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Free erotic stories by DeafAjax on AdultRead

Trailer Park Fuck- #2 Merida part 2

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-09-21

She pulled me down to kiss her and felt my cock and started rubbing it to make it rock hard. Once I got those fancy blue panties off of her, I started kissing just above her knees inside of her legs. Before long, Merida was moaning too much to be kissed and I focused intently on coaxing another orgasm with my hands. I smacked her ass and started going faster and harder, slowly building up to my maximum speed, fucking her so hard the couch was moving in the direction I was fucking her. Merida moaned like a whore while I fucked her and grabbed a big portion of her ass for handling.

Fucking my Stalker, the worst sex ever - #5 Ashley

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-07-13

I couldn't find any girls I was attracted to that might look like she would be down to fuck. So my cousin decides it's a BRILLIANT idea to go up to Ashley and point out where I was along with telling her I had a crush on her but I couldn't say or do anything cuz of my shyness (HAH! The next day, I told my best Friend Kristoff what had happened and he couldn't stop laughing about it hysterically. I thought about walking home but then I saw dark storm clouds in the sky, indicating rain which was absolutely fucking perfect because I didn't have a jacket or hoodie and I had no way of protecting my hearing aids that can't get too wet or they cease to work.

The Short Redhead- #2 Merida Part 1

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-05-17

My school had a basketball game one night in a neighboring town and I decided I'd go and watch the Ladies kick ass at basketball and the guys struggle and flail to even appear to be a team (We had a lot of problems on the guy's basketball team and there was so much internal strife that my non-confrontational ass couldn't take it and quit the team). Merida was getting really into it and started rubbing her hand up and down my stomach before slipping her hand in my pants to grab my rock hard cock. I put both of her legs on my shoulders while I began kissing her inner thighs and teased my way slowly to her wet, pulsing pussy.

The Time I Accidentally Lost My Virginity Behind A

interracial DeafAjax 2018-04-13

I kept massaging her firm bosom, starting first with her right breast before eventually moving my hand to her left breast because I always believed it to be a good practice to make sure both breasts got plenty of loving. Selena enveloped her lips around the tip of my dick and started a slow slide downwards, I felt her lips licking me on the way down as well as her amazing lips sucking gently on my dick. I slid my hands slowly down her abs to her clit and started rubbing there, Selena let out a moan of pleasure and allowed me to rub her clit before moving my fingers down into her pussy to start fingering her.

Quickies turned Marathon - #4 Anna

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-04-05

I turned her over onto her back, got on my knees on the edge of the bed, and sucked her toes before kissing the top of her feet and inching my way up her legs. Anna was bucking her hips in pleasure and I kept fingerfucking her at a steady pace until her entire body shuddered, filled with the rush of pleasure that comes after an orgasm. It wasn't long before I had to push her down on the bed, take her legs up and rest them on my shoulders so I could fuck her tight, wet pussy. She orgasmed once, I kept my cock in her, loving the feel of her whole body and pussy shaking.

The Carolina Cowgirl- #3 Daisy

hardcore DeafAjax 2017-11-30

When Daisy came into the room, I was taken aback by her natural grace and beauty as she walked past me, smiling. Daisy loved it and hooked her legs on my shoulder while I was bent on my knees eating this gorgeous cowgirl out on the edge of the bed. "Move up the bed lover, lay your head down on the pillows and I'll come ride my stallion" purred Daisy. Daisy got off of me, but I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down besides me, I kissed down her belly once more and ate her to orgasm one more time to finish off her building climax.