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Teacher's Pet (Chapter 4)

lesbian Soul_Purpose 2018-11-26

I gazed up her strong legs, wanting to thrust my hand under her skirt and grope the tender spot between those milky thighs. Miss Morgan and I ended up on a bench and held hands. I'm too old to hide from my sexuality Kim. I used to be like you, but I don't care what people think anymore,” she said. I looked at Miss Morgan, who held my hands, hoping I would kiss her. I pressed my hand on her chest, groping her breasts as she gave me a couple pecks on my closed lips. I felt her hands rest on my shoulders as we stared into each other's eyes. I started to squirm when I felt her fingertip tickle my wet inner lips and my sensitive button.

Teacher's Pet (Chapter 3)

lesbian Soul_Purpose 2018-11-24

So getting little signs of love from Miss Morgan made me feel very special. I wanted to know who saw Miss Morgan and I kissing in the park that night. After we broke our kiss regretfully, Miss Morgan sat in her chair, brushing her short lustrous black hair back. I thought about the people walking past the door as the gripped my waist and began kissing my neck. I felt her fingers working my buttons, wanting to reveal that crucial wet spot concealed underneath. I looked at Miss Morgan who lifted me off of her desk and pushed my head down underneath it until I was hidden from view.

Teacher's Pet (Chapter 2)

lesbian Soul_Purpose 2018-11-21

I looked at Miss Morgan's breasts bounce as she pulled two keys off of her keyring. I held them in my hand tightly, getting even wetter as I thought about another night with Miss Morgan. Her fingers gracefully brushed my hair behind my ears while I squeezed her waist and sucked on her breast. Her breasts pushed against my side as she took my hand and moved it towards one end of the bed frame. I could feel her hard nipples scraping across my back as she took my other hand and forced it to the opposite side of the frame. I held onto the wood to keep my balance, giving my body submissively to Miss Morgan.

Teacher's Pet

lesbian Soul_Purpose 2018-11-15

I hated to miss her class, but I did one day when my car wouldn't start. It meant a lot to me coming from a good teacher like Miss Morgan. “Yes, you're so pretty and I love how you dress,” I said, really kissing her butt. “I want you to wear my collar and be my little pet tonight,” She said, her voice taking a commanding tone. I felt her fingers pushing on my clit as her tongue started to wiggle inside me quickly. I kept groaning, feeling her hand slide down my leg and start to rub my clit. She held me in her arms all night, squeezing me like I was her little pet.

My Dark Side

group Soul_Purpose 2018-11-11

Eventually I wanted to meet this great guy I'd been chatting with for so long, and having really good roleplays with. I wanted to meet him, so I had to pretend like I was doing something with my friend so I could see Lucas. Lucas said all kinds of things like he wanted to rape me and make me cry. Lucas pushed my legs apart and I felt him licking all around my thighs and my sex. "Oh yes, we're going to fuck your brains out!" They said a lot of stuff like that. Like 'cum-dumpster.' This was feeling so real, which was a huge turn on for me. He was a lot bigger, it felt like someone trying to shove a shampoo bottle inside me.

Erin's New Toy

lesbian Soul_Purpose 2018-11-07

Like I said, she looked funny when she ran, especially with her nipple rings poking out from under her sports bra. “Oh, I want to go look at new rings,” Erin said, pointing out a funky store across the street from the parking lot. I poked around that racks of clothes while Erin looked for new things to gouge her body with. The one she wanted was this crazy looking thing that apparently spins and turns and vibrates in lots of different ways. I held the thing really tight while she thrust her hips back and forth like she was trying to wrestle her vibrator out of my hands. Erin and I laid together until we got bored and wanted to use her toy again.

Roses and Violet

lesbian Soul_Purpose 2018-11-04

At that time I felt like there was a good chance Violet was bisexual, and I didn't know how I was going to react if she tried to come onto me. It all started to seem serious, I was going to find out if Violet liked girls one way or another. Violet got up and changed the movie, I looked at her tight butt and poured the last of the wine in our glasses. Violet stared in my eyes and stroked my hair softly. She kissed my pussy and my clit a few times, then I felt her hand smack hard between my legs. I kissed her clit again, sucking on it hard as I rolled my fingers around in her pussy.

The Casting Couch

first-time Soul_Purpose 2018-11-03

I wanted to see someone famous but most people I saw looked liked actors and actresses, but I didn't recognize them. My heart was pounding like crazy, believing I was going to audition for a big movie. He's really set on going with an established actress." My heart sank, I felt like I was wasting my time. "Take your time," he said as he put his hand on my head and ran his fingers through my hair. He pushed my head back down in his lap again though, I sucked on him like a hungry animal, rubbing his legs, entranced by his moaning. "Ask me what?" I said, I wanted to hear him tell me what I'd have to do, but I knew.