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Free erotic stories by TheLovelyLickerish1 on AdultRead

Out of Control

bdsm TheLovelyLickerish1 2018-09-18

That he could bend her over on and spank her (something he thought she would love, but only got a dirty look for when suggested) or fuck her or do her ass. Still pulling at her restraints, her legs splayed open too wide for comfort, the clamps keeping her nipples so hard and now, with her attempts to get away from his hands, rubbing them against the bed, making them harder and more sensitive. I want you to think about this before you give me a dirty look next time: me, having you tied down, bent across the bed, with your asshole stretched out to dick-sized glory, about to be dripping with my hot cum, your asscheeks red and burning, and your nipples clamped and hurting.

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 04

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2018-08-29

The clerk, a young man with a ring in his lip, a green streak in his hair, and a metal disk in each ear, rang her purchases: Hot Assed Honeys V, cherry flavored lube, a pink vibrator, waterproof, with a spiraling ridge from the tip to halfway down and then rows and rows of raised bumps the rest of the way, a small paddle, leather on one side, fur on the other, padded handcuffs, anal beads, an adjustable cock ring, nipple clamps, a clitoral clip, and a buttplug. Imagining how she looked, ready and waiting for him to fuck her, spread out on the bed like a dirty wanton, she humped the air wishing it was him.

Dinner and a Movie

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2018-08-26

Him; his tongue licking her pussy and her ass, his hand, smacking her cheeks, pinking them nicely to match her pussy, his cock, high and hard, ramming into her tight holes. He wanted to bury his dick in her asshole, shooting his hot load deep into her like he did last time. He pulled her up and pinched her nipples harder than he intended, but when her asshole tightened even more and she became still for a fraction of a second, he knew what would be good for her. He fucked her ass, reaching down to pinch her clit again, until he felt his own heat rising.

The Bet, Redux

bdsm TheLovelyLickerish1 2018-07-05

By the time she got home, after checking out the movie in the car (you should have seen the look on the guy's face in the big truck next to her...) at traffic lights, thinking about her new toy, and the flavored lubes, her panties were soaked through. Watching the guys in the movie alternately lick and fuck the girl's two holes touched a primal spot in her, making her hotter and wetter than ever before. He could fuck her with his dick and plunge her ass with the vibe, or the other way around, but while he was asking, he had already started to massage her rear hole with his fingers, preparing for either one.

Childish Revenge

bdsm TheLovelyLickerish1 2018-05-26

Spreading her legs as wide as she could, she stroked her clit, reaching down occasionally to pay attention to her pussy, and lower, to her pulsing pucker. Mashing her pussy lips against her clit, causing it to bulge forward, she made him lick in long strokes, burying his tongue in her hole when she would let him. It was worth the harassing phone calls and texts after she finally got him to leave to know that the bane of her childhood existence had been debased to the point of being tied with her wet panties, made to lick her asshole, and then sent out the door with a raging hardon.

Running Late

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2018-02-04

Rounding the back corner of the house, she froze at the sight of the little table, innocuous with a cold glass of water sweating on it, and a hand towel next to it. He went to get her a glass of water and when he came back and handed it to her, she realized that for the second time in her life, she was almost eye level with his crotch. When she did finally see him a few days later, he was a bit cooler to her, giving her a quick wave and nod from his yard, not coming to the street to talk to her or see how her hands were.

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 03

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2018-01-13

Knowing she wouldn't be able to work a finger into her ass because of the water washing away her natural lube, she satisfied herself with moving her body closer to the nearest jet so she could get more of the sensation. "I thought about fucking you all day, you know." Rolling his tongue around her finger the way he would roll it around her pussy, he moved on to her palm, kissing it. Tonight was my way of assuring you that I still love you, that I still love your pussy, that I can still make you cum by fucking you, and that your hot, tight --oh, my cock is getting hard thinking about it-- asshole is not going to be the only hole I fill for the rest of our lives."

Crap. Crap. Crap.

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2018-01-08

He took off his shirt, got down on his knees in front of her and blew hot kisses through her panties, finally moving them over with his fingers and finding her hard clit with his tongue. He told her, between laps, that he was going to lick her ass, tongue-fucking her hole until her pussy spilled all over his fingers, and then he was going to lube her up and slide his cock in and out of her tight ass until she begged for more. When she came out in her robe, hair disheveled he told her he was going to fuck her ass again later and watched her eyebrows arch ever so slightly and her lips pucker unconsciously.

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 02

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2017-11-24

When Marco pushed Claire's head further down, causing her ass to arch closer to him, and gave her the hardest smack yet, Heather gasped. She moved her body around as best she could, taking Marco with her and spread her legs as wide as she could, so that Heather got an angled view of Marco and her ass. Visible to her were the reddened globes of Claire's ass, her widened asshole with Marco pumping in and out, her pussy still gaped open from its recent fucking, and her strawberry clit. Watching his dick coursing in and out of Claire's ass, the pink ring of flesh pulling back and then disappearing inward as he stroked forward ignited feelings in Heather she didn't know were there.

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 01

anal TheLovelyLickerish1 2017-11-20

Since the first time, she would occasionally let him touch her there, lick her there, never fuck her there, just because she couldn't bring herself to ask for it or admit that she loved to have his hardness pounding away at her tight hole. He slowed only long enough to grab the lube and shoot some over his hot dick, never stopping, wanting to be sure he could fuck that ass and have some leftover for next time. She wanted him to fuck her ass and spank her at the same time, making her cheeks as swollen and red as her rosy puckered hole surely was.