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On trip to Sydney for a wedding

mature JTpup 2018-08-09

Sophie jumped up and rushed towards Maree and hugged her and said "about time I wanted you to come help lick these nice big balls and forefill your dream of this cock". Sophie dragged Maree to the bed and whispered in her ear for a little while the hole time I was lying on the bed with my hard cock standing straight up as I stared at two great pairs of tits sure one pair were still in a little bikini but still damn hot. I felt Maree stop and within seconds of Maree releasing her vacuum mouth off my cock Sophie adjusted and started to suck my cock as I ate that little pussy and lick her clit piercing.

First day as a highschool senior

first-time JTpup 2018-02-27

She sat there and had an evil smile on her face and looked me in the eyes and said " You are going to have a hell of an afternoon" and we continued making out and we started to strip each others clothes off and when we were both down to underwear she jumped off the sofa and got down between my legs and pulled my boxers off and sat there for a second staring at my 8inch cock then she reached out and grabbed hold and told me something that was a bit of a surprise.