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Do You Want Me As Much As I Want You?

mature Cyndy 2018-12-03

Even while the evening proceeded, I dared to stare straight into your eyes while you were looking elsewhere, and thought: “Do you want me as much as I want you?” You noticed my stare. Jimmy took my hands, stood up and pulled me into his arms. Your look turned to lust and I heard you gasp as Jimmy’s hands were running up and down all over me. As Jimmy kissed me, one hand dropped to a breast and the other slid down to my pussy. Jimmy and Turner were now both enjoying our nakedness with their hands as you and I continued to kiss. Lowering you onto his cock, Jimmy groaned as I watched him put his hands around your hips.

The Anniversary Present: Blindfolded and handcuffed

bdsm Cyndy 2018-12-03

“Jimmy usually gets home around six, so if you could get here at about twenty to six, I want to be ready for him and that would give you enough time to put the cuffs on me and go before he shows up,” I said. Ten minutes ago I had been preparing for Jimmy’s arrival, happy to have Suzie help me. That turned to anger when she started to play with me. Suzie started to fuck me with it and I felt the vibrator again on my clit. She started going harder and faster with the dildo, only stopping briefly to turn the vibrator up to full speed. And, when I have finished with your pussy, I am going to undo your cuffs, turn you over, and fuck your ass.”

In The Heat Of The Night

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-12-02

Lying down on the lounger, I thought I might as well enjoy the cooler air and let my body dry off. Hearing myself groan out loud, I lifted my hand from my breasts and covered my mouth. Raising my right leg over the arm of the lounger gave more room for my fingers to maneuver. I briefly thought what I would look like if Carla, Jack or anybody else saw me like this. “I do some odd things in the middle of the night.” I tried to avoid looking at Jack, because I could sense he was grinning. “Yes, here’s to an even better night tonight than last night,” Jack toasted with his coffee cup, looking right at me.

The Open Door Part Two

group Cyndy 2018-11-28

I turned my head to look back to see all four guys touching me, with Roger using the vibe in my ass and Jake using the one on my clit. I knew I was going to cum, a cock in my mouth, a vibe in my ass, one in my pussy, and my husband probably watching. My hips kept grinding while my orgasm subsided, and with the cock out of my mouth I put my head back down on the pillow while the guys slowed down with the vibes. My ass was getting a furious pounding, and before I started on Jake’s cock, I turned my head to check up on Jimmy.

Cum for me, baby!

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-11-25

I focused into his eyes while my fingers started to massage my breasts gently. Facing Jimmy, I licked my fingers and started to stroke my pussy. I brought my leg down and positioned the chair so that I was facing away from Jimmy. With one hand holding on to the chair, I licked my middle finger of my other hand and started to gently rub my clit. I kept my eyes focused on Jimmy, kneeling in front of me and stroking his cock at the same pace as my fingers. Jimmy grabbed both my legs and held me while I continued to cum. While looking him directly in the eyes, I started to rub his cum all over my stomach and breasts.

Good Girl - Bad Girl

mature Cyndy 2018-11-22

As a local, I never wanted or needed to spend any time sitting on the grass or on the curb at the lot. With my eyes closed, I imagined smiling at the guys at the door and holding it open wide for them to come in. Gripping the door jamb with my left hand, I moved my right fingers as quickly as I could in and out of me, simulating a cock. “I would like to get to know you,” she continued and paused for a moment before adding, “Especially since I got to see a lot of you a few minutes ago when I was waiting for Charley to do his thing on the grass next door.”

The Open Door

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-11-22

Closing my eyes, I pictured in my mind some of the stories I had just read, while my fingers were enjoying exploring between my legs. I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by other guys, and I thought about each guy that was in our living room, and pictured them one at a time having their way with me. It was always good having him fuck me, but this time I pictured him sitting there watching me, encouraging me, and telling the guys what I liked so they could please me. Watching Jake, I thought about what he might look like naked, and pictured him, down on his knees in front of me, fucking my pussy with his tongue.

Because of You

lesbian Cyndy 2018-11-21

Cuddling naked in bed with my husband, nestled together like spoons, his hand reached around to grasp my breast. I wanted to stand behind you and kiss your neck while my hands roamed down your arms. My husband groaned in his early sleep, and his hand moved down and rested on my hip. As my hands stroked up and down your hips and thighs, I could not keep my tongue away. I dreamed that you held my head close and that your hips moved in harmony with the strokes of my tongue. Synchronizing my actions, I drove my fingers in and out at the same pace my tongue was moving in and out of your ass.

Another Couple Adds To The Electricity On The Honeymoon

mature Cyndy 2018-11-19

Quickly I was getting used to Jimmy asking me to do things for him; dressing (or undressing) a certain way, exploring different sexual positions and in different locations, and his apparent desire for me to be more 'slutty' as he described, but without being a 'slut.'  Jamie and Candace didn’t bring up my naked stroll during dinner and Jimmy was true to his word and didn’t turn on my vibrator until after dinner. I was expecting Jimmy to turn on the vibrator again, but surprisingly, he knelt down before me, put his hands under my dress and pulled my panties off. Jimmy continued his attack of my clit, Jamie had his mouth on one nipple and was squeezing the other, and Candace was fucking my mouth with her tongue.

A quiet afternoon at the resort brings an unexpected conclusion

group Cyndy 2018-11-15

The nude walk through the resort was certainly shocking, but my orgasm by the pool bar with our new friends Jamie and Candace fondling and kissing me was unbelievably exhilarating. I felt two hands starting to massage my shoulders from behind the lounger. At the same time, I felt other fingers start to rub my clit again, but differently than before. I didn’t have time or the concentration to think about it, as I felt a mouth attacking one of my nipples. I looked at Jamie, Jimmy, and then lay my head back down and looked up into Candace’s beautiful eyes and smiled at her. I shrugged my shoulders, pulled the mask back over my eyes, put my hands behind my head, and spread my legs apart even further.

I Know You Are Going To Be Watching Me

mature Cyndy 2018-11-11

His hands quickly went to my breasts, slipping inside my bikini top to pinch my nipples. Sean took one hand off of my breast and pulled the string on my bikini bottoms. Gasping as his hands pulled my hips into him, he forced his cock all the way inside. I bent down to pick up my bikini bottoms and kissed his cock on the way back up. After tying my bikini bottoms back on, I was about to open the door when Sean yelled, “Hold on!” He walked over and fixed my bikini top which was revealing one of my nipples. I went quickly into my room and found a mirror to make sure I was presentable and not looked like I had been fucking.

Anal Anxiety (Part One)

anal Cyndy 2018-11-10

We supply cocktails and some snacks.” Jen continued, “You can use and keep any toys or lubes that you need for the night from our store.” Still with my eyes closed, I pictured Jimmy kneeling behind me, with his hands firmly grasping my hips and his cock slowly penetrating my ass. “Baby,” Jimmy growled, “I want to cum in your ass.” While Jimmy pulled his cock out, he went from gripping my ass to rubbing it. “After all, when it comes to fucking your ass, I think my cock gets the biggest and hardest it ever gets, so I definitely will be up for it!” As Jimmy's tongue went to work, all I could think of was the adventure that lay ahead!

Now Who Is Watching Me?

mature Cyndy 2018-11-05

Now, on the day of the planned birthday dinner, it was starting off nicely. I knew he would be coming to see me in my room in the afternoon, so I slipped out of my clothes and put on the bright red heels I had bought to wear for dinner. Thinking quickly, I realized that Rick would know that I wasn’t doing this for him if I covered up. I took control and started forcefully moving on and off of Rick’s fingers. “And THAT,” Janice continued, “Was for not offering this to us sooner!” Standing up, Rick hugged her and they stood looking at me. And, like Rick came to ask, if you need anything to wear, let me know!” They both walked out of my room together.

I Think Someone Is Watching Me

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-11-05

Janice explained that they had someone come over and check on the house regularly, as well as gardeners and a pool maintenance company who looked after the yard. Knowing that I would need to see what I had started through to a climax, I thought it would be better to go to my room, just in case Janice came home. Sitting out on the deck having coffee, I was texting with my husband Jimmy, Rick was reading the newspaper and Janice was on her tablet. There, on my phone, was a picture from that afternoon of me, totally naked and legs spread wide on the bed using the vibrator! “Oh that’s right," she continued, "you guys saw each other last year back home at that party at our house."

Anal Anxiety (Part Two)

anal Cyndy 2018-11-03

Jimmy and I had decided that we would have sex on the floor rather than a bed (we often end up on the floor at our house), so Jen had prepared the room accordingly. We picked up the silk robes Jen had provided for us, and I grabbed the bag with our toys and lube, gave Jimmy a hug and a kiss on his cheek. Jimmy pulled his finger out and said, “I always start off with something smaller, like my finger. “Sometimes we move up to a larger toy, like our glass dildo, but other times we both can’t wait,” Jimmy continued. “Well, Jen and I would love it if you would like to come over some time on your own,” Coleen offered.

The Invitation

lesbian Cyndy 2018-11-02

Just before we went home, Coleen, Jen’s lover and partner had asked me privately if I would come back and visit with her and Jen on my own. Coleen had moved between my legs and was enjoying my pussy with her tongue and her fingers. Breaking off from my kissing frenzy, I saw Coleen standing beside the bed wearing a bright red strapless dildo. I climbed between Jen’s legs, lowered my mouth to her pussy, and offered my ass up to Coleen. Pushing her down on to it, she lay there beside Jen with the bright red dildo still on her. I smiled, grabbed it and eased it out of Coleen.