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Free erotic stories by Gfire on AdultRead

A Genny Story.... Cry Wolf

lesbian Gfire 2018-12-04

We were setting boundaries and then seeing how far we could go until new boundaries had to be set. It was going to be a quiet Saturday night curled up on the couch together. I love Jack Nicholson movies, I Especially his early movies, and In one early scene he is standing in the rest room and his rival comes in The room was fairly dark but I hot. had enveloped us both in a fragrant dark tent. rubbing against my pussy I didn't stand a chance of holding out. could of just worn it all day as a sexy reminder of the night before, but When I stepped in the hot shower the steam

A Genny Story... Carol, Beguining and End

lesbian Gfire 2018-12-03

things like hold my hands up above my head while she kissed me or tell he Carol let out a deep sigh as I heard her pee hit We started kissing and her pee covered fingers played in and around My tongue came out and I started to lick her fingers Her  hands went to my hair and she pulled me in Carol started moaning and pressing my face harder into her. her pussy I was discovering new little pee tastes that I had missed I felt her fingers in my hair and she pulled me hard to her. my hair I thought she was going to pull it out by the hands full.

A Genny Story... My Friend Pam

lesbian Gfire 2018-12-03

By the time Ann went off to college Pam moved in a different I went away to school and Pam and I just never got back together. Pam started talking a mile a minute, just like she used to. Pam started to tell me about her husband Dell. "Yea Pam you can ask." "Pam, why would you ask me that." She was quiet then she looked up at me I held her head to my breast and I could hear her moan deep within. As she kissed my neck her hands pushed the pants over my hips Pam turned her head and hugged me close, her hands on my ass. rolled her onto her back and started to kiss her face, her eyes her lips

A Genny Story.... Jess

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-26

Karen stepped to the side and said "Genny, This is Jess." I took her thin The stories started getting a little sexier and the room felt very I looked at Karen and we both got up and went in. Karen smiled and said "Relax Red. I think she likes you. little tits to a new lover, and this girl made me look like a porn queen. both moaned as my finger went all the way in and my hand pressed firmly started to feel good again when I felt her hand rise up off my butt I gave a little growl and started kissing my way down. Karen said Jess had a set of tits she couldn't believe,

A Genny Story.. The Strap-on

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-21

I hope you enjoy this, and I promise to try to send some more. panties that had a hole in them right where the dildo snapped thru.  I was "Yes anything." Then she gave me a stern look, "You promise, anything?" airconditioning felt very cool on our wet suits. of lube. The cool lube was shocking. I was getting uncomfortable and she took the hint and slid down a little so the dick would sip out with a small pop. Now I could tell she was crying. "Are you Crying?" No answer. Talk to me." her as she calmed down. She calmed down and we dozed off for a while. we talked it out and I assured I hope you enjoyed it. I will try to send more

A Genny Story... Cucumber Salad

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-19

Melly took my arm and guided me into a regular line with a woman ahead of As Melly got closer the woman smiled at her and extended her hand. Melly just laughed and said, "What she really wanted was what was in On the drive home Melly noticed the cuke sitting in the bag on the front I could feel the wet tip pressed against the lips of my pussy. I looked up at Melly and said, "Your going to go Melly started to get a little more I looked up and Melly was staring at my pussy. I took my hands away from my eyes and looked at It took my breath away to feel that big thing slip out of

A Genny Story... My Little Lamb

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-19

This is my first attempt at fiction. She looks into your eyes and strokes your cheek with the I know I have to make my move before the song ends so I whisper "Mary, I want you to come home with me." I am waiting for you to respond but you just keep dancing like I look you in the eye and with a smile I pulled off my jacket and tossed it over on the chair. you all night, but I had worn this cock for a reason and I was going to bathroom. Now naked we both padded into the bathroom. My first try at fiction. love to hear from everyone.

A Genny Story... Waiting for it

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-12

She was only wearing her nursing scrubs and I just wanted to hold on tight and feel her body pressed against mine. "Ok" I said "But you may come home to find me shriveled up and moaning in good cum but by then it was after 4:30 and Melly would be home by 5. I let my right hand slide down her belly and I cupped her Melly just laughed and pushed my hand away. I asked, "You want me to join you?"  Melly said, "If your still the girl Melly moved down a little until the dildo was between my legs. Melly rolled over to her right and I felt the dildo slip out

A Genny Story.... Bottom Baby

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-08

sure when the thought came into my head but I know I had been thinking gulped a little and said, "I want it in my butt." of her fingers felt like they had lives of their own. slipped in and Melly was watching my face to see if there was any pain. It actually felt very nice, and I pushed back a little just to let her With a little push the head slid in me. down on her hands and started to pull her hips out slowly. like in my ass (later she would tell me I had a look on my face that she I started telling her how good it felt. Fuck me.") Melly started worrying

A Genny Story.... Christmas in Chicago

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-08

Melly pointed to a room and I went in Melly just gave me a look and said "Be nice. Melly's hands grabbed a big chunk of my ass and squeezed till I jumped. Melly grabbed my hand and pulled it up to the head Melly kept her mouth right at my ear, whispering her dirty words to me. Melly started to slowly saw back and forth with her finger. Melly's wet finger still spread legs and I felt two fingers sweep up between my lips. brought her hand up to my mouth and started to wipe my juice on my lips. I opened my mouth like a bird and Melly fed me her pussy soaked fingers.

A Genny Story.... The Tease

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-08

I started to laugh, "That doesn't sound like a very bad punishment to My face was buried in the covers and I started moaning as the orgasm let my wet fingers play in my pussy lips as I eased back down. with a candle and it looked like our own little alter to sex play. We kissed one more time then I turned and started for the stairs. moved my face back to her panties and planted one kiss right in the watched her pretty face as she started to ease back down and breath. a little lube on the cock end and spread it around with her hand. It felt so good that as soon as that one started to end another one came

A Genny Story.... Ann

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-08

I was so happy to get all the nice mail about Melly's and my adventure talking about it and I was very interested. softball team, and I never missed one of their games (following around softball players is a happy habit I still have today). On weekends she was either staying at our house or Janet was staying at hers. Janet about a boy she had dated the weekend before. Janet laughed and As soon as she seen me heading down the hall towards her she I followed you out into the chest. I seen stars chest and rested. When it washed over us I was in love. followed her around like a puppy dog for the next two years.

A Genny Story.... Birthday Girl

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-07

Melly brought my fingers up to her face and kissed them. the edge of my green panties and she said "I love the way these look on top of my pink lips came into view and Melly whispered "God that looks As her hand went over to tease my left nipple her mouth came Melly let my nipple slip out of her mouth and she moved her face up near Melly turned her face up slightly and took my nipple in her her face on her chest and pushed her legs wide open she started calling started a rhythm, licking deep and then sucking on her lips and clit. As she started to moan at a steady pace her hands grabbed on to my hips

A Genny Story.... Prudence

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-06

cousin and as Prudence sat down Melly had slid her hand in her lap and as I peaked around Melly, her hands were at Prudence' s pussy and at least could feel the girls small tits on the back of my hand that held Melly's As Prudence started to hump harder against Melly's hand she pushed Melly's hand came up and started stroking her hair and both making little sucking noises and I could hear Melly start to moan. I know that Melly needs a little soft time right after she cums free hand between her and Melly and started to finger her very wet pussy. point I had Prudence sitting on my face and Melly was licking me threw a

A Genny Story.... Meeting Melly

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-04

I was starting to feel a good buzz when I felt Karen's hand on a little surprised but smiled and said "Sure" as he started to stand and closed when she pulled away...Said good night...turned and walked back I felt a little tug and then she broke the kiss and leaned slightly away pulled back just a little to get a good look at her pussy. After a few minutes, Karen's hands were on the sides of my face pulling I turned towards Karen a little and let my left leg slide over hers. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I gave it a little suck. Karen slipped her clean fingers out of my mouth and held my chin.


A Genny Story.... Key West

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-02

The B&B was al quiet as we took our bags up to our room and opened the doors that went out on the second floor balcony and sat out there for a little while Melly gave me a nice little moan and I felt her feeling, when Melly whispered, "Look at me I want to see your face." I Melly's right hand came out and took my left nipple between her fingers. I felt her hips start to fuck back against my face and her hands were I said, "Mmmmm, That sounds like a good way to start the day." Then I Melly's hips started a slow fucking motion, sliding her pussy up and down

A Genny Story... Late Night Strap-on

lesbian Gfire 2018-11-01

Her lover is Bev. Melly knows Jane from the hospital. wasn't too sure I liked Bev. Jane is a wonderful person, but not a real My hand was around her strap-on, and I started to stroke it a little. Melly whispered in my ear, "Be my good girl and let me fuck your sweet Melly bit my neck hard and pressed the length of her cock between the Melly grabbed both my hands and brought them up to my cheeks. Melly's hands went to my hips and she started to Melly started to fuck harder and her hands back at my hips were pulling She was milking my tits and fucking my pussy. Her talk started getting louder and

A Genny Story... A Weekend in Traverse City

lesbian Gfire 2018-10-31

I held Melly's hand as she showed Melly just gave a sly smile and said Melly looked at me and chuckled "Probably about 4 hours if I know you" I pulled my pants the rest of the way off and slid my hand back into my panties to play with Melly pulled my hand back to her and she sucked my fingers Melly just got up and went to the foot of the bed. Melly pushed her pants and undies to the floor and stepped out of them watched me push my fingers deep into my pussy. Melly let out a moan and I pushed my My hands held her cheeks and I let one finger slide

A Genny Story... Going to The Deja Vu

lesbian Gfire 2018-10-30

Pete didn't look like he was sure this was a good idea but he said, "Ok. like nothing they could come up with could shake me, so I looked right at me and asked, "You a dancer?" I took a step closer to Jerry and said, Just about that time the music came up and an announcer said the next sitting right on the edge of the stage and pulled Pete's bald head in did a little break dance kind of a thing and the legs opened into splits I just gave back a blank look and said "Like what?" kissed me hi she took a deep breath and said, You smell like smoke, and

A Genny Story.... Our First Time Together

lesbian Gfire 2018-10-29

(Marcey) asked me about our first time and I looked up the story and  showed it to Melly and asked if she minded if I post it. I called her that night after I took Jess home and we talked for a long First we both laughed, then we started kissing again and her body pressed and started to play my fingers across her lips and every time I touched was happy when she moved against me and kissed my mouth and then started She spent a long time between my legs looking at my red haired pussy and telling me how pretty she thought it was. finally, just when I thought I was going to go crazy, she brought her mouth to my pussy and started to gently suck my clit.