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Naughty Babe

Free erotic stories by Naughty Babe on AdultRead

No Fighting In School!

bdsm Naughty Babe 2018-04-29

After about five minutes he pulled me up into his lap so that I was sitting on his right knee and could see him better face to face. He started asking me about what happened and why I had gotten into the fight with my classmate. I knew I had better be careful how I explained it, for I could still remember the last time I had gotten into trouble at school. I know that what you are telling me is NOT what happened. Also, daddy always spanks me on my bared bottom, so that was another thing I was dreading from what was sure to be my fate. Daddy pulled me up into his lap again and held me.

My First Paddling

bdsm Naughty Babe 2017-12-31

I had no one to hold me afterward, and tell me that I was a "good girl." I just had an object bruising up my ass, and very little self-respect. I got to know a little about Eric in the room and we started instant messaging each other every time we found one another online. Last night Eric spanked me harder than he ever has before, and I swear that while I was receiving my punishment, I wished to be ANYWHERE but over his lap. But, I will not stand for you trying to escape your punishment by covering your bottom, as you so childishly did a couple minutes ago." He started spanking me.