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Free erotic stories by Stephen7Redo on AdultRead

One Little Piggy, Two Little...

fetish Stephen7Redo 2018-09-28

"Oh, I thought maybe you just kept putting layers over the old coats of paint, I mean polish, you know kind of like painting the walls of a house." Donnie honestly and innocently said. Time for me to get to painting these little toesies." He said as he picked up the two bottles Mary Ann had brought from her dresser. Donnie looked up to see Mary Ann clutching her pillow, her eyes closed, and an approving smile on her lips. "Oh yea, I forgot." Donnie arranged himself back in the middle of the bed, letting Mary Ann draw her feet to his lap once more. "Okay, a bit harder than that then." Mary Ann said as she felt the whisper of his breath across her foot.

Golf Lessons

group Stephen7Redo 2018-09-18

He was tall, rather good looking and although I don't swing that way, I couldn't help but notice those khaki golf slacks of his showed off a rather athletically tight butt...not to mention that young flat belly. "Yes, I know, sorry...Joan." He said very apologetically as my wife continued to squeeze his hand and smile up at the tall young man. If that's alright Mrs. Johnson, damn I mean Joan?" He looked at my wife again who I immediately caught looking at this young man with what I swear was a mischievous smirk on her pretty face. "Thank you," the young woman said as she pranced off the green by me, "that felt really good, too." As she walked by she smiled and batted her eyes and I swear took a glance at my crotch.


Flight Attendant Fantasy Cum True

fetish Stephen7Redo 2018-09-17

I was sitting in business class, three rows back from the very front so I had a perfect view of my favorite flight attendant taking her seat in one of those that fold down from the wall of the plane. But whether it was that or the look on my face I in turn noticed the flight attendant's eyes wandering. I don't know if she saw anything before the magazine covered it, but presumably she caught the look from the flight attendant. "The way you looked at my tits and my ass, and yes, I could see your cock bulging in your pants under that little tray table.

Male Bonding Cum Laude (Lotta)

gay-male Stephen7Redo 2018-09-03

Anyway, somewhere during the early evening after the latest hand of stud poker Rich started discussing his love life with his wife, a usual when he got fired up, and alternately Joe and Tom did the same. Anyway, after Tom related a rather raunchy episode where he and his wife had hot sex in the local library a couple years ago and got caught by a young female volunteer, we all busted out laughing, until abruptly as one, my friends looked over at me. "You guys are stupid shits confessing like that," Joe said beside me and then he took a real long swig of beer from his own brown bottle.


Rendezvous – Canadian Weekend

group Stephen7Redo 2018-08-03

"Mmmm, well, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to experience the cocks, tongues and hands of two different guys simultaneously making love to me." Both men watched her lick her lips seductively and they separately, but in tandem twitched in their pants under her palms. Don looked up a moment later and for a second felt jealous when he not only saw Ed madly sucking on Carla's lovely breast but he saw she had taken a firm hold of his cock in her left hand. He raised his head from between the crux of Carla's sexual core and after wiping his face with the back of his hand, with great agility was over his lover and easing his cock in her in a flash.


Who Needs a Spa for a Facial?

fetish Stephen7Redo 2018-06-23

But now as wife is kneeling before me with her hands rubbing up and down my thighs and her bright face looking up at me with the unusual sight of that ever gorgeous smile of hers pierced by the thick rod of my manhood I am feeling amazed that this is happening. I love her and am so very satisfied with loving her, but yes, I'll admit as I stand here this morning with my erection slipping in and out of her loving wet mouth I'm flashing back to my computer mistress and doing this to her face as I have in my fantasy world many times before. Still, nothing I have fantasized about all these years compared to the feeling of my wife's, my real lover's lips wrapped around my hard shaft.

Andie, Charley, Chaise, Landra

group Stephen7Redo 2018-06-09

I felt my eyes bug out at this gorgeous creature as she lay on the carpet just inside my hotel room, her legs splayed wide open in a pair of very, very short cutoff jeans and still holding the beer bottle upright in her left hand. "Girl still hasn't learned to hold her beer." Andie commented and I looked at her in time to see her lift her arm to brush back her long brunette hair. "Of course, doesn't every woman?" Andie asked, as she turned and wiggled her amazingly tight round ass at me, before she walked away a couple of steps and looked over her shoulder to make sure I was still watching.


Masturbation Diaries: Daily Commute

mastrubation Stephen7Redo 2018-05-25

I stroked it gently, with just the tips of my fingers and glanced back down in time to see a rivulet of pre-cum leak from the little opening of my very hard cock. I shook my head and grinned at her letting her know I was okay, even though I knew I was actually ready to burst as I found myself stroking a hard pre-cum slicked cock for her. I could cum all over my hands and pants and arrive at work in an embarrassing mess or I could pull over, feigning a car problem then jack off in safety and comfort on the shoulder of the highway.

Nice to See You Again, Doc

fetish Stephen7Redo 2018-02-23

Now I know most guys, and probably women, don't dwell on the positives of their annual physical, but after the experience I had last year I can't help but get a huge grin on my face. I know I do a little awkward dance with that feeling upon me as I walk up to the reception counter and am greeted by the bright smiling face of Carol. "Okay, if we are going to do this today, proceed with your exam that it is," another huge grin spreads across her lips before she clears her throat and takes on a more serious look. "So, you can't feel the rest of your testicle or what?" Dr. Benson says as she dips her head to look between my legs.

Masturbation Diaries: Morning Run

mastrubation Stephen7Redo 2017-12-14

We made eye contact for no more than perhaps a handful of seconds but it was long enough to let me know she'd seen my cock stiffly tenting out my shorts. I was as horny as I'd ever been as I slid my hand down my hard shaft and felt the warm pre-cum ooze out to meet the morning breeze as it washed over the wet head of my penis. It was then I began to think about the woman who had passed me earlier and who had smiled at me after assumedly getting a look at the hard-on in my shorts. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy, but I knew I couldn't and let the woman on the other side of the bush or other early morning joggers know what I was doing.

Tuition Time Ch. 05

group Stephen7Redo 2017-11-29

It’s not like it was the first time I had watched another woman masturbate and then joined her, but now, with the smell of our mutual arousal competing with the aroma of the rich coffee David had made, the look of sheer passion on Mac’s face was almost overwhelming. "Do you want him to take them off, Love?" Reese asked Mac softly, before running her hand over mine, over the crotch of her panties. I never realized how it would make a woman like Mac look so extra sexy.” Reese added as she put her hand on top of Mac’s and they both ran their fingers through that mass of black tangles.


Rendezvous–With Wife & Other Woman

group Stephen7Redo 2017-11-02

"It had better if you know what's good for you." Mary's hand traveled from her husband's chest down to where she surrounded his hard cock in her warm palm and started to pull on him gently. As Carla continued her expert work on his cock, taking more of his shaft between her wonderful lips, Mary didn't just sit back at this point but began to lap her tongue up under his swelling balls. He lay back propped up on his elbows and stared at the two nearly naked women, Carla licking the remnants from her lips and Mary licking hers and fingering his cum that had drooled down her neck and chest.


The Beach Voyeur, Caught!

group Stephen7Redo 2017-10-29

My mind drifted and I began to think of other quiet days on this beach, days when I'd sit and watch the skimpy bikini-clad girls traipse up and down the shoreline or lay spread on their towels glistening with suntan lotion over their nearly fully exposed tanned bodies. "Yeah, what's your wife think of you going to the beach and jacking off over a bunch of pretty young woman?" The dirty blonde asked. There was silence for a moment, but I noticed the other two girls grinned and the brunette even licked her lips when she looked back down at my crotch and my bared cock. "You should have thought of that before you started jacking off on the beach," the dirty blonde said, staring down at my crotch.


Bi-Curious Dads

gay-male Stephen7Redo 2017-10-11

As Mike walked away I stared at the action frozen on a close-up of a blonde with her bright red lips just coming down over the stud's bulbous cock head. "Okay, fine, I did feel the need to stroke a little." Although my hand wasn't wrapped around my cock anymore, without looking I knew it was still mighty firm. I went to take another swallow of my beer, but as I did I looked over in Mike's direction again, his crotch anyway and I was amazed to see his shorts were tented so much I swear his manhood must have been pointing straight up. "You gotta be kidding!" I took a healthy swig from my brown bottle and looked back at the screen, not being able to retain eye contact with Mike.