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Just another early morning

mastrubation Pancakez 2018-11-20

I was back at the café again, our faces mashed together in needy kisses, tongues exploring each others mouths, I was letting out little aroused moans as I felt your large powerful hands roaming over every inch of my smaller body, lightly squeezing and groping at the areas you enjoyed. I gasped as I felt your lips move up and your teeth biting lightly at my flesh, grabbing the tablecloth just out of reflex when I felt your kisses trailing up my naked back and to my ear, your heavy breathing loud against me as I felt your powerful body leaning over mine, and a little whimper escaped me when your rock hard cock nestled itself between my legs and started rubbing, back and forth, spreading apart my soaked pussy.

That One Special Night

first-time Pancakez 2018-11-11

His hand, pinching and playing with her nipple, soon found its way up to her mouth, asking her, without words, to lick his finger which was still wet with her cum. As he felt her tongue slowly reach and latch onto his finger, his eyes closed tight and he groaned audibly, letting her know how amazing she felt, both on his throbbing cock and his wet finger. Soon, though, she got used to the feeling of him moving, of his thick cock rubbing against her, of his head pushing and hitting spots deep inside of her that she didn't know existed. Breathing in deeply through her nose, she tilted her head to the side and kissed him softly on the lips, letting him feel her passion and love.