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Mistress Diana Ch. 05

bdsm NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-12-02

Mistress Diana helped by pushed her face into his crack deeper until Jeanette began lapping and licking on her own. Jeanette licked and slurped until Mistress Diana was satisfied she had cleaned him good and ordered her to stop and crawl around so she was facing him again. Jeanette moved forward and took hold of the huge cock and began moving her delicate fingers around its thick girth and examined it and smiled and without Mistress Diana giving her the order, she automatically smiled up at him. Jeanette wasted no time moving her face between the crack of his ass and began licking and sucking on his anus.

My Wife Sherry Ch. 04

interracial NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-12-01

Sherry moaned loud and Rob starred toward her butt and saw John's big black hands holding it above his head. He starred toward Sherry's butt and only saw John's black hands on her hips and heard his mouth slurping on her pussy. Sherry moved her hand away and put them both on John's big thighs and leaned forward with her eyes still closed and her mouth wide open. Rob figured John's cock was slowly working its way inside Sherry as her pussy stretched to accommodate him. Rob moved his head to look at John but he had closed his eyes while holding onto Sherry. Rob leaned forward being careful not to touch John's feet and starred at Sherry's pussy at how it was stretched around that big cock.


Different Dreams

fetish NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-27

My husband, Jack is a very small man and you wouldn't expect to see a guy of his size with a huge dong hanging down between his legs. Jack started to move his little butt above my face and I knew he wanted to cum inside my mouth. My own body began trembling as I got close and taped Jack on his leg to let him know I was going to cum at any second. He followed me into the house and the timing couldn't have been any worse as Jack walked out of the bedroom wearing his new dress and pumps. Jack thought he was being funny but when I saw the expression on Jerry's face, I knew that he was thinking that there must be a glimmer of hope that I'd be interested.

Mistress Diana Ch. 07

bdsm NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-27

Mistress Diana laughed as she walked away from Mark leaving him kneeling on the like a pathetic shell of was once a real man and husband. Patty smiled as she starred down at the wedding ring that Mistress Diana gave her back that morning. She unlocked the cell and Mark hesitantly starred at Patty as she slowly walked into the room and strutted around in her heels just like Mistress Diana had taught her. Mark starred at Mistress Diana and waited for her approval to stand up and as soon as she nodded, Mark stood and reached out and circled his arms around his wife. Mark starred at Mistress Diana one last time before the blindfold was put over his eyes and he was taken out to the truck.

My Wife Sherry Ch. 06

interracial NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-25

Rob was disappointed the last time he heard from Sherry when he received that letter yesterday telling him that she gave up her apartment because John bought a new house and had her move in with him. Welcome home!" They walked into the little house and John showed him the living room and kitchen. Sherry and Christine started walking out of the room and John turned around and laughed at Robby. Sherry and Christine sat talking while John took Robby up to the second floor through the secret stairway. Sherry walked over and rested her hand on Robbie's shoulder as she spoke to John. Robbie tried to smile at Sherry but John approached her and hugged her tight as he gave her a long kiss.


My Wife Sherry

interracial NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-23

Rob flipped another page and saw the photo's of Sherry posing for him wearing a garter belt and stockings and high heeled shoes. Sherry would even wear them to work at the office and come home and laugh about the guys drooling over her all day. Rob looked around and saw they were sports DVD's and laughed thinking that Sherry must have turned into a sports nut since he last saw her. That dinner didn't go as expected with Rob. They returned back to Sherry's apartment and sat and drank while talking about old times. Rob began feeling anger inside as he thought about Sherry screwing this guy. Rob sat quietly on the sofa and waited until Sherry finally appeared out of the bedroom.

My Wife Sherry Ch. 05

interracial NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-20

Rob found a card that John said that he was aware of their growing love for each other and how he thought she was the woman that he'd been looking for and wanted to have children. John took his time with me and kept kissing until he thought I was relaxed enough then pushed the head inside my pussy. Rob knew he was only about half the size of John but Sherry always enjoyed him the way he was. Sherry moved up and down a couple times until Rob was fully inside. Rob saw her cum with John inside her and began thinking that shw was accustomed to his size and problebly hit the right spots.

Mistress Diana

bdsm NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-18

Mistress Diana smiled at her servant and turned back at Patty. She kept crying as Mistress Diana examined them and gave them to the black servant. Patty kept starring at the hand he was holding her rings in as Mistress Diana. Patty was crying again as Mistress Diana turned to walk out of the tiny cell. The next morning Mistress Diana stepped out of the elevator and walked into her playroom and saw that the servants had shackled Mark to the wall. Patty was directly across the room in her cell holding onto the bars and starring at her husband, and watched Mistress Diana kneel down to inspect her husband's penis.

Housewife Fantasy

interracial NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-15

Devon took the glass out of my hand we kissed and circled his big arms around me as I held his shoulders. Devon slipped his thong down his legs and stepped out from under the little thing as he kissed my neck and backed me toward the kitchen table and quickly lifted me up and put me on the edge. A few moments later, Devon was licking my pussy and dropped my legs over his big shoulders as I put my fingers near his forehead. He kissed my legs as I reached out and held his hands as he kept pumping that big black cock inside my belly.

My Wife Sherry Ch. 03

interracial NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-15

Sherry lay on her side and took hold of Rob's cock in her hand and began stroking it. Sherry starred at him knowing that he wouldn't stop begging so she quickly got on her knees and straddled his chest and scooted her butt forward until her pussy was near his mouth. Sherry's body finally relaxed as she caught her breath and quickly got off his face and kneeled down next to his waist and grabbed his cock and began sucking on him as fast as she could. Sherry kept wiping her breasts and Rob couldn't tell at first if she were ignoring his question or trying to think about an answer. Rob was feeling jealous as he sat knowing that Sherry was getting ready for her boyfriend.

My Wife Sherry Ch. 02

interracial NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-14

Sherry removed her finger from her pussy and put her hands on her hips as she pushed her bottom further back toward John until he reached out and tried to touch her but she quickly moved forward, teasing him and laughing as she kept swaying to the music. Sherry kept her hips moving as she turned her hands so that her palms faced John's direction and wiggled her fingers to indicate that she wanted him to stand up behind her. Rob kept looking as Sherry starred back at him but she only tightened her grip around John's large shoulders and rested her heels back on his buttocks as he began ramming himself harder into her pussy.

Mistress Diana Ch. 04

bdsm NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-14

She began to insert the dildo into Patty's pussy, twisting and turning the toy until it was totally lodged inside the frightened housewife. Mistress Diana walked near the rack and stretched out a rubber tube and hooked the end of it onto the black dildo. With another push of a button, Mistress Diana was able to make it squirm inside Patty's pussy. Mistress Diana pressed another button which would operate the dildo automatically and pushed that button and watched Patty deal with the dildo for several minutes until she began crying and took back control of the little toy herself. Mistress Diana walked away as Patty lay squirming in her binds as she fought that dreadful little invader inside her pussy.

Mistress Diana Ch. 03

bdsm NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-05

She removed the ball gag from Patty's mouth allowing her more freedom as her body began squirming against the black servant. Patty was already on her third servant and she was moaning with pleasure but the really interesting thing Mistress Diana was watching, Jeanette was beginning to respond to the black man licking her pussy. Mistress Diana expected Jeanette to be the most resistant and had inserted a ball gag with a large hole to allow her to breathe as she reached her orgasms. Jeanette would be the first wife to learn what Mistress Diana had in mind for the two wives that day when one of the black servants began licking her pussy.

Mistress Diana Ch. 02

bdsm NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-03

One of the black servants put a ball gag into her mouth as Mistress Diana stood along the side of Mark with her arm resting on his shoulder. "That scumbag slave named, Mark will have the honors of choosing the right man to become your new husband from my fine stock of black servants! Mistress Diana kept her distance as a tall woman with long black hair and huge breasts was brought handcuffed into the room. Mistress Diana grabbed hold of the thong and ripped it off her body causing the bound housewife to yell out but the ball gag was quickly inserted into her mouth keeping her from saying anymore.

Mistress Diana Ch. 06

bdsm NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-10-31

Mark smiled as he watched his wife of three years walking around the bed wearing a long pink robe while Mistress Diana lectured her. Mistress Diana was rubbing his own cock as he starred at his wife giving herself to that giant black man. She lifted her head finally and gasped for air as Mistress Diana laughed as she stroked Mark's cock. Mark watched as Patty worked hard to make the man cum inside her pussy. The big guy was pulling out now and Mark watched as the man held Patty's legs high in the air until his cock plopped out of her stretched pussy.