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Free erotic stories by Shelley on AdultRead

Jesse In Jeopardy

bdsm Shelley 2018-05-08

Thinking yes Jesse returned to her bike, checked it was still pouring down and grabbed her torch and a knife then went inside. It was time to go she thought, nobody will ever find out and with that Jesse carefully shut the door, wondering if she should come back tomorrow and have a look round the rest of the village. It took about twenty minutes to get up the hill then another half hour of peddling before Jesse Haig arrived at the village, looking much the same as the others on Barra. When phoning the Bed and Breakfast place earlier to confirm her booking and get directions she was told to look on the corner by the post box.

Heather in the Highlands

bdsm Shelley 2018-04-18

Torchlight showed there was little here, every room was just a dusty space, the rough stone flooring thankfully dry and she wondered whether to sleep in one tonight. Heather gasped on seeing a few old manacles hanging from chains at various places, more on the floor about two feet apart underneath each of the upper sets. Her heart hammered as she pushed one closed again, the metal snapping shut but thankfully Heather did not have her fingers in the way. So now she reached for the higher ones, but only got one to move a little until she tried the last pair, ironically above the only floor ones that still worked.

Rosie's Borneo Bind

bdsm Shelley 2018-04-10

This one when looking from above was almost heart shaped though the crack at the top almost split the place in two, "Yeah an island of love" he'd chuckled as Rosie had pointed it out. "Maybe next time eh Rosie?" Walter said before she'd paddled back to shore last week. "OK, yeah right, see you next week love and stay out of the sun, you're talking all weird on me" and they'd had a chuckle and quick embrace before he flew off. "No, go for another week," she chuckled walking round the base of the ship. Having thought about it Rosie assumed the crew had either perished from lack of food or maybe they'd escaped, after the storm had passed.

Wingco Learns Her 3 R's

bdsm Shelley 2017-10-08

He said the path into the forest looked a bit dodgy, mud, a fallen tree and nettles so I planned to change into the dress once we'd got to the scene. Then we were led to another room, where to my relief and Mike's delight was all the stuff we'd had last night, even my dress and the shoes were here, neatly folded, right down to the undies and it looked like they'd been cleaned too. My eyes blurred with tears and I set off, though amazed a hundred feet later when another truck pulled up alongside and a soldier got out, handing me a set of ear-defenders then ran back to the vehicle.