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Terry's First Time

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-30

Terry smiled a bit, happy to at least see that Greg, the man he had been talking to for the last few weeks, really looked like the pictures in his profile. “You sure?” Before Terry could answer, Greg pressed his lips to the younger man’s and initiated a soft, sensual kiss. Greg ran his hand up under the virgin’s shirt and caressed his abdomen and chest and Terry could feel his body respond with increasing desire. Greg joined Terry on the bed and moved his lips to the younger man’s right nipple. “Well, try your best,” Greg said, then skillfully began to push inside of Terry with his tongue. Greg was slow and tender about the process, massaging Terry’s chest and shoulders as he pushed deeper inside the young man.

Putting on a Show, Part 1

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-25

I wanted so bad to place my hands in my lap to hide the bulge in my too-tight black and gold speedo, but Rick had told me that I wasn’t allowed to do that. I read the sign over the open door that declared the place “The Den.” It had been as easy to find as Rick said. “Well, some of the guys like to feel up my boys and play with them a bit. He rubbed my erection a couple of times, then pushed his hand inside my speedo, gripping my shaft. Rick pressed his body tightly against mind and I could feel the head of his own hard cock through his underwear as it pressed against my crack.

Tastes Like Virgin

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-23

I perused the text for a few moments, smiling to myself.  Whenever he thought I wasn't looking, his eyes gravitated towards the magazine.  I decided to lean closer to him so my cheek was almost touching his.  He didn't flinch.  "Oh dear, you must be in Dr. Turgin's class.  I never liked this textbook.  I prefer the one Dr. Diehl used to use.  It explained things much better." "Sure thing," he said.  I thought he hesitated just a moment before picking it up.  I turned and weaved my way through the rows of shelves.  I found the shelf for the Hindu book I'm reading and started looking for its proper spot.  Matt finally spoke.  "So, would you be offended if I asked you a personal question?"

Making Matt Less Virginal

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-19

We walked into the suite.  Zech was sitting in the common area.  He grinned as we walked through the door.  However, he choked back whatever comment he was going to make when I shot him a look.  I led Matt to my room.  As soon as we were inside, he pulled me in a tight embrace and kissed me.  His lips tugged and pulled at mine.  I began to caress his back and sides with my hands.  I grabbed onto his tee shirt and began to lift it up his torso.  He stepped back and allowed me to pull it over his head.  I took in his mostly hairless chest and abs, and then moved forward.  I began to lick and suck at one of his nipples and he gasped.  He ran his hands over my body and began to remove my tee shirt.  I helped him and then turned my attention to his jeans.  In seconds, they and his boxer shorts were around his ankles.  I pulled off his shoes and socks and he stepped out of his clothes, completely naked.  I played with his cock, getting it fully hard.  I kissed the head and licked the underside.

Unexpected Change of Plans

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-16

After a couple of minutes, he lifted me up and pushed me back on the bed before climbing on top of me.  He played with my cock as he sucked on my nipples, driving me wild with the sensation.  My hands frantically played over his skin, caressing his chest and shoulders.  He then began to suck my 5" cock and I moaned and played with his hair.  He'd occasionally let my cock slip out of his mouth and lick and nibble at my balls.

Tickle Torture

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-11

“At least I know one way in which I can still school you!” With that, he knocked Jake to the ground and began running his hands up and down the younger boy’s ribs, tickling him. Kevin began to run his hands up under his friend’s tee shirt, lightly teasing his bare skin underneath. Jake howled with more breathless laughter, letting Kevin know his buddy was at the point where ever touch would hit his tickle reflex. He ran his hand up one leg of Jake’s boxers and tickled the boy’s inner thy. Kevin used one hand to constantly stimulate Jake’s erection while using the other to tease and stroke various parts of his friend’s body.

Shower Lovemaking

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-04

I leaned forward a bit and rested my palms on the shower wall in front of me, the water now wetting my hair and rolling over my shoulders and back. I turned back to face the spray still cascading over me and rested my palms on the wall again as he began to methodically but gently scrubbed my shoulders first, then worked his way down my back. With his free hand, he began to lube up his shaft with a body wash we both had found tolerable to use when our showers turned amorous. After a few minutes of feeling my insides lovingly massaged and churned by his manhood, my own sense of ecstasy began to rise to it’s peak.

Putting on a Show, Part 2

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-03

I stood there, leaning against Rick as the other guys slowly began to head back into the bar. They walked over to me and Rick said, “Craig, I want you to meet Lenny and Mark.” Rick began to rock his hips, moving his cock around inside my mouth as I worked on him. I was really getting into blowing Rick when I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart and running his tongue through my crack. I never understood why some guy would want to stick his tongue there, but I was instantly thankful Rick was willing to do it. Rick began to rock his hips the slightest bit, causing his cock to move just millimeters inside of me, but that was enough to make me want more.

Starting the Day Right

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-02

He continued to stroke my thigh and we kissed again, this time our lips parting and our tongues duelling playfully. My body began to respond to the sensations and Drew encouraged this as he lightly grasped my hardening member and began to stroke it. I laid on my back as Drew worked on my shaft with one hand and used the other to caress my chest and abdomen to send jolts of electricity through my whole body. I tried to calm my heart as he slowly began to push his way inside of me. We lay there panting, Drew still inside of me. After a few minutes, Drew pulled his erection from inside me.

(Not) Watching a Movie

gay-male SensualBoi 2018-11-01

About ten minutes had passed and I had become fully immersed in Queen Latifah’s performance when Jeff moved his hand on my right shoulder up so that he could gently run his index finger along outside of the helix of my ear. He withdrew his hand from around my shoulders and began to massage my left knee and thigh as he continued to lightly tease my ear and that sensitive spot behind it with his lips and tongue. I moaned and turned to kiss him -- realizing the movie would simply have to wait or go ignored -- as I began to unbuckle his belt. He continued to play with my chest and nipples for a few seconds before grinding his hips, pushing deeper inside me and sending shivers through my body.