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When Love Comes To Town

anal RavenFox 2018-11-18

You think I have gotten weak?” Tadeo spun her around and kissed her, pressing his chest against the gentle swell of her young flesh. Tadeo released Aileen and allowed the thought of asking her father for permission to marry her to soften the erection that was straining against his jeans. Tadeo took Aileen into his arms and held her against his bare chest. I’m setting up on top of this sharp rock if you don’t come tell me where you want the tent, babe!” His grin was visible at a distance. It took a while, but Tadeo felt his cock soften and slowly slip from Aileen’s ass. “I love you, Tadeo, “ Aileen murmured against his lips as she kissed him.

Erotic Visualization Therapy

mastrubation RavenFox 2018-11-13

Now Shawn, as you are kissing your dream lover I want you to begin to slowly stroke your cock. As you continue to stroke your cock, I want you to feel that it is your lover's hand around it. You feel the intense pleasure and desire, but you want to wait to experience your orgasm. As you explore your lover, I want you to continue to stroke your cock, feeling their pleasure within your own body. When you feel ready, you kiss your way down to their sex, breathing gently smelling their beautiful aroma. Feel your cock spurt as you cum harder than you've ever cum before, the pleasure of your orgasm and your lover's orgasm radiates throughout your body.