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Free erotic stories by Mazza on AdultRead

Bad Vibrations

mastrubation Mazza 2018-12-01

I could hear his voice, breaking slightly and his breathing becoming more ragged, as he furiously stroked his cock and I knew that he really was going to come soon. "Hey, you know, I came so hard, that I actually shot cum right onto my chest! I turned the key to start the car and the radio came on automatically. In typical female style, I turned the radio back up so that I couldn't hear the strange noise and took my cousin back to her destination. I felt my face flush, bright red as I imagined what my cousin would have thought of me, sitting masturbating down the phone for some strange 'weirdo' I'd met on a porn site.

Soapy Bubbles

mastrubation Mazza 2018-11-29

As I wash my breasts, I imagine you doing it, washing me, minding me, fussing over me and I know that your wet fingers would play with my nipples right now. Within a minute or so I begin to actually climax, the thought of you makes my pussy pulse and tingle, that familiar excited feeling in my tummy, my fingers gripped and held, the way your thick shaft would be, by my pulsing muscles... I slip under the covers and open my book, I'm too tired to read for very long and soon I pull the covers up around my neck and drift off to sleep, hoping you'll like your little surprise when you climb in beside me...

Vibrators Are For Pussies!

mastrubation Mazza 2018-11-26

Two perfectly manicured fingers pushed puffy pussy lips apart and my trimmed, brown curls opened to reveal a slick, hot channel, dark pink like my nails and already glistening with arousal. With the pointed tip of an index finger, I held my lips wide then pushed and pressed my pert little clit. I heard him grunt, saw his hips thrusting up against his hand, and I slipped my fingers between my pussy lips again, wetting them then pressing them to the base of my erect clit and beginning to furiously stimulate myself. Grateful, I felt the pulse of near climax begin to kick in again and I looked at the screen and heard him cry out his own orgasm.

Achilles Pussy (Or How I Can Never Resist My Urges)

hardcore Mazza 2018-11-17

As quick as a flash, her fingers were inside my pussy and her teeth were on my clit, sucking it into her hot mouth while her tongue flicked and stroked. Let me tell you, that girl knows how to use her fingers and before I knew it, I was thrusting against her as she fucked me with her mouth and hand. She moved, so that her legs over my shoulders and I pushed her thighs up hard against her, doubling her over and really opening up her cunt against my mouth, as it closed over her pussy lips and my tongue began to probe and delve into her sweet, wet slit.

The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part VII a

hardcore Mazza 2018-11-11

Simon extended his hand, took Mark’s firmly and shook it, “So good to finally meet you,” he said with a winning smile on his face. The small, square table was discreetly located in one of the darker corners of the room, Mattie looked to see how she could best distance herself from Mark, but realised that she had no choice but to sit either adjacent to him or facing him. “Daddy wants to fuck your pretty little mouth and cum down your throat,” he moaned as Mattie sucked for all she was worth, twirling her tongue over his tip as she lifted her head. “My my, don’t you girls look a picture!” Simon said, standing to pull Mattie’s chair out and helping her into her seat.

Natural Beauty Part 2 - The Date

mature Mazza 2018-11-09

Ellen caught herself admiring the tight little ass of the young Italian waiter, as she followed him to the bar area where Bob, her date, was waiting. “Thank you,” Bob replied brusquely, looking briefly at the waiter then dropping his phone back into his suit pocket and leaning over to Ellen to take her hand. “Oh,” Ellen felt suddenly queasy and began to wonder how she would ever make it through this night, trying to think of excuses that she could give, in order to escape sooner, “I don’t know about that, Bob. I mean, we hardly know each other.” “What’s your name?” Ellen asked him, pulling her head back and looking at the young man’s face.

The Perfect Remedy

mastrubation Mazza 2018-11-08

She slid her hand inside the v-neck of her top, under her bra and onto the hot skin of her naked breast as she remembered the feel of his weight on her body, his face close to hers, the whispering of soothing romantic words in her ear as he gently bit and nibbled her lobe, asking her if she was sure, if this was okay, was she sure that she wanted to go through with it? Firstly, he had kissed her pert nipple, licked it and then he had opened his mouth and taken it inside completely, murmuring words of encouragement the whole time, making her feel safe, wanted.

Natural Beauty Part 3 - A Night At The Circus

mature Mazza 2018-11-06

Ever the gentleman, Bambi pulled her into his arms and she closed them and pouted for a kiss but instead, she felt herself quickly turned until she was facing away from him. “God, it feels so good!” She looked down and took hold of his hair, pulling her onto him, arching her chest forward as he sucked a nipple deep into his mouth, stroking it with a firm wet tongue. Bambi pulled her into his arms and placed a palm against her cheek, she leaned into it, smiling and his other hand went over her eyes, closing the lids.

The Ice Queen Cometh (Or How Roy And I Got Back On Track)

group Mazza 2018-11-04

It smelled much like my own and I felt my pussy pulse as I slid my hand inside her panties, feeling her soft downy hair as my fingers began to slip between her lips which were slick with her viscose arousal. I nodded and watched for a moment, surprised that I was happy with this, another woman attending to my boyfriend and suddenly found that I had an overwhelming desire to be kissing her again so I leaned forward to do it, my hands automatically finding their way to her breasts and my thumbs, circling her nipples and making them become erect as our mouths met and our tongues began slip against each other once more.

Natural Beauty

mature Mazza 2018-10-30

Ellen smiled as she looked at it now, noticing the way her nipples poked against the silky fabric of her dress and remembering how Ken’s hands had been sliding up her thighs as they had stumbled down the steps to their cabin that night. Ken took hold of his cock through his shorts squeezing and stroking his shaft as he watched, entranced as she put her moist fingers to her lips, applying the juice like a gloss to her open mouth. “Oh god, Ken, you fucking pussy tease!” She pushed back again, desperate to feel him inside her again, but he was ready for her and a flick of his hips denied her once more.