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She Had a Hot Massage in her Suite

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-12-04

The masseur was massaging the inner tops of her thighs and Em knew he would hotly massage her pussy any minute, for the second time. He had played with her breasts and pinched her hard nipples, and thrown her legs apart and given her a three-finger pussy massage, and Em had come very loudly. She had said to Em (this was while she was licking Em’s pussy in Em’s hotel room one evening when her husband was away in Tokyo on business) “Ask for Tattoo-san,” and winked. He picked her up, slick and glistening with massage oil and the sweat of hot sex, and carried her to the big bed.

She Got It Hot in Honolulu

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-12-03

Em spent the morning by the pool with her new Brazilian hidden in a nice little white bikini she’d bought at the hotel shop in Kawaii to replace the one that had been hotly ruined by the surf and her randy American. Mike said, “I would like to strip you.” Em’s nipples tried to break out of her bra. Em said, “Oh god!” Then he put the two little towels in place, one over her hips and the other over her breasts. Em lay there with her nipples and her pussy on fire and imagined how it would feel when the little towels were hotly drawn off her soon.

She Got a Quick Rub in Her Room

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-12-02

He had not done up the top half of her pink string bikini before he gently touched her shoulder and said quietly, “Time to turn over.” Em had a hot buzz at that point. She knew that the masseur liked that too because he had gently pulled the string down just the tiniest bit, so that it lay loosely over her mound and between her legs and showed a tantalizing hint of her little triangle of pubic hair. She knew the masseur liked it too because he briefly broke away from massaging her ankles and ran a hand up her left leg and into her panties. The masseur kissed her furry little mound that by now was half out of the bikini pants and said, “Now you’ll have to have hot cock.”

She was Alone at the Hotel that Day

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-12-02

She had just read a very sexy short story about a man who had returned several hours early to his holiday villa and had found his wife thoroughly enjoying a very hot licking by the pool. The husband noticed the polo shirt, shorts and runners (and a little black thong) belonging to the present man were also lying in an untidy ripped-off heap by the sun lounge on which his wife was being licked and loving it and on which she would soon be fucked. She’d never said that he’d been at the villa for two hours that day and had fucked her three times; by the pool, on the day bed in the living room, and on their big bed.

Her Hot Weekend Home Massage

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-12-01

Damien put a hand in her wet pussy and two fingers into her entrance and said, “I bet the first time was extra hot too. “I knew why and I’d dressed accordingly.” Damien increased the depth and speed of his exploratory fingers and Em shouted “Aah!” Then she said, “It was very hot.” Then he resumed the massage, this time with long hand strokes from her ankles to her nipples, firmly up the insides of her legs, through her pussy, over her mound, and finally up across her tummy to her breasts. Damien briefly inserted the tip of his tongue into her wet entrance, exciting her hotly, and said, “I think I should fuck you on your bed.”

He Dropped in for a Quickie

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-30

Her pussy, which only five minutes before had itself been respectably enclosed in the little crimson panties now lying discarded and rumpled on the floor along with her bra, was very wet, very open and very hot. She had chatted to the owner of the big hard cock that was now fucking her on her sofa, over lunch in the hotel restaurant downstairs. She had become even hotter when each fuck went all the way and the woman thrashed around and screamed in ecstasy when the young man shot her full of his hot cum. She said, “Sometime, though perhaps not this trip, I would like to bite that.” She felt his cock pulse when she said this and was aware that a fresh little drop of pre-cum had wetted her fingers.

After the strip show

voyeur HotLittleMoments 2018-11-29

Dinner finished, Pierre then suggested they drive two blocks to a nice little nightclub he knew where they did a very hot floorshow and had some very pretty girls. Pierre leaned over to Ambrose, pointed to the other side of the room, and said to him, “Pretty girls there. But she didn’t say “No.” Instead she felt instantly hot and told him, “You shouldn’t be doing that.” And he had said with a smile, “I know I shouldn’t be doing it. But it is very, very nice.” Pierre said, “You are wet, so I know you find it very, very nice. Beside the bed was a fully naked man about to begin giving her a very hot massage. Pierre said, “You have a very hot wet and deliciously furry pussy.

She Had an Extra Long Black after Dinner

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-29

She’d gone to a little unlicensed cafe down a side street near the Red Light district on the Saturday afternoon, not the sort of place she would normally visit but she was feeling adventurous. Over several coffees and a number of cognacs she had chatted with a young man from Suriname who had told her, when she asked what went on out the back where she’d seen customers going, that they did massages there. The young man, whose name was Johann, had then put his hand over hers and said, “Would you like it very hot on your bed tonight? Once, deliciously, she had been hot-nailed to a hotel bed in her home town by the astonishingly long black cocks wielded by two visiting Chicago businessmen.

A Parisian Interlude

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-28

Ambrose smiled and said, “We did it once, Em. It was a long time ago and that’s all either of us wanted. Ambrose said, “Are you always as sexy as that when you have a little adventure, Em?” He smiled at her again. “Yes Ambrose,” said Em. “But you don’t always make a pass at a woman, do you?” “Well that’s a nicely manageable quota,” said Ambrose brightly, though he didn’t necessarily believe it. Ambrose looked at her, suddenly burning as a mental picture flashed through his brain of Em being erotically massaged naked on her hotel bed and then being hotly fucked. Em paused in her narrative, glanced quickly at Ambrose, and said, "I was a wreck by the time we got there.”

It Was a Hotly Unusual Occasion

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-27

Nor was it in the least bit strange that a man whose delightfully hard shaft would very soon be invading her vagina had snapped open her bra and pushed it up so that his tongue and his teeth could worship her firm, pert breasts and their erotically rock-hard nipples. She poked her sexy little tongue-tip out and said to the man across the table, for whom she now had an immediate desire, “I do like a surprise.” He selected a decorous soufflé. When this was done and he had signed the account and the waiter was again safely out of earshot, he said: “I think it’s time we got down to that business that’s going to keep you hard at it for while.”

A Hot Turn as an Artist’s Model

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-23

She tried to say no again, when he leaned over her from behind and licked her nipples and undid the top button on her jeans and unzipped them and slid his hand into her furry and now wet pussy and said, “God, and no panties either.” He wasn’t sure she knew he liked to cross-dress for private fantasy sex and come with the hot thought that he was Em being solidly fucked in her very scanty underwear. Ambrose pushed the little red string down to the top of his legs, which were now even more widely apart, the way Em always lay for him when he was going to give it to her missionary style.He began masturbating quickly with one hand.

He Asked if She Liked it Naked

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-22

It was cooling off by the time she arrived and she was looking forward to checking into her suite and having a nice warming drink while she unpacked the few things she’d brought with her. The suite was even better than she’d thought it would be, with a nice little gas-fired faux-fire putting on a warming show in the fireplace, a spacious living room with all mod cons, a great bathroom. It said the spa provided in room massages from two in the afternoon until eleven at night but these had to be two-hour sessions. It looked like someone who might be Silvio who had come to give her a nice straight massage. Silvio said, “And the naked massages, have they been hot ones?”

She Got the After Dinner Special

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-21

The man’s cock had pulsed delightfully when he looked lasciviously at her hard nipples, her flat tummy, her spread thighs and her already open entrance visible because her panties were just a little string between her legs. When she had done this, she watched the man’s tongue slide into her slit and felt it part her pussy lips. There was that time in a New York hotel room when she’d booked an out call and had screamed with delight, naked except for her dress that was rumpled round her hips, while she was impaled on the biggest black cock she ever had in her pussy or in her mouth for that matter.

She Had an Unscheduled Meeting

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-19

She was looking forward to feeling that point, and the long and sturdy cock that propelled it, thrusting deliciously between her pussy lips and penetrating her vagina very soon. Beneath her svelte exterior she chose to wear a purple uplift bra and a tiny see-through lace string, in a matching colour; it showed her newly manicured mini landing strip to advantage, though of course no one would see this. Then she smiled at him, carelessly uncrossed her legs to him a sneak preview of her upper thighs and the little transparent purple string with the hint of hot hair within, and swung her legs over the chair arm. “I wanted to fuck you as soon as you walked to the podium,” he said, running the finger back down her little line of hair and into her pussy.

She Had a Hot Massage Upstairs at Home

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-18

She felt hot about that, because he’d stripped her naked on the massage bed after stroking the insides of her thighs and saying to her, “You want it hot, don’t you?” When he said that her nipples instantly grew hard and hot and her pussy moistened. When Ambrose got to the young woman’s room (he had told Em he would go to beach bar for a while) the young woman was naked and lying on her tummy across the bed, her legs sexily parted. Then he returned to the massage bed and pulled Em’s little white between-legs string aside and ran two fingers through her nude and very wet slit.

She Got it Hot in Their Holiday Hotel Room

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-11-18

She’d had a massage there two days earlier, with a masseuse, and she had come at the end of the session very soon after the woman had whispered, “You like hot to end?” Em loved feeling a hard cock pressing against her when a masseur moved close to massage her arms, her tummy, her breasts, and most delightfully of all, the soft hot and wet place between her legs. She said “Oh Jesus” when he ran his oily fingers through her slit and massaged her furry mound from behind in her bikini. She shouted loudly too when he pushed his hands underneath her and into her bikini bra and massaged her breasts and played with her hard nipples.

Her Naked Masseuse Turned Into Her Lover

lesbian HotLittleMoments 2018-11-16

Em told her to come up to the twenty-fourth floor, turn left out of the lift and look for room two-four-three-zero on the right. She was probably in her late twenties and was wearing tight low-hip jeans and a little halter top under the three-quarter jacket she took off as she entered the room. Nona stood up, moved towards Em, licked her hard pink nipples, and then stepped back and stripped off her little halter top. She came again, very soon and this time very loudly, thrashing under the hot sexual impetus of Nona’s tongue and the full lips that simultaneously licked her entrance. Em reached forward and upwards and took Nona’s little breasts in her hands and played with her rock-hard nipples.

The Hot Pussy Bonus Was a Delight

lesbian HotLittleMoments 2018-11-12

Perhaps, too, he had already begun playing with that naughty little naked mound, a firm hand and exploring fingers thrust sexily upwards through her wet slit, as the woman lay face down, making little noises, with her legs wide apart. She felt Nisa climbing onto the massage bed and saw her positioning herself 69-style above Em, drawing the little white string across her nipples and down her torso to her mound, teasing her delightfully. The woman whose full breasts and hard nipples had been hotly unshelled from her halter top just over an hour and a half ago and who had undoubtedly enjoyed the full sensation of their being massaged and licked and bitten since then, was coming again.

She Was His Last Appointment

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-10-31

Phil said to her as he turned to leave her there get ready for the massage, “No panties if you like. She thought she looked quite hot and remembered how, a week or so ago, a naked and tattooed Japanese masseur had told her exactly that – in Japanese which was lovely – just before he firmly licked her pussy to heaven on her bed in her hotel room in Osaka. Em said, “Ohhh!” Then he gently pulled Em’s hand away from her pussy and licked her fingers. Phil said, “Now I will give you a very full back and legs massage.


Exceptional Room Service

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-10-30

The woman had told her she’d found a fabulous massage spa just up the street that would send therapists to the hotel for in-room service. I’d had a massage there a couple of days before, with a nice Javanese masseuse.” She winked at Em. “But this time I wanted a male therapist, a masseur, and I wanted my massage in my hotel room.” But the masseur spread them wide and his hands went right up to and into her pussy hair while he was massaging her inside thighs. Then he said: “With beautiful hot women such as you, I like to give the front massage sixty-nine style, mostly with my tongue.

She Got a Red-Hot In-Room Massage

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-10-30

Em said, “I would love it like that.” She was wearing only her little bra and thong by the time Derek got her to the bed and placed her face-down in the middle of it. Em whispered, “Four times.” Derek slipped her panties off her mound and ass and down her legs and said, “You naughty woman. Then Derek said, “While I’m massaging your legs and your back and your pussy, tell me about the best of the four previous times on this trip that you’ve lost your panties.” He looked in wonder at her wet darkness of her open vagina and the sexy little flash of hair on her mound and said, “That landing strip is the hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

She was going to get it in His Room

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-10-29

Em could smell her hot pussy, now wetly open in expectation of exciting cock, in her as yet still in place jeans and panties. When she climaxed, which she did loudly, he pulled his sticky, sex-smelling fingers from her pussy and put them on her lips and said, “Taste yourself you beautiful thing.” Em did; it was something that always turned her on. Pert breasts with hard upturned nipples and just a hint of tan lines, a flat tummy, hot-girl hips, her sexy little landing strip, her nude and wetly open pussy, and her super-long legs spread wide. When they were leaving the next afternoon he took her hand briefly and said with a corporate smile, “See you next year.”