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Oh God! - Part Two

group JustTonight 2018-11-27

Aztec pulled my legs as wide as he could, having me completely exposed to Ryan, who was now hovering over me, staring at every inch of my body, pulling my undies aside as he began to trace soft, slow kisses down my chest, torso, tummy. I kissed back, switching from Ryan's to Aztec's lips over and over, smiling and moaning as Ryan was rubbing the tip of his cock over my clit. I watched Ryan take a bottle of lube and apply a generous amount to his cock before rubbing some against my opening, while Aztec was pulling and pushing me up and down his body lightly, trying to get deeper inside of me.

Oh God! - Part One

group JustTonight 2018-11-21

He pulls me closer, our torsos rubbing against each other as I close my eyes and turn around, grinding softly against him. His lips brush the back of my neck, moving my hair out of the way before beginning to plant small kisses. I moan as my lips find their way to Aztec's collarbone, kissing softly over and over, standing up on my tip toes to reach his neck, my arms gripping his waist as I pull him closer into me. The spotlight is on us, and before I know it, I'm picked up and carried away. I've never looked at Aztec this way, but as he follows behind us quietly, I start noticing more of his manly features: Muscles, toned body, tall, great hair, blue eyes and perfect lips - and his smile is to die for.

And then one night

first-time JustTonight 2018-11-08

He knew he should take it slow, but the way her chest was moving up and down, her breathing heavy and her thighs so exposed, he was quickly losing control. He leaned back over her and kissed her, his tongue gliding against her lips, pushing in between them as his hand made its way over her smooth legs, higher up her thigh, sliding her dress up along with his hand. She lifted her butt up, pressing her hips against his in order to let him push her dress up even more before moving his body down, kissing her stomach and up between her breasts.

See, you already know what's next

lesbian JustTonight 2018-11-06

I arched my back, pushing my body into hers, and just as the kiss began getting more heated, I pulled away. Although her moans were increasing, and her body was squirming beneath mine, she continued keeping me above her, and just as she was about to reach her climax, I pulled myself away, leaving her crotch spread and wet for me. I pushed the tip of my tongue in softly, along with a finger, and her body began to shake again, building back up to a climax. She let out a loud moan and I began pushing my fingers back and forth faster and faster, sliding them all the way in before pulling them back out almost completely, but never fully.