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Obsidian Grey

Free erotic stories by Obsidian Grey on AdultRead

Waking the Dead

bdsm Obsidian Grey 2018-10-03

When the shaven headed girl was satisfied she moved slightly to her left and picked up one of a number of rolls of clean, fresh, white linen bandages that had been stacked on a small table and began to wrap the girl’s lower face with it. Another girl was paying attention to the byre now and was turning a handle that lowered the whole apparatus to the floor leaving the Hand Maiden outstretched on just an open frame and therefore allowing access to her whole body. I noticed with satisfaction that the girl’s arms and legs were now thoroughly wrapped in linen bandages from fingers to armpits and from toes to crotch and the girl at her head was gently placing hot, soothing towels on her now bald scalp.

The Donor

bdsm Obsidian Grey 2018-08-08

Things such as gently molding the soft plaster into place and letting him feel their sensuous fingers and the warm gooey stuff making contact with his skin, especially when they were finishing off his leg cast and those knowing fingers were only a few inches away from his throbbing and tremulously erect cock and his swollen and aching balls. Jo, the Night Nurse, will be in later give you an injection to keep that cock hard, so we’re going to say good night.” The two topless and almost bottomless nurses kissed him on each cheek and Lisa got up and walked slowly down the bed.

The House That Jack Built

bdsm Obsidian Grey 2018-07-07

Even if she came back she couldn’t talk to you!” Claire looked around in the direction of the voice and as she did so the true horror of where she was and what was happening to her finally struck home, You can watch it on the monitors.” Charlie did as she said and watched grimly as one man with what looked like a large heavy cylinder with handles stood in the doorway and smashed it against the door whilst at least six others, all wearing blue coveralls, stab vests and baseball caps, stood behind him waiting, Heckler and Koch sub machine guns at the ready. As they continued to listen to Claire and Jenny’s voices crackling over the speakers Charlie sat slumped in a chair whilst Anne stood behind him with a hand on his shoulder.


bdsm Obsidian Grey 2018-03-09

Almost reluctantly, Megan kissed Amber on the cheek and then slowly stood up, tugged at her jeans to straighten them and walked leisurely over to Darla who was already shaking her head. When Megan had finally taken the hood off her, after securing her body tightly to the wooden framework of the chair with the same soft white rope that she would use on Darla, Amber had tried to ask questions. She had tried to ask her why she was doing this but Megan had just smiled and kissed her and then she had dropped, naked apart from a pair of tiny pink panties, into Ambers lap.

In Deep

bdsm Obsidian Grey 2017-12-31

Darla was untying her wrists now, she instantly offered one to Amber and then put Megan into a hammerlock with the other, it hurt but it was a good hurt and she could feel Darla’s hair brushing against her as she leaned forward, squashing her bare tits into the sand and said, matter of factly, She was too horny to be embarrassed and as she imagined Darla easing that pliable, red rubber, dildo in and out of her best friend, so Megan was humping herself against the sand in precise rhythm with Amber’s screams and very, very, soon she found herself climaxing at exactly the same time as Amber did!

Strangers on a Train

bdsm Obsidian Grey 2017-12-09

Claire leant down and liberally wound duct tape round her mouth, as she did so she looked at her partner and said, “Well, what did you get?” Charlie had found spare ammunition in the room and was reloading Claire's gun, “Her name,” he pointed the Uzi at the girl, “is Sophie and she’s a South African mercenary, in fact they all are and you were right, there’s seven of them, six now! “You sure about this, Princess?” she stared at him with soft eyes, “Well, if I don’t do it, Charlie we all die!” and then she kissed him on the lips, stuffed his 9mm glock into one of her pockets and walked towards the cabin of the careering train.

Rest in Peace

bdsm Obsidian Grey 2017-12-03

If Mrs. Henderson was supposed to be going to the laboratory tonight she certainly didn’t go, or even come back, in this!” John Steele held out his hand. That’s the evening paper Mr. Henderson says Susan used to cover herself to run to the car!” Mrs. Vale gave him a sideways look. A tall man wearing a frock coat with a white carnation in the buttonhole, a Top Hat, a shirt with a winged collar and a wide blue tie with a diamond stud, appeared from apparently nowhere, he held out his hand and said politely, Then and only then did he open the door to the Chapel to look for both Mrs. Vale and Susan Henderson.

The Devil's Workshop

bdsm Obsidian Grey 2017-11-12

"C'mon Ella, you know they're only rumours, myths, half-truths..." but the newcomer, slim, boyish and waif like in a dark blue cat suit and barefoot, her boots in her hand, would not be deterred. Zill, dark haired, graying slightly, broad shouldered and well built, sometimes referred to as Captain, sometimes as Lord Zill, a title he despised, turned slowly toward his tall, female first officer with a half smile on his lips and said quietly, "What kind of feeling, Ella?" She turned to the Captain, her pupils no more than tiny black pinpoints now; almost simultaneously he heard her voice in his head.

Private Investigations

bdsm Obsidian Grey 2017-10-28

I think it was a hint of strawberry because it looked vaguely pink just like my gorgeous wife’s arse when I’d finished spanking it. Cooing into that cock gag like a little Dove of Peace but the only Piece this Dove was going to get was currently throbbing away inside my trousers. She screamed so loud that she might as well not have been gagged at all and as I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her to one glorious climax after another so I looked down to the floor, at the keys that she’d dropped in frustration after not being able to open the locks on her new equipment and reminded myself to replace them as soon as I could with the ones that actually worked!