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Free erotic stories by CommunicationDirectr on AdultRead

US Army ROTC Camp

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-12-04

In the past, we had mixed bivouacs, but because of issues with the guys and the girls ending up in each other’s tents, Army Command decided to separate the bivouac camps, by sex. She knelt down on her knees and crawled on to my sleeping bag beside me, slipping her hand across my bare chest and on to my shoulder, as she snuggled up close to me. She slipped her lips over the end of my throbbing cock, as I grabbed her blonde hair and squeezed it in my hands. She pressed her hands into my chest, and bit down on her lower lip, as she worked her hips back and forth, my cock buried deep inside of her.

My Dad's Best Friend Seduced Me

mature CommunicationDirectr 2018-12-03

Dad said they had worked together several years back and that Eric was in town looking for a job. Eric was a good-looking guy and for some unknown reason, I felt attracted to him, even though I didn’t even know him. Eric was lying down on the guest bed, the bath towel loosely wrapped around his lower torso. “You’re a good-looking girl,” Eric replied. “I’ll tell you what,” Eric replied, “we can take this slowly and you can say 'Stop!' at any point and you won’t hurt my feelings.” As Eric ran the soap-lathered sponge across my naked body, with the jets of hot water hitting me, I suddenly felt an appreciation for his thoughtfulness.

82% sex

Yes, I like Korean Girls

interracial CommunicationDirectr 2018-12-03

“He only marry me because he liked my kimchee,” June said, quickly asking me if I knew what “kimchee” was. “You like Korean girl,” June said. June slipped out of the over-sized white shirt and allowed it to settle on to the pool table. I stepped back and snapped several photos, as June diligently shifted into various poses on top of the pool table. “What do you think?” June asked, as she looked at me, holding the pool cue in place between her legs. “Ohhh, you like Korean girl a lot,” June declared as she wrapped her fingers around my elongated shaft. “Ohhh, you like Korean girl a lot!” June repeated as she gripped my cock in her hand.

Voyeur Times Two

voyeur CommunicationDirectr 2018-12-02

I saw him going out with his wife many times and I was pretty sure he was happy with her because he was always opening her car door for her and walking hand-in-hand with her whenever they parked curbside in front of their house. At 9pm, I opened my blinds and stood against the far wall of my kitchen, my glass of wine in hand, the teddy barely covering my breasts and my other private parts. “So, did you like what you saw through the blinds?” I asked, inching my knee length night shirt up as I looked down at him. “You’re a good looking guy,” I said, as I withdrew my hand and slipped it over my covered left breast. “You’re pretty damn good-looking yourself,” Jim replied.

Truth is Better than Fiction

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-12-02

Riley had a some hip-hugging, way-too-tight blue jeans and a sports bra that barely contained “momma and papa”, as she liked to call her 40ddd breasts. Riley took a step back and stood up in front of me as Jessie settled down on to my lap, facing away from me, my cock pressing against her ass. It was a tight fit at first and she grimaced, but then a smile crossed her face as she settled down on top of me, leaning back against me, my cock buried deep inside of her. I watched as both girls continued to pleasure each other, Jessie with her face buried into Riley’s pussy and Riley with her face buried between Jessie’s parted legs.

Voyeur Fun

voyeur CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-30

“I’m Jamie,” she said, looking around at my apartment and flipping her long blonde hair back over her shoulder. “I’ll wait on ya,” Jamie replied as she sat on my bar stool by the kitchen pass through. “I hope you don’t mind that I decided to get a little comfortable,” Jamie said as she stepped over to where I lay on my back on my bed. Jamie slipped her hand on to my bare thigh and smiled. “Why don’t you get comfortable as well?” she asked. “That’s what I want,” Jamie replied, interlocking her hands behind her head as she moved her hips back and forth. Jamie smiled as she turned and faced me. “Do you want to go to the beer store?” she asked.


Snicker's Revenge

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-30

Word soon got out in my platoon that I might be an easy conquest after I gave a guy a blow job for a candy bar. Vegas started up the car and turned down the main street of the Army post. “Who want to swim?” Vegas asked, as he stripped out of his uniform blazer and his t-shirt. I watched as Vegas stripped to his underwear and the other guys did the same. Vegas, Jones, and the other two guys jumped into the lake water, splashing and hollering. I grabbed the hand of the guy on Jones’s shoulders and pulled as hard as I could. I believe Vegas was the first one in me and he was followed by a second guy.

Co-Worker Voyeurism

voyeur CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-28

The first day was hectic, co-ordinating things, and I was happy to settle into my own condo unit, just a building over from the main office. Courtesy of our company, I took up a temporary residence in a unit on the third floor and Tammy had a residence on the same level but across the courtyard from me.  She had left the window shades open and I watched as she walked from her living room into her bedroom. Tammy stepped into her small unit and I watched as she walked into her bedroom. Tammy walked closer to the huge bay window of her condo that overlooked the courtyard. Tammy proceeded to slip it into her open mouth, while looking up at me for some type of approval.


Texas Sweet

mature CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-27

“We need to spend some time together,” Janice quickly said and I reached in my jacket pocket and handed her one of my business cards. Janice continued to bite down on her lower lip, as she placed her hands on her bed behind her. Janice still bit down on her lower lip and pushed her hair back over her left shoulder. “You don’t find me attractive?”  “Yes,” Janice replied, nervously pushing her blonde hair back and over her shoulder. Janice closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip as I inserted a lone finger into her pussy. We dressed and as I reached the front door, she tip-toed and placed a light kiss on my cheek. “You are cool,” Janice said, adding “I like that.”


Two Eleven and Our Semi-Public Show

voyeur CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-26

Rebecca stepped into my office and over to the floor to ceiling glass window that allowed for a view of the cityscape and the office tower next door. Rebecca took in a deep breath and exhaled, looking straight ahead, and out the window. Rebecca took my cock into her hand and lightly played with it, running her fingers along my shaft and cupping my balls in her hand. As I pushed my cock into the small opening, Rebecca took a deep breath and held on to the side of the desk, her knuckles turning white. I sat back in my office chair, as Rebecca dressed, and I looked out the window. “What the hell?” Rebecca remarked, surveying the score posted on the windows.


Step-Daughter and Friend Earns Grades from Step-Father Teacher

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-26

“Holly just messaged me and asked me to find out if you had a chance to grade her Civil War papers,” Jennifer said, as she took up her usual position, sitting on the edge of my desk. “We came to discuss a proposition with you,” Jenn began, taking her usual spot beside me, sitting on my desk, while Holly stood quietly beside her friend. Jenn re-took her position beside me, sitting on the edge of my desk, as Holly stood between Jenn’s parted legs. Jenn leaned back with her hands on my desk, as Holly ravaged her teenage body with kisses. Holly leaned forward and locked her mouth over Jenn’s, as Jenn bounced up and down, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

Making a Fantasy Come True at a Comedy Club

humor CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-25

I texted Jose, my work companion and asked him if he wanted to come to Hanks. I slipped on to the bar stood next to Michelle and whispered to her that “Jose from work is here.” I introduced Jose and he gave her the traditional cheek peck that all Mexicans give each other as a traditional greeting. The bar table had a foot rest, so Michelle stepped up on the foot rest, giving both Jose and myself unfettered access to her pussy. Jose slipped his fingers into Michelle's pussy as she looked back at me, over her shoulder. Finally, Jose stepped back, leaving Michelle clinging to the sides of the table, her knuckles white and her head still hanging down.

The Uninhibited Neighbor Down The Street

voyeur CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-25

Julian took the glass from my outstretched hand. “Si,” Julian replied, my handing firmly holding his hand in place, as I pressed in closer to where he stood. I slipped my hands under Julian’s sweat-soaked shirt and pulled it over his head, exposing his hairless and chiseled chest. He pulled me in closer, his bare chest pressing against me his hands dropping to my ass, as we kissed. Julian grabbed my head by my hair, as I shoved his cock inside my open mouth. As Julian lie sprawled and naked on my four-posted bed, I crawled on top of his sweat-soaked body and pressed myself against him.  I took hold of Julian’s cock and slipped it into the crease between my legs, rubbing it back and forth across my pussy lips.


Getting to Know the Sorority Sisters - Part I

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-25

“Sure,” Rachel replied, slipping her legs off the side of the chase lounge and turning toward where I sat next to her. Charlotte stepped over Brittany’s chase lounge and slipped up behind Rachel as Brittany sat and watched. Charlotte poured the thick sunscreen into her hand, and began to apply it to Rachel’s back as Rachel continued to look in my direction, completely unfazed by the sexual tension in the air. Rachel knelt beside me, and slipped her mouth over the tip end of my steel rod, shoving it down her throat as Brittany and Charlotte knelt beside her and watched. “Oh fuck yes!” Brittany exclaimed as Rachel began to work her hips, feverishly, back and forth.


Asian Spices

interracial CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-25

“You look lonely,” Tran said. While everyone else was either blue eyed and blonde or brown eyed and with brown hair, Tran was small and petite, and almost flat chested, although she had nipples that were very easily discernable through her white button-down shirt. I headed out to a nearby Taco bell for something to eat and then found myself thinking about Tran and wondering if she was at work at the club. Stepping into my apartment, Tran looked around after tossing her purse on a love seat. “One hundred five” Tran replied, “If you count the wet t-shirt.” “Yes,” Tran replied, “The French are good in the kitchen and in the bedroom.”

The Job Interview- Part II

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-24

Jill and I sat on the couch as Jim took up his interview position sitting behind the desk. Jill sat on the edge of the couch as Jim retrieved the video camera from the desk and set it up on a small tripod he positioned on the desk. Jill sat expressionless on the couch as Jim unbuttoned his white, dress shirt, and then dropped his trousers. Jim held his cock in his hand and stepped over towards where Jill was still seated on the couch. Jim leaned forward and placed his hands on the seat back of the couch, his face only a mere few inches from Jill’s face, his cock rubbing against the inside of her thigh.

Amy from the Church Camp, Part II

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-24

“These,” Amy said softly, placing Bridget’s hand on her boob, “Are God’s gift to a woman. Bridget smiled as Amy softly traced the outline of Bridget’s lips, and then slowly worked her finger down to Bridget’s chin. “Let me show you,” Amy said softly, pulling her long black hair back over her shoulder, and lightly running her tongue up the backside of my cock from the base to the tip. Amy worked the tip of my manhood around the outside of Bridget’s pussy, as Bridget closed her eyes to enjoy the experience. “You have to share,” Amy said, as she worked her way closer to where Bridget and I lay kissing. Bridget reached over and grabbed Amy by her hair and pressed her lips to Amy’s.

Seducing my Best Friend and Co-worker, Steve

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-23

It was close to eleven, so Steve asked that I check the pool area to make sure the access doors were locked. I knew Steve could see me on the closed circuit pool monitor, and even though he had seen me completely naked on more than one occasion, I found it kind of fun and thrilling to know he was probably choking it, watching me on the monitor. “Why don’t you get com- for -ta- ble?” Steve remarked, his final word breaking up into parts, with pauses, as he looked over and saw me stretched out on the couch. “How do you want it?” Steve asked, as he looked up from between my parted legs. “No,” Steve replied, “It’s a good thing, you still need a jump.”


Crystal- the Campaign Volunteer

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-23

“I don’t know,” Crystal responded. “You’re getting me drunk,” Crystal remarked, sipping on her fourth beer. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?” Crystal remarked. Her remark caught me totally off guard and while it had been my intention to seduce her with a few beers, Crystal was seemingly much smarter than I. “You’re about two beers too late,” Crystal responded. “Tahiti, would be nice,” Crystal responded, “do you think the campaign can swing the cost of the airfare and the hotel?” The waiter couldn’t keep his eyes off of her chest and this time, it wasn’t because of the size of her boobs, but because she was just plain beautiful and sexy in a whole new way. “I wanted to fuck two beers ago,” Crystal replied.

Fernanda: Teenage Lust

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-21

Bob and I cranked up the volume on the game and took turns playing it, whooping and hollering, as Fernanda lie on her bed, lost in her own girlish thoughts and fantasies. Fernanda slipped the palm of her hand along the backside of my cock, feverishly working it back and forth. I pulled the sheet back that was covering Fernanda and slipped onto the bed beside her, pulling the sheet over both of our bodies as I whispered, “Scoot over.” "Fine," I finally said, realizing she wasn't going anywhere. I stepped out of the shower, trying to cover my oversized cock with my hands. She grimaced and let out a small whimper-like yelp, her eyes closed, the palms of her hands pushing down on my chest.

The Next Door Teenager

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-21

“Hey,” Karen said as I opened the door. “Can you check the closets?” Karen asked. “That’s Ian’s room,” Karen replied, “Yes.” “Yes,” Karen replied, walking back into her bedroom. “Nice room,” I remarked as Karen disappeared into the bathroom, leaving the door open. “I’m kind of a nerd,” Karen remarked from behind the half-closed bathroom door. I grabbed a hold of her long brown hair and gripped it in my fingers as she worked her head back and forth, going up and down on the shaft of my cock. “I don’t know,” Karen demurely replied. I lowered my head and gently planted a light kiss on the inside of her thigh, as she spread her legs even wider.


Seducing my Best Friend and Co-worker, Holly

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-18

While Bethany was fucking in the hot tub, Holly and I would play scrabble or card games until the sun would come up. Bethany grabbed two towels from my bathroom and proceeded to strip out of her clothes as Chandra sat on my porch swing, her head leaning back against the comfortable headrest I had installed. Holly and Bethany left for their apartment, leaving Chandra and I alone. “I am going to fuck you like there is no tomorrow,” I replied, pulling her in close to where I was settling in for the night. Suddenly, Holly jumped from the couch and pinned me on to the hardwood floor, straddling my body, and forcing my hands over my head.

Betty - The Curious Teenage Daughter of My Neighbor

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-18

“I just turned eighteen a month ago,” Betty replied, before she added, “I just wish guys would do more than stare at me.” “I don’t know,” I replied, pretending like I didn’t want to go where she was leading me. I sat down on the bench, slipping my fingers into Betty shorts and pulling them down. “Oh yeah,” Betty remarked, looking up at me as she held my cock in her tiny hands. I parked behind a closed up store and Betty slipped out of the car to take in the view. I turned Betty around and told her to put her hands on the hood of the car and lean forward.


The First Time with The Housekeeper

interracial CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-18

The first time I realized Maria was in the house, was when I stepped out of the shower and came face to face with her as I exited the master bedroom bath. Maria looked over at me as she finished the bed and smiled. I started to remove the towel and Maria immediately remarked in broken English-  I didn’t want to embarrass myself, so I retreated to the master bedroom and lay down on the freshly made bed. I took Maria by her hands and positioned her between my legs as they dangled off the side of the bed. Maria didn’t dare look down at my erection. I helped Maria up on to my bed and pulled her work shirt over her head.

Wine and The Husband of my Sister's Best Friend

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-17

I ran into Steve and his wife one day and I told them I’d love to do a photo shoot for both of them, my gift back to them, for helping me through tough times over the years. Steve and Brenda said they would love to have some photos done, but when I didn’t hear back from either of them for several weeks, I figured they must have changed their minds. Steve slipped on his suit pants, and I watched as he tied the laces on his dress shoes, donned a white button down collared shirt and light blue silk tie. “Next time,” Steve remarked, smiling, “I’ll ask the others to stick around a bit longer.”

Beth Ann From College 16 years Later

mature CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-16

After a few minutes, Beth Ann stepped out of the restroom, with only a towel wrapped tightly around her modelesque like body. “Looks like someone wants to have a party,” she said, slipping back on to the bed, her hand slipping in past the edge of my bikini briefs to feel my manhood. I tugged on the edge of the towel wrapped tightly around Beth Ann. Her slip knot easily gave way and the towel fell from her gorgeous body. “Maybe so,” Beth Ann replied, “But if we had, I don’t know if we’d be where we are right now. “I’m glad I waited,” Beth Ann said in response.

Jill - The Beginning of her Career As a Nude Model

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-16

She asked if I did private photo shoots and I said that I did, but only on location. Janet said she was familiar with my work through several acquaintances and said she felt like I would be the right person to help Jill develop a portfolio. I agreed to come by Janet and Jill’s house and shoot a few photos so that I could best determine how to proceed in building a modeling portfolio that modeling agencies would like. Jill said that her mother had to work until late and that a Saturday would be the best day to shoot. Jill said and her mother had discussed birth control, but that she had promised to remain chase.

The Next Door Voyeur

voyeur CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-16

I moved a little farther to my left as she worked her way closer towards where I sat, pouring water onto her potted plants. “You should try porch gardening, sometimes,” Helen remarked, looking over my way. Helen looked my way as the water dribbled out of the bottom of the hanging plants. A few days later, I was sitting on my porch, looking at the small bloom that had just started to blossom on the pant that Helen had gifted me only a week before. Helen stepped over to where I stood in the archway of her bedroom door. As Helen stepped back into her bedroom, she could see me looking out her bedroom window and into my own house.

Tina, My Surprise Asian Treat

interracial CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-15

Flipping the top portion of the luggage back, she quickly slipped her hand around the inside and remarked, “It has lot of room.” “I am from Taiwan,” she said, taking a step back as I surveyed the opened luggage. “Sit,” she instructed, pointing me towards the only chair in the small alcove, which was piled high with storage boxes and pieces of luggage. “Do you still like Taiwan woman?” she asked demurely, stepping between my outstretched and parted legs. “Yes,” she softly replied, pressing her legs against my inner thigh and running her hands over her breasts. She pressed her left nipple to my mouth as I slipped my arms around her tiny waist and caressed her bare ass, squeezing her tush in my hand.

Being a Good Neighbor - Part II

lesbian CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-14

Donna’s husband was gone on an extended business trip and Donna was wanting more than her shower knob fixed. Donna didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about, so I did my best to explain to her what a set screw was and how it held the shower knob in place. “No, “ Becca responded, “I don’t mind obliging the fantasy, but I want to know make sure it is on my terms.” Becca lie back on our bed as Donna began to slowly cover her body with kisses. My erection quickly returned, as Donna wrapped her fingers around the shaft of my cock, while Becca lapped at the pussy juices flowing from our neighbor’s pussy.

Truth is Better than Fiction - Part II

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-13

As much as I liked Riley, I couldn’t get Samantha out of my head, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got an unexpected call from Riley’s cell a couple of days later and heard Samantha’s voice. “I had one, but all he wanted to do know,” Samantha replied, taking a sip from her beer. I slipped over to the side of the pool and stretched out my arms on the edge of the pool deck, facing Samantha, who stood chest deep in the pool water about arm’s reach from me. Samantha rolled on to her side and slipped a leg over mine, her head and hand resting on my chest.

Life on Eden Trails (Part III)

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-09

I knew that my wife, Beth, would be going out with some of her friends, so I told Eve that if she wanted, she could invite her friend Ellen, over for a swim in our backyard pool. Eve took a seat on the edge of her chase lounge and Ellen proceeded to put the baby oil on Eve’s back and shoulders. Eve took my cock in her mouth, as Ellen looked over her shoulder and watched. Eve repositioned the seat back of the lounge chair in the full down position and sat astraddle the chair, in front of Ellen, lightly stroking her cherub face, holding on to her friend’s bunched up blonde hair.

The Perks of Military Command- Part II

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-09

I looked at her personnel folder, sitting on my desk and remarked that I knew she was from Fort Worth. “Sir, thank you sir,” she replied, “but enlisted soldiers are not allowed to-” “I am going to tell you the very same thing I told Private Lovejoy,” I remarked. “Yes, sir,” she replied as I held her hand on my chest. “Jenna,” I remarked, looking her straight in her dark brown eyes, “Would you like to take a shower with me?” I took her hand in mine and lead her through a door, at the back of my office, in past my bunk, to my private shower.

Earning Points

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-09

She handed me a listing of magazine and books and asked if I might be interested in purchasing any. “I don’t know.” she said, sitting forward, clasping her tablet in her hands, “I really need to get some points.” “Well,” I said, “You did ask if there was a way we could work some things out.” She sat her tablet down on my coffee table, and brushed her long brown hair back over her shoulders as she bit down on her lower lip. Without saying a word, she repositioned herself on the couch right next to me, and slipped her hand on to my leg, then over to my crotch, where she could feel my rock-hard cock resting comfortably within the confines of my shorts.

Kristie and Jessica - Two Teenage Church Going Nymphs

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-09

As Kristie slipped her lips over the head of my cock, I looked at Jessica, who sat in stunned silence, watching her friend suck on my cock. Lucky for us, the pool was a small one and at the back of the apartment complex and there was no one there, thank God. I took a seat on a chase lounge while Kristie and Jessica play splashed their way around the pool, deferring to watch rather than join them. As Kristie disappeared into the bathroom, I pressed myself against Jessica, pinning her to the wall, my hands pushing their way up under her small bikini top and on to her luscious teenage breasts, even as we kissed.


The Best Teacher Tutor Ever, Part II

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-08

As she slipped my stiff cock into her mouth, I inserted a lone finger into her hot pussy. She spread her legs and I dipped my head between them, slowly moving in, lightly kissing her lower abdomen as I worked my way to her pubic area. I slowly worked my way up her body with gentle kisses, until I reached her breasts. With one free hand, I worked my cock back and forth and I kissed her neck and behind her left ear. She rocked back and forth feverishly, pressing her hands on to my chest, her head tossed back, her mouth wide open, gasping for breath, her hair covering her shoulders, with a wild look in her eye.

No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded: A Cop's Story

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-07

I asked him to look into her case and see if he could find a way to see to it that she didn’t spend the entire weekend in jail over a missed court appointment. When they asked where she worked, she told them she was a “voyeuristic administrative assistant that liked to mess with people’s heads.” When they pressed her for details, she sarcastically replied, “I don’t like to shower alone,” Beth remarked, as I stood and emptied my bladder into the toilet. A fourth girl joined in and then a fifth, taking turns at pleasuring Zoe, Beth and whoever the girl was that had her kitty planted on my face. Beth slipped on to my Johnson first and after quickly reaching an orgasm, Zoe took her place.

The Wrong Truck at the Right Time

humor CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-07

My boyfriend, Sam and I love to have sex and we are always looking for new adventures. We decided to stop off at Walmart and I told Sam to “hang on”, that’d dash in grab some replacement panty hose and make a quick change in the car. I dashed into the Walmart, grabbed some replacement panty hose, dashed through the self-checkout and back out to the truck. He was cool and didn’t say anything and neither did Sam. As he turned and walked away, after our brief introduction, I grabbed Sam’s arm and asked him if he knew who the guy was. “Well,” he replied, “If you ever want to have a drink, just look me up." “In fact, I’m fine for a drink right now,” I said.

Crazy Sisters Who Like to Strip

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-07

I looked across the pool and could see her standing naked, in the opening of her apartment patio door. She turned and held her pussy lips open, as I positioned my cock at just the right place. “This is Scott,” Melissa said, making the introduction, as her sister stepped up to my patio. “And getting fucked up,” Melody replied, before downing her entire shot glass. Melissa sat back and Melody took over, slipping her mouth over my enlarged cock. Suddenly, she was gyrating her hips in a circle, working my cock around in her tight little pussy, her finger tips digging into my chest. Melissa was sitting naked on the floor beside me, her fingers deep inside of her pussy, her eyes closed.

Jim & Janice Breaking Down Barriers

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-06

“Goddamnit Janice!” Jim exclaimed, “You have a fucking hot as hell body and I liked that shaved hairless look!” “Sure,” Jim replied, taking Janice’s hand and wrapping her fingers around his manhood. “Are you cuming?” Janice asked, seeing the clear liquid seeping from the small slit in the end of Jim’s cock. Janice popped Jim’s cock out of her mouth and stared at her step-brother for second. Jim repositioned himself between Janice’s spread open legs, his hands on either side of her upper torso, his massive cock hanging down. “I thought you said girls don’t cum,” Jim replied as Janice shook and shook and shook. “No you won’t,” Jim replied, jamming his massive cock back into Janice’s pussy.

The Taboo Lounge

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-05

On the far end of the dimly lit bar, was a stage with a totally naked young nubile laying on her back, her sexy long legs spread, with an older gentleman standing between them, dollar bills in hand. “I’ll tell you what,” I said, my eyes fixated on the naked dancer on the main stage, “I’ll tip you and her for a doubles dance.” Without saying a word, the young dancer took my hand and pulled me towards the main stage. The dancer on the stage squatted down in front of us, smiled, spread her legs, her hands on her knees, giving us a perfect view of her shaved kitty. Pam slipped next to me, placed her hands on the naked young dancer’s knees seated beside me and forcibly spread them apart.


Tashita Loves Rhythm And Blues

interracial CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-05

When she didn’t object, I pressed on, working my hands and fingers deep into her tight muscles. I repositioned myself on the couch, placing a knee on each side of her hips and settling on the back of her thighs, as I pushed her robe up and began to work on her lower back. I gently massaged her breasts, working my hands up to her shoulders, her neck and then back to her exposed breasts, as she stretched out her arms over her head. I worked my way up to her neck, and again, she took in a deep breath and forcefully exhaled as I slipped my open mouth, and hot breath on her supple neck, just below her left ear.

Emily - Our Tex-Mex Waitress

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-05

On one particular night, not long ago, as I was seated across the booth from my wife, Emily stood at the side of our table, taking our drink orders, I scooted over and patted the cushioned seat next to me. As we both lie naked and exhausted from a tremendously wild love-making session, Maria asked me if I liked Emily. Maria moved to her right and patted the bench seat motioning for Emily to sit next to her. “Aye,” Emily replied to something Maria said in Spanish, as she looked at me and smiled. “Can you give me fifteen minutes to close out another table?” Emily asked. Maria took Emily by her hand and walked towards the front of the restaurant.

College Physiology 101

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-05

John cocked his head a little and asked, “Why?” I told John that there would be a product presentation at a local hotel conference room in about a week and that I’d text him information about it if he would provide me with his cell number. John gave me his cell number and I wrote it down. As he stood up, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement, knowing that I’d be able to experience this hulk of a young man. We flipped into a sixty-nine position on the bed and John began to kiss my inner thighs, working his way to my womanhood. “That was some muscle enhancer and body relaxer,” John whispered, mimicking what I had told him about a week prior.

The Perks of Military Command - Part III

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-04

Recruits Lisa Lovejoy and Jenna Thompson, were perfect recruits, except like every recruit, they had basic human needs that often clashed with their training objectives. “I’m sure, you don’t,” Private Lovejoy responded. Private Thompson walked toward the doors that lead to my attached quarters and my private shower, without saying a word. A few second later, Private Lovejoy stepped into the shower. Private Thompson reached over and took her army buddy's hand, She slipped her arm around Private Lovejoy’s waist. As they kissed, Private Lovejoy took my rock hard cock in her hand and squeezed it. As Private Lovejoy squeezed my balls, a rope of white cum shot out of my cock, hitting Private Thompson in the face.

The Perks of Military Command

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-04

I asked them if they waived their rights and both answered, “Sir, yes sir!” Private Lovejoy looked at her fellow trainee. “I was assigned extra duty to clean your quarters, sir!” she replied. Private Lovejoy was attired in her Army green t-shirt, BDU Trousers and combat boots. I pulled her sweat-soaked t-shirt from her BDU trousers and slipped my hands under it to massage her back, pulling her in closer to me. Private Lovejoy slipped out of her combat boots and her BDU trousers. I slipped my cock back into her steaming hot vagina, my hands just under her outstretched arms. As she fastened her bra and slipped her Army green t-shirt back on, she glanced at me, and asked,

Life on Eden Trails - Part I

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-04

I looked at Charlie and remarked, “You keep wearing shorts like that and you may very well lose your virginity sooner than later.”  Charlie leaned against the front fender of my car, her long legs crossed at the ankles, watching me as I worked. I took out my shop jack and Charlie watched as I positioned it under her car. I worked my way up under the car, as Charlie rolled under it, beside me. “You’re cool,” she remarked, handing me back my rag, slipping her finger tips into the front pockets of her shorts. I turned off the engine and handed Charlie the car keys. “I’m cuming!” Charlie remarked, taking in several short breaths and forcefully exhaling, her teenage body shaking.

Truth Is Better Than Fiction- Part IV

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I jammed my hands down my pants and stroked my cock as Rosy and Maddie locked lips. Maddie sat back on the love-seat, pulling Rosy down on top of her, both girls erotically and slowly teasing each other with passionate kisses. I opened my eyes and Rosy was on all fours, my cock stuffed into her mouth, her long black hair pulled back over one shoulder on one side and hanging loose on the other side of her head. Rosie cupped my balls, gently in her hands as Maddie worked my cock in and out of her mouth. “Oh hell no!” Maddie exclaimed as she jumped totally naked on to the bed, along with her friend Rosy.

The Best Teacher Tutor Ever

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“Well,” she responded, leaning over on to her desk, her skirt riding higher on her thighs as she reached for a pencil, “Let me give you my personal cell and if you think you need some extra help, on anything, just text me and I’ll do whatever I can.” I slipped my middle finger into her very wet pussy, as she closed her eyes and put her head on the seat back headrest. Holding her hair back with one hand, she leaned over, lifted the head of my cock and put it up to her sweet lips. I held her hair and then watched as she slowly withdrew from my cock and looked up at me, a small dribble of cum hanging from her lower lip.

Voyeur Times Three

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My kitchen window looked directly into Jim’s dining room window and, ever since first saw Jim walking across his living room, butt-ass naked, carrying a load of laundry, I became hooked on the mysteriousness of the tease and the peek-a-boo nature of voyeurism. One morning, I was washing my dishes and looked out my window to see Jim walking across his living room, totally nude and delivering a load of laundry to his laundry room. A young guy, probably a high school kid skipping school, skated by and slipped off of his skateboard, which went sailing across the concrete and into the grass. I tossed the plastic cup into a nearby trashcan and slowly walked back towards where Jim still sat on the park bench. “I like dirty,” Jim replied by text.


The Perks of Military Command- Part IV

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I had experienced the pleasure of helping PFC Lovejoy work through some personal conflicts in basic training. Almost immediately, PFC Lovejoy stood at attention, while the desk Sergeant looked at her like she was crazy. “Sir, PFC Lovejoy is a Private First Class,” the desk sergeant responded. The desk sergeant looked at me. “Sir, I don’t think you can do that. Corporal Lovejoy placed her hand on my right shoulder, bit down on her lower lip, and smiled. “Sir,” she remarked in almost a whisper, “anything you want, I will get it for you.” I silently stepped in front of her as she leaned on the front edge of my Army-issued grey desk, her hands flat on the surface behind her.

Working in Guest Services

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About ten minutes later, a room service waiter paged Guest Services and asked for some assistance in taking a room service cart and six bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne up to room seven hundred, our penthouse suite, our VIP suite with a ceiling to floor window view of the downtown Dallas skyline. About ten minutes later, the security dispatcher asked me to go by room seven hundred and check on the room service waiter, and a bell hop, since they had not returned back to his work station. I looked at my guest manifest and there were no other rooms booked on the seventh floor, which made me happy, because I didn’t like having to curtail a private party or respond to guest complaints.

The Job Interview

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I thought for a second, Who would ask this type of question and how they would answer a crude remark like ‘fuck’. About two days later, I got a call from the modeling agency where I had applied and written in the crude word on the job application. “Sorry for the long walk, but they always put me at the end of the hall,” he remarked, taking a seat behind a sparsely-topped desk. I felt kind of awkward as he snapped photos and asked me to turn around. He reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a small video camera. Jim pulled me into a standing position, his cock pressing against my bare body. “So will I,” Jim replied, adding, “If you have any friends.


Life on Eden Trails (Part V)

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“I am having a party tonight,” Eve remarked, “Do you want to come over?” I told Eve I had been asked by her dad to keep an eye on things, and that having a party might not be a good idea. I stepped inside the party house and saw three teenage girls sitting on the couch, each with their cell phones in hand. “You know,” Rosie commented, as we headed back through the house for a trek next door, “You’re cute.” Rosie didn’t say anything, so I again slipped my hands to the sides of her boobs. As soon as I inserted a finger, Rosie wiggled and moaned, her eyes closed shut.

Voyeur Escapades I

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Sherry got right to the point. “Why didn’t you come and join Greg and I?” Sherry declined the offer. “Look,” she said, “Greg and I would like to have you join us one afternoon.” As she spoke, I could tell that Sherry was not going to take a “no” for an answer, no matter what I said or how I replied. “You look enticing,” Sherry said as we sat on the couch. I slipped a lone finger into her pussy and worked it back and forth as Sherry moaned her approval. “Well, fuck!” I heard her exclaim. Sherry wandered into the bedroom, her cell phone in hand. “He had to work late,” she said.

Brandy, the Girl Next Door (Part 2)

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“You’re always horny,” she replied, stepping over to the sliding glass door that lead to the patio. I stepped on to the patio and we both stood looking out at the open area between my apartment and the walk path to the pool. “Sure,” she replied, still leaning on the balcony railing and looking out over the open area that lead to the pool. “That’s OK,” she replied, “I was simply going to ask you if you had anything else to drink besides beer.” She stepped forward and grabbed my cock through the fabric of my underwear, squeezing my manhood in her hand. She pushed my shorts down and I stepped out of them as she re-grabbed my cock, and gave it a tight squeeze.