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Free erotic stories by Larzaius on AdultRead

Full Control

bdsm Larzaius 2018-12-01

“What no,” Sam struggled as the bimbo started pulling down her panties, her father held her down. She felt her father's spit go in her ass as the bimbo held her ass open. “Tell daddy you'll be a good little slut,” the bimbo told her. Her father took the plug from the bimbo and started pushing back into her, all the stimulation that was going started to overwhelm her senses and then to everyone's surprise she came. “If you come down and play we'll leave her alone, otherwise, well your daddy wants to watch a girl play with herself while he plays with their tits, whose are up to you,” Sam looked at the door, he didn't want her friend involved.

Sexual Destruction of Lauren Chapter 19 Doing Whatever it takes

anal Larzaius 2018-11-26

`Hey slut, come here, keep the sticky in the stinky though,`Lauren had some difficulty walking with the cane in her ass but she did as commanded, `Suck his cock,`she ordered motioning to the stocky one. `That`s right you little whore keep spreading your holiday cheer,`` she taunted Lauren as she jerked the African Lauren did her best to comply with her orders sucking the man in front of her while feeling the sticky instrument in her ass. `Go stuff her stocking, I want to watch you fuck her.`` Lauren spread her legs and let the employee start pushing into her pussy and proceeded to fuck her. `You`re fired get the fuck out and clean out your desk.` She then looked at Lauren and went over and started slowly removing the candy cane from her ass.


Bea's Secret friend Chapter 2 Training

bdsm Larzaius 2018-11-22

She heard a low choking sound “Put this one on her,” Bea didn't understand what was going on until she felt the vibrator violently rammed into her pussy. “Does Master's tongue feel good on your pussy?” Bea didn't know what frustrated her more, the fact that she was being teased and raped, the fact that she wanted to cum but was constantly stopped despite the fact she was being raped or that she was starting to get jealous of the girl that was helping with the rape. “Still want to cum Bea?” she heard her male captor behind her, she then felt his strong hands rubbing her ass. “You might as well relax Bea,” this is going to happen, she felt something small and plastic rubbing against her ass hole.

The Secret of Miss Jones Chapter 5

bdsm Larzaius 2018-11-18

“Yeah you little bitch,” and then without me telling her to she started rubbing her bosses pussy with her finger, “I can't believe I've wasted so much time taking orders from a slutty little cunt like you,” I found this quite impressive since Heather was still blindfolded but was still able to feel her way towards my new slave's sensitve parts She started slapping her some more and to my amusement Miss Jones was getting more and more damp. Heather felt around the dildo still in her ass hole until she finally made contact with Miss Jones, she ran her fingers over her body until she found her neck and then with one hand grabbed her hair with the other she fumbled around until she found my cock and then she proceeded to feed it violently to her.

The seduction of Jeanette Chapter 2

bdsm Larzaius 2018-11-12

you want me to be completely naked, sir?" she asked blushing. "Testing your pain threshold is part of the ritual, I'll just use my hands" I slapped her left ass cheek. "Jeanette I need you to put up your arms, I would really like to perform the ritual and I can't if you fall" I tell her looking for a reason to chain her up "OW!" She looked me in the eyes and smiled"Please continue testing my pain threshold, sir." Thank you for whipping me.” She then laughed "Oh my God, I can't believe I said that."I whipped her ass again and then went over and started whipping her left breast then her right "Yes, keep holding those chains" I went over and start pinching herr left nipple

The Secret of Miss Jones Chapter 4

bdsm Larzaius 2018-11-03

“Yes sir, with pleasure sir, I live only to service cock, because I'm the company slut,” Tears flowed down her face as she complied saying every humiliating word. “Now Miss Jones do you want to suck my cock?” She looked at me, shame and guilt all over her face. “I live only to service cock, because I'm the company slut,” Seeing her succumb to her guilty pleasure was giving me a super hard on, but I wanted more. “With pleasure sir,” she stuck out her tongue and I slapped my cock all over it. “Because I am the company slut,” I put my cock by her lips again soaked in her juices and she sucked it eagerly.