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Uses For a Wingbacked Chair

bdsm MinaMiranda 2018-11-24

Please let me touch it!" She looks to him and there is no denying the fervor in her eyes, the lust that plays around her slightly opened mouth, inexperienced as he knows she is. "I am not angry, dearest, but this is something you must get used to." he says, and with his other hand pulls a bundle of cord from his pocket, and throws it on the seat of the armchair. Pausing for a moment for her to adjust to his length he then retracts halfway, and plunges into her again, watching her bound hands twisting in the cords, her fingers clenching and unclenching in time to his thrusts.

Power Struggle (Part1)

bdsm MinaMiranda 2018-11-20

One looks like a small lightbulb except it is metal and knobbled with studs. I catch you sneaking a hopeful look between my legs again. I stand up and slowly pull my panties down, you start to look up at me, but I swat your face down with a gloved hand - "Eyes on the fucking floor, boy." My panties land on the floor in front of you and I sit back down, my cunt exposed, waiting, hungry, even, but I won't even let you look at it. You are feeding on me like a starved wolf, your tongue flipping and flicking everywhere it can, your breath coming in short frenzied gasps. You fall back, your face dripping with my juice, panting and looking triumphant.