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Jennifer Harrison

Free erotic stories by Jennifer Harrison on AdultRead

House Arrest

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-08-31

When I finally see the key drop and swing towards me, it comes as a surprise, as well as a huge relief, as the light is starting to fade, my shoulders and thigh muscles are aching and my cunt is as sore as hell. The first thing I notice is that the dirt I covered the floor with has gone and Sasha's heels ring out on what feel like stone slabs beneath my feet. His cock is surprisingly long and thick – for some reason I thought it would be as physically underwhelming as the rest of his body – and it fills the ring of the gag as he slides it slowly into my mouth until he fills it, pushing it all the way to the back of my throat, cutting off my air supply as I try to suppress the urge to retch as my gag reflex kicks in, as well as from the smell assaulting my nostrils.

A Request By Master Darios

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-07-31

I lay there trying to recover, the monster vibrator having gone from a source of pleasure to one of pain - my cunt (Master likes me to use the word 'cunt', as it is more degrading for me) had had enough! I realised what I must look like to her - my face would be red and blotchy, as well as covered in sweat from the latex hood; my hair plastered to my head; my tits some alarming shade of purple; blood on my stomach and cunt from the clawing; rope cutting me in half both ways; cunt juices all over my thighs.

The Goddess

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-07-11

"According to the log," Kel explained, "Captain Jane Villiers went to the surface alone, then returned to the ship and ordered the rest of the crew to shuttle down in relays, until there was no-one left on board. "You think Starfleet is going to just let you go, after you've destroyed two starships and killed 500 personnel?" Kathryn was starting to realise just how mad the erstwhile captain was. Suddenly, Kathryn's mind was full of images - Jane staggering from the burnt-out wreckage of a shuttle; hideous pain from her face and arms; being taken in by the native women; being given a drug; her mind expanding, her body recovering.

Buried Alive

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-07-02

As I looked back down the cell I could see the door and noticed there was no handle on this side; there was a slot at about head height – presumably so a guard could spy on the prisoner – and one just off the floor, the use of which I didn't understand until later, when a bowl of water and a bowl of porridge-like stew were tossed in. I wondered if Jenny understood that the winning bidder would be her new master and she the slave, but when I saw the look of fear and desperation on her face, I was pretty sure she got the idea. A large ball gag was forced into my mouth and a head harness strapped on and locked in place, then a large, muscled thug came into the room carrying what looked like anchor chain, it was so thick.

BDSM Comics #2: Ponygirl Army

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-05-22

Bondage woman's luscious red lips are stretched around what looks, at first glance, like a standard penis gag, but this one expands and contracts, simulating repeated thrusting into her throat and, every few minutes, it jerks and pumps huge quantities genuine human semen into her mouth, drawn from an inexhaustible supply purchased from the local sperm bank. "So farewell Bondage Woman, farewell Jenny Harrison (see BDSM Comics #1), hello Whipstar, your new Ponygirl name !" Finally he produced a sugarlump, and Whipstar chomped it greedily, thinking that maybe the human was not so bad after all, and wondering when the girl would be back with more oats.

BDSM Comics #1: Bondage Woman

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-05-14

"Well, Bondage Woman" she heard SNAP say from far above her, "Do enjoy your last few hours of life, won't you ? The story so far: Bondage Woman has been left in chains and impaled on a high-tech vibrator in a stinking sewer to drown by arch nemesis SNAP. The story so far: Bondage Woman's alter ego, Jenny Harrison, has been discovered and captured by arch nemesis SNAP. When Jenny looked down, she saw that the matter in hand had grown from an uncomfortable 10 inches to a lethal 20 inches and was still growing - she knew she didn't have an orifice big enough to take that, but she suspected SNAP was preparing to tear her a new one !


bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-05-13

"Thank you so much", she said to the porter, "I know I'm asking a lot, but could you just check I've tied it tight enough ?" When the man looked confused, she lifted his hand and put it on my swollen breast, even squeezing it a little. I went back to work on the rope as soon as I felt safe, and if the frustration of waiting had been bad, it seemed ten times worse as I tried to untie the knots with fingers numb from the cold sea water.

Little Red Riding Hood

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-05-09

"Hi there, little girl." Red Riding Hood jumped at the voice, dripping with oleaginous charm, and looked for its source. He saw the naked young woman, her beautiful face flushed and sweat-stained, hair plastered to her forehead, mouth open in a perfect O; her arms bound tightly behind her, rendering her defenceless; and her full breasts hanging below her, swinging back and forth as her body was rocked by powerful thrusts. Red Riding Hood opened her eyes to find herself staring directly at the young man's crotch. It took the naked girl twenty minutes, using her teeth and her bound hands, to release granny's arms, from where the old lady was able to free herself from the chair.

Safari Girl

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-05-02

Longale Expedition 2011 : Day 1 : Safari Girl "All I need to do now is to check that you are not bringing any foreign species into the nature reserve." His palms moistened as he spoke the words, surprising himself that he would have the nerve to attempt to act out a recurring fantasy he enjoyed, one where his female visitor (usually a gorgeous French film actress in his imagination, but the American made a very acceptable substitute) would fall under his spell and submissively obey his every command. "No problem here," Pierre smiled, "Just your person to check now, Mademoiselle." This was it, he thought, as he tried to maintain a totally official demean

The Fall

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-04-29

Update (10/19/11): Hope people are still enjoying this - lack of recent comments is a bit discuraging. I think you'll like this bit :-) As always, please comment to encourage me to write more. Update (12/05/11): Hope for a few more comments on this bit please. Update (12/16/11): All good things come to an end, hope you enjoyed Maria - if you want to know how I imagine her, follow this link But she soon learned how to use her sexuality to charm her clients into signing deals which took her to the top of the sales league tables year after year.

The Big Bang Theory

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-04-20

He lets out a yelp of glee and goes over to Penny, stands in front of her, cups her face in his hands and kisses her lips stretched around the ball gag, then licks her cheeks, nose and eyes, making Penny squeal in protest. Scene 3 - Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, later that night. He goes over to the table and looks down at Penny's sleeping face with a smile. We watch him rhythmically moving back or forth with a smile on his face, while Penny makes gagging noises below. Sheldon pulls a face and grunts, while Penny makes choking noises. LEONARD: You know, Penny, I think you're going to enjoy being our sex slave. Leonard pulls a face and grunts, while Penny's eyes widen.

Goldielocks and the Three Bears

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-04-19

She was getting rather more fresh air than the other two, because she was naked, apart from the collar and cuffs she wore that marked her as the Bears' sex slave. "Someone's been wearing my mask!" Daddy Bear complained, picking up the hood and seeing a few golden strands caught in the zip. "Someone's been wearing my dress!" Mummy Bear exclaimed, picking up the crumpled garment. "Someone's been wearing my ballgag, and they've still got it!" Baby Bear cried, looking around in vain. "Someone's been using my dildo!" Mummy Bear said, with some distaste. "Someone's been sleeping in my bed, and they're still in it!" Baby Bear squealed. Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear looked at each other, and smiled.


bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-04-15

Update (2012/11/03): All good things must come to an end. My attempts to get a man were hampered by the fact that my 18 year old daughter, Ella, still lived at home. Then I remembered what Ella had just said, and realised his first view of me had been of my fat arse, covered in stretched lycra, with visible panty lines on display. "I'm sorry, Julia, let me introduce myself," he said smoothly, holding out his hand, "I'm Adrian, your daughter and I have only been out a couple of times, she was probably waiting to see how it went before introducing me." Well, I thought, I suppose there's a first time for everything.

Capturing Kat

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-03-30

Maybe half an hour later, I heard the door open and I turned to see Mr. Harman and Steve come in. "Free ?" he said in an amused tone, "Well, I wouldn't be a very good owner if I just turfed you out onto the street, now would I ?" At that moment the door opened and Steve came in, dragging a large wooden crate – large enough, I noted darkly, for a person to fit in. The chain around my neck was locked to a ring on the wall behind me, holding me in place, so with no chance of escape, I looked around the room to try to understand what was going on.

Slave Jenny Report No. 1

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-03-20

I'm not sure why I stopped – maybe I felt it was childish and I should act like a grown-up, as I was now a happily married woman; maybe I was frightened I would hurt myself; or maybe I thought my husband was getting suspicious - but the end result was the same in that I ceased my self-bondage activities. As I went toward the deck at the back of the garden, I noticed the small stack of house bricks left over from some project, and knew I could use them in my forthcoming self-bondage – I was sure 'Master' SNAP would not object.

The Switch

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-03-16

Let's see if we can't shut up your fucking whining" she purred as she started to wrap it around my head, covering my mouth and the gag with several layers, then continuing by covering the top half of my face, leaving my nose clear and a thin slit across my eyes so I could see. I felt totally useless as I was forced to watch Jane circle around Jenny, then start whipping her across her breasts, with stroke after stroke slapping against her until her skin was marked with red lines and tears were running down her face. "It looks like you need a little shared body warmth, Alan" she said, and suddenly I found myself being smothered in her ample bosom as she hugged me, pushing my face into her cleavage, and rubbed my back and arms.


bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-03-10

"You are wrong on every count, you stupid girl!" the older sister, Eugenie, said, as Beatrice brought over a length of chain and began wrapping it around Cinderella's body, pinning her arms to her side. "What is the meaning of this?" her stepmother began, but a moment later the wand had waved, and Cinderella was amazed to see the women, naked, harnessed and bridled, in the traces of the carriage, while her father, in coach driver's livery, was sitting on the bench, looking bemused. As the whole court stared down at the naked girl and she stared up at her prince, the doors burst open, and there was her stepmother, closely followed by the ugly sisters and her father, all dressed in their fine clothes.

Plain Stories

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-02-13

As I struggled desperately, twisting my wrists and legs, straining against the belt around me, I realised I was in a real life damsel in distress situation – naked, bound, gagged and about three feet away from where, in a few hours, hundreds if not thousands of people were going to be walking by, but this time there was no release mechanism, no guarantee that I would be able to get free at all. He tied a rope loosely around my neck, then ran it down my body, between my breasts, under the chain between the clamps still biting achingly into my tortured nipples, between my legs, over the rope holing my wrists and down to my ankles, pulled up until my knees formed a right angle.

Guilty Pleasures

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-02-04

Jimmy says he uses the whiffle ball because it allows her to breathe easily, but Debra is pretty sure it's really because he likes to hear her moan, and he likes to see her drool. She looks pleadingly at Jimmy, begging him with her eyes to let her off just this once, but he gives her a look which says 'Sorry, honey, but you know it's for your own good'. But if she gets caught, she has more 'therapy' to endure - depending on how Jimmy is feeling by then, he might let the guys feel her up, give her a spanking, or anything else which he feels will push her boundaries just that little bit further.

The Big Bang Theory 2

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-01-26

The story so far: Penny has been taken as a slave by Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj. LEONARD: Sorry, Penny, I think you saying that means I have to punish you too. Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj are sitting at the table. Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj are standing over her in medical face masks. Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj are standing staring at Penny, who is sitting at the table with her breasts resting on the table, covering most of it. Scene 6 – Raymond's Lap Dancing Club and Titty Bar. Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj are standing watching Penny, who is on stage in her 'uniform', apparently fucking the pole in front of her as the crowd go wild.


bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-01-25

Please let me know what you think, I really like reading your comments! His calm reaction to being searched helped to settle her nerves, and reinforced his claim of offering the confidential service she so desperately needed. "What if I don't want to be in control?" Amanda asked, nervously sipping her drink. "Thank you for being honest," Janes said, giving her an encouraging look, "I would therefore advise a 'taster' session - a limited scenario, maybe two or three hours only, in a neutral environment - maybe this hotel - where you try a selection of the things which really interest you. She looked down at the disk in her hand and wondered what she was letting herself in for.

The Switch 2

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-01-12

As I took off my clothes, I wanted to look surly and uncooperative, but the problem was I was excited at the prospect of dressing up in all this new bondage gear – I found that I was starting to love the feel of the materials, the restriction, and because I knew where it was all leading – sex ! The man took his two girls away, while Jenny led me and her new sub out of the club. "I think I'll get started right away" I said and, taking Jenny roughly by the arm, led her towards the door.

The Princess Bride

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-01-09

Having satisfied himself of my virtue the captain ordered his men to hold my naked body against a post in a kneeling position, and he proceeded to wrap me tightly in chains, locking my arms together behind the post and ensuring my legs were trapped together to protect my virginity from anyone without access to the keys, which, as he pointed out to the queen, were hanging from his belt. "Gentlemen of the Privy Council, welcome," Beatrice said, "you are the official witnesses of the consummation of the marriage of King Otto to the Gestalt whore, Jennifer." The men formed a semi-circle around the end of the table where my legs were splayed wide, and I saw several of them checking to see that my hymen was still intact.

Fitness Trail

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2018-01-03

The pain and constriction of my bondage felt incredible and the movement of the dildo and butt plug inside me on every step led to intense and insatiable feelings of sexual excitement but unending frustration as I could never bring myself to orgasm. Tommy pulled the rope to one side and took the still shitty butt plug, which he shoved into my pussy, then the dildo, which he forced into my sore ass, making me scream in pain. I was now a good twenty yards from the bush where I had left my bag and I quickly discovered that the restrictions of my new bondage made moving in the right direction more than an inch or two at a time required a lot of effort and ripped the coarse rope across my tender, swollen clit.

Ann Bounded

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2017-12-25

"Why don't you come in for a drink, Ann ?" he said as he opened the door and pulled her inside, "I'm sure Tim wouldn't mind". "Now, Ann" Kevin said sternly, "Tim left you in that chastity belt for a reason, so I want you to do everything you can to stop yourself cumming". Only the first two or three rows could see Tim's hands move to the hem of the skirt and stroke her thighs, but everyone could see Ann's flushed cheeks and the round O of her mouth as she felt the zip come down, the clip open, the waistband slacken, and finally the skirt slide off her hips and fall to the floor, leaving her naked in front of the baying mob.

Devon Bondage Girl

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2017-11-23

I made the whole thing nice and damp, allowing a puddle to form just where the keys would drop, then left the nozzle dangling over the edge of the hole to make sure it didn't dry up later in the day, turning the tap down a bit so it didn't flood it and drown myself. I struggled into the arms of the suit, which ended in integral gloves, then pulled the zip from just above the crotch to the high neck line, so that my upper body would have been entirely encased in rubber, if it hadn't been for the fact that there were cut-outs over my breasts so that they were left exposed and accessible.

Alien Tentacle Attack!

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2017-11-03

Around a dozen tentacles emerged from various parts of the body, each dripping with slime, and Kimi could see that some of them appeared to have auxiliary eyes on the end, which scanned the rest of the roof. Several eye and mouth tentacles were waving about, dripping slime onto her mound of pubic hair, and she watched in horror as one of the eyes went between her legs and pressed against the lips of her vagina. The alien holding him slid back to where Kimi lay, pinned down, dangling the man over her and as she watched helplessly, casually ripped the uniform from the struggling body, until he too was naked.

Work of Art

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2017-10-25

When Serge finally opened the door, he gave his wife a peck on the lips, said 'good morning' to me, and went back to the room with barely a glance. After having to listen, once again, to Serge and Francoise noisily making love, my thoughts went back to what my tormentor-in-chief had said earlier - 'I am so hot right now! "Okay," Francoise said, swaying from side to side a little, "we've been ordering you around for the last two months, and making you do lots of rude things." I burst out laughing at the word 'rude' - it just sounded so rude!

Another Request From Master Darios

bdsm Jennifer Harrison 2017-10-11

"So, if you would like to see submissive Suzi remove her skirt," Sally went on, "please deposit some money in the bag." She indicated the holdall, and a shower of coins flew in its direction. As Sally turned to look at me with that naughty smile, I saw what was in her hand - a wand vibrator! Sally quickly put the vibrator back in the holdall as two police officers, a man and a woman, pushed their way through the crowd and into our little oasis of space. "Now, Susan, let Master Darios and these good people know it is your desire to be punished, isn't it?" I looked at all the eager faces.