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An Opportunity Arises - Part One

first-time MySecretDesire 2018-11-05

The familiar tickle in between her thighs when she saw Ian was beginning to frustrate her and she slipped out into the fridge and slipped her hand down her work shorts and pressed her palm against her clitoris to alleviate some of the tension she felt in her loins and mind. Driven by a growing penis and frustrated lust, Ian walked into the fridge and closed the door. Embarrassed, she looked around trying to think of something to say, but as she swept her eyes over Ian, she noticed his almost full and raging erection and didn't move her eyes from it as he walked to her.

Green Silk

bdsm MySecretDesire 2018-10-02

The man before me is groaning as he buries his hands into my dark auburn hair and pulls my face to his groin forcing his cock into my throat. Suddenly the man behind me jams me down onto his hardness and I can feel his cock jerking and twitching as he cums, buried deep in my warmth. These two men are spent and yet another voice calls me, "Emerald—here." I get on the floor and crawl to the sound, my head bent this time from the shame of not having swallowed all the cum as I have been taught. The man in front of me can't keep from cumming any longer and he pulls his cock from my mouth.

Angels in Trouble Ch. 02

lesbian MySecretDesire 2018-07-25

Anne gritted her teeth and shook her head from side to side, trying to come to terms with the last level of pain when Mother Superior brought the paddle down for the last time. Mother Superior handed her a tissue, "You may go sit down now." Anne took the tissue from her, looked her straight in the eyes, smiled, and returned to sit next to me. "And I'm sure it won't be the last time Mother Superior will spank my ass!" She giggled and we began kissing passionately. Anne quickly pecked me again, "'ll be awhile before I get fucked in the ass that's for sure!" We both chuckled and resumed our French-kissing when I felt her hands rubbing my soft, furry cunt.

A Memory of Three

group MySecretDesire 2018-07-13

When Lou did the same, Monica moaned and lay back on the bed, cradling her tits in her own hands and offering them up to our mouths. Monica's fingers in Lou's hair, I lightly stroking his now throbbing hardness, his own hands firmly squeezing my ass cheeks, the way he knew I liked, or tracing lines across Monica's belly and inner thighs, looking to discover what she liked. Before long, Lou slid down along Monica's body, kissing his way to the apex of her thighs, and parted her dark fur with his tongue. Leaning on his hands, Lou thrust his morning hard cock into her with long, slow strokes, deep to the hilt and then pulling out until only the tip of the head joined them.

Suprise Threesome

group MySecretDesire 2018-06-17

Lou fingered me harder and faster and Sally was like a mad woman, licking my clit back and forth in long even strokes. I had never been able to cum so fast but with Sally licking my clit and Lou ramming his fingers in and out of my cunt it was overwhelming and all of a sudden a dam burst inside of me making me scream and writhe my hips against the fingers and mouth that were fucking me into a wild frenzy. I moved over beside Sally and pushed her hands away bringing my mouth near Lou's balls and flicking my tongue on them.

Husband Finally Fucks Some Ass

anal MySecretDesire 2018-05-25

Bob kissed Cathy's neck and began chewing her nipples, he felt a warm, moist mouth close over his cock; and he nearly died at the feel of my tongue as I sucked him into my throat. "Mmmm, baby, your ass is wonderful!" Bob groaned, reached over the railing to cup and fondle my tits as he pressed his cock deep into my asshole. He could feel Cathy's hands slide between his thighs and my ass, as his wife gripped my firm ass cheeks and pulled the hairless cunt toward her face. He pressed up against me from behind, thrilled by the feel of his cock in my clenching asshole, and his thighs pressed against my heart-shape ass cheeks, where Cathy's hands kneaded and squeezed as she pulled my cunt close.

Anal After Closing

anal MySecretDesire 2018-02-12

"I want to eat you," Lou said, while slipping a finger into my wet cunt, then working it into my ass. Lou worked another finger into my ass and my mouth went into high gear on his cock. While we kissed, I ground my cunt against Lou. I was so wet at the thought of getting it in the ass I felt the first twinge of an orgasm. Lou touched my clit and I moaned while his fingers worked up and down my slit, finally working their way into my cunt. Lou laid me back and, cupping my ass in his hands, began to lick my cunt again. Lou worked the finger deeper into my ass and slid it back and forth in time to his tongue.

Milk Chocolate Threesome

group MySecretDesire 2017-10-12

She starts to stand on the bed, all the time guiding my head across her chest, across her stomach, across her shaved pubic bone and finally...finally into her wet, plump, cherry dark cunt. She lets out a gasp, "I'm cumming." Her knees bend, her legs weak, "I'm cumming." I feel her cunt contract against my tongue, "I gonna cum." She grabs my head with both hands; "Eat my cunt slut," every muscle in her body contracts, releases, flexes, contacts, releases, flexes for what seems like an eternity and building my own orgasm. One hand between his thighs, holding his ass, moving his hips, making my mouth and throat feel like they're being fucked, being fucked real hard.