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Free erotic stories by Labouroflove on AdultRead

A Nightly Visitor

bdsm Labouroflove 2018-10-05

Everytime I laid down and shut my eyes, I would feel something touch me and I would jerk away, I would see someone standing over my bed but but by the time I rolled over and turned on my light he was gone. I felt terror run through my veins, this wasnt a ghost...this was a living breathing man who had moments before been playing with my pussy. I saw him move and felt the bed depress as his weight pressed down on it, and then I felt the feeling of cloth covered legs and chest on top of me as he laid his body over mine. I started to sob then, as I knew this man wasnt going to stop even if it hurt me....not after I said I didnt want him to make me feel good.

Sex with SG JC Girls 3

first-time Labouroflove 2018-09-28

A secondary four girl with full B cup breasts wearing a pair of Hello Kitty panties that are probably worn by girls in primary school. I placed my left hand on her right breast and fondled it in the same way that I had moments ago. I did the same and placed my right hand over where her bra clip intersected and my left hand near her buttocks, rubbing both hands gently over where I was hugging. I did the same and placed my right hand over where her bra clip intersected and my left hand near her buttocks, rubbing both hands gently over where I was hugging.

My First Blow

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-09-27

He’d come to fix the clog in the kitchen sink, but for a few seconds I just stood there letting my eyes travel slowly down his body until they landed on the bulge between his legs. I was still standing over him a few minutes later when he slid back out from under the sink, and as he did, he cried, “Aw, damn!” I had no idea what made him say something like that, but my eyes quickly traveled down the length of his body, and I was shocked to see the outline of his cock. “I know you’ve wanted this dick for a long time, so why don’t you go ahead and give it a kiss with those luscious lips of yours,” he said, stepping forward.

A Young Maid, Myself and Our Memories (SG)

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-09-15

I fondly remember back in the old days when my parents hired a maid to help with the household chores. Me: “What’s the matter s*s? Hmm… Why suddenly have shampoo smell? Me: *Act blur* “Huh see what? Maria: (Trying hard not to laugh.) “Ok… Lunch will be ready in 10 minutes…” You will help me, otherwise…” If you help me, I will drop the matter. I leaned towards the door and tried to hear what’s going on. Maria flicked her tongue against my balls, taking her time to lick each side while occasionally sucking on them gently. Maria struggled for a while, but finally relented and let me shoot every single drop into her mouth. Me: “Huh? Me: “Huh? Later get into trouble…” ***Several months later***

Too Lovely not to Fuck

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-08-29

Together with my fingers in her pussy and butt, moving in a pumping in-out action. After resting for a while, I spread Lovely's legs open and take a good view on her shaved pussy. I moved and squatted in between Lovely's spread thongs, held my deflated cock and rub it on her labia. I continue to slide-fuck her pussy lips, ensuring that every forward action my dick head will knead onto her clit. Lovely started to moan, enjoying my cock on her outer pussy lips. Repeated the action till I see her juice starts to flow and covering my dick head. I felt her pussy tighten and a warmth feeling fluid was coating my cock inside Lovely's tight pussy.

My naive Classmate (SG)

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-08-28

while attending to the bullshit of the orcs,my eyes periodically glaze towards claire,she seems bored ,blowing her fringe away from her long eyelashes,while staring aimlessly at the floor,every breath she took,her beautiful mounts seems to tease you while going up and down,noticed a gleaming bead of perspiration slowly slides down from her smooth neck towards her deep cleavage,deliciously traveling through the sexy curves,leaving a line of wetness throughout,"ohh mama..."i thought to myself. So ,grabbing it,i gently squeezed her aching throbbing soft yet firm a random semi circle direction,i caress her beautifully formed breasts,i could feel the tender breasts now seems to get a little warm.the feel of the outlines of her lacy bra behind the soft fabric,is killing me.While caressing her jutting round breasts,in my palm i felt something slowly erecting ,poking and teasing through the fabrics of the bra and tube.Its small soft and adorable,nipple alert i thought.Like a small pencil eraser.

Sex with SG JC Girls

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-08-12

I unbuttoned the fourth and fifth buttons and we stopped frenching. Hee. You pulled my hand away from the third button so I never unbutton that. She sat there on her bare buttocks with her skirt and panties at her ankles and her blouse fully unbuttoned while I sat on my bare buttocks too with my long pants and boxers at my ankles. Hannah pulled away and my cum shot into her eyes and onto her nose, all five shots of it (she counted then). That mental picture of a JC girl, 1.55m in height, hair tied up in a pony tail, 32B breasts, skirt 2 inches above the knees being a good student in school yet so horny when sucking on my cock is really one for the memories.

When mom was away..

first-time Labouroflove 2018-08-05

As if she knew what I was thinking, she relaxed herself and let her tits teasing my cock. She smile as she rubbing the bulge under my brief and use her mouth to remove it releasing my cock out it's confined space. By then she was sitting right beside me, and I felt her hand on my thigh, working its way toward my crotch. I was unbelievably turned on, and she picked up the pace as she encouraged me to continue sucking and biting her large, delicious nipples. I did exactly as she asked, my cock exploding inside her as she came, her cunt spasming around my shaft as she cried out in pleasure.

I Became a b**st to My Maid (SG)

humor Labouroflove 2018-07-20

Maria gasped when she saw my rod and turned her face away from my frontal view. I shot my final spurt of hot lava into Maria and took my first deep breath for a long time. Of course, while I was in the kitchen with Maria, I would take the opportunity to grope her and put my hands into her panties and rubbed her the way I wanted to. I want you to show me that you yearn for my hot rod to be deep inside you.” Maria stood there frozen to the ground by fear, not knowing how to respond to my demands. I could feel every millimeter of my cum as it travelled from my balls through my monstrous rod and finally deposited inside Maria‘s body.

Im sure u will enjoy the job

first-time Labouroflove 2018-07-16

(oh yeah, she knows what im gonna do straight after this) come look for me if u have time, I might be able to give u a job too.” (oooh.. She bent down to take the vacuum cleaner, giving me a nice look of her ass pressing against her soft pink dress(soft materials turns me on man) holding the vacuum in her hand, she made an about turn towards me, sliding her ass across the tip of my erected dick. “Hey robert, I think, why dun u forget about that job interview, come over to my office, I think I have a position that fits u perfectly” with that, she gave me a wicked smile and motioned for me to follow her.

Starting point

first-time Labouroflove 2018-07-15

I was moody, because they were playing silly team-bonding skills, when a guy approach to question me, I ignored the dude, no way I was going to be gay right? She rested her head on my shoulder.(don ask me,if you are wondering, what movie we were watching, thinking back, shitty thing was there was no couple seats) While grabbing my drink, my hand accidentally brushed against her boob, she seem to take no notice about it, and I kissed her on her cheek. I paid for dinner on that occasion(green light), shopping a little as I told her I was damn good at picking out good clothes cos my s*s always ask me if she looked nice before going out.

Ginger pounded in carpark

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-07-15

he knows i enjoy it, and perhaps because i was hornier than usual, he held my head, and started ramming his dick into my mouth. His hip was vigorously thrusting his dick into my mouth as he held my head, making me grasping for air. my legs were soft as i cum, but in this position he pretty much made me continue to stand by holding my hands behind my back. before getting off the car i asked if can stop holding his cum, but he asked me to continue. after cumming, i was already very tired, but he continued to carry me and fuck, lifting me up and down as he thrust his dick into me.

Loving Lovely, The First Encounter

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-07-11

Lovely moved her hand behind, grabbed my cock and starts giving it a soft slow stroke. In a swift motion, she was kneeing in between my thigh with my now fully hard cock bobbing as it stood up, with Lovely looking straight down the barrel. I looked at Lovely, my eyes meeting hers, and went down slowly, my tongue finally hitting her clit, making her jump. I slowly started pumping in and out of Lovely's soaked pussy, occasionally pulling out and teasing her clit, which made her squirm. I started to come, a short burst, then a long hard one, followed by a half dozen more that hit Lovely deep, making her release our kiss and cry out as my cum splashed.

Lucky rainy day

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-07-08

Her expression was funny to see as she looked as though she was crying.He fingered furiously n I could hear lots of water sound and eventually he said 你这个骚货,看不出你好多水啊,真想好好的玩玩你。she just said a simple 嗯,来吧,看你有多厉害。he stopped his fingering and started to grabbed her breast with his hands and sniffed, like a durian, occasionally pressed and squeezed them leaving her gasping for air while enjoying. He grabbed those big breasts from behind and thrust even harder and faster leavibngthe village gal gasping for air.Every thrust led to the gak moaning"哦好爽,你真棒,啊啊啊。。He thrust even harder and amid the heavy rain, I could hear clearly his hip knocking her big round butt giving out a loud piak piak sound.He eventually spoke你这个婊子,看不出你还挺享受的。he pulled out his penis and then turned her over to face him.你男人有我那么大吗?有我那么强吗?She replied 他没你大,你很棒,我还要,不要停,再插进去.

Stephanie's Ordeal

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-07-01

As Stephanie lay on the ground crying, she remained oblivious to the hardons all the guys had gotten, her boyfriend came up behind her with a piece of rope that he had and grabbed her arms, pulled them behind her back, and tied them. Not d***k anymore and thinking clearly, he didn’t want what had happened last night to end, so as Stephanie slept, he carried her down into the basement, and tied her hands to one of the overhead beams, took a piece of cloth, and shoved it in her mouth, and went back upstairs, leaving her there for later fun.

Fun with superior's daughter

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-06-28

I moved my fingers up her thigh and went under her skirt into her groin area.she jerked vigorously as I went to tickle her pussy outside her panty (which later I realised it was a sexy thong).I felt her thongs was entirely wet and I put my fingers beneath her thongs and caress her pussy.She let out a very soft kitty moan and said "oh thats very nice, please dont stop, im getting wet.Sensing her needs, i inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and fingered.she was enjoying her moments when we were both disturbed by Amanda's loud moan on the screen.The guy was screwing her in standing position and Amanda was all noise as he put his dick into her pussy and then into her mouth.

OMG....Happening with my neighbour's wife one

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-06-19

After shower, I went to bed, and my wife whispered to me that she felt horny seeing me shower and the hard cock. I went for a smoke outside my flat after cleaning up cos my wife dun like the smell of cig in the house. She asked my how to keep the flame in marriage, and I said just try other stuffs and be adventurous like watching porn and learning techniques or blowing, sucking, etc... Mai tu liao, I turned around and pushed her away, and mentioned this cannot happened, but she insisted that she is very horny as she hasn't had sex for a long time, and we talked and saw sex stuff, thats why she got horny, and felt like she need a cock inside her.

I Want To Fuck You!

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-06-11

He had a concerned look that told me he was worried that something about the construction plans wasn't working out, but I quickly put him at ease with a wet kiss to his lips. He unzipped and lowered my tight skirt so I could step out of it, then he slipped his fingers between my legs so he could feel my crotch before sitting me up on my desk and peeling off my sopping wet panties and pantyhose. I was lost in my thoughts of what a great fuck I’d just gotten, so I didn’t realize he was still erect until he began to slowly thrust into me again. I was still sitting with my legs spread and his come oozing from my quivering cunt when the phone rang.

masturbating while admiring

first-time Labouroflove 2018-06-08

I snuck into the room and snooped around looking for a piece of bra or panties where I can leave a nice present for Xin. Think she might be too young to understand what is going on. Seeing her enter the toilet, I went into her room and put back her stuff underneath the pile of clothes, knowing that as long as some time passes, the semen will be just dry and become invisible… I decided to set the boyfriend up at Zouk and of course getting as much fresh as I can with Miss Huang. See my two meimei going up to Huang‘s boyfriend and chatting him up, I quickly point that out to her and I could tell she looked really annoyed.

My Wife's Boss, My Mistress

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-06-01

Most interestingly, Twinkle did not ask me any question but sat there looking at me (or is it me and my wife?) with her smoky eyes. I called my wife telling her about this request and she wasn't surprised as she gave her boss my number as her boss was complaining that she cannot work from home as her home comp is down and have to spend so much time in the office. So I told Twinkle I feel like going home to a nap. Twinkle came in saying that she heard me talking, I told her it is my wife and she just called to say she has reached London safely.

Filipina Maid Yvonne (SG)

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-05-24

Ok, I ordered a set meal for her… And she was nice and gentle, saying her prayer, before laying out the food nicely for me… It’s a farce, because the food will eventually land up mix inside my stomach, but I really appreciated the way she cared for me, asking me about me… While we ate, our eyes caught each other again… We are more like a high school sweetheart out on a Mcdonald’s meal, than an employer and maid… And that makes her blushed… I passed a serviette to her, asking her to wipe her lips, just to see if she had applied lipstick to her pink-color lips… Nah, no sign of lipstick on the test material.

Fuck by homeless man

first-time Labouroflove 2018-05-21

The dirty homeless man turned to look at me and I noticed what he was doing. With his free hand he pushed up my skirt and began rubbing my pussy through my underwear. “I’m not a slut,” I protested but he took his hand away from my pussy and slapped my face so hard I could already feel it bruising. “Yeah, slut, clean my dirty cock with your tonsils.” He fucked my throat like you’d fuck a pussy. “You’re such a dirty slut letting a homeless man fuck your ass,” he whispered in my ear. “Your cunt is almost as nice as your ass.” His huge cock was abusing my pussy over and over.

Tight Wet Lovely

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-04-18

I let her rest briefly before inserting my middle finger again into her sopping wet pussy, hitting her g-spot again as she hit several orgasms in succession she collapsed with a whimper… After Lovely regains her "conscious", I took the rubber pack and got into position to give her a good fucking but she stopped me and said, "I want to suck you!" I spread her legs and slowly rubbed the big head of my cock to her pussy. The next thing I did was put my hands under her thighs and lifted her butt as she clung to my
 neck and shoulders with my arms supporting her thighs as I fucked her.

Sg JC gals are more fun indeed..

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-04-02

As my left hand went around her back again, caressing her smooth skin on the way, pulling her in closer towards me again as I felt she was slipping further, my right hand went beneath the bra and fondled her left breast, slightly twisting her nipple, feeling it harden between my forefinger and my thumb, with the rest of my fingers slowly swirling, making circles on her breasts. My hand was slowly going up and down her upper arms, just rubbing as I watched the steamy portions, when all of a sudden, Melissa lifted her head up and planted a wet kiss on my nose. Melissa soon took my left hand with her right, and guided it to the entrance of her pussy, motioning for me to rub her clitoris.

Adventures with my JC ex-gf

first-time Labouroflove 2018-03-30

With my dick oozing lots of wetness, I slowly circled my finger around her clit, and looked up to see Deb groping her own breasts with her eyes closed, enjoying and savouring the moment as I fingered her sweet young shaven pussy. Deb stripping me naked, me looking at Deb’s firm breasts and shaven pussy, me fingering her clit for the first time, watching her pee into the toilet satisfying one of my most inner curiousity, Deb giving me a BBBJ, and all these resulted in a huge load of cum rushing out of my dick and squirting into Deb’s mouth.

from a stranger, to F**k Buddy

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-03-06

it's just seconds after they left, when i heard a familiar voice behind me from my "butch" friend, "can spare me one stick?" so i joked as what i would always do to her and said, "cigarette don't have lah. after a while, she asked "can i smoke your 'cigar'?" i said "yes, no problem" she then went down and did a BBBJ on me. just like round 1, we started off slowly with the foreplay before i said "i'm gonna explore more of you now..." she nod her head, allowing me to penetrate her.

My JC Teacher

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-02-28

I lived through the four years of my secondary school life in an all-boys environment and tho we dont get the chance to ogle at chio bus walking past we had lotsa fun tgt like you know the all guys stuff like stripping some guy in class when a female teacher is teaching and when the principal is giving his speech. will add more on that if i have time after this story) and the splitting of class was this classroom where they held the CT session (For all you peeps who dont know whats that its something like a form teacher meet student session).

Sg My Affair with My Hot Young Maid

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-02-26

This went on for some time, just me kissing and sucking her nubile breasts and pointy, light brown nipples, giving her a real good introduction to what will inevitably follow. As I mentioned earlier, I like to take my time, so I was all about concentrating on teaching her how to kiss up to this point, meaning I wasn’t going to distract her (Yet) by touching her other parts, but when I sensed da was getting the hang of the kissing part, I moved my hands to her breasts, squeezing them gently, which da let out soft moan after soft moan. We walked downstairs and before going out of the back door, I lifted her t-shirt (Singlet and all) and gave goodbye kisses and sucks to her breasts and nipples.

Sex with sg gf

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-02-24

I was in a relationship with a Sec 4 student (past her 16th birthday) when I relief taught before NS. Tricia stood at the door, 1.50m in height, shoulder length hair, 32A breasts, white blouse, blue skirt, ankle socks and school shoes. The contours and colour of the bra straps were very obvious and it wasn’t every day that a Sec 4 school girl wore a hot pink cross-backed bra. To see a Sec 4 school girl wearing it made my cock stand. Our hands continued to feel each other’s upper bodies. There she was, a Sec 4 school girl lying on my queen-sized bed in nothing except her blue skirt and what was under it.

An unexpected sex

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-02-22

She is young, fresh and have a good figure..nice round bum and a Cup C boob.During that time, i teach her how to kiss and also how to DIY for him. I told her, ok la i just need to kiss, lick, finger and touch..then she high just insert in..To my surprise, she say so why are you waiting for? Shiok, so i move down take off her short and squeeze gently her nice fleshy bum..This time i want to lick but she is so shy so i just finger her and she leads me on how to make her wet but showing me when to finger. After that she ask me to stand up, i stand on the bed edge and she slowly suck my dick..smooth suction and nice pace.

I Saw My Maid's Tits (SG)

voyeur Labouroflove 2018-02-04

I happened to look down, and I saw her shirt clung onto her breasts, showing the two nice mango shapes. She came over and bent down to pick up a piece of clothing, and I found myself moving and craning my neck to get a better view into her shirt, looking out through the window. That time, I saw the very nice mango shape of her left breast hanging exposed and half her nipple. She had to bend down to make him wear his shirt, and she knew I was looking that direction just three feet away. I didn’t think my wife noticed her boobs bouncing, or her little pokies or the see-through’s – but I was sure my wife knew she didn’t wear her bra.

Pick ups

first-time Labouroflove 2018-01-27

She nudged me playfully and exclaimed that I never complimented her about anything before, 'is this your way to get girls to bed you?' I winked back, 'Works like a charm every time' She lol-ed as I gave her a blowjob. I felt quite useless as she started moaning, pulling my hands to her boobs. She pulled my arms away, and went on top of me, sticking her boob at my mouth to be suckled on. i got up to the table, yawning, I reached for my cheque book, writing down the sum of $1000, we had agreed on $400 for the dinner, but since the night escalated as such, I decided to top it up.

Sex with SG JC Girls 2

first-time Labouroflove 2018-01-20

We continued to french as I used my right hand to hold her back, put my left hand under her FBTs and panties (which I later found out was bright blue too, matching her halter bra!), and fingered her pussy. We were enjoying the intimacy and the carnal pleasures of mutual masturbation when we heard Cheryl: “Oei, where are the two of you?” This was followed by knocks on the washroom door a few seconds later. Angeline: Coming, coming *pause* The door stuck la. Since the material is quite good and it’s not the translucent type, just wear your white t-shirt first then later borrow sports bra from Cheryl? Cheryl continued laughing before bringing Angeline to her room and lending her a sports bra.

My irresistable admin

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-01-10

As she was new, i need to expose her and bring her along for my business trip to minutes my meeting etc.. On the way back to hotel, i told myself i need to shaft my tongue on that fresh clit tonight. Again, i took my time to enjoy the night drinking before heading the room and once we reach the room, i was already grabbing her to toilet and immediately undress her because i want to fuck her in the bath tub. We have been enjoying our time together for months and to avoid further conflict at work, she decided to change her role yet meeting me for stress-relief session after work.

Our Vacation

voyeur Labouroflove 2017-12-30

I pulled a pillow behind my head and got comfortable as I felt her tongue tease right below my balls. She slide her hand down to my balls and started to slowly rub as her lips slid up and down the shaft of my cock. Then she started to slowly go up and down, her tongue teasing the head as she came up. I started to tongue fuck her and looked up and saw she had a handful of the sheets. I teased her, pulling my tongue out of her ass and focusing the toy on her clit. Slowly going in and out, her arms thrust out and grabbed the side of the bed as I felt the first wave of her juices hitting my hand.

Maggie's Wild Night

hardcore Labouroflove 2017-12-23

His friend had already agreed, but Aaron wanted to keep tonight's activities a secret from Maggie. When Aaron and Maggie got to the basement, they saw David behind the bar grabbing a beer from the fridge. "Don't you think she looks sexy with these glasses and her hair pulled up like that?" Aaron asked David. Aaron laid Maggie onto the floor and slipped his hand into her jeans. David undid his jeans and pulled out his big thick cock. Aaron looked up from her glistening pussy to see his friend being blown by Maggie. Aaron moved David away from Maggie's hot mouth and sat him on the couch. All of Aaron's friends came to know Maggie just like he did.

a nite with a heavy weight cutie.

first-time Labouroflove 2017-12-23

Once she got me all steamy, she ordered me to.stand on the bed n position ourselves closer to the mirrow, I sttod up n she sat in front of me n started a bbbj, she keeps bbbj n looking up n say dont u.feel like a pornstar, n poor innocent girl like me have to bj.n.choke on yr big Dick, she even stop halfway n ask me take a top vieew shot of her bbbj me, I thinking some other guy will likely get a whattapp photo of it, its was porn stuff , bbbj, deep throat , gagging n saliva all over me b*o, tounge slapping, at 1 stage she begged me to Dick.slap her on the cheeks.

Reunion sex

voyeur Labouroflove 2017-12-16

I learn that she got divorced 2 years ago and is currently seeing another guy. She said she missed clubbing and ask me if I would like to go with her, and of course I agreed. I asked her if I could go up and take a look at the inside layout to see how it is like. She smiled and said 'Sure, come up and look around'. When we got to her place, she said she needed to use the bathroom and ask me to make myself at home. 'I knew you were looking at these during the dinner' she smiled She was smiling at the sight of my bulging crotch and said 'Isn't it uncomfortable to get it squashed like that?'

Escape in Shenzhen

first-time Labouroflove 2017-12-13

I'm still working my kiss on her neck line down her collar bone, while I finger her, just outside her panties, rubbing her pussy lips through the soft fabrics that covers her lust, while her breathing becomes heavy. I removed my cock from her mouth, lay down on her and kissed her face and lips, then slowly kissed my way down her body until I reached her wet pussy. I pushed my tongue hard against it as she moaned loudly and she arched her back as she cum into my mouth. I then allowed my climax to begin as I load my seed into her as it began to spurt out of her pussy and onto the bedspread as I continued to thrust into her.

My JC Teacher (SG)

hardcore Labouroflove 2017-12-04

I lived through the four years of my secondary school life in an all-boys environment and tho we dont get the chance to ogle at chio bus walking past we had lotsa fun tgt like you know the all guys stuff like stripping some guy in class when a female teacher is teaching and when the principal is giving his speech. will add more on that if i have time after this story) and the splitting of class was this classroom where they held the CT session (For all you peeps who dont know whats that its something like a form teacher meet student session).

Turning Tables

hardcore Labouroflove 2017-12-02

I went straight into my room and took out my diary when I got home, flipping through it to look at all the good times I spent together with Rachel. During the fine dining course, Rachel took the opportunity to feed me despite some of our other schoolmates sitting around the table, looking at us. Sitting upright, it took me a while longer to fall asl**p and I took that time to take a long hard look on Rachel‘s amazing body. I actually wanted a bigger room as an excuse to get Rachel to come over at night to ‘discuss our presentation’ (But we spent all of the time chit-chatting about the ang mohs in Los Angeles LOL.).

Uni day

first-time Labouroflove 2017-11-30

Oh boy, I din realised how delectable those looked previously.( By no means that she wasnt good looking, but I had up to then, always focus on her eyes) I licked her tits and her started to moan a little, I cupped her left boob while sucking on her right. As she sucked my dick, her hand guided mine to her zip, she unzipped her dress and removed the nipple tape, as I squeezed her boob, she started to licked my balls, rubbing my shaft with the other hand. Turning around, she hugged me and we kissed again, this time my hands went down to her breast, cupping it and playing with her tits, she wriggled a little as I sucked her tits.

R JC gal horny?? my side of story

first-time Labouroflove 2017-11-24

I manage to ask one of the gal out for a movie date on the phone (got her photo before we meet, quite nice, she wearing short skirt, got long hair, slim but a bit quite short..but who care, can fuck can le), meet her at YCK MRT(so guy you should know which JC she will be from ya). Notice that she got quite good figure (abt B+) but a bit short around 1.6m ba..During the show, i proccee to my little tricks..(cause before that i know my that cinema was veri cold inside) i hold her hand to act as if i'm trying to keep her warm. (Oh..i was a bit hard-on man,,can't wait to proccee) But hace to act good guy yah.

A experience to remember

hardcore Labouroflove 2017-11-22

I must say her boobs stand out to me eaach time she talks to me and I could feel that she leaning in on meslighly too much (not touching me) while explaining what she wants from the job over my shoulders. well, This male colleague of mine is a super guai guai boy so I know if anything I will get this new girl. but being nice she wanted to continue so I let her until I cum outside her. And my ex suddenly come over to my table and whisper, I know its time you need it. (All these while I have another colleague opposite me with a table and 2 computer monitor between us, and she started to BBBJ me.

Sg Fuck buddy getting analed

anal Labouroflove 2017-11-14

Used to chat about normal mundane stuff, never really cared if she was a 'real girl' or some guy pretending to be one, until one day she said something like 'I hate my breasts, they are too big' She set the seat back to normal position and said "OK, but don't think I will let you touch my private parts." I promised not to, and I took her palm out and gently kissed and licked her wrists and palm...and she reacted to it! I went up to her and said "Ok, let's start your massage." To my surprise, she lay face up on the bed..

Classmate turned FB

voyeur Labouroflove 2017-11-12

good.' Normally, girls with heavy chest like her would wear a sports bra in school so doesnt look that exposed. At this stage, Alicia was starting to get really aroused so i slipped my hand under her shirt and cupped her breasts and using my thumb to play with her nipple over her bra. I started kissing her slowly while still playing with her nipples.Our tongues were deeply locked in each other and Alicia was kissing me back so passionately and she turned to face me. She started to get dressed and told me that she needs to go off, meeting her frens for dinner.She thanked me for my help on Econs and also for the massage winking cheekily away I got up and got dressed.

18 yr old JC Girl SG

first-time Labouroflove 2017-11-08

I kissed her neck from behind, and soon I could feel her body temperature getting hotter, and I asked her - "mei, are you feeling warm?" and she said yes. I feel up her body and breasts over her white bra, and she began to moan abit. She starts to fondle my body as she relaxes in bed, and eventually she brushes her hands over my shorts, and the unexpected feeling is such a rush and I get an erection as I take my shorts off. I guide her and ask her to suck gently and use her tongue to lick under my didi as she slides her head back and forth, using her lips and tongue to stimulate me.

Lunch buddies

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There's nothing like a rainy weekday afternoon for a good porn movie, and Gus had plenty of time on his hands, so he found a sleazy movie house, not too close to home. The concept of someone getting a real blow job not 20 ft away was much more exciting than the actions of 2 old pros going through the motions on screen, and Gus was slowly rubbing himself, watching her head bob on the man's lap. The guy was obviously in a rush, and in less than 5 minutes he had arched his back and pumped his juices into her mouth, and she was up again, looking in Gus's direction, fixing her hair, wiping her lips into a tissue.

Room at the Stair

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Shortly Caterine came down with a friend and introduced to me, Jasmine was her Uni mate working as an HR manager in one of those offices in Shenton Way. As the live band stepped on stage, the DJ stopped his spinning, and the room was brightened up and now all concentration had gone back to the stage in the front… As we were enjoying ourselves rubbing, we noticed that Jasmine was always looking at the direction of the little square counter. Jasmine: “You bitchy teacher, you think I don’t know what’s going on below the table top.” When the live band came back on stage, Jasmine came back to our table, she had a close ear talk with Caterine and took her handbag and left the place.

flower joint local sg gal

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then she dun want my cock inside, but I said I will cum outside and continue to finger her and dirty talk... I told her I was going to cum inside , she try to stuggle but I grabbing her tight and not to let my cock slip out..she said pull it out, but I just wanna cum inside and asking her later can go wash out, final thrust and my army just chiong inside her pussy..she also gave a loud moan while I thrusting my cum inside(like those Japanese porn).

Forbidden Fruit - The Sg JC girl

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Lilly placed her little hand on the base of my hard cock and looked up at me. Lilly looked a little disappointed to release my cock from the deep constraints of her pussy. I was still in her and i felt warm cum and her pussy juice drip out of her young cunt, down my cock shaft and onto the floor. She squatted down and licked the head of my dick and I smiled noticing how innocent she looked with that cheeky smile on her face and a cock in her mouth. "What did you think I was coach?" she asked demurely, picking up a tissue to wipe her cum soaked face "An innocent little girl?" Lilly asked.

my Japanese-Filipina OC Minami Kousaka

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She kneels on the bed and runs her hair over my body and groin area, and at this point I started to get abit turned on. She kisses my didi, pulls back the foreskin and begins to suck on my head. As she continued to suck on my hard didi, I slipped my fingers between the lips of her pussy and could feel that she was already wet. After awhile we switched again and she started riding me, this time kneeling with her body and face over me, so we could have the eye contact, and so that I could feel her pants of ecstacy on my face.