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Julie's Roadside Stop

hardcore Texcycler 2018-12-03

Julie pulled the car to a stop alongside the road and waited for the officer to approach. The officer stepped back from the door to allow her to open it, and Julie stepped out of her car, standing to face him. “Now my partner is going to take a look and make sure I didn't miss anything,” he said as his hands pressed down on her back. He began to fuck her fast, driving his cock hard and deep, causing her to moan and gasp as the other man used her hair to force her mouth up and down the length of his cock. Julie, her eyes watering, slumped her upper body down and let her head rest against the trooper's legs as she caught her breath.

Lesson in Lust

hardcore Texcycler 2018-11-19

Mr. Schroeder pushes his finger into her ass a little farther, and the young girl lets out a loud groan around the hard cock filling her mouth as the larger knuckle of his finger enters her butt opening. Almost in disbelief, Mr. Corey feels the girl pressing her ass back against his shaft, wanting more, and with his hands on her slender hips, he thrusts his hips forward and pulls back on her body at the same time. The muscles around the small, elastic opening of the young girl's asshole create a painfully delicious ring of pleasure around the teacher's thick prick, while the friction of his cock sliding into her butt creates a horny warm wetness between Penny's legs.

Miss Trottle After School

hardcore Texcycler 2018-11-12

“Sorry Miss T,” Rich replied in a sheepish tone, although he to was struggling to contain a grin as he, like Steve could not believe they were staring at their teacher with a wet white blouse clinging to her heaving breasts, leaving very little to the imagination. Miss Trottle started humping as soon as he had his cock inside her, eagerly pumping her gooey little pussy onto his long, hard teenage fuckshaft. Miss Trottle started to scream in pleasure as Steve started to get faster, thrusting his hard cock all the way into her pussy and Rich was still teasing her clit with his moist finger.

Heidi's Naughty Checkup

hardcore Texcycler 2018-10-30

Mike Kean stood thoughtfully for a moment and then offered, "You know, Heidi, I've been a nurse for over five years now, and I've yet to observe a gynecological issue that is out of the ordinary as far as lubrication is concerned, so I think that the best thing is for you to remove your pantyhose and panties and hop up on the table so I can see exactly what we're up against." Heidi was now sweating profusely, and as she began to reply to Mike's last question, her entire body was wracked by a tremor and she moaned involuntarily, “Uh, yes, it gets like this a lot.”