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Dinner at Shelly and John's

group LadyWriter 2018-12-01

“Well, well, well, look who lives.” John smiled and laughed as she walked into the kitchen. Shelly led the way, Diane was wrapped in John’s arm and he leaning over kissing her deeply as they walked. Shelly turned and looked at Diane, “You can’t imagine how many times we have thought about this.” Meanwhile Shelly, wearing only a blouse had positioned herself between Diane legs and was licking and kissing her way up her inner thigh. She caught her breath and moved away from Shelly rolling onto her knees so she could suck John’s cock while he kneeled on the bed. Diane pulled John’s cock from her mouth and began to masturbate him with her hand.

Elegance Ch1 - The Selection

interracial LadyWriter 2018-11-26

She looked down the hall way and saw three other women walking into a large sitting area dressed in lovely spa robes drinking wine or champagne, she wasn’t sure which. As you can see, he is cut, with a much thicker girth, and a veiny cock if that interests you.” He paused to look at his screen, “He is five and a half inches at rest and seven fully erect." “Finally, it has been four days since he last was on call so, well let’s just say, the finish might be spectacular.” He looked at Sara and for the first time had a bit of a leer to him.

Jamaican vacation

group LadyWriter 2018-11-22

To her surprise, Mark worked it out at the office and told her this was a great opportunity to “expand their horizons” beyond the four couples they usually played with back at home. Stacey found out they had just arrived she insisted on “a proper welcome.” The couple took them to a slightly more private courtyard where Stacey stripped off her bikini top and got on her knees and gave Mark a nice wet blow job. Tara blushed and said thanks and told George that the timing seemed fine. Danny was massaging her clit as he fucked her and because she was bent backwards his cock was hitting her G spot every time.

Big Apple Swingers

group LadyWriter 2018-11-16

She wasn’t kept waiting as she felt Davis’ head then shaft slide inside of her and fill her pussy with hot black cock. The combination of his cock and Alecia’s tongue was getting her close to an orgasm but just when she thought she was going to cum, Davis pulled his cock from inside her and then groaned in a way that Sarah knew he was cumming. Sarah was on her back her legs up in a wide V and Mark was kneeling between her thighs, holding her calves and thrusting his hard black cock deep inside her. Sarah moaned and as Mark slowly pulled his cock from her, Davis walked behind her too and they switched places.

Elegance - Ch 3 The Second Hour

interracial LadyWriter 2018-11-12

She lifted her head to CJ’s face and, when they kissed, she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth and when he did the same to her she sucked it like it was his cock. Sara put her feet back on the floor and she looked over her shoulder and watched as CJ bent his knees and guided his still semi-hard cock into her pussy. She told Dewayne to stand on the couch in front of her and she put his sloppy wet cock to her lips and took him into her mouth. Sara had already cleaned his cum covered cock and was enjoying the thicker shaft hitting the back of her throat each time she went down on him.

The Suite Orgy - a continuation of Diane's life with her black lover

group LadyWriter 2018-11-07

Diane moved her hand slowly away but not before realizing that Cheryl was playing with Joe's cock under the table. Diane looked around the suite, the crowd was thinning out and she took note of who was "staying for later" and who was here just to be invited, Tanya and Leon were in the former group, it was obvious. Diane was in ecstasy, her sex was wet, her body flush, nipples taunt, her mouth caressing David's 8" cock as he pistoned it in and out of her mouth. Leon's cock was thicker than David's but Diane easily moved her mouth over it and down his shaft. Tanya walked over next to them and climbed on top of her and kissed David's cock with her, then just her lips before moving down her body.

Elegance - Ch 2 The Appointment

interracial LadyWriter 2018-11-03

“Enjoy.” Sara replied that it was here first visit the woman smiled and said, “I’ve lost count.” With that she left and walked towards the exit. Sara walked into the sitting room and took the offered glass of Champagne and took a seat on one of the wicker lounge chairs. “Well my husband travels a lot, we moved here about 18 months ago and this lets me enjoy myself and well…” she chuckled, “The guys are amazing.” “Well I wasn’t sure how this was going to work…” her voice tailed off as she leaned forward and took his swollen cock deep into her mouth in one movement. Each time she took him deep she could feel the head of his cock bend slightly and travel partially down her throat.

View From the Lanai

voyeur LadyWriter 2018-11-03

Tara moved quickly and got down on her knees and took my cock out of my pants and began so suck me. I couldn’t stop watching blondie suck the black guy but loved looking down at Tara. It looked like she had been at it a bit because the black woman was moaning loud enough for me to hear and it was pretty obvious that she was about to cum. I took her back into the bedroom and eagerly licked her pussy again, this time I got her close but moved up her body and slid my cock into her wet pussy to finish the job. While I was fucking her I kept asking,” Baby do you want to suck some black cock like that?

The Night Out - Diane gets ready for the Ball

interracial LadyWriter 2018-11-02

That dinner led to others and he invited Mark and Diane to his house for small get togethers and even took them to New York for a day and dinner on his private jet. Diane's only memory was that he told her to relax, enjoy herself, but no matter what make David happy. David laughed and put his arm around her and said that she was the most beautiful person there and that he could not have made it through the evening without her to look at. Diane turned beet red as she put them in her purse and started to walk downstairs with Mark, looking to see if David's driver had pulled up in the driveway. Mark looked out and saw the Limo in the driveway, David's driver, Thomas standing waiting.

Girlfriends Share Black Cock

interracial LadyWriter 2018-05-12

He had moved his hips a bit lower across her thighs now and she felt the head of his cock nestled between her thighs, pressing lightly against the bottom of her butt cheeks close to her sex. Dwyane was still rubbing her back and took his hand and twisted it a bit and slipped his finger between her cheeks and massaged her slick wet slit while he asked Carl if he really was down with him “entertaining” Jennifer. Both he and Jennifer knew Carl usually didn’t mind but he was Dwyane’s best friend and Dwayne wanted to be sure each time they did stuff like this. By now Jennifer had tilted her bottom up a bit and Dwyane had moved his finger lower and it was nestled deep inside her pussy.