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Free erotic stories by HighKingsman on AdultRead

Madhurima Pt. 05

first-time HighKingsman 2018-10-01

Rahul turned his attention now totally on Madhu and started kissing her passionately and started squeezing her boobs, she was feeling very aroused and also this was the first time a guy had kissed her, Rahul then tried to push his hand from her waist to inside her kurta when he felt felt a surprise that she had nothing on underneath. Veena started biting Madhu's breasts and nipples leaving marks all over her and she seemed to have gone in a spasm as Rahul continued his assault swishing in and out of her tight pussy and then Madhu orgasmed like never before as she felt her thighs shake involuntarily and she let out a scream and she squirted all over the sofa.

Shaheen Ch. 01

bdsm HighKingsman 2018-07-04

" I had always been a dominant but I knew you had limits and at that time you loved sex but were still not ripe for my BDSM and well to tell you the truth I would have loved to have you as a slave but I did not want to push you into something you did not want" I replied calmly. I laughed and said "I'm not sure if you are ready, I assume the videos you would have seen would be quite soft and I'm bordering at a little more extreme form of BDSM". I then asked her to fold her clothes in a neat pile and walk around the house naked. I smiled and said "Welcome to your new life slave, clothes were never meant to cover your body.

Madhurima Pt. 06

group HighKingsman 2018-02-28

The cock in front of her mouth and the one she was jerking started to cum simultaneously and also the cocks Veena was jerking had started to shoot their sperm, it felt surreal as the semen was flying in all directions and she had started to orgasm and she squirted herself and all that could be heard was groaning and grunting echoing in the room and she looked at Veena through her glazed eyes and she saw that her face was covered in cum and she was fingering her pussy furiously and slowly the cocks withdrew, she could hear the guys talking among themselves that this was probably the best blow jobs they had got and she felt both happy and proud.