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Free erotic stories by NVMii on AdultRead

The Bachelorette Party - Part 4

group NVMii 2018-12-02

My pussy was very wet and I wanted Amy to work her way down between my legs and to start fondling my cunt. I was being licked and fucked by a green monster like creature with a humongous cock and long pussy cleaning tongue. I saw the monster stand up and walk over to another woman who looked like Jill, his cock swaying back and forth, laying down on her and pushing his green cock into her cunt while she was screaming, "Fuck me, fuck me." John had a hell of a hard time fucking Amy, her cunt was so tight, he succeeded but it took him more than four hours.

Jessica - Weekend in Las Vegas - Story Five - Part 4

interracial NVMii 2018-11-29

I heard a wet sloshy pussy noise and sure enough Chelsea was on top of Derek banging him like a cowgirl. I know he was watching Derek and Chelsea fuck so maybe he pumped some extra blood into that big schlong of his. Derek was shoving his cock deeper into my ass and Curtis was pumping cum deep in my cunt. Curtis went wild, I don't know how a man with such a long cock can move his ass so far back and then forward driving that pole deep into my pussy and doing it so fast. I became very horny and we agreed to have Carl fuck me one more time so Derek could see, up close, how Carl's huge cock fit into my cunt.

A Taste For Joan

interracial NVMii 2018-11-29

I knew my pussy was wet from listening to Alice talk about her black cock experience. I watched Alice's pussy spread open as a big black cock entered her. I bought the dildo to see if my pussy would stretch enough to take a big cock like Alice took. My fingers were rubbing hard and fast as Peggy had her orgasm with Alex's cock buried deep. If Alex asked again, I would tell him, "Yes, I want to fuck Anthony's black cock." "Spread those luscious legs baby, I want to bury my cock in your steamy pussy." This is what Alex said right before I felt his cock slide into me.

The Seduction of Dr. Halper

interracial NVMii 2018-11-29

My spread legs gave Dr. Halper a good look at my pussy lips. I watched as Dr. Halper kept pumping his big cock into his wife's pussy. I watched and then Mrs. Halper started to scream, "Fuck me Ty, bury that big black cock of yours in my cunt. I was so turned on, Lacy, the little pussy I had been watching grow into a woman, was at my cock's mercy. I looked down and about four inches of my cock was embedding in Lacy's tight pussy. When Lacy tensed up, I said, "Relax honey, your pussy is well adapted to take my cock. Lacy's pussy was twisting like she wanted to tear my cock off my body.

South Pacific - Pt 1 - Susan

interracial NVMii 2018-11-28

"Hello Mike, come in and set down," Jerry said as he handed some papers to his secretary. The day before we were to leave, Jerry invited my team and Susan out for a bon voyage dinner. I was going to get my first black cock from the man that my dead husband said, "Wanted a piece of my ass". They knew Jerry was going to fuck a fine piece of white ass tonight. Jerry moved into position, his black cock poised to enter my white pussy. I set it up to record and Jerry moved his cock to my pussy and did the slit rub again. It felt so good, Jerry's cock tightly held in my constricted pussy.

Brett and Amber - Part II

group NVMii 2018-11-27

Jake had a big smile on his face, but Sally looked like she could smack Brett. Brett grunted and slammed his cock deep, holding it tight as he pumped his cum into Sally's pussy. I went down the steps and saw Brett eating out Sally and Jake was kissing and sucking on her tits. The boys were soon synchronized, Jake going deep in my pussy, Brett almost pulling out, then the opposite. He crawled up onto the bed, pulled my ass up and fucked his cock deep into my cum soaked pussy. If Tara and Albert were anything like Sally and Jake, they needed seclusion. He continued, “And to Brett and Amber, may they be as loving friends as Jake and Sally.”

The Bachelorette Party - Part 1

group NVMii 2018-11-23

"My pussy is so wet, Robert, let's take one of the empty beds, I want to fuck right now!" I liked walking along the beach and telling Robert, "Look at that couple or look over there, a threesome with one woman and two obviously bi guys. His soft cock slipped from my pussy and he sat up, looked at my cunt and saw his cum leaking down my ass crack. I'm sure one of them will have good luck and knock me up!" Jacob smiled and moved off the bed leaving me, Sarah and Robert. Robert slowly kissed his way down her body, working his finger in her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Brett and Amber - Part III

group NVMii 2018-11-23

I was sure Brett liked seeing me fucked hard, another man's cock spurting cum deep in me. I looked at Brett, his eyes showing surprise that such a large black cock fit so nicely in his pretty white wife. Brett was still watching when fifteen minutes later, Harold pulled his now semi-limp cock from my pussy. I must have slept soundly, I dreamt Brett was fucking me, but it felt like Harold's black cock was in me. If he asks if I said anything, tell him this, “His big black cock was the best cock I have ever been fucked by, and I'm looking forward to the day it is again buried deep it in my cunt.”

Neighbors With Benefits - Part Two

group NVMii 2018-11-23

Jimmy nodded his head, as he fucked Brooke's pussy hard. I had to fuck him, I wanted to feel that big black snake splitting my pussy lips. I wanted Ray to stay and watch how hard it was for Jimmy to pull his cock out. Brooke took hold of Ray's cock and looked at me. Ray, would your like to see your bride fuck Ty's black cock that way?" Ray was almost drooling at the thought of watching Ty's cock slide into my pussy. "Fuck Ray, you almost strangled me with your cock!" Brooke was still breathing deeply. The color contrast of white Ray lying between Brooke's black legs, made my pussy tingle.

A Surprise Threesome

lesbian NVMii 2018-11-21

Nikki aimed the camera at Kara's tongue as she licked my pussy. When we were in my bedroom, Nikki handed me the camera, and I recorded her stripping Kara. Within seconds Nikki was holding her head forcing Kara's face into her pussy. I know how to suck a tit also, and it wasn't long before Nikki's nipple was sending sensations to her clit. Kara stopped and slapped Nikki's ass. Soon both of my hands were hitting her hard until Kara took hold of my wrists and stopped me. Soon Kara's ass was beet red and Nikki was spanking her hard. The combination of me sucking and Nikki licking brought Kara to a body shivering orgasm. Needless to say Nikki's leg was up and Kara sucked on her pussy.

Jessica - Weekend in Las Vegas - Story Five - Part 1

interracial NVMii 2018-11-20

"Come on, Trish, you know we like to fuck each other and if anything happens tonight we all win!" "You said, 'I want a threesome with Derek and you.' did you not?" And with that he went deep in my pussy again, pounding away at my cunt like I wanted him to see Curtis pound me. "We are on our way honey, I'm looking forward to this weekend and having a very good time with my wife, Chelsea and Curtis. I was surprised when Chelsea raised her drink and said, "To Derek and Jessica, may your lives be happy and I'm looking forward to this weekend and the fun we will all have."

Jessica - Saturday, Story Number Two

interracial NVMii 2018-11-18

He stopped then and said, “I want you to see my cock enter your cunt on this video so you will know how good this system really is.” Now please fuck me!” He positioned his cock head against my pussy, sliding it up and down my slit to make sure we both were fully lubricated and then he pushed hard enough to enter me about an inch. “I’m going to pull my cock out of your cunt before I lose my hard on,” he said, “The sensations I will get from your pussy with give me another orgasm and I will cum on your pussy lips, Okay?”

Jessica - Monday - Story Four

interracial NVMii 2018-11-16

I felt his balls hit my clit so I knew I had eleven inches of the finest big black cock stuffed into my very wet and hot white cunt. This time I did a slow turn like Trisha did for Carl, Ass back, left hand on hip, right hand in my hair on the back of my head and tits pushed forward! My nipples were standing at attention and I wanted them to stay that way until Curtis' black cock was deep inside my white cunt again. I swapped once with them and Cici is a good lay and she fucks like a mink, and the woman I brought said that he is a superb lover and a real cocks man!"

The Bachelorette Party - Part 2

group NVMii 2018-11-16

Suddenly Robert forced his cock deep into her and held it there as he shot rope after rope of cum into Sarah's hot cunt. Sarah started to moan and finally said, "Fuck me Jacob, I want to feel you deep in me." Alex opened the door and we walked in, Robert was on top of Vivian, fucking the shit out of her and Harvey was straddled by Allie, his long cock buried in her snatch. About his cock size and how tight it filled my cunt and about the many times I came and how I used the mirror to watch Alex and I fuck, like it was a porn movie.

A Surprise at the Mall

interracial NVMii 2018-11-15

Previously I had told Derek about a teenage black boy that wanted to fuck me but he was under the age of eighteen at the time, so I passed. I could see that his cock was about a nine-incher and not as thick as I like, but he was young and that might change in the future, depending on how hard he would fuck me and if I wanted a return engagement. "Is your pussy always wet like this or is it just when you want to fuck?" he asked. He was fucking me deep but when his balls wanted to dump his sperm in me he slammed so hard against my crotch that my clit was smashed and I went into a frantic orgasm.

Jessica - Weekend in Las Vegas - Story Five - Part 2

interracial NVMii 2018-11-14

Curtis was fucking me as fast as his ass could move, back and forth, eleven inches of big black cock slamming into my wet hot white cunt. I wanted to see this so I quickly went to their bed and watch as my husbands cock slipped into Chelsea's slick wet cunt. Chelsea was now relaxing her pussy muscles and Derek kept fucking her deeper and deeper until he was fully inside her cunt. He and I discussed this beforehand that we would go slow so Derek and Chelsea could get a good closeup of his cock entering my cunt and then slowly he would sink all eleven inches into me. I overheard Derek whispering to Chelsea how hot it looked see my very white cunt stretch over his very large, very black cock.

Neighbors With Benefits - Part One

group NVMii 2018-11-14

My day dreaming, of fucking a strange man, was making my body tingle, just like sex with Ray used to be. I like the idea of his black cock fucking in and out of my white pussy." How good it would feel to him to slide his cock into another woman's slippery, wet and hot pussy. I wouldn't be jealous of another woman having sex with Ray. I hoped he wouldn't be jealous of me enjoying another man's cock. The woman under me said, "Pull your cockhead out Jimmy, I want to suck your cum from her pussy. I was hoping that Ray liked fucking strange pussy, I didn't want this to stop.

Lifestyle Parents

first-time NVMii 2018-11-14

Danny's mom, Jill, met Becca's father, Marty, at a “meet a friend” party. I felt Danny's fingers spread my pussy lips and his tongue teased my inner labia. I had a good view of Jill's pussy and Ty's cock as he moved up on the bed. Jill started to move her ass, she was fucking Ty. I saw her pussy pull his cock side to side. When I felt the heat of his cock on my pussy, I begged, “Fuck me Danny, take my virginity and fuck me.” Danny moved his hips forward, I felt the heat of his cock touching my pussy. I wanted to be fucked again, I loved the feel of Danny's cock in me.

The Bachelorette Party - Part 3

group NVMii 2018-11-13

We talked about the upcoming meeting with John and DeeDee. Robert was concerned when he didn't fuck me on the beach bed after Maria stretched my pussy to new limits, that I would be pissed at him. I was determined that this cock was going to fuck me, so I placed my heels on John's buttocks and pulled him toward me, pressing his cock head further into my pussy. "John, fuck me hard, push that big cock into my pussy, I'm not going to stop fucking you until you are buried deep in my cunt! John pressed harder, I looked at the mirror, the woman's legs were spread wide, so wide I could see this humongous cock entering her cunt.

Jessica - Planning For Jamaica - Story Three

interracial NVMii 2018-11-13

After finishing the paper I went to my Baby Book and pulled out a DVD titled "Great First Lez #1" and loaded it into my bedroom player, pressed play and lay down on my bed. Then I heard a loud "I'm cumming, oh god, fuck me deep, faster, faster, oh shiiiiitttttt!" Trish must be having one hell of an orgasm I thought. After we had finished our tea, Trish said, "Thanks for calling Jack and setting me up with him. "So let me get this straight, you and I, your husband and some unknown black woman are going to be spending a weekend in some hotel, in the same suite that has two queen size beds in the same bedroom?

South Pacific - Pt 2 - Mohaho

interracial NVMii 2018-11-12

Niles was hung pretty good and I believe Traci wanted to have sex with him. Another clap of the chief's hands and the elderly men entered the hut and sat down. The chief started talking and moving his hands like crazy. Mohaho took hold of my cock and positioned her wet vagina opening against my cockhead. When the last person completed the ritual head tap, Mohaho took my hand and led me to my abode. As soon as the leftover food was put away, Mutu took my hand and led me back to her hut. I talked to the village chief about having some men haul my equipment and research containers to the beach.

Jessica - My First Interracial Experience

interracial NVMii 2018-11-08

Of course he did not know what it symbolized, but he would probably search the INTERNET and find out and then the flood of questions would come and I don’t know if he would appreciate the real truth of what his wife wants, a hot wife looking to fuck big black cocks. As the movie progressed I could see he was concentrating on the white man black woman sex, especially the close-up shots of his cock in her pussy, and he was leaking pre-cum onto the sheets. I liked the skin color contrast also, especially when they were fucking in the missionary position and he was laying flat on woman’s body with his cock buried deep inside her pussy and her legs were entwined over his back, I have never been so turned on and so hot!

Becca - Her Story Continues

first-time NVMii 2018-11-06

With Jill standing there watching us fuck and Ty slamming his cock into me, I had another orgasm. Now I wanted to cum in Becca and maybe get a shot at Jill later. Jill moved off to the side, I think she was going to stay and watch me cum in her young friends pussy. It made me hot just thinking about how Jill wanted to see his cock enter me. Jill and I traded places, she was on her back with Ty moving to stick his big black cock into her juicy white pussy. I on the other hand, assumed Jill's position, I was going to watch his cock split her pussy lips and sink deep into her.

South Beach - The Closing

interracial NVMii 2018-11-05

I was filled with glee inside at the prospect of watching Javon's huge cock spreading Janet's pussy. Fuck her Javon, bury your big black cock in this white woman's hot cunt." Javon didn't have to start fucking, Janet was moving her ass in such a way that she was. Jack and Holly had the queen bed in their bedroom and Javon and Janet had the king. My two bed buddies were locked together, their arms around each other, Janet's legs wrapped tightly to Javon's, and his black cock buried deep in her cunt. We were coupled up, Holly, Jack, me, Otis, Janet and Javon. Jack had nothing to worry about, his cock looked fabulous and Holly had her hand around it already.

Piper - Pt I - Frustration

interracial NVMii 2018-11-03

My pussy flooded, knowing I was going to fuck Aston's big cock. I had put my cell phone on the bed, now I opened up the camera app, I wanted to record my cunt being taken by Aston's black cock. I hooked up my laptop to my TV, I wanted to watch Aston stick his black cock in my pussy. I lowered my body down, Aston was intently watching as my pussy lips surrounded his cock. "Fuck me Aston, drive that big black cock of yours up my white cunt. I started screaming, it was my husband Tim. Aston took my screaming as a sign that I wanted him to fuck me again, his cock was pistoning in my now very sloppy wet cunt.

Jessica - Weekend in Las Vegas - Story Five - Part 3

interracial NVMii 2018-11-01

Chelsea, the little bitch, sat next to Derek and had her hand on him and was squeezing his cock. Then Curtis put his arm around me, pulling me close to him, I snuggled into him too and retracted my thoughts about Derek and Chelsea. Chelsea and I liked the movie, I caught Curtis dozing off a couple times, Derek didn't look to excited, I saw he was feeling up Chelsea's tits and her hand was in his crotch. Chelsea said, "Let's all get comfortable and ready for bed, but I still want to screw Derek. Come close Kalyn, I want you to position his cock at my pussy opening and watch my wet cunt devour his cock." "Cum at the opening of her cunt Curtis," Kalyn said.

Todd Johnson - My White MILF Experience

interracial NVMii 2018-10-31

It was raining real hard one day when Jake said, "My mom is picking me up, do you want a ride home with me?" I slammed my hips forward and locked my cock deep in Lyn's hot wet cunt as my cum erupted inside of her. Lyn started to move her ass, synchronizing her pussy movement with the thrusts of my cock. Lyn's ass was twisting the bed sheets into knots and my cock was having a hard time staying in her pussy. My cock kept throbbing long after I had dumped all my cum in Lyn's cunt. Lyn looked over at the mirror and saw her white pussy impaled on my black cock.

True Story - Alice and BBC

interracial NVMii 2018-10-30

Alice would talk and behave like a Asian whore, while I would play that I was a black man fucking his first white woman. I told him that I wanted to fuck his black cock and I would on our first date. My pussy was still wet and juicy, wanting Andrew's black cock back inside. We fucked like animals, his black cock and my pussy working like a fine tuned instrument. She took my cock in hand and jacked me slowly as we watched my wife getting her pussy licked and sucked by the woman. Before I could submit this true story to Lush, my wife Joan started fantasizing about fucking a black cock.

Piper - Pt II - Gratification

interracial NVMii 2018-10-29

My pussy was very wet from watching Doreen and Tim. Aston had three fingers in and was fingering me hard. Tim watched as Aston fucked his huge black cock into my white slit. Tim now had a perfect view of Aston's black cock and my wet pussy. She put her left leg up on the second stair, giving me a clear view of Aston's black cock in her white pussy. Piper said something to Aston and he slowly pulled his shrinking cock from her pussy. "Aston, you can fuck your girlfriend if you want to," Tim said. Doreen flipped over onto her back, I want you Tim, I love that big cock of yours.

An Evening With John

group NVMii 2018-10-29

Becky and DeeDee could see my pussy and were watching to see if John could actually fuck me. He lined his cockhead up with my cunt, slipping his cock up and down and then I felt my pussy lips starting to spread. The combination of a stretched cunt, a pounding huge cock, clit sensations and John's weight holding me down, brought on the best orgasm I ever had. I felt John's huge cock pulsing in me, he was pumping cum deep into my pussy and the thought of that plunged me over the orgasm edge again. With Becky kissing me, DeeDee sucking my nipples and rubbing my clit, and John's cock sliding in my cunt, I orgasmed again.

Joan's First Video - Part II

interracial NVMii 2017-11-06

I'll make sure to take close ups.” If my husband Alex wanted me to try to fuck such a huge cock, I guess I'd try. Andrew was up on his hands and that allowed Alex to tape a closeup of his cock and my pussy. I want to feel your cock throbbing inside my pussy.” That was the moment that my body experienced the most euphoric orgasm that I ever had. Alex was taking more close up video of Andrew's huge black cock fucking my tight white pussy. Alice obliged him and he came in her mouth as he watched her being fucked by Anthony's black cock. I think it is pretty hot watching Andrew fuck the shit out of Alice.

Joan's First Video - Part I

interracial NVMii 2017-10-15

I wanted to see what Alice liked about Devon's fucking. “Holy fuck!” Alice moaned as the black cock penetrated the woman's pussy. When the closeup of the man's coal black cock head spreading her perfectly milky white pussy lips, I heard what sounded like a muffled gasp. I was having a hard time wrapping my mind around how much I liked black cock. Above his head I saw the camera lens, Alex holding it as he recorded me sucking a huge cock. Alex brought the camcorder in close to see my pussy swallow the thick black monster cock. Alex was there, his camcorder taking close up video of Devon's thick cock fucking my cunt.