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Free erotic stories by Raptor987 on AdultRead

The Late Summer Sun

fetish Raptor987 2018-09-16

Your eyes flicker as you let out a long sigh at my touch, while I feel your warm breath as you rest your forehead against my own bare chest. I return my hand to her clit, slipping so easily inside to feel the warm, soft walls, then out to the hard nub of her clitoris. As you begin working on me, from base to tip, I poke my nose into the glistening lips, taking in you musty scent while my tongue slides between her engorged lips, seeking out her clitoris, then moving in time with your movements on my shaft. Desperate to enjoy my cock in my mouth as I pay you such devoted attention, you grasp my shaft, running her tongue around the head, tugging more firmly now, wanking me harder as your know her own orgasm is fast approaching.

Sunday morning

mastrubation Raptor987 2018-06-21

So it is Sunday morning, and I am sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee, and trying to wake up... No part of my day can begin until I address that urgent need between my legs and have that pleasure for myself. My body starts to quiver, and no longer can I deny my true need between my legs. I laid on my back, spread my legs wide, and gripped the bristle end of the brush with both hands while furiously and forcibly invaded myself with it. After burying my face in between his legs, I wanted him to fuck me hard. Laying naked on my back, covered in sweat, hands and thighs smeared with my own juices, and a hair brush sticking out of my body...

Beach (Working)

hardcore Raptor987 2018-03-06

As the moon came from eclipse and the wind gently blows across your face, your looks fire, you know how much this excites me. Gently exploring each other's lips, cheeks and neck; then it happens, that deep longing kiss. I slowly work my way across, alternating with soft kisses, short warm licks with my tongue and gentle bits. As you begin to relax, turning your head to admire the cool glow of the full moon you begin to slip away. You know it's coming, as you almost forget, I trace small circles in that spot, the center of your back just above your waist, I feel your whole body shivers. I continue my survey: nibbles, warm licks cooled by the gentle breeze and soft kisses.


hardcore Raptor987 2017-12-15

I tried to keep my eyes on the wet path in front of me but the sight of Erin's skin revealing itself inch by inch distracted me. As I parked the car, I looked into my Erin's eyes, and I saw the look of raw a****l lust I hoped would be there. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, savoring the moment, until I felt Erin's body against my back. I could feel her body milking me, but I would not be satisfied, not until Erin had the pleasure she deserved. We had brought towels, but we decided to remain wet, savoring the feeling of the rain against our skin.