm. Tom fucked her, trying to get more of his cock into her, each thrust pushing Sara's mouth hard into my cunt. I shuffled down the bed, underneath Sara, until our lips locked and we kissed, deeply, the taste of my pussy discernible on her tongue. I reached for his balls, caressing them, and my mouth found Sara's as we both licked and sucked the head of Tom's cock as he tit-fucked her. 

A Warm Welcome

lesbian ColletteXx 2017-11-22

I run my thumbs gently against your outer lips, stroking up and down, up and down, up and down.  Looking up, I see your left hand has moved to your breast, softly kneading your flesh in time to my fingers. My left hand moves lower, my middle digit pressing against your opening, gently exploring your inner lips before I push into you, softly. I move my head lower, mouth closing over your wet cunt, drinking in your scent as I begin to slowly devour you, my flat tongue lapping against your lips, the tip darting between them, my nose flat against your pubic bone. I feel the grasp of your hand on my head begin to weaken, fingers stroking my hair, then my face.