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We Agreed

mastrubation RavenStar 2018-12-02

we agreed.” My words sound like a lie, as I drop my purse and my hands come up to your chest, crushing the lapels of your beautiful suit. Before you can even tell me to, I turn to face away from you, so that you can watch as my fingers slowly undo the catch, then the button inside. You want to shove your big, hard tool in my mouth, to feel me taking you as deep as you'll go, then wrap my lips around you and suck and tongue you until you explode. My hands move down my body to my thong, this time tucking my thumbs into the waist and slowly pulling them down. I watch you as the fingers of my right hand slide over slick skin, just skimming past my clit and slit.

Molten Core

mastrubation RavenStar 2018-12-02

“James Stone,” he said, and Eve could have sworn she felt his thumb caress the sensitive skin of her hand. Eve heard James take slow, measured steps to the display case, then saw his hand come to rest mere centimeters from hers. She stood very still, her eyes drifting closed as she felt James' breath trail lightly down her neck and over her shoulder. Biting her lip, Eve brought the tip of her dildo to the top of her slit, once again gasping at the cold sensation as she applied the glass to the hyper-sensitized skin. Eve opened her eyes to find James standing between her splayed legs, his trousers open and his hand gripping a gloriously beautiful cock.

Second Saturday

hardcore RavenStar 2018-11-25

Her lips found his and she kissed him deeply, feeling his instant response in the way he held her to him, how his hands cupped and molded her to him, the way his cock throbbed through his slacks against her hot, dripping, needy, naked pussy. Kitty writhed as she watched, closing her eyes and focusing on the sounds of cock in mouth, the slurping, gurgling, gasping and coughing of the girl being used so ruthlessly on the screen. His cock throbbed in Kitty's mouth, and she held her lips at the hole so the man could fuck her through it. Brian stroked her ass and said, “Good girl.” A few moments later, Kitty felt the tails of a flogger tickling her back, ass and thighs.

An Experiment in Submission

bdsm RavenStar 2018-11-23

Bringing my hands to the chain at my neck, I unclasped it, then held the draping metal cloth to my breasts, my wide, obedient eyes waiting for his next request. The leather loop cupped my nipple and was pulled off, and the quick tug felt like the light scratch of a fingernail, making me jolt from the pleasure. I lost track of him with my eyes when he moved behind me, but I felt his hands on the outside of my thighs, fingers tracing up to the hem of my skirt. I closed my eyes and suppressed a moan as I felt his hands on my ass cheeks again, this time pulling them wide.

Concert Fantasies

voyeur RavenStar 2018-11-23

The music thrummed and the people danced and swayed around me in the large warehouse that had been converted into a concert space. The fantasy took me even further as I imagined pulling him out of the crowd, out of the concert space and down to one of the many dark corners of the warehouse lot. I would give this young man the blow job of his life, sucking him deep into my throat and squeezing his balls until he came hard in my waiting mouth. My mouth curved as I thought about stripping her dress and lapping my way down her body to her aroused little clit, then lower to her wet slit and tonguing her sweet sex as her boyfriend slid his hard, wide cock into her ready cunt from behind.


mastrubation RavenStar 2018-11-14

I bit my plump, ruby red lower lip and rubbed my thighs together, watching in the mirror as what were suddenly disembodied hands in my mind rubbed the peaks of my tits, then trailed up over the pale, dewy skin of my chest. I leaned back against the locked door, closed my eyes and rubbed my hand over the already hardening nub of my clit, teasing my fleshy lips, feeling the fluid seeping from me smear over my fingers. My pussy pulsed, and I quivered against that stall door in the middle of that nightclub, the music thumping loudly through the walls, into my skin, and I wanted to feel my clit buzz and explode with satisfaction.

Mile High Slut

bdsm RavenStar 2018-10-31

Shelly felt his hand grip her hair and tug just a little, enough to let her feel it. Shelly felt her pussy clench as the hands in her hair tightened and the captain began slowly pumping in and out of her mouth. Shelly moaned around his thrusting cock and pulled the stretchy collar of her sweater down until her breasts popped out. Would you like that?” Shelly nodded up at him and the captain pulled himself out of her mouth. I'm going to fuck you hard, little slut,” he said as he held her hips, pulled out and plunged back in. “Does the little slut want to come?” asked the captain in a strained voice. He thrust and thrust, then said, “Oh fuck, you lovely little slut.