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Free erotic stories by Master_Jonathan on AdultRead

Wife Training, Chapter 2

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-12-04

But I have to confess that when Peter told me that I was going to have to do this or it was divorce for us, I did go online to do some research on what being a submissive was so I knew a little bit about how to act and behave," she said. So I wanted to learn all I could going in and with your help, Master, I will be a better wife to Peter," she said. I took paddle in hand and gave her a couple fairly light smacks on the ass, letting her feel the wooden paddle they were enough to give a good sound when they hit but they didn't hurt.

Tawnya's Training, Chapter 3

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-12-04

Master ground his face into my slobbering cunt, fucking me with his tongue and alternating between long slow licks from my clit to my asshole, and short stabs into my holes with his tongue formed into a small cock. Master walked around behind me and took his cock and slid it between my legs, teasing my dripping cunt and poking gently at my asshole. An inflatable plug in my cunt and ass, my clamped tits being tormented and my clit being rubbed like he was trying to get rid of it. As I crested and began the crash, Master cruelly took his fingers off my clit, rapidly deflated the occupants in my cunt and anus, and stopped yanking on the chain attached to my nipples.

A Birthday Fantasy, Chapter 1

group Master_Jonathan 2018-12-04

Angela knew he was ready to cum too, and Mark saw her speed up her sucking pace, moving her face back and forth faster, and not taking his cock into her mouth as deeply. After devouring her fresh juices, Mark began to lick between Angela's inner and outer pussy lips, starting with the extremely soft, smooth area just below the hole that had been the source of that nectar. Once Jimmy did cum, Mark sucked on Angela's clit until she climaxed, and kept eating her pussy until she reached that delightful goal again. After carefully cleaning Jimmy's cock with her tongue, Angela turned her head and looked expectantly at her husband, as if to tell him she was ready for her first orgasm of the day.

Here Cums Santa Claus!

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-12-03

As Jenny looked at her very erect nipple she saw that Santa had a nice erection started in his pants. Jenny picked them up in both hands and started kneading them as she sucked on the head of Santa's cock. With that said Jenny then impaled herself on Santa's erection, and started to ride him like a bucking bronco. Santa grabbed her hips and gave her the ride she was looking for as he leaned forward and sucked on Jenny's erect nipples. When Jenny felt Santa start to lose his erection and slip out of her vagina, she climbed off his lap, leaned forward and gave him a long deep kiss with lots of tongue. Jenny couldn't believe how good it felt to be fucked be Santa's large cock.

The Pain Slut

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-12-03

She closed her eyes and whimpered a lost puppy..."I want Your cock more than anything Master. She cried out to Him as the sting tore through her body, her hands clenching into tight fists as He ran His cock between her dripping pussy lips, teasing her hungry pussy. Then she felt His hands on her hips, and suddenly His cock was ramming into her hungry pussy...His hard rod slamming deep and hard into her fully, bottoming out inside her, as His balls slapped against her ass. She heard the vibrator go on high and then He pressed it hard against her clit as His cock drove harder and faster into her, feeling His cock pulse in her tight little pussy and then His loud groan.

Beyond The Badge, Chapter 1

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-12-03

With my building being the size it was, it took almost an hour to make my rounds, checking the offices, the doors, the staircases and all the other places that needed to be looked after. I knew that if word got back to the office that I let this girl stay inside even in this bad weather, it could mean my job. "Okay Becky, here is how we will work this; you will go with me on my rounds, checking doors, securing any windows that need it, and making sure the building is the way it's supposed to be. We continued on our rounds and when it came time to go check offices that had sensitive materials, she waited out in the hallway just as she said she would.

Charlie's Fallen Angel

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-12-03

We drove the fifteen miles into town quietly, neither of us knowing quite what to say after our "incident." Charlie dropped me off at the dress shop, while he went to pick up some things at the hardware store. My pussy was getting wetter by the second and it felt great feeling his rock hard cock pressing against my throbbing clit. The head of his cock pressed against my hymen and he stopped, looking me in the eyes then lowering his lips to mine. He let out a growl, pulled out until the head of his cock was barely inside me, then rammed it in hard and fast, making me moan like the little slut I was being.

Making Mika Mine, Chapter 1

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-12-01

Mika is a five-foot four-inch, Asian woman with long black straight hair, brown eyes and a very tempting 36-27-36 body, with very delightful D-cup tits that I so enjoy abusing! I had to write a "nice" note because I didn't know who else might see it (I wanted to write her a dirty little note to get her excited but I thought better of it!) then next time Mika came by to check on me I gave her the note, holding her hand for a little longer than usual and giving her the look that told her I was still mistress even there.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 4

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-12-01

I've seen better begging from a street corner pan-handler!" Mr. Cramer spat, "You are going to have to do a lot better than that if you want that dirty slut pussy of yours filled!" Mr. Hernandez had no more got the words "Yes slut, suck my cock!" than Amy had inhaled his stiff, throbbing tool and was devotedly bobbing her head up and down as she sucked greedily on the janitor's member. But I'll bet that slutty little pussy of yours is feeling awfully neglected, isn't it?" Mr. Cramer said, as he lifted her up and set her on his desk facing Mr. Hernandez. Oh, my poor pussy is so hungry, it wants a hard cock buried deep inside it, Sir!" Amy said, as she opened her legs invitingly.

Suki, Chapter 2

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

My tongue traced the edge of her love hole, hoping to catch any stray juices that had escaped earlier, but also because Suki's pussy had so many sensitive spots that I wanted to hit them all. As much as I would have liked to stay right there, feeling the heat of her warm, soft, wonderful mouth, and watching her lips wrapped around me as they slid up and down my shaft, the time finally came when I knew I wouldn't be able to resist any longer. Suki said hello to my Mom, but when she turned to my stepfather, her face went pale and she looked like she had just seen a ghost!

Cabin Fever, Chapter 1

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

I licked and sucked on each nipple in turn, enjoying the sight of my pet with closed eyes, moaning her pleasure and watching those little buds stiffen and swell as I toyed with them. And I may not let you cum right off - you taste so good, I want to savor your tasty pussy!" I told her. As I closed the gap between us, I reached to take her nipple between my fingers and I pulled upwards on it as I kissed her stretching her tit and making her moan deeply into my waiting mouth. I pushed my fingers deep into her pussy and began fingerfucking her, grabbing a tit as she rocked back and forth against my hand.

A Valentine's Story, Chapter 1

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

The girls - Angelina, Jill, and Kelly - were more than happy to take care of the preparations and so on the last working day before Christmas, we closed the door, pulled the shades, and the party got started. "Hi girls, C'mon in and join the party!" I said, holding the door open for them. So it looks like you girls have me all to yourselves!" I said, grinning broadly. "Yeah and besides, Jim here really knows how to motivate his girls!" Becky said, grinning. Jill scooted over a bit giving us a little more room and I stood Becky in front of the sofa with her back to it.

New to the Hood

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

Her legs shook with the force of her orgasm and even as she continued to spasm and convulse, he lifted her legs up over his shoulders and kept sliding his tongue across that bare, soft pussy, licking and sucking, making her mewl and moan in pleasure, her hips rocking. Putting her soft white hands around the back of his neck, he began slowly pulling out of her, backing out until just the head of his cock remained inside her. Ruby reached one hand around to hold his hips tight into her, as her tongue slipped and slid against his and her eyes burned into his soul, and her cunt tightened up around him in one last raging torrent of cream.

The Collaring of Pet

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

"Yes," I said, "There is a ceremony called the Collaring Ceremony that is performed when a Master takes a slave. And if you and I are going to be Master and slave, I want to have our own Collaring Ceremony." "Master Jonathan, you have shown me a new life and have guided me thus far in learning to become a true slave. You will now be my slave and my property," I handed her my red rose and she placed my rose on the plate on the left side of the collar. I took a pin from the table and took her left hand and pricked her ring finger, spilling a drop of blood on the white rosebud from the glass dome.


mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

"Miss McMillan, is that note important to the class?" Mr. Graham said as he caught her as she passed it to her girlfriend as he tried to lecture the class. Cathy smiled and looked up at him, "Oh yes Sir, you'll be cumming soon, I'll see to that." He smiled back at her as she placed his pulsating member back in her mouth and continued to suck, slurp, and slobber. Cathy moaned as her trembling legs gave out, and he grabbed her hips and pulled her back up and began to thrust faster and faster until she heard him let out a loud grunt as he flipped her over like she was a rag doll and began to jerk his cock as his cum shot into her open mouth and all over her face and tits.

Alaska Bound, Chapter 4

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

With her pussy lips held open by the clamps, Marks was able to touch every part of her juicy pinkness and Traci was absolutely beside herself. Mark kept spanking Traci until her ass glowed bright red and was hot to the touch. "OhhhGAWD!!" Traci moaned as she felt Mark's thumb enter her ass. Mark gave a few last tugs on his cock and with a growl that came from his balls as well he shot the first ropes of cum into her open mouth. And so Traci found what she had been searching for - both in a man and a Dom. Mark was the perfect Sir for her and taught her all the things she needed to know to be his perfect submissive.

Out Of Darkness, Chapter 1

lesbian Master_Jonathan 2018-11-29

"Just tell me what it is, Anna," Carol took her friends hand as she tried to work up the courage to say what she needed to. I want to make you feel real good!" Anna said, pushing Carol back onto the bed gently. In short order Carol lay on the bed totally naked and panting, as Anna dove into her dripping sweet pussy like she was starved. you eat my pussy out sooo good, baby!" Carol moaned as she writhed on the bed under Anna. Carol's thighs shook with the strain of trying to hold back her orgasm as Carol held Anna's head tight against her pussy, wanting as much of her hot teasing tongue inside her as possible. I want to taste your pussy too, baby!" Carol said, pulling Anna's leg.

Suki, Chapter 3

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-28

Just because your father had a child - a child that he knew nothing about - and then later on in life he just so happened to find and marry your mother doesn't mean that you and Suki can't enjoy each other. Suki feels it is wrong for us to be..." I said, letting my voice trail off. Tom said that a parent only wants their child to be happy and if our being together makes us happy then that's all he can ask for. Suki called her office and told Mr. Baxter what had transpired and then let him know she wouldn't be back to the office that day.

The Reunion

hardcore Master_Jonathan 2018-11-28

"Yeah, old Phil here has his twentieth high school reunion coming up, and he's not sure he wants to go," Bob said. "Well to be honest, I spent some time last night with the yearbooks, going through them and trying to remember names and faces so I wouldn't look too foolish tonight!" she said sheepishly. Phil wants Denise to know that We've Got Tonight." and then the band began playing the Bob Seger song. "You little cunt, you teased me all through high school, wiggling that tight ass and flaunting your tits at me, laughing at me with your friends as I tried to ask you out, and kissing on your boyfriends in front of me, just because you knew it bothered me to see you with those other guys!" I said, angrily.

Happy Birthday, Master! Chapter 2

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-28

As she lay there draped over my lap like an old towel, I gently rubbed her ass, soothing the burn and caressing the hot skin with my hand, letting her know that I still cared for her and cared about her. "Okay pet, your pussy it is then," I said and I parted her ass cheeks, exposing that wet slit and opening her up a bit. Kitty grabbed my cock and pumped her hand up and down the shaft, jacking me off as pet put her warm mouth over the head just far enough away that kitty could watch me cum but not too far that she would spill a drop of my precious cum.

The Wham Bam Theory II - The Fellatio Friendship

humor Master_Jonathan 2018-11-28

Thank you Andrew, I would have asked Isaac to help me, but he isn't here," Christi said. "Okay Andrew I need these chairs pushed over there against the wall and I want the sofa here moved like this to separate the room a bit. "Oh, Andrew I don't know..." Christi said, unsure if this was such a good idea. Andrew's moan told her that he wasn't going to be able to take much more, so she took his throbbing cock in her mouth all the way. He nodded yes smiling, and so Christi left to attend to her party, giving Andrew a soft kiss on the forehead.

Beyond The Badge, Chapter 2

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-27

That is a rare thing for me these days,” she said quietly, “I don’t know how I could repay you for your kindness, but if I can, I would very much like to kiss you.” At last, my balls had been completely drained and Becky sucked the last drops from my cock like she was finishing a soda. “You want me to wait in your car?” she said, “I don’t understand, Kevin. I had to stop by my security company's office to drop off my time sheet and after that, it took about forty-five minutes to get to the trailer park I live in. You go sit down and wait till I call you, understand?” she said trying to sound like she was in charge.

When Fantasy Meets Reality, Part 2

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-27

Sarah waited in the car as she had been taught while Michael got out and opened the door for her, extending his hand to help her to stand. "Hello Sir," she said as she entered the living room where Michael sat, watching the big screen TV.  Sarah began to buck her hips in time to his hand and finger and screamed "Oh Sir... Sarah bucked and twisted on Michael's hand as he continued fingering her pussy, probing her and teasing her even as she came. Once they had gotten back to his house, Sarah began putting the things away that they had bought and joined Michael in the living room.

The Rendezvous

hardcore Master_Jonathan 2018-11-27

Perhaps she just wanted to get me out of the house as soon as possible - thinking that once in public, I couldn’t punish or berate her, or maybe she just liked the feeling of my watching her as she got naked in front of me. As her movements became more frenzied and her orgasm approached, I firmly pinched her left nipple hard between my fingers, and I used my right hand to repeatedly slap her right tit. Before she began to piss, I moved toward her, grabbing her right tit with my hand, squeezing hard and digging My fingers deep into her soft flesh. She looked so lovely laying there on the bed, legs spread wide apart, eyes covered by a blindfold, and mouth gagged.

The Ad

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-26

Besides it was time to head out, they were hoping to get there before he did so they could get a good seat, a seat in which would be far enough away that he would have to stand and look for them for a few moments, but close enough that Natalie could spot him as he walked in. Mark slid her panties over her hips and down her smooth legs and they landed on the floor at the end of the bed. Her juices flowing, the wetness running down her inner lips, Natalie moaned and arched her back as the welcome sensations she so longed for raced through her body.

Telephone Tease, Chapter 1

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-11-26

"No, My boss is in his office on the phone and Becky, the other girl I work here with, took an early lunch," she said in a small, quiet voice. "I want you to finger your nipples and get them nice and hard, the way I like them," I told her. What has My little slut been thinking about to get her so worked up?" I asked again. What has My little slut been thinking about to get her so worked up?" I asked again. "Y, Yes, Master," she moaned, breathing hard. "Ohh, yes Master!" she whimpered, as she pressed her hand harder against her clit which was warm with desire, her mind was filling with delightful images.

Jessica the Cum Slut

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-26

Master wants me to learn to take His big cock all the way down my throat and so when it's time for my deep throating lessons, He pulls out a special 18 inch dildo with a suction cup at the end. I reach for a toy but hesitate for a moment, wishing that He had not instructed me to sit in this chair because every fiber of my being wants to leap up, run into His strong comforting arms and kiss Him deeply; to kneel down at His feet and prove my worthiness to call myself His cum slut. Slowly I pull the dildo out and He can see it's approximately 12 inches long allowing me to grip it even when it is in deep inside my slutty pussy and about 3 inches wide.

First Meeting

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-26

Maria was in no hurry, though and, as she lowered her face closer to the tip of his massive tool, she reached out her tongue to begin licking the head of Sam's cock. Maria's moans grew louder and happier when Sam's tongue once again started to caress her drooling pussy, this time starting at her pink hole and licking between her inner and outer lips. As Maria started cumming, she clamped her legs onto Sam's temples and her hands went to the back of his head to press his face as firmly into her pussy as she could. Maria felt the head of Sam's hard cock squeeze between her fingers into the wet pink hole that hadn't experienced the real thing for much too long.

Pussy Playmate

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-25

As Vivian tucked the soiled garment away in her pocket, Kathleen reached up and pulled Vivian's head to her so she could kiss her new playmate hard on the mouth, her tongue forcing its way inside her mouth and one delicate hand cupping her tit under the coat. Kathleen gripped her fake cock and slowly ran the fat mushroom head up and down her slit, just inside her pussy lips so Vivian could feel it. With his command, the first big eruption from inside Vivian sends electric jolts throughout her stuffed cunt and she spews her juices from her pussy, flooding past Kathleen's strap-on dildo and coating both girls in a glaze of pussy cream.

A Night She Would Never Forget

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-25

The woman’s lips found the inside of her thighs and she began placing kisses on Diane’s tender flesh, working her way up to her pussy, and stopping just shy of it as Diane squirmed in the anticipation - not knowing if she will touch her with her tongue or tease her once more! Spreading her legs wider, as wide as she could, she continued swallowing His cock with her ass while his knowing fingers stroked the syrupy insides of her pussy and his palm kept the vibe pressed hard against her now-swollen clit, driving her insane with lust.

Alaska Bound, Chapter 1

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-25

"Mark, if that offer to come up for a vacation still stands, I would love to!" she said, a few days later during their chat time. And so, with her vacation put in for at work and things at home taken care of, Traci found herself at the airport with a ticket in her hand to Alaska. Traci was a little taken aback at this development, but she had read enough books and watched enough television documentary shows on Alaska to know that this wasn't all that uncommon. Traci had been traveling all night, a little over 14 hours travel time to reach Sitka, and now she faced another 3 hours by boat to reach the cabin.

The Awakening

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-24

"Masters or Mistresses are dominate personalities that find they need to rule over another to feel they are fulfilled. So I brought another chair into the study and I started going to some of my favorite websites - websites that explained the relationship between a D/s Master and a slave. Finally after viewing several websites, she asked to see some more pictures of Masters and slaves. "No, I believe you meant to say 'You were playing with YOUR pussy, Master.' Now, say it right before I turn you over my knee and paddle your ass for insubordination!" I said. but first, I want to make sure you are good and ready." With that, I pulled apart her ass cheeks and stuck my face close to her steaming pussy.

Who Wants Hot Cocoa

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-23

Jenny was wearing her skintight gold microshorts and her tiny gold bikini top and she could feel Paul's dick getting harder as she sat on his lap, letting him caress her leg while they talked and laughed. "I want more time" Paul said in a desperate tone, "I'll pay you for another 15 minutes and the same deal." He pulled a bundle of cash out of his pocket and handed her 250 for the lap dance she had just gave him. "Oh my god, that feels so good, keep going," he pleaded, "Ohhh fuuuuuuuuuck." Paul's cock was still in her mouth as he let out an explosion of hot cum.

Watching Her

voyeur Master_Jonathan 2018-11-23

After a firm spanking he stood her up with her round pink ass facing him teased her pussy with his fingers. While he sat on the chair, she remained on her knees between his legs, his hands using her hair like a pulley to push and pull at her head. He fingered her ass and told her he wanted to take her home and tie her up and then fuck her everywhere – in her mouth, her pussy, her big fine ass. John took her back to his apartment, where he made her strip and he tied her up, just like he’d watched her get many times before.

A Vacation To Remember, Chapter 1

lesbian Master_Jonathan 2018-11-23

As I waited, I reached down and pulled my panties to the side with one hand while my other slid down to meet it and slowly began stroking my pussy lips with my middle finger and toying with my excited clit. “Oh, Karen, you taste even better than I remember, baby!” I said and then I quickly buried my tongue deep inside her juicy cunt once again. Sliding as close to me as she could, Karen leaned forward and slowly ran her hot, wet tongue gently along the full length of my ass crack, circling the rim of my asshole a couple times before continuing on.

Wife Training, Chapter 4

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-22

Roberta obediently dropped to her knees, putting the pink vibrator sideways in her mouth like a dog would carry a bone, and crawled slowly across the living room floor towards me. Move back a couple feet and I want to watch you use your toy on that wet, naughty, whore cunt," I said. I told her that tomorrow I would come back home at noon and pick her up, that I wanted her to be there when I met with Peter - it would be the first time they saw each other since she came to stay with me. She would tell me the next day that she was worried that Peter wouldn't like the ‘new her’ - that he married the old Roberta and that now she may not be what he wants.

You, My Slut

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-22

You feel hotter than the fire you are watching and you are sure that you might just burn up like the log in the fireplace, should I deny you the privilege to cum again today. You start to touch the tip at the opening of your pussy...You think to yourself that just a quick movement would allow you to feel the toy inside of you. Your breathing increases, and despite your best efforts to control yourself, you begin to feel your need to cum rising within you like a raging storm. Please Master...I am your slut and I need your hot cum... As I shoot my hot seed deep into your cunt, I also feel your pussy contract hard all around my cock.

Tightly Thai'd, Part 2

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-22

With fingers slipping wetly into her, pressing into her dripping sex, Lawan cried out softly, her hips rising to meet my hand, her body shivering gently. With my hands resting on her shoulders, I kissed her again, harshly then lifting my lips to whisper softly, "Tell me that you want your Master's cock inside your dripping slave pussy." Lawan looked into my face and smiled softly, wrapping her weary arms around my neck and pressing herself against my warm body, clinging to me tightly and trembling gently as her body calmed. Lawan pulled her face back a little and began brushing her tears away with shaky hands.

Suspended Animation

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-22

"I suppose, my dear pet, you are wondering what is in the box that you have been eyeing so intensely," I said, after a few minutes. I took a little more time than pet would have liked - intentionally of course - but finally the box was open. "That's right my sweet little pet, it's a pleasure swing like we saw on the movie we watched that night. Yellow!" And I knew she had had enough, I stopped what I was doing immediately and stood up, looking at my poor exhausted, sweat-drenched pet, laying in the swing, panting for breath and jerking like she was going through seizures.

My San Francisco Treat, Chapter 1

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-21

My sweet little fuck-doll sauntered slowly over to the bed and lay down as I went into the bathroom to splash some cold water on my face and calm myself down. Finding nothing of help on the bed, she instead turned to grabbing and mauling her own ample tits, pinching and pulling and her hard nipples as if she was trying to tear them off. I climbed onto her, cock in hand and pointing it at her pussy, I slid my hard cock into her drooling hot pink flower to the hilt, trying out my fuck-doll's pussy for the first time. Rope after searing hot sticky rope of cum shot from my cock splashing all over her beautiful face, into her soft sweet mouth, and onto her magnificent chest and tits.

Lawan Revisited

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-21

"Yes Master," Lawan said, looking at me with those wonderful sparkling eyes. Setting the bags down just inside the door, I took Lawan by the hand and gave her the grand tour of the house. Lawan felt her nipples dragging against the rug's surface as I pulled out and she cried into the gag at the intense spiking pain. Lawan moaned, her eyes closed, her fingers clutched and threaded together above her head, even her cruelly clamped nipples swollen and ripe with arousal. "Shall I get a warm washcloth for you, Master?" Lawan asked, her voice hoarse after the gagged screaming, knowing I liked her personal service and attention to my comfort.

Alaska Bound, Chapter 3

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-21

Mark began rubbing her ass as before, but this time his hand moved lower, between her legs, and he found what he suspected... You are my dirty little slave slut, aren't you?" he said, continuing to drive her passions higher by fingering her slobbering pussy. Then suddenly Mark pulled his hand away and Traci felt a searing hot blast to her engorged clit. Suddenly Traci screamed again as she felt Mark's hard, thick cock split her pussy wide open. "Your tits are available..." he reached down and unzipped her fly, slipping his hand inside to finger her slit " is this wet cunt." Traci shuddered and licked her lips as she felt him touching her.

My San Francisco Treat, Chapter 2

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-21

I gave her four good swats, two on each cheek alternating and she wriggled her ass and moaned a little louder. It was as deep and tight as any pussy, and I fucked her up her cleavage like that for some time. I told Kiyomi that I wanted to fuck her tight ass, that I wanted to cum in her ass this time. With a mutual scream of pleasure, we both erupted at the same time, my hot seed filling her ass and her pussy spewing its own juices out onto the already soaked bed. But like the trooper she was, she pulled herself around to suck the last cum from my cock, tasting her own ass as well but leaving me spotlessly clean.

The Shopping Trip

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-20

As I started to go upstairs, my dear pet said "I laid out some clothes for you on the bed, Master. "Now, pet, I want you to go up to the counter and when the saleslady goes to help you, you tell her "My Master has instructed me to purchase these things so he can use them on me to train me to be a good slut." We drove for another few minutes and then pet said, "Master, there's a place!" I pulled the car over behind some bushes and turned it off. My precious pet turned to me, kissed me gently and said "Master, thank you for a wonderful day."

Down On The Farm

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-20

Billy smiled and took the basket, setting it down by his seat and then helping Tammy climb up onto the tractor. Tammy popped his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him smiling, "Well we cain't have thet, now kin we?" Tammy said. I need thet big ol' cock in my pussy," Tammy said, lustfully. Billy moved slowly at first knowing that she was sore - the last thing he ever wanted to to do Tammy was hurt her. Billy knew from their makeout games that Tammy's breasts were sensitive and now that he could see them in all their splendor, he was more than happy to give them all the attention they wanted.


lesbian Master_Jonathan 2018-11-20

We had been good friends for a couple years and I had spent the night at her place before when I didn't want to drive all the way home or when I needed to be in the office early. I was pretty sure Kelli had been looking forward to this moment from the second we entered her house. She took the monster from me and strapped it onto her waist and moved between my welcoming, parted thighs. About the time I felt I couldn't take any more, she announced, “I'm going to make you cum now, Jen and when you do you will belong to me.” She punctuated her edict with three savage thrusts which shook the entire bed.

A Birthday Fantasy, Chapter 2

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-19

After his second thrust, Steve no longer needed to guide his shaft, so he placed that hand beside Angela and pushed forward, driving in another inch of his cock. He knew she was close to cumming, and he was too, so Steve started fucking faster, still driving his cock all the way into Angela's wet and eager pussy. Ready to get down to some good, heavy duty fucking of Angela's sexy ass, Tony placed his hands, for leverage, on her soft hips, and thrust forward again. Matching the pace of Tony's cock slowly driving in and out of her ass, Mark stroked Angela's precious love button while her body thrashed beside him.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 2

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-19

"Yes Sir. I will get right on it," she said, biting her lip as she felt her pussy getting wet from his words and his hand churning inside her. But Mr. Cramer had a strange control over Amy. As wrong as she knew it was to allow him into her room with no one home, she wanted him to come in. "My mom gave up trying to dress me a long time ago, Sir. Now she would just as soon NOT know what I plan on wearing!" Amy said, smiling shyly. Amy moaned loudly at this new sensation, arching her back and pushing his head down harder, wanting more of her in that hot mouth.

The New Girl

lesbian Master_Jonathan 2018-11-19

I continued fingering and licking her juicy pussy, using my tongue as if it were a small cock, sliding it as deep as I could into Lucy's pussy all while she looked down at me smiling and moaning. Lucy's kisses worked their way down my neck to my breasts where she took my nipples between her lips, and started pleasuring me. With my ass high in the air and my face buried in the pillow, I reached under me with one hand and grabbed my breast, sinking my red-tipped fingers deep into the milky flesh, pinching and tugging hard on the swollen nipple and clawing at the swinging globe.

Helping A Hero

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-19

"Well seems to me you got it pretty good!" Jim said winking at the lovely nurse. His back ached terribly from the fall, but her work on his cock felt so damn good it was hard for him to keep from moving his hips in rhythm to her. Wanting to pleasure him still more, she pulled him from her mouth, held his cock up out of the way and tongue-bathed his balls, licking each one and sucking them one at a time into her mouth. "I am just glad I got the chance to repay my hero," she said smiling as she put her head on his chest and played with his graying chest hair.

Daddy's Girl

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"Yes. It started out as my father's company and I worked for him but after he passed away a couple years ago, I took over and have been running it ever since," Mark said. I really like you Mark, but you need to know something about me." I said, looking down at the floor. When he told me he wanted to know more and that my being a "little" was not a big issue, I was floored - so many other guys (and guys a lot less hot than him) had thought I was some kind of crackpot and took off like I had told them I'm pregnant! Daddy wants a better look at that little cunny of yours," he said.

She Likes It Rough

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Everything that Rodney was doing to her felt so good that she could feel her first orgasm of the night coming back, and every time his cock plunged back into her or his hand landed on her soft skin, the glorious event drew closer. Oh fuck, baby you feel so good in me!" Allyssa moaned as Rodney's cock rammed in and out of her pussy. He knew Allyssa was getting close to cumming and although he didn't give a shit how much fun she had, he did like the feeling of power it gave him when a woman came hard from pounding his cock in and out of her.

When Fantasy Meets Reality, Part 1

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She thought that whoever this Michael was, he obviously knew his way around this chatroom so she decided to write him back and ask him for some advice on how best to work the room. You have done well, tonight, Sarah and the next time we meet I will talk to you more about your lessons." Michael wrote. "Yes, Sir. I want to know more about this D/s life before I commit to anything like marriage and settling down." But as her Sir had told her, she had agreed to become a slave and if she wanted to continue, she must learn to obey him even if she didn't like the commands.

Happy Birthday, Master! - Chapter 1

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I looked across the room and there sat pet, laying back on the bed, her legs spread, watching me getting serviced by kitty and rubbing her wet pussy as she did. "Yes Master," she said and straddled kitty's face putting her arms under her feet and trapping them in place with her ankles Then she lowered her pussy until kitty could reach it with her tongue. Kneeling beside her, pet ran her hands around kitty's body, touching her neck and her shoulders, running down under her breasts, and following the curve of her waist. I was thrusting so hard that kitty's legs buckled beneath her so she was lying on her belly still licking pet's pussy. "Master, I want to watch you fuck this little slut!" pet said.

Romance On The Rails, Chapter 2

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Terri and Becky, it turned out were a couple college girls on their way back to UCLA. As I sat there watching the two girls, Becky took the initiative and began unbuttoning Terri's white blouse. Becky also reached back but she went between her legs to pull her tight pink pussy wide open, its inviting depths beckoning and a drop of her sweet dew seeped out. As I pounded Becky's pussy and plunged my hand in and out of Terri, the girls' moans became cries of urgency. Terri and Becky scrambled to get into position, both girls kneeling, heads back and mouths open, like a couple cute baby birds waiting to be fed.

Night School

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I would sit there wanting so badly to talk to her and get to know her, but I figured that a girl like that was way out of my league and probably had her pick of guys to date. I was dressed a little nicer than usual, not having to work that day prior to class, and was already sitting in my regular seat when Lisa arrived. As she stood on the running board, she took my hand and slid it over her hip to her ass, turning to give me a sexy little "what do you think of that?" smile. I turned to look at her and she smiled devilishly, pulling up her skirt a bit to reveal a smoothly shaved pussy.

Welcome Home, Master

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"Hold them out for me slut," I said, and she put her hands under her tits and held them up, her stiff, swollen nipples pointed straight at me. While I continued fingering her sopping pussy with one hand, I reached up and grabbed a handy nipple with the other, pinching it hard and pulling on it. Taste how much you want my cock," I said, as I let her lick her juices off my fingers. Feeling my cum squirt out in her sent her off on one last orgasm and we came together, mixing my cum and hers in her pussy like a mixing bowl, before seeping out and running down her thighs to the floor and puddling beneath us.

Pet's Special Gift

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"Yes, Master but I'm not ready for you to come home - all my chores aren't done yet!" she said, alarmed that she may get into trouble. Pet could feel that my hard cock through my pants and knew that I she wasn't alone in her aroused state. But I'm not a stingy Master, so I released my grip on her wrists and took one hand, dipping my fingers inside her wetness and brought two pussy-coated fingers to her mouth. "Yes, pet but you left a little mess on the table over there." I said pointing to the puddle she had made. "Fuck me Master, fuck my ass now."   I began slowly pulling out of her and she lowered her head back to the bed.

Phone Fun

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"Can you imagine what my tongue would feel like running up and down your panty crotch?" I heard Julie's soft moan. "Oh, John, I wish it was your fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy." You want my fingers inside your juicy, hungry pussy don't you, Julie?" "Tell me Julie, do you like your pussy eaten? Do you want me to lick and tongue that wet bald pussy? I heard her panting and the wet sound of her vibrator sliding between her juicy pussy lips. I want your hard dick pushing deep inside!" Julie couldn't hold back any longer and shoved that vibrator fully into her with one quick thrust.

Tightly Thai'd Part 1

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Lawan stopped bobbing her head and began pumping her hand up and down my shaft rapidly and my dick pumped into her waiting mouth. “Did you have a nice rest?” Pulling her left hand from between her thighs, she brought her sticky cum-soaked fingers up to her mouth and started to lick and suck them clean. Lawan smiled at me again, “Yes, Master,” she said, dropping to her knees and sitting on her heels with her head lowered and her hands in her lap. She shoved her face into a handy pillow as she continued to scream her pleasure out, her legs quaking and her pussy contracting and squeezing my cock for every drop of it's white sticky load.

Taking Cindy's Cherry, Chapter 1

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Cathy felt a little awkward having sex with her in the house, so she would make sure Cindy was gone or just come to my place when we wanted some “adult time” together. Usually, when I got together with Cathy, she was already fairly horny and after kissing her face and throat and licking and sucking her breasts, I would eat her pussy until she came. I could smell the delicious aroma coming from her juicy pussy so, after giving either of her breasts another minute of being caressed by my mouth, I started licking the valley between them, and then trailing my tongue slowly down her soft belly.

Tawnya's Training, Chapter 1

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"Now I'm going to face fuck you slut and if you are real lucky, I may even cum down that pretty little throat," he said as I panted for breath. He shoved his beautiful cock back into my mouth, not quite as deep this time, but he began stroking in and out, fucking my face as if it was my cunt. "Ohhh god, Master!" I whimpered as I felt his fingers brush across my fat cunt lips. The man that only minutes ago was tormenting me and abusing my tits and cunt so severely was now brushing my sweat matted hair from my face and tracing a finger around my tis and nipples so gently.

Dessert's On Me

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Closing my eyes and giving myself over to the feelings, I imagined you were nestled between my widespread legs, sliding your wonderful tongue all over my clit and my cunt. Always pour the Coke into the Jack," you had instructed me, "so it mixes properly." When I finish making the drink, I return with it coming up in front of you and kneeling, head down and knees apart, holding the glass out to you. Your hands hold my head firmly as I feel the first hot salty shot hit the back of my throat. I feel your hot cum splashing inside my mouth, coating my teeth and tongue on the way down my throat.

A Girl's Night Out

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The music was loud the lights blazing and Lisa had her leg jammed between mine, while her hand was now rubbing my naked pussy bringing me to the edge of what promised to be a great orgasm in a very short time. I slid my fingers between my wet folds and toyed with my clit as I watched Lisa's mouth work my friend's pussy. Although I couldn't see it, I imagined Lisa's tongue making long licks up and down the length of Karen's clit while her mouth kept constant suction on her pussy. I looked back just in time to see Karen's legs start to shake and watched as she grabbed Lisa's head and shoved it even deeper into her crotch.

How Michelle Became A Fucktoy, Chapter 2

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DeShaun moaned as she began working his cock, and he ran his hand over her back to her ass and pulled her dress up a bit. They began fucking her hard, DeShaun's cock moving in and out the full length of her throat and Marcus slamming his fat black cock deep inside her with his thumb probing her tight ass. Michelle crawled onto the king-size bed towards him, making sure Marcus got a good view of her tight, sexy body as she climbed over DeShaun and kissed him deeply. Michelle was stuffed full of big black cock and loving it, she slumped forward onto DeShaun's chest and just let them fuck her as they wished, her whole body buzzed with orgasmic feelings and the deep unquenchable need for more cock.

Freeway Threeway, Chapter 3

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Knowing that we would be getting to Jack's sister's house today (her name is Tina) and that we would soon be adding a fourth to our little group, we decided to have a good breakfast that morning. Now I understand that a "working girl" like Angel puts on a bit of a show to make the client feel good about their performance, but I'm convinced that wasn't the case this time. I went back to licking and sucking on the stiff little nipples in front of me as Angel began gyrating her hips on my cock, moving back and forth and getting my cock to touch all the right places. As Jack and I got to work loading the moving van up, Angel and Tina sat in the kitchen talking.

Dinner For Two

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"Now, I want you to pull your dress up all the way to your hips and spread your legs wide like the good little slut you are," he said. I'll bet you'd love to have him underneath this table right now, licking your beautiful tight little pussy, and sucking your swollen, sensitive clit into his mouth, wouldn't you? "Now, fuck yourself and make it good and wet," he said staring at her, and Melody knew exactly what he was asking for. Melody brought the two middle fingers of her right hand to her mouth and licked and sucked them getting them completely soaked with her saliva.

Wife Training, Chapter 5

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But it's hard to teach someone to be a Dom without a submissive to dominate and besides, I was going to be showing him by example so I wanted him to see how she works in her submissive role. "Peter, you and Roberta have fallen into the same trap as many of my past clients have and I saw what was going on right from our first meeting. Would you, like to have Master's cock fucking that wet pussy?" She licked and sucked and did all the things Peter had been trying to get her to do for a long time, only he didn't know how to get her to do them.

Alaska Bound, Chapter 2

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Mark knelt at the foot of the bed and grabbed Traci's legs, pulling her roughly to him and spreading her legs at the same time. A couple feet up the line, he hooked a silver "flasher" so that the fish could see the lure and dropped the whole thing over the back of the boat, letting the downrigger weight take it down to the preset depth he wanted to use. Just as the fish got up to the boat, Mark said "Now, get him!" and Traci scooped up the fish quickly bringing it onto the deck of the boat. When Mark got to where he wanted to fish he turned off the boat and rigged the poles for rockfish, using herring bait and a smaller plastic squid.

Hot Tub Hussy

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With a few more combined strokes like that one, Brad's entire cock was buried in her ass, to the point where his pubic hair was tickling the soft insides of her cheeks, while Tommy's equally long shaft was stuffed into her pussy. Brad placed his hands on Maria's shoulders and slowly drew his cock from her ass until just the head was still inside. Tommy had his hands on the lady's hips and, when he felt Brad's shaft surging back into her ass, he slowly pulled his cock most of the way out of her pussy. The boys took their cocks from her and jacked themselves the last few strokes while Maria knelt there mouth open, holding her tits out and waited impatiently for their cum.

Breaking the Rules

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Something was strange - normally, I get a perky "Good Morning, Master!" from my pet, but today she was quiet and reserved. "Yes, Master," she said and walked slowly upstairs to her room and closed the door. While I cannot overlook your disobedience and you will have to be punished because of it, I am going to see what I can do to make more time for you and not neglect my duties as your Master so much," I said. "Yes, Master," she said quietly and she walked slowly upstairs to carry out my orders. Pet stopped talking and looked at me, a tear running down her cheek. "Now, pet, I have one thing to ask you and I want you to look me in the eye," I said.

A Brewing Romance

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One Friday, on his way to get his morning coffee, Mark decided to ask Giselle if she'd like to go out sometime. I wanted to say it when I first saw you, but I didn't want Aunt Martha to think anything bad of me," Mark said when they got downstairs. I want you to fuck my ass like there's no tomorrow!" she said, gripping it tightly in one hand. He began to rise and Giselle squealed happily, moving out from between his thighs to take up a position on the bed on her knees with her head down and her ass as high as she could get it. Giselle moaned as he worked the slippery pussy cream into her ass, wriggling her hips as his fingers opened her up.

Tawnya's Training, Chapter 2

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This third dildo was sufficiently large for my cunt to have to work to accept it and as it moved inside me, I could feel the ridged and textured surface rubbing against my walls and sending little jolts of electrical sensation to my brain. Your cunt is now open for business, time to see what that filthy whore hole can do!" he said, as he withdrew the dildo from me. When I finally got accustomed to the huge dildo stuffed in my cunt and sat still, he lifted my tits up and placed them over the back of the chair. I closed my eyes, feeling the enormous dildo stretching my cunt walls, I felt the burning throbbing in my tits.

Dream Master

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Slowly Jenny's mind began to wander back to Jonathan's story once more and her hands gently meandered over her soft, smooth shoulder, feeling for the curve of her neck, that corner that adores a gentle kiss. With each movement, Jenny's hands moved closer and closer to her pussy lips, at first just skimming by, then brushing them gently, slowly increasing the contact little by little, and allowing her body to adjust to the new sensation. Moving her hand in slow circular movements, matching the speed of his imaginary tongue, flicking and caressing as light as a butterfly touch but with intense effect, she felt the sensation inside her loins intensifying, nearing the moment when the distraction would become too much and she would need to be filled completely.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 1

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Amy knew that she didn’t want to have another year of high school. Her pussy clenched tight around his fingers, her back arched and she tightened her fists, letting out her moans and screams as her juices flooded out and covered his face and hand. "Good because I have a feeling you are going to be a very busy young lady, today!" Amy wasn’t sure she liked the sound of that news, nor the tone in which it was delivered. We aren’t in school now, no need to be quiet here so let’s see what kind of a slut you really are!" With that he plunged two fingers into her wet pussy.

Me Time

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Her fingers run up and down her wet slit again, and she closes her eyes and starts to rub her clit, adding just enough pressure to cause her hips to raise up, her legs automatically spreading open wider, ready to feel the pleasure of being fucked. She trembles and quivers as she feels her fingers pressing against my sweet spot, her g-spot, her body suddenly bursting into fire and she tries to control how badly her hips want to thrust upward onto her hand over and over again. Her free hand moves to her swollen clit and begins stroking it as she applies gentle pressure, slowly sliding her fingers into her sopping pussy.

Flying the Friendly Skies

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-11

I grabbed her hair tighter and moved her head in sync with my hips, pushing her onto my shaft so deep she almost gagged with every thrust, as she came up she grabbed a breath of air and then took my cock deep into her throat again. Asami continued to lick and suck every last drop off of my cock and moved her way back up my body to snuggle in my arms with a deep kiss. I reached down and slowly opened her legs up and taking my cock in hand, gently teased her pussy lips and clit with the head.

Breakroom Buttfuck

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Matthew continued taking his time and holding tightly to Barbara's thighs, her whole body was tossing and bucking, while her pussy fucked strongly up into his face. With a final shove of three fingers into her drooling pussy and a simultaneous thrust of his tongue into her ass, Barbara exploded in a massive orgasm, sending her pitching and bucking and twisting like a snake on a hot plate. He knew Barbara was getting close to cumming too, from her moans, which had begun ending in whimpers and from the way her body was swaying from side to side as he plunged his cock in and out of her ass.

A Fantasy Fulfilled, Chapter 2

voyeur Master_Jonathan 2018-11-11

I want to watch you finger that naughty cunt while you watch the movie, like I saw you doing earlier," I said. I took another sip of my drink as Anne relaxed further into the sofa, spreading her legs wider as she began pushing the pink toy into her ravenous cunt. Anne's legs spread apart, she pushed the hard cock deeper into her hungry hole, filling her like she so longed for. She picked up the pace, sliding the pink toy fully out of her slick pussy with every stroke, just to feel the head push her hole open again on its return. Anne's pussy tightened around the pink cock, and she moaned at the ridges and texture of the toy deep inside her as her muscles tightened around it.

The Pool Man

hardcore Master_Jonathan 2018-11-10

As she took Mrs. Franklin's order, Tamara mentioned her brother had a pool cleaning business. Even though Mrs. Franklin always treated her like shit, Tamara still was willing to help the snobbish high brow battle-axe get her pool cleaned. Mrs. Franklin must have really been horny because it seemed like almost immediately her pussy began spasming as she came, pouring her pussy juice out all over my face and dripping down on the carpet. Emily instantly did as I told her, reaching between her legs and pulling her pussy lips wide apart for me. I ended up quitting the pool cleaning job - Tamara's brother found a full time employee to help him so I wasn't needed anymore.

Fucked Straight

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-10

Of course the very idea that her mom and I were "ganging up on her" to ruin her good times especially infuriated Adriana, and she'd made a point afterward to purchase the skimpiest clothing and wear it while trying to act even more like a little slut and a cocktease. Adriana seemed to like the way my hands felt because she began wriggling that delightful ass in time with my strokes. Then my hands began to massage Adriana's back, moving slowly down to her lovely round derriere which I gave a little squeeze to eliciting a soft, low moan from her.  "You know Adriana, I have always liked that lovely little ass of yours," I said, "That day I saw your pretty ass in that thong I knew I'd have to have it someday.

RV There Yet?

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"So where are we going on our vacation this year Master?" pet asked me as we sat at breakfast one morning. By the time I got home from work that day there were other conversations and the whole vacation thing had passed from her mind. One thing I have learned about my pet is while she likes the long, slow lovemaking when we are feeling close and intimate, she also loves a good, hard, brutal fuck. We heard the sound of the RV door closing somewhere in the darkness and a smile came to both of their lips."This is going to be such a wonderful vacation Master," she said.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 5

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So it was settled, and the next day at school she made it a point to stop by Mr. Cramer's class after school to let him know the good news. "Sir, I wanted to tell you that my mom is going to visit my aunt over Christmas Break. We have a few days before school is out for Christmas Break and I will let you know," he said. "Oh yes, Sir!" Amy said, smiling broadly. She continued savagely plunging her fingers into her desperate pussy trying to reach the point of no return, where there was no way to stop her orgasm even if she wanted to. Amy licked her juices off his fingers and then he lowered his head to give his sweet slut a long, passionate kiss.

Becky's New Daddy

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-09

"Oh, God, Daddy, that feels wonderful!" Becky said, as she relished what Charlie was doing for her. Thank you Charlie, Mama will feel better knowing that you are near as well - although she doesn't know about you and I, she still likes to have an adult around," Becky said. Mama wasn't real happy with the way things were between Becky and Charlie but she also knew her daughter was set on this. Becky and her Mama said a tearful, but happy, goodbye and Charlie promised that they would come up and see her real soon. Charlie and Becky lived happily in Lake Park and continued their Daddy/little girl relationship, only now they didn't have to be so secretive.

The Show

voyeur Master_Jonathan 2018-11-08

I knew Annette, the woman that lived in that apartment, as I had seen her a few times before while out walking Midnight. Usually Midnight's walks are right after dinner, but because I had come home late from work that night, Midnight's walk was later in the evening. I began walking my dog by her apartment every day after that, hoping to get lucky and catch her in her room with the blinds cracked open again. As I passed by that night I saw her bedroom light was on so I got in closer to check things out. She began this new show by licking and sucking on the dildo as she fingered her bald pussy, getting herself wet and open.

Michelle's First Anal Adventure

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-11-08

I have had anal sex with other past girlfriends and I love the feeling of a tight tunnel hugging my cock like that. Then they started talking about what they liked in bed and that's when Michelle learned that Jessica loved anal sex.  She looked up at me as she hovered over my hard, erect cock pointing at her soft red lips Smiling a little "I know what you want" look she took the head of my cock between her lips and slowly slid down the length of my cock, her eyes never breaking contact with mine. She said she never knew how much fun anal sex could be and she loved that I took it easy and was so gentle and caring about it. 

A Fantasy Fulfilled, Chapter 1

voyeur Master_Jonathan 2018-11-08

She took each of the three cocks in her mouth one at a time and sucked each guy for a few minutes, then she got up and made her way over to a large overstuffed chair. One of the men had taken a seat on the chair and the woman was now sitting on his lap, straddling him with his huge, hard cock shoved deep into her asshole and was pumping almost the entire length in and out. Anne had her eyes closed just enjoying the feelings of my soft caresses so on one last pass I moved my hand around her to take hold of the little ribbon tie that held her babydoll nightie closed.

Beyond The Badge, Chapter 3

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-08

One hand had moved to hold the back of my head, pushing my mouth down harder on her tit while the other was clawing and clenching the sheets on the bed. I wanted to give Becky a little of what she had given me at work last night so as I licked and chewed on her hard nipples, I pushed my fingers, covered with her panties, into her hungry hole and fingered her until I felt her body stiffen, her moans stopped and I felt a sudden rush of wetness. She let go of my head and reached up with both hands, clawing and tearing at her tits pulling at her nipples like she wanted to rip them off her body.

Wife Training, Chapter 1

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-08

Think of it like this - your dress and appearance should make every other woman in the room hate you, and make every other man envious of him!" I said. "Okay, time for your next lesson," I said, "From now on, when mealtime is ready, you will come into the living room and get me. To be used and treated like a real woman should, isn't that right?" I kissed her neck each time I paused and worked my way down her shoulder as I talked, slipping the shoulder strap of her bra off as I did. "Now you little bitch, we are going to start with a good old-fashioned over the knee spanking on that bare ass!" I said.

A Bad Day

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-07

Then I grabbed a handful and raised her to her feet pulling her close to me and covering her open, wanting mouth with my own. I was about to explode, so I slowly pulled back until my cock popped out of pet's ass with a loud smacking sound, she started to complain about me stopping. After shooting stream after stream of cum into pet's ass, I pulled out and walked around to her head, placed my cock at her lips and said: "Open up, you need to clean all of my cum, and your ass juices off my cock." "Yes Master." Then she opened her mouth to accept my cock, and slowly took it deeper and deeper.

Wife Training, Chapter 3

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-07

She didn't see it because her attentions were on the juicy peach below her, but I had grabbed the Hitachi Wand from earlier and as I fucked Roberta's mouth, I clicked it on and applied the buzzing head to Angela's dripping cunt. Just as we went through the traffic circle at Hot Springs Road, I turned to Roberta, "Okay, whore, now drop the top of your dress down and show me those tits," I said. But now I want you to take this money up to that boy at the counter and when he waits on you, tell him, 'My Master said I am to get these to use on my naughty pussy tonight.'.

New Carpet

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-07

“Oh that’s okay,” the old man said with a quick wave of his hand, "Most people don't even bother to ask us our names!" He gestured at himself saying, “My name is Mike and this is Tommy.” “Well, if I worked there I don’t think I would mind getting into trouble.” Mike said with a laugh and shaking his head. “Yeah it must be great to have such a hot looking woman to spend time with after work,” Mike said with a slow nod. Christy closed her eyes and groaned longingly as Tommy continued to pump his cock into her mouth and Mike, now with two fingers stuffed into her pussy, continued fingering her.

1 Plus 1 Means Double the Fun

lesbian Master_Jonathan 2018-11-07

Lisa smiled, thinking about Becky's tight little body and the way her pussy always gave up such sweet juices when she ate her out. As her hand gently brushed over her small breasts, Becky moaned softly, adjusting her position so Lisa could reach her a little better. Lisa knew one of Becky's "hotspots" was the side of her neck right where it meets her shoulder and she homed in on it, listening for the telltale moan as she aroused the younger girls passion. Lisa had been toying and teasing her pussy lips and circling her clit as she taunted her and Becky was nearly insane with need now. Lisa giggled; at times Becky reverted back to that same little girl Lisa became best friends with all those years ago!

Anal Annie

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-11-07

Annie reached up and ran her fingers through his hair grabbing hold of his collar-length black locks, pulling him closer as she rubbed her naked tits against his silk shirt. Brad's tongue continued to tease her and she added to his ministrations by reaching up and grabbing her bounteous tits, pinching and pulling and tugging at her nipples, and digging her fingers deep into the soft fleshy globes. Annie sat on Brad's lap rocking her hips forward in a slow rhythmic grind, pulling his cock out until just the head remained inside her opening and then rocking forward, sliding back down his pole till he bottomed out inside her.

The Joy of Anal Sex

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-11-07

Soon I was able to work with Joy without always thinking about sinking my perpetually hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. Push it inside me, I want to feel your cock in my tight, hot ass!” Joy said, and got on all fours in front of me, pushing up her ass and spreading it with her hands. I pulled out the dildos that Joy felt were too small and I aligned one of the new larger ones at her pussy entrance, and pushed hard. Suddenly Joy reached between her legs and grabbed the dildo from me shoving it inside her pussy hard, fucking herself with it violently.

Freeway Threeway, Chapter 2

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-06

"Angel honey, if you keep this up, I'm gonna cum!" I knew I wasn't wearing any protection so I wanted to let her know that I was getting very close. "Holy shit, Angel!" I said, as she came out of the bathroom, "You look amazing!" Jack just stood there slack-jawed, nodding his head. I don't know if it was my holding her down and cock-teasing her or Jacks work on tongue-fucking her pussy, but Angel was really heating up! Angel lay next to me in a similarly helpless state, and finally Jack, who was under both of us on the bed, was trying to remember what breathing was like as well.

Becky's Surprise

anal Master_Jonathan 2018-11-06

I finished getting ready and then went into the living room to wait for Becky to arrive. "Oh God John, that feels soo good," she moaned as she began moving her hips around in time to my fingers. "Baby I would love to stay here all night playing with you, but we'd better be headed out if we are going to make our reservation," I said. We hadn't talked much about her previous boyfriends or her past love life, but I could only imagine that every guy she had ever dated had to have tried to fuck the daylights out of that tight, perfect ass. I want to feel your cock deep in my ass," she moaned.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 3

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-06

"Yes Sir," Amy said, her pussy beginning to dampen once again as she knew he was leading up to something exciting. The coolness of the glass toy felt good on her overheated pussy and Amy moaned and shuddered as the dildo began its work. Amy gasped as the dildo ran over her swollen clit and he smiled, working it back and forth over the tender nub as the bound girl struggled against her ropes in a vain effort to get away from the teasing device. In response to her whimperings, Mr. Cramer moved the glass dildo away from her pussy and Amy thought that maybe her suffering was ending, but he was far from finished with her.


voyeur Master_Jonathan 2018-11-06

She could feel the head of the fake cock as it pushed its way past her swollen pussy lips. Tammy had played with her pussy many times before, but never with someone watching her like this. Tammy slowly worked more of the jelly cock inside her smoldering pussy. As Tammy plunged the tool into her pussy over and over, she felt the abundant amount of cum that was coating the shaft. When it felt like she could take no more and was about to cum, Tammy pulled out her toy and held it up for him to see. Tammy lay there shaking, every fiber of her being wanting to grab his head and shove his mouth to her aching pussy.


A Valentine's Story, Chapter 2

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-05

The two girls went to gobbling my hard steel shaft, taking turns sucking and licking my cock and balls while I resumed fingering their wet holes, made easier now that there was no clothing in the way. Jill moved around and the two girls began kissing each other, sharing the taste of her pussy juice and cleaning each other up with their tongues. I set about eating this girl out good and proper, licking and lapping at her slit, sucking her clit into my mouth and holding it with my teeth and I flicked my tongue over the button, and poking into her hole with my tongue like a small cock.

The Punishment

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-05

Sarah's ass looked like a roadmap, with angry red streaks criss-crossing her cheeks on a bright pink background from the paddles' work. Once the plug was full seated in Sarah's ass, Michael stood back up and picked up the last painful implement - the riding quirt. Michael let the quirt fly again and for the second time Sarah lost her mind. Sarah's ass was aflame, angry red with purple stripes where the crop had landed and a red mesh of lines where the twin tails of the quirt marked her. An hour later, the timer went off and Sarah came downstairs slowly, looking for her Master. Michael looked at Sarah and saw the love for him in her eyes.

Call Girl Confessions, Part 4

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-05

Joey lived a pretty simple lifestyle, there were no knick-knacks, pictures, or anything to make the place look like a home. Joey had picked me up on his way home from work so he was still dressed in his work clothes, dark blue cotton coveralls that were badly in need of washing and had seen better days. I took his cock into my mouth submissively - "like a good little whore," he commented. He plunged back in and this time he began pumping in and out, fucking my face as he grabbed me around the throat, feeling his cock slide around inside. Joey fucked my ass like a dog would chew an old boot, his cock ripping in and out of my anus without the slightest regard to my suffering.

An Unconventional Love

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-05

So the girls went to Rebecca's house and she packed a couple suitcases with the things she would need for a few days at Tim and Amy's. But about a week into this new arrangement, Tim and Amy were in bed enjoying each other when Rebecca got up to use the bathroom and on her way back to bed, she heard noises coming from their bedroom. She could feel her own passions building and her breath got quicker as she watched Amy and Tim. Without thinking, Rebecca's hand strayed to her breast and she began playing with her nipple, running her finger around the hard bud and pinching and tugging gently on it. "Hi honey, okay shut the door and let's talk about your friends situation," Tim said as Amy walked into his office.


interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-05

Lisa was busy working on his cock when suddenly, before she knew what was happening, Marcus reached down between the edges of her robe and grabbed her nipples hard, pulling her to her feet by her nipples. Before she knew what was happening, Lisa felt him lean over and grab the vibrator from the nightstand and felt him push it into her pussy while his cock was still in her ass. Lisa couldn't see what he was doing, but she soon felt him spread her ass cheeks apart and heard the "click" of his camera several times which made her pussy drip with excitement. He took his cock and rubbed his cum all over her ass and Lisa moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling of his warm, wet cum on her.

Milk Maid

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-04

Betsy took the pitcher from me and put it under one of the heavy pendulous globes and, with her free hand, showed me how to force the milk from her breast. Do you like the way I am milking your tits while you play with that dirty slut pussy?" I asked her in a low growl. my pussy is so wet for you," the big tittied slut moaned again, spreading her legs wide, and asked in a pleading voice, "Please, Master, do me now, please do me now!" Betsy screamed like a woman in a horror movie as the orgasm ripped through her, turning her insides to jelly and her pussy into a molten pool of steaming sauce.

Call Girl Confessions, Part 2

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-04

I don't know where Paul knew this guy from, but we went to his apartment together because he didn't want to leave me at home alone. "I got half the money, but you wanna work a deal for the other half?" Paul asked him. I worked as a cleaning lady for about a year when one of the other girls in my cleaning crew told me of a way I could earn more money. "I spoke with Angie after talking with you today and she told me pretty much the same thing you said - that you and her are good coworkers and enjoy working together. Lisa said that several of the girls make more money in a single night than they do for two weeks of working as a cleaning lady.

Taking Cindy's Cherry, Chapter 2

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-04

I smiled and said, “Okay, Cindy, I want you to start off by just licking on it a little. I slowly began to push her to stuff my cock in his mouth and Cindy tried to resist the choking and gagging, but it was no use as she pulled out again nearly throwing up. I raised up a bit and took my hard cock in my hand, rubbing the head of it on her wet slit and letting her feel it just push her lips apart. Cindy slowly opened her eyes and looked up at me, gasping and cringing slightly at some hard pumps I was giving her pussy. Cindy moaned as my cock swelled inside her she came just as I gave one last hard stroke and held myself deep in her newly deflowered pussy.

Party Girl, Chapter 2

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-04

As Bailee sucked Billy's cock, was fucked by Tom, and was fondling and playing with Phil and Jim, Angel took out her cell phone again. Jim pumped his cock in and out of Bailee's throat, going deep and holding it until she almost panicked and then pulling out only long enough for the girl to suck in a desperate breath before blocking her air again. With a mighty groan he suddenly pulled out of Bailee's ass and shot his hot ropes of come across Bailee's body, landing on her breasts, belly and pussy with a bit of it even reaching Christy and spattering on her abdomen.

Suki, Chapter 1

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

But supporting the two of them had taken a heavy toll on the woman, and when Suki was only twenty-one years old, Matsuni died, her body so worn out from the hard life and work she had done, it simply gave out on her. "Suki, our company and Mr. Henderson's will be working closely together now, and I would like you to make yourself available to him to help in any way he needs you. "Suki, if we are going to be working closely together on this project, I think it would be a good idea if we got together over coffee or lunch sometime and discussed things," I suggested. Suki hung her head and softly, "Mr. Baxter knows that I like you," she said softly, almost whispering it.

Leave It To My Beaver - A 1950's Era Housewife's Fantasy

humor Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

"Good afternoon Mrs. Chandler, you are looking especially lovely today," he said in his usual too polite way. I turned around in front of him, "Ethan, be a dear and help me out of this bra, please?" I said, moving my hair out of the way. I opened my lips and slid down him slowly, taking inch after delicious inch of Ethan's hard cock into my mouth. He liked to shoot his cum onto me - he thought it was especially erotic - and I have to admit seeing his white spunk on my tits or covering my belly did look hot.

How Michelle Became A Fucktoy, Chapter 1

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

Dave was different, maybe because he was her father's supervisor, but he came over and made polite conversation with Michelle, making her feel welcome and not just a tag-along kid that got in the way of adults trying to talk. Michelle felt his hot sticky cum splash against the walls of her spasming pussy as Dave moaned his pleasure deep,but quietly, himself. Dave ate the young pussy with renewed effort, driving his tongue to its absolute limit into her and sucking her fat, swollen lips into his mouth, nibbling on them and using every trick and technique he knew to bring this lovely woman to an incredible orgasm.

It's Always The Quiet Ones!

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

A few days later, Emily was opening a shipment of books and in one box, sitting right on top, was a copy of "The Lost World" - the book Thomas had ordered! But if it's a kiss you want..." Thomas took her face in his hand and pulled her to him. He pulled his hand away and Emily opened her eyes looking at him puzzled for a moment. He moaned as she wrapped her soft warm lips around his cock and Emily knew he was enjoying her. After some cuddling time, Thomas got up and went into the bathroom for a washcloth and towel so Emily could clean up a bit. "Emily, would you like to go to dinner with me?" Thomas said.

First Time Fucked

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

Tommy slowly began to force her to stuff his cock in his mouth and Tawnya tried to resist the choking and gagging, but it was no use as she pulled out by instinct of throwing up. It wasn't long before Tommy's body suddenly tensed and his cock began to swell as it exploded, unleashing strings of hot cum into Tawnya's mouth. Tommy leaned his body forward and kissed her pink, hard nipples causing Tawnya to buckle with ecstasy until she felt a burst of tense muscles in her stomach and thighs. Tawnya slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Tommy, gasping and cringing slightly at some hard pumps he was forcing into her pussy.

The Wham Bam Theory

humor Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

But unlike Andrew, who would be perfectly content to spend the rest of his life with the only person he felt he could feel comfortable with - himself - Elizabeth very much wanted to find someone she could call her own. They finished eating their meals and as Andrew got up to head back to his lab, he paused for a moment to look at the girl who had been sitting at his table. Andrew got to the point where he actually held conversation with Elizabeth and she began looking forward to lunch with what she considered her beau. Andrew took a small step backwards and as their eyes locked onto one another, he began slowly, cautiously, to slip the straps of her dress off her shoulders one at a time.


hardcore Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

As she bobbed her head up and down on my cock, I twisted my fingers into her long dark hair, using my hands to guide her in speed rhythm, and depth just the way I liked it. Using my hands, I pulled her ass cheeks apart and began making a meal of this tender young girl, while she moaned and twisted and shuddered under my tongues assault. "Yes Sir," she said, smiling, "I would love to continue this lesson anytime...I don't think I've learned my lesson either!" She kissed me and then got in her car and headed off - this time completely dressed!

Desk Job

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

“My dear, this will be a most enjoyable day at the office I think.” Michelle saw her Master's smile and felt nothing more than the desire to please him, to make him proud of her, and to keep that beautiful smile on his face. Michelle ducked her head low and she crawled carefully on her knees, turning once in the cubbyhole, sitting down upon her ass, knees high and thighs apart, hands pressed to her breasts to take some pull from her neck. Michelle leaned her head back and closed her eyes, wishing the day to end, wanting to touch him, moan his name. Realizing how her Master's touch can both excite her and calm her, cause fear and cause joy, Michelle smiled softly to herself and rubbed her cheek over the rough cloth of the pant leg.

Freeway Threeway, Chapter 1

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-02

I got out and took over driving while Angel welcomed Jack into her little love nest with open arms. Now it was her turn to be scooting across the seat, trying to get away from Jack's probing tongue and Angel was the one crying that she was going to cum. Jack kept Angel's orgasms going by finger fucking her and licking her clit as she came. I wasted no time in doing just that and as Angel tried to shove as much of Jack's cock down her lovely throat, I gorged myself on her tender pink pussy. Angel reached out to me, but I took her arms and pinned them over her head and used them to anchor her to the bed as I began savagely pounding at her still spasming pussy.

Struggling to Sleep

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-11-02

Alice could feel her panties getting soaked as she toyed with her nipples and listened to his calming, sexy voice. "I have kept it shaved clean, Sir," she said huskily as her fingers played over her swollen lips and circled her throbbing aching clit. Alice used two fingers to spread her pussy lips wide apart and then took the finger of her other hand and rubbed her hard button, sending electric lightning bolts through her pussy and straight to her lust-clouded brain. You are such a slut," he said, "finger-fucking yourself and begging me to cum." "Keep those legs wide apart," he said, "You should see what kind of a slut you look like...

I Got Leid In Hawaii

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-02

As I looked at her full, ripe, lips, she leaned forward, and kissed me deeply, her hand still firmly on my cock. As Eve busied herself with stroking my cock, I reached up and slipped my hands under the bottom edge of her top pushing it up over her mounds to hold her breasts in my hand, squeezing gently, sliding my palm over her hard nipple. Eve lowered herself down slightly until my cock pressed against her wet pussy, with the shaft resting between her lips and the head against her enlarged clit, and she moaned softly. We stayed coupled like that until the waves of our orgasm subsided and we held each other, panting and kissing with my cock still inside her now cum-filled pussy.

Teaching Patience

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-02

My hands move slowly downwards coming maddeningly close to your throbbing, aching clit before parting to go on either side of your soft puffy pussy lips. I want you to always use your words - you know how it turns you on and how it pleases me," I tell you. I begin rubbing the vibrator up and down your slick wet slit, from the bottom near your ass up to your clit and back again slowly, so your entire pussy gets teased and your clit gets toyed with as well. I push deeper until I bottom out inside you, my cock head pressing on your cervix and my balls slapping against your clit and pussy lips.

Country Bumpin'

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-02

It took about five minutes or so to paddle to the island during which time Bobbie Jo, facing backwards towards Tommy, let her hand slip into the water and splashed a little on her chest and neck to cool her off. Tommy began licking and sucking and gently biting on the tender bud and Bobbie Jo instinctively reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his head down harder on her throbbing nipple. As his mouth and tongue worked on her nipple, Tommy's hand wandered down between Bobbie Jo's thighs and began rubbing her young pussy through the fabric of her very short cut-off blue jeans. Bobbie Jo sighed as she felt Tommy's hand slide across her stomach and curl around her side as he pulled her in closer.


Making Mika Mine, Chapter 2

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-02

I used my other hand to alternately slap her inner thigh and rub her erect little clit, and it wasn't long before Precious was pleading through her gag to cum. She began rubbing her wet cunt over the top of my boot and up the front, humping my leg like a dog. I watched as the huge cock slid between her legs and into the wetness and heat that I loved, her panting and moans were delicious torture. My Asian whore begged me to go faster, to shove the huge cock deeper and harder into her as she lost what little mind she had left. Precious lay there on the hard wood floor, sweat dripping from her, her cunt still leaking dribbles of her cum, and moaning like a mad woman.

Cabin Fever, Chapter 2

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-11-02

I began moaning deeply at the way her small mouth felt wrapped around my cock. I leaned up and whispered very softly in pet's ear, "Remember, my wet, horny slut you may not cum until you are told. "Yes, My pet, this is the remote to the vibrator in your pussy and I will have it all day long right here in my pocket. As her walls collapsed on my cock one last time I, too crested orgasm mountain And blew my cum inside her like a white hot volcano searing the inside walls of her pussy and filling her until it ran out her and made a stain on the bed sheets.

April's Showers

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-01

I asked you if it was for me and you smiled and said it was, and that I should open it and see the presents good little girls get. Your hands slipped under my dress and rubbed my panties over my pussy as you kissed me hard, pushing your tongue into my mouth and dancing with mine. With my dress still held up and my legs spread showing you my soaked panties I must have looked like a common whore. My juices were flowing like a river and I finally knew how you were going to clean me; you were flushing the pee out with my own pussy juice!

A Vacation To Remember, Chapter 2

lesbian Master_Jonathan 2018-11-01

Gina started to run her fingers through my hair, and she took my head in her hands and pushed my face harder down between her legs, urging me to lick faster. I was on hands and knees on the bed, my ass was sticking up in the air being penetrated by Karen's strap-on, and Gina was underneath my pussy, licking it, sucking on my pussy lips and licking my clit, while I was getting fucked from behind. I had to ask Karen to rub Gina's clit, because it was too hard for me to do that while also working the strap on inside her ass and the vibrator inside her juicy pussy.

Fantasy Fuck

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-11-01

She imagined her fantasy lover pushing her back against the bar wall as he took his pleasure out on her, teasing her dripping cunt as he thrust his fingers deeper and deeper into her, churing her smoldering pussy into a frenzy. Rachael loved the softness and warmth of her pussy enveloping her small hands, but she thought about how much greater it would be to feel a cock inside her instead. She wanted his cock inside her, feeling the soft, warm walls of her pussy enveloping it and stretching her as he shoved its massive length into her. Rachael slid a second finger into her ravenous pussy, wanting the stranger to finger fuck her hard now as she sucked his cock faster, hungry for it.

Watching Becky

voyeur Master_Jonathan 2018-10-31

As I am watching her, I see a young brunette girl coming around the side of her house and walk towards Becky. You know sometimes when I see you upstairs watching me, I wish you would just come outside and fuck me,” she said. Would you like three hot young pussies all wanting you to shove this big old cock in them?" she asked. I’ve enjoyed watching all your pussy licking fun.” I said, hardly believing my luck. "We'll play on the floor where there's plenty of room and when we need to come, we'll hop onto his face and let him drink our pussy juices. Tasting Becky's cunt was like Christmas Day. I pushed my tongue through her pussy lips and tongue fucked her hard. 

Call Girl Confessions, Part 3

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-10-31

"Does my little Asian whore want some of this cock?" he said mockingly, as he slapped his cock against my pussy lips and clit. Each time I felt his cock split my pussy lips, it was like fireworks went off in my head and I moaned and screamed my happy satisfaction. John wasted no time however, and as soon as I hit the bed he was on top of me, spreading my ass cheeks apart. Finally he was fully inside and my tight ass grabbed his cock and began working to milk him of his cum. After we finished, he sat panting on the bed as he watched me wipe the cum from my face and tits, licking my fingers clean and not wasting a drop.


bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-10-31

Still, there are going to be men watching as I bend you over and lay into that ass of yours." Diane pushed Amy face first into a corner and left her. "Turn around, slut", Diane commanded and when Amy did as told she saw the younger woman had changed out of her jeans and blouse. Now get out of those clothes - I don't have all day you know." Diane said slapping Amy across the face. Amy clamped her mouth shut, fighting to keep it closed as Diane began to smack her butt with an open hand. It felt like Diane was using a knife on her ass, the sharp-edged searing pain went right through any other discomfort she was feeling.

The Bouncer and the Barmaid

interracial Master_Jonathan 2018-10-31

The bartender shook Jimmy's hand, thanking him as well and then went back to his bar after making sure that Maria was all right one last time. It was getting late and Maria finally said, "Jimmy, I want to thank you once more for coming along and helping me. " she said as she came to rest on his strong legs, her pussy stuffed with cock and his hands gripping her breasts. Jimmy crawled into bed next to her and lay beside Maria for a long time as their hearts slowed to a calmer rate and their breathing returned to normal. "Jimmy, would you stay here in Albuquerque if you could find work or are you set in going to Atlanta?" she asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer after all.

Jingle Belles

group Master_Jonathan 2018-10-31

There are six people in the office: myself as office manager, and three girls, Angelina, Jill, Becky, along with two guys, Robert and Tom as insurance representatives. She was moaning like crazy, holding Jill's head firmly on her tit and the other hand covering mine at her pussy. When Becky found the strength to stand, she got up and moved over to the leather couch in my office next to Angelina who was herself just recovering from her orgasm. While Angelina fucked with a steady, yet very pleasing build towards her orgasm, Jill was like a rocket - she started out full throttle and never slowed down a bit! Finally it was Becky's turn and just like the other two, I moved my hand over and began warming her up before I finished Jill.

Call Girl Confessions, Part 1

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-10-30

He held me tight with one hand, and used the other one to grab my arm, I acted out as he wanted me to and began to scream, "Yeah just like that slut!" he yelled. He kept holding me down as he sucked my tits and bit my nipples, while his free hand began stroking me between my legs. As I felt his cum splash against the walls of my pussy, I came too, shrieking my need to the ceiling as I arched my back and wrapped my legs around his waist, not wanting to let him go. I pulled myself over to him and dutifully licked the cum from his cock, sucking his shrinking tool like a good slave slut should until he was clean.

The Lady Is A Tramp

hardcore Master_Jonathan 2018-10-30

"Alan Johnson from Johnson Brothers Landscaping here to see Mrs. Wentworth for an estimate of work she wanted to do," I said into the speaker. Claudia showed up once again looking stunning and we went into the living room this time where she said we would be much more comfortable. She screamed out in her second orgasm as she felt my long finger penetrate her tiny puckered hole even as her pussy was still being pummeled by my big cock. As I felt my searing cum surge from the tip of my cock and fill Claudia's pussy, I held this beautiful, sexy, wanton woman in my arms, still not truly believing that I was the one she had chosen to give herself to.

Her Special Night

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-10-29

It's a special night and I want to have a nice meal to go along with it," I told her as we sat there at the table eating breakfast. "A special night, Master?" she asked, looking puzzled at my comment. "I'll explain everything tonight pet," I said. But I wanted to look my very best tonight for you," she said as she turned the corner. "There's a new restaurant that just opened up that I want to try out," I said. "So, Master, what is the special occasion tonight?" pet asked.  Because you are a special treasure, pet and I want you to always know that. As I sat there with my precious in my arms enjoying the moment, pet asked me "Master, how do you do it?"

D/s Done Differently

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-03-16

Hannah was satisfied with that explanation and said she thought she was a submissive because she did like serving others. "Sir," she wrote, "A few weeks ago I met a man who said he was a Master. He told me all about his experience and what he was looking for in a submissive, and he sounded like the perfect Master for me. But if you are going to be a proper submissive, you will have to learn that occasionally you are told to do something which makes you feel uncomfortable because your Master wants to see if you will do it - if you will obey.