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Free erotic stories by Jasmine27 on AdultRead

What Would It Take?

bdsm Jasmine27 2018-04-17

When Master told her that she would be taking two cocks in her ass at the next BDSM club meeting, she couldn't believe her ears. "You've been a good girl," he said while tangling his fingers in her hair, " You've made me so proud, taking both those cocks in your tiny, tight little ass. Master could see her stretched lips around his cock and felt her throat work as she swallowed. He smiled at her and approached his cock to her opened mouth, "I had not realised my good girl had turned into such a cum slut." One by one, they pulled their cocks out and she quickly felt her Master pushing a plug inside of her loose hole.

Bratty Natasha

bdsm Jasmine27 2017-11-11

Natasha was feeling bratty since morning, when Master had left way too quickly for work. You know that I have a -" Master did not have time to continue whatever he wanted to say because Natasha let out a loud moan. "Are you touching yourself, little slut?" Master's voice got stern and instead of frightening Natasha, it made her even wetter. While still letting out breathy moans, Natasha did not forget to tell her Master how thankful she was that he had allowed her to touch herself - to touch and play with what belonged to him. Master's rule is "Always wear a butt plug while working" so she went to their room and opened their special drawer.